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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now on kpix 5 ndicbe ng to an end ? we will learn how much longer covid could impact our community. the police are oking fo a nmanwho shot several members of a community. a china town creek tradition is roaring back. this is the year of the tiger. a parade is back. how can it help businesses.
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good morning, thank you so much for joining us. let's start with a quick check on the weather. we have the first alert weather meteorologist. >> we have low clouds. this is the south bay. those are the lights of san jose out there off in the distance. there is fog up there this morning. it looks impressive here. the south bay is doing okay. that is mainly an elevated cloud in the north bay. this is sonoma, marin, and napa. we have a fog advisory until 10:00 this morning. temperatures are relatively warm. it is almost 67des warmer than you had yesterday. we are reporting fog. look at the visibility. santa rosa, it is a half-mile. it is a typical location. you can watch the fog melt back as we get to the late morning.
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by 10:00 am, it is gone. the high clouds stick around through much of the remainder of today. boy, is it going to be noticeably cooler today! we are not getting out of the 60s. we will be 10 degrees cooler today for many places than we were yesterday. that means upper 60s. it is low to mid 60s for the bay. we will be back with the rest of the forecast, back over to you. this is the first weekend when you do not have to wear a mask indoors most places. that is because cases of the omicron variant have taken off after spiking sharply last month. we take a closer look at how people are adapting to the changes. >> reporter: doctors say that we are on the downslope of the omicron surge. people should not give up masks altogether. people i spoke with tonight say that overall, they are embracing the new rules. >> we are going to get a pause for about three or six months. this is regardless of what comes next. >> reporter: the infectious disease specialist dr. peter chin homes says he expects immunity to wayne in the early fall. still, we should not see too many severe cases with boosters and recent infections at play. for now, he says that there are some situations where people should still wear masks. >> certainly, you know, crowded
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indoor settings, this is where you are endinga lot of time, poor ventilation, people know that already. there are other scenarios, particularly if you are older than 65 and not boosted. >> reporter: folks are getting used to not having to wear masks. along the embarcadero, we spoke to people. >> i am happy. i am concerned about covid. we have family members who are immunocompromised. but, it is nice. >> i have not noticed it yet. i work in the city. our company still mandates that we still wear the mask. so we have really strict rules that work. i have been following it.
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and, it has been happened. so, sometimes i find myself driving home with the mask. this is on the freeway when it is not even necessary. >> reporter: the governor and built the state's plan to move from a pandemic to an end dimmick. california is the first state in the country to formally shift to this approach. this is a strategy that includes reliance on vaccines, testing, and masks. >> it feels like we are naked without it on now. but, it is a little unusual. eventually, it will feel like a breath of fresh air. this is no pun intended. >> reporter: in san francisco, 5 news. >> the governor will announce the mask policy on peppery 20th. student still have to mask up. sonoma county has reached a milestone in the fight against the virus. the county has administered 1 million vaccine doses. 80% of people in the county, that is everyone five and up are fully vaccinated. sonoma county has 25% fewer covid cases compared to the state average, that is because of its high vaccination rates.
