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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 17, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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where this happened. he caught the entire thing on cell phone video. take a look. you can hear police yelling instructions at the suspect. then you can see the suspect coming out of the apartment, walking at first, then rushing towards officers. within seconds, you hear six gunshots, and the suspect falls to the sidewalk. that neighbor says the couple had recently moved into the building, and the woman worked in the leasing office here at the galloway apartments. >> i just wanted to make sure he was okay. i heard he was crying over the phone, and other people came out right away. that's when i saw the commotion. there were people across the street. everyone was shaken about what
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happened. >> reporter: police say this started just before noon today, when pleasanton police were called to the apartments for a domestic violence situation. they say the suspect barricaded himself inside of the apartment, and a little after 3:30, police say came out holding a knife, and two police officers opened fire, killing the suspect. >> today around 11:51 a.m. , we received a call from a victim of domestic violence at 4899 willow road. officers arrived on scene, and confirmed the suspect was inside an apartment, and later exited the apartment armed with a knife. two officers were involved in that ois, and are uninjured. we can confirm the suspect is deceased. we are not releasing the officers names at this time. we are in the process of conducting our of instigation.
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the alameda county district attorney's office is also unseen conducting their investigation. we know the public wants to know more, which is why we are moving quickly to gather facts. >> reporter: is you just heard, pleasanton police investigators still are here unseen. they are collecting evidence. you can see them here as they are right near the site of this ois. we have also been told the alameda county district attorney's office is also here. that is the agency responsible for investigating any type of use of force situation, like what we have here with this officer involved shooting. live in pleasanton, katie nielsen, kpix 5. our other top story, a major shift when it comes to how the state deals with covid. >> ryan yamamoto joins us with more on the governor's new plan. >> a lot of people were anticipating what the governor might say. it focuses more on prevention and quick reaction to outbreaks instead of mandates. they say covid-19 will be with us for a long time, and we have
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to learn to live with the virus. the state says it will follow a strategy best remembered by an ackerman. shots, masks, awareness, readiness, treatments, education, and prescriptions. >> is what we refer to as a statewide assessment and action unit. we have a team of folks, epidemiologists, office of emergency services, a whole cross-section of folks in this new unit, and they move in real time. they go out, technical assistance teams, they do the genomic sequencing, the modeling of the data analysis, and they work to develop strategies and plans in a very targeted effort. >> this comes nearly 2 years after the governor imposed the first statewide stay-at-home order as a coronavirus began to grip the united states. officials say there are no finish lines to this pandemic. the plan is meant to return life to some sort of normalcy.
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>> we know that it's not about getting to immunity. that was the old phrase. it's about keeping up your immunity. we are going to need to keep updating folks about what we are doing. >> yesterday the state lifted its indoor mask mandate. health officials say they are expecting to make an announcement for masking on schools by the end of the month. for more information on the governor's plan, and to see his full press conference, you can go to our website, a big new business deal could be a sign of what a post- pandemic downtown san jose look like. kpix 5's len ramirez reports the downtowns first new restaurant in years is coming to the city center. >> reporter: with a question of what tenant would come into occupy this prime location in downtown san jose has been the subject of a lot of speculation. now we have an answer, and a preview of what is to come right down the road on santana
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row. the left bank is a popular eatery with fine food and drink on santana row. now the company behind it, and a few other upscale restaurants, have just done a deal to build its first new place in downtown san jose. it will be a so-called vibrant italian place on the ground floor of the just completed marrow towers at fourth and santa clara, across from san jose city hall, with indoor- outdoor service. >> it will be one of our larger units, with about a 170 person capacity restaurant. we are focusing on an italian fine dining influence with a lot of steak influence. that's already part of our culture and what we do well. >> reporter: plans call for a retail store serving the downtown community into the evening hours. >> if you can't come in and dine with us, you can grab and go a positive may quickly at home or in your office. >> reporter: is the first big new restaurant to locate in the downtown core since the pandemic can't. >> momentum is coming back. it shows the strength of the
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market. it really lets us know that the pandemic is receding. >> reporter: the new place, not yet names, will join an array of mostly mom and pop restaurants mostly on or near santa clara streets. they have been struggling. >> it's been that way for 2 years. i wish them all un he could help give the area a new boost. >> if there are good restaurants here, it would help restaurants like us. >> reporter: might hospitality says it's not worried. >> we want to get our foot in the door early. a crucial vote happening this evening to determine the future of the oakland a's proposed ballpark. kpix 5's kenny choi live in oakland city leaders are meeting right now. >> reporter: a green light by the city council would be a critical step for what would arguably be oakland's most important development project in city history. >> beautiful day for a vote in
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oakland. >> reporter: amped to move one step closer to building a $12 billion state-of-the-art ballpark that would completely transform howard terminal. trains and trucks cross paths in a heavy industrial part of the city next to the port of oakland. >> this will completely redefine and reimagine the waterfront. it will allow jack london square to achieve its potential . a new ballpark. new housing, including affordable housing. >> reporter: labor unions are holding signs demanding stop privatizing our report protesting in front of city hall, as a the project would impact maritime jobs and affordable housing in the area. >> women, single mothers, good paying jobs, and we have to keep them here. they would be lost. absolutely they would be lost. shippers would not come to oakland. >> reporter: you feel the port with still thrive along with the ballpark. >> absolutely. i know we will still continue to have a growing, world-class
