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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  March 18, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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president biden's push to cut off military funding to russia this morning. emotional message to the russian people from former governor arnold schwarzenegger. running out of federal covid funding. what it means for one bay area county. the week long teachers' strike in the north bay is over. the deal reached in sonoma and next step for it to be finalized. good morning. it's friday march 18. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. we will get to traffic but darren starts us with our forecast on this friday. today is the day to enjoy before rain tomorrow. first half of the weekend. it's not like a total rain out but there will be enough rain that things will get wet. if you are making outdoor plans and can adjust them, sunday will be much nicer day. first, friday. really the weather report will probably be more focused on
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potential impact on the drive because there is fog in the north bay. that's really the only issue. it is noticeably colder in santa rosa than anywhere else. that's normal. those inland valleys typically see those numbers but that's why we develop the fog there as well. everybody else is fine. the fog will hang on probably until late morning and grow in ex tent too over the next hours. it's just a few clouds, low 70s for inland spots. mid 60s for the bay. san rafael 66, 72 san jose, low 70s in north bay today will be low to mid 80s by next week. we have to talk about the warm up next week and of course more on the rain in a bit. for now let's check with gianna and see how the drive is doing. no trouble spots as far as crashes so that's good news. we will keep a close eye on
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that since you might be dealing with limited visibility on 101 especially through an satisfy rosa. we are keeping an eye on the golden gate bridge, south bound 101 is not bad. it's an easy ride as you head into san francisco. north bound they picked up cones for construction closure and will do the lane changes in a few minutes. where we are starting to see things getting a little bit crowded, it's that ride for super commuters into altamont pass. we are seeing brake lights building from mount house on 205 to north flynn on 580. travel time is not bad, 30 minutes 205 towards 680. there was a stall in the livermore valley but that's in the clearing stages. a live look at the ukrainian capitol of kyiv. deadly attacks on ukraine by russian forces are in their fourth week. >> anne makovec joins us from the live news desk with more.
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one of the headlines at least in the u.s. is a phone call by the president. taking a look at the white house, it is a stormy morning and president biden set to speak with chinese president xi jinping this morning. white house says he will urge him to refuse the kremlin's continued requests for military aid and work to convince vladimir putin to call off the invasion. we heard from the mayor of ukraine's capitol. >> we are not aggressive. we have aggressives in our land and aggressives killing our people. which compromise, which solution? i don't know. it's a very difficult question. >> he says that his citizens have been calling for more arms. that's as we see more of this, new video from the western
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city. you see a lot of smoke in the skyline, most recent target of aerial campaigns by russian troops. the main you haven civ tactics hitting urban areas. un has confirmed nearly 2,000 civilian deaths but the real number is much higher. more than 3 million people have fled ukraine and the investigation by un into potential war crimes by russia continues. we're going to keep our eye on it. back to you. arnold schwarzenegger sending a message to russian people. in an emotional new video the former governor says russian soldiers are fed lies like his father was when he fought for the nazis during world war ii. >> when my father arrived, he was pumped up on the lies of his government. when he left, he was broken physically and mentally. i don't want you to be broken like my father. this is not the war to defend
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russia that your grandfathers or great grandfathers fought. this is an illegal war. >> the video was posted on twitter and telegram, one of the apps russians can use to access information blocked by the government. in less than 24 hours, another canadian warship will soon be deployed overseas to support nato amid russia's invasion of ukraine. hmcs hall fax heading to the baltic region tomorrow. it was supposed to go to middle east for counterterrorism operation but was rerouted. commanding officer says his team will defend countries on the border of the conflict and assist with humanitarian efforts. stick with kpix5 for the very latest. we have more coverage including a link to how you can help refugees. go to man accused of killing a security guard during a botched robbery in oakland will be arraigned on a murder charge.
