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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  April 8, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on tremor, and
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streaming on cbs news bay area. taking a live look from our camera. it is at oracle park. i think we will see some action there today. iq for joining us. it is nice to have you in this morning. a little bit of change of pace. we will check on the weather and traffic but first, what is going to look like for baseball? >> it will feel a lot better in the city. much cooler today. breeze is coming back. game is ago. we don't have to worry about a right now. heatwave is going to be mostly better. it is not entirely gone. especially inland. we are not doing 90s again today but there will be a lot of mid and upper 80s for most of the inland valley spirit are still warm out there. this is the benefits of yesterday. it is 60 degrees in san francisco.
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upper 50s in many locations. it will feel nice when you step outside. daytime highs today, while not as hot as yesterday, 85 is still worn. that is still a good 16 degrees above average for this time of year but at least we have started moving now back down in the right direction. in general in the bay it will be 76 but the close you are to the water. may not get out of the 60s. san francisco at 69. 87 there yesterday for a daytime high. much more to discuss including a wind advisory for saturday in the north bay valley spirit more on that in a bid. >> right now, we decided it is friday. the weekend is here and the roadways looked really good. if you're getting up early and getting ready to hit the freeways, everything is looking good all most of the major freeways.
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101 no delays in all clear as you work your way across the bay bridge picked a good start to the day and against the giants have their opening day today so you might see a lot of extra people out and about in san francisco. especially near oracle park. the bridge might be easier. and along the barker darrow. golden gate bridge muncy heavy volume but no delays in construction crews on the northbound side. san jose police are looking for the driver that hit and killed two people last night. it happened around 6:30 at the intersection of ocala avenue and oakton ct. police say the car hit two women and took off. so far, no description of the vehicle. 14 pedestrians have now been hit and killed in san jose just this year. this morning, the daughter of an 88-year-old woman is speaking out after her mother was robbed at gunpoint in her own home.kpix 5 reports the family now fears for their safety. >> reporter: an ingleside family is like either elderly mother is okay after a terrifying home invasion in this neighborhood. earlier this afternoon. >> my sister called me and said,
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you g■uys o o our ouse. mom is already scared. around 1:00 thursday, police say two men kicked in the door at home near geneva and lewisburg and found an 88-year- old woman home alone. their next move pointed a gun at her. forcing her into her own bathroom. >> didn't they use the gun to force my mom. format the woman's daughter, who did not want to show her face, says the men ransacked the house and taking whatever they wanted. the family is worried their city has gotten more dangerous and local leaders are not doing enough to stop it. >> i wonder, safety is already a concern. >> reporter: the family isn't sure exactly what was stolen and pd says its officers are investigating. the family worries they won't feel safe in their own home.>> it is kind of scary. >> reporter: asked what she
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would tell the robbers if she had an opportunity to confront them, the woman only said she would think them for not hurting her elderly mother really murder. as of now, police don't have any information about potential suspects. police are looking for the gunmen who opened fire on another car at 580 in livermore. chopper 5 spotted the officers walking on the freeway your near 1st street looking for evidence. we are hearing one person was shot and suffered minor injuries but that investigation calls to major block during the afternoon commute. the backups stretching for miles. >> it is a seat no black woman has ever held until now. yesterday to send a confirmed judge ketanji brown jackson to the u.s. supreme court. we spoke with the bay area judge who also managed to shatter glass ceilings about the significance on this appointment. >> i was standing in my kitchen watching the tv and i watched the boat as it went down. >> the nomination is confirmed.
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>> i was flattened. i was so happy for her and i am happy for america. >> reporter: that was the reaction of former judge ladoris cordell. she heard the confirmation of the new supreme court justice , ketanji brown jackson. the first black woman to ever sit on the country's highest court. >> we have finally, slowly were getting to the point where we will have a supreme court that looks like america. >> reporter: gordon was the only black woman in her law school class at stanford in the early 70s. and became the first black renal judge in northern california in the early 80s. breaking glass linens as she went just like jackson. >> there will be people who will say she only got appointed because she is a black woman. that same thing was said to me.
