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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 18, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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growing calls for the city to step in. >> reporter: oakland police instructed a tow truck company to remove nine cars on this one block. they just finished a few hours ago, i lambing traffic to once again get through. a public works supervisor tells me they will clear all of the remaining trash hopefully by next week. this was what it looks like friday morning driving on alameda avenue near high street. drivers maneuvering around abandoned cars to get to roughly 2 dozen businesses in the area. >> just a mess. it is a mess. >> reporter: the westbound lane was passable, but the eastbound lane was completely blocked by a handful of cars, most of them
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without wheels. >> these are cars literally sitting in the middle of the street, blocking the ability for cars to pass. >> reporter: businesses 80s cars have been here for at least 4 days, making it difficult for customers to get in and out. >> it's a safety hazard. it's negligence. there's no accountability from the city, and we need someone to be accountable. >> reporter: jennifer and her husband on the high street carwash, next to alameda avenue. after the repeated calls, oakland police had a tow truck company come out friday to tow the cars blocking traffic, but an officer says that these cars will stay at least for now since they are not blocking traffic, and the department does not have enough resources. >> addictively infuriating. >> reporter: and officer tells me that car thieves use this illegal homeless encampment as a chop shop. once they strip the cars, they drive them out to alameda avenue to make room for more stolen cars in the encampment. businesses say the city is not doing enough to stop the crime, and quality-of-life issues connected to the encampment, and homeless people living up and down alameda avenue. >> they found an individual or two with almost 2 dozen guns inside of their vehicle, so for us, we are scared. you know? we are scared to come out here and go to work. >> reporter: councilman says help is on the way. >> we will be installing
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cameras on hotspots, not only to catch the illegal dumping, but also to deal with abandoned cars. >> reporter: the city removed this illegal encampment multiple times in recent years, but people kept coming back. the councilman told me that some nearby business owners meeting next week to come up with a long-term plan with them. in oakland, i'm da lin , kpix 5. a man is facing attempted murder charges after a highway shooting and carjacking that left napa residents rattled. deputies say 42-year-old tuong nguyen is accused of shooting a pickup truck driver during the height of the morning commute, and then stealing a car minutes later. the shooting happened about 6:40 in the morning on highway 29 near highway 221. the man was shot through a passenger window while driving. he suffered a gunshot wound to the head, but managed to call 911. he was rushed to the hospital. minutes later, a carjacking happened here quickly the victim was not injured, but the violence was a surprise to napa
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residents. >> it's not what happens here in napa. it's a quiet and close community, so it is pretty shocking. >> you don't really see it too often. >> detectives are asking witnesses to come forward with information on both crimes. this evening, we learn more about the final moments of a family who died of heat exhaustion during a hike in the sierra national forest. authorities say john gerrish and ellen chung made a desperate plea for help. they tried texting and calling, but the area had bad cell phone service. the couple and their 1-year-old daughter and dog were found dead last august. it was about 76 degrees when they set off on a trail near the merced river. they walked uphill for several miles with very little shade. as temperatures climbed into the triple digits. the family had a single 85 ounce water backpack with them, and it was empty. the family had recently moved to the area from san francisco. the feds have weighed in on the b.a.r.t. project in san jose , and in a
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scathing new report, said calculations were a logical and highly risky. kpix 5's kiet do reports the project could be delayed by years. >> reporter: this report by the feds is basically a worst-case scenario. if everything goes wrong when it comes to extending b.a.r.t. from berryessa into downtown tennessee, the feds say it will take way longer and cost way more money. the report is essentially a 145 page reality check, courtesy of the federal transportation administration. and early-stage deep dive into the details of one of the most complex projects in state history that includes a 48 foot wide tunnel stretching for .7 miles underneath san jose. the federal agency said the vta cost estimate and schedule were overly optimistic, which