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you can find updates on health restrictions and testing and vaccine information on the police are searching for a man who opened fire on a group of people outside of a bar. he wounded seven. it happened outside a bar just after 2:00 am yesterday. officers say a gunman was targeting one person after getting into an argument hours earlier. all of the victims are expected to recover. the suspect was seen speeding off from the scene in a sedan. the police are trying to identify a woman who was attacked at a mcdonald's drive- through. the police are asking for help to identify this woman. back on february 5, another woman with children in the car entered the mcdonald's drive- through on mcdonald avenue. the suspect in these pictures accused the woman of cutting in line and rammed her car into the victim's vehicle. when the victim got out of her car, the suspect drove towards her, hitting and dragging her across the parking lot for 150 feet. the suspect got out of her car
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and punched the victim several times. a southern california police officer is dead and another is in critical condition this morning after a helicopter crash. the huntington please helicopter crashed in newport beach. this happened in front of dozens of witnesses. one man described what he saw. >> it sounded like the helicopter was in distress. when we looked at the helicopter, it was out of control. it was obvious that the helicopter was going to go down. and, it did go down and almost immediately it sunk. >> the officer fighting for his life has worked for the department for 16 years. the officer who died was identified as 44-year-old nicholas erebia, if veteran with the police department. >> the city of huntington beach, the residents, the police department, and the law enforcement community have lost
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an officer that was truly dedicated to the job. he was doing what he loved doing. this is a tragedy that we are investigating. >> that investigation is ongoing and there is no word on why the chopper went down in the first place. in florida officials are looking into what caused this helicopter to plunge into the ocean off miami beach. video capture the crash just feet away from swimmers on saturday afternoon. three people were on board. they were all hurt including the pilot. they are in stable condition. a sign that the bay area is bouncing back, the san francisco chinese new year parade is back to life after a hiatus due to covid. kpix 5 takes a look at how the festivities rejuvenated the community and boosted struggling businesses. >> reporter: it is a festive celebration to welcome in the year of the tiger. for many merchants, this will bring more people back to san
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francisco's chinatown. the sounds of the fireworks are meant to scare away evil spirits. this year, organizers hoped to also ward off covid related problems. >> we are vaccinated and it feels good to be out with everybody and celebrate the love of our culture. >> reporter: thousands of people from across the region lined up the 1.3 mile parade route. >> i love the alaska airlines, blue tiger. >> reporter: this is for the traditional lion and dragon dances. this actor was the grand marshal. bruce lee's daughter shannon lee was the honorary marshal. both have been active in the fight against asian hate. >> with all of the asian hate going on, it is nice to see everyone appreciate the asian culture again. spread love. >> reporter: some believe the hate and misinformation about the coronavirus contributed to the struggles in chinatown during the pandemic.
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business owners say foot traffic dropped big time in the last two years. this led to many store closures. >> translator: it was like a ghost town, nobody came to shop. people were afraid of chinatown. >> reporter: saturday was the best day for this clothing store post pandemic. merchants have not seen this many people in almost 2 years. restaurants were packed. some even saw long lines. and the huge crowds, business owners were joking about organizing a parade every month so that they can bring chinatown back to life. >> translator: the street fair is very good, the shoppers are helping to boost the economy. we are so happy. >> reporter: those attending the parade are glad it is back. they say it is so festive and fun. >> good vibes, you know. >> there is tons of people out
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here. everybody missed this. >> it feels good to celebrate who we are and where we came from. >> reporter: there is one more day of festivities, the community street fair on sunday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 pm in san francisco's chinatown. along the parade route, kpix 5. >> if you are going to the street fair, there is free rides until 5:00 am monday morning. there is also two hours of free parking. the time now is 6: 10 am. still ahead, what can you expect as you make your way around the bay? plus, what we know about a fire that sparked in the santa cruz
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to the only 24-hour vitamin c to heart-healthy support every day. get more with nature's bounty. welcome back, happening today, bart is implementing upgrades to the sunday schedule. for the first time ever, the transit agency is offering services on all five of its lines and they are reducing the needs for transfers. they are adding hours, running trains until midnight for the first time since the pandemic began. gas prices hit a record high this week, a gallon of gas now costs $4.73 on average. as we report, the prices have many people rethinking their plans this holiday weekend. >> reporter: it is president
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day weekend and as many plan to hit the road, gas prices are at a record high across the state. >> it has been a struggle. >> reporter: many drivers are minimizing travel. >> mostly, it is just crazy. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they are opting to stay local. >> i wanted to go to lake tahoe. that is too far of a drive for me. and like, i ain't got gas for that. >> reporter: they are choosing other activities to save some cash. >> we have been home. we have been home as much as we can to try to save because of these prices. we have been taking a lot of family walks, that is for sure. we are taking bike rides. there is not a lot of traveling
