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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 8, 2022 1:52am-2:27am PDT

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now at 11:00, dealing at the middle of the summer. several records falling. will we cool off in time for the weekend. >> a deadly hit and run in san jose. what we learned from the crash
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that kill two pedestrians. >> plus. >> then they used the gun. >> we are hearing from a bay area family targeted in a frightening home invasion, tonight, the unusual message to the robbers. history made in washington this evening. the significance of the first black women ever confirmed to serve on the supreme court. >> good evening i'm elizabeth cook. now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsbay area, a warm evening across the bay area after a day of record-breaking heat. it looks like relief, finally on its way. >> a look at what to expect heading into tomorrow and of course, the weekend. >> a return to normal april temperatures, it will be baby steps to get
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there or, really, just giant steps downward from today's high temperatures, today, the top of the roller coaster and now the other side. made it to 97 degrees. the hottest temperature, setting a record, breaking the old record of 94 degrees, all of these tied records today, well into the 90s inland. making it up to 89 degrees in sfo. downtown, topped out at 86. six degrees shy of the record. heading up to 80 at half-moon bay. tomorrow's temperatures are cooler around the bay. the temperatures 5-10 degrees above average instead of 20, 25 degrees above normal. it is the first step towards those average temperatures that are in store by the second half of the weekend. the winds picking up tomorrow. we will take a look at that and what it means for our fire danger coming up in the full forecast. developing in san san jose, the police are looking for the people that
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killed two people tonight. the police say a car hit two women and then took off. so far no description of the victim. 14 pedestrians have now been hit and kill inside san jose just this year. tonight, the daughter of an 88-year-old woman is speaking out after her mother was robbed at gunpoint in her own home. kpix5 reports, the family now fears for their safety. >> reporter: a family is lucky their elderly mother is okay after a terrifying home invasion in this neighborhood earlier this afternoon. >> my sister called me and said, your home get robbed and then two guys go to your house. mom is already scared. >> reporter: around 1:00 on thursday, sfpd said two men kicked in the door and found an 88-year-old woman home alone. their next move, pointing a gun at her, forcing her into her own bathroom. >> then they used the gun to
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tell my mom, don't move. >> reporter: the women's daughter, who did not want to show her face in fear of her safety, saying they ransacked the house taking whatever they wanted. the family is worried their city has gotten more dangerous and local leaders are not doing enough to stop it. >> just wondering why now san francisco? the safety t sure what was stol exactly. sfpd says officers are investigating. the family worries they will not feel safe in their own home. >> it is kind of scary. >> reporter: asked what she would tell the robber fist she had an opportunity to confront them, the woman said he is would thank them for not hurting her elderly mother. they are still taking interviews but right now no potential suspects. back to you. tonight, the police are looking for the gunman that opened fire on another car on i-5 and 80 and livermore. chopper 5 spotted police officers walking on the freeway looking for
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evidence. we are told one person was shot and suffered minor injuries. the investigation caused major gridlock during the afternoon commute. with the back up stretching for miles. >> it is a seat no black woman has ever held until now. today, the senate confirmed judge ketanji brown jackson to the u.s. supreme court. we spoke to the bay area judge who also managed to shatter glass ceilings about the significance of this appointment. >> i was standing in my kitchen, watching the tv and i watched the vote as it went down. >> reporter: 53-47, and this nomination is confirmed. [ applause ] >> i was clapping, too. i was so happy for her and i am happy for america. >> reporter: that was the reaction of former judge cordel when she heard the confirmation of the newest supreme court justice, ketanji brown jackson.
