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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 17, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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finally, we still have police on the scene, crime scene tape up. what we understand is that this started earlier this afternoon as some type of a domestic violence situation with the suspect barricading himself inside one of the apartments. a witness told us a few hours and the standoff, he saw a man leap out of a broken window towards police holding a knife, and that is when officers opened fire. another witness agreed to talk with us, but did not want to show her face on camera, because she said she lives nearby. >> a neighbor, right next door, and this has been going on for 3 plus hours. we have seen more police cars show up, come and go, and police tape go up, and nothing really happened until the last minute. i went inside my apartment when we felt a flash bang, or when i
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am assuming to be a flash bang. i came out here across the street with the rest of the folks watching, and that is when they broke the window. it looked like they were tempting to go inside, and they started lining up. then i saw the guy walk out and get shot. >> reporter: lease have not confirmed whether or not this was a fatal shooting, but we have seen a body under what appears to be a tarp. at this point we are assuming that this was a fatal officer involved shooting that happened a little over an hour ago at 3:45 this afternoon, after an hours long standoff with the suspect inside one of the apartments. police will hold a press conference in the next 30 minutes, so hopefully we will have more information for you as it becomes available. we will have the latest for you here on kpix 5, as well as on cbs news bay area.
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>> thank you so much. we will be sure to get an update on this breaking news a little later in the newscast. a new chapter in california's fight against covid-19. expedia governor newsom just unveiled the next phase of the state response to the pandemic. andria borba is live in orinda with more on the plan that represents a major shift . >> reporter: governor newsom today said this was not about a timeline, or a moment of declaring victory over the virus. this was a decidedly different tone than last june 15th's massive statewide reopening, that once again got hit by the delta variant. he says this is about a plan for the future and moving california forward. days after the mask mandate lifted, today governor gavin newsom announced his endemic plan for the covid-19 pandemic, meaning moving out of crisis and into a new phase. >> it's in that spirit of optimism that we now move into a new phase of addressing the challenges and realities of this disease. we move out of the pandemic phase, and we move
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into a phase which should allow you confidence that we are not walking away, that we are taking the lessons learned and leaning into the future. >> the plan is called the s.m.a.r.t.e.r. plan . >> to do more of what you see in this warehouse, and that is prepare. the warehouse boys, i said andy, we just walked about 6 feet, i said these 6 feet of boxes are all we had to make years ago. >> reporter: it's not just stockpiling masks, but continuing wastewater testing for viral load, and to continue testing looking for variance. it also ensures students remain in classrooms. dr. monica gandhi says these are the right calls for endemic management.
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>> managing it like other respiratory pathogens, where endemic management becomes the problem of the medical care system. >> one of the steps in the s.m.a.r.t.e.r. plan includes building a registry of 3000 medical professionals that can be reached and staffed into to three weeks if the situation changes. in orinda, folks told kpix 5 that it was time for the state to begin focusing on some of the other issues that have fallen by the wayside during the crisis portion of the pandemic. >> the homeless crisis, it is a crisis in oakland, the homelessness. clearly, we are not addressing it. if it has gotten to the state it is in, we are trying to ignore it. >> i think we are okay with dropping the mask mandate. the only thing i'm concerned at at my ages i still don't know who is not vaccinated. so, that is a problem. i will probably be, when i am in crowds, wearing a mask for a long time. >> reporter:
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>> one quick question before you go. we have heard these updates before. what is the state saying now about communicating future updates on covid-19? 4 dr. mark galli was the architect of this s.m.a.r.t.e.r. plan. he says it is his goal moving forward to explain to the public what next steps there might be if there is a new variant or whatnot, in the same way he spoke to his mother about things during the entirety of the pandemic. condense it into a clear and concise 1 minute so people can understand there is no confusion, very clear, very concise. >> thank you so much for that report. coming up at 5:30, we talk to the chief medical officer of marin health to get their take on the state strategy and
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living with covid. we first brought you the governor's press conference streaming live on cbs news bay area. you can watch any time on, or the cbs news app. a pivotal vote in the oakland a's push for a new ballpark at howard terminal. liz cook joins us in studio with what is at stake this evening. >> reporter: public comment is still being held, but soon the city council will vote to certify the environmental impact report on the stadium. the $12 billion product would include a stadium with seating for 35,000 people. it also provides up to 3000 nearby housing units, and a 400 room hotel and retail space. the big vote today could mean progress for keeping the ace in the bay area. even after this vote, there is still more work to do. >> this has been a 20 year saga to try to find a home for the a's. we are running out of time in our current facility through 2024, and we have to get decisions for the future of the a's. >> reporter: chopper 5 overhead has a group against the plan
