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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  April 5, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. live from the cbs bay area 2 studios, this is kpix 5 news. new information on the suspects accused in the mass shooting in sacramento as
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police announce a third arrest. latebreaking details about a deadly fire at a homeless encampment in oakland. how a major grocery chain accused of price gouging during the pandemic is being told to pay up. good afternoon, i am sara donchey. one of the suspects accused in the sacrament of mass shooting is scheduled to make court appearance any minute. martin faces several firearms charges, one of two brothers arrested in the case. police referred to martin as a related suspect and have not exactly set how he could be connected to the shooting. this afternoon, sacramento police announced a third arrest. they booked a suspect accused of carrying a gun at the scene although they don't believe the gun was used in the shooting. 27-year-old smiley martin arrested at a hospital this morning after he was injured in the shooting. is expected be charged with possession of a machine gun and possibly other charges once his medical care is completed.
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law enforcement says martin was spotted on facebook live with a handgun hours before the shooting. smiley brother is the brother of dandrae martin. six people were killed in the shooting, 12 others injured . while police will the case, families of the victims are left to pick up the pieces. justin andrews has more on how they are mourning their lost loved ones. >> this community has been rocked. look at this growing memorial, the scene where all of this went down. this memorial is a sign of a huge impact sundays mass shooting is having on this community and the country. as the memorial grows, so does the grief. behind the flowers and flickering candles, you will notice shattered glass. resemblance of the community broken. >> this is so sad. i cannot believe it was happening to sacramento and this gun violence has to stop. >> reporter: joey set his soothing teddy bear he has had for years at this memorial.
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you said the teddy bear gave you comfortable you hope the same for the families? >> yes, i want to give it away and give it to the victims and the family. >> reporter: he does not know the victims but is among dozens of others that have laid items to remember all six victims murdered in sunday morning's mass shooting. >> we were harmed as a community and we need to heal. >> mina is the manager for the sacramento witness program, providing counseling, chaplains, trained professionals to help victims and families heal spiritually and emotionally. some people affected by the tragedy on sunday, have they been using your resources? >> yes, having people reach out to the office directly. >> reporter: have gotten calls from daycares and schools to help the town move forward. >> this is not an isolated thing. it affected a lot of people. >> reporter: joey is one of many trying to cope while aiming to bring comfort to
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those hit the hardest by this senseless deadly shooting. >> dissecting what happened. counselors tell me you may not realize the trauma this has caused but if you notice changes among yourself or those close to you, use their resources. you heard the woman there say this community was hurt together and now has to heal together. justin andrews with kpix5 . >> stay with us for the latest on the shooting in sacramento, find updates on and streaming on cbs news bay area. turning to breaking news out of oakland where we just learned one person has died in a fire at homeless encampment. this is video from chopper 5, the fire broke out after 1:00 at wood street and west graham. fires at the encampment can be tough to fight. >> as always the challenge at this particular location, not a fire hydrant so that means we
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have to secure a hydrant water supply from outside and have the crews handle all of the hoses. >> five people were displaced in the fire. officials have not released the name of the person who died. the family of erik salgado speaks out of the alameda county district attorney report released saying chp officers that shot and killed him will not face criminal charges. jocelyn moran has their plea for justice. >> reporter: we heard from erik salgado's mother and sister today, struggling to get their words out, i justice for my son. 23-year-old erik salgado killed by chp officers during a traffic stop in june 2020. officers cstolen a report from ey tions main ofe of force in the case, lack of
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evidence to proceed with criminal charges. the report says one civilian witness has come forward to tell them what they know about the shooting. it also says none of the officers involved or body cameras and they lack video documentation from civilians. family members and friends of erik salgado were speaking out against this, signs read chp out of oakland and justice for erik salgado. his sister said the report was hard to read adding that it lacked transparency. two years later, they feel the pain and you can hear it in his mom's a voice. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> she says, i justice, referring to the officers, they see their mom, dad, kids, and i can't see my son. the da says they will revisit the decision if they find more witnesses and evidence. jasmine moran with kpix5. ukrainian president but
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myslinski addressed the un security council for the first time since the russian invasion of his country. he said the atrocities in de'jon packer are the latest in russian crimes against civilians and calling on the international community to do something about it . skyler henry reports from capitol hill. >> russia wants to turn ukraine into silent slaves. >> reporter: gloating your zelenskyy delivered a powerful address to the un security council accusing russia of war crimes in ukraine. >> they killed entire families, adults, children, tried to bring the bodies. >> reporter: satellite images show bodies lying in the streets of bucha, long before russian forces left the town. >> the world has yet to see what they have done in other occupied cities and regions of our country. >> reporter: the horrifying death toll has triggered international outrage. >> these crimes betray the trust of every russian mother that waves goodbye to her son
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as he heads off to join the military. >> reporter: the u.s. is joined ukraine seeking russia's suspension from the u.n. human rights council. >> given the growing mountain of evidence, russia should not have a position of authority in a body whose purpose, whose very purpose, is to promote respect for human life. >> reporter: u.s. leaders are also coordinating with allies to implement another round of economic sanctions this week in hopes of further isolating moscow. >> we stand in solidarity with the people of ukraine and all other people affected by the war of russian aggression. we stand in support of ukraine sovereignty and integrity. >> reporter: new sanctions set to be announced wednesday will include in on new investment in russia and sanctions on government russian officials and their family members pick nato and g7 leaders set to meet wednesday and thursday to discuss the delivery of
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advanced weapons to ukraine. skyler henry with cbs news, capitol hill. the leader of the proud boys waited not guilty to conspiracy in connection with the january 6 assault on the u.s. capital. and rick kothari a indicted in march with five previously five . the six remain in jail. he helped to create a command structure within the proud boys in the lead up. he was not in d.c. on the day of the attack, he was arrested for bringing high-capacity rifles to washington and was ordered to leave the city. ivanka truck meeting with the committee investigating the attack on the capitol. not only was she one a former president trump's closest advisors, she was with her father most of the day the riots happened and was in the overall office for key needing to husband jared kushner met with the committee last week. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area , a grocery chain accused of pandemic price gouging, the settlement just reached with the state.