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created a misleading risk profile. one of the more glaring examples is the proposed tunnel that would be located 86 feet underground. vta estimated they could take the tunnel at a rate of 44 feet per day. the feds say about 27 feet per day is more realistic, and as a result, tacked on an extra 14 months to the project. the vta current estimated completion date is 2030 with a budget of $6.9 billion, but the fda says it could take as long as 2034, and ballooned to $9.2 billion. >> as uncomfortable as it may be, it is probably a good wake- up call. >> i would not say it is a wake- up call, but it does provide an opportunity to look at what is the worst-case scenario, and gives us an opportunity to actually, as i mentioned before, not achieve that worst- case scenario. >> reporter: the vta spokesperson for the project says they will work closely with whoever wins the bid for the tunnel to minimize any surprises. >> this process has demonstrated through other projects throughout the world is that it really assures more cost certainty, and it reduces the risks. >> this is a sign that it is
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time to do that double checking. mac friends of caltrain, a nonprofit asportation advocacy group, says this report is a signal that it is time for an independent peer review of the cost and schedule. >> now there is new information. it is hard to look and say i made a decision, and we need to take a second look. that's really difficult to do, but with new information, it is really incumbent on leaders to take the new information, and check to see if we are still on the right path. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. let's take a look at the state capital. the new bill will allow ordinary people to go after gunn made a makers. it's modeled after a texas law that allows private citizens to sue abortion providers. today governors impact the legislation. the bill would apply to companies who manufacture or distribute assault weapons or ghost guns. it allows people to seek a court order to stop the spread of these weapons, and recover
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up to $10,000 in damages for each weapon. >> if texas can use a law to ban a woman's right to choose, and to put her health at risk, we will use that same law to save lives, and improve the health and safety of the people in the state of california. in less than 30 minutes, the oakland unified school district will meet to consider delaying school closures. views of the school closures that prompted protests from students, teachers, and parents, and today two teachers say they are entering their 18th day of a hunger strike. depending on what the board decides tonight, they could end their hunger strike after tonight's meeting. >> this is a really powerful force for change, and think you all for helping me to see that and realize that. together, we can see the education that our young people deserve. >> on february 8, the board voted to close seven schools and merged two others. two of the school closures would come at the end of this
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school year, community day and parker. during tonight's special meeting, the board will consider delaying the closures to the end of next year. mair had this to say about the closure plan. >> let us be clear. everyone opposes school closings, and it is really the evidence of an unacceptable system that is not adequately supporting public education. >> we will keep an eye on the school board meeting and bring you an update later tonight. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area -- >> i'm max darrow in san francisco, where chinatown is gearing up for the return of the chinese new year festival and parade. quite this year's celebration is extra special and important. more pain at the pump. california gas prices hit a new high. where to expects to be more developed. the last of friday's daylight on the horizon. some clouds on the horizon as
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well. unfortunately no rain. we will track our rain chances.
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hopeful it will help bring some life back to the neighborhood. kpix 5's max darrow is in san francisco's chinatown , where they are ready to celebrate the year of the tiger. >> reporter: separatist ghost chinatown will be extra busy this weekend with the chinese new year festival and parade returning for the first time since the pandemic struck. two many, the return of this celebration is cause for celebration. chinatown's grant avenue is slowly getting busier. but at times, it is still quiet enough to have a sidewalk all to yourself. >> the last 2 year with the pandemic, we suffered. >> reporter: the chairman of the chinatown merchants united association of san francisco tells us there is a lot of excitement surrounding february 19. >> it means a lot to us.
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>> reporter: the return of the chinese new year festival and parade. >> it's really important to us. we are telling people that we are opening right now. >> reporter: along the waterfront people put the finishing touches on the various colorful and ornate floats that will be featured in saturday's parade. historically, it has been the biggest parade celebrating the lunar new year outside of asia. >> this is a celebration. >> reporter: william has been involved in the parade for two zodiac cycles, or 24 years. he's excited for the traditional components, and the new ones they have in store, but also eager to share a message of resilience. >> this year's parade means a lot to the community and to us. we are proud to be able to bring this event back. >> reporter: there will be free cable car and many rides, and free garage parking for the celebration. we hope people will take advantage and enjoy the celebration. it's important for businesses, bottom lines, but also to renew a sense of community.
