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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 31, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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i had the tv on and i could see the smoke and the sparks flying. nought at 11:00, a power surge blows out appliances in the east bay. why homeowners may be out of luck. tonight, biden administration preparing to unveil a major new
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plan. hoping to reduce prices and save you money the next time you fill up. >> they look like me. and here, wanted to give people my age a voice. a passionate debate over new use of force protocols for a troubled bay area police department. we will hear from community members and the chief. movie star bruce willis will take a break to acting because of a little known health condition. we will hear about it leading the effort to raise awareness. >> the fact that we are talking today, that people are hearing the word it makes a big difference. >> we say good evening to you. new at 11:00. homeowners in livermore are demanding answers from pg&e after a power surge fried everything from appliances into air-conditioners in more than 500 homers, kpix5 on the utility's
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response. >> i had the tv on, i could see the sparks and smoke and boom, it was scary. >> she called 911 and got everyone out of their house early on tuesday morning. that is when a massive power surge hit her livermore neighborhood. according to pg&e it was caused by a palm frown falling on a line. it caused the power surge so powerful it blew the meters off of houses and fried the electrics. >> our dishwasher destroyed, coffee maker, xbox, mine tors, also solarpanels, garage door openers, kitchen appliances, systems, sprinkler controllers, basically coming that was plugged in when the surge hit. >> how do you have that much
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electricity going through your house at one time to do this much damage? >> we are extremely busy right now, nonstop calls. >> reporter: tim is one of the project manager for a local livermore electrical company. he says they worked on 36 houses yesterday and 43 houses today. >> the cost of repairs that i have seen on the high end would be up to 40- 50,000. that is just in the appliances alone. >> impacted homeowners can file a claim for damages. they told us in a statement although the palm tree was not in pg&e's right-of-way and we are not responsible for maintenance we will review and consider each claim. you can find information out about how to file that claim on our website one way to prevent this from happening in your home is to install a whole house surge protector. >> in the meantime, president biden announced a plan to bring gas
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prices back down-to-earth. sources tell the associated press he wants to tap up to a million barrels a day from the nation's strategic oil reserve. to curve the gasoline prices. tonight, declassified u.s. intelligence suggests putin is getting bad information about the russian military struggles in ukraine. the white house said today that putin advisories appear to be afraid to tell him the truth about troop losses and lack of progress in the russian advance. pentagon officials say that could influence putin's decision making and make him less likely to end hostilities, it is as they have not seen any evidence that russia is following through on its promise to deescalate. russian forces intensified their shelling today. one day after pledging to scale back operations around the capital. defense officials say less than
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20% of the troops around kyiv have been repositioned tonight. >> back here in the bay area, the city hoping to end a violent trend in their community. 19 people have been killed by officers since 2010 and tonight, kpix5 reports, the new chief is now asking the public for help. >> in the works since 2019, even before the current chief joined the department. tonight, the chief tells me he already has seen positive changes. >> i would want them to know what i believe is important is that we care, we want to work with them so that they can begin to see the changes that they have been asking for. >> when the police chief says them, he is referring to the families that lost loved ones due to police violence. shortly after taking over, chief williams developed a deescalation policy and that policy has
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made a difference. >> in 2021 we saw about a 40% reduction of use of force for the first time in over 20 years, we did not have a critical incident or officer-involved shooting, our claims were down, complaints were down. >> the purpose of today is to get feedback from our community. >> the police department and the community recognize that there is a lot more work to do. this town hall meeting focused on the changes to the use of force policy. >> i am concerned about the behavior. passed behavior of the department in the past and lack of accountability for the police that killed civilians and bent their badges. >> we hear those stories, those folks are often my age, i just want to be here, one to give people my age a voice, right, be here, you know, it is not like every 27-year-old american male and a cop. we are not, right. >>? >> the shootings of young men from
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fractured the community. tony stewart, though. has hope that things can change for the better in the future. >> i want people to come out and be involved in, you know, exchanges and implement those changes so that in 20, 30 years my kids or other kids are not dealing with the same issues that we are dealing with now. >> kpix5. >> new details on what happened after san jose police shot a man following a brawl inside of a restaurant. the man's attorney tells us that his client was handcuffed to his hospital bed and not allowed to see his family until this morning. they shot him four times early sunday morning as he backed out of the restaurant with a gun in his hand. his attorney says the former high school football player had actually wrestled the gun away from a man in the group that started the fight. >> it was presented to the office was an individual with a firearm. it was a threat.
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>> right after the words come out of the officer's mouths they are firing, he shot. he was never given any time to comply. >> his attorney accused the police of treating him like a criminal. the criminal suspect despite knowing he did nothing wrong. the 30-year-old brian carter has been arrested and charged with bringing a gun to the restaurant. bruce willis revealing a condition called aphasia is ending his acting career. we spoke with a bay area patient and the east bay treatment center leading the effort to raise awareness. >> reporter: even if you never heard of aphasia it is common. a center across the bay to help people cope with it. >> get together, have a few laughs. >> reporter: he is known as a hero to take on any nemesis, but today action super star, bruce willis, privately battling a real life challenge.
