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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  February 18, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, we are looking live from exclusive mark hopkins camera looking south. good morning. it is friday february 18. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. let's get a check on our weather and traffic beginning with first alert meteorologist mary lee. happy friday. >> finally friday. we are looking at another day with above average highs with a mix of sun and clouds. i am tracking a cool down and even the chance to see a few sprinkles possibly for next week. i know that's down the road but at least it is something. of course it's been so dry in the bay area. it's a cold start to our day. you will notice that. bundle up first thing. you won't need that coat in the afternoon. 40s and 30s this morning with mainly clear skies. you see we are anywhere from 2 to 20 degrees colder compared to yesterday at this time. through the afternoon with a
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mix of sun and clouds, many of us are back into the 60s, peninsula mid 60s, 68 san jose, 67 concord, 66 napa valley. we'll talk about our weekend forecast coming up. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. is it friday light out there? it is. i love saying that. it is friday light on the freeways. there is one trouble spot south 880 around that 101 connector but it is not blocking lanes or having a big impact to traffic. north 101 looks good with nice speeds out of san jose. all our bridges are problem free. golden gate bridge, an easy ride. under ten minutes from the maze into san francisco. san mateo bridge, traffic is moving at the limit in both directions. if you are taking 880 to the
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san mateo bridge, a live look near the colosseum, everything is clear and quiet in both directions. i am anne makovec taking a live look at the white house where president biden is going to host a call between trans atlantic leaders. that is of course to address escalating situation in ukraine. top russian and u.s. leaders have also agreed to talk but that is contingent upon peace. look at the latest video overnight. this is more troops on the border of ukraine. thursday, u.s. and allies dismissing moscow's claims it was pulling military back and president biden said an invasion appears imminent. we are hearing russia may use a so called false flag operation as pretext for invasion. the kremlin is still denying plans to attack ukraine and
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accusing u.s. of fear mongering. today vice president kamala harris is in germany, taabt the situation and 'll keep r deveen mo ence suspect is dead after an hours' long standoff with police in the east bay. the final moments caught on cell phone video. officers shot and killed a man yesterday afternoon at the gal away apartments near the intersection of owens drive and willows road in pleasanton. katie nielsen talked with a witness who says he knew the man who was killed. >> reporter: i talked with one of the neighbors who said he was friendly with the suspect and his father is the one that caught the entire confrontation on cell phone video. it's really tough to watch. this is the video castillo's father shot with his cell phone, police in the final
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moments of negotiating with the barricaded suspect. >> i met him about a month ago. usually i walk my dog and i will see him with his girlfriend. seemed like a nice guy. >> reporter: they got called to a first floor apartment. the suspect refused to come out, barricading himself inside for three and a half hours before finally walking out the front door. in this cell phone video from a different angle you see a dark object in the suspect's right hand which police later said was a knife. the entire confrontation only lasted six seconds. >> shots fired! >> two officers were involved in the ois and are uninjured. we can confirm the suspect is deceased. >> reporter: the couple had recently moved in and the woman worked in the leasing office of the apartment building. police are not releasing the
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name of the suspect. >> we are moving quickly to gather facts. we will provide more information as soon as it becomes available. >> reporter: investigators with pleasanton police department were here most of the night processing the scene. also investigators with the district attorney's office were here as well. they'll be responsible for investigating this officer- involved shooting. the head of the cal state university system will be stepping down after accused of mishandling sexual misconduct allegations. the csu chancellor announced his resignation yesterday. allegation stemmed from his time as president of fresno state where he quietly approved a six figure pay out. he was appointed as chancellor of the largest university system in september 2020. a major shift in the battle
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against covid-19. california is moving into the next phase of the pandemic. maria cid medina on the details. >> reporter: cases and hospitalizations may be on the decline but deaths from covid remain high. so the question is are we ready to move into the governor's new plan that he says prepares us to live with the virus? >> we are moving past the crisis phase. >> reporter: governor newsom announced covid response plan dubbed smarter, acronym which stands for shots, masks, awareness, readiness, testing, education and rx for treatmenting. >> moving away from reactive and crisis mind set to living with the virus. we will change our approach as the virus changes its mutations. >> reporter: the plan's goal is prevention as well as to identify and respond to out breaks early. the marin health chief medical officer calls it a realistic
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approach to what a future endemic will look like. >> i think omicron, we knew it was coming but it came really quickly. it was like a tidal wave. i think we learned a lot. >> the plan includes vaccinating 200,000 people a day, stockpiling 75 million masks, watching waste water for out breaks, readying 3,000 healthcare workers to mobilize within weeks of a surge and performing a half million tests a day. >> i am particularly happy about the testing portion of this plan. i think if we make testing more a part of the culture of what we do, that would be really helpful. >> move past this crisis mode. >> reporter: the governor says the plan is based on lessons we have learned these last two years. >> we have all come to understand what was not understood at the beginning of the crisis, that there is no end date. >> reporter: this comes one date after the indoor mask
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mandate was lifted for those fully vaccinated. the governor says he will make an announcement on the 28th whether students can remove their masks in schools. an update as we look live in oakland, city council has officially voted to certify the environmental impact report as next step in moving forward with its water front stadium project. andrea nakano explains why the vote brought about heated debate. >> reporter: there were two items on the agenda, one to set requirements for community benefits and freight compatibility. the other was to improve environmental impact report. it's a project that brings heated debate from those that have felt left out of the conversation. >> willing and knowing exclusion of black multi generational west oaklanders from the resolution process is shameful. you should be ha yoselv. >> repter: the supporteoakld ne stadium will bring.
