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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 24, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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tv for more news. i'm tom hanson, cbs news, new york. it's thursday, march 24th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." high stakes trip. president biden is in belgium for an emergency nato summit about the crisis in ukraine. how they plan to take more action against russia. of course she was a trail blazer as the first female secretary of state. >> remembering madeleine albright. a look back at the life and legacy of the country's first female secretary of state. vaccinating america's youngest. moderna takes a major step in hopes of inoculating children under the age of 6. well, good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green.
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we begin, of course, with president biden's trip to belgium where he's meeting with western leaders about the war in korean. -- in ukraine. he landed in brussels last night. he's expected to announce a series of new military and economic sanction against russia as the war enters a second month. the white house has put together a team of national security officials to decide how the u.s. should respond if russian president vladimir putin uses chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons in ukraine. in a nightly address, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy said that he expected serious steps from western allies, and once again called for a no-fly zone. bradley blackburn is in new york with the latest on all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. president zelenskyy will participate in that meeting with president biden addressing the nato summit virtually and after a full month of russian attacks, he is also asking people around the world to take time today to show their support publicly for ukraine. president biden is meeting with
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nato and european allies in brussels, a show of unified support against russia's invasion of ukraine. >> this brutal war in ukraine will have long-term consequences for security. >> reporter: nato announced it's doubling troop deployments in eastern europe. new sarchgds -- sanction are expected as well as a plan to reduce europe's dependence on russian energy. >> the world must stop the war. >> reporter: in a message posted to social media, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy noted it's been one month since the war began, and called on people around the world to publicly show support. >> come to your squares, your streets, make yourselves visible and heard. say that people matter, freedom matters, this matters, ukraine matters. >> reporter: ukrainians, many unable to visit their public squares due to russian shelling, are finding ways to contribute to the war effort. these artists in kyiv are producing bulletproof vests. >> we are fighting here not even
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for freedom but for existence. >> reporter: yesterday the u.s. formally accused russia's military of committing war crimes in part for deliberately attacking civilians. >> they're suffering at the hands of an aggressive war that was launched unprovoked by russia. >> reporter: according to a senior u.s. defense official, russians have fired more than 1,200 missiles, many hitting civilian sites including hospitals, apartment buildings, schools, and shopping malls. and kyiv's mayor says those russian strikes have killed 264 civilians. we are also getting a stronger sense of russian military losses in this war. according to a new nato estimate, as many as 15,000 russian soldiers have been killed. anne-marie? >> bradley blackburn in new york. thank you very much. well, today's the final day of confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee ketanji brown jackson. a vote is expected april 4th. as jan crawford reports, the
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latest round of questioning turned heated. that to me is exhibit a of activism. >> reporter: on the second day of questioning, some republicans turned up the heat, continuing to press judge ketanji brown jackson on whether she was too lenient in sentencing child pornography defendants. >> any of these defendants -- >> wait, judge -- you think it is a bigger deterrent to take somebody who's on a computer looking at sexual images of children and the most disgusting way is to supervise their computer habits versus putting them in jail? >> no, senator, i didn't say -- >> that's exactly what you said. >> reporter: and divisions among senators spilled over. >> no one case can stand in for a judge's entire record. >> i'm discussing every one of your cases. so if -- >> i understand that -- >> if you're not going to explain it -- >> senator, would you please let her respond. >> no, not if she's -- >> reporter: there were multiple clashes on the committee. >> your nomination turned out to be a testing ground for conspiracy and culture war theories.
