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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 19, 2022 2:06am-2:34am PST

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... now at 11:00. breaking news. a man fighting for his life after a shooting in san francisco tonight. what investigators are reveal sog far. >> i knew that i would probably die for this cause. tonight, a last ditch effort to prevent school closures in oakland. tonight, the family of an l.a. woman, who went missing during a trip to the bay area, is making an urgent plea for help. >> i think everyone is just going out of cod of happened. ring final preparations in san francisco for tomorrow's lunar new year parade. we will have everything you need to know.
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good evening. breaking news in san francisco, the police on the scene of a shooting in the mission district. officers were called to 23rd street and san jose avenue just before 8:00. they found a man inside of a car who had been shot. the victim was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. so far, no arrests. let's give you a live look from oakland. a couple hours ago. an emotionally charged meeting rapped up as the school board delays planned school closures and mergers. >> betty yu joins us with the heated discussion and the final vote. >> reporter: that is right. 1,000 people tuned into the virtual meeting. during public comment students, parents, teachers call inside to oppose the description. in the end the board voted not to postpone the up coming closures. >> no. >> motion does not agree to. >> the amendment fails. >> with that, the amendment to delay the closing of two community schools to the end of the
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next school year did not pass. another school is set to be reduced to an elementary school this school year. >> we put on this show tonight, you think it is going to work? it will not stop anything. this is the start of it. i am so insulted you would make us and the community sit here for over two hours knowing that you were not going to do a darn thing to change the situation. >> the board director had voted in favor of postponing the changes. the vote followed hours of heated public comments. >> i am disheartened and disgusted that all of you have not even come to our school site to see how the closure is impacting our students and a effecting the families. >> if you have a problem and that problem is overbudgetting you don't solve that problem by taking away the service you are supposed to provide. >> news of the closures prompted students and teachers to take to the streets in protest.
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most of the school said to be closed are predominantly black and latino. some teacher's are on a 18th day of hunger strike. >> reporter: hutchinson shamed the board for their decision. >>and you have the nerve to go and visit parker and see those crying babies and moms who know what you are doing to them. >> thank you for participating. . >> i warned you. let's go. >> reporter: and the district says these changes are necessary because of declining enrollment. because public schools are funded based on enrollment, the district says it is facing a deficit over the next two years. liz? >> betty, thank you. new video out of oakland this evening. a father and son were randomly attacked in chinatown near 9th and webster. they were walking down the street and a man in a black sweater yelling racial slurs. the suspect drops his bag and
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hits the son. now, the father is then pushed to the ground when he tried to intervene. the witnesses were able to flag down officers who then arrested the attacker. the son suffered minor injuries but we are told he is doing okay. tonight, the sister of a missing woman is asking the public to help, for help to bring her home. the police say 29-year-old was reported missing on monday. she was last seen on kearney street. she is from the los angeles area, was visiting with family. >> it is the fifth night now, we are going into the fifth night. we are just worried and we just want her to come home. i think everyone is just going out of their minds wondering what could of happened and also trying to stay positive. >> friends and family say they tried to contact her but her phone is turned off. they are sharing her story, putting up posters in hope in finding her. urging people to call the
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police. a dire warning from biden administration saying for weeks it is unclear if russia intends to invade ukraine. president biden says that has changed. skyler henry is at the white house with the latest. >> reporter: president biden says he now believes russian president putin plans to go go ahead. >> as of this moment i am convinced he made the decision. >> reporter: the capitol could come under attack in days. they are miles from the ukraine border. blinken and harris are meeting with with allies at a security conference. >> despite what russia says about pulling back forces from the border that has not happened. on the contrary we see additional forces going to the border and leading edge forces that would be part of any aggression. >> reporter: hair sis scheduled to see ukranian president on saturday but
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some u.s. officials worry his leaving ukraine will give moscow a window to act. >> make no mistake if russia pursues the plans it will be responsible for a catastrophic and needless war of choice. >> reporter: tensions mount president biden is holding on to hope. >> calling on russia's plans loudly, reportedly. not because we want a conflict but because we are doing everything in our power to remove any reason that russia might give for invading ukraine and prevent them from moving. amid a second day of shelling eastern ukraine, russia media is reporting attacks. russia and ukraine says they are a pretext to trigger a war. cbs news, the white house. >> moscow plans to hold nuclear exercises, president putin will supervise the drills. taking a look in san
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francisco when the lunar parade is less than 24 hours away. >> with the pandemic putting a hold on festivities for two years chinatown is buzzing over its return. >> we have more on what to expect as we celebrate the year of the tiger. >> reporter: the streets may be quiet now but in just a matter of hours they will be packed with people celebrating something big for the first time in a long time. [music] >> reporter: at long last excitement, energy and celebration just around the corn or the streets of san francisco's chinatown. one that many have hoped for more than ever before. >> last two years with pandemic we really, really suffer. >> reporter: the chairman of the chinatown merchant association, he says february 19th is a day a lot of people have been waiting for. >> it means a lot to us. >> reporter: it marks the return of the chinese festival and parade. one he hopes that will bring a needed boost to this city. >> telling people, you know, we
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are all open right now. >> reporter: and the finishing touches were in the works on friday to prepare for saturday's parade. >> like the year of the tiger it is a bold celebration. >> reporter: william has worked on the parade for more than two decades. >> this year's parade means a lot to the community and us. we are proud to be able to bring this event back. >> if you are planning on joining the festivities there are free cable rides and free muni rides and garage parking. in san francisco, kpix5. still ahead tonight, the b.a.r.t extension to downtown san jose can take years longer and cost more than projected. the troubling new estimate. a day of remembering of those forced into entermment camps.