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police say 25-year-old mitchell fatally shot kevin nishita as he guarded a local news crew in november. a 24 and 27-year-old are also charged. gilbert is still on the run and considered armed and dangerous. surveillance video, forensic evidence, and witness statements have linked the suspects to the killing. >> people can feel some sense ever justice as a result of this arrest. >> after retiring he worked in private security for local news crews including kpix5. new details in the case of two former marin classmates convicted of murdering an italian police officer. they've had their life sentences significantly reduced in the 2019 killing. both have been in prison for more than three years. they were sentenced to life in
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may 2021 and appeal has been working through the italian court since. elder must serve 24 and natalie must serve 22. santa clara says federal covid funding has fallen through. health officials don't know what happened to their portion of the $1.5 trillion spending bill and the county must make do with what's available. >> i think we need to hope that some funding gets back on track. we need it for vaccines, for tests, for treatment. and we need it for basic infrastructure in local public health. >> despite the setback the county case count continues to decline. daily average of new cases has dropped to about 31,000,
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96% drop from the omicron. dr. fauci says even though case counts are climbing, they don't appear to be severe. it is too early to tell will it impact u.s. >> we should be concerned because i would not be surprised that given in the next weeks, and we have opened up and have increase in the ba.2 variant, that we'll be seeing an increase in cases. hopeful liv that's not associated with increase in hospitalization and severe disease. >> waning immunity is the wild card. those who haven't gotten a booster need to. this morning moderna has asked fda to authorize a further dose for all adults. pfizer made a similar request for seniors. today an update to san francisco's indoor mask requirement. masks are strongly recommended but not required inside city facilities regardless of
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vaccination status. service sites operated include libraries, recreation centers, offices. masks will continue to be required of all participants in any public hearing rooms. a live look at san francisco where some teachers are sleeping in their own beds for the first time in four nights after the district agreed to make their pay checks whole. a group of educators had been camped on the district headquarters since monday demanding fix to system glitch that's been fouling hundreds of pay checks for months. the district agreed to pay them in full by today and cover any penalties or late fees teachers incurred because of the problem. in the north bay a tentative deal reached to end week long teacher strike over pay raises. according to the teachers union the tentative agreement offers educators a three year deal with a pay raise. teachers will also receive a
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$2,000 bonus. the deal needs to be ratified by the educators association. solar advocates gathered to shine a spotlight on solar energy. the agency considered major cuts to net energy metering which makes roof top solar more affordable for residents. if the would include bringing in an annual tax for roof top solar and cutting credits consumers receive. >> transparency is what we need. we need the sun. that's how we got the first month solar tax for putting solar panels on your roof, in thout and said no solar tax. the governor said i think changes need to be made. now it is back in the back room. nothing good ever happens in the back room. >> cpuc shelved the proposal
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after backlash from environmental groups. still ahead, ukrainian tennis phenom and her family forced to flee the war at home. how the 11-year-old is chasing her dream in the bay area. raising voices to raise money for refugees. call to action from two san franciscans to help. we are getting first reports of a trouble spot on west bound 580. plus a look it's taken a lot to get to this moment.
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a young tennis star from eastern ukraine is training in novato after her family was forced to flee the war at home. the war has turned their life upside down. the one thing that hasn't changed for the 11-year-old is her love for tennis. she's been playing weekly for six years. when she arrived in u.s., a call went out on social media asking for suggestions for a tennis academy. she's found a home at hrt tennis academy in sausalito. >> big thanks to everybody. >> thank you. my academy, it was amazing. >> the family is struggling to make a life in the u.s.