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the first black woman to ever sit on the country's highest court. >> we have finally, slowly, getting to the point where we are going to have a supreme court that looks like america. >> reporter: she was the only black woman in her law class at stanford in the early '70s then became the first female black judge in the '80 breaking glass ceilings. >> there will people she got appointed because she say black woman. that same thing was said to me. my response is, i would rather be appointed because i am a black woman than not be appointed because i am a black woman. >> reporter: jackson is a former public defender and the fourth person of color and the sixth woman in the court's history. the confirmation hearings were heated. >> i did not say vs. >> that is exactly what you said. >> reporter: with republicans saying she is soft on crime and an extremist. >> i believe she will prove to be the further left of any justice to
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ever have served on the supreme court. >> 30 hours of questioning, most of which from the republican side was hostile, was disrespectful, was race-baiting and yet she took the high rode and just persevered. >> reporter: she questions the root of the criticism. >> she went to harvard, clerked for a supreme court justice, and yet there are people saying no, she is just not good enough. there are still people who just can't accept that we, people of color, women, are qualified. >> reporter: historic day, she said she is simply grateful to see. >> to number the highest court. to have broken that barrier. i am just so glad that i lived to see it. >> reporter: katie neilson, kpix5. >> jackson will be sworn in at some point this summer, hearing cases in october. even with the edition of jackson, the court still favors a
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conservative majority. live look from san francisco, a huge fight over the restricting process for city supervisors, a task force is working to drop a new map taking into account population changes from the latest census results, this is the latest proposed map from the task force. there will be revisions before it is finalized and community groups blasted the new district saying they will takeaway power from traditionally under represented communities saying, quote. diminishing the voting program of low income, renter, lbgtq plus and people of color neighborhoods, today the election's commission announced they will meet tomorrow to consider moving the three members appointed to the task force that generated a swift backlash from city leaders saying the process is now politicized. >> it would send a horrible
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message that san francisco is behaving very much like those that were involved in undermining democracy last year on january 6th. >> supervisor says he is not taking a position on the map itself at this point only the process. tomorrow's meeting is scheduled to start at 1:30. still ahead tonight, a federal crack down on robo calls started off promising enough but scammers figured out a way around the rules, how lawmakers can put an end to that. california can impose a mandatory four day workweek. the proposal now making its way through sacramento. we are counting down the hours until opening day and it is not just the players gearing up for first pitch. >> we are born and bred in the avenues of san francisco. they are bringing the game in here downtown
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new developments in the sacramento mass shooting. investigators now turning their attention to a stolen handgun, modified to act like a machine gun. that gun was found among the 100 scattered shell casings in downtown. this type of modified weapon is popping up at crime scenes more, especially here in the bay area. they are known as gloc
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switches, unknown if the gun was use used in the shooting. the city spent a major chunk of relief money on police. in 2020 the city received $312 million from the biden stimulus bill. intended to fund services including public health, housing and small business aid. now, according to data compiled by "the guardian" $153 million or 43% of that money went to the police department. another 13% went to the sheriff's department. and the remaining 38% went to the fire department. the past couple of years the annoying spam calls had not been as frequent. >> scammers found a new way to bypass federal rules. the mandatory incorporation of special
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caller id technology helped separate real businesses from the fakes. >> now, scammers are using real phone numbers and posing as representatives from businesses that hold our most secure information. experts say new technology is not enough and more enforcement is now needed. >> do you want enforcement to go, not only after the bad guys but the carriers supporting them? >> today, california and 20 other states announced a partnership with the fcc to further investigate the calls. taking a live look at the state capitol tonight where a new bill can change the california workweek to four days. the bill would change the traditional 40 hour workweek too 32 hours a week. companies would be required to pay over time if employees work longer than four full days in a week. it would apply to companies with more than ploys, employers would not be allowed to cut pay to make up for one less
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workday. taking longer than expected we are less than 24 hours away until the giants return to the diamond. players are not the only ones hyped for opening day tomorrow. >> we are joined now from oracle park where there is a lot of buzz around this baseball season. >> reporter: a lot of energy with the warriors playing the lakers down the street. fans are thrilled to have both teams back in action but so are the local businesses. >> it is baja fish taco and crispy taco. >>reporter: opening day friday for giants, opening day on thursday for a brand-new restaurant across the street from oracle park. >> how are you feel something. >> excited. >> reporter: locally owned small chain of restaurants. >> we are born and bred in the avenues of san francisco. and we are bringing our game here downtown right across from the best show
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in town. >> reporter: he says he call inside roughly 30 employees and ordered 10 times the amount of food and supplies hoping to hit a grand slam friday. >> we are born ready, yeah. [ laughter ] >> and with the giants back in town, it also means jobs have returned. >> i cook for the players so i am very excited right now. i am like, i am like it is game day for me. >> reporter: benjamin reed is a lifelong giants fan, thrilled to be serving up dishes to his favorite team once again. >> they love steak. >> reporter: fans have a lot of expectations. >> are we going to see 107 wins? >> i think so, 105. they seem to think they can do it. >> reporter: and top the dodgers, even jennifer, who is from l.a., is on board to chant beat l.a.
