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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 30, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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ended in the search for a carjacking suspect believed to be armed and dangerous. chapter 5 flying over the bay bridge. the crash has been cleared, but the backup began earlier this afternoon remains. it stretches into san francisco neighborhoods. allen marsden joins us to break it all down. >> chopper five flew over that crime scene this afternoon which closed multiple eastbound lanes for hours. here is what happened. 11:45, two cars crashed on the lower deck, just west of the treasure island offramp. instead of exchanging information, one of those drivers got out and brandished a gun. he then carjacked a passing pickup truck, which was not involved in the crash. chp posted a picture of the truck, they are looking for a white chevy colorado. they say the carjacking suspect is a man in his mid-30s who was considered armed and dangerous. our photographer drove through the mess on the lower deck this afternoon. traffic was inching along. chp closed three lanes as they investigated the incident, and that, in turn, led to gridlock all afternoon.
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ryan, back to you. >> thanks. let's go back to a live look from chopper five. it's been a nightmare all afternoon. it did not help that there was another accident in the initial backup leading to the bay bridge. more people back in the office, you have a recipe for this mess. you can see all those cars backed up right now. let's take a look at the traffic map. that mess spilling into san francisco streets. lots of red on the map with heavy delays on 80 and on 101 right now. another violent carjacking incident in san francisco. this one involved four suspects, including to oakland teenagers now under arrest. police say the armed suspects tried to carjack an asian man's vehicle on mississippi street monday afternoon. one hour later, they assaulted and carjacked a bmw of an elderly asian man on dellwood circle. after a chase across the bay bridge, and a crash on treasure island, officers were able to arrest a 14-year-old and 16- year-old suspect. police say one of the suspects
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tossed this handgun while running away. the two teens face a series of felony charges including assault with a deadly weapon, attempted carjacking, and carjacking of burglary. new details on a san jose police shooting. the man shot outside a la victoria restaurant was a high school football star. the suspect just rested a gun from a customer. he was currently playing at contra costa college. reporter devin fehely has more from greene's attorney who says the police shooting was not justified. >> police conference yesterday was called to answer questions about the shooting that happened in downtown san jose early sunday morning. while they did answer some questions, it also raised other troubling questions about their methods, and the motivation behind the information they had released about the shooting. >> my client sprang into action, and was a hero. he disarmed this man. >> reporter: civil rights
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attorney pointer say the security camera video released by the police department only tells part of the story. he says it is selective and self-serving. and attempt to assassinate his clients character after injuring him in a shooting he believes was not justified. >> right after the words came out of the officers mouths, they are firing and he shot. he was never given any time to comply, to say anything to the officers, to drop the gun. >> reporter: police chief anthony mata says keon greene walks out of the restaurants with gun in his hands. and officers were simply protecting the public. >> what we presented to the officer was an individual with a firearm. it was a threat to the people who were inside the restaurant. >> reporter: the release of information by the police so far has been piecemeal. police security camera video from inside the restaurant and a single still image from the officers body camera. when asked again today, they say they are not yet ready to
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release the footage on cameras. >> it is self-serving for them to introduce a portion of a video and a still image of a video and say look, this is what happened, and this is why, without releasing the rest of the information. >> civil rights organizations say they fear with the police department is trying to do by only releasing some of the video is to put a finger on the scales of justice. >> if they want to have an objective review, they cannot try to sculpt the narrative, which they clearly are trying to do. this was pr. that is all. >> reporter: so far, police have only released information which supports their version of events, but they say they plan to release the raw footage within 45 days, as required by state law. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. 30-year-old brian carter brought that going to victoria, police say. he was a felon in possession of
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a privately made firearm and has been released on bail. fully driverless cars with no human safety drivers behind the wheel are coming to census go streets. andria borba has more on the company trying to make driverless taxis a reality in the bay area. >> reporter: behind me is one of the launches for women, the latest company to get autonomous driverless cars for the first time with no one in the driver seat. chances are you have seen these white jaguars driving around the bay area. but, with a human in the drivers seat. that will all be changing, as waymo joins the race to make your bad driving habits obsolete. >> we will probably only see more competition in this space overtime. >> reporter: for now, vehicles will be carrying google employees on trips through the city and county of san francisco and not the general public yet. billy reitz, a professor at the