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going on. >> reporter: california is seeing the highest impact nationwide with a average of $4.72 a gallon. several factors include inflation, the russia and ukraine conflict, and the u.s. attempt to slowly get away from fossil fuels. >> the biden administration, that is important in my opinion. it deals with the pipeline. we went from the largest energy producer in the world to suddenly now struggling to to finding more energy in the world market. >> reporter: this professor says gas prices will keep rising. it is only a matter of time before we are paying an extra dollar at the gas pump. >> this is the highest inflation we have seen in the last 40+ years. a prime driver of inflation is supply chain disruptions. >> industry analysts say that gas in california could still climb higher, maybe even as high as five dollars a gallon. now to the fire watch. crews are battling a small
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wildfire in the santa cruz mountains. this is a time let video from the smoke from yesterday afternoon. that fire burned an area of about 50 feet by 50 feet. crews quickly got a it and they stopped us before progress before 2:00 pm. we have no other word. we have seen sunny and warm weather lately. things might be changing a bit. our first alert meteorologist breaks down what we can expect. >> the big changes coming. we start the change today. yesterday, it was definitely the nicer day of the two for the weekend. we will be 10 degrees cooler today. it will be cloudy. it will be breezy by the afternoon. look what showed up this morning. the clouds have started to fill in. that is the view looking over the santa clara valley. you can see the lights of san jose and assistance. it is deceiving because we do
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not have fog on the road in the santa clara valley. this is a mid-level stratus cloud. we do have fog in the north bay. there is a dense fog advisory in fact. this is for parts of sonoma, napa and marin. that is issue number one. the dense fog advisory is a factor. that is what it looks like over the city for treasure island. you cannot see the tops of the buildings here. it is not fog through the city. it is definitely a cloud and it has got much of the city covered. if that lowers it a little bit more, we could be looking at fog here as well. if the dense fog advisory for no it is a g date you on ures al . pr e mid-in most places. we are comfortable. in livermore it is 38 degrees. the visibility is half a mile. as we watch how this plays out, we are looking at imagery that shows two layers of clouds right now. you have the high clouds up here.
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underneath, you can see where we have developed fog. if you play this forward, really by 9:30 a.m. the fog is gone. the high clouds stick around. they are with us for most of today. they are gone by the time we passed sunset. it will be clear tonight but we will have high clouds left over for today. let's talk about how we cool down. it was 72 degrees yesterday in oakland. that broke the record for daytime highs for yesterday's day. 61 is the average. look where we are going this week, back down into the mid- 50s. it is cooler there. it is not just the daytime highs. i will show you how the morning lows will adjust. in addition to the cooler temperatures today, we will be 10 degrees cooler today. it will be breezy. that gets us into the afternoon. now with a 10 degrees drop in the thermometer and a 15 mile an hour breeze, with some high clouds, here are the morning lows. this morning, we are holding around 240. this is pretty much average. watch how low these numbers go. by the time we get into wednesday and thursday, it will freeze. up around the app below, those numbers apply to you guys. here are the numbers for the
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south bay. san jose, these are your number specifically. we are in the low 40s this morning. it will be 35 for the morning low. this is san jose on thursday. it is the morning lows that will get us, even on the bay shoreline here. think of the peninsula east bay like hayward, san mateo. these are your numbers. 37, today's numbers come into the mid-60s. most of these numbers are right around 70 from yesterday. there is the change. that covers the cold. here is the rain and snow aspect. you see the system? that is going to dive our way. this is coming directly down from the north. this is over the course of tuesday. let's watch tuesday on the future cast. we have a few scattered showers possible. there is tuesday in the predawn hours. mainly, this is off the coast. we cannot rule out the possibility for an isolated shower or two through tuesday. by the time we get into tuesday
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afternoon, that will turn into perhaps a couple of isolated, very isolated thunderstorms. there could be hail. most places do not see rain in this scenario. there will be enough that we get some measurable rain out of this. we are talking about a couple hundred seven inch of rain in the forecast. this is for most location through the bay. this will turn into very good snow in the see area. we will get close to a foot and a half of snow on tuesday. this is at donner pass. the snow side has gotten more impressive as we have gotten closer. there is the seven-day forecast. do you see the rain? it clears out by the time we get into wednesday. for the remainder of the forecast, we never warm-up. we will go back up to average. that means low 60s by the time we get to the end of this week. the record setting low 70s that we did yesterday and that we have gotten used to for much of the last week and a half, those are not coming back anytime soon. >> i was looking at the video from down in santa clara.
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it seems like there was wind. is there strong wind? the camera was moving a little bit? >> in the mountains, the camera that uses the view over the valley is up around 2000 feet high. it is windy up in the hills. the flow will be more noticeable down at the elevations where we all live by the afternoon today. so it will be a bit breezy. it will feel cooler. >> thank you. the nba all-star weekend went above the rim. the warriors one. look at anderson bringing the
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the warriors have anderson. he is as humble as they come. there is no doubt how much a slam dunk contest would mean to his family and to him. >> i would be super happy just to bring that trophy back to 95th. i would not even put that trophy in my mom's house. that is where the whole journey started. >> he is the first warrior in the dunk contest since 2014. look at wiggins with the first dunk. he clears on the first attempt. he threw down a windmill for a score of 44 out of 50. here comes the second dunk with a 360 jam. we like it. anderson easily advances to the final. he went up against the next. he went off the backboard, through the legs and he when milled it to earn a 45 of the judges. could he top this player?
