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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  February 16, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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following my track record. >> reporter: that was vice president malika just before the recall responding to criticism that he did not follow issues like the ballooning deficit and mental health of students during the pandemic. >> i did not regret my decision to appoint him. >> reporter: i think the most important thing is that mayor breed appoints caretaker folks who are not about starting new political careers on the backs of our students. >> reporter: certifying the results, interviewing and finalizing the appointments are expected to take a month as the mayor's criteria for selecting replacements will be heavily scrutinized. >> people who have more in- depth knowledge of, for example, what i heard from parents is, they want someone who understands finance, the financials. they are concerned about the budget deficit and what that might mean for their children. >> it is great when somebody wants to come in and do this as a public service, but it is a
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very collocated challenge as a job and we would not want the patient running the hospital. >> she said that her next appointment, she needs to consider a potential candidate who has a deep understanding of finances, which i am kind of shocked that was not a criteria to begin with. >> reporter: on deck for the board, addressing a $125 million budget deficit partly due to a major decline in student enrollment, learning lost during a lengthy school shutdown and hiring a new superintendent to replace vince matthews, who is retiring in june. >> parents are paying attention to what is happening on their school boards across the state, across the country. they are focused on what these school boards are or are not doing. mayor breed needs to pay close attention. >> reporter: here is the million-dollar question, is the mayor giving any hints about potential appointees? >> reporter: her office made it
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very clear before today's news conference that she would not be naming any potential candidates, but you certainly have to assume that she had the list already. she will be interviewing potential candidates in the near future before that new seven-member board will take over, sometime next month. ryan? >> thank you very much, kenny choi reporting live in sentences go. the overwhelming vote to remove the three sentences go school board members became a topic of discussions at the white house. the press secretary was asked about the president's reaction. >> we understand where parents are coming from when they want school to be open as well and the president recognizes the mental health impact it has on kids for them not to be open. >> reporter: a current and former seven cisco supervisor will square off in in an election, the winner will represent assembly district 17. matt haney and david compos where the vote getters. the runoff is scheduled for april 19th. not a lot of people voted in the special election. about 1/3 of voters to article into the seven cisco department of elections.
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68% of sentences go voters turned out for the new some recall, 86% turned out for the 2020 presidential election. >> the seven cisco police commission meeting right now could vote on whether to force the police chief to keep an agreement allowing the district attorney to be the lead investigator in use of force cases. police chief bill scott says he wants to end the memo of understanding with the das office. he says he is concerned prosecutors are violating the terms by not sharing information with police. he told the commission he believes an independent investigator should be involved. the commission could decided to amend that agreement or assign an independent agency. that deal is set to expire next week and was created to ensure that police do not investigate their own police officers. a man booked for allegedly stealing catalytic converters is also accused of attacking an officer. san jose police say the suspect was seen leaving the scene of the crime. they arrested him and found several tools and catalytic converters. he is booked on multiple felony
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charges. senator phi and diane feinstein's approval ratings have plummeted to a new low in her three decade senate career. just 30% of california voters gave her positive marks, with 49% disapproving. in particular, feinstein has lost support for women voters, with only one third approving of her performance. vice president kamala harris did also not fare well in her home state, with 38% approval and 46% disapproval. president biden's approval ratings have dropped sharply last summer in line with falling approval nationwide. a live look at our nations capital where a california congressman is inviting britney spears to talk about her conservatorship. representative eric swallow, along with a florida congressman sent a letter to the popstar back in december, but is congratulated spears on her legal win and invited her to share her journey with congress. the singer posted the letter to instagram, today, saying in part because of the letter, i feel heard and like i mattered for the first time in my life.
