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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 5, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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the challenging fire fight that left multiple people without a place to stay. and later, the soap oprah unfolding in a northwest high above the u.c. berkeley campus. and right now kpix 5 news at 7:00 and streaming on cbs news bay area, and focusing on two brothers together in connection with the deadliest mass shooting in sacramento history. good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. right now these two brothers are we behind r bars. 27-year-old smiley martin and 26-year-old dandrae martin, both have a lengthy history. in 2021 smiley martin was released early from a 10-year prison sentence for several felony convictions. the sacramento county d.a.'s office tried to block his release, writing to the parole board that he had, quote, little regard for human life and the law. our news desk has obtained these three mug shots of smiley martin, two from 2013. excuse me. in the maricopa county, arizona
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and another mug shot from february 6th of this year. >> and we are also digging into his brother's deandre martin's back ground. he served time for domestic county in river seith county and he also served time in arizona in two separate cases for aggravated assault and domestic violence. he was also jailed for parole violation back in 2019. that is all before he was arrested on assault and firearm charges this week. martin did have a brief court appearance today wearing a mask and orange jump suit. his attorney spoke out after the hearing. >> if it turns out that the evidence demonstrates that this was mere presence at a scene, that is certainly argued more for a release. if it shows some more aggressive conduct, then it would argue against it. but we don't know that yet. >> his next hearing set for april 26. and the police aid made a third arrest today. that i say dawson was seen carrying a gun right after the shooting. the miss say he is charged for
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possession of a firearm, not for crimes related to the shooting. and now we are learning more about the six lives lost in the downtown shooting. ranging in ages from 21 to 57. this evening there have an outpouring of support from the community. >> kpix 5's max dare row is in sacramento where people are paying their respects and adding to a growing memorial. >> reporter: we met numerous people all throughout the day who came by this memorial at 10th and k. to pay their respects. many never knew the vidoll one e etcandleteddy bear, bouquet or a kiss, person after person stopped by the corner of 10th and k street until sacramento to pay their respects to the six people murdered in a mass shooting over the weekend. >> it is emotional. >> it is tragic. >> it was close to home. >> reporter: and he didn't know any of the victims, but his heart hurt force the community he cams home.
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he spent his lunch break at the memorial. >> and showing my respects. i mean, as a human being, a human being with a heart. >> reporter: he picked autopsy bouquet of flowers to place alongside the candles and teddy bears from this flower shop a block away, which restopped their supply all throughout the day. mazie barns didn't know any of the victims either, however -- >> i had a family member who was here who actually escaped. >> reporter: she feels lucky her loved one made it home and saddened that other families weren't as fortunate. >> i always want to pay my respects to the people who got killed in a senseless murder and i pray for their family and pray for them. >> reporter: in a matter of seconds, six people lost their lives on this street corner. >> i'm jury speechless right now. it could have been one of my family members, anyone. >> it has just left me speechless and tearful. >> reporter: audrey hammond took a moment to pause and reflect. >> this is something that could
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happen anywhere, and we all need to stop the craziness, stop the division,. open up our hearts and just embrace one another to welcome each other. >> reporter: more and more people have continuously come by this memorial as we head into the evening. we expect it will continue to grow into the evening hours. until sacramento, max dare row, kpix 5. t. tonight an unhoused man is being called a hero after putting himself in danger to save a group of women from the gun fire. >> my daughter had fallen somewhere around here and tim helped her up, and then said come in here and brought them here where it was safe. instead of them sticking their head out, he literally stood out to protect them from anyone who came. >> reporter: tom was on his way to pick up his daughter and three friends in downtown sacramento when the mass shooting happened. little did he know all four of them were taken to shelter by an unhoused man named tim. >> he was willing to put
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himself in the line of fire. >> that is a reminder that there are still good people out here, and he was one of those good people. >> absolutely. the family came back a few days later to thank tim in person. they're trying to track him down again in hopes of helping him out. >> such a great story there. the wake of the shooting, state and lawmakers are advancing a bill empowering anyone who distributes illegal assault weapons or parts to build duos guns that penalty would be at least $10,000 in civil damages. the idea is similar to the texas abortion bill which lets people sue abortion providers. we will be following developments on the sacramento shooting. more coverage on cbs news bay area and, of course, on switching gears. looking live outside at the san mateo bridge right now, san francisco and oakland as well. we have enjoyed some nice spring weather this week, but get ready for a heat wave. >> and chief meteorologist paul heggen joining us. so how hot are we talking? >> close to record territory by
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thursday, so we're going from spring yesterday and today oh to summer by thursday and back to late winter by early next week. let's take a look at the terp the temperature map for tomorrow. that puts us in the 60s along the coast. and well into the 80s farther inland. i think even the hot spots, fairfield, antioch, brentwood are going to tap out short of 90 degrees on wednesday. that will not be the case on thursday. temperatures will be into the 80s at the bay. and we're at the time of year where that is not dangerously hot. low 90s, you do want to exercise caution, during the peak of that heat because we're just not quite acclimated yet. and then the temperatures start backing off already. on friday, we're gradually going to return to near normal temperatures as we head through the weekend and early next week we have a chance of showers in the forecast. we'll take a look at that and
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we'll take a look at how close we will be to record territory in just a few minutes. >> paul, thank you. this evening the three chp officers who shot and killed erik salgado will not chase any charges. >> now his family is speaking out in protest and asking why the officers were not wearing body cameras. cameras. dozens gathered at the alameda county courthouse today where his mother tearfully demanded justice for her son. he was killed by chp officers during a traffic stop in june of 2020. the officers claim he tried to ram chp vehicles with a stolen car. the report from the d.a. says there is a lack of evidence to proceed with criminal charges. his sister says they have been waiting two years for answers, and in report does not provide any. >> we have to remember that this is an investigative report on the cops investigating their own, and this shouldn't be trusted. >> the family is still moving forward with a civil suit against the chp and the officers.