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look at richardson. he could not pull off the between the legs rivers and the oakland native finishes runner- up. the three-point contest was missing a clean player, the greatest three-point shooter of all time, steph curry. instead it was the timberwolves 6'11" center towns, scoring 29 points in the final round to take him the three-point crown. st. mary's has experienced heartbreak of not getting invited to the dance as a selection committee has picked schools with wars records from major conferences. the gills are doing all they can to make sure it does not happen again this year. randy bennett and st. mary's could boost their resume with a win against byu last night. final seconds of the first half, look at tommy drive in. he flips in the top shot.
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he scores 18 of his 25 points in the first half. they are up four at the break. second half, st. mary's, look at johnson. he a 16-2 run. the cougars rally under two minutes left. alex buries a three to cut the deficit to three. 40 seconds left in the game. look at marcello. look at this one. st. mary's hangs on to win 69- 64. the gills are 22-6. they look to be in good shape for a tournament when. in sac a is hosting santa clara. the broncos were well into the second half. look at pj knocked out a three. the bulldogs pull away. they are fotoandrew hitsthe tri sag at has the 60th win in a row 81-69. the broncos pool of 18-10 next week. it can sacco will visit uss in
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st. mary's. that will be fun. senior day at stanford, look at the cardinal playing his final game. they were tied at 42 with colorado in the second half. spencer jones hits the three. this gives stanford the lead. the cardinal would not make another shot for seven minutes. that is a big problem. they pulled away going on a 15- 1 run. it is capped off by dunk. colorado out scores 41-22 in the second half. and the cardinals have lost four of the last five. former nba coach and native jeff bay gun he is checking out berkeley. look at riley benson score down low pushing utah's lee to six. the bears come back trailing by two. shepherd, he pulls up from the logo, for the win. that was a little wide left. they hang on to win 60-58. they fall to 4-13 impact 12 play. we see steph curry today. he will be playing in the all-
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star game. still ahead, tensions are approaching a boiling point surrounding what the vice president is saying about the talks with russia. +2 armed robbers ar
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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>> thank you for joining us. let's start this half hour with a quick we r fit orologt. clouds. with it is foggy in the north bay this morning. there is a dense fog advisory in santa rosa. that is the view looking out of the city. here is the view in the valley. it is not foggy. it looks really impressive with the clouds. we are not far from downtown san jose. it is 38 degrees in livermore. it is foggy in santa rosa. look at the visibility map. that is where visibility is a half-mile. there is a dense fog advisory until 10:00 am this morning. that might have to be expanded to other parts of the bay of the national weather service does that, we will let you know right away.
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there is the forecast for the rest of today. we will keep high clouds around. it will be about 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday was. we start noticing a change in the weather today. we will be back in a bit. tensions continue to mount over ukraine this morning. the vice president is reiterating that the president's is asserting that the russian president has made up his mind about invasion. she spoke to reporters in munich. >> as the president has said, we believe that has made his decision. period. and, i will also say that as part of our relationship and partnership and in the context of the alliance, we do share information, certainly. this is because we want to make sure that we are all working with the same information when we make these very critical and meaningful decisions. >> harris spoke at a security conference that involves nato members and other european countries. this is a live look at kyiv. the situation there is very tenuous. the cbs correspondent is embedded with ukrainian forces and have this report.
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>> reporter: this is kind of a no man's land between the last area, the last territory that is safely being held by ukrainian forces and russian separatists to they have been fighting for number of years. as far as they are concerned, the battle against russia and ukraine is already underway. the intensity and the escalation and the weapons, heavy artillery and weaponry is critical. this is like nothing they have seen in years. it is not just hitting ukrainian military positions but also it is hitting civilian positions. in their mind, what the russian backed militia, the russian backed separatist are trying to do is to provoke them into launching a serious counterattack. that will give president putin the sort of pretext he would need in order to escalate the fighting in this area.