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university of san francisco says after fits and starts where driverless ai technology struggled to recognize humans, these versions were good enough to get testing permits fr the dmv and the cpuc. >> in terms of image recognition technology, the technology has evolved substantially in our ability to differentiate not only between different types of pedestrians, an elderly individual or someone who has reduced mobility, but also, to be able to identify cyclists. >> reporter: it does not mean the technology is perfect yet. our own da lin caught video of this cruz vehicle glitching out in san francisco over the weekend, causing a traffic backup before finally taking off. it is moments like these, giving some san francisco citizens pause about being a part of a live-action beta test. >> that will make me look at both sides of the street a lot more, i think. >> i'm not confident. the reason i have a lack of confidence is that my gps doesn't work on my application
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delivering food. it has taken me to the wrong address three times today, four times yesterday, and this worries me. >> reporter: our cameras did not spot any vehicles with empty driver seats today. brian cooley, from cnet, says companies like this are not blindly sending driverless cars into the streets. >> these are not companies that like to take risks come and go out and get ugly headlines and massive lawsuits. when you see companies like general motors, cruise, or you see waymo, you see uber, putting these things on the road, their legal teams have taken a hard look at it and that should reflect the fact that this technology is more or less ready for this stage, if not for full deployment. >> reporter: this does not mean you will be able to call a driverless car to pick you up for a ride quite yet. the company does not have that permit yet from the state of california. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. a san jose jury has handed down a $102 million a
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settlement to two women who claim that union school district failed to stop a teacher who was sexually abusing them. the two plaintiffs claim the school board -- school band teacher samuel knight molested two female students between 2009 and 2017. their attorneys say the union school district turned a blind eye to complaints about the teacher from parents and students. the attorneys also claimed the school learned about inappropriate text messages night sent to a student. however, the district granted him tenure and at one point, named him teacher of the year. we spoke to both attorneys this afternoon. >> the school district did nothing. they did their own internal investigation, they kept everything confidential, and they let this guy keep his job, and he continued to molest girls in his classroom for years and years and years, afterwards. >> reporter: the union school district superintendent issued this statement to kpix saying in part, i want our community to know that the safety of our students will always be our top priority. in september, 2019, knight pleaded no contest to a dozen
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criminal charges related to the sexual abuse of former students, and received a 56 year prison sentence. the 39-year-old is currently behind bars at a kern county jail. the latest from ukraine, officials there say russian forces continue pounding areas around key of. that is despite a pledge to pull back, as both sides are still trying to negotiate. cbs reporter skyler henry is live a for us in washington with more. hi, skyler. >> reporter: good to see you. if you let defense officials tell it, they were already skeptical about the russians in terms of their claims about pulling back, so much so that the pentagon press secretary talked about this today, saying that the movement they have seen around key of is really more of a repositioning, if you will, around 20% towards the north belarusian border and really, we should be viewing this as a repositioning,
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resupply, stocking up, if you will, trying to determine how they will reshuffle those troops. not necessarily withdrawing troops from that area. we have seen movement, obviously, towards the north, so much that ukrainian officials say airstrikes and ground incursions continue in that area. obviously near kyiv as well. it is raising the concerns of ukrainian officials, the president spoke with ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy for nearly an hour earlier today, talking about not only the situation on the ground, but also just the security assistance which is needed in that country. and then, he also talked about the u.s. pledging some $500 million to go to the ukrainian government directly on top of the $800 million that the u.s. sends to ukraine which was starting to be trickled in last week in terms of military assistance. remember, there is obviously a humanitarian component to this
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as well. the president last week was in europe talking about this with some western allies, trying to figure out how best to try to solve that issue. we know the u.s. is taking in 100,000 refugees by itself. other european allies are doing the same as well. one notable thing that happened here today is that a top general in the european command said that based on the war in ukraine it is highly possible that we could see the american strategy shift, if you will, in terms of how they view the continent, thinking that things may perhaps shift given how this war plays out. u.s. troops will be positioned in different places, to best protect nato allies. there is a lot of movement happening as the hours go on, sarah. >> skyler, so much speculation has come about vladimir putin's state of mind and mentality and relationships inside the kremlin, that has all been very mysterious. what can you tell us about these reports that there is
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tension between russia's president and some of his military leaders? >> reporter: that is the interesting thing. that is what we confirmed today. cbs news confirmed that, based off of declassified intelligence which was released today, we have learned that russian president vladimir putin made be being misled by his military about not only the performance in terms of the war in ukraine but also the state of the economy as well, really sort of speaks to that enclosed sort of bubble, if you will, that the russian president is receiving this bit of information. we know that president biden is not the one who released this information to the general public. the white house was asked about that earlier today, but also saying they confirmed that this is what was happening. they don't know how president putin of course is going to react, but based off of intelligence reports and things we are seeing from defense officials we know it is certainly impacting the russian military in terms of morale. so of course it will be
