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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  April 4, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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now on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area, live from our sales force tower camera over the bay bridge. good morning it is monday, april 4th. >> darren what a great weekend we had. >> yeah. more of that coming this week. sunny warm and nice we are going to be 15 to 20 degrees warmer than that by the time we get to thursday today might not notice a lot of change. it's going to feel like sunday. we don't have cloud in the way. not dealing with any fog or widespread issues with fog. low 50s forever. livermore in the 4s. visibility, 10. if we jump ahead to the forecast, today, back into the low 70s inland locations where up yesterday. we will be in the mid-60s in
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the har of the bays that's where you were yesterday. the warm up shows up by wednesday and thursday. it will be quite noticeable. if you pick out your part of the bay freemont, 66. san rafael 67. concord 71. we maybe at 90 by the time we get there. let's get to gianna franco and see how the forecast is looking. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. it's windy for the bridges. according to chp. a little different from the weather service. the golden gate, southbound, 101, no delays into the city. at the bay bridge, so far, so good.
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no brake lights or issues. if you are upelly getting ready to take the ride into the altamonte pass, it's business as usual. no crashes, accidents or incidents. traffic is busy coming up tracy to 580. new details on the mass shooting in sacramento. police are on the search for the gunman. it happened as bars were closing at 2:00 a.m. sunday. police say three women and three men were killed. within the last several hours police has identified 38 year old sergio harris as one of the six deceased victims. >> a family came forward saying their son was killed in the shooting. >> the scene is still very active this morning. >> kenny choi gives us a look at the active investigation. >> reporter: no suspects identified but sacramento police confirm multiple
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shooters are involved after witnesses describe an altercation that erupted around 2:00 sunday morning. >> the first person was a young lady with blood all over her. >> reporter: the victims include three men and three women and 12 others are wounded and treated at nearby hospitals. >> the scale of violence that happened in our city is unprecedented. >> reporter: police continued to collect evidence and recovered one stolen handgun. no suspects identified and no vehicle descriptions of any get away cars released. >> we are shocked and heartbroken by this tragedy. we are also resolved as an agency to find those responsible and to secure justice for the victims and their families. >> reporter: tonight teresa wallace attended a small community vigil. >> my heart goes out to these families and this is just not
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this generation, it's the next generation as well. >> idiots being idiots. that's what you have. it's about getting illegal guns off the streets. >> reporter: police obtained video and looking for more as leaders call for stricter gun control measures. >> how many unending tragedies does it take before we cure the sickness in this country. >> authorities say this is the lat sh in sacrto story. over a month in the city as well. we are learning more about two other victims of the shooting. >> i got a call in the middle of the night. >> reporter: he wants to see his son, 38 year old sergio harris, he says he is staying strong for his family. investigators told the family his son is among the six people
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killed. >> a whole bunch of shock. >> reporter: the family says sedgeio is survived by his wife and three children. another family confirmed the mass shooting killed turner, his father came from work and says gunfire struck his son was leaving a downtown club. >> what did they tell you that you can share with us? >> they didn't tell me nothing. >> reporter: the victims are under the white tents. they can't move the bodies until they are done processing the entire crime scene. >> where is the killer or the killers? that's what is going through my mind. we need them arrested and brought to justice. >> stay off of the streets. quit playing the games. >> people who grew up in the area are in disbelief. we spoke to several people who
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shared with us their raw emotions am woman was with one of the victims earlier in the evening. >> did you hear the gun shots? >> oh, my god, yes. sounded like a machine gun. to see them laying there like that is killing me. >> reporter: cheryl keys is processing what she heard and saw overnight. >> i'm a mom of six and have 11 grand kids and one great grand baby and it's killing me. >> reporter: she was talking to someone earlier in the night to find out he was one of the victims. >> you saw him moments before he was shot? >> yes. just to see him laying like this lifeless is not okay. >> it's not okay. >> you live nearby were you out here and saw the chaos? >> yes. we were ducking for cover, like
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a war zone. haven't seen sacramento like that since i was a kid. >> reporter: michael hall grew up in sacramento and raising his son in a town he used to feel safe in. >> sacramento is a pretty small area. everybody hangs out in this vicinity. >> would you feel okay having you son walk and now? or is it a different ball game now? >> it's a different day for us. >> reporter: for the missioned emotions circulating, there is one that keeps surfacing the most. >> whatter overtakes you the most? >> sadness. a live look at the white house this morning where president biden spoke out on the mass shooting. he released a statement saying america mourns for another community devastated by gun violence. six individuals left dead and a dozen more injured.