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we have seen those pictures not far from here. leaders have been trying to tell children to get on buses saying this is a battle zone. this is a battlefield. it is best for you to get away from this area and head toward russia itself in order to find more protection because this is an active battlefield. commanders say that is doing nothing but just causing panic. they have no intention of invading those areas. they are trying to hold fire. what they have seen in the past few days is an escalation right along this border, this contested area where ukrainian forces have been holding off russian back to separatists. the commander here was asked who are you fighting. he did not they russian backed separatists, he said russia itself. okay so, there have just been a couple of explosions. the kids are running. we have been told to get into our buses now. we are as close as we can get to the front lines. this just shows you how dynamic the situation is here.
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cbs news, eastern ukraine. today, the defense minister in neighboring belarus said joint drills with the russian military are extended. 30,000 russian troops have been set to leave belarus but their presence will continue. this morning, we are learning of a high profile coronavirus case. buckingham palace says the queen has tested positive. reportedly, the 95-year-old is experiencing mild cold-like symptoms. her son prince charles has twice had covid. this is including most recently, earlier this month. deputies are on the hunt for two men who tried to break into a home at gunpoint opposing a sacramento utility worker. suspects were seen on camera. our reporter has details. >> i am really surprised. >> reporter: a quite communities in disbelief after a armed robbery. these two men were captured on
6:35 am
surveillance video impersonating workers on the afternoon of january 23. they told a woman who lives in this neighborhood that they were investigating a gas leak. when they got into her gated yard, deputies say one of the men held the woman at gunpoint. they threatened to kill her if she did not let them inside. she pushed the man away from her and the two impersonators drove off. >> a gun? all my goodness! >> reporter: lisa and steve live nearby. they said they cannot believe something so sinister happened so close to home. >> for somebody to impersonate a utility worker or some other company that we trust, this is rather shocking. >> reporter: so will workers do door knocks? >> it is rare for them to just show up and knock at your door. >> reporter: this spokesperson tells me that the company will
6:36 am
usually contact customers by telephone or put a notice on their door to let them know that employees will come to their house. when the workers arrive, they shall things that will make them easy to spot. >> they will be in a logoed truck. they will have gear with logo on their person. >> reporter: most importantly, each worker has a badge with their picture and an employee number and there is a way to make sure that they are who they say they are. an update on the plan for school closures in oakland. this has triggered protest. a board meeting on friday night left many unsatisfied. kpix 5's john ramose says a session that was supposed to cool things down may have done the opposite. >> reporter: the school board agreed to hold the special meeting as part of a deal to end a hunger strike by two teachers here at was like middle school. at the end of the meeting, it turns out that nobody was
6:37 am
particularly satisfied with the results. the campsite outside was like middle school is empty. these two individuals agreed to end their hunger strike in exchange for a special board meeting to consider a plan to postpone new school closures and consolidations for one care. >> the only reason that this meeting is happening so that we can and are hunger strike. it is not because they care about the livelihood of our students or families that are here. it is because they care about their image. they do not want this negative press. >> tonight is kind of like this sham. i want to say shame on them first and foremost. >> reporter: the deal was the hunger strike would end regardless of the outcome of the board's vote. it was clear that nobody had any intention of changing their minds. >> we do have a budget crisis. we have declining enrollment. we are operating twice as many schools as other districts with similar size enrollment to demographics. this is not sustainable. >> reporter: when it was clear that the board was not budging,
6:38 am
the public wait in. >> i think that the disenfranchised, the black and brown communities, it is a sin, it is a sin against nature. this is a sin against humanity. >> i am prepared to take the torch. i will go on a hunger strike starting tomorrow. >> he agreed to hold the meeting with a written agreement that the strike would end regardless of the outcome of this meeting. so, i am very disturbed to hear speakers calling for additional hunger strikes unless we vote to postpone. >> i begged you not to do this. >> reporter: mike hutchison has been the board's most vocal critic of school reductions. in the end, when his colleagues voted against postponing the closures, he ended the meeting with this outburst. >> you all put on this show tonight. do you think this is going to work? i am so insulted you would make this and the communities sit here for over two hours knowing that you were going to not do a darn thing to change the situation.