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ukrainians in u.s. as of march 1 were granted temporary protected status but they missed the deadline by four days. aside from these images shared on the front lines in poland was a call to action to two san franciscans that you probably know. raising his voice to raise money in an effort to provide aid for refugees. and bringing famed culinary skills to the table as invitation for others to offer donations to humanitarian needs in response to the war. the two are hosting an event to immediately send money to priests working the front lines of the border with ukrainian refugees. >> we feel helpless and want to contribute in some way. >> looking for something tangible to do. what the can we do? i thought we should put on a
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benefit concert and raise as much money as we can and get it sent right over. >> 100% of funds raised will go to the polish dominican priests on the front lines to offer food, medical resources, necessary items for families escaping ukraine. event details can be found at you can also make a donation towards their cause. also in attendance will be consul general of ukraine and italy to talk about what's going on. what i thought was cool was while this is a fancy event to go to, it is people getting creative to do what they can. >> joining together do what's going. that's what i love about that, them teaming up to make it happen. >> a great event definitely for a good cause. good for them and for those going. have fun. >> yes, yes. darren is standing by with your forecast. gianna is standing by with traffic. >> we are looking at a little
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bit rain, something we definitely need. >> we do. probably a tenth to two tenths of rib out of this. it doesn't make a huge dent in our rainfall deficit. before saturday's rain, there is some fog this morning. we are doing fine. we don't have major issues showing up across the bay bridge. temperatures are in the mid 40s for most of the bay. we've got colder spots in the north bay. you see temperatures back down in the upper 30s for locations in the north bay, 37 in santa rosa, 39 petaluma. visibility is down to .3 of a mile in santa rosa. everybody else is okay but we will watch north bay valleys for patchy fog. whatever we do in terms of fog now it's gone by late morning as it almost always is and then the high clouds show up for the
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today and temperatures warm up to the mid and upper 60s. next week you will see much warmer temperatures. high clouds show up but rain gets here early saturday morning. we'll start the showers right about there. that then takes us from saturday morning pretty much throughout the day, there is a chance of rain. it is focused on the morning and early afternoon. sun set and early evening, things quiet down. there could be thunderstorms malicioused into this as well. there won't be many but the possibility is there to at least see the occasional one. accumulated rain turns out to be a tenth to .2 of an inch of rain. we can pick up a half a foot of snow at higher elevations. snow report looks great because a little more snow on top of
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what's already a reasonable base for this time of year to still go up and ski if you wanted to make a last gasp as we go into middle of march and considering what the forecast looks like next week, this might be a good weekend to go to the sierra and enjoy the fact that light snow fell. we will be in the low to mid 80s tuesday and wednesday next week. same story for the micro climates, mid 80s by tuesday and wednesday for north bay valleys. that's the forecast for now. how does the drive look? it's looking pretty good for the most part at least 101 along the peninsula. cruising along we aren't seeing brake lights or delays especially south 101 as you head towards 92. if you are up early getting ready to make the ride along 101 through the peninsula, you should be good to go.
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280 is checking in problem free as well. if you are getting on the san mateo bridge, we are not seeing brake lights here. we are keeping a close eye on 101. this is north of there through santa rosa, petaluma. we may be seeing fog. limited visibility could be an issue. a 25 minute travel time highway 12 down 237. no brake lights, everything seems to be at the limit. live look at the golden gate, they already did the lane changes. 580, 680 dublin interchange is crowded. we are starting to see more cars but not bad if you are getting onto 680. first reports of a crash west bound 580 around north flynn. that's an area where we've got brake lights. apparently one of those investigation facing the wrong
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way in lanes. it's busy out of tracy and on 580 but everything seems to be at the limit. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights. everything is moving well into the city. the 580 ride just changed to yellow so a little slow there. a bakery celebrated by doing what it does best, baking nearly 18,000 loads of irish soda bread. the sweet passion bakery specializes in asian and irish goods. the recipe is 100 years olds. >> meeting my best girlfriend. we're having a picnic to celebrate. i will bring some irish bread and some goodies. >> don't worry if you could not stop yesterday. they sell soda bread and other
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irish baked goods all year. a live look at oakland which is about to make a culinary come back from the pandemic. restaurant week kicks off today. locals and visitors will be able to sample a wide range of cuisine. dine in or take out from more than 80 restaurants, pop ups, food trucks. we were talking about how much we love the restaurants in oakland. >> they go unmatched. >> a lot of people sleep in oakland but more food for us. >> i like it. he has the best recommendations. if you are looking to go, dm len. computer chip may have a new meeting. >> chipotle testing an autonomous kitchen robot. it is designed to allow human employees to focus on other food related jobs. chippy is being caught to cook chips with the current recipe, being tested at a hub and set
5:23 am
to make debut in southern california later this year. >> i am surprised that this is now just a thing. you would think there would be something like that because they make so many chips. >> hopefully chippy does not burn the chips and adds the right amount of lime. still ahead, millions of americans still struggling to pay high gas prices. how a businessman went above and beyond to help people at the pump. a jelly bean that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces new jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier for you form.
