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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  February 17, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> joining us live now is dr. karin shavelson, the chief medical officer of marin health. what is your reaction to what the state is laying out. does the timing make sense to you now? the transition to the endemic phase of the pandemic? >> the evidence suggests that it is time to look to move to an endemic phase. i think the public's appetite for stringent controls are fading. we all want to get back to life as normal. i think this lays out a plan that is well thought out, and uses the evidence of the past couple of years to do the best that we can, as governor newsom said. we don't have a crystal ball, but it allows us some confidence as we start to move forward. we may take two steps forward and maybe one small step back along the way, but i think it's a great starting point for moving into something that looks more endemic. >> part of the plan is moving away from mandates, and putting
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more of an emphasis on prevention and quick reaction to outbreaks. with the risk of new variants popping up, do you think it's the right call? >> i do. time will tell, but from what we are seeing right now, this is absolutely the way to go. there are a couple of important pieces we need to remember, that is, as a pediatrician, i have to remind our viewers at the littlest people are not yet vaccinated. we have to be mindful of what that looks like, and hopefully those vaccinations will come soon. let's not forget the elderly, the frail, the sick, those amongst us who do not have the most robust immune systems. it's our obligation as a community, as a society, to look out for those less fortunate than those of us who may have healthy immune systems. and maybe a bit of a struggle to find that balance, and i think we all need to be flexible
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and understanding, but i think it is time to try to move forward in a way that captures the best interests of our overall society, but also allows us to try to start living a bit more of a normal life. >> you mentioned young kids and seniors. booster rates have been lacking even in the bay area. the issue of waning immunity, it doesn't make sense to focus lust on the wider population, and more on the targeted groups like children and seniors? >> the deaths that we are seeing are often in the frail or the sick and the elderly. as much as we are going to target our efforts, that seems to be the way to go. the notion of a widespread request or demand that people receive boosters, or even vaccinations, i think we have seen the best that we are going to see. somebody who has decided to pass on a booster, i think the odds of convincing somebody in their 30s who is completely healthy to get their boosters if they have not already done so is falling. if we target our efforts on those most likely to become quite sick or even, unfortunately, die from covid,
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that is probably the best use of resources at this time. that being said, i can't help but, as a physician, to beg any of you who are not vaccinated or boosted, to please consider doing so. it is not too late. it is never too late. >> there has been a lot of reflecting on lessons learned over the past 2 years. are there any lessons you have learned in marin county that are now part of the playbook living forward? >> a really important thing for people to understand is that while governor newsom's plan is very rich in equipment, masks, ventilators, things like that, which is very important, but we have come to see during the pandemic is if you do not have the trained skilled staff to operate the ventilators, it doesn't matter if you have 10 or 100. you have to be mindful of protecting our healthcare workforce and our first responders. whether we all like it or not, we are key to supporting all of you during
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this pandemic, not just with covid, but with all of the other myriad of illnesses and accidents and things that can happen. it is imperative that we really look critically at our staffing and how we train in the future, and what that looks like. governor newsom's plan does include some staffing models, but i would like to see more detail on that. i think at the end of the day, we need the doctors and the nurses and the paramedics and the respiratory therapist to take care of our patients. >> we say thank you to all of the people on the front lines and first responders. dr. shavelson, thank you for your time. let's take a live look at san jose, where the cities booster vaccine mandate might be changing soon. there is a reported new proposal that would change san jose's covid-19 booster mandate for city workers to a testing requirement. it would require all employees to test twice per week unless they show proof of full vaccination, including a booster shot. the world health organization wars a sub- variant of omicron is gaining traction.
