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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  April 4, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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how many unending tragedies does it take before we cure the sickness in this country. >> violence reigniting a push for tougher gun laws. students running from spring break. the push for families to get tested. good morning it's monday april 4th. >> good morning to you. welcome to monday. hope you had a great weekend. the weather was nice. >> i can deliver. a little breezy this morning. let's focus on that firsts if we look at the view from sales force tower over the bay bridge, over san jose the camera is jostling back and forth. it's easier in the hills than it is at the lower elevations.
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beautiful view san jose is mountain view. everybody in the low to mid 50s. temperatures are relatively warm. no issues with fog on the road. free and clear as far as that is concerned. daytime highs climbing into the low 70s. low to mid-60s in the bay. that's what we did yesterday. pick out your part of the bay and see numbers that repeat what yesterday was like. this morning, a strong surge is keeping it breezy near the water. in the hills, it's windy. near the water, major computers across all the bridges except one. you will have to deal with wind. doesn't stay terribly windy today. a nice sunny and relatively enjoyable one outside. gianna franco has the morning drive. wind advisories on the bay area
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bridges. the golden gate, san mateo bridge. be careful traveling in a larger, high profile vehicle. traffic is light, it's early monday, 5:00, not a lot of cars on the roadway. san mateo looking good in both directions. a wind advisory in effect. no wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. everything is quiet here heading into san francisco. if you are taking the altamonte pass, things are getting busy. the route is starting to bog down out of tracy into the altamonte pass. learning more about the mass shooting in sacramento that killed six people and injured a dozen others. this happened just as bars were closing at 2:00 a.m. sunday. three women and three men were killed and they are working to identify all of them. police confirm multiple shooters were involved. witnesses describe an altercation near bars and clubs
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before the gunfire. investigators are continuing to recover evidence. they recovered a stolen handgun and still searching for the shooters. no descriptions of any possible get away cars. authorities say this is the largest mass shooting in sacramento history. >> we are shocked and heartbroken by this tragedy. we are also resolved as an agency to find those responsible and to secure justice for the victims and their families. the scale of violence that happened in our city is unprecedented. >> police obtained video and are looking for more footage. police positively identified 30 year old sergio harris as one of the six people that died. also turner was killed to the shooting. justin andrews has been in sacramento talking to family
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members of the victims. >> justin, it's just a heartbreaking situation for these families. >> reporter: absolutely. these are brothers, fathers, potentially mothers and sisters gunned down here in sacramento just on sunday morning. i spent hours talking to some of these victims families who tell me they are heartbroken and cried their last tears. >> he killed my brother. >> reporter: her little brother, turner, one of six people gunned down early sunday morning in downtown sacramento, just feet from the state capital. 12 others were wounded. >> i will be crying five minutes from now. it's like i want to just make sure that the world knows he was loved and make sure that was the message known. >> reporter: his four kids will never be able to feel their
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father's love again. >> my little brother, he was a family dude. definitely family, friends, just love. >> reporter: young spent time showing the photos of her brother, her brother learned to be better, she admits he grew up in the streets and came from a hard life but says he was on the right track. at the crime scene, candles and flowers were resting on the ground to remember all six adult victims. >> i feel like it was dangerous all together. >> reporter: they are looking for two shooters and asking for the public's help while she tries to heal that her brother is gone. >> i don't know, i don't know, because i don't know. >> reporter: i don't know, i don't know, i don't know. those are the words of that woman. she is not the only one that said that. i talked to the wife of another victim.
