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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 12, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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squeeze the trigger. and so he passed up an open three and drove the ball to the basket. very fortunate to get fouled. kevin: coach's son will be at the free-throw line. baker-mazara will pick up the foul. and that will be the third on him. rice an 80% frett shooter -- free throw shooter from bishop kelly high school in boise. part of this 26-win season a record for the program. outright conference regular season champion in the mountain west and the number one seed. this wednesday, the new season of "survivor" is here. more fun, more dangerous, with more shocking twists than ever before. the monster is back. and it's hungry. new "survivor" this wednesday at 8:00, 7:00 central on cbs and streaming on paramount plus.
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dan: yeen, kevin. and let's see if he can get going offensively again. he's matched up against kigab. kevin: william to -- pulliam to butler a rope. degenhart defends. knocked away. and picked up by kigab. the volleyball move. degenhart kicks it back. kigab will survey. dan: degenhart has to get out of there. kevin: kigab will try to machete his way in and can't. rice, three. and mensah cleans the glass. dan: kevin, he has to get a little closer than that. he had the opportunity to take a shot about four feet closer. kevin: mensah has 10 rebounds and controls on top.
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matt bradley will survey with kigab's defense right there. sh pulliam defended by rice. and a floater. rebound by rice climbing the ladder inside. dan: boise state made them run shot clock down to five and made them take a tough shot. kevin: 5 1/2 to go. armus with a spin and a drive and a miss. pulliam will take the rebound. racing the other way. flying on the wing, can't get it to go, butler. degenhart only gets the ball. his rebound will be triggered off to shaver. screen, here's a three. rice got it. degenhart backpedals. shaver on top. khabib inside. armus. pulls the trigger. got it to go.
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mensah the foul. second on him. dan: kevin, what a sequence, really a nice job by rice. yo how he recovered that -- i don't know how he recovered that ball. but excellent passing and this is a situation where mensah has got to go out and guard armus or guard kigab and armus makes a tough play before mensah can recover. kevin: senior from serbia, armus. mensah with the rebound. and there's a whistle. dan: bradley stepped into the lane early. kevin: yes, he did. dan: so a lane violation. kevin: you don't see it often. dan: not a good frett shooter. -- free throw shooter. kevin: armus is only 43%. and hits that. and boise state's on an 11-4 run. their lead is up to four with
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the sooner you wake, the sooner you'll get toasted breakfast burritos. only at taco bell. [sfx: bong] kevin: our clock at 4:52 in the second half. the broncos of boise state have never won, mountain west championship, aztecs won just last year. both teams are pretty much assured of being in the ncaa tournament. give us a couple of players to watch here down the stretch. dan: kevin, i think we watched the key guys down the stretch. and it was speaking of that kigab we talked about him before the game. for boise state. he has sort of become the dominant force here in the second half. and bradley certainly for san diego state. and those two guys are going up against one another on both ends of the court. kevin, interestingly enough, san diego state has shot the ball very well here in the second half. they've had eight misses but no offensive rebounds after 12 offensive boards in the first half. kevin: it's butler on top.
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works around shaver. penetrates inside. there's a foul. and marcus shaver of boise state is assessed his third personal foul. dan: and another interesting thing, kevin, if this comes down to who can make free throws, disaik state is a better free throw shooting team but not a great free throw shooting team and shoot under 70%. kevin: we talked about bradley. pulliam. shot here, butler, got the three. big-time triple. lamont butler. he's got 16. he averages seven a game. and now the pressure turned up by the aztecs. and the broncos get a pass midcourt and approaching four to play. >> butler is a 29% three-point shooter and 3-3 today. kevin: and a big, big game. they're playing twister on the floor. shaver trying to dig it out. there's the whistle.
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dan: and really upset over there on the boise state bench. that's a possession arrow in favor of san diego state. kevin: with the tie-up. dan: and this is -- everybody backs off. butler and you should. but maybe not today. he's 3-3. leon rice was convinced that this was a foul. this is just a great job by pulliam to dive down, not dive on top of shaver but dive down next to shaver and go fighting for the bell. kevin: tomaic will inbound. pulliam's got it. san diego state led by butler, 16, 15 for bradley. pulliam with six. makes a move. rice is on him. he'll dance. with under four to go. bradley. kigab on hip. shot clock at five. it's a two.
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and it's short with a rice rebound and boise state the other way. dan: that was pretty good defense but bradley makes more of those than he misses. he's so good coming off that screen for the jump shot. leaving rice alone and has to get closer to the three-point line so kick it out and has a reasonable chance for a bucket. kevin: kigab throws it away and intercepted inside by mensah. dan: i don't know where he's thrown that one, kevin. kevin: approaching three to play. dan: pulliam taking the ball down the lane on that floater of bradley. kevin: tomaic. it's bradley. khabib is -- kigab is there. shot clock at two. pulliam on the move scoops it up and it's an offensive foul. wipe it away.
