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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 31, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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left to apply, otherwise they could face eviction, starting tomorrow. good evening, i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm elizabeth cook. a three month extension for active applicants just cleared the state legislature by a wide margin. >> andria borba explains why one bay area lawmaker cast the only no vote. >> if you were in line tonight by midnight to get rental relief from the state, you will also get three more months of protection for eviction. state senator scott weiner serving a district with 62% renters voted against it, saying it did not go far enough. >> in my view, we should have put more money into it from our surplus so that we can continue to make sure landlords are getting paid and tenants can avoid eviction and rent theft. it is a win-win for everyone. that is why i and others were disappointed that we are not extending the rent relief program.
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>> reporter: lauren blanchard has a tenant who has not paid rent for 20 months and owes her $16,000, money which should have gone to pay lawrence mortgage. the tenant initially applied for and got some rental relief for lauren, but has stopped and become hostile. >> for the last 10 months, she has refused to cooperate on ongoing reimbursement. >> reporter: renters advocates say there are plenty who will be left in the cold by today's bill signing, because they have not signed up for rental relief, yet. >> i feel like there are still a lot of people who have not applied yet or did not know about this program. it has been difficult for them, also, to navigate the website. >> reporter: on oakland grand avenue, the east bay housing association is hosting a clinic to make sure people can get in the queue and protection for midnight. three applications filled out today. here are the documents you need. >> we need a rental agreement from the tenant, a proof of i.d., a ledger stating the
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amount of rent owed. any income documents, or a hardship document. and, that is just for the tenant and the owner it will be a property tax statement, a rental agreement for that resident with unpaid rent, and a w9. >> reporter: again, the deadline is midnight to complete the state of location for rental relief and get three more months of pandemic eviction protection. in emeryville, andria borba, kpix 5. >> for more details on the extension and a link to the rent relief website, just go to our website, let's take a live look at the sierra, where state officials are conducting their first snow survey of the season tomorrow. april 1st is considered a key measurement when it comes to the snowpack because that is typically when it is at its peak, before the big spring melt. many bay area water managers are not waiting for the results to bring back restrictions. coast side water in san mateo county wants to cut usage by 17%. it is now limiting sprinkler
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used to twice per week and banning people from spring down driveways, patios, and sidewalks. >> if you have drip irrigation, which we consider more efficient irrigation systems, you don't have the same restrictions. so, hopefully it encourages people, maybe, to upgrade their irrigation systems to drip. >> the water district wants customers to cap their individual usage at 50 gallons per day, but it will not penalize people for going over. in san jose, one high school student is recovering from a gunshot wound, and another is under arrest, accused of pulling the trigger. it happened just before 11:00 this morning. about one block from yerba buena high school, prompting a campus lockdown that lasted more than two hours. >> we were in class, just having a lecture, and then out of nowhere, we got an announcement on the pa system to shelter in place, and then we started boarding at the door, locking it, putting desks in front of the door to barricade in case of anything. >> we are told police recovered
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a semi automatic handgun from the suspect backpack. the victim is expected to recover, no word yet on what led up to the incident. a new poll finds 65% of bay area voters avoid downtowns because of crime. wilson walker has more on the numbers that some say do not tell the whole story. >> we are standing across the street from the louis vuitton store that got looted. >> reporter: as a san francisco resident, pat is familiar with what happened in union square, but he says the real problem is car break-ins. does he think crime is getting worse? >> here in oakland, absolutely. >> it is my perception that even here in walnut creek, two or three years ago, things that are happening here were not happening here. your macy's stores and nordstrom's and a whole lot of kids bum rushing and running out with everything. >> reporter: and oakland resident, shawna knows about the high-profile looting in downtown walnut creek, but he does not think that is the whole crime story. >> so, for me?
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no, i don't think crime has increased, i just think that there are different levels of it, and we have technology that is exposing it, now. >> reporter: as for whether or not the bay area is a safe place to live, pulling differs by county, as you can see. 60% of san mateo county residents say they do feel safe, but the numbers slide from there, just 37% of alameda county residents feel safe. >> you could ask a lot of folks in cities, you know, they have either personally have the car broken into and glass smash with her best friend or neighbor or family member has. >> reporter: jim wonderment is president and ceo of the bay area council and he says crime was once a trailing concern in polling, but now it ranks third on the list of most important problems facing the region, just behind mainstays. >> you've got homelessness, which is number one, and then you have housing. right after that, you have crime. that was way down on the list. so, is that perception? is that reality?