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>> were you a dodger's fan before? >> no. never. never. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in san francisco, andrea nakano, kpix5. >> the boys of summer will feel comfortable with the weather today. >> felt like summer today. temperatures in the middle 80s in san francisco. 90s inland. we are going to see changes as we head through the next few days, today, the hottest day so far in 2022. changes are on the way as the heat dome shifts off to the southeast and the next storm system, it misses us and sends the moisture to the pacific northwest. close enough to kick up a breeze tomorrow. but, right now, clear skies over the bay area, nice look at downtown san francisco where the temperature is just below 70. still 70 in san jose. 70 degrees in oakland. if we have the temperatures in the middle of the afternoon that would be a pretty normal early april day. instead, the sun has been down for 3-1/2 hours and we are still this warm. the temperatures are going to back down to the lower to middle 50s tonight. free air-conditioning kicking
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in for the spots that made it up into the 90s. it is welcomed temperature drop into the 50s, even upper 40s in the north bay valley. temperatures tomorrow, it depends on the proximity to the water. the breeze it is going to kick in. it will not be strong to start the day. the winds are really going to pick up along the coast. keeping the temperatures closer to average around the bay and near average right along the coast. farther inland, the winds will be noticeable and the wind is not strong enough to push the air farther inland just yet. the temperatures are reaching up into the 80s. at oracle park it will be breezy. temperatures in the upper 60s for the first pitch. steady drop as the wind kicks in. those temperatures steadily falling throughout the rest of the evening as well. and feeling strong for me. and oakland for the east bay. farther inland, mostly in the middle to
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lower 80s. warmest spots, fairfield, reaching up into the upper 80s. the winds will shift. light to start the day. they are going to pick up and going to pick up off shore winds for inland parts of the bay area. combine it 25-mile-per-hour wind gusts saturday afternoon. 10%, that will elevate the fire threat for inland parts of the north pay and the east bay. something will have to monitor heading into the first half of the weekend. good news farther down the line. actual rain chances, chances of showers, continuing to improve. not a lot of rain. a better and better chance of rain on monday and monday night and on top of that there is another rain chance by thursday of next week. either of these not likely to drop 1/10th of an inch. at this point we will take every drop even if it will not dent the drought. temperatures dropping down quickly. average temperatures on sunday and then below average temperatures on monday and tuesday.
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from record highs today to temperatures more typical of mid-march by monday and tuesday. and then slowly warm back up to near normal by wednesday and thursday even with the next chance of showers in the forecast by thursday. charlie? all right, warriors held a small lead over the mavericks for the third seed in the west. were they able to gain separation tonight against the lakers or what the lakers brought to l.a.? and in golf, tiger woods is back, he looked good. the recap of his day. plus, the history made in round one of augusta. yes, history, the details are next
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thompson, feeling it. 23 points, they are up 3 at half. game tied at 81. no one is going to step up and guard. spins it in, coast to coast, later in the third, back to clay. thompson, driving, thompson, fading, and thompson swishing it. perfect. he had 33 points as he hits nylon there. that gave the warriors an 8 point lead. the only thing in question is if he will score 28 points, the answer, no, finished a point short with 19. snapping 17 straight games with 20 plus. 17 straight. that is a star right there. warriors win 128-112. they have a full game lead on the mavericks for the three seed in the west. tiger woods told golf digest in 2021 he is never going to be able to be a full time player on the tour again. this coming after he almost lost a leg in a serious car accident. would he play in charity
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events? sure, event like the master's 14 months later? not happening. yeah. about that. if he can walk and swing then, you know, tiger has a chance. for the par 3, 6. tiger. still has it. almost a hole-in-one, taps in for his first birdie of the day, not the last. on 16, the long putt, 40 years on, it is a lot longer than 14 months off, d at is bithe leader after one, t holds out for the bunker on 18. he shot a 5 under 67, becomes the first player from south korea to ever lead a round at augusta. woods, impressive, 71. tiger how did you feel after the round? >> i felt good. you know, the whole idea was to keep pushing but keep recovering. i figure once the adrenaline gets kick inside and fired up and i get in my little world i
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will handle my business. >> what will the next 16-18 hours look like for you? >> lots of ice. [ laughter ] to the ice we go. doug wilson stepping down the sharks general manager after 19 years, he had been on leave since november because of health reasons. wilson played for the team in san jose and was inducted in the hockey hall of fame last year. 12 games to go for the sharks, they hosted the flames tonight. second period, sharks down, 2- 1. fires it passed james rymer. he lights up the lamp. he leaves the game after a collision, no further word on the injury. sharks lose, 4-2. it is the 5th loss in a row. >> opening day tomorrow, for both the a's and giants. joey bart will start the first game at catcher and buster
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posey era. had a good season. the a's play in philly. oakland lost their manager and their all-stars f anything i am intrigued to see how they do, what the plan is with the guys they have. billy being, you know, you never know. >> you can not bet against him. >> you think you know but -- they always seem to surprise you every year. oh, they are back in it again. >> at the least you get a taste of the future and see what some of these guys are made of. a ton of prospects. >> all right. >> love that team. love to watch that team. thanks, charlie. classic tv memorabilia is going up
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