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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  April 8, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club. opening-day for the giants. the excitement is building up for fans but also business. we will take a what impact they are hoping today brings. the search is on for a driver in the south bay whose trucking guilty people then to copy what we note this morning. >> there is backlash of the controversy on the proposed rate districting map in san francisco. how some say it strips power from certain groups. what one sees it up and, another is coming to a close. by the dungeness crab season is opening two months early. >> thank you for joining us.
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it is friday april 8. >> i had to turn around and grab this. i forgot i had this. we begin this friday. bay area baseball fans have been waiting. we have live team coverage on all the excitement over at oracle park. >> jocelyn moran is live inside the stadium this morning. gianna will tell us the best ways to get there but we begin with darren peck. how many layers fans we need today and this is a bit of a shocker after the weather we had yesterday. >> i am so glad you stressed of that. i want to shout it. do not come dressed for a heatwave if you are coming to oracle park. blue big cooldown in the city today. 85 degrees yesterday. it will be 69 today. we are not all cooling down that much but this is a classic example of the microclimate of how the city feels the cooldown front first and it will be breezy and in the upper 60s at
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1:35 that first picture never warm-up a whole lot from there. meanwhile, if you're not going to the game it will be cooler for your part of the bay but not that dramatic. low 90s and it will be low 80s. if you look at the inland valleys, instead of low 90s. it will be upper 80s. still 15 degrees above average. if you're driving, getting in the car and expected to feel different in the city. upper 60s for the city. we have rain on monday and a wind advisory for part of the weekend. i will see in a few minutes. how does the droplet? >> we are seeing more cars on the roadways. we are at that 6:00 hour. the brake lights are building plus we are bringing back a spot magic in san francisco. if you're planning on heading to the game, embarcadero will be quite easy. 280 extension will get you there but expect traffic into the city. bay bridge and golden gate bridge lightly backed up. lots of options. the bar,
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caltrain and the ferry would be a great way to get into the city. if you do plan on parking be sure to look that in advance. this is a dream assignment for a lifelong giants fan. >> absolutely. it is a dream assignment for sure appear it feels overwhelming and i can't believe i'm standing here. it is feeling empty right now but in a few hours we are expecting giants fans to start coming in the field this place with orange and black and really there isa lot of excitement building up and there are some reasons for that. one is the lot down. not knowing exactly when the season will start. a lot of anticipation for that. they, the fans are looking for to sink the giants continued that season.and third, are starting to feel more comfortable. we note last year for opening- day there was limited capacity
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and they are excited to be here. fans are excited and also businesses and they say they desperately needed. this is the owner of yummy plates on townsend. a few blocks from here. he opened his restaurant in november of 2019. right before the pandemic it. he had a close for a year and half and he says this is his first full baseball season. he is going to experience. let me he is struggling to get employee so he says he is getting here at 5:30 and getting the eggs ready in making sandwiches. making sure he has everything for today. and also for those day games. we have our gear ready. and again first pitch as at 1:35 and amanda, i believe you have your gear ready too. >> we have our gear ready. i know you're all set up today at so please explain what you been got going on. i know you been planning this for the past couple weeks.
