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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 19, 2022 7:30pm-7:59pm PDT

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an important sequence for murray state and a chance to cut a little deeper into this lead. all of a sudden they go the other way. shows up again here, on sat saturday.hann connects.o pl. three players for st. peter's with four famas. defended by brown.
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swing it. >> he had the same type of shot against kentucky, if you recall, that hung up even longer than that. >> ian: 59-54, st. peter's. hannibal, swing, catch, fire, hill, yes, sir.
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now it looks like a flat 2-3 zone right now for st. peter's. look at this cut. he has attacked soft touch. big time reaction.
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points off turnovers as well. st. peter's with the lead.
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stripped of the ball, gets it back. >> we got an injury over here. >> ian: he cannot put any pressure in what appeared to be a right foot issue.
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out to check on sophomore, trae hannibal, who got the start here tonight because of the injury to carter collins. take a look at the right side here. looked like the left foot, more than anything else.
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they have to go a little bit deeper now with daquan smith. a off the rim. in a foul is called. >> jim: he was running into i it. >> ian: that's it for drame. murray state is in the bonus.
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2 points, six boards. played with the ja morant few years ago when murray state won a tournament game in the first round. they're working with him, trying to test that right ankle. >> jim: they know they're in a little bit of trouble here. >> ian: banks back in, playing with four famas. there he is.
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blocked out abounds. ndefo tried to say that. >> jim: that was a good effort, to go after it, rather than try to get high, get low off the floor. ada out abounds.
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he starts losing his balance a little bit there, and puts a little too much heat on the basketball. drive off the rim, tip and it nearly goes and it would have been williams who touched it last for murray state. and said, it's a 13 points. we will step aside and come back for the frenetic finish.
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>> the isolation across the middle of the floor, a big-time drive to the basket with his speed. the mcmahon family were on the edge of their seats, and other up on their feet.
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50 seconds left in a foul given. banks is an 86% free throw shooter heading to the line. it's skipper brown. that is the quota for him. you get your footwork down. >> ian: he's been held to just 4 points after exploding in the first round with 27.
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not moving from that spot. you go on the fast motion here. >> ian: trae hannibal is back in. off the rim, he grabbed it, st. peter's in the driver's s seat. the winner mo bamba philadelphia on the sweet 16. texas and purdue in the other portion of this bracket.
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the leader seven. shoots it at 72%. when he makes them both. st. peter's 68, murray state, 60. pull-up three is off. doug carter will hug to the free throw line and it sinking in for murray state, an opportunity to go to the sweet 16 for the first time in program history, st. peter's had never won an ncaa tournament
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game until the other night in the shocking victory over kentucky. eight-point lead for the peacocks. he misses on a pair. if 28 left. brian rushes ahead. go sit for williams. ndefo on the outside, a foul called. one-m defensive cre. 23 seconds left. more free throws here for st. peter's. speak to their defense just doesn't take a playoff. they may make mistakes, but they do not take a playoff. >> ian: murray state had won 21 games in a row. kim holloway, the wife of
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head coach shaheen holloway and family very calm, 23 seconds on the clock. i think their son might've been watching a cartoon. another block! that's going to do it. st. peter's never trailed. and it's over. it st. peter's has done the unthinkable. thck iarted territory, stpeteem
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nd ty are ity strong. >> jim: boy, are they it's about two hours to philadelphia. >> ian: straight down 95. and you dance into the sweet 16. shaheen holloway has done it. what a performance. holloway allows himself to celebrate. hugs. his wife, kim. it can you believe it? st. peter's and is in the theyacup winthe ncaa tournament.
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murray state. st. peter's are headed to philly. right now, we're headed to ja jamie. >> the school's first appearance in a sweet 16. you're standing here, hence in your pocket spread what's going on? >> i'm just happy for these guys but i'm kind of soaking it in right now. it's amazing. how about that. >> how about that. you never were behind the entire game. it wasn't about the way you guys play basketball lip gets into the skin of these other teams? >> the stuff we put these guys through, it's tough. kudos to these guys. they deserve it. >> how much did experience have to do with getting need to this point? >> i think a lot.
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>> jamie: you are a jersey guy. this is a jersey school prayer and what is that mean it to jersey? >> jim: it meansrything. but i'm a new york i. >> jim: my mistake. >> think you so much. >> ian: you're welcome. >> ian: jamie, college powerhouses in the sweet 16 in the east. north carolina, ucla, and st. peter's. tune in to tmt and tbs right now for live second round games. so long, peacocks pride on display. they are going to the sweet 16. incredible.
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it's teams like st. peter's knocking out the state of kentucky single-handedly. theylad at their pace.m. an absolute terror. loose balls, tremendous effort by the whole crew. it is >> a lot of times when you see cinderella you see, well, they played over their heads. these guys didn't play over
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their heads, they actually controlled against kentucky. reminds me of jeff green that's in the nba when he was young. he is a stud. >> three time defensive player the year.
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that clearly was the high point of their career. great coaching job. razorbacks under a minute over on tbs. do not adjust your set spread the number 1 seed overall down by ten at the break. here's the lineup for tomorrow starting with houston and illinois. texas and purdue and tcu takes on arizona.
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what a performance.


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