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plus, introducing you into a bay area man who did not let's his disability stop him from becoming a two time -- not let his disability stop him from becoming a two time gold medal winner
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live look at san jose. a b.a.r.t extension from downtown station could be delayed by years. new tunnel will stretch 4.7 miles beneath the city. the federal transportation administration now says the cost estimates are scheduled and scheduled overly optimistic. the feds believe work may not be done
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until 2034. four years after the projected date and the estimated cost balloon by more than $2 billion. transportation advocates say now time for an independent review. >> it is hard to look and say i made a ci ake second look. it is difficult to do. but with new information it is really incumbent upon leaders to take the new information and check to see if we are still on the right path. gas prices in california hit an all-time record, according to triple-a the statewide average is $4.72 a gallon. that is up from a month ago. san francisco has the highest prices in the state at $4.88 a gallon. prices in san jose and oakland are 10 cents less. happening tomorrow, events scheduled for the 80th anniversary of roosevelt's order creating internment camps during world war ii.
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japanese americans living in the u.s. were held as prisoners. a new exhibit shows america's rush to judgment and the rounding up of 120,000 japanese americans on the west coast. some imprisoned in old horse stalls. >> it was decades of antiasian prejudice along the west coast that is what fed it. many cases they lost all of their property, personal property, your businesses would be disrupted, careers disrupted, childhood disrupted. san jose holding a day of remembrance ceremony at 4:00 p.m. and inperson ceremony will be held at the church in berkeley. this black history month, highlighting bay area leaders and trail blazers. tonight, we meet a san
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francisco man born with a defect that took away his ability to walk. >> if you think that stopped him to pursue his dreams as a professional basketball player, think again. how he made it on to the national staeurpbl. >> put one backwards and one forwards. >> i always loved basketball. when i was a kid i used to watch, you know, thomas, the original bad boy piston. i would work really hard to be an nba player. >> reporter: from the time matt scott could remember he lived as someone without a disability. he dreamed that way, too. >> i never felt like i was missing anything. >> reporter: so, when he discovered wheelchair basketball at 15 he went all in to try to be the best of the best. >> when i first played i was like, wow, okay, this really takes some skill. >> reporter: he played wheelchair in college winning championships, that was not enough. in 2004 he compete inside his
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first paralympic games and returned two more times before winning his first gold medal in 2016. >> this gold medal from rio. it meant a lot to me because of the climb. >> reporter: in 2018 his career in professional wheelchair basketball nearly ended as well as his dreams of winning another gold medal. >> i was in a seven-day coma. i did not know if i was going to be able to return to the basketball floor let alone the paralympic stage again. >> reporter: he had a sore from possibly being strapped into his chair too long turned into an infection and then septis. >> i went into shock, passed out and woke up a week later not know figure i would be able to be the basketball player that i am now. >> reporter: one year later he returned to the game of basketball he returned to the paralympic stage. >> this is newer. this is coming from the tokyo paralympics. this one means a lot to me
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because of what i had to go to to get there. >> reporter: his accomplishments stretch further than the court. he is the first paraolympian to be featured in a nike commercial and he works at visa on the olympic and paralympic development program. >> the thing about representation is it is huge. i want some little black kid in a wheelchair to look on tv and look on social media and look at the accomplishments saying i can do that, no, no, screw i can do that, i can do better than that. >> reporter: his biggest achievement. >> as long as my mother is smiling i know i am doing my job. >> reporter: making his mother proud. matt, says his mother never gave up on him and so he lives his life always pushing forward for her. >> she could of easily given up. she very easily could of said hey, maybe having a child with a disability is too hard. she knew i was going to have a disability prior to me coming out. she could of very well
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terminated that pregnancy and, so, i just wanted to bring her something golden back every time i play basketball. >> is she proud of you? >> she is proud of me. >> she is proud of me and i am proud of her. my mother is my hero. >> what a great story. >> you saw how big his arms are. >> amazing shape. yes. very hand some. >> yes. it is physical. and wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby. >> they come to play. >> yes. he hits the gym, obviously. take a look at what is in store for us through the weekend. one more warm day on saturday. the temperatures running five to 10 degrees above average. changes on sunday and monday. stronger onshore breeze, cooler temperatures, back down to normal on sunday and for president's day and farther down the line there is the possibility, notice all of the question marks, possibility of a couple of passing showers on