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how more relief could be on the horizon for those who got taken out student loans. president obama returns to the white house to talk about the affordable care act. i'm natalie brand, how the biden administration is trying to expand coverage under the health care law. get ready for a ride on the temperature roller coaster, much warmer temperatures in the forecast on
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the san jose city council deciding whether or not to lift its and our mask mandate, they will vote during the meeting today, the city kept its mask requirement even as the state and santa clara county dropped it last month. if the council lists the mandate, residents attack masks off except certain places like homeless shelters and public transit. tomorrow, the fda once again taking up the issue of covid-19 booster shots. they gave the okay for people 50 and older to get a second booster shot as we reported. tomorrow's talk will focus on people younger than 50. also questions about whether the covid-19 vaccine will become an annual shot similar to a flu shot. grocery chain reached a settlement with the state over pandemic price gouging.
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the attorney general said during march and june 2020, smart and final illegally raised the price of some types of eggs. in some cases, they raise the price by 25%. they agreed to pay $175,000 as part of the settlement. >> it is unacceptable to take advantage of hard-working families, period, especially amid price gouging during declared state of emergency is explicitly legal. should serve as a warning to glaciers and other sellers of supplies to follow state price gouging laws or you will pay the price and be held accountable. >> smart and final has 350 stores throughout the u.s. including multiple in the bay area. in a statement, the company said we want our valued customers to know price gouging has no place in our stores. will review pricing to ensure it remains compliant. people paying back student
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loans said to get a few extra months of relief. biden administration official says the government is planning to extend the current pause on federal loan repayment through the end of august. balances on student loans effectively frozen more than two years with no payments required. that pause currently set to expire may 1. official announcement about extension expected to come tomorrow. present biden and former president obama reunited at the white house to mark the 12th anniversary of the affordable care act. the president laid out a proposed rule change to that landmark legislation. natalie brand has more. >> vice president biden, vice president -- that was a joke. >> reporter: for the first time since leaving the white house, former president barack obama returned to talk about his signature healthcare law 12 years after signing it. >> nothing made me prouder than
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providing better healthcare and more protections to millions of people across this country. >> reporter: president biden issued executive order directing federal agencies to do all they can to expand quality and affordable healthcare. he also announced a proposed change to the affordable care act to expand coverage and fix what has become known as the family glitch. under the proposed rule, if a work class plan for him the cost more than 10% of the family income, the employee's spouse and children would be able to get help through the aca marketplace. >> working families in america will get the help they need to afford full family coverage. >> reporter: the rule would not go into effect until january of next year. note white house has not said how much it will cost the government to fix the glitch or how to pay for it. estimated that 200,000 presently uninsured americans will gain coverage. nearly 1 million americans will see their coverage become more affordable. in rome and 2022 affordable
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care act medical plans reached record highs due to expanded subsidies during the covid-19 pandemic. those additional subsidies are set to expire at the end of this year. natalie brand with cbs news, the white house. back here at home, taking a live look outside, beautiful day out, nice shot of the city. paul is here talking about the roller coaster forecast, one of the times we say, what month is it again? another heat wave. >> it will feel like july on thursday and march by next monday. a little something for everyone in the forecast. much warmer temperatures in the forecast for wednesday. we jump 10 degrees from today which is well above average. near record high temperatures as the heat wave peaks on thursday. start cleanup a little bit on friday but still very warm, continue the cooling trend over the weekend and we have a chance for a couple showers early next week. don't get too excited, rain chances are limited but at
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least there is something in the long range data. looking outside, not much haze on the horizon although air quality is the heat builds will become an issue with ground- level ozone becoming the primary pollutant by late this week to address right now low 70s inland, 60s around the bay, 62 san francisco, 68 in oakland. these numbers are close to normal for this time of year, already slightly above average for inland temperatures which we continue building through the next several days. temperatures tonight drop into the mid to upper 40s, the warmest spots around 50 degrees. you would not guess we will warm up so much on wake up temperatures tomorrow but temperatures take off, big area of upper level high pressure builds, that compresses the atmosphere and any and warms up the air, temperatures inland top out into the 80s, mostly mid to upper 80s for the inland high temperatures, mid to upper 70s around the bait with upper 60s along the coast. temperatures well above average but not record setting. not