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let's look to lunch, noon to 2:00 time frame, what can you expect for your plans? a few high clouds and temperatures a little warmer than yesterday. you probably won't notice any difference between yesterday and today for that noon to 2:00 time frame. let's pick out your part of the bay. we watch this in lock step through the afternoon, temperatures climbing to the low and mid 70s by the early afternoon. i will be back with the rest of the forecast for tomorrow morning's rain. that's the bigger issue. see you with that in a bit. >> thank you. waiting in line for five hours for gas was worth it for some folks in chicago. >> that's because it was free
5:27 am
thanks to a millionaire businessman who decided to give gas away to help residents struggling with high gas prices. the chicago businessman donated $200,000 worth of free gas to ten different gas stations across the city helping hundreds. >> i have kids. i have to get them to school every day. the gas prices just so high. i can't make it. >> look at this truck. it's a pain in my rear end. the gas is ridiculous. i am burning literally 150 a week. >> he negotiated to make prices cheaper at the participating gas stations. he would like to try and do this give away a few more times. >> come onto california. >> maybe rotate around, try some different spots. >> yeah. 5:27. in our next half hour, the white house with a new challenge.
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their call to action for building owners and operators. >> transitioning
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, no end in sight to the conflict in ukraine. how u.s. and trng to stop russia's war machine. teachers on the picket line. demands from educators in one big east bay school district. a strong labor market rebound. the better than expected results as jobless claims came down. excitement and heartache for some bay area basketball teams during march madness. good morning. it's friday march 18. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning to you. so glad to have you with us on
5:31 am
this friday. happy friday. >> yay. >> it is finally here. >> so good to say. we are heading into a weekend that's a mixed bag of stuff. >> the two days will be very different. we will get the rain saturday. sunday will be much better because it will be plenty sunshine and we will warm up. before saturday's rain let's get you ready for friday morning. i have one issue to talk about and it is patchy fog in the north bay. the view looks great from the top of the salesforce tower. we don't have issues with fog here. if you look at the current for santa rosa not only is it foggy, it is also cold. it's 37 degrees. that's typical to be noticeably colder in north bay valleys or just about anywhere else. you see the visibility to santa rosa about a half a mile. everybody else, ten miles. we'll warm up to the low 70s for warmer inland spots, mid 60s for part of the bay.
5:32 am
69 in pleasanton, 66 san rafael. there is san jose going to 72. we will look to saturday's rain. we'll time that out in more detail but first we have an issue on the road. you were telling me you were seeing an issue on the altamont. it is a busy area for super commuters. you have super commuters making that drive and now you have this crash at north flynn. it is blocking right lane and right shoulder, vehicle facing the wrong way. on top of it being a trouble spot it is also likely a visual distraction for vehicles heading through. once you are past that everything seems to be moving better the rest of the way through the dublin interchange. our travel times are starting to reflect that. we are seeing a slower ride 39 minutes 205 to 680. we have more volume on the road way as we are closer to the 6:00 hour. no delays at the bay bridge.