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my response is, i would rather be appointed because i am a black woman. man not be appointed because i am a black woman. >> reporter: jackson is a former public defender and will be the 4th person of color in the six the woman in the courts 233 year history. the confirmation hearings were heated. >> that is exactly what you said. met with republican saying she is soft on crime and an extremist. >> i believe she will prove to be the furthest left of any justice to have ever served. >> reporter: 30 hours of questioning. most of which the republican side was a hostile, was disrespectful, was race baiting and yet, she took the high road and persevere. >> reporter: cordell questions the root of the criticism. >> she went to harvard undergrad, harvard law school. clerk for a supreme court justice and are people saying she is not good enough. there are still people who just can't accept that we, people of color, people are qualified. >> reporter: an historic day.
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cordell it says she is simply grateful. >> to be in the high score and have broken that barrier, i am so glad that i have lived to see it. jackson will be sworn in at some point this summer and we will begin hearing cases in october. even with the addition of jackson, the nonperson court still favors a conservative majority. now to the latest in ukraine. the united nations voting to strip russia of it see on the u.n. human rights council in response to civilian deaths in ukraine. the u.s. leading to push after claims questions massacred hundreds of ukrainian civilians. meantime secretary of state antony blinken who met with ukraine's foreign minister in brussels at the u.s. and nato allies have agreed to speed up deliveries of weapons to ukraine. >> were not going to let anything stand in the way of getting ukrainians what they need. >> reporter: the biden administration moving to
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prevent russian airlines from buying spare parts and on capitol hill, lawmakers agreed on measures to revoke normal trade relations with russia and bay and russian oil imports. a a live look from san francisco where a huge fight has erupted over the redistricting process for city supervisors be a task force is working to draw a new map, taking into account population changes from the latest census results. this is the latest proposed map from the task force but they will be revisions before it is finalized. some community groups have blasted the district saying, they will take away power from traditionally underrepresented communities. saying quote, we are especially alarmed to see draft maps that would diminish the voting power of low income immigrant renter, lgbt q plus and people of color neighborhoods. the elections commission will meet today to consider removing the three members appointed to the task force. that generated backlash from city leaders is that the
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process has become politicized. >> the idea of doing this at the last minute is undemocratic, it would send a horrible message, not just to keep san franciscans but the rest of the nation. that san francisco is behaving very much like those that were involved in undermining democracy last year on january 6th. >> supervisor says he is not taking a position on the map itself but at this point in the process, the meeting is start will start at 1:30. taking a live look at oracle park. we are less than 12 hours before the giants return to the diamond and the players are not the only one side for opening day today. >> there is a lot of buzz around this baseball season. >> baja crispy taco. >> reporter: while giants opening day is friday, it was opening day thursday for underdogs.