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rallied outside of oakland city hall this afternoon. some who are against it say this could negatively impact oaklands community. >> it would drive out working- class black and brown people from west oakland. it would be gentrified. there is already a massive amount of gentrification in oakland. it would actually exacerbate it. >> reporter: those behind the plans say that there is affordable housing included in the project. coming up at 6:00, kenny choi will have the latest on the vote, and more from those for and against the plans. to california's drought emergency. the latest data says the bay area is still experiencing a severe drought, but in marin county, they will begin lifting water use restrictions. kpix 5's max darrow on how some are reacting to the news. they seem brighter than they did before. >> reporter: dan shiner is enjoying the fresh life he sees in his mill valley front yard, which soaked up all of the rain late last year. >> i'm surprised our lawn is as
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green as it is, because we don't water it at all. >> reporter: since september, rainwater customers were not supposed to barter their yards with sprinklers or drip systems, but the water company just lifted the ban, allowing customers to do so twice a week before 9:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. >> our reservoir is a near full capacity thanks to the heavy rainfall we received in late 2021 point >> reporter: the reservoirs are currently at 95% of their current capacity. at this time last year, they were at 57%. >> that rainfall in 2021 did not get us out of our long-term drought emergency. provided a safety net that the district needed to get out of the imminent water shortage emergency we were facing. >> reporter: the west is in the midst of what some researchers call a megadrought. they concluded that 2000 to 2021 was the driest. in a few hundred years. i asked if lifting the restrictions has a mixed
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message. >> we certainly are not telling our customers locally that the drought is over. we are removing restrictions that were tied to an imminent water shortage. we are making plans for the long-term, because we know that dry conditions are here to stay , and we will be dealing with the effects of climate change for years to come. >> it's a nuanced message that the drought is not over, but it has been somewhat alleviated. you don't have to let all of your orchids die. >> reporter: shiner has to keep up with the numerous conservation methods. >> i think people should be extremely careful about the use of water. we don't know what will happen 1 month from now, 3 months from now. it's the way things are.
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nature is changing. >> reporter: rainwater still has numerous restrictions in place, such as a ban on fillings when pools and washing cars at home. the water board will consider lifting additional drought emergency restrictions at an upcoming meeting. max darrow, kpix 5. on the fire watch, a wildfire in the eastern sierra continues to grow this evening. the airport fire is burning in the owens valley in inyo county. evacuations are in place are parts of the big pine community. 3900 acres, and making it california's largest wildfire this year so far. look at the plumes of smoke billowing into the sky. the fire has not yet been contained. they are working to protect buildings and create a perimeter. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, the harshest sentence yet in the college admissions scandal. the price one father is painted for trying to bribe his astute children into schools like stanford. the dramatic video of a very close call. another week, another bad headline for tesla. this time the feds are investigating something called "phantom braking." >> the quality control is really failing in so many
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levels. the entire bay area still in severe drought conditions with the latest update from the drought monitor. unchanged for the en
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let's take a live look at kiev in ukraine right now. the situation with russian troops on the border took a serious turn. russian backed forces are accused of shelling a school in eastern ukraine. skyler henry reports on concerns that something like this could spark a russian invasion. >> reporter: good to see you. a passionate plea from the secretary of state earlier today at the u.n., calling for diplomacy to de-escalate the situation between russia and ukraine. russia appears to be beefing up their forces throughout the entire region, leaving many
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concerned. >> let me be clear. i am here today not to start a war, but to prevent one. >> reporter: sitting before the united nations security council, u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken passionately called on russia to de-escalate tensions with ukraine. >> the russian government can announce today that russia will not invade ukraine, and then demonstrate it by sending your troops, your tanks, airplanes, back to their barracks and hangers, and sending your diplomats to the negotiating table. >> reporter: the kremlin continues to deny plans to attack its neighbor, but the u.s. says russia is setting the stage with an increased troop presence, a cyber campaign
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targeting ukraine's government and critical infrastructure, and the spread of disinformation is pretext. >> we have reason to believe that they are engaged in a false flag operation to have an excuse to go in. >> reporter: tensions ratcheted up thursday. ukraine accuse russian forces of shelling this kindergarten in eastern ukraine. they expelled the u.s. diplomat from moscow. and a long-awaited response to a letter from the biden administration, russia says u.s. ignored security concerns," threatened, quote, a military technical response. >> there is nothing inevitable about the slimming conflict. >> reporter: u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin wrapped up meetings in brussels before continuing to poland and lithuania. russia-ukraine are at the top of the agenda for them. as for the u.s. diplomat that was expelled, the secretary of state said that he formally has requested a sitdown with the russian foreign minister sometime in europe next week. as for president biden, he says he has no plans on speaking with president putin.