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she said she is obviously heartbroken trying to figure out what to do next. she told me she has a daughter with one of the victims that were killed. she hasn't told her 11 year old that her father will never be home ai live in sacramento this morning. justin andrews, kpix 5. so devastating. thank you for your reporting. we are learning more about the victims of this tragedy. >> i got a call in the middle of the night. >> reporter: mr. harris wants to see his son, 38 year old sergio harris. he is staying strong for his family. his son is among the six people killed. >> a whole bunch of shock. >> reporter: harris is survived
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by his wife and three children. the mass shooting killed 29- year-old turner, his father came from work and says gunfire struck his son as he was leaving a downtown club. >> what did they tell you that you can share with us? >> nothing. they didn't tell me nothing. >> reporter: the victims are under the white tents, they can't move the bodies until they are done processing the entire crime scene. >> what is going through my mind is where is the killer or kills. >> stay off the streets. quit playing these games. >> people who live and grew up in the area are in disbelief this morning. we spoke to several people who shared with us the raw emotions. a woman says she was with one of the victims earlier in the evening. >> just to see him laying there like that lifeless right now is
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not okay. >> it's not okay. >> it's not okay. i'm a mom of six and i have 11 grand kids and one great grand baby and it's killing me. >> we spoke to michael hall who grew up in sacramento, he is raising his 11-year-old son in a town he used to feel safe in. >> sacramento is a pretty small area. everybody hangs out in this vicinity. >> would you feel okay having your son walk and now? or is it a whole different ball game or a different day? >> it's a different day for us. >> a live look at the white house this morning, president biden spoke out on that mass shooting, he released a statement saying today america mourns for another community devastated by gun violence. a single act in sacramento, six individuals left dead, a dozen more injured. families forever changed. he says survivors left to heal wounds, visible and invisible. we must do more than mourn, we
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must act. the president says his administration is taking action to reduce gun violence. his strategy would help cities expand violence interventions and higher more police officers, the president is calling on congress to strengthen gun laws. we brought you the breaking news live on cbs news bay area where you can stream news any time at we will continue to follow this story as it develops on air and online at this morning, after more than five weeks of fighting the ukrainian military says it has regained control of the area of kyiv. >> reporter: leaders pushing for tougher sanctions against russia as officials in ukraine push for war crime investigations. this is what was posted on the facebook page of the ukrainian
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military, their troops reclaimed the ghost town near the chernobyl nuclear power plant. russia is moving forces away from the capitol of kyiv as well and towards southern and eastern ukraine but as the russians are leaving their departure followed by grim discoveries, 410 civilians were recovered. >> this is genocide. they are being destroyed and exterminated. >> reporter: russia is denying that its troops targeted any civilians, russia calling for the u.n. security council to have an emergency meeting to discuss what is going on in kyiv that could happen today. we will keep our eye on it. back to you. to the coronavirus now, masking in all san francisco school
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sites no longer required. >> reporter: good morning, the mask requirement had been dropped this middle and high schools but today it applies to pre-k and kindergarten and elementary schools. they will be strongly recommended. san francisco unified said they were starting with middle and high schools where there were higher vaccination rates and the hope families of younger students would have time to get kids vaccinated. the lifting of masks comes as students return from spring break, the district says they distributed more than 120,000 rapid testing kids for students and staff to take before returning from spring break. students and staff are expected to take the tests prior to returning today, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. ahead, vote on
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capitol hill on the fate of supreme court nominee, ketanji brown jackson. dramatic moments along a normal bustling bay area street as cameras capture a wall collapsing. as we look at the roadway s not dealing with a lot of accidents. wind
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the senate judiciary committee will vote whether to move a supreme court nomination to the floor. jackson would be the first black woman on the high court. on sunday republican senators say it would be a historic moment. >> she is going to be confirmed. it will be a high point to see her go on the court and take her unique perspective the court but i don't think she is the kind of judge that will do the kind of work that i think needs to be done by the court and i won't be supporting her but joining others in understanding the importance of this moment. >> jackson does have the support of another republican,
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susan collins of maine making confirmation more likely. nurses at a by area hospital will hold a rally calling for a fair contract. they are inviting a federal mediator to join a bargaining session today starts at 7:30 this morning outside of stanford hospital. organizers want management to give a better offer to address burnout and exhaustion. sanford health care says the hospitals offered proposals that would provide nurses with wages and further equipment to enhance staffing and safety and wellness. we look forward to resuming negotiations. san francisco police are investigating a double homicide in the crocker amazon district. officers say they found four men with gun shot wound. san francisco police say two of the victims died, the other two were taken to a hospital for their injuries.