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i want to help others in vulnerable situations. thank you to congress for inviting me to the white house. it is unclear when or if spears will make that trip to washington dc. now to the coronavirus. doctors say they are seeing that long-haul covid-19 patients having heart problems are often women. rena nakano has more on the challenges they are facing. >> reporter: home care nurse regina juarez covid-19 journey began in june of 2020. >> we were seeing tons of patients with covid-19. that's how i got covid-19. >> reporter: it was before vaccines were available, so she started treatment. >> i got better, you know, after a week or so with steroid medications, but then, when that's finished, i got really sick again. >> reporter: researchers say one in three americans like juarez becomes a covid-19 long- haul patient. health cardiologist dr. parwan he says even people who have
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mild or no initial cova 19 symptoms can become long haulers, and those symptoms can be much worse. >> it does systemic inflammatory damage to the heart. in addition to the virus which damages the heart and vascular lining directly. >> i tried swimming, but is too taxing. >> reporter: dr. parwan he says while she was treating patients here, she noticed an interesting trend. >> covid-19 mortality is more in men, more men go to icu, but long-haul covid-19 is seen more in women. >> reporter: why that is, researchers do not know yet but they believe it has something to do with the biological and hormonal differences between men and women. >> right now, i am feeling pretty good with my heart. >> reporter: juarez has since gotten her shots and continues to take medications to treat her symptoms. she hopes her story inspires more women to ask providers questions about long covid-19 and take the time to focus on
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themselves. >> we spend all of our time giving, giving, giving, and forgetting that we need to take some time to prepare ourselves for the long haul, and continue loving this people. >> that was a rena nakano reporting. researchers say those who are vaccinated recover from long- haul covid-19 faster than those who are not. coming up, a new spin on delivery, how these robots could be driving groceries around the bay area. a new way to save money on west coast flights. details on a new flight subduction program. protecting homes from destructive wildfires, the new plan in the east bay which could help save entire communities. after years of debate, the
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a google announced it is adopting new privacy restrictions which will cut tracking across apps on android devices. google says it is developing new privacy replacements for its advertising i.d.. it is a unique string of characters which identifies the user's device. the digital ids in smart phones help advertises track and share information about consumers. google's move is similar to what apple did last year, but apple changes hit facebook parent company met a financially hard. met us as it expects social media sales this year to drop by about $10 billion. speaking of technology, your grocery delivery person could be a bit different. in fact, it might not be a
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person at all. take a look. lucky california supermarket in pleasanton is launching a robot delivery service. they celebrated today with a robot reveal. these guys will deliver food, groceries, and packages locally. they can carry up to 20 pounds which is equivalent to about three shopping bags. >> everyday is innovation day. at the neighborhood store, we continue testing and creating new products and innovative experiences to better serve our pleasanton community. i am excited to introduce the newest innovative way to deliver groceries straight to your homes which is not only safe, and efficient, but also fun. >> the supermarket says the service will bring convenience while remaining energy efficient and affordable for customers. a monthly pass to let you fly the friendly skies for a cheap rate. >> alaska airlines is offering a flightpath subduction. the cheapest option is $49 each month which lets you fly round- trip once every two months to 16 cities in california, arizona, and nevada. seven cisco is included along with l.a., vegas, and phoenix.
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it can use flightpath for up to 24 flights per year but you will have to pay more. >> you will need a reservation again to visit yosemite, this summer. the park is requiring them for the third straight year during peak hours, that is between 6:00 amn 4:00 p.m. from may 20th through the end of september, meant to ease congestion. coming up, they created a new model of living in the pandemic. our three friends helped feed millions of people in the bay area and keep misses open. coming up on the cbs evening news, a break with masks? the cdc hints at new masking guidance which could come as soon as next week. a cross-country storm threatens millions.
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a relatively new model of community given, which started with the pandemic.'s budget has fed millions of sentences because most vulnerable residents and kept businesses from shuttering their doors. sharon chen introduces us to this week's jefferson award winners who started that organization. >> sf new deal has rescued many people since the early months of the pandemic. now, it's founders are expanding the mission to help
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more. >> reporter: in one day, lenore estrada, owner of 3 babes bakeshop dropped from 33 employees to 6, as sentences go sheltered and placed two years ago. >> it was a devastating experience to lay everyone off. >> reporter: how could small businesses survive the pandemic? she brainstormed with friends jacob lineman and jenee zarling. >> how do we create this opportunity to to keep small businesses from entering. >> how could we distribute project they already had in cold storage. >> reporter: the trio launched sf new deal in 2020 with a million-dollar gift in seed money. >> the first thing to do was just buy food from businesses here in san francisco and then deliver it to people who are food insecure.