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his family posted our beloved bruce is experiencing health issues and recently diagnosed with aphasia that is impacting his cognitive abilities bruce is stepping away from the career that meant so much to him. so, what is aphasia. >> it is a language disorder that effects different people in different ways depending where the damage is in the brain. and so it could effect talking, understanding, reading, writing. >> reporter: the aphasi ascenter of california is base inside oakland. since the news about bruce willis broke, their phones have been ringing off of the hook. >> people hearing the word it makes a big difference for those living with aphasia and their family members. the first time they heard of it is when they get the diagnose. >> reporter: the disorder effects two million americans, among them, michael, who suffered a stroke in 2015. >> frustration is the main thing is that, you know, the main thing that
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bothers me. hais no cure but therapy includes speech and language therapy. willis'family has not gone into further detail what brought along his detail. if they recover 100% that might not be as likely can they live quality lives and fulfilling lives and participate in their lives, absolutely. >> as per bruce willis he had been busy shooting several movie sph-s of which expected to be released later this year n . san francisco, kpix5. californians that missed rent payments due to the pandemic have until tomorrow to apply for help or face possible eviction. a bill making its way through the legislature would extent eviction protections through junefor any renter who applies before the deadline. >> the state's rent relief program has paid out $2.4 bill one.
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believe it or not it covers less than half of the renter who's have already applied. >> giving a live look stirring debate over who should receive compensation for slavery. reparations could be cash payments, free college, housing assistance and a formal apology. others argued all 2.6 million black californians should be included. >> this is about writing the wrong that was done to a specific group of people. and, in this case, that group of people is the descendants of slaves. >> we are not interested in taking anyone else's share, we just want our fair share of opportunity. still ahead, we are learning what happened immediately after will smith's oscar night slap as chris rock returns to the stage for the first time since then.
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and tonight, a victory for diners that claim delivery apps like grub hub and door dash are driving up prices. >> california has a new plan
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tonight, we are hear from
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chris rock for the first time since the slap at the oscar. he performed two sold out shows in boston tonight and immediately addressed the elephant in the room. i had a whole show that i wrote and i am still trying to process what happened. >> will smith is now facing possible suspension from the academy after slapping rock on the oscar stage over a joke about smith's wife. the academy said smith was asked to leave but refused. and it quote could of handled the situation differently. the award season is not over yet. you can catch the grammys on sunday night right here on kpix5. new at 11:00.
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grubhub, uber eats and others must answer to a lawsuit. diners accuse them of driving up menu prices during the pandemic. no price competition clauses forced restaurants to raise prices by barring them to charge less to dine in or order directly. we reached out to the companies for comment but have not heard back. fully driverless cars are coming to san francisco city streets. the wamo is the latest company to test them with no human back ups behind the wheel. at first they will carry only google employees, the company does not have a permit to carry regular passengers just yet. >> tonight, a san francisco man who spent nearly a full year in jail on an assault charge is free after a jury found he act inside self-defense. that came eight months after his trial date. the public defender's office pleading with the supreme court to free up more courtrooms to
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address a growing backlog of defendants whose trial deadlines passed. >> there are currently hundreds of people sitting in jail presumed innocent, passed the day they are, by law, required to have their trial by. so far the courts have just ignored all of these issues. >> the court told us in a statement, working as fast as it can under the difficult circumstances. presented by the pandemic. >> tonight, governor newsome has a plan to fight fire with fire. unveiled a $1.2 billion proposal intended to prevent wildfires, the plan calls for targeted controlled fires covering 400,000 acres over the next three years. including funds for a training center where firefighters will learn how to safely conduct controlled burns. unfortunately they are going to need that training sooner than later. just because we don't have enough rain. >> right, still in drought conditions, at this point in the rainy season
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it is wrapping up. we are not as bad off as we were a year ago when we were in extreme to exceptional drought. still not great. the storm system that squeezed the atmosphere over the bay area today it missed us to the north. sending all of the moisture to the northwest. close enough to send passing clouds to the bay area and produce the squeeze in the atmosphere and producing the gusty winds, they are backing off. noticeable wind stirring things around. that is the case as we start the day on thursday. while we still will have an onshore wind, keeping the coastal areas cooler. not as strong. the winds picking up along the coast. throughout the afternoon, some 15-mile-per-hour gusts farther inland. gusts at 20 miles an hour along the coast. you are always one of the windier spots, let's take a look outside right now. we are not seeing as much fog. another consequence of the passing storm system, there will be some fog to begin the day tomorrow, it will not be as widespread or stubborn.