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the sub- variant has displaced the original strain and now accounts for 1 out of 5 news cases globally. they say the sub- variant is more transmissible than the original strain, but there is no difference in severity. moderna aims to have an omicron specific booster ready by august. is not clear if it will provide better protection than another dose of the existing vaccine at this time. two dozen police officers have been indicted on charges of using excessive force during civil rights protests. stems from how austin police handled protests. george floyd protests. officers are accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, the most against a single police department. the city agreed to pay out a $10 million settlement to two people injured in the protests. funeral services were held in minneapolis today for an airlock. families, friends, and civil
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rights activists gathered to date to honor him. the 22-year-old black man was shot and killed by minnesota police earlier this month after officers executed a no knock warrant. now his family and activists are demanding change. >> when you go to bed at night, i want you to see his face. when you wake up in the morning, i want you to see his face. >> police say they were looking to evidence in connection with a homicide investigation involving amir locke's cousin, and they insist the no knock warrant was necessary, because it enables officers to execute the warrant more safely. >> no knock warrants have taken more lives than they have saved , and usually those lives are people of color. >> amir locke was not guilty of anything but being young and black in america. >> the officer who shot him is currently on administrative leave. minnesota has launched an investigation. there are serious questions
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being asked tonight after police broke up a fight between teenagers at a mall in new jersey. cell phone video captured the situation, and it shows a white teenager getting into an argument and tussle with a black teenager. when officers got there to break them up, it appeared that the officer pulled the white teen away without restraint, but officers pinned the black scene to the ground and handcuffed him. some have criticized law enforcement for treating the two differently. >> it's because he's black. >> they don't know how to treat the situation and deal with the situation equally and fairly, so they should not be able to deal with the situation at all. >> that situation is even catching the attention of the new jersey governor phil murphy. >> i'm deeply disturbed by what appears to be a racially disparate treatment in the video. we are, underscore with emphasis, that we are committed to increasing the trust between law enforcement on the one hand, and the communities they serve on the other. >> the new jersey naacp is
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calling for the officers to be fired. the police departments as a county prosecutor is looking into this. still ahead, a surprise twist to the school board recall that has gotten nationwide attention. how it is now putting pressure with its list of the top cars of the year. the best brands when it comes to safety and affordability. all new at 6:00, one of the biggest celebrations is coming back to the bay area. the san francisco pride parade returns in person for ♪♪ ahhh!
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club. has been a week of change for the severances go school board. voters overwhelmingly recalled three board members. and one of them says he is quitting. the former board vice president turned in his resignation effective immediately. it does not change anything since the move comes after voters already voted him out. the results are said to be certified in the coming weeks. where london breed will now pick three replacements to
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serve on the school board. she says she will focus on candidates with financial expertise. the district is facing a $125 million gap. democratic lawmakers are reluctant to halt the gas tax increase. the state taxes gas at just over $.51 per gallon. the increase is tied to inflation and is expected to take effect in july, but orgasm newsom proposed stopping at least for the year. the expect concerns about the last revenue. it would result in $500 it would create increased revenue. these cars are all graded on performance, safety, and a few other marks. some notable options on the list are the nissan sentra for low cost with high value, and the toyota rav4 prime, which is noted as making major changes
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while keeping its efficiency. the ford mustang scored high in protests, safety, and charge range. >> it has a range of 270 to 300 miles depending on the version. all that combines into a very impressive first year electric vehicle. >> if an suv is more your thing, the lexus rx made the list for comfort and reliability. a high-tech twist on pickpocketing. how a young boy was able to take advantage of a woman's kindness to steal thousands of dollars with her phone. >> fight or flight for a couple of years now. tonight at 7:00, when it comes to posttraumatic stress, so much remains a mystery. a group of bay area scientists are unraveling some surprising secrets. it's a moment you are waiting for throughout your scientific career. >> our orig
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the next time you go to disneyland, you will not need to wear a mask if fully vaccinated. but there are some exceptions. >> reporter: awesome. >> reporter: it is off with the masks for the vaccinated at the happiest place on earth. >> absolutely. that mask, it gets pretty stuffy, you know, especially with mine, thick and everything. my lungs really be working
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hard. it's a good day. >> reporter: some disney guests were taken by surprise by the new mask optional role. >> i didn't even know that. that is so cool. yesterday we still had to wear a mask. >> reporter: disney said california's new safety protocols prompted the change thursday at disneyland and california adventure. fully vaccinated guests can go mask free indoors and outdoors, except in a few specific cases such as writers unenclosed shuttle buses. >> i'm all for kids not wearing masks. i think their little smiling faces are more important to see. >> reporter: not everyone is putting their masks away completely. >> in case him around a lot of people i can put it on. >> we will proceed with caution as they say. we will wear them as we find suitable. if there is a big crowd, we would rather use our masks. >> hopefully everyone is still safe and there is hand sanitizer everywhere.