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a brand-new restaurant across the street from oracle park. >> this is the first day. how are you feeling? >> it is exciting beyond belief. >> this is the managing partner of underdogs. locally owned a small chain of restaurants. >> we are born and bred in the avenues of san francisco. we are bringing our game here downtown right across the street from the best show in tampa >> reporter: he says he is called in roughly 30 employees and ordered 10 times the amount of food and supplies. hoping to hit a grand slam friday. >> we are born ready. and with the giants back in town, it also means jobs have returned. >> it for the players, i'm very excited right now. i am like, it is game day for me. >> reporter: benjamin reed happens to be a lifelong giants fan. he is thrilled to be serving up dishes to his favorite team once again. >> we love steak. love a lot of beef. >> reporter: fans have high expectations for a job stain
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that got knocked out of the first round of the playoffs. >> are we going to see 107 wins. >> 105? they seem to think they can get at it again. beam and have another chance to talk to doctors. even jennifer cordero who is from l.a. is on board to chant. the l.a. >> i know. never. >> never. >> in san francisco, kpix 5. we are going to have a lot more on that. jocelyn is alive inside the stadium today and we will be talking about it. >> coming up on kpix 5, and streaming on cbs news bay area. federal crackdown on robocalls. starting off promising and figuring out a way around the roles. how experts say lawmakers can put an end to
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time for this morning's money watch report. the u.s. take jott says it
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disrupted a russian cyber attack plus what walmart is doing to lure more truck drivers to its ranks. diane king hall reports from new york. >> reporter: stocks rose on thursday. the dow gained 87 points. the nasdaq added eight and the s&p 500 rose 19. americans are racking up dead. according to a new report from the federal reserve, u.s. consumers added $45 billion in debt in february. 11% higher than the same time last year. open and revolving credit that includes credit cards is now over $1 trillion. microsoft says it disrupted a cyber attack by russian military spies. the tech giants is the hacking group was targeting government
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institutions. media organizations and think tanks in ukraine, europe and the u.s.. microsoft obtained a court order allowing its takeover of seven internet domains used by the hackers. walmart is trying to add more truck drivers to its ranks amid a nationwide shortage by offering starting salaries that approach an even break into six figures. the company will pay 95,000 to $111,000 up from the current average of about $88,000. is also starting a 12 week program in texas and delaware to allow current employees to earn their commercial drivers license. that is your cbs money watch report. for more head to at the cbs broadcast center, i am diane king hall. those annoying spam calls had not been quite as frequent. >> scammers have found a new way to bypass federal regulations. last summer the mandatory incorporation of special caller i.d. technology help separate real businesses from the phoenix but now scammers are using real numbers and posing as representatives from businesses that hold our most secure
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information. more enforcement is needed. >> it happens all the time. >> i just leave my ringer off half the time. >> it's 30 minutes before 5:00. time to get a check weather and trafficing a cooldown after all that heat we had. >> we would do it in stages. some of us will get a big cooldown. some of us, not so much. everybody get something today. by sunday back to average. a a live look from our camera looking towards the north bay. that is a saying towards sausalito. temperatures right now are very similar to where they were yesterday. three or 5 degrees warmer for inland locations. 5 degrees warmer by two dora than yesterday. if we look at the current
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numbers, temperatures have you in the mid to upper 50s. these are valleys that not too long ago more regularly down into the low 40s. it will be in the mid-50s right now. it will feel real nice. we have a whole summer of that but you haven't for the last several weeks and months. one cool spot will be petaluma at 46. look at the overview on daytime highs and i will jump ahead to the new headline which is a wind advisory for the north bay valleys. saturday and sunday. in other words, this weekend. as the system begins to cool us down and settles in, the atmosphere will try to rebalance and we will get strong north winds. these are the officer way and we will fill it through sonoma bay lls. nd not necessarily fire weather concerns but when enough in the mountains it will dry out the landscape a little more. most of us won't notice a major issue with way. look at the cooler numbers. in the bay, back to the mid-70s.
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it will be at 69 in the city but we are mid 80s for most locations inland. visibly visibility is fine and across the seven-day forecast, we see the cooling trend settling in and by the time we get to sunday, we are still on track for light rain. money about 1/10 of an inch of rain to start off next week and it doesn't look like a major soaker but rain nonetheless. how does the droplet? it is quite early for the morning commute. if you're getting up early to hit the freeways you are good to go for the most part. no major accidents or incidents. roadwork might slow you down a little bit especially on the peninsula. if you are taking 101 through the san mateo area. speeds down to 11 miles per hour. you can see the orange icons popping up. that indicates areas where there is roadwork possible enclosures as well. should be wrapped up by 5:30 and you could use 280 if you want to avoid any brake lights
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along 101 bay bridge toll pleasant looking good. very quiet for the commute into san francisco and a few more cars on the roadways as people head back into san francisco to take on the giants for opening day. first pitches around 1:35 so definitely plan for that if you are headed into san francisco.: great bridge looks good. if you're headed northbound, codes are set up from roadwork and they will do the rain chain lane changes later this morning but it is friday light on the san mateo bridge. 880 from westbound 192 torch 101, everything is clear in both directions. let's check the travel times. supercomputers 29 minutes looking good. 205 toward 680 westbound 80 pound weight 413 minute ride and right now delays on highway 4 westbound from antioch towards 80. that is a 25 minute commute and if you are committing out of the south fake early, everything is clear from san jose to sfo. is a look at traffic. here is charlie was sports.