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families forever changed. survivors are left to heal wounds but we must act. the president says his administration is taking action to reduce gun violence, the strategy would help cities expand violence interventions and hire more police officers. the president is calling on congress to strengthen gun laws. taking action when it comes to common sense gun laws. this during a post game press conference, kerr says it's time to do more than moments of silence. >> i don't think moments of silence are going to do anything. at some point, at some point, our government has to decide are we going to have some common sense gun laws. it's not going to solve everything. it will save lives. you think about all of the common sense laws we could and should put in place if we had
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any guts, if our government had any guts. >> that shooting happened house before they tipped off against the kings. we brought you the breaking news live on cbs news bay area. we will continue to follow this tragic story as it develops on air and online at live news desk following the latest in ukraine right now as russia is moving back some of its troops from territories that it had claimed weeks ago moving away from the capitol and toward southern and eastern ukraine. they reclaimed the ghost town near the chernobyl nuclear plant and back and kyiv after more than five weeks. the departure of the russians was followed by a seize of grim
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discoveries. the remains of 410 civilian victims were recovered in towns, some appeared to have been killed with hands tied others showing signs they were tortured before being killed. the kremlin says up in of the troops targeted civilians in ukraine. they are asking the u.n. security council to convene. the meeting could happen today. back to you. coming up on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area, airlines hoping to get back on track after a weekend full of cancellations. music's biggest night
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san francisco police are investigating a double homicide
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in the crocker amazon district. all went down -- two of the victims died and the two others were taken to the hospital for their injuries. police say the suspect drove off in a get away caring no arrests have been made. the improving job market is driving stocks higher and airlines are recovering. >> reporter: improving job market continues to drive stocks higher, the dow gained more than 139 point on friday. the nasdaq rose nearly 41, s&p up 15. organizers of amazon's first union are eager to discuss a contract with the company. the union represents workers at a new york city warehouses they
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want to begin negotiations by the end of may. last week the e commerce giant said it may challenge the vote. a weekend filled with cancellations. flight aware says more than 3600 flights were canceled sunday. thousands more were subject to delays. most of the blame is laid on thunderstorms in the southeast and the middle of the spring break season. southwest airlines hit hard as it also suffered computer issues saturday and added that to disruption. that's your cbs money watch report. head to at the cbs broadcast centering i'm diane king hall. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> starting things off with darren peck. hot temperatures on the way. >> by thursday, we will notice that. today you may not notice a lot
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of change. probably about in the same spot as yesterday. highs in the low 70s for many inland locations. the current numbers out there this morning, we will begin with a review of where we stand with temperatures across the bay. sitting in the low 50s in most locations. one location on there showing up in the 40s, livermore at 49. everybody else for the most part doing okay. to visibility, that looks fine. see for 10 miles down the road. that's not an issue this morning. if we look at daytime highs, 70 san jose. 70 santa rosa. livermore 69 for the daytime high. there is rain on doppler, showers way up on the far northwest coast. off the bay is not there, it's the radar on its most sensitive mode. the rain on the coast, bring that forward to future casts
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the showers are going to hold together enough that technically we might get a drop of rain in sanoma county, northwest corner. we will watch that through today. maybe a drop of shower that shows up by we get to 9:00 or 10:00. it won't last long. tough be in the mountains, not anywhere along 101, you wouldn't get rain but light showers along the coast. impressive system coming into the pacific north west. if we watch that over the next week and a half, all the storms keep going. the rain keeps accumulating on the far northwest coast and none of it gets down here. that's rainfall through april 14th. closer in timing let's take a look at this thursday, april 7th. if we come in for a close up
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look at the bay, 20 degrees above average. quite the difference heading our way. seven day forecast shows that play out. back up to 84 for the daytime high in san francisco thursday. 93 san jose. it will be a quick cool down after that. we will go back down to the mid- 70s by the time we get to friday and saturday. the microclimb showing a big jump by thursday for inland valleys of the east bay and north bay back in the low 90s. let's look at the drive. we don't have a lot of accidents or incidents but dealing with a bit of windy conditions this morning. chp issued a wind advisory for the bay area bridges. if you are traveling in a larger more high profile vehicle, be careful, wind
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advisory for the san mateo bridge. not a lot of cars on the roadway. golden gate, so far so good. a wind advisory as well. a little gusty. you might feel that as you work your way across the span. no delays into san francisco. no advisory for the bay bridge. business as usual for the morning commute. 880, nimitz freeway, no delays. accidents, not a lot to report. that's good news. the wind advisories and they are in effect for the bridge and the richmond san rafael bridge. a look at traffic conditions for super commuters, tracy into the altamonte pass, 205 busy from mountain house, extending to northland, a struggle for the ride into the altamonte, livermore valley.