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tuesday. we will come back to that in just a second. come back and take a look at the clouds that are floating through the bay area right now. those are going to depart. a high cloud or two. otherwise, abundant sunshine. the marine layer surging back in after the parade is over and all likelihood. cloud cover filling in saturday night and sunday morning. starting off on sunday, more clouds and sunshine. we should flip that around by sunday afternoon. i think more son than clouds later in the day on sunday. passing clouds will be with us again on monday. no rain on those clouds, the rain heading our way, tuesday, tuesday night t is about a 20-30% chance. hais better than it was 24 hours ago. it means 70-80% chance that we get nothing. about a 1-3 chance. if you get showers in the neighborhood they will be light. a trace, maybe enough to break the dry
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streak that we have going for downtown san francisco and san jose. but, a lot still to be determined about this system. hopefully the chances keep going up heading through the weekend. we will keep you updated. >> it will be a snow maker. picking up 4-8 inches of snowfall. improvement on the inch or two. maybe a little bit of fresh powder for the ski resorts. 25-28 lifts open. heading up there for the holiday weekend. odds are you already headed up there. if you are going up for president's day, looks like good conditions, again, snow is there for awhile. they try to keep it up. a lot of sunshine heading through the day tomorrow and a little bit of additional cloud cover by sunday and monday. temperatures right now, a mix of 40s and 50s, santa rosa and 54 degrees in downtown san francisco. later on, temperatures dropping down to the 40s. chilly spots in the upper 30s. warming up, plenty of sunshine, perfect weather to go out and frolic in a field of flowers.
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temperatures in san francisco making it up into the middle 60s. farther inland, the temperatures will be closer to 10 degrees above normal into the lower 70s for those high temperatures on saturday afternoon. big drop in temperatures from saturday to sunday. anywhere from five to seven degrees, cool down continues from monday and tuesday and we have enough confidence, just barely, to put a couple raindrop icons in for tuesday. again, it will be light. it is the best rain chance that we have seen around here in the last several weeks. six weeks ago today was the last time downtown san francisco recorded any measurable rainfall. we will keep you updated through the weekend. andrea? >> it is time for the women to celebrate clinching the championship. nba all-star tipping off with one of the warriors youngest p
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the nba all-stars, one of our youngest stars took the court. the bay area well represented. payton was his coach and berry coached one of the other teams. to the game we go. first to 50 wins it. this one, no defense in this game and it went down to the wire. after a near steal, tate takes it strong to the rim and hits the game winner. team berry would win the champ kropbship and beat team thomas to take home the rising star's crown. to the celebrity game where bill walton served as one of the coaches. the play of the game combined the olympics. high jump champion tumberry showing it off. climbs a ladder to slam it
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home. end of the game, here is cleveland browns pass rusher with an impressive dunk. did not matter. team walton wins, 65-51. major league baseball players are not close to playing ball any time soon. the two sides remain far apart on two key issues. revenue sharing and the luxury tax threshold. major league baseball announced today they are declaying the start of spring training until -- delaying the start of spring training until march 5th. including the one that a's and giants would of played would have been next saturday. they will meet on monday and the players have been locked out since december 2nd. women's hoops, looking to clinch the conference crown facing oregon state. stanford up by nine. jump, misses, but, there for the put back at the buzzer. and then moving on to the fourth quarter they are pulling away. training it from three.
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she finishes with a game high, 21 points, stanford wins. and they clinch the regular season crown for the second year in a row. we stay in oregon. ducks fans flexing with the cal bears in town. 4th quarter, cal down 6. hitting a trip toll make it a 1- possession game. then, just two minutes to go, the jumper here, the court makes it so hard to see everything. the ducks hold off to see 52- 47. next up for cal, oregon state. that is on sunday. pga golf, second round of the genesis invitational in l.a. here is neman at the par 3, sinks it for a birdie. shot 8 under 63 for the second straight day. he is now 6 under the lowest 36 hole score in the tournament's history.
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the lead is by two shots going into the weekend. that is your golf. we got anderson playing in the dunk contest tomorrow. that should be pretty exciting. >> i love it. >> that will be fun. [ laughter ] >> he is the underdog but i think he has tricks up his sleeve. we will see. >> no doubt. >> all right, thank you, andrea. getting new life thanks to a bay area church how an old time instrument can help the
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a 100-year-old pipe organ. >> it is an effort to rebuild the church and continue to serve the community. [music] >> this huge organ was built in 1922. it was in the movie theater. they save today back in the 1940s and still played today. it will be feature inside community events to raise money for the church. the pastor hopes to build housing for unhoused san jose students. it sounds beautiful. >> i love it. i
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