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>> reporter: deborah was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, so she is being extra careful during her visit to the park. >> i would like to keep wearing my mask to protect me and my family. i can't force someone else to do it. >> reporter: disney does not require proof of vaccination. disney world florida lifted the mask requirement last weekend. >> a florida woman found herself out $4000 after she briefly lent her phone to a 12- year-old boy. that young boy approached shannon frazier on a scooter, claiming to have lost his family and friends. she handed him her phone, and that is when police say the child used the phone to send himself some money. >> i get alerts from my bank that my two transfers were approved. one was in the amount of $1800, and the other was in the amount of $2000, and that is when i stopped dead in my tracks.
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>> the woman calls it a new kind of pickpocket. the good news is her account was credited. disturbing security footage out of the mexican city of chihuahua. it shows how a flock of birds suddenly dropped dead midflight. the yellow headed blackbirds migrate from northern canada to mexico for the winter. a veterinarian says the birds may have died after inhaling toxic fumes, or it could have been because of an overcharge of electricity cables. a python is on the loose in a castro valley regional park. >> authorities say they are worried more about his health and public safety. the regional park employees say pythons do have sharp teeth, but are not venomous. because the snake is cold- blooded and is used to tropical temperatures, it isn't used to the bay area's winter weather. a hiker spotted the snake this weekend. they believe someone dumped it there, and they do ask anyone who spots it to not try to capture it. a live look towards the east bay and mount diablo were
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more than 100 acres of land has been donated to the state park. it is part of the quarry in clayton. the quarry is donating hundred acres of land bordering the park. the land has chaperoned oak trees and sits near mitchell canyon. a portion of black point trail also runs through the property. caltrans crews are busy cutting down trees along a section of highway 50. they say the trees are dangerous because they were scorched during last year's caldor fire. take a look at how dry some of them look from the wildfires. pretty dangerous, considering how it burned that area so badly. caltrans says drivers should expect delays from this. it is sad to see that burn scar. the wildfire danger, it's a year-round danger now. >> it's hard to believe we had that wildfire in the eastern part of the state yesterday, when the mountain peaks surrounding it were still covered in snow. we will see a lower fire threat
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because the wind has died down around the bay area. the dry weather will continue. the little storm system to the north will drop straight down from the north, but no rain from those clouds. one consequence of the later wind is at the air quality will be quite as good as it as it has been. think we are going to see more yellow dots on the map tomorrow, and again on saturday with calmer wind. the ground level pollution that was dispersed by the strong wind will now settle back down to ground level, and so is the pollen. medium-high category tomorrow through presidents' day weekend. alder, birch, and juniper are the top three types of pollen. it is definitely pollen season. outside right now, a beautiful look towards the sunset. temperatures above average today reaching up into the mid to upper 60s for pacifica, concord, fremont, san francisco. downtown santa rosa got up to
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73 degrees this afternoon. mostly 60s on the map tomorrow. a few more response may sneak closer to 70, but that's about average. right now temperatures in the mid-50s and half moon bay. everyone else is in the 60s. our temperatures will backdown mostly to the 40s by early tomorrow morning. the coldest spots will drop into the upper half of the 30s. the warmest locations stay around 50 degrees. then temperatures bounce back up 3 to 6 degrees above normal. mid to upper 60s by friday afternoon, and even along the coast, low 60s. to upper sixes around the south end of the bay. upper 60s in the santa clara valley. temperatures inland in the east bay almost everybody at 66 or 67, except fairfield just short of 70. mid to upper 60s for oakland and the east bay.
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meant to then upper 60s as you go farther inland in the north bay, except right along the coast. the light offshore wind will allow you to top 60 degrees. clear lake and ukiah are likely to hit 70 degrees. looking ahead to the weekend, we have the lunar new year parade. upper 50s at 5:15 saturday evening as the parade gets going. a few clouds. fog rolls and later saturday night, likely after the parade wraps up. cooler temperatures are on the way with more cloud cover by sunday, monday, and tuesday. the odds of the clouds producing any precipitation remains low. temperatures are slightly below average next week compared to where we have been recently. but no rain chances in the seven nine-day forecast, at least no significant rain chances.