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police say the suspect drove off in a get away car. many airlines are hoping to get back on track after a weekend filled with cancellations. more than 3600 flies were canceled on sunday, mother of the blame is laid on thunderstorms in the southeast in middle of the spring break subpoena. here sfo, two flights are going to increase from three flights to four. on june 1st low cost carrier resumed the flights it is only carrier to fly non stop from sfo to barcelona. the front of a downtown store collapsed on 4th street. you can see the front upper half of the store falling to the ground. here is the extent of the aftermathel to up aftermath. this one was hurt.
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>> it didn't hit the cars. it was a very isolated fall. that's good. we are going to get the debris removed. get the building fixed up and plan to be open as soon as possible. >> things can always be replaced and she is thankful for no injuries. that is scary. let's check on the forecast now. >> darren peck and a look at the forecast that's going to be a hot one. >> by thursday, probably breaking records for daytime highs. that's the headline in the forecast. we are not at thursday yet. a little breezy. see from our camera on the west side, over mountain view see the south edge of the bay, san jose, a beautiful shot but the camera going back and forth tells us a bit breezy if the
5:19 am
mountains. temperatures in the low 50s. there is no fog, we are doing just find as far as that is concerned. the wind speeds, look at the coast, peninsula, the city and anywhere you are going to drive on a bridge in the bay, 20 to 25 miles an hour gusts this morning. more on cal tran issue wind advisories for this. you got to be near the water or along the coast, and that will start to weaken as we get towards noon, 1:00 today. it's going to be a lot. daytime highs today, where they were yesterday, low 70s for inland locations. mid to upper 60s for the heart of the bay. look what showed up on first alert doppler. there is rain to look at. way up on the far northwest coast. close up look and switch from live, first alert doppler, watch the showers try to get down here. trying so hard.
5:20 am
not going to get here. they will fall apart before they make it down. ukiah, you might get a drop. by 3:00, maybe light rain. it doesn't have what it takes to hold together to get across the county line. it's not going to happen. nice to know it's in the neighborhood. once the system passes and we talk about the clouds and light chance of rain, then the warm up begins. average around 69 degrees for inland locations. 71. then we really take off like a rocket by thursday, it's 93 for some of our warmer inland spots, seven day forecast, put in san francisco, oakland and san jose, no low 90s on here expect for san jose at 93 and oakland on thursday. the only days we are going to
5:21 am
do that. by next weekend, next weekend is going to be just as nice as the one you just had. there is quite the warm up and san jose, inland valleys of the north bay and inland valleys, low to mid-90s. how does the drive look? looking pretty good. when you hit the roadway s it's going to feel windy especially on the bay area bridges. they issued a wind advisory. that's come from c hp cal tran. you can see a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. no delays at the toll plaza. a 7 minute commute from the east bay to the marin side. wind advisory in effect. in effect for the golden gate bridge. seeing a few more cars on the roadway as we get closer to the 6:00 hour. no delays but a wind advisory in effect as well as the san
5:22 am
mateo bridge. headlights eastbound, tail lights westbound, moving at the limit with no major issues. foster city, on 101 things quiet down. no delays through the peninsula. a few cars on the roadway, crowded across the the upper deck. no wind advisory for the bay bridge. most bridges including the venetia bridge, a wind advisory, 680, keep that in mind. super chuter getting ready to take the ride into the altamonte pass, brake lights building. this is typical nothing out of the oddnarying no ordinary. you will see brake lights there and the mixed freeway looks good, 880, so far so good. a look at the local
5:23 am
organization doing its
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. let's help you make your plans for lunch. noon until 2:00, spotlight that point in the day, so you can plan for it. temperatures will be in the upper 60for tis. low 70s r highs. 60s. a few clouds in the mid 50s and
5:26 am
a bit of a breeze near the water, you are a still go for outdoor lunch today. the numbers as we go in lock step, 2:15, the numbers in the mid 70s are showing you what the feels like temperature will be out there. might read around 70 on the thermometer. it's going to feel warmer than this by thursday. the san francisco organization caring for the pets of ukrainian refugees. >> pet camp looking after two dogs that arrived last month with families. they cannot stay with their owners right away because ukraine is on the cdc rabies watch list. it took the dogs to a veterinarian and got them vaccinated and has them in a 45- day quarantine.