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the ukraine tensions are leading to a steep selloff on wall street. the dow had the worst day of the year, down 622 points. the nasdaq dropped nearly 3%, and the s&p 500 fell 2%. former president donald trump on the legal hotseat. in your judge has ordered the former president to answer questions under oath about his businesses. trampling with his two eldest children would be deposed in the case brought on by the new york attorney general. former vice president mike pence is in the bay area tonight to speak at stanford. chopper 5 picked up footage of the barricades being set up, as well as some chalk messages for the vice president. college republicans invited him as part of their "young america's foundation advancing freedom lecture series." tonight's event is titled "how to save america from the woke left. quotes to make a massachusetts man has received the longest sentence yet in the college admissions scandal.
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they sentence to john wilson to 15 months in prison for paying more than $1 million to get his children into stanford, usc, and harvard. wilson also be required to complete 400 hours of community service, and pay a fine of $200,000. previously the harshest sentence was given to a resort executive, who got 12 months and 1 dave are paying $300,000 for getting his daughter into usc. a close call in colorado. and officer pulled over on the side of the road, pulled over a car, and look at that. right when he went back to the patrol car, a car slammed into the car that was pulled over. he rushed back to check on the people inside, and did call for help. they suffered minor and moderate injuries. a massive winter storm hitting a huge section of the country today from texas to maine. the snow started falling early thursday in kansas city, part of the system blanketing the midwest. this was a scene in central oklahoma, where a winter storm warning was posted. tens of millions of americans are in its path. they could get up to one foot of snow. it is expected to move off of
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the east coast on friday. in the bay area, quite the opposite. it was a beautiful day. we spotted plenty of people enjoying the outdoors. i know they are enjoying the sunshine. we aren't greedy, but we want a little bit of that precipitation. just a little bit. >> it doesn't have to be the amount of snow or the severe had severe weather they had in the saturday, but a little bit of rain. >> it's too much to ask for. >> it is and has been. let's look at how many days in a row. today makes 41 consecutive days without any rain for downtown references go. for san jose, 50 days, reporting just a trace of rainfall. that is the longest stretch for sin is in the wintertime months. we are approaching the record for downtown san francisco at 46 days. we are in shouting distance of the rainy season record for dry consecutive days. we will add a few more under that number because there is no rain in the forecast tomorrow. that little storm system along the coast will send clouds and
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the bay area, but they won't drop us a petition on us. another storm system will drop into the pacific northwest through the presidents' day weekend. that will bring some changes to the bay area. underwent, cooler temperatures, cloud cover, but no significant chance of rain headed our way. let's get the first storm system. these will be pretty high up in the atmosphere. they will be out there to start the day tomorrow. clouds and sunshine throughout the day on friday. no point will it be completely overcast, but not completely clear either until after the sun goes down tomorrow evening. this will have plenty of sunshine the first of the present day weekend, but in the onshore breeze will return. maybe an outside chance of a shower by the beginning of the next workweek on tuesday, after the presidents' day holiday. the rain chances hovering around 20% for tuesday. that is too low to put raindrop icons in the 7 day forecast,
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but maybe there is a chance, even if this improves to a 30 to 40% chance of rain, it's unlikely to be much more than a trace. but at this point, we will take whatever we can get. the 6 to 10 day outlook from the climate prediction center venues to paint a significant chance of below average rainfall as we get closer and closer to the end of the month. the age of 14 day outlook continues that trend into the early days of mark. however, there is some good news from the climate prediction center. the same agency just released their month-long outlook for the month of march, and we have equal chances of either above or below average rainfall for the bay area, and the area indicating above average rainfall is tantalizingly close to us. we hope we can get into a more active weather pattern as we round the corner from february into march, but in the short term, a pretty dry forecast. outside right now towards the golden gate, temperatures are hovering in the low to mid 60s.