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yet. record high temperatures in the forecast for thursday. the one place the continues to look like it will not set a record or come close is san francisco forecasting high of 82 with a record of 92 degrees for downtown san francisco, closer to record territory for oakland and san jose, santa rosa, concord livermore, close to if not setting new records on thursday. we start backing up a little bit on friday, it will not change as the temperatures coast downward, the pollen count remains sky-high until we get a different air mass. or even better, chance of rain. the pollen count remains in the high category through the first half of the weekend and likely through sunday. beyond that, there's a chance for a few showers in the forecast. not much of a chance, talking about 20% or 30% range monday and tuesday. indications of moisture trying to make its way to the bay area. keep you updated on that as we go through the very warm to hot weather over the next few days. the little three-day heat wave peaking on thursday, temperatures closer to normal
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by saturday and sunday. the cool estate in the seven- day forecast goes along with the best chance of showers on monday. the rain chance on tuesday is not zero but low enough we are not putting rain icons in the forecast on tuesday at this point. the hottest temperatures inland reaching up to the low 90s on thursday and cool down to the 80s on friday and back to the 70s inland on saturday was some spots staying upper 60s for high temperatures the second half of the weekend. buckle up to the roller coaster ride is just beginning. >> those numbers are all over the place. thanks so much. coming up, however vote today could seal the deal between uber and flywheel. how delivery company is cracking down on people skipping out on the tip. coming up on the streaming service cbs news bay area, internet crime cost people billions of dollars in 2021. cyber security expert tells us how to protect ourselves. watch the stream whenever and wherever, find us on pluto tv, channel 1021, and any platform using the free cbs news app.
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welcome back. the fate of uber proposed deal with taxi company flywheel could be decided today. the board of directors is discussing the move that would allow riders to call a taxi th d an taxi rates p.
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will be set by uber and not a meter. taxi drivers worry that means they will make less money. twitter says it will no longer amplify or recommend accounts linked to the russian government the company spokesperson said this will drastically reduce the chance users will see tweets from those accounts. the accounts won't be banned. twitter has limited accounts linked to russian state media. twitter says elon musk is joining us board of directors a day after remind the tesla ceo bought 9% stake in the company. the stock rose again today, ending the day up 2%. this was the day after shares jumped only 7%. investment comes after he called out twitter for its policies on free-speech. instacart changing its tipping policy to crackdown on what it calls tip baiting. customers zero out a tip after the order gets delivered. it will cover the cost of a shopper's tip up to $10, only
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if a customer removes the tip after the delivery without reporting issue with the order. still ahead, how love will be in the air at the white house. coming up on the "cbs evening news", putin's war crimes, the shocking new claims president zelenskyy shared with united nations. severe weather has battered the south for three weeks now. all coming up here on the "cbs evening news".
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the warm-tomoow, the climb temperature roller coaster that will peak on thursday with inland high temperatures topping out at or above 90 degrees. ran down the records we expect to be close to earlier. then we got on the other side of the temperature roller coaster, drop 5 to 10 degrees each thursday from thursday to friday, friday to saturday, saturday to sunday, sunday to monday. by monday, inland high temperatures 30 degrees cooler topping out in the mid-60s. that is where we have the slight chance of a couple showers. it all starts tomorrow with the warming trend. temperatures around the base 10 to 15 degrees above average, further in the 15 to 20 degrees above average so into the 70s for san francisco and oakland, well into the 80s for san jose,
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concord, other parts of the inland reaching up into the 80s. it is a hot day on thursday. monday hot spell but talking about record high temperatures in the month of april. that is really toasty. we will take another look coming up at 5:00. >> paul is serious when he has the roller coaster graphic ready. , but public caught, desperate for good nights rest. eye-opening study looks at the rising sleep disorders and insomnia and how far people are that more with ryanamo e ne ll at 3:00, bel whe hoe. this november, the president and first lady will be hosting a wedding reception for the granddaughter. we don't know exactly where the wedding ceremony will be held at the white their granddaughter is naomi biden, dc-based lawyer. her fiance is in his last semester of law school at the university of pennsylvania. the white house has a history of hosting ceremonies for presidential children and grandchildren dating back to the 1800s. the most recent was jenna bush in may 2008.
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that is it for kpix5 news at 3:00, "cbs evening news" is next and we are back at 5:00 with more local news and always streaming on cbs news bay area. s >> o'donnell: tonight, ukraine's president zelenskyy slams the united nations as he compares russian soldiers to terrorists and shows a graphic video of what he calls the worst war crimes since world war ii. zelenskyy implors world leaders to do something to stop russia as he details new russian atrocities-- civilians crushed by tanks in their cars, limbs cut off and throats slashed wits liev to usthp of toght, the sing daouss or the tt week.


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