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port, and a new waterfront ballpark district. >> reporter: it has taken 5 years to get to this about. >> would drive out the black and brown working class community. if they ratification plan is what it is. warmack howard terminal has not been used as a container shipping port for years. >> with the addition of all the former army base land on the outer harbor, the part of the port with the deepest water that can accommodate the new generation of ships, the port is gaining space, not losing it. warmack devoted to certify the environmental impact report would move along the lengthy process faster, but still allows it to vote against the project down the road, it is not a final approval or binding agreement. >> this is a 20 year saga to find a home for the a's. we are running out of time at our current facility, only through 2024, and we need decisions. >> reporter: any choice, kpix
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5. in less than an hour, former vice president mike pence will be speaking at stanford university. chopper 5 was over the campus while barricades are being set up earlier today. you can see some chalk messages were left for the former vice president. college republicans invited him as part of the young americas foundation advancing freedom lecture series. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area , california still in a severe drought, but when bay area county is giving residents the green light to water their yards. a wind driven wildfire explodes in size, triggering evacuations. the race to keep the flames from spreading. new at six:00, san francisco pride will return in june with in-person events. coming up, by community leaders here in the castro say this will benefit the entire city. a beautiful sunset this
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organizers for san francisco pride announcing the annual event will be back in person this june. >> kpix 5's shawn chitnis spoke to organizers about what it will mean for the entire city. >> reporter: the annual parade in celebration many have missed will be back in 2022. san francisco pride with the announcement just as it prepares for a critical change
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in leadership. >> what stands out for me that my time here at san francisco pride is being really heartened by the resilience of our community, of the ways in which we have consistently faced challenges with love and with compassion. >> reporter: fred lopez has been executive director for the past 2 years, overseeing the organization through the pandemic. while the search for his replacement begins, susan forbes will take over temporarily. >> we will let the world know that the community is resilient in san francisco, and that sf pride is at the center of that. >> reporter: not only a chance for the lgbtq plus community together together and bring attention to clear identity and issues, but a chance to help a neighborhood and issues here. >> pride has been a bit like christmas for the castro as far as small businesses go. >> reporter: the castro community benefits. in the past, the event alone can generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the whole city. >> bringing hundreds of thousands of people together
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seems a little premature. >> reporter: not everyone is sure we are past that phase of the pandemic. business owners argue the city has followed the right precautions. >> this is a necessary thing for the community, to remember what it is like to live life, and to get through the pandemic. >> reporter: pride hopes to be an invitation to the world for a week of inclusion, and a reminder of the city's values. >> san francisco is open, and we are ready to accept people from all over the world who want to sort of experience that sense of community and acceptance that san francisco is known for. >> reporter: organizers tell us they will have more to announce about the specific plans for this year's event in about a month. they are encouraging more people to come members of sf pride to help fund the organization. shawn chitnis, kpix 5. san francisco pride is scheduled for the weekend of june 25 and 26. the theme this year is "love will keep us together."
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the loan office building built last year just got its first office tenant. thumbtack, a home service platform, says it is leasing a floor just off of fifth and mission. according to the san francisco chronicle, the space will be less of a traditional office, and more of a community library. the airport fire continues to burn in inyo county. get started near an airport by owens valley yesterday. look at the huge plumes of smoke. evacuations are in place in big pine, east of highway 395. the wildfire has burned 3900 acres. fire crews have been working to protect buildings and create a perimeter. it has not yet been contained. marin water customers can relax on conservation measures a little bit. the water company is lifting a restriction, a key one.
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customers canal water with sprinklers and to drip systems in their yard twice a week before 9:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. it follows the temporary ban they put in place back in december, before a couple of the big storms hit the area. marin's seven reservoirs are at 95% of total capacity. despite the rollback, they say conservation must remain key. >> we are not telling our customers here locally that the drought is over. we are removing restrictions that were tied to an imminent water shortage. >> marin water still has numerous other restrictions in place, such as a ban on filling swimming pools, and at-home car washing. those restrictions could be lifted in the future, but don't hold your breath. no change to the drought monitor. still severe drought for the entire bay area. there are two categories worse than that, but still, no change since we have not had a drop of
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rain for the last 6 weeks, and it is unlikely we will see many drops of rain over the next several days. high clouds late tonight. clear skies for the next several hours. cloud cover, but no rain tomorrow. clouds and sunshine in store for friday. farther down the line, we see another storm system bringing cooler temperatures sunday and monday, but mild temperatures continue to root saturday. even once the next storm system moves in, the rain chances remain very low. let's track the clouds approaching us in futurecast. you can see them drifting in from the north as we get past midnight. a mix of cloud and sunshine. at no point will it be completely gray overhead, but just a mix of clouds and sunshine throughout the day. temperatures warm up anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees above average. the class will dissipate as the system causing them will slide further down the coast. plenty of sunshine saturday,
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then more cloud cover drifting in sunday and monday. a beautiful look from the top of mount diablo. temperatures dropping down into the upper 50s, and still a few spots in the low 60s. later on tonight, temperatures will drop down mostly into the 40s. coldest spots down to the mid to upper 30s, but most of us 40 to 45 inland, 45 to 50 degrees around the bay and along the coast. then temperatures bounce back. the dog walking forecast, san mateo, it occurs to me that i forgot to ask bob how to pronounce the name. a pretty puppy, no longer with us, but this was a dog who knew how to enjoy nice weather like we will have tomorrow. mid 60s with a mix of clouds and sunshine overhead throughout the day. the light wind will stick around. the breezy conditions have calmed down significantly. to upper 60s around the entire bay area, except right along the coast.