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60 downtown to 66 degrees in san jose and concord. tonight the temperatures will backdown mostly to the 40s. the chili spots will drop down to the upper half of the 30s. coast mid to upper 40s. tomorrow, high temperatures still above average. everybody reaching up to the 60s. mostly mid to upper 60s. the cool spots low 60s along the coast. the warmer locations, just below 70 degrees. similar on saturday for most parts of the bay area. cooler near the water. everybody cools off sunday and monday, with the cool weather sticking around for most of next week is the storm system pushes the cooler air towards us, more cloud cover towards us, but still no significant rain chances. maybe tuesday chance will look for significant as we get closer to it, but i look skeptically at any hint of rain in the really long range data. >> but it was 10%, 15%, and now it is 20. >> i feel like charlie brown running up on the football where it's going to get yanked away.
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the quarterback for the rams taking some heat for his reaction to a photographers scary fault during the super bowl parade. how he is making it up to her. coming up and are streaming service, cbs news bay area, we have the story of an ( ♪♪ ) (chiming) ( ♪♪ )
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a former los angeles angels employee will head to prison for his involvement in the death of former major league pitcher tyler skaggs. a jury found former angels employee eric k guilty of distributing counterfeit pills, and possession with intent to distribute back in 2019. he was accused of providing skaggs with fentanyl-laced oxycodone that led to the 27- year-old's death. he faces a minimum of 20 years in prison. days after leading his team to a super bowl victory, the rams quarterback matt stafford
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is still making headlines. >> it's an unfortunate incident and has people saying he did the wrong thing. in the midst of celebrating their first super bowl win, matt stafford was getting ready for a picture with his wife. he asked a photographer to help, but you saw that, she fell right off the platform as she was about to take the picture, and she hit the concrete. she wound up with a fractured spine. he watched the whole thing happen, but he seemed to turn away and didn't initially offer any help. >> this is a glimpse of a situation that went bad really quick. >> stafford and the team plan uncovering kelly's hospital bills, as well as the costs for a new camera. coming up on 5:30, more on the breaking news out of pleasanton. >> a deadly police shooting. officers and it's away from an update. charting a new course in the pandemic. dr. weighs in on the states
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. back to our breaking news in pleasanton, where officers have confirmed a fatal police shooting just happened near owens drive and willow road about an hour ago. a police press conference will happen at any moment. we will bring you the very latest. our other top story,
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governor newsom announcing the new plan that would help california reach a new phase in the fight against covid. i'm ryan yamamoto. i'm sara donchey. governor newsom says california is ready to move out of a pandemic and into an endemic. it comes a day after the state lifted its indoor mask mandate fully vaccinated people. it's called the s.m.a.r.t.e.r. plan. it stands for shots, masks, awareness, readiness testing and prescriptions. also, expand lab testing for new variants, and making sure students stayton class. >> as we reflect on not only did 2 years, the lessons learned with humility, but we prepare for the insurgencies that lie ahead. the journey we have been on i think only reinforces the fundamental construct and understanding that while we can't predict the future, we can better prepare for it.
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>> joining us live now is dr. karin shavelson, the chief medical officer of marin health. what is your reaction to what the state is laying out. does the timing make sense to you now? the transition to the endemic phase of the pandemic? >> the evidence suggests that it is time to look to move to an endemic phase. i think the public's appetite for stringent controls are fading. we all want to get back to life as normal. i think this lays out a plan that is well thought out, and uses the evidence of the past couple of years to do the best that we can, as governor newsom said. we don't have a crystal ball, but it allows us some confidence as we start to move forward. we may take two steps forward and maybe one small step back along the way, but i think it's a great starting point for moving into something that looks more endemic. >> part of the plan is moving
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