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>> reporter: the nonprofit quickly exploded to feeding 55,000 people per week at the peak. in two years, they have served everyone from senior citizens, to covid-19 patients in quarantine, to underserved folks at human made, training for entry-level factory jobs. >> the partnership with sf new deal has been transformative for our participants ability to get through the program and not have to think about where their next meal will come from. >> reporter: the nonprofit has given away nearly $33 million in government funds and private donations, to more than 600 businesses. of those, more than 200 restaurants and food businesses have served nearly 3 million meals. >> spatula? >> reporter: the partnership has prevented laos at tacos, all-day pizza come and cafe alma. >> in those months, probably 80% of what we were doing. >> reporter: christin is grateful for lenore, jacob and jenee's big hearts. >> they are committing to ensuring that everyone has a
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meal if they have to make it themselves, they will do it. >> reporter: sf new deal also provided debt relief to other small businesses. >> we have been able to work with laundromats and corner stores and preschools and all types of small businesses. >> i think we are really looking at how we can continue to build on the work we are doing. >> reporter: for creating a new model of community care through sf new deal, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to jacob feynman, lenore estrada and jenee's argo. >> reporter: other cities want to replicate what is happening at sf new deal, they already have the interest from salt lake city and juneau, alaska. >> amazing works, there. it really does restore your faith in people. thank you, sharon. >> if you would like to nominate an unsung community hero for a jefferson award, you can find the online form at paul is here, now we will start giving each other dollar every time we say no rain. that is the policy. >> okay then yeah, we will be trading money back and forth all the time. >> no one is winning. >> we are certainly not winning
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in terms of rain today. the 40th consecutive day, zero rain recorded in downtown seven cisco. we are keeping track of the downtown san francisco numbers, i'm getting a thumbs down from off-camera, there. not a cloud in the sky. you will not get rain without clouds broke the record for wintertime, which we are rounding off to me in december and february, 46 straight days we are less than a week away from tying that record for the rainy season record for november through march is a 60 straight days. getting closer to it. there are very few signs of moisture headed our way in the seven-day forecast. technically not a 0% chance of rain early next week. there will be a storm system dropping in from the north but the chances of it bringing even trace rainfall to the bay area are lower than a 20% monday night into tuesday. so, not much to pin hopes on, there. the long-range data through the rest of edgar is also looking drive. this might be the second time
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in three years that we go through the entire month of february without any measurable rainfall. let's take a closer look at cbs news bay area and our whether extra segment later on this week. the same weather pattern causes this. a big area of high prussian high pressure, parked over the eastern pacific for the last six or seven weeks, as long as this dry stretch has continued producing offshore wind we had today. those will relax tomorrow, but it is going to be warm again tomorrow but that will continue into friday, even with the little weak storm system dropping down the coast, that will bring us passing clouds through the end of the work week with temperatures not drop to any great degree and it will not bring us any rain chance whatsoever. outside chance the one after that next week could maybe bring a trace of rain but don't count on it. current windspeed, offshore for most of us, still that onshore along the coast, just have been stronger. sustained wind, mostly in the 10 to 15 mile-per-hour range, but stronger gust, fairfield at 23 miles per hour, 22 at livermore, 17 in napa. wind just for most of the bay area will die down tonight. the higher elevations of the north bay and solano county we
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will get some wind gusts through the overnight hours. elevated fire spread still for higher elevations above 2000 feet. the gusty conditions the past couple of days really had a nice effect on our air quality. clear skies out today. good air quality for all parts of the bay area. tomorrow, calm wind, some of that low-lying pollution will settle back down to ground level. the hayes will not be through tomorrow but it will gradually return over the next couple of days, back to moderate air quality on saturday than onshore wind kicking in on sunday to help to stir the atmosphere and improve air quality for sunday and presidents' day. a beautiful sunset as we head towards the golden gate, temperatures were all over the place because of that competing influence of offshore wind inland, still onshore influence along the coast and around the bay. seven cisco managed to make it to 64, 58 degrees further inland . 70 in san jose, 72 in concord and 75 degrees in santa rosa, where it is still 71 degrees. all the way down to 54 degrees