5:27 am
then they can rejoin their owners. >> i'm sure they miss them. >> pet camp looks like a lot of fun, too. time is 5:26. on kpix 5, streaming for you on cbs news, bay area, local voices calling on lawmakers to tighten up gun laws i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex.
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reaming on cbs news bay area. a look at the scene of a deadly shooting in sacram at claimed the lives of six people. the search for the gunman this morning. >> a community mourning more than 24 hours after a mass shooting in sacramento. you will hear from a victim's sister coming up.
5:30 am
ukraine's president accusing russia of genocide. russian troops retreat from kyiv. coming up, employees are back in offices updating a covid policy for employees. good morning, it's monday april 4th. >> we want to get to traffic in a second and check out the roads on this monday. let's start things off with darren and the forecast. a nice one today. we get to hold onto the weekend's weather. the weekend is nice. the real headline is thursday. a heat wave. we could call ate heat wave considering in the low 90s in early april for some inland locations by thursday. more later. over the bay bridge, there is enough wind this morning, cal tran issued a wind advisory on the bridges, not that one but all the others. gianna franco will have more this a second. it is windy if you are near the
5:31 am
water. anywhere on the peninsula. inland, it's not windy. it's a strong enough flow to impact the bridges just a little bit. in the afternoon, that will calm down. sunny, plenty of sun high clouds, low 70s inland. mid-60s through the bay. you can see your part on here specifically, to 66 in oakland. hit 66 in mountain view. and for extra credit, there is rain on first alert doppler. we are going to track that. it's going to be fun to watch how hard it tries this morning. drive is looking pretty good. a little windy. wind advisories for the venetia bridge. for the golden gate bridge, we have a wind advisory also. be careful especially traveling
5:32 am
in a high profile vehicle. keep that in mind. again, it's monday, it's early. before 6:00, not seeing a lot of brake lights or issues, san mateo bridging 13 minute ride between 880 and 101. things are quiet as far as that goes. starting to see more cars on the roadway. the volume, starting to start or getting underway working into the city. police in sacramento are searching for the gunman who opened fire sunday killing six people and injuring at least 12 others. three women and three men were killed. witnesses described an altercation near bars and nightclubs yesterday. investigators continued to collect evidence and recovered one stolen handgun but still searching for the shooters. no suspects have been identified. last night police positively identified 38 year old sergio harris as one of the six people
5:33 am
who died. another family has come forward saying their son, 29 year old turner was killed in the shooting. justin andrews joins us live from the state capital. i can imagine they are processing what happened. >> reporter: absolutely. shock and sadness continues hovering over the sacramento community. imagine the dark cloud of devastation that is hanging over these victims families. i spent hours talking to some yesterday on camera and off camera. young says she has already cried her last tears, her brother, turner, one of six people gunned down early sunday morning in downtown sacramento, just feet from the state capital. police say 12 others were wounded. >> i will be probably crying
5:34 am
five minutes from now. i want to make sure the world knows he was loved. make sure that's the message known. he was definitely loved. >> reporter: his four kids will never be able to feel their father's love again. >> my little brother, he was a family dude. definitely family, friends, just love. he had love in him. >> reporter: young spent time showing the photos of her brother, he learned to be better, she admits he grew up in the streets and came from a hard life but says he was on the right track. at the crime scene, candles and flowers were resting on the ground to remember all six adult victims. >> i feel like it was dangerous all together. >> reporter: police tell us they are looking for two shooters and asking for the public's help while she tries to heal this her brother is gone. >> i don't know. i don't know because i don't
5:35 am
know. >> reporter: police have no clue who the shooters are. we are told there are multiple shooters. to give you the complexity. i listened to and watched a video and counted 75 gun shots in less than a minute that goes to show you how much was unfolding here sunday morning. family members still saddened and shocked. justin andrews, kpix 5. >> so many questions. thank you. head coach steve kerr is calling on lawmakers to take action when it comes to common sense gun laws. this during a post game press conference last night. he says it's time to do more than moments of silence. >> i don't think moments of silence are going to do anything. at some point, at some point, our government has to decide are we going to have common