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close to 70 degrees for the warmest spots on the map, with similar temperatures saturday. everyone cools off on sunday with the cooler weather sticking around for presidents' day on monday, and into the beginning of the abbreviated workweek. no rain drops in the 7 day forecast. the good news is that there is not a 0 percent chance of rain -- anything above 0% something to get excited about. there is a chance. there is a very slight chance of maybe a trace of rain by tuesday. >> sometimes all you need is a chance. >> just a little bit. to something to break the streak we are on. >> cling to the hope, please. we are getting desperate. >> try to focus on the positive. "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with preview. here is what we are working on after kpix 5 news at 6:00. a dangerous winter storm that could make presidents' day weekend travel and nightmare.
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over 100 million americans facing snow and sleet and possible tornadoes. that's on the "cbs evening news" tonight. straightahead, what is all the basketball hubbub coming from moraga? and what happens when you play with the lead for over 48 minutes? i'll show you. coming up on are streaming service cbs news bay area, we will have the story of an east palo alto no
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nba up top, and the warriors have lost four of the last five games. what is 42-17 mean? that is the record heading into the all- star weekend. steph curry looks like he is prepping for a fishing trip on the state of the team. >> i choose to say we have won 10 out of the last 14, and keep it moving. >> final seconds trailing 2 poi throatwas short- ved. >> i took the bait. i made a dumb read. the last thing you can do in that situation is give up a three. >> all of the attention, and
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they forgot about monte morris for the win. the nuggets came from 16 points down, 117-116 the final. coach took the glass half-full approach. >> i told the guys to go enjoy the all-star break, get some fresh air, and we had a heck of a ride to be where we are right now, 42-17. >> before the game, katie knew where daddy was. steph curry took the love and an all-star ring gift. a nice moment for all three of the all- stars. 3-year-old cannon wasn't ready to leave the floor. look at him. then raymond feder, the pr king, reluctantly -- get him, raymond -- reluctantly chased him down. >> did you think that court? >> he was going to try to take
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that starting spot. raymond tried to get him off. if i let him, he would have stayed out there the entire 48 minutes. >> how do i follow that? well, a big college basketball game in moraga. st. mary's host san francisco at a west coast college matchup on the men's side. ncaa tournament relevant, moving pictures on the late show. arms folded, host tiger woods, welcome to the opening round of the pga stop in los angeles, the genesis invitational. fifth hole. is is how you hit them? set up one of his nine birdies. tied for the lowest first round at the riviera country club. leads the field by three shots. an update on rams quarterback matthew stafford, under fire on social media from walking away from this. yeah.
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the nfl photographer fell off of the stage at yesterday's super bowl parade. she fractured her spine, and broke both of her cameras. stafford, who may have appeared insensitive, is going to now pay for her medical bills, and replace both cameras. that's not gonna make her back feel any better, but a pretty good move. i certainly hope that she eventually recovers. >> that was a hard fall. >> nasty. his wife did not walk away. >> the look on her face told it all.
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something is buzzing in northern california. >> beekrsover the y amin th cal they called the big dance. truckloads of bees have arrived in placer county. the bees have spent months in a deep rest, but now they are ready to work. they will wake up and get busy pollinating. >> of an almond grower did not have honeybees, he would only get 400 pounds per acre. with honeybees, he can tip 4000 pounds per acre. it's an exponential benefit of having the pollinators in the field. >> and the bloods are opening up earlier because of our weather. typical work for the bees, almond season, major work for beekeepers, who say about 2.4 million hives are typically
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needed. whole lot of bees. thank you for watching at 6:00. the news ntinues streaming ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, we have a number of big news stories to cover, including that dangerous winter storatd resides weekend travel a nightmare. plus, our new reporting about what's happening in ukraine, as the u.s. warns of an imminent invasion. as american forces arrive in eastern europe, russian-backed forces bomb a kindergarten, in what western leaders fear may be a pretext for war. our cbs' holly williams is there in a broadcast exclusive. >> reporter: this is where children would normally have been playing. >> o'donnell: but the biden administration continues its quest for diplomacy at the united nations. massive winter storm. hundreds of flights canceled, as 100 million americans face heavy snow, ice, rain, and flooding, plus strong winds,


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