5:33 am
metering lights are off. san mateo bridge is good, quiet in both directions. a live look at ukraine where several cities continue to come under bombardment from russian forces. >> anne makovec joins us from the live news desk with more on the situation. the russian aerial campaign unfortunately continues to go strong. new video this morning, firefighters battling a huge fire at the largest market. this started after shelling from russian sources according to emergency service. at least one firefighter died by a second attack while emergency workers were trying to extinguish fires caused by initial shelling. a live look again at the capitol of kyiv where we are hearing from the city council that 60 civilians including four children have been killed since start of the war. that is in addition to
5:34 am
potentially thousands fighters from ukraine. 60 civilians. ground forces meantime stalled in the suburbs. we just heard from the city's mayor. >> people want to fight. every day civilians ask please, mayor, we need the weapons. we are ready faes, our houses, >> a live look at the white house where president biden is scheduled to speak with the chinese president this morning. the white house says he is going to urge to refuse the request for military aid. also he will work to try to get him to talking to vladimir putin about calling off the invasion. more than 14,000 russian forces have been killed since start of the war. u.s. figures has that closer to 10,000 tops. as far as information from the
5:35 am
russians, that is not so forthcoming when it comes to their losses. we will keep an eye on all of it. >> thank you. some shaking in the sierra, magnitude 4.0 striking walker late last night. that's 60 miles southeast of lake tahoe near nevada border. the initial quake followed by at least three smaller after shocks. so far no reports of damage or injuries. today educators will be outside of their classrooms and on the picket lines. >> teachers in mount diablo unified are demanding a better raise than what the district is offering. justin andrews with the latest. >> reporter: teachers will be outside of concord high school. they say investing in students' education means paying educators a fair salary. teachers will picket before school starting at 7:15 this morning and after school at
5:36 am
3:30. teachers union voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike since a contract bale cannot be reached. mountie an low is demanding 12.5% over three years. district is offering about a many percent plus at least one smaller bonus. today a fact finding panel plans to review both to tray to come up with some compromise. teachers say they have not had a salary increase since 2017 and district has enough revenue to fund their demands and still be financially sound. they also have this concern. >> mount diablo unified school district must make sure educators have support and time needed to do their jobs. the district's proposals to reduce prep time would undermine teachers' abilities to be prepared for lessons. >> reporter: teachers plan to be at every school site. we will reach out to the district later this morning to see its response. a live look at the white
5:37 am
house where there is a new push to get building owners and operators to upgrade ventilation to curb spread of covid-19. the clean air and buildings challenge calls for owners to follow epa guidelines. this includes enhancing filtration and cleaning and creating clean indoor air action plan. such measures can reduce spread of air borne infectious diseases like coronavirus. cdc is no longer recommending most people wear masks inside. currently just 1.7 million people live in counties where indoor masking is recommended. that is because community levels of covid have been dropping quickly. three weeks ago, 28% of the population lived in high community level counties. now it is less than 1%. for the latest information on bay area covid restrictions as well as vaccines and teting,
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head to heartache on the hardwood as dons were bounced from round one of the ncaa tournament. it was their first trip in nearly 25 years. inside the war memorial gym usf fans started their evening watching lady dons take on air force in round one. this was the second bid for lady dons. they led for most of the game until the fourth quarter. final score 64-60, air force wins. after the buzzer it was the men's turn. they faced mary state. >> all i have wanted in my college experience is to witness our school be in the big dance. this is surreal. >> we are excited that this is something to build on for both teams. >> 92-87 in over time. st. mary's is advancing to
5:39 am
second round after a dominating performance against indiana hoosiers. they will play four seed ucla tomorrow. oil prices jump again this week and a look at the labor market. diane king hall joins us live at a cbs broadcast center in new york. good morning. happy friday. good morning amanda. happy friday. fewer americans signed up for unemployment benefits. first time filings fell by 15,000 to 214,000. that was better than expected. price of oil which retreated earlier in the week has jumped again rising above $100 a barrel. analysts blame renewed concerns as peace talks between russia and ukraine have failed to yield results. biden administration tapping top executives for advisory councils. united airlines american
5:40 am
general motors bank of america and other firms are joining. among top concerns are international travel restrictions which weighed down the industry over the past two years. we have our own sleep routines but tell me about this new survey on how to have sweet dreams. >> yes indeed. if you are not tucked in before 10:00, cianara to sweet dreams. americans who go to bed at 9:39 p.m. on the dot have the best night's sleep. we need to go to bed earlier. two thirds said they need a comfy blanket and cool room. not eating before bed and being in a room with apparently a little light and i say two pillows are a must. >> i am right there with you. >> a fort. >> necessarily. thank you so much. i will see you again when the
5:41 am
stock market opens coming up at 6:30. >> i am crazy about my sleep schedule. >> everything has to be just right and i am with her on the chill in the room under the covers. >> oh yeah. >> i can't wait to go to bed. >> we have hours to go. >> almost there. 5:41 in the morning. a few more hours to go. coming up, amazon is now the proud new owner after hollywood studio. how the deal will impact the streaming service. nasa's next step toward sending americans back to the moon and beyond. we are watching the forecast for tomorrow's light rain. yep, saturday areas got rain on it most of the day. it's not going to be a lot but we'll time out details and talk about next week's big warm up coming up in the forecast.