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i don't want to guess. i think we need to take it very seriously. >> wilson walker, kpix 5. today is transgendered day of invisibility, a time of focused on increasing awareness of transgender and non-binary people around the world. people in sentences goes mission bay neighborhood celebrated with performances, showcasing the talents and diversity of its trans community. ngle day, not just today. we have needs, that have never been met. >> in honor of cesar chavez day, farmworkers and supporters marched through chicago to push for a new voting right built making its way through the legislature would give farmworkers the option to vote by mail on union issues instead of strictly in-person. >> we have the opportunity to make the call from our home. >> farmworkers have never been allowed to do this. big ag has always fought it.
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>> the governor vetoed a similar bill last year ever, quote, inconsistencies related to valley collection and review. the office did not respond to our request for comment today. still to come on kpix 5 news at 7:00, no stranger to grammy nominations. me to the bay area composer looking to add a lucky 13th trophy to his collection. plus, president biden's big plan that could help lower gas prices by up to $.35 per gallon. and, while you might need to throw out that peanut butter sitting in your pantry. plus, another major milestone for the nation's oldest park ranger, who lives right here in the bay area. a pretty sunset on this thursday evening, temperature today returned to basically what is normal for this time of year. cooler near the water, warming up inland and the warming trend continues tomorrow. wait until you see next week's forecast. we have that all coming up in the first alert forecast.
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the countdown is on to music's biggest night. >> among the many bay area nominees, a legendary musician up for his 13th award as he conducts a private battle with his health. here is kpix 5's betty yu . >> reporter: he is a 12 time grammy winner known by just three initials, mtt. michael tilson thomas is up for another grammy. >> reporter: early march at davies symphony hall, the audience was treated to a big concert called test in brass, included in the program? a piece called street song. the work was composed by
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michael tilson thomas. >> it starts with this burst of energy, a burst of dissonant action that is suspended in time. michael street songs is a complete gas. it so much fun to play. >> reporter: on this night, brad hogarth conducted and principal trombone tim higgins played. before the concert began, they spoke to kpix about the magic and genius of mtt. >> mtt is such a titan in the field. his recordings inspired me to be a musician. >> i think michael brought the orchestra into what modern orchestras need to represent in their community, and what the orchestra can provide for the city that it lives in. >> reporter: mtt is nominated for best classical compendium. the work is titled bird, a violin concerto, seven early
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songs and three pieces for orchestra. it is performed by mtt and the san francisco symphony. the musician says every moment on stage with his colleagues is memorable. for multiple grammy award winning mae fleming, to season for the symphony, it began before the pandemic with an opening night gala in honor of mtt. it was quite the party. now, the future is uncertain. last august, mtt announced he has brain cancer. the type is almost always lethal. he underwent surgery and treatment. then, with gusto, the maestro returned to work. here he is in january, conducting the san francisco symphony. the rest of the year is packed with concerts, from cleveland to prague. >> he deserves every accolade, and more. you can never sing enough
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praises about michael tilson thomas. >> reporter: fellow grammy nominee composer joe okeke says mtt is an inspiration. >> he is always looking for where music and the secrets within it can give us new information and perspective on our own lives. >> reporter: mtt is living every moment of his life, doing a exactly what he wants to do which includes more time with loved ones, both two legged and four-legged. >> reporter: in a note to the public, mtt says he intends to stick around for a bit, to create and collaborate on great music. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> michael tilson thomas, or mtt, his grandparents immigrated from kyiv, ukraine and became pioneers of the american yiddish theater. on you can hear about the musicians talk about the impact of music during the pandemic and ukraine with more. the grammys there live right here on cbs, followed by
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an encore showing at a late addition of kpix 5 news. taking a look at your top headlines. new details about the moments after will smith slapped chris rock at the oscars. in an interview, with abc news, oscars producer will packer says l.a. police were ready to arrest smith of the ceremony, but rock declined to press charges. during his first stand up show since the incident, chris rock told the crowd, is still processing what happened and will have more to say at a later time. president biden unveiling his plan to help lower gas prices across the country. he is ordering the release of millions of barrels of oil per day from the nations strategic reserve for the next six months. the president says it could bring down the price of gas by $0.10 per gallon to $0.35 per gallon. >> this is a long-term bridge to maintain oil supply until production ramps up later this year. >> the pentagon says ukrainian
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forces are on the attack near kyiv and other key cities despite ongoing russian airstrikes. the u.s. and nato officials warn russia's military is preparing to execute more attacks, even as virtual peace talks are respected to resume, tomorrow. skippy is issuing a voluntary recall of more than 162,000 pounds of peanut butter which may contain fragments of metal. it affects three varieties sold at walmart, in 18 states, including here in california. ryan, those products are skippy reduced fat, creamy, and chunky peanut butters as well as skippy creamy peanut butter with plant protein. >> thank you very much, elizabeth. let's give you a live look outside at oakland as we check in with first alert meteorologist paul hagan. paul, i know tomorrow is going to be a big day in the sierra. we are hoping for some good news for. >> yeah. we are hoping they find a higher water content than what we expect when they do the april 1st snow survey, but basically, they are in the same