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they claim the officers used excessive force, especially because he was not armed. the district attorney declined our request for an interview and said the office will let the report speak for itself. now at 7:00, san jose police have arrested the mother oh after fallen rookie officer in suspicion of a home invasion robbery. this happened at an apartment complex on coleman road in san jose over the weekend. the victim told officers that sonian packer forced herself into the apartment around took electronic and debit cards. packer is the mother of 24-year- old dejon packer, who was found dead last month. he was a san jose police officer and former runningback at san jose state. san jose police say the robbery is not believed to be related to his death. now to the coronavirus, san jose close to lifting its indoor mask mandate nearly two years after it was adopted. this evening the city council needs at least eight votes to
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end it. if passed, the mask mandate would end immediately. san francisco-based instacart is cracking down on tip baiting. it happens when the customers an sell a tip after an order gets delivered. now if the customer cancel as tip without reporting an issue with the delivery, the company will cover the cost of a shopper's tip up to $10. still to come at 7:00 and streaming on cbs news bay area, what we know about a challengingfire fight that clouds the oakland skyline in thick, black smoke. more than 40 people displaced tonight. we learn more about a dramatic san francisco fire fight. plus, a warning if you're planning to beat the heat at the beach. >> and later a soap opera starring a very famous falcon. what is unfolding in this tower high above the u.c. berkeley campus.
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well, this is how the oakland skyline looked this afternoon, thick black smoke rising up from the 580-80 split. it came from a fire that ripped true a west oakland homeless encampment. that fire sparked on cal trans property. when the fire crews did arrive, three rvs, a truck and two cars were just engulfed in flames. you can see it there as fire crews tried to get it under control. one person was found dead inside an rv. five people without a place to stay and fire crews say they had trouble accessing water. they had to run more than 600 feet of hose. >> as always, the challenge is here we had at this particular location, there is not a fire high toronto at the homeless encampment so that means we have to procure a water supply outside of the encampment and we have to have our crew hand
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pull all of the hose here. and in san francisco, authorities are investigating an apartment fire that displaced more than 40 people last night. the fire started at about 8:30. the video shows the flames shooting from the apartment building. the fire crews say it is pretty much took ahold of the third floor and the roof. one firefighter was treated for burns, and two people and a cat had to be rescued. >> she asked if we had seen her cat, and we had not. she gave us her apartment number, which was on the fire floor. i was able to go into the apartment complex using a flashlight, and she told me the cat would probably scratch me and run away from me. the cat jumped on me. >> they used an oxygen mask to revive it. many of the residents are seniors and long-time tenants. take a look at your top headlines. the ukrainian president
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zelensky delivered a powerful address to the u.n. security council accusing russia of war crimes in ukraine. >> russia wants to turn ukraine into silent slaves. they killed entire families, adults and children, and they tried to burn the bodies. >> zelensky said that civilians on the outskirts of kyiv have been tortured and blown up. those responsible should be brought in front of a tribunal. now the u.s. is joining in ukraine and pushing to suspend russia from the un's human rights council. >> russia should not have a position of authority in a body whose purpose, whose very purpose is to promote respect for human lives. today ivanka trump spent hours testifying to a house panel investigating thian 6th capitol insurrection. she was in the white house with her father donald trump most of that day.