5:36 am
sense gun laws. it's not going to solve everything. it will save lives. you think about all of the common sense laws we could and should put in place, if we had any guts, if our government had any guts. >> the shooting happened just hours before the warriors tipped off against the sacramento kings at the golden 1 center. we brought you the breaking news of the shooting live on cbs news bay area where you can stream news any time at we will continue to follow this tragic story as it develops on air and online at there are calls for economic sanctions against russia amid allegations that troops committed war crimes in ukraine. ann has the latest on this from the live news desk. >> reporter: series of discoveries made as russia seems to be switching tactics and moving its forces but that
5:37 am
is showing the true destruction that's left behind when it comes to civilian deaths. the military now says it is regaining control of the areas and the capital of kyiv. we are seeing that fighting again in the port city mariupol. 410 civilian victims were recovered, some appeared to have been killed with hands tied, zelensky described the atrocities as acts of concentrated evil and said the world needs to do more to end this invasion. >> tell the truth about the war on your social media and networks. not silence. >> that was zelensky taking the
5:38 am
message to the grammy awards pleading for help and a prerecorded video played during the show. russia denying attacking citizens calling for a meeting of the u.n. security council that could happen as soon as today. we just heard from the mayor of that town, where they were finding the mass graves. we will have more coming up in the next half hour. google employees are returning to the offices. they are starting with the hybrid approach. >> google said most employees will be at the office three days a week while working where they choose the other two days. it will go into effect at select google office locations in the u.s. including in the bay area. google spokesman says time spent in the office will be focused on in-person collaboration for projects and they will have the option to
5:39 am
work from the office if they choose. some positions requiring employees to be on site more than three days a week. we are starting to see more companies bringing employees back, many starting with the hybrid approach. apple planning on calling employees back for one day a week, eventually up to three days a week in may. meta will stop insisting employees is have covid booster > thorities are trying to e es. contain a covid outbreak in shanghai, the largest city. they will test all of the 25 million residents starting today. more than 9000 new cases reported in shanghai yesterday. according to state media thousands are coming this from various provinces to help with the response. two u.s. auto makers recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles. and amazon workers is pushing
5:40 am
to begin contract talks. diane king hall joins us live from the broadcast center in new york. >> reporter: good morning. this was a grass roots system and organizers of amazon's union are eager to discuss a contract with the company. the union represents workers at new york city warehouse and want to begin negations by the end of may. last week the e comes giant said it may challenge the result of the unionization vote. vehicles recalled, ford recalling more than 737,000 vehicles due to oil leaks and a braking system problem. the 2020 through 2022 ford escape suv, bronco sport suvs, gm recalling 682,000 compact suvs because the windshield
5:41 am
wipers could fail. did corporate profits are soaring. profits jumped 35% last year. making 2021 the most profitable year. since 1950s. >> i understand dozens of companies are testing a shorter workweek. i want to hear about this one. >> reporter: sign us up. thousands of workers are treated to a four-day workweek due to a pilot program tested across the u.s. 38 companies are taking part in the experiment. most will reduce the workweek to 32 hours instead of cramming 40 into four days. it runs through september. >> okay. i like the sound of that. we have a new gm. >> why stop at fours let's do three. >> was might be pushing it. hopefully our new gm is watching. a little push.
5:42 am
i will let you know how it goes. see you at 6:30. coming up, stream on cbs news, bay area music's biggest stars turned out for the grammy awards. a look at who took home those awards last night .