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right now in half moon bay. the difference in our temperatures will even out heading for the rest of tonight. just the very chile is spots, barely dropping below 40 degrees by tomorrow morning. most of us start off in the 40s. the warmest spot along the coast by 50 degrees and temperatures will end up about five degrees above normal tomorrow afternoon even along the coast in the upper 50s today, you will be up into the mid-60s, mid and upper 50s around the bay with mostly upper 60 further inland. temperatures approaching 70 degrees, not much of a cooldown on friday even with passing clouds overhead. temperatures dropping a couple of degrees around the bay on saturday. it will be a larger drop for everybody across the bay area saturday into sunday as that next storm system approaches. it is going to bring us more cloud cover, especially on presidents' day. more clouds than sunshine, with the odds of clouds dropping any rain on us remaining very low. slightly below average temperatures which continue tuesday, maybe even into wednesday of next week. check out tonight and tomorrow's hour by hour wind gust coming up at 6:00. i'm allen martin, coming up at 6:00, bay area counties
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going mask free, but not santa clara. the new timeline on when fully vaccinated residents might be able to ditch those masks. a new safety plan in the east bay which could help save thousands of homes from destructive wildfires. the hunt for this big bear, how the animal has been terrorizing people in tahoe for months. that is a big boy. veneers at 6:00 coming in five minutes. >> thanks, allen. ahead here at 5:00 a local roller skating instructor in the spotlight for black hist
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a local roller skating instructor is in the spotlight this black history month. >> kpix 5 morning anchor amanda starring tina introduces us to the roller dance man whose moves have a five decade legacy behind them. >> reporter: these moves come with a groove. the stage is set on courts, every sunday morning at hayward's weekes park. >> you know what to do. >> reporter: richard serves up his moves to skaters of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds who show up for his weekly roller dance academy class. >> my thing is, to show people that at any level you can learn how to do this if you break it down. so, you got to break it down. >> reporter: for this
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instructor, there is more to it than teaching dance steps. >> we were not allowed in rinks, back in the day. even as we have gotten into the 70s and 80s, we barely have a night to skate at a rink. so, we to work hard just to get a night of the rink and i'm going, why is this so difficult to let us skate at a roller rink. >> reporter: while doors were closed on him and his friends to skate on the hardwood, >> that's all it was, the love of that role. can't take that away from me, you know? it's that feel. the passion is so deep for skating, that we just take what we get and we go with the flow. >> reporter: that flow took him to just about any san francisco outdoor patch of pavement. >> and then in 79 i hooked up some with some guys in golden gate park and we formed a group called the golden rollers. >> reporter: the splits being richard signature move. the young man roller danced into the hearts of many, making a career of his hobby, with live performances and even being cast in television shows, all self-taught, richard created the brand of roller dance with a website and made his mark with company rydell
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with his no strings attached rollerskates. even at 69 years old, with two new knees, >> i am reaching triple energy status, as they say, but i feel like a young guy. you know, with skates on. >> reporter: richard is still hitting the beat, to share his love with anyone willing to roll with him and for the first time in my life, i strapped in to aid wheels. to learn from the legend himself. >> one, two, three, step forward. >> reporter: the technique of his roller dance. >> right. left. right, left. and left. >> okay. >> reporter: it is with these old moves that the new generation can pick up the steps of a long legacy of culture. >> this is not a fad for us. it is a part of our life. >> reporter: imagine amanda was the perfect person for that
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story. she is an ice skater. is a proposal for the plaza in oakland. >> reporter: richard is hoping that more parks and rec centers open their doors and more people start picking up skates. that is it for the news at 5:00. >> the news at six clock begins with allen martin and elizabeth cook. right now on kpix 5, streaming cbs news bay area, masks are coming off, but not for everyone. the markers they still need to hit in the south bay. >> i feel like it is an inconvenience and is confusing for people. >> unvaccinated and boosted. why should i have to be mascot? >> reporter: new massive digital billboards will soon go up along a bay area freeway. this was something of a trade- off. what san jose gets in the deal. a wall of defense against raging wildfires. the new safety plan to protect some of the most vulnerable communities in the east bay. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. tomorrow, governor newsom is
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expected to reveal his plan on how the state will wind down the 19 restrictions. >> fully vaccinated californians are finally taking masks off. bay area businesses are welcoming customers without face coverings. for many, it is a sign of moving forward. >> it is okay. it is the right time. >> it is a little bit exciting. a lot of customers have told us, o god, they are looking forward to this. a step towards normalcy. >> reporter: not everyplace is following suit. santa clara county is bucking the trend and requiring everyone to mascot indoors for at least a few more weeks. new 5:00, devon fehely explains what exactly has to happen, before the mandate is listed in the south bay. >> reporter: starting today, santa clara county is on an island, requiring masks with neighboring counties not. whether you think dr. cody is leading on this issue, or is


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