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she appeared voluntarily and was not subpoenaed. vice president biden, vice president -- [ laughter ] >> that was a joke. t. >> he came with jokes for the first time since leafing the white house. former president obama returned to mark the 12th anniversary of the affordable care act. today president biden announced a proposal to fix the family glitch in the affordable care act. it has prevented hundreds of thousands of people from qualifying for sub is a sized health plans. >> nothing made me feel better than providing better health care and more protections to millions of people across this country. and the white house is getting ready to extend a pandemic freeze on student loans. it is set to expire on april 1, but that freeze could be extended through august 31st. elizabeth, more than 36 million people have not had to pay their loan since march 2020,
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totaling about $195 billion. wow. all right, ryan. that you are. and chopper 5 spotted a boat toeing a dead whale under the bay bridge this afternoon. the boat was operated by the u.s. army corps of engineering. it is unclear where the whale was found, but whales that die in the san francisco bay are usually towed to angel island where necropsies are performed. a live look out at pacifica, rough, choppy seas right now. the national weather service says watch out for rip currents and sneaker waves. we could see swells higher than 11 feet. >> a lot of people will be heading out to the beach. >> a lot of folk also be heading out that direction, as the heat builds farther inland, all courtesy of this big area of high pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere. it is a mountain of air that will be taking over. as we have more and more air right on top of us, it compresses the air. our temperatures will take a big jump tomorrow and another jump after that for thursday.
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looking outside right now, over the bay bridge as we look out from the sales force tower. temperature downtown is only 57 degrees. only 61 in oakland. temperatures still in the mid to upper 60s to around 70 degrees inland. we have 90s inland by thursday and then we're back to the 50s and 60s by monday. weather whiplash. tonight we drop down to the mid to upper 40s. that is normal for this time of year. the temperatures are going to warm up very quickly. let's zoom in to a closer look. upper 60s at the coast. the peninsula,s the south end of the bay, reaching up into the mid 807s. some of the warmer spots even into the upper 80s. fairfield, antioch, reaching up to 88 degrees. temperatures into the mid 70s in san francisco before the on- shore breeze takes over late tomorrow afternoon. closer to 80 degrees for oakland, with highs in the north bay mostly in the low to mid-80s. a better chance of climb ing into the upper half of the 80s
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and these are the spots that will be well into the 90s by thursday afternoon. let's compare thursday's highs with thursday's record high temperatures. we're not going to set a record in san francisco. the record is 92 and we're going to top out in the low 80s. oakland will be very close. i think records are going to be set for santa rosa, concord and livermore with high temperatures reaching into the low 90s by thursday afternoon. and the pollen count is going to remain locked into the high category. just more good news. all the way through the first half of the weekend, because we don't have any rain chances to wash any of that stuff out of the atmosphere. we do have a slight chance by early next week. it is a 20% to 30% chance mainly and near flouter of the golden gate, but at least there is a chance. #we eel keep an eye on that as we head through the weekend. temperatures go up and up. tomorrow and thursday and then back down and down. friday and saturday. below average readings to start off the next work week, and this enwe start bouncing back already on tuesday.
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it is not a good rain chance for everybody, but we'll take what we can get while we keep an eye on the record high temperatures. i'll have another update on that coming up at 11:00. >> thanks, paul. are you sleep walking through life? the revealing study about our sleeping habits from bay area researchers. and now mah madness is over, it is time to find out who won our survivor themed bracket challenge! that is coming up tonight at 8:00 on our streaming service, cbs news bay area.
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as it turns out, many americans are just sheep walking through life. >> a new study by weave researchers show a lot of us are just desperate for some sleep! >> i feel tired, you know. at some point i feel tired. >> i was feeling okay, but i did sort of jerk myself awake a few minutes before you got here. >> oh. i relate. wake up america sleep survey found 70% of people who have trouble sleeping are desperate to improve their sleep no kidding. they spend more than $7 billion a year to fix it. >> i think anyone with kids can
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relate. people are willing to give up social media for a month if it meant good quality sleep for a month. we asked a stanford expert to weigh in on the findings. >> people view veep as an inconvenience. there is no reason none of us should be sleeping poorly. he says the key is to at the end oh of the day, write down your concerns and worries before you head to bed. >> i'm going to try that together. okay. up next, new video of the famous cal falcon moving on. it didn't take long after losing her long-time partner. the falcon getting very
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. gule finally tonight, we had an update on the courtship between annie the falcon and her roommate, the new guy. >> annie's former mate sadly passed away and there was also a love triangle going around. that other man left. this is a new guy, and he is acting as a sur dat bath tore
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annie's babies, her eggs. he has within incubating annie's eggs in her northwest atop of u.c. berkeley, and the birds have been switching on and off, keeping her three eggs very warm and protected. >> and early this morning, the new guy, well, he delivered a snack to annie and in her acceptance, well, she accidently pushed him off the balcony. >> annie. >> and she also fell off in the process. >> oh, dear. >> she does have a certain gentlemen naysay company about her. >> she is the talking of the falcon community. >> fallton t es.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: welcome to the show, folks. thank y'all. all right, thank y'all. i appreciate it, everybody. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got another good one for you today. returning for their fourth day, with a total of 40,915 bucks, from madison, georgia, it's the champs, it's the daniel family. [cheering and applause] and from seaford, new york, it's the difede family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself some cash and somebody might have a shot driving outta here in a brand-new car.
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