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>> when people go to an a's game, they go to watch players but also go because of us employees. there are hundreds of us and these jobs matter a lot to repo terminal ballpark project will have a capacity of 35,000, provide more than 7100 jobs, include roughly 3,000 housing units. out of the units, 15% would be affordable housing but many speakers wanted that number to be much higher. three council members drafted a resolution to address the concerns. >> this resolution reconfirms our support from last summer to community benefits and a host of issues we believe are important on this project. >> reporter: resolution passed with a 7-1 vote but next was to approve environmental impact report which looked at transportation, air quality, traffic issues plus whether or not port of oakland could thrive with the park next door. it is believed the project will revitalize the entire area.
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>> this will completely redefine, reimagine water front in oakland. it will allow jaclyn square to achieve its potential, new ballpark, new housing including affordable housing. coming up on inarea, incredible moments when a california family gets word that a hiker is safe after missing during a freak snowstorm. we'll show you the happy reunion. one of the bay area's biggest celebrations is making its come back. san francisco pride parade returns in person for the first time in years. we have a sneak peek of what
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4:43. on your money watch report why tesla's braking system is under investigation. plus the fda's new warning over a certain infant formula. diane king hall is in new york
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city with those details. stocks plunged thursday amid growing fears of armed conflict in ukraine. dow tumbled 622 points. nasdaq skidded 407 and s&p 500 fell 94. fda is advising parents to watch for potentially tainted infant formula. the warning concerns certain powdered baby formulas made by abbott nutrition at a plant in sturgis michigan. products have expiration date of april 1 or later. fda says it is investigating reports of four babies who developed bacterial infections after ingesting formula. the agency says the illness may have contributed to one infant's death. u.s. regulators looking into claims of phantom braking in tesla model 3 and model y.
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national highway traffic safety administration says it's received 354 complaints from drivers who said vehicles suddenly slowed or stopped for no apparent reason while use autopilot. it is unclear if any accidents were reported in connection with the complaints. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to i am diane king hall. a happy ending to a scary situation in kern county after a 73-year-old man was lost for two days in a snowstorm. sara donchey has more on the desperate search and the heart warming reunion. >> wow! [ laughter ] >> hi! >> reporter: he battled snow and freezing conditions for two and a half days but there would be a story book ending for the
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73-year-old who went missing while hiking in kern county. >> we are pleased to announce he is located safe in good condition. >> they said he's alive. me and my buddy, we literally just started crying. >> reporter: he wasn't anticipating snow but as it turns out he was up for the challenge. >> search and rescue said they noticed he lit a fire at night. so everyone was walking out saying he is a stud. all right, i guess that's my pops. >> reporter: they were right. he is a stud. >> i am strong man. >> reporter: he had one day worth of food and survived by eating snow. >> he said it was terrible. all he said is it was a terrible time. >> reporter: after two and a half days somebody nearby found him and took him to his house. >> i was like this guy!
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i saw he is still looking good and can actually walk over to me. >> reporter: friends and family were in shock and overwhelmed. >> i just heard that he returned safe. what a relief, glad to hear. >> sara donchey, kpix5. >> love that reunion. he is a strong man. san francisco organizers announced annual pride event will be back in person this summer. the celebration is scheduled for weekend of june 25 and 26. this year's theme, love will keep us together. >> we're going to step back into our greatness and we will let the world know that the queer community is resilient in san francisco and san francisco pride is at the center. >> the hope is the parade will provide a boost for the castro neighborhood and businesses. in the past the two day event has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for the city. 4:47. i hear mary that is the place
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to be that weekend. of course with the pandemic, haven't had a chance to experience that. >> i am so excited for you and amanda to check it out. it is incredible, just feeling all the love. i am so glad it is back in person. yay! let's talk about our weather in the bay area. of course you know it is very dry and in san jose, i want to talk about that dry streak now going 51 days in a row. that is the all time longest dry streak on record in the winter. that breaks the old record back in 1966 to 1967. as you know december, january, february are usually the wettest months of the year in the bay area. downtown san francisco now going 42 days without measurable rainfall and that ties for third place t y streak during the winter months. we are looking at dry weather continuing over the next few
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days although tracking a few showers possible as we look to next week. i will talk about this. a live look with our salesforce tower camera, it is a cold start. we are down to the 30s and 40s, mainly clear skies. definitely bundle up first thing as you head out. you will not need your jackets through the afternoon. with sun and clouds, we will be back in the 60s, another mild weekend and cooler monday and tuesday with a stronger ocean breeze kicking in and the chance to possibly see a few showers on tuesday. looking at lighter winds, clouds roll in because of this little weather system bringing a few clouds back to the bay area, mix of sun and clouds, not really anything big. we are looking at 60s, 67 oakland, mid 60s for the peninsula. south bay, 68 this san jose, 67 concord, mid 60s for the napa valley. as we look to our afternoon, a few clouds rolling in.