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>> i been planning this. that i have this jean jacket. is one of my favorite once. i've had the sock for a long time. i can't even tell you how many years. i've had these for a long time. i been waiting to take them and put them on today. appellate the perfect occasion. >> we are so set up. good to see you. i am so happy you had this assignment. we will have more on the excitement building with fans. kpix 5 has special live coverage of the giants home opener. before the first pitch and it will be on our streaming service. cbs news bay area, starting at 12:30. happening today, we are expected to learn more details about the deadly hit-and-run out of san jose. police are looking for a driver who hit guilty people. it happened last night at the intersection of a column and of record. so far note description of the
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vehicle. 14 pedestrians have now been hit and killed. in the east bay, police are looking for the gunmen who opened fire on another car on 580. we are told one person was shot and had minor injuries. the investigation caused major gridlock with backup stretching for miles. in sacramento, investigators are looking on last weekend's mass shooting. they are turning their attention to a stolen handgun. modified to act like a machine gun. the gun was found among 100 scattered shell casings in downtown and police say this type of modified webbing is popping up back rhyme seemed especially here in the bay area. they are known as auto sears or glock switches. it is unknown if the gun was used in the shooting that left six people dead. >> taking a live look in san francisco where a big political battle is brewing today over the redistricting process for supervisors. a task force drawing a new map
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and the plan to meet again today. justin andrews is doing is live in the newsroom and this process has started community wars around the city. >> it is pretty highly unusual development because three members of the task force in charge of drawing the new boundaries for the city supervisor district, they are facing possible removal as the group scrambles to finish his work. all while mired in what some call the political controversy. another a live look from city hall. some community groups have blasted the district saying they will take away power from traditionally underserved communities. arguing the proposed maps would diminish the voting power for immigrants, low income families, renters, lgbtq plus and people of color. the task force is taking into account population changes from the latest census results. the latest proposed map from the task force is on your screen now. worth noting, it is not the final one there will be revisions before it is
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finalized. big backlash coming from city leaders who say it is essentially giving weekend democracy. >> they are doing the idea of doing this at the last minute is undemocratic and it was in a horrible message not just to san franciscans but to the rest of the nation. that san francisco is behaving very much like those that were involved in undermining democracy last year on january 6th. >> the elections commission plans to meet today to consider removing three members. you can bet we will keep following it. back to you. today, the end of dungeness crab season. two months early. state department fish and wildlife since the early into the season is because of more incidents with whales getting tangled in crab fishing gear. crab season was supposed to close at the end up being. the season starts was delayed from november to december because of risks involving whales and sea turtles. >> we got our crab fix this
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weekend. knowing that it would be the end of the season. >> nine minutes after 6:00. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> bay area baseball fans, the wait is finally over. >> i'm ready for baseball. it has been long overdue. >> what the first pitch of the season it means to giants fans next. a new item. there is a way advisory this weekend. it is in the mountains and it will be an officer wind event. most of
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that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] taking a live look at oracle park. the day has come to the bay area baseball fans have been waiting for. >> let's get right to gianna franco and it feels extra special after all the back-and- forth with the lockout.
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i know you are super pumped about as well. >> i'm so excited that baseball is happening. giants fans couldn't be more excited to head oracle park that you're on the team. actually called it was some giants fans who do not shy away from showing off their giants pride. >> from the crack of the bat to the smell of the popcorn to a sea of orange and black flooding the stanza oracle park. giants baseball is back. >> it has been long overdue. >> the fans are headed to oracle park. >> my wife and i will be there for opening date with a couple of our friends and we have a pack of tickets i'm hoping to get to 10 or 15 games. >> it is the first game without covid restrictions in the brooks family is ready to make more memories at the ballpark. >> we have the first game certificates on the wall with their tickets and everything from the game. it is a tradition in our family. >> a tradition that goes back over 30 years.
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>> i went to 2002 as well reaching for the giants of course. >> their love of the team continues even when they can't make it to a game. >> we have a lot of signed baseballs. we have a mad bomber we bring all of our friends and family to watch the game. >> for pmp, >> it is a sign that actually was from candlestick park. >> they are glad that lockout is over and the season's games getting started. >> normally would've gone to spring training but we haven't gone since the pandemic it. and this year it was questionable as to whether they would be spring training. >> they are ready to cheer on the orange and black at oracle and at home. >> pride and joy of the man cave. >> we have our own urinal. >> we used to have a l.a. dodgers the celt in it but it kept getting washed off.