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dan: degenhart gets in great position is standing there waiting. kevin: second time today. yep. you better believe it. the freshman comes up big. 2:48 to go, broncos by one. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪i need to try it first♪ ♪yeah, yeah, yeah♪ this little light of mine... ♪i need to i'm gonna let it shine. help special olympic athletes shine. grab a jersey mike's sub on march 30th. and all sales will be donated to the special olympics usa games. [engine humming] [clapping]
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a huge day of college basketball our studio crew will get things all set with the noon eastern start. inside college basketball. then two more teams punch their ticket to the big dance. 1:00 the atlantic 10 championship. then the big ten men's basketball championship. then stay with us after that. 6:00 eastern, all the brackets will be revealed on the ncaa men's basketball championship selection show. just under 22 hours away, welcome to march madness. all right here on cbs. and it is daylight savings. so it's going to come even faster. it's akot. kigab. 2 1/2 to play. degenhart. he's in the corner. mensah is right there. the best defensive player. he's going to work his way creeping into the paint. oh, he got it!
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what a shot. squeezing the trigger and comes up with a deuce. dan: he surprised mensah with that little left-handed scoop shot. what a play. kevin: seiko. it's butler. and now bradley. two to play. 10 on the clock. degenhart is on bradley. accelerating inside. what a fake. and he got the two himself. 17 for matt bradley. dan: and when san diego state can score, they can set their defense. we said they were going to rely on bradley and bradley has produced in this second half. kevin: it's shaver. seiko on him. degenhart three. and bradley with arop saving it
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with a dive, what a play by arop. dan: if you're boise state you certainly don't mind that shot. degenhart has been making those. kevin: seiko on the wing. bradley looks at the other end. shot clock down to four. bradley. can he get a shot away for the lead? no! and picked up by rice. dan: what tremendous defense by kigab. kevin: time-out, boise state, with the ball and up by one. we could bring it right to your door. with 1 to 2 day delivery from your local cvs.
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or same day if you need it sooner. but aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up, and get your questions answered? because peace of mind is something you just can't get in a cardboard box. that's how healthier happens together with cvs. kevin: tonight on cbs begins with the neighborhood. then bob hart's followed by b back-to-back "48 hours" all tonight on cbs. here, 41 seconds to go. boise state's got it. a lead of a point. and you see our reset. dan: boise state was one time-out left, but that will be a 30-second -- elected to use his full time-out. and i think the reason is just to give -- guys a little bit longer -- khabib in -- comeback
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in particular dragged over to the bench. third game in three days. kevin: where are they finding whatever they got, my goodness. it's the quickest turnaround of any tournament. dan: and this is a san diego state team that's built around their defense. and so they have to rely on their defense here for a stop. they got nine personal fouls so the next foul will be a two-shot foul regardless. boise state with only five fouls so they have a foul to give if that comes in to play. kevin: shot clock is at 18. degenhart the freshman inbounding. dan: and small lineup in the game. kevin: it is. shavers of shaver's got it. dan: for boise state. armus is out. kevin: pulliam defends. screen. shaver will penetrate and drive. dan: offensive foul. kevin: it was an offensive foul. wipe it away.
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and san diego state wants a time-out. they're down by a point. they'll have the ball. and shaver called right here for the offensive foul. dan: and lamont butler who has been doing such a great job shooting the ball. just gets in position and waits for him. shaver thought he had a lane to the basket. kevin: you talked about the defense. they're the number one team in the conference and number two nationally in defense. we step aside. c'mon! get his mind off the zesty garden turkey club. is that a- yes it is. try and forget about the pickled red onions, herb aioli... roasted tomatoes. and the meats... stirred or shaken? did you say turkey and bacon!? jimmy!? john! how ya doin'? hey, t! your shoes! i'm gonna come get 'em! a little r&r, fix ya right up. the new zesty garden turkey club. for a limited time at jimmy john's. at&t is america's most reliable 5g network, so now you'll never miss a moment. great.
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can you imagine what you'd do if the game just cut out in the middle of the action? i can. we would immediately start tearing out our hair and screaming at the top of our lungs. a real animalistic, primal scream, that devolves into full-on sobbing. well that's sounds very specific, like it's happened before. about an hour ago. that's why we switched to at&t. it's not complicated. at&t 5g is fast, reliable, and secure. america's most reliable 5g network. kevin: boise state can't foul now. dan: this is a big play. you have to have your position established before the offensive player leaves the floor. and it appeared from that replay that butler did. now, kevin, shaver is very upset about it. but from a strategic standpoint here, if you're san diego state, you may end up taking the last shot of the game but that's not your plan. you got to go down and get a
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shot and as early as possible so you have an opportunity to foul in case you miss. kevin: down by one with the ball. here we go. dan: you expect either bradley or pulliam down with that little floater. kevin: inside they go. mensah. armus is there. out it goes to bradley. driving. up for the lead. no! he gets the ball! twisting out. pulliam, here he goes. for the lead! no. boise state wins it!