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32 minutes westbound 580, 205 towards 680. no delays out of the south bay. . the grammy awards and artists with bay area ties bringing home the gold. >> some will add to their collections, one east bay artist won for the first time in a big way. you might have seen her, as she shredded through are you going to go my way. what you probably didn't see happened on the red carpet before the telecast. >> i won for best rb traditional performance. i'm like blown away. >> reporter: bringing home a grammy, bringing her total up to 4. on the red carpet, talked about inspiring young girls of color watching and dreaming. >> the fact i'm here is proof that you can do it too.
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>> reporter: a big winner, michael of coast mastering in berkley, he won, big. michael is bringing home not one but three grammys. two for best immersive sound album including last year's category. >> the pandemic prevented people from getting together in a common ground environment to listen. >> reporter: a third which involve as san francisco based christmas album for best engineered album classical. michael mastered the recording. sound engineer leslie ann jones recorded it. last year's best immersive sound album features the u.s. army field band. then pretaped videoing mr. san francisco, tony bennett, suffering from alzheimers, introduced lady gaga. >> do i love you? oh, boy, do i. >> reporter: in a touching
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performing gaga sung her heart out. >> another bay area musician received recognition. given an lifetime achievement award. still ahead on kpix 5, the playoff bound warriors zeroed in on 50 wins. what th
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our neighbors. good morning, everybody. what a weekend. warriors did themselves right. back to back wins now. evidence here. green launching three. this is the second of the night. warriors on fire from deep. made 16 three's. seven triples in the first quarter. built a 20 point lead in the second quarter.
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20 point through the second. a 23-point in a groove shot. wiggens, reverse slam. rookie at 17. 62-42 golden state at the break. opening minute of the thirding pool, three of his 22. warriors with the lamest lead of the night, 68- 42. cut the lead to 7. golden state responded. wiggens, two handed dunk. part of a 16-2 run to put the game away.. 50th win of the year. 109-90. they are off until tuesday, excuse me, thursday, when they host the lakers. >> it's not easy in this league. i told the guys that in the locker room afterwards. i don't care how we got here,
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we got here. if you can win 50, you've had a hell of a year. >> all the things that can go wrong. how you got to stay the course. it does mean a lot. it's great to be back where we are. we got to continue to build and try to roll into these playoffs. >> they stay a game up. milwaukee bucks will step back. nailed a three for the lead. 32 points, 15 assists. 15 the kick out to reggie from the corner. mavericks won 11 8-112. the warriors reone game ahead of dallas for the third seed in the western conference playoffs with three games to go in the regular season. all that and this is the week, major league baseball starts
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for everybody, starting on thursday. before that, i will see you later on in the day. coming up, police begin identifying the victims of the deadly mass shooting in sacramento. the heartbreak from some families this morning. ukraine's president accusing russia of
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. streaming on cbs news bay area a night out turps turns deadly. i'm justin andrews, you are going to hear from the victims' families coming up.
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how many unending tragedies does it take before we cure the sickness in this country. >> violence reigniting a push for tougher gun laws. students running from spring break. the push for families to get tested. good morning it's monday april 4th. >> good morning to you. welcome to monday. hope you had a great weekend. the weather was nice. >> i can deliver. a little breezy this morning. let's focus on that firsts if we look at the view from sales force tower over the bay bridge, over san jose the camera is jostling back and forth. it's easier in the hills than it is


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