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>> reporter: in oakland, john ramose, kpix 5. >> the district will close two elementary schools at the end of the current academic year. hank the tank strikes again, the south lake tahoe neighborhood is fed up at a 500 pound bear. and painful memories of the past helps this student help others. this is a powerful message coming up. ♪ all eyes on ukraine. we are on the ground as tensions escalate toward the border. plus, how could the crisis
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the internet is buzzing over a beer in south lake tahoe. those in the community say they have had enough. in a seven month span, he has damage three dozen properties. the 500 pound black bear dubbed hank the tank struck again when it broke into a secured home. this is the second time he has hit the house. this time he would not leave until the police showed up. >> i am tired of having to fear for our lives because of what a bear may or may not do. >> we have to be able to protect her children. we have to be able to walk out of our house. >> plans over what to do about
6:43 am
the bear have drawn controversy with california fish and wildlife saying that he needs to be captured and euthanized. hank remains on the run and wildlife officials are looking into alternative options once it is captured. we have seen sunny and warm weather but it looks like things might be changing. the first alert meteorologist here breaks down more. >> a bigger change for this week devon but we start the change today. it will be cloudier today. it will be 10 degrees cooler. it will be a bit breezy. yesterday was the better of the two days. this shows you how low the clouds are. that is the view from the top of the mountain. it is looking out over towards concord and over walnut creek. there are plenty of clouds. we do not have an issue with fog. it is cloudy. this is the same story with the south bay. this is what we were seeing in the camera. devon was sharing this before we started. this is the drive looking over dublin. that is what it looks like right now. here is the difference. most of this is just elevated clouds. we are waking up great.
6:44 am
if you want to find the file, you have got to be in the north bay. there is a dense fog advisory. visibility is in santa rosa. in terms of what it is like on the road, in most other places, we are doing okay. give yourself extra time. there is a dense fog advisory in the north bay. look at the clouds, you can see two layers. you can see where the low stratus cloud is underneath and the deeper gray. here are the higher clouds. the low stuff is gone by late morning. the high clouds are hanging around. it is not going to be clear blue sky like it was. we will have high clouds around. the temperatures are starting out pretty comfortable now. here is probably the headline in the forecast. how much colder these morning lows are about to get, let's start out with the inland valleys of the east bay. 40 is the average.
6:45 am
concord, this is you. right now, livermore is 39. so sunday morning, let's call it 40 in general for the east bay valleys. most locations are in the low 40s. look how much colder we go. it will be in the low 30s by wednesday and thursday. freezing temperatures in the forecast for the tri-valley and perhaps even up around concorde. this is by the time we get to wednesday. these are the numbers for san jose. it will be 35 degrees in the morning. on wednesday, thursday, noticeably colder. for the shoreline, it will be in the upper 30s, 40 for the city. the numbers in the north bay valleys are going to be more like the inland valleys of the east bay. santa rosa will be freezing. as far as daytime highs go, this was yesterday. 72, broke a record for the daytime high yesterday. now watch the drop on that arcing orange line. by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday, we are in the mid 50s for daytime highs. there is the main headline, much colder. let's talk about the possibility for rain here. daytime highs go to the mid to low 60s. this is 10 degrees colder than we were. watch the brees pickup as we get into the afternoon as well. so, now we know how today is different, 10 degrees cooler, if you high clouds, a breeze by
6:46 am
the afternoon. this will make it feel colder even than the 10 degrees drop on the thermometer. there is the system responsible. you can see the rain diving sell. it gets here through tuesday. let's look closer at that. watch tuesday now. there is some rain here. most of it stays off the coast. most of it is focused primarily on the first half of the day. most of us do not get anything. but, it is to close for comfort. we are going to get some light rain out of this. if you see patches of white on their, that shows you where the system is going to be able to drop snow in the local mountains. it is 2000 feet. remember, it is getting colder. some of these showers have yellow bull's-eyes. we will be able to drop hail. it could be isolated thunderstorms with this. with tuesday's rain, it is not widespread. it is not wet and rainy. there will be some rain. it will be isolated showers.