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we will trace the passing clouds coming up at 6:00. coming up at 6:00, a key vote on the howard terminal ballpark is happening right now. we will have the latest out of oakland. a big business deal is giving us a glimpse of what a post-pandemic downtown san jose might look out like. the fancy new restaurant coming to this streetcorner. what other businesses are saying about their future new neighbor. san francisco pride is back in full force. a sneak peek of what you can expect to see, and how this years celebrations, at a critical time for the city.
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tesla is getting hit with yet another investigation, this time by the feds. >> hundreds of drivers have claimed their cars are slowing down suddenly. >> it's called phantom braking. >> reporter: full disclosure, this whole phantom braking thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. i was driving in willow glen in san jose when the car came to a complete stop. thank goodness there was nobody behind me. it was very disconcerting and jarring. at first i thought it was a fluke, but it turns out i'm not alone. >> i was just like, tang. >> reporter: nathan said he was alone on a road in pleasanton when his tesla started acting strangely, and tried to turn off the road on its own. >> it started breaking, and i
5:57 pm
was confused. usually the emergency brakes only go off when there is something in front and you are about to crash. i was not about to crash. mickey said it was probably phantom braking, where the vehicle slows down dramatically for no obvious reason. >> i hope it gets fixed, because it's a serious bug that could cost a life. >> reporter: in the past 9 months, the national highway safety administration has received 354 complaint involving model 3 and motter y. the complaints coincide with the company's decision to stop using radar and rely solely on the camera em utilizing the features illini adaptive cruise control, the vehicle unexpectedly applies it breaks while applying driving at highway speeds. rapid deceleration can occur without warning, random, and repeatedly in a single drive cycle. "the washington post" analyzed complaints, and then a third of the sudden slowdowns occurred on two lane roads or highways when, for example, an oncoming
5:58 pm
truck was approaching in the distance. >> the brand and the quality control is really feeling on so many levels. >> reporter: a professor at san jose state objects to tesla essentially testing its products on public streets. >> is is not delivering food to somebody in the food is not delivered on time. you are talking about up person's life on the highway. that is the problem. when you risk so many people because you want to test it, innovate this, safety is over profit. that would be my advice to elon musk. >> i don't trust it. >> reporter: franklin has heard too many stories about the autopilot feature, and would never use it. >> i am kind of scared, because it breaks, look what you said, if it breaks all of a sudden, and you are on the freeway, you will cause an accident no matter what. >> reporter: nathan says he will never buy another tesla. >> you've lost confidence. >> yeah, i sold my stock. >> in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5.
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>> we restarted for comment. stock closed down 5% with news on the investigation. kpix 5 news at six:00 start training with ellen martin and elizabeth cook. ryan allen kpix 5, streaming cbs news bay area , breaking news minutes ago. investigators released new details in a deadly police shooting in pleasanton, and a video showing the moments officers opened fire. a first in the nation plan. governor newsom unveils his strategy for the next phase of dealing with covid-19. the big new business deal in san jose. the new restaurant coming to downtown for the first time in years. we start with breaking news out of alameda county. >> right now, police and president pleasanton are releasing new details on the deadly officer involved shooting. >> it happened on owens drive and willow road. we are live at the scene with the latest information. >> reporter: a few minutes ago, i spoke with a neighbor who lives in a unit right near
6:00 pm
where this happened. he caught the entire thing on cell phone video. take a look. you can hear police yelling instructions at the suspect. then you can see the suspect coming out of the apartment, walking at first, then rushing towards officers. within seconds, you hear six gunshots, and the suspect falls to the sidewalk. that neighbor says the couple had recently moved into the building, and the woman worked in the leasing office here at the galloway apartments. >> i just wanted to make sure he was okay. i heard he was crying over the phone, and other people came out right away. that's when i saw the commotion. there were people across the street. everyone was shaken


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