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back. the 64th grammy awards are in the history books. >> some artists with bay area ties are bringing home the grammy gold. >> reporter: good morning to you. with most covid restrictions lifted, it felt like a big reunion. jon batiste was the king of the grammy awards and extremely memorable performances and special tributes. >> we are jon batiste. >> jon batiste, the big winner sunday, five awards including the coveted album of the year
5:46 am
for "we are." >> reporter: the 70s inspired duo silk sonic, four trophies, top awards for record and song of the area. >> we are really trying our hardest to remain humble at this point. in the industry we called that a clean sweep. >> reporter: olivia rodrigo, best new artist and left with three grammies. >> this is my biggest dream come true. >> reporter: best rap performance for family ties. >> nothing could repair me for this moment tonight. >> reporter: a song inspired by tj osbourne. the grammys move to las vegas after a covid related delay. the show had the energy and glitz of a vegas showroom. felt like a concert with 16 performances covering a wide
5:47 am
range of musical genres. also somber moms, a moments. bonnie ray accepted the life time achievement. the foo fighters had three grammy nominations last night and came away with three grammy wins for best rock album, performance and song. back to you. the bay area always represents, break down those winners for us this morning so we can brag on this monday. >> reporter: of course. you need to be extremely proud of the winners from your area. her she was as one of the
5:48 am
winners. there are other folks who work behind the scenes. engineer michael of coast masters in berkley won big bringing home not one but three grammy s two for best immersive sound album and also the first grammy last night from men low park, best contemporary instrumental album. >> thank you. congrats to all of the nominees and the winners. i think we are going to check back in with you in the next hourch let's check in with weather and traffic. >> we are winning with the weather right now. >> it was great over the weed
5:49 am
and just as nice today. thursday a warm upcoming our way. cameras looking at sunrise or awaiting sunrise from the view on the mountain sign of santa clara towards san jose, sunrise at 6:50 this morning. low to mid 50s right now. 48 livermore. everybody else held onto the low 50s. near the water this morning, city, peninsula or in the hills, breezy. breezy enough cal tran issued advisories on the bridges. it's one of those on shore scenarios where it's breezy enough near the water. highs up to where they were yesterday, low 70s for many of our warmer spots, in the mid to upper 60s. numbers are right on the mark for average for this time of
5:50 am
year, different story by the time we get to thursday. one quick look at first alert doppler, the rain on the northwest coast. showers are going to try hard to hold together and work down to the bay area. they are not going to be able to do it. a clby the time theaafternoon, we might see a shower or two. ukiah, for you. it falls apart from there and doesn't hold together as it works its way south. it would be nice but you are going to have to keep your fingers crossed. it will warm up, 69 average for this time of year for inland locations. by thursday, mid-90s. seven day forecast, doing that in san jose. 93 quite the jump. many records tied and broken on thursday and thursday will stand out, it will be
5:51 am
noticeably warmer than wednesday. after thursday, we start the cool down and right back down in the neighborhood of average by the time we get to the weekend. thursday is going to be a story here over the next few days. 93 inlands east bay. 92 north bay valleys. a couple of things to look out for as you get ready to head out the door. windy conditions on some of the bay area bridges. there has been a wind advisory in effect issued for some of our bridges, the san mateo, golden gate bridge, traffic is moving at the limit with no delays. our maps, traffic is getting slow ba northbound101ing gilf few a min northbound, headed towards that 880 connector, sluggish. traffic at the limit with no
5:52 am
delays or issues. good news for the freeways, a look at travel times, we have that slow spot, westbound 580205 to 680 a 51-minute commute. see that on the mapping system, the brake lights building out of tracy. pretty typical, no major crashes at the bay bridge toll plaza. meters lights are on. heads up taking the bay bridge and getting slow, if you want to skip the roadways, use public transit. back to you. it is now 5:52, next, streaming on cbs news bay area, how broadway stars came together in new york to show support for ukraine. coming up today
5:53 am
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a netflix documentary explains the life and death of marilyn monroe, the unheard tapes features unheard interviews from those who knew the hollywood icon best. april 27th. broadway stars, singing in the rain in new york, times
5:56 am
square to support ukraine last night. electronic billboards decked out in blue and gold. the musical theater stars sang do you hear the people sing. organizers hope their gesture offers hope to the fight for democracy and ukrainians displaced by the war. victims families looking for answers, how they are remembering their loved ones this morning. the president with a call to action, his message to victims families and the country after this latest shooting. a live look outside before we head to break. a live look east. we'll be right back.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. streaming on cbs news bay area, chaos on the streets of sacramento. the scale of violence that just edend. d in r city is >> what we e ma shoo the loveesfor answers this morning, it is monday, the coat april 4th. >> more on the shooting in sacramento over the weekend in just a minute. >> first let's get a check of weather and traffic


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