6:47 am
you might even get an isolated, you know, thunderstorm if it develops overhead. when you look at the rainfall totals, they do not amount to a lot. it is a 10th of an inch of rain for tuesday. tuesday will be an active weather day, cold, windy. maybe there could be hail. boy, does it snow in the sierras. the snow is getting better and better. as we look at tuesday, let's look at 3000 feet. we have a foot and a half of snow at donner pass. it will not be fun traveling in the mountains on tuesday. here at home, we are done with the system by wednesday. we never warm-up in a big way. daytime highs will go back up into the low 60s for those locations. that is pretty much average. it will be 58 in the inland valleys and the east bay. this is by the time we get to wednesday. >> when i left yesterday afternoon, it was really warm. i was like what is he talking about, this cooldown. i did not pay codes the tension. the cooldown start today. thank you. students rising above scholars are resilient. they have overcome potentially crippling challenges in their lives to become star students and leaders in their community.
6:48 am
this week's scholar shows us how she has inspired to lead with change. ♪ >> we are going to start saying her values and writing it down. >> reporter: patty martinez joins team circle as a nonprofit welcomes its newest members. as interim program manager, patty helps facilitate the organization's restorative justice community conferencing program. she helps young people and their families constructively reconcile with themselves and those they have harmed. growing up, patty saw her own father cycle in and out of the criminal justice system. >> when he was a juvenile, his first charge was graffiti. my grandma spent a lot of time taking me, religiously to church and two visitations to go visit my dad. >> reporter: patty's memories of visiting her father in jail are painful. >> [ crying ] the thing was putting our hands on the glass.
6:49 am
he would just tell me how powerful i am even like you know, thinking about it now, just how he was in such a powerless place and that was the message he would give me. that and school, both of my parents were always on me about going to school. >> reporter: with her family's support and students rising above health, patty graduated and headed to college in north carolina. her father was released and he was rebuilding his life. this is when patty was interviewed by kpix 5 in 2017. >> being featured on the news is a really cool thing. my grandmother was excited. the next day it was the complete opposite news. my cousin called and let me know that my dad was killed. he was shot. his body was found under an underpass near a college. >> reporter: patty was
6:50 am
devastated. she leaned into her community justice studies and her family. she went to therapy and victim support services helped as she headed back to oakland, degree in hand. now, the 25-year-old is leading others through her own experiences. she is helping to change how the criminal justice system supports young people. she is carrying her father's memory. >> i feel like my father's energy is around me. he taught me what it means to break all the way down to be able to rebuild. and i remind myself that i am powerful and i remind others that they are powerful. >> reporter: for students rising above, i am elizabeth cook. >> patty is finishing her masters degree and
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i love this next story and i love light houses. at the point bonita lighthouse, it will reopen after being closed. they closed in 2020 due to the pandemic. during that time, it has been undergoing maintenance. it will be open every sunday and monday from 12:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. check out this video a bald eagle in marin county. the video was captured on a lake. yesterday, we saw how the bald eagle swooped down and grabbed a fish out of the water. look at these pristine conditions. the bald eagle is making a comeback in marin county with a growing number of them soar
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it is 6:50 6 am and we look at the morning's top stories. masks across the bay area are not required indoors in most places. it is a welcome moment, showing how close to the end of the pandemic we might be. doctors are warning people to be cautious. the police are looking for a man who opened fire at a bar. the police say he shot seven people while targeting one. all of the victims are expected to recover. the suspect was last seen in a white mercedes man. crews battled a small wildfire in the santa cruz mountains yesterday afternoon. it started in the san lorenzo valley and it burned an area of about 50 feet. crews stopped all progress before 2:00 pm. no word on the cause. >> it looks pretty when you get above the clouds like on mount diablo over concord. it is not pretty when you are in it.
6:57 am
that is the view in dublin. give the clouds a few hours to clear out. they will as they always do by the time we get toward late morning. then we will have high clouds left over through the remainder of today. today will be noticeably colder than yesterday was by about 10 degrees. it is unnecessarily cold and different. we have a breeze with clouds. it feels cooler. the chance of rain shows up on tuesday. there could be isolated thunderstorms with that and small hail. it will not be widespread, soaking rain. there will be isolated showers on tuesday that do not amount to a whole lot of rain in a meaningful way. still it could bring the possibility for measurable rain, even if it is a 10th of an inch. it will be good snow in the sierra tuesday and wednesday. we will pick up a foot and a half of snow. this is good news. we will stay cool. daytime highs will stay at an average, low 70s. back to you. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. cbs sunday morning is next. enjoy the rest of your sunday.
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