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so, i didn't find any more decals. we will just let it go at that. >> it makes it very easy for you and you are watching the game. you don't miss a minute because the bathroom is literally right here. >> you can lean back and check the tv if you wanted to. >> with the start of the new season, giants fans are hoping for a little magic. you know, the 2010 kind. >> it was the spring of 2010. we painted this all up and decked it out and the giants won the world series. we figured we had a little bit to do with that. >> they will have to get past l.a. again. >> he has on his shirt. bla. that is what we are all about this year. >> the rivalry lives on in the bay area is ready for it. >> this is a baseball town. it always will be. >> san francisco is a weird town. it is perfect for baseball. >>
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can we talk about that urinal? is like an open-air urinal. >> there is a curtain and just to clarify that was air freshener in their. >> he and penny were the cutest. gave us an open invitation. we absolutely should. it is a really fun family environment. the husband to the day off. >> major props to pini for putting up with the urinal. >> you have a man cave? >> major props for putting that urinal so central to the story. >> it was a highlight. >> the banner that they have from candlestick park. dollar for the program. >> that was very cool. the memorabilia is amazing. right now were talk about going to the giants game. if you are headed out there to cheer on your team, you have a
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couple of options to get there. might help her sing the brake lights building up. at the bay bridge toll plaza. nothing to what we will see later on. a lot of people working their way into san francisco and maybe they will dip out early to go enjoy baseball magic at the ballpark. that is the case, expect busier conditions. 280 extension and we will see lots of people heading into the city into san francisco to take in the game. if you want to avoid the traffic, public transit is a great option. tens of options. muni, bart will get you there. you can walk over . caltrain for thinking takes you back to the ballpark and you can take the ferry and what a beautiful day to take a ride across the bay into san francisco to take in the game. spot hero for parking is a good tip because if you're headed to the game, definitely give yourself extra time and you will save that time by booking your parking in advance. golden gate bridge looking good. no major delays and it is friday and light on the he weighs. so far, pretty greasy ready. traffic is moving at the limit and overall caulking it speeds
6:18 am
on the major freeways. we have the brake lights and that is pretty typical at this time of the morning. friday like safe to say for the most part. it will be a beautiful day but not as hot as it was yesterday. how many layers will we need at the ballgame? >> enough for the upper 60s and breezy. think of this as a typical summer day. driving into the cities for the game as an example from concord but it will be in the mid to upper 80s. sunny incompetent when you get into the city it will be like jean. upper 60s and windy. the cooldown will play out today, quite differently for most of the bay. what a pretty view from the salesforce tower. if we look at the cooldown for inland valley, 91 yesterday. 85 today. not bad. it is a little cooler today and by monday we are down to 61 doubtless do that for the city. it was 86 yesterday and that line takes a steep decline today. to go down the 69 and it will
6:19 am
be windy. we look at that at the top of the 6:00 hour. it will be a 20 mile-per-hour wind in the city this afternoon with upper 60s. let's pick out your part of the bay for daytime highs. livermore is a 85. santa rosa 82. those are all about to 7 degrees cooler. mountain view at 77. fremont at 78. are two other items to discuss in the weather today. there is a wind advisory and it was issued by the national weather service and is an offshore wind event that means it will be felt more in the mountains. north bay mountains, the east bay hills. if it was a fault we will be talking about fire weather concerns. think fully, watch what happens with the way. there is the onshore today so he gets windy near the water today but totally different by saturday night. the mountain the red box is there. by saturday night, 49 and 50 mile-per-hour breeze at the lower elevations where we live.
6:20 am
is a classic situation and you may notice a breeze at the lower elevations but it will not be terribly strong in the mountains. and we are still on track for light rain. on monday, it still doesn't look very impressive in terms of totals but we could get a 10th of an inch of rain on monday. bay area wide and certainly the cooldown goes along with that. and if we look at microclimates we see that play out equally as well. the cooldown and a slight chance of rain. >>
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whether it is at oracle part four opening-day or scattered around san francisco, you will plot find plenty of good eats. >> we break it all down in
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today's leon's list and you are already set to head out to the ballpark today? >> him. it is food, glorious food. all the way. we are excited to welcome back the orange and black and new food items oracle park. yes, go san francisco giants. what a glorious day it will be at the ballpark a big day for fans and local businesses and a big day for foodies. the brand-new carnival style food offerings including omission stop bacon wrapped hotdog. the frito pop. boozy slushy spirit ye slushy's stand with choices like ghost pepper. it will be a yummy day at the park. the first pitch is 1:35. giants against the miami mana race. and we continue with more food.