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here's how it ended. >> what a sequence. they cover up and they force a tough floater. and san diego state had some chances. they had the ball down close. bradley got an offensive rebound. pulliam has been so good with that floater. but not that time. wow. kevin: 27th win a program record. for boise state. who won the regular season title. and now have captured the mountain west tournament title. for the first time. a thriller in las vegas. coming up tonight, the
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neighborhood, and back-to-back editions of 48 hours for evan washburn and dan bonner, kevin harlan saying good night from las vegas. ♪♪ why don't you do cool spins? uh, people need to read it. i can't read it. [ chuckles ] that's 'cause you're like 4. 4 1/2. switch to progressive, and you can save hundreds. you know, like the sign says.
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now on. who a young hayward girl found dead in a central valley home, her mother behind bars, more on the man the police are now searching for in connection with the death. >> thank you for joining us. >> we will begin with the killing of an eight-year-old hayward girl, that he joins us live in the studio with the very latest on the investigation. >> we are learning right now from the merced police department they are actively working to identify the deceased child that was found inside a home. they were trying to determine whether the child is in fact eight-year-old sophia mason who had been reported missing could police say the child's body was discovered yesterday evening in the city of merced.
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in the course of this investigation they also met with sophia mason's mother. 30-year-old samantha johnson of hayward. johnson was already in custody at the santa rita jail in dublin, she had been arrested by hayward police for a warrant stemming a child abuse incident that happened in alameda county last year a family member of sophia's tells me that child abuse case is related to the missing eight-year-old. johnson was ultimately arrested for the charge of murder and remains in custody.detect lives have also determined her boyfriend lives in the home where the deceased child was found. soon afternoon spread about the home being searched he went on the run, a warrant has been issued for his arrest for the charge of murder . this investigation is still ongoing and tonight at 11:00, i will speak with family members of sophia mason, they will provide more insight into this case. new at 5:00, combined
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efforts from police departments led to an arrest of the deadly shooting of a store clerk earlier this week. the police department confirming the arrest a couple hours ago that's things to vallejo and oakland police department rose market owner was robbed by the suspect before being shot and killed, and owner of the store for the past two decades's presence and personality made his store a staple across the community. believe it or not is a chance of a few sprinkles coming into the bay area tonight, mostly in the north bay and it's not going to amount to much but it's windy at the moment with gus up to 25 miles an hour. was around the bay area mostly in the 50s at the moment . it will be a deal cooler than it was yesterday. there's a chance of sprinkles tonight, and then clearing from this pressure coming up north, pretty much tying as it gets into northern california
5:28 pm
temperatures have collapsed, 13 degrees cooler at this hour than they were yesterday, so it is cooler today, and it might be a little bit wet tonight as you can see on the time-lapse by 10:00 tonight, a few light showers may be around the north bay. but, as a heads over the rest of the bay area, not much luck, most of sunday looks okay. sunny afternoon, and we are going to be going with partly cloudy skies monday looks okay and then by monday evening better chance of rain will begin to move into the bay area. tonight, maybe a sparkle especially north of the golden gate, rain chances specifically look like this. widely scattered for the nighttime, for sunday night, and sunday daytime and monday and tuesday, monday night, early tuesday better chance and even next weekend it looks like there is a little bit of a chance for a few showers. best bet, monday night, overnight, so increasing clouds leading to not much tonight. it will clear out by tomorrow morning and then we go partly cloudy and cool a better chance of rain coming in monday night and tuesday. temperatures good under 42, 46,
5:29 pm
in san jose, in the south bay we will be in the mid 60s. not much and then we are going to be looking for the numbers bh north bay. in the extended forecast we will be looking for a bit of a sprinkle maybe tonight, and then we will clear it up, then monday night a few showers moving, tuesday looks slightly wet, we will amount to a attentive and intricate, thursday and friday we go into another chance going into next weekend and for the inland east bay itself the areas in which look the same. >> tonight is the night. this is our shortened version of the 5:00 p.m. is because a basketball we will have more at 6:00, with more news including the very latest on a diary train crash. >> news updates always on for now the weekend news is next and we will see you in 30
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minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> diaz: tonight, closing in on kyiv. invading russian forces intensify their airstrikes as ground troops move into position around ukraine's capital. in the bombed ruins of other cities, ukrainians make their stand while thousands protest russia's abduction of their mayor. president zelensky today accusing moscow of terrorizing his nation. cbs news is on the ground. oarpt i'm chris livesay in odessa, where the city is waiting for a russian invasion. >> diaz: the russian leader calls for mu cease-fire. cbs' david martin th


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