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>> reporter: both sides dug in. >> every time somebody on this side of the aisle asks questions of the judge, you come back and denigrate and you attack and you criticize the line of questioning. >> reporter: that was part of the democrats' strategy. while using their questions to help jackson make her case with the american people. >> what i really want to ascertain is what kind of a judge you will be. >> i would hope to be the kind of judge that i have been during this last decade. i think i've been the kind of judge who lives up to the oath in terms of being fair and impartial, ruling without fear or favor. >> reporter: and senator cory booker discussed the historic nature of her nomination, jackson was moved to tears. >> you have earned this spot. you are worthy. you are a great american. >> reporter: jackson did make some news. she told senator cruz she did not plan to participate in that major affirmative action case
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the supreme court will take up next year. it considers the use of race in admissions in harvard university, and she sits on harvard's board. with that solid conservative majority on the supreme court, her vote may well not have affected the outcome of that case. jan crawford, cbs news, capitol hill. flags at the white house have been lowered to half staff to honor madeleine albright. the country's first female secretary of state lost her battle with cancer yesterday. president bill clinton chose albright as america's top diplomat in 1996, a position she served during the last four years of the clinton administration. at the time she was the highest ranking woman in the history of u.s. government. her enormous influence is still being felt at the state department. >> the impact that she has had on this building is felt every single day and just about every single corridor. >> in 2012, president barack obama awarded albright the medal
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of freedom, the highest civilian honor. madeleine albright was 84 years old. ahead on "cbs mornings," we will talk with former president bill clinton about the life and legacy of madeleine albright. and just in time for the start of major league baseball season, new york city is about to exempt athletes and performers from the city's vaccine mandate for private workers. mayor eric adams is set to make the announcement later this morning. it clears the way for brooklyn nets star kyrie irving to play home games and unvaccinated baseball players to take the field at yankee stadium and city field. the city's sweeping mandate for the private sector will still apply to people with other types of jobs, though. meantime, moderna plans to ask the fda to authorize two covid vaccine shots for children under 6. the results of a study found the vaccine was 43% effective in children ages six months to two years and 37% effective in children ages 2 to 6.
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if regulators agree the small doses are safe, the vaccine could be ready by the summer. the city of miami beach, florida, is extending a midnight curfew through the weekend following a pair of shootings which left at least five people injured. officials say that the measures are being taken in response to the excessively large and unruly crowds during spring break. >> we've had five people shot on our streets in the middle of miami beach. there's nothing to discuss. there is a public safety emergency. we cannot tolerate that. >> i feel that it's bad because it's not like it's spring breakers. it's like the locals of miami. >> the mayor of miami beach says that he's getting tired of watching spring break parties turn into chaos. police have made one arrest so far in the shootings, but they say they have yet to catch the primary suspect. coming up, tornado aftermath. the miles of damage left behind by a deadly twister in the new orleans area. and later -- ♪
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ready to shine from the inside out? say "yes" to nature's bounty. the number one brand for hair, skin and nails. with our signature blend of health and beauty nutrients to bring out more of your inner beauty. nature's bounty. live bountifully. detained wnba star brittney griner is set to be in good condition more than a month after she was taken into custody in russia. the state department says a u.s. embassy official was able to visit with griner yesterday. she was detained at a moscow airport on february 17th. russian officials accuse her of carrying vape cartridges that contain oil derived from cannabis. if convicted, she faces up to ten years in prison. officials in louisiana are getting a closer look at the damage left by a tornado, and there was a shooting at an outlet mall in an arizona suburb. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "associated press" reports five people including one child
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were injured when gunfire rang out at an outlet mall near phoenix yesterday. police were quick to say that it was not an active shooter but the result of an altercation between two groups of people. no word on any arrests, though, and the victims are expected to be okay. the new orleans "times picayune" says the national guard spent much of the day going door to door checking on residents following tuesday night's powerful tornado. the twister cut an 11-mile path of destruction, damaging at least 150 homes and killing at least one person. in arabi a woman described how her family took cover in a bathroom. >> i honestly didn't think i was going to live through this one. the sensation, the wind, the sound, i thought we were going to die. we barely made it into the room. five, ten more seconds we would have been in the hallway which is nothing. >> the national weather service says arabi's damage was caused by a tornado of at least an ef3 strength with winds clocking 165
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miles per hour. and "the new york times" reports that wikileaks founder julian assange married his longtime partner in a prison in london. his wife, stella moris, celebrated with a crowd of supporters. she wore a wedding dress, carried a bouquet of flowers, and cut the first slice of cake. it's not clear who attended the cemony inside theson. assange has been held at the high-security facility since 2019. he's fighting extradition to the u.s. on espionage charges. still ahead, population shift. new census information reveals which places in the u.s. lost the most residents during the pandemic. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without