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5:44 am
while several western companies suspended operations in russia, one american business is staying put. it's two glass manufacturing facilities will continue to operate. billionaire charles coke says if businesses shut down the plants would be handed over to the russian government senators
5:45 am
workers at disneyworld are staging walk outs over florida's new bill dubbed don't say gay bill. it bans discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade in public schools. ron desantis is expected to sign the bill into law. delta employees set to receive a pay bump. it plans to give most employees a 4% pay raise, first increase since 2019. a spokesperson said pay increases are part of regular base pay raises offered to employees before the pandemic. amazon closed a deal to buy a legendary movie studio. it is acquiring mgm for $8.5 billion. mgm is home to 17,000 television shows and more than 4,000 films including james bond franchise. it will give prime video more content and help compete with
5:46 am
other streaming rivals. that's just a chance for me to watch more stuff on tv on the weekends. >> len has the restaurant recommendations, tv show recommendations. >> got you covered. let's get a check on our forecast for the weekend. is it tv watching weather? >> saturday will be. cloudy skies and rain as well. it's not the rain that should necessarily keep you inside all day but if you are making outdoor plans, sunday is the better day of the two. let's get caught up on friday first. that's the view out of oakland. a little bit haze but not much fog in the immediate bay. we are in the valleys where it is also cold. we have the coldest temperatures in the north bay valleys where the visibility is
5:47 am
pretty low. you will encounter some fog. the fog is gone by late morning. we get a few high clouds today. today is fine. i will show you daytime highs in one second. let's time out tomorrow's rain. it's just cloudy today and by tomorrow morning, right there, about this time, we are seeing first showers on shore in the north bay. then it goes from there. really can't rule out possibility for a light shower at just about any point in the day home. though morning and early afternoon are the two more likely time frames. that's 1:30. you see the showers focused on the heart of the bay. then they take their time to clear out by about sun set tomorrow. then overnight clouds will dissipate and sunday will be so much better. a tenth to .2 of an inch of rain. that covers the rain story for today. let me show you the forecast
5:48 am
for today's daytime highs, not to be left out with a few high clouds. today will be a nice day. it's tomorrow when the rain gets here. we'll obviously have to cool down a little tomorrow. then we warm back up again on sunday. then we really get going from there. look at the daytime highs for san francisco, oakland, san jose by tuesday and wednesday. low 80s in san jose. north bay valleys will be going to the mid 80s by tuesday. let's go to gianna and hear about that drive. let's look at the roadways if you are just getting ready, live look from mobile 5 cruising along 101 as you work in that mountain view area. we haven't had issues along the peninsula. if you are up early you won't have to deal with too many issues or brake lights.