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warrior to a small lead over the mavericks for the 3rd seed in the west but were they able to gain separation against the lakers and in golf. tiger woods is back and he looked good. the recap of his day, plus, the history
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stop in and save today. -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ morning opening day for baseball was yesterday but the giants nor a's plate. we begin at chasing her or the lakers had nothing to play for and none of the stars playing. the warriors trying to stay in the driver seat for the number three seed. give it up for the newest member of the nba hall of fame. former warrior tim hardaway honored at the game. second quarter klay thompson catches, fires, block spirit to defenders all over him and this time no one garten. he buries it. 23 points. game tied 81 in the 3rd corner. know what will stop me? green coast-to-coast. spins it in. later in the 3rd act to klay, driving, fading . swishing.
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nothing but nylon. klay had 33 points in the game. and the warriors had an eight point leap year the only thing in question was whether jordan poole would have another 20+ point game. he had 17 of them coming into the night. 17 straight games with 20+ points. only 19 in the game. snapping that street but a star he is. warriors went 128-112. game lead on the mavericks for the three seed in the west. tiger woods told golf digest in 2020 when he will never be a full-time player on the tour again. this coming after he almost lost a leg in a serious car accident. would he play charity events? sure. an event let the masters? 14 months later, not happening. about that. if he can walk and swing, then tiges chce r the par th r . he would tap it in for
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first of the day. not his last. on 16, along put. 40 years on is a lot longer than the 14 months he took off and he still hasn't. the fist bump. birdie number three of the day. to the leader after one new holdup from the bunker under 18. he becomes the first player from south korea to ever lead around attic us to. gets the round of applause and there was a round of applause. lenny for tiger who shot a one under 71 audi field? >> i felt good. the whole idea was to keep pushing and keep recovering. i fear when it kicks in and we get fired up and i get into my little world. i should be able to handle business. >> what will the next 16 or 18 hours look like for you? genemanager afte wils is
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mber because of health reasons. wilson played for the inaugural team in san jose and was inducted into the hockey hall of fame last year. 12 games to go for the shorts. they hosted the calgary flames. what a night for s reimer. second-period sharks down to- one elias lindell fires a past him. he would leave the game after a collision. no further word on the injury. sharks lose 4-2. 5th loss in a road. opening-day today for the a's and the giants. joey b.a.r.t. will start the first game at catcher in the post buster posey area. he was a former number two over a draft pick. he had a really good season last year in aaa sacramento. the a's play today in philly. oakland lost their manager. they lost there are star if anything i am intrigued to see how they do, what the plan is for the guys they have because billy beane, you never know.
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that is sports. it is 4:56. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area . >> taking another live look at oracle park. as charlie mentioned, baseball is back. we are following the excitement for the giants home opener today.
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, taking a live look at oracle park. thousands of fans will be headed in just a few hours. what you need to know for the giants home opener. there is big backlash amid
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controversy on a proposed redistricting map in san francisco. how some say it strips power from some groups. history made in our nations capital. the significance of ketanji brown jackson's confirmation for the supreme court. and how scammers are getting around regulations meant to crack down on robocalls. good morning. it is finally friday. it feels so good to say. >> baseball finally back today in the bay area. we have live team coverage this morning. of the giants home opener. >> we are live at oracle park with all the excitement and we will help you get to the game today. but first we start with weather. fans need to know how many layers they should wear if they are heading to the game. >> is interesting after a day in the mid-80s, you need to think about layers because the weather through the city today is nothing like it was yesterday. we are starting


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