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on the cbs "money watch," the pandemic's impact on the population of big cities, and instagram is bringing back a chronological feed. diane king hall is in new york with those stories and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. we will get a snapshot of the labor market today with the latest weekly jobless claims report due later this morning. meantime, stock futures are indicating a higher open after losses during yesterday's session amid rising oil prices. the dow dropped 448 points. the nasdaq fell 186, and the s&p 500 lost 55. 2021 was the slowest year of population growth in u.s. history. that's according to new census data. the pandemic is largely to blame for deaths outnumbering births. the numbers also show a major shift in population with many fleeing big cities. new york, los angeles, chicago, and san francisco collectively lost more than 700,000 people. smaller cities like boise, idaho, and myrtle beach, south carolina, saw substantial
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growth. now that coronavirus cases are dropping and mask mandates are being lifted across the country, air carriers. -- air carriers want the white house to ease travel restrictions. the ceos of the biggest u.s. airlines including delta, american, and united wrote a letter to president biden asking that airplane mask mandates and international pre-boarding testing requirements be lifted. the top brass said the mandates are no longer necessary and have put the burden of enforcement on airline employees. and instagram is giving users a fresh way of viewing their feed with new favorites and following features. favorites brings posts from preferred accounts to the top of the feed, and following highlights posts from accounts the user follows. both options show the posts with the most recent appearing first. instagram says the new features give users more choice and control over what they see. anne-marie? >> diane king hall in new york. thank you, diane. >> reporter: thank you. next, what miley cyrus is
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ ♪
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that's a 9-year-old international piano prodigy performing his original composition dedicated to the people of ukraine. the accomplished musician who has already played new york's carnegie hall and the royal albert hall in london says his weapons are his piano and his notes. some scary moments for singer miley cyrus on her way to a music festival in paraguay. cyrus posted this video on instagram showing lightning outside of her airplane. she said it was caught in a major unexpected storm and struck by lightning. they made an emergency landing, and everyone on board was okay. the festival was later canceled, though, due to the weather. and from "bay watch" to broadway, pamela anderson is ready to make her debut playing roxie hart in "chicago." the 54-year-old is calling it a dream role.
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>> i think for roxie it's not just about being famous. it's about having freedom and having attention and a loving way. so i can relate to a lot of the stuff in the show. it feels very meant to be. >> anderson will take the stage in chicago for eight weeks starting on april 12th. and the red carpet has been rolled out for the 94th academy awards. workers put down the carpet yesterday at the dolby theater in hollywood. this sunday, celebrities will be descending on the red carpet ahead of the big awards show hosted by regina hall, amy schumer, and wanda sykes. coming up, first on "cbs mornings," simone ashley of "bridgerton" stops by to tell us about season two of the hit series. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." series. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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president biden is meeting with nato and european allies in brussels today in a show of unified support against russia's invasion of ukraine. it comes as nato announced that it is doubling troop deployments in eastern europe. and there are also plans to introduce a new round of sanctions against members of russia's parliament. and professional athletes and performers are about to get the green light to work in new york city without needing to be vaccinated. mayor eric adams is expected to make an exemption official this morning. the city has no plans to revise its vaccine mandate for most other private sector workers, though. and the covid pandemic has led to hospital staff shortages nationwide. health care workers have also
4:26 am
reported a significant rise in burnout. natalie brand shows how one hospital group is addressing the problem. >> my name is angie, i'm one of the nurses here today. ohio are you -- >> icu nurse angie wheeler considers the job a calling. but the pandemic posed a test unlike any other in her four decades of experience. >> the pandemic totally changed nursing. >> reporter: it's led to a surge in burnout among health care workers nationwide. this hospital in prince george's county, maryland, has experienced up to 30% turnover in nursing staff according to chief nursing officer crystal beckford. if hospital systems don't address this, what does that mean? >> operationally you could come to a standstill. we have to address nursing burnout. >> reporter: that means rolling out a new self-care strategy from treats to say thank you to a quiet room to take a breath -- even if only for a few minutes.
4:27 am
>> notice any tension -- >> reporter: meditation over zoom. >> hold it. >> reporter: techniques shared with new nurses in training. >> the hospitals are engaging with their staff and doing the little things really go a long way. >> reporter: ashley gick, a nurse of five years, is using a new tuition assistance program to study management as hospitals innovate ways to retain their critical front line. >> if we keep where we're at right now with staffing shortages and increased patient ratios, it burns you out heart and soul. >> reporter: while health care workers are trained to put others first -- what do you think is going to prevent health care workers from burning out? >> taking care of yourself first and foremost. >> reporter: the intensity of the past two years has stressed the importance of taking time to recharge. >> it's nice in the midst of things to see some beauty. >> reporter: and appreciate life in order to better serve others. natalie brand, cbs news,
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maryland. coming up on "cbs mornings," we'll speak with the former president bill clinton as he reflects on the legacy of former secretary of state madeleine albright. bestselling author and former football player emmanuel acho talks about his book. and actress simone ashley of "bridgerton" stops by the times square studio to tell us about season two of the hit series. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪ ♪
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