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boat we have been in but with snow instead of rain but very little of it over the last three months. we are wrapping up the month of march today. with sunshine overhead, the morning fog was not as widespread, was not as dense. we had warmer temperatures as a result. that is a theme that looks like it will continue into the month of april. the newest outlook from the climate prediction center calls for a good chance of below average rainfall during the month of april. not exactly surprising given that we have not had any since january 1st. it has been a fairly weak signal towards average rainfall, the stronger signal is to the southeast as well as towards stronger temperatures but in general we expect a warmer than average and a drier than average month of april. does not look like the next rain chance will head our time into the extended range of the forecast data, which is always a little bit tenuous. temperatures today close to average onshore breeze, noticeable gust earlier this evening and further inland, those are dying down. we start out with common conditions to begin the day on friday. onshore breeze will be with us once again, the strongest along
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the coast, unless you're in bodega bay where it is always more breezy. strongest guest in the 20 to 25 mile-per-hour range along the coast and further inland, 15 to 20 miles per hour. strong enough to keep temperatures near average or slightly below average range along the coast at san francisco. further inland, temperatures will warm up to above normal for this time of your. right now, we are in the 50s around the water but 56 in oakland, 54 downtown. temperatures inland still in the low to mid 60s but those numbers will drop into the 40s by early tomorrow morning, anywhere from 40 degrees in santa rosa to a few spots around the bay and along the coast in the mid to upper 40s and then we start warming up how fast we warm-up depends on the influence of that onshore breeze. by lunchtime, temperatures around the bay will be near 60 degrees, pretty nice for the first day of april. 50s along the coast, you will not climb out of the 50s for highs tomorrow. further inland, temperatures will be in the mid and upper 60s to around 70 degrees already by noon with inland temperatures likely to reach up into the low to mid 70s. 60s for highs around the bay, and along the coast, you will be stuck in the 50s once again. but, at least you will see more
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sunshine than you did earlier this week. temperatures will be similar again on a saturday, maybe a degree or two warmer for the first half of the weekend and then we cool off by 3 to 6 degrees on sunday that brings us back down to average temperatures for early april. some passing clouds overhead on sunday but no moisture out of those clouds. cloud cover is still with us intermittently on monday but temperatures will start to warm up for monday and tuesday with the warmest today's arriving by wednesday and thursday, well into the 70s for san francisco and oakland, wednesday and thursday, and low to mid 80s for san jose. inland parts of the east bay and northbay even reaching into the mid and upper half of the 80s by thursday. it is not quite record-setting, but it is abnormal for early april. even along the coast, a light offshore wind will reduce the marine influence and your temperatures should reach into the 60s as we had towards the middle of next week, feeling more like late may rather than early april. >> that is warm. >> it is. yeah. air-conditioner will be kicking in for those inland parts. >> so weird. this is not supposed to be happening now.
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it's not july. my boots are staying in the closet, i'm not packing them away just yet. holding out hope. >> thanks, paul. still ahead, the tech tracking you behind the wheel and how california could protect your privacy. ahead in our streaming service, cbs news bay area, we dig into the competing state proposals to offset rising gas prices and we will learn about a new documentary highlighting the bay area as hyphae movement, you can watch our stream wherever, whenever, find us on pluto tv channel 1021 and on any platform using the free cbs news app.
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heartbreak at uc berkeley tonight, after one of its beloved falcons was found dead. falcon watchers believe granite may have been hit by a car downtown. and he had made their nest at the top since 2017, raising new checks there each year. your cars computer could be tracking and reporting your every move, just like a cell phone. great. report from consumer watchdog highlights privacy concerns for owners of connected cars. the reports author tells kpix
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5, charging your phone in the car or using the car's emergency feature funnels data to advertisers and insurance companies. >> everything from the amount of times you break, where you go, biometric data, you know, your weight, your political preferences. >> he says there are companies that want to bring advertising to your dashboard, but a california privacy rights act could possibly include a way for drivers to opt out and prevent their information from being gathered. still ahead, another major milestone, the nations oldest park ra
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and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. finally at 7:00, the nations oldest living park ranger is now retired. 100 year old betty read
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susskind retired today after a long career working at richmond's rosie the riveter visitor center. within the world war ii homefront national historical park. susskind has been a prominent figure in the bay area for more than a decade. last up timber, a west contra costa unified middle school was renamed in her honor. well- deserved. she is such an incredible lady and i am so happy for her that she is sailing off into retirement. that is pretty special. >> congratu tions to bett
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