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as we look to next week, next tuesday, there is a chance to see a few light showers. that's a possibility for next tuesday, snow in the sierra. not expecting a lot, just .01 to .02 of an inch. saturday if you are heading out, bring that jacket. you will need it with temperatures in the 50s. the seven-day forecast, plenty sunshine saturday and there we go with the cool down sunday and especially for monday and next week for president's day. inland east bay, north bay, coast, you see a mild weekend. really as we look to president's day and especially for next tuesday we will cool it down and again the chance to see a few sprinkles for tuesday. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. >> it's friday morning so that means things are typically lighter than the rest of the week. hopefully it stays that way.
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it looks like it right now. an overview of 880 along the peninsula, 101, everything moving nicely in both directions, an easy ride as you head through. if you are headed out of the south bay early sajose commuters good morning, north 101 off to a great start. there is a crash south 880 at 101, not blocking lanes or causing much of an impact to traffic. if you are taking 880 you might see that. a smooth ride in and out of that area. north 101 from hellyer in san jose to sfo, that's about a 36 minute commute now. no delays as you work along the east shore freeway and 580 altamont pass, we're not really even seeing any yellow or red, maybe just a smudge around the exit but 63 miles an hour is a nice ride out of tracy into altamont pass. our bridges are quiet.
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the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays, metering lights off and under ten minutes to head into san francisco. golden gate bridge south from richmond san rafael bridge, that's about a 15 minute commute. drive time on san mateo bridge is 12 minutes between 880 and 101. a very easy ride. that's traffic. here is vern with sports. straight ahead this morning, why don't we wake you up with some cross town rivalry? i am talking about basketball on a 94-foot floor. that's where things are decided. let the conference positioning fluctuate, tournament play around the corner. a rivalry like this one,
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america by design is a series about american innovation, ingenuity and design excellence. it's about inspiration disruption and changing the game, but which innovation will our judges select to win the series?
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saturdays at 7 pm on cbs channel 5. good morning everybody. college basketball, cross bay area bragging rights coach verses former player turned coach, ncaa tournament relevance, on the line last night. randy bennett and st. mary's,
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now the man at usf in green baffled that he left him to the corner. up nine in the west coast conference battle, under seven to play, dons try to make a dent in the lead. low block, hit, st. mary's got all the bounces. look at this. look! he ended up scoring. he had 22. two 20 win teams. 14th straight at home, 69-64 as they swept season series. huddle up, final minute broncos up four. p.j. pipes puts it in with the jumper. he led santa clara with 19 and won it 84-80. broncos have 18 wins now. pac-12, that's the stanford tree? looks like swamp thing.
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cardinal and grays deferred utah, tied with under two minutes left. mat son, never looked back. 60-56, the third conference win of the season. stanford now is stuck on 15-11. did you know van gundy is from martinez? out scored bears 14-1 in the second half. 70-62, bears had won two in a row, the record is 11-16. nhl, look at the sharks ready for battle, hosted vancouver canucks. the game tied just minutes into the third. vancouver went back up a goal but as time expired, a score to tie it again.
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we've got over time. in the extra period, sharks couldn't get it out of the zone and miller made them pay for that. that is how vancouver won 5-4 sadly san jose has lost five straight games. we get a chance to stop it sunday when they host las vegas golden knights. sunday happens to be the day of the nba all star game. that will do it this morning. everybody have a great friday, and i will see you around. 4:57. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, another step closer to a new ballpark for the a's. the late night vote in oakland and reaction from the mayor. a warning from a big contra costa school district, cuts that could be coming
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a key city council vote has put a's one step closer to playing at the howard terminal. oakland school board having what can happen, next. da the clock is ticking to come to an agreement in costa contra. last hope to avoid a teacher strike. last phase in the response dough individual. the governor's plan to move the state from a pandemic to endemic. good morning. it is friday february 18. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. happy friday to you as well. let's get a check of weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist mary lee with your first alert forecast. good morning. we are looking at another mild day with a mix of sun and clouds, above average. another dry day but i am
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