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interesting to see how this all plays out. >> skyler, thank you so much. still ahead on kpix 5, the academy starts disciplinary proceedings against will smith for his oscar slapped. what happened when the actor was asked to leave the ceremony. more news shocking hollywood, the health diagnosis that has bruce willis stepping away from his career. spectacular views of the golden gate (music throughout)
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we do have breaking news about the fallout for will smith and his oscar slapped. >> elizabeth has new information from the academy on the possible consequences. >> reporter: the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences said will smith broke their code of conduct and was asked to leave the ceremony on sunday, but he refused. >> reporter: for the first time since the award show, the academy's full board of governors met and has now begun disciplinary actions against will smith for the slap that stunned the oscar audience on
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sunday. in a statement, the academy said, quote, mr. smith was asked to leave the ceremony, and refused. we also recognize we could have handled the situation differently. board member whoopi goldberg was adamant that smith's actions would not go unpunished. >> there are consequences. there are big consequences. >> there has to be. >> reporter: the academy said it could take action that includes suspension, expulsion, or other sanctions permitted by its bylaws and standards of conduct. if smith is expelled, he would join the ranks of harvey weinstein, and roman polanski who were removed from the academy, but kept their oscars. entertainment reporter clayton davis. >> there are people who are calling for his oscar to be revoked. that is highly unlikely to happen. he is more likely to be suspended. >> reporter: suspending smith, rather than expelling him permanently and allowing him to keep his oscar would keep the academy from having to address offenses from previous winners. >> i don't think he has opened
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pandora's box and has the academy cycling through everyone's prior controversies. >> reporter: will smith will have 15 days to submit a written response to the academy. the next meeting is scheduled on april 18th. in the meantime, chris rock has remained silent since sunday's slap, but that could change in just a few hours. this is video of rock arriving for his comedy show tonight in boston. ticket sales for his tour have surged since the oscar incident. all of his shows have been, so far, sold out. >> thank you, elizabeth. in other news, one of hollywood's most bankable actors, bruce willis announcing he will step away from his career. he battles a health condition called aphasia. coming up at 5:30, we will have more on the brain disorder and the impact it could have on a person's ability to can indicate.
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a live look at the state capital and a big deadline tomorrow for california renters. it is the last day to apply for covid-19 rental relief. rental advocates rallied in to sacramento today, they were calling on the state to expand the program. the current bill will expand extend eviction protection through june 30th but some renters say even that is not long enough. >> i have to move out. i don't have nowhere to go. >> the states rent relief program has paid out $2.4 billion, but that covers less than half of all renters who have applied. an extension of the program would give renters shield as the state process the paperwork. severe weather in the midwest, several people were injured after a tornado tore through arkansas. storms in the northwest part of the state around 4:00 a.m., storms destroyed homes along power lines, leaving hundreds of residents in the dark. the center has issued five separate tornado watches for the region. >> it is a good thing that people there tend to be weather
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aware. >> right, you have to be because the weather does its best to kill you this time of your. this is that time of year through the middle of the country, that line of storms is marching through tennessee, mississippi, alabama, louisiana. around here, we cannot buy more rain. we have a dry forecast for the next several days. we have fahd developing tonight but it will not be as stubborn as what we started off with this morning. it took until 11:30 or even noon for inland parts of the bay area to see some breaks in the cloud cover. some fog redeveloping later on tonight but it will not be as stubborn and should dissipate more quickly as we had through the first hours of thursday morning. a warming trend begins tomorrow and will be most noticeable by friday and saturday. then we will cool off a little bit for the second half of the weekend. passing clouds overhead. unfortunately, it is unlikely that we will see anything more than his prickle from those clouds. finklea i would be surprised if we even got a sprinkle. a continuation of the theme we have seen since the beginning of the year, it has been all or
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nothing through the rainy season. october, november, and december. downtown san francisco registered 16 inches of rain. that was the seventh wettest october, november, december combination on record in downtown sentences go. the record-keeping goes back to 1850. 170 plus years of data. since the first of the year, we have added just more than one inch of rain, which is the driest january, february, and march on record for downtown sentences go. it's like flipping a switch we will not see any rain for the end of march tomorrow. i feel confident putting that number even including the day that is yet to come tomorrow because we round the corner into april, we are not quite out of the time of year where we could still get some rain chances. the average for april rainfall is about half of what we typically put pickup during the month of march but until we get to the middle of may, we cannot rule out the possibility of a couple of rain chances headed our way. if we get half of what is normal for the month of april i think we will be doing something because we have been in this dry pattern for a while.