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temperatures right now, upper 40s and 50s. all in the 40s by the morning. exactly normal for the last morning of march and then the temperatures warming up to close what is normal for this time of the year. the exception, san francisco along the coast, the city, temperatures topping out at 60, a few degrees above normal. stuck in the 60s. not as strong as you go farther inland and temperatures in the 60s and warmer spots in the 70s and for the last day of march, continuing on the dry weather pattern we have been in so often so far in 2022. a stark reversal for the rainy year. october, november, december, 60 inches of rain for downtown san francisco. the 7th wettest stretch for three months on record. and the record goes back to 1850. that is significant. also significant, the dry weather, since the beginning of the year. barely an inch of rain downtown. the driest january, february, march combination on record dating back to 1850. as we round the corner into april it is not the peak of rainy season but we get some rain
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chances, april rainfall on average is 1 1/2 inches, if we get half of that number i would be excite about it. the first half of april is looking dry. 6-10 day outlook from the climate prediction center and a 14 day outlook taking us through the month of april. both showing a chance of below average rainfall, some signs in the long-range data that getting into an active pattern for tax day. the temperatures are going to warm up friday and saturday. below 60s. upper 60s for oakland and san jose. everybody cools off a little bit on sunday with passes clouds and no rain out of those clouds, we will warm up again on monday and tuesday. the warm weather arrives on wednesday. most of the inland areas will be lower 80s and the coast it will get into the middle 60s by the middle of next week, vern? straight ahead in sports, the warriors, better, not enough. the usa men's soccer team finally made a little bit of noise tonight.
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nba up top, i always say numbers don't st position in th conference. poole moved up the list, the streak of 20 plus point games hit 15. kept the game with the e lead i fourth quarter here. tied a careig they stay with one of the leagues best scoring teams, tied at 96 later, chris paul made his move. scored seamingly at will when it counted. here is the play, down one, last half minute, green, turned it over. committing 21, green had been strong at both ends, that was a dagger, chris paul chuckled he knew it was over. paul, again, sealed it and the suns won it, 107-103. bumped the warriors from third in the conference to fourth behind dallas who clinched a
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playoff spot with the outcome. quickly over to soccer. it finally happened. after an 8-year wait, the usa men headed to another level the world cup. they did not even have to n rica tonight. they just could not get routed by more than six goals, they know all of the offense tonight. juan vargus, stadium dripped with u.s. fans, saw the american men clinched their first world cup birth since 2014. they will earn more kudos on friday with the 32-team field is set. nhl, young sharks fans, coyote fans, friends, turn on the lights we want action, they got it. sharks could not stop him from scoring the fourth career goal all have been against the sharks. coyotes won it 5-2. sharks will try it again tomorrow when
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they host colorado. nhl. big number 98, key is a jacksonville, jaguar, 6 1/2 sacks with the 49ers last season. he spent the first few years in the league with the raiders. bruce arias is no longer the head coach of the buccaneers, he retired to take a ont end job. > all good things must come to an end. saint peters peacocks, coach, an elite 8 run going back to his school. greene said would not matter if they were third or fourth seed if they were healthy and play together they would be a problem for opponents. i will have to stick with him. i am one of the most positive guys on the planet. >> that is true. >> undisputed.
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>> i said it. >> yeah. team vern. >> i am always on team vern. no matter what. [ laughter ] >> thank you, sir. up next, a glimpse at a universe that was nearly 13 billion years ago. details on the remarkable discovery
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tonight, the telescope is giving astronomers a look at the sky. >> they found a star less than a billion years after the big bang. it is long gone now, scientists so massive it likely exploded after a few million years. >> we have been working under the a assumption one massive star with that it has to be a
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third of the mass of the sun. it is a really big star. >> good to see these stories there is perspective how small we are. >> there is a big universe many universes out there and -- >> a lot of smart people working on this. >> and a lot of things we don't know, yet to discover. pretty cool. we'll be right back.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching, the news continues streaming on cbs bay area, have a good night >> announcer: the following program is sponsored by operation smile. every three minutes, a child is born with cleft lip or cleft palate. in many countries, they can't get the surgery they need. >> interpreter: i feel bad when they stare at her. they say, "look how ugly she is." i feel very happy.
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i don't know how to explain it. she looks brand-new. >> interpreter: he gets upset when he drinks because it falls out of his mouth. before, he looked so different, but now he looks good, and that makes me happy. he's very handsome now. >> interpreter: people say he was born like a monster. we have prayed for this moment to happen. he's gorgeous, precious - very precious. no one is going to recognize him at home. ♪♪ >> imagine if your child were born with a cleft lip or cleft palate and you were too poor to afford the surgery to repair it. you'd feel helpless, left to watch your child grow up rejected and bullied. that's the heartbreaking reality for parents in the world's poorest countries.


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