5:49 am
101 if you are working towards san mateo bridge, headed north bound, you will have a nice ride. all clear into san francisco. south bound 101 into the south bay, no delays. the dublin interchange 580 west head lights towards # 80, starting to bog down a bit in the right lanes. if you are continuing on stick in the left lanes and you will head to castro valley more smoothly. you won't get stuck in the back up as folks connect to 680. one car is facing the wrong way, a bit of a distraction for commuters. this is an area where we see brake lights any day. it doesn't matter the day of the week. typically slow tracy to 580. highway 4 no delays and 101 is
5:50 am
moving nicely. bay bridge, traffic is at the limit with no major issues. as you work your way across the span, things are pretty quiet. it's pretty friday light for the most part. nasa taking a giant leap to getting first woman and first person of color to the moon. >> the mission is crawling closer to eventual goal of a lunar launch. the massive rocket is being moved slowly over a four mile course to the launch pad. it will undergo testing and rehearsals ahead of its historic mission. >> we will see the first woman and first person of color on the lunar surface. we'll develop and implement science necessary for a longterm human presence in deep space and we will utilize knowledge to prepare for future human missions to mars. >> as soon as 2024, americans will land on the moon again and
5:51 am
make history for a different reason. >> crazy. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> unreleased prince album. the record being put out after being shelved for more than three decades. the at 2:00 on kpix5. confirmation hearings start monday for president biden's supreme court nominee judge ketanji jackson. if approved she'll be the first black woman to serve on the highest court in the country. nancy cordes caught up with people who have known her for over 30 years. >> i pulled over, sobbing hysterically, hands are shaking. >> we just screamed jumping up and down. my kids are like what's wrong,
5:52 am
what's wrong! someone texted my daughter and she's like okay, i know why for you i wish many things... to see all the world can be. but most of all... i wish you'll never stop wishing. ♪ ♪
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taking a look at walnut creek with our camera on mount diablo. we are not looking at much in the way of fog. north valleys are but inland
5:55 am
valleys in the east bay. if you look over the hill you see patchiness, stratus clouds starting to fill the bay in other. we'll probably see clouds increase in the heart of the bay for the next hours. i don't anticipate it to be fog. you see downtown oakland fine. however north bay valleys, we'll talk about fog on the road. i will see you with more on that in a bit. >> thank you. time for a look at entertainment headlines. dolly parton's name will remain on the ballot for induction to the rock-n-roll hall of fame despite her request to bow out. she says she didn't think she had the right to be indoctrinated. they said it is thoughtful and it will be left up to voters. voting is now underway. after more than three
5:56 am
decades an unreleased prince album will soon see the light of day. it was recorded in 1986. it was shelved. some bootlegs did make it to auction over the years but there are eight on camille. this will be the first time they've been part of an official album. really excited about that. >> prince fans rejoice. in our next half hour, contra costa teachers teaching the lesson outside the classroom before school starts. why they are headed to the picket lines this morning. the message from santa clara public health officer. another covid surge is possible. why she says the county will have a lack of money to deal with it. a young tennis star forced to flee ukraine finding a new home in the bay area. how a call on social media landed hadder in marin county. a live look outside before
5:57 am
break from our mark hopkins camera. we are still waiting for that sun to come up. we'll be right back. at adp, we understand business today looks nothing like it did yesterday. while it's more unpredictable, its possibilities are endless. from paying your people from anywhere to supporting your talent everywhere, we use data driven insights to design hr solutions and services to help businesses of all size work smarter today. so, they can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another ♪ everyone remembers the moment they heard, “you have cancer.” how their world stopped... ...and when they found a way to face it. for some,... ...this is where their keytruda story begins. keytruda—a breakthrough immunotherapy that may treat certain cancers. one of those cancers is advanced melanoma, which is a kind of skin cancer
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, russia's invasion of ukraine in its fourth week. the critical call expected today from president biden. the man accused of killing a security guard during a botched robbery in oakland set to face a judge. the charges he is facing this morning. >> reporter: teachers will be on the picket lines in one east bay school district. you will hear their demands next. santa clara county warning another surge is possible. why the county will be financially unprepared. good morning. it is friday march 18. i am len kiese. >> i a


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