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for the first time in april looks like it will be dry. the 60 ten-day outlook from the production center and 8 to 14 day outlook takes us through the first 13 days of the month calling for significant chance of average rainfall which in the month of rainfall means next to zero. wind speeds are noticeable out right now. the wind will back off as we had through tonight. gusty onshore wind keeping a school today, they will relax as we had through tonight into early tomorrow morning. the wind will be on shore tomorrow, cooler in san francisco and along the coast. the wind will be not as strong as gusty conditions we have right now and the wind should die off even more through the end of the workday. out of the fog has finally dissipated only 55 degrees in downtown sentences go. 57 in oakland. the cooler air made its way into the livermore valley. only 58 degrees in livermore for 68 degrees in concord, 66 or the warm spots. in the 40s early tomorrow morning which is normal for this time of year. in normal start to the last day of march. temperatures tomorrow return to slightly above average for oakland and inland parts of the
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bay area but still slightly below average for sentences go with a high around 60. along the coast, temperatures will only reach the 50s. close to 70 degrees in san jose falling just short, a mix of upper 60's for inland parts of the east bay. cool temperatures around the babe of the oakland side of the bay will definitely be warmer. temperatures in the north bay also upper 50s and low 70s. the warmest spots reaching up to around 73 degrees. temperatures should be a few degrees warmer on friday, with warm weather sticking into saturday. cooldown on sunday with passing clouds, no rain from those clouds and then a bigger warm- up kicks in next week. inland temperatures into the low 80s one week from today, which is abnormal for april. >> we are crossing our fingers for april showers. >> yes at some point, hopefully we will get additional rain. clearly more than an inch. >> not great. >> thank you. a record-breaking american astronaut is coming back to earth, hitching a ride with russia. we will tell you how the
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tensions in ukraine are impacting our cosmic partnership. san jose's nearest fire station will be shared between the airport and the city with what they call a hybrid m centuries ago, native californians thrived on this land. now, we share a destiny with all californians. when voters granted our sovereign nations exclusive gaming rights, it advanced self-sufficiency and created thousands of good jobs. but now, out of state corporations are coming to california. their online sports betting initiative would break the promise between us. it's bad for tribes and all californians. join us. protect the promise.
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now to the coronavirus. president biden rolling up his sleeve at the white house to get his second covid-19 booster shot. this comes one day after the fda approval for those 50 and older. the president also announced the launch of a new covid-19 website, which features a new test to treat locator tool helping people find tests and i antiviral pills. >> no longer will americans have to scour the internet to find vaccines, treatments, tests, or masks. it is all there. >> reporter: this comes as the cdc says the seven day average of new covid-19 hospitalizations nationwide is at its lowest levels since the
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agency started keeping track. on a live look now at capitol hill, the president is urging congress to apply at more than $22 billion in emergency covid funding before the money runs out in june. he says that will help fight any new variance which may impact the united states. american astronaut has returns to earth after 355 days at the international space station. astronaut mark amanda had touched down in russia. his nearly one year-long mission comes as relations between the u.s. and russia are obviously strained because of the war in ukraine. despite the current tensions, astronauts say the work in space is kept professional. >> we have our problems with president putin on earth. if they abandon the space station, we would manage. we would figure it out. but, we do not anticipate that. it has survived all these years , it will not stop now. >> just last month, the head of
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russia's space agency implied that the russians might discontinue the partnership if the u.s. does not lift current sanctions. fewer and fewer students are attending community colleges here in the bay area and elsewhere around the state. what is behind the big enrollment drop, and what community colleges still have to offer students. plus, a closer look at the health condition that is holding bruce willis his acting career. a brand-new type of contact ♪ ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer... are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs.
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, more local news at 5:30. san jose unveils a new airport fire station. why there are few like it in the country. >> you think you have a chance against us, mr. cowboy? >> bruce willis stepping away due to the health condition holding his career. enrollment drops at immunity colleges. what is causing it and how it is affecting bay area students. as california slowly recovers from the pandemic, bay area community colleges have welcomed back many students to campus. but, if you are actually returning to school. san jose city college is one of those campuses. now there is worry


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