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>> not only spending money, but a celebration together. that's really important. i believe spending money, sure, we love to, but one thing, it joins together, celebrations together. it means a lot to you and to us. >> reporter: max darrow, kpix 5. >> free parking, but if you are planning to go to the parade tomorrow, there are some street closures you will need to know about to maneuver. the parade starts at 5:30 at market and second street, and anti-columbus between pacific and washington. there is also a 2 day chinese new year community fair near grand avenue. street closures start today. they include market and geary near union square, and parts of the financial district. with the omicron search easing a bit, the mayors of san francisco and oakland are looking ahead to this year. looking at livable cities right now, the severance is khmer london breed is saying in the next few weeks, she wants people back at work in those empty downtown buildings. she told the san francisco
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business times that she is setting her own return to work date in march. >> what we are looking at is a specific targeted date, a targeted date that will encourage and get businesses to buy in, and to return to work on those days. i think that that is going to be very instrumental in the success of trying to really get downtown going again. >> the mayor also added that she knows businesses will have hybrid work from home and the office models, just like the city itself. california's average gas price has reached a record high. maybe want to think about working from home, because according to aaa, the statewide average, $4.72 per gallon, 7 cents more than a month ago. bay area gas prices, a little higher than the state average, was san francisco with the top price of $4.88 per gallon. sin is a and oakland, about $.10 less.
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we are getting a look at a python on the loose in the east bay. it was believed to be abandoned touchable regional park. here is a photo of what is believed to be a ball python. a hiker snapped the picture last weekend. you can see it curled up in some bushes along the bigbear trail. park workers say the snake is not venomous, and it's not really a threat to the public, but some park visitors are a little spooked. >> my concern would be when we go running into the was to try to find our disc that we might run into a python, and that would not be fun at all. you know, i have some major concerns about that. >> so far park workers have found no trace of the python, but noted it is illegal to abandon any animal. my son wants to go to this park this weekend, and he wants to find the python. he was very concerned about the python. he wants to make sure it is getting all the things it needs to because it's not in its right environment. >> is definitely not in its right environment. even with our warm daytime temperatures, it gets cold
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there at night. it will be even colder next week once changes kickin. tomorrow, another warm day a warm start to the presidents' day weekend. a light offshore wind will be with us. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above average, but the changes kickin on sunday with a storm system dropping into the pacific northwest. it will kick in a stronger onshore breeze on sunday. those factors combined to send temperatures back to about normal for this time of year. the clouds on sunday and monday will drop any showers on us, but a second wave associated with the same storm system will push in on tuesday, and that will give us our 20 to 30% chance of a couple of passing showers. was added up with futurecast. the american forecast model is the optimistic one, saying we get barely more than a trace to up to 0.1 inches of rain. i don't think this will happen. i think the european forecast model has a better handle on things, and the most optimistic scenario that shows barely more than a trace of rainfall. i think a 30% chance that any particular spot around the bay area would even pick up the trace of rain, but it's the best chance we have seen in the bay area in several weeks.
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passing clouds right now, no rain out of those. temperatures dropping down into the upper 50s. still 60 in san jose, but those numbers drop back down to the upper 40s by early tomorrow morning. perfect dog walking whether tomorrow for the here. temperatures in redwood city will warm up to about 70 degrees. temperatures are going to be about 5 to 7 degrees cooler for the second act of the weekend. let's check the hour by hour temperatures. the 40s with the chili is to spots dipping into the upper 30s. that we will be above 60 degrees, and mid-60s by lunch time. then temperatures will continue climbing inland into the low 70s for most inland parts of the bay area. mid to upper 60s around the bay and low 60s along the coast. the temperatures drop significantly from saturday to sunday. four clouds overhead, intermittent son and clouds on
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sunday. then there is a chance for a few passing showers on tuesday. it is just a chance, but it is the best one we have seen for a while. we will narrow down the timing of that, and hopefully the odds go up a bit more as we get closer to next week. once it moves through, dry weather again on wednesday, thursday, and friday as temperatures warm up. >> it's nice to see a little bit of a chance of rain. i know it is slight. >> we are zooming to the end of february pretty fast. >> i'm hoping this is the crack we need for the tritone to shatter. >> open it up. >> we will try. the "cbs evening news" coming up. >> here is a preview. good evening. steve hartman goes on the road with a most unlikely school mascot , melting hearts at a florida school. that much more on "cbs evening news" tonight. coming up in sports, no
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rest for some of the dubs during this all-star break. meanwhile, the break continues for major league baseball as both sides hit another roadblock, and the players have some strong words for the league. coming up on are streaming service cbs news bay area, our chief meteorologist paul heggen takes a deep dive into the recent megadrought report, plus we chat with the stars of the new cw drama series " all- american homecoming." you can watch our
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major league baseball players are not close to playing ball anytime soon. besides remain far apart on revenue-sharing and luxury tax thresholds. mlb announced today they are delaying the start of spring training until at least march 5th. games in arizona and florida were scheduled to start on february 26. the league and players association are scheduled to continue negotiations next week. the players have been locked out by the owners since december 2nd. the players association released a statement that read in part, mlb announced today it must postpone the start of the spring training games. this is false. nothing requires the league to delay the start of spring training. players remain committed to the negotiation process. the warriors are getting a little rest due to the all-star
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breautlf of thteam festivities, along with steph curry andrew wiggins, and draymond green, selected for the game. they will also be represented this weekend by a rookie in tonight's rising stars game, and in tomorrow's duck contest. the oakland native is honored to make the trip with his teammates. >> all-star weekend is the upper echelon. this is the grammys of the nba. what's the worst that could happen? i could go out there and lose? but i was a part of all-star weekend, and i went to all-star weekend with hall of famer's, andrew wiggins, guys were going to leave their legacy in this league, and people who will be remembered forever. i have nothing to lose. i'm playing with house money. >> the college football playoff will remain at four teams, at
6:25 pm
least until 2026. the conferences have been debating expansion since last summer, but could not come to unanimous agreement on a proposed 12 team playoff. it could hurt the pac-12, who has not seen a school in the four team playoff in about five back years. the second round of the pga was in l.a. higgs is going to hole it out for his second eagle of today. he was 5 under on the back nine, and made the cup by one shot. now nieman shot 8 under 63 for the second straight day. he is 16 under, the lowest score in the tournament's history, and leads by 2 shots going into the weekend. that is not my golf game. >> i'm going to have to remember that one. >> 8 under on both days. >> thank you. looking for a
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this story is going to make me really hungry. this evening marks the start of tri-valley restaurant week. >> it's okay to be hungry. after the pandemic brought the industry restaurant owners eager to serve their best. >> 10 days highlight some of the top restaurants in the mount diablo area, with a full range of cuisines.
6:29 pm
>> wineries and breweries are there to complement the menu options. we spoke with a restaurant owner who told us how important this week is. >> we are looking forward to having people back in the restaurant enjoying stuff, and doing what we do best, take care of and feed people. >> for access to exclusive events, menu items, deals, and much more, check out to grab tickets. >> order now. >> it is nice to see these events coming back. the lunar new year parade, restaurant week. >> are we getting back to normal? >> don't say it. >> sorry. thank you for watching at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbs news bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5 news app. "cbs evening news" is up next. >> will be back here with more local news at 7:00.
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♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight, the crisis in ukraine nears a breaking point. president biden says the united states believes vladimir putin has made the decision to invade ukraine. >> as of this moment, i'm convinced he's made the decision. we have reason to believe that. >> duncan: the president says russia intends to target ukraine's capital city of kyiv within the next few days. russia increases its number of troops to as many as 190,000 surrounding ukraine's border. reports of possible false-flag operations under way, while increased shelling continues in eastern ukraine for the second straight day. and, the latest diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions. two years in prison-- former officer kim potter sentenced in the shooting death of duante wright.


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