6:25 am
to get you ready for san francisco restaurant week running for a few more days through sunday. to celebrate the flavors of san francisco's unique and diverse cuisine through special prefixed menus for lunch and dinner. some of these are a bargain but a great way to explore new restaurants and new neighborhoods and support those who even during the pandemic continue to make our tummies happy with great food. support your local restaurants. we need you now. and finally, the pit master himself, last night he had the release party for his first book, matt horn. is the hornet barbecue book. he is regarded as one of the best new chefs in america. one of the best barbecue chefs in america. his book full of tips and recipes. ladies, if you do two things this weekend. go and see your san francisco giants today. by the matt horn book right
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here because it is a winter. the full list at go san francisco giants and reporting from san francisco, back to you. love the enthusiasm. >> we have so many super fans. i love that. >> have a good night. still to come, a historic step taken and the push to end the war you do crane. we are live outside the united nations,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines for opening day for bay area baseball. the giants are getting ready for the first pitch at oracle park. at 1:35 this afternoon. the a's are starting their season in philly. we are expecting to learn more details about the deadly hit-and-run for san jose. police looking for the driver who hit and killed two people. it happened last night at the intersection of the call avenue and open court. so far no description of the vehicle. the dungeness crab season has come to an early in. fish and wildlife assess the end of the season could have more incidents with whales getting tangled in crab fishing gear.
6:30 am
good morning. it is friday, april 8th. >> we are cheering on the a's out in philly. here at home, excitement building for the giants home opener. we have live team coverage ahead of the first pitch oracle park. payment jocelyn is live at the stadium. jonna, what is the best option for getting there. but we will start with darren peck. >> this is a day that will probably separate the veterans from the newbies. because you should come dressed warm. if you are coming to the game today. don't come dressed for the heatwave we were having yesterday were it was mid 80s. it will be upper 60s and breezy. vastly different field in the city today from yesterday and a big difference from any part of the bay you might be driving in from. 67 degrees at 1:35 with the 25 mile-per-hour breeze. dress warm. if you or inland are not in the immediate city, way cooldown today.
6:31 am
it is more like a 5 to 7 degree cooldown. instead of being in the w to 10 to 11 degrees drop there but for the inland, mid 80s. it is cooler over here today than yesterday. you are still about 15 degrees above average. get back into the heart of the bay and strong onshore flow and the breeze will be cool. north bay valleys, cooler today but same story. still well above average by 10 to 15 degrees. we are on track for light rain on monday. still have a chance for that and i will show you what that looks like light in the forecast and there is way advisory issued for the wicked in the mountains. mortar talk about in the forecast how is the drive looking? >> it is looking busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will likely see the delays built throughout the morning and a lot of people are heading out to san francisco to take in giants opening-day. bay bridge is a good way to get into the city but with the lights on you will see a bit of a backup now and later on as well. plan ahead and give yourself extra time. adding to oracle use
6:32 am
embarcadero, 280 extension. bay bridge, golden gate bridge lead into the city but expected to be a bit easier. here are some options. embarcadero or montgomery will be the stations you would use if you are taking bart into san francisco. caltrain, easy to get to the ballplayer park. the ferry is a great way and if you're driving, make sure you book your parking in advance to save yourself extra time because you don't want to miss those peanuts and cracker jacks for first pitch and right now kpix 5 jocelyn moran is inside oracle park and she is decked out from head to toe. how are you feeling? >> reporter: i am ready. along with a lot of giants fans that we have been speaking with throughout this week. very excited. especially with everything that has been building up to get to this point. one of that being coming off of an amazing season the giants had and they are hoping to continue that this season. there are changes to the
6:33 am
pitching rotation. it will feel a little bit weird not seeing posey behind the plate the fans we spoke to say they are excited to see what joey barth can do this season but as well as fans, business owners are very much looking forward to this time and they state they desperately need the business. >> i cook for the players. i'm very excited right now. i'm like, it is like game day for me. >> i get here very early in the morning because i'm doing everything mysf.g evng asi run out of tfiyewe pe e sc of baseball. >> you just heard the owner yummy plates. just a few blocks from here and get this. he actually opened in november of 2019. right before the pandemic it. then he had to close for about a year and a half.
6:34 am
he says this is the first full season he is going to get to experience and he is excited for that and he says he is getting up super early. he got around here around 5:30 to make sure he has the food ready to go. he wants to turn the page and he is in recovery mode. a lot of businesses are feeling that way right now and i am just excited to see fans out here. this place filled with orange and black and we are all looking forward to it. first pitch is at 1:35 today.jocelyn moran, kpix 5. history made on capitol hill as we take a live look from there yesterday. the first black woman was confirmed to serve on the u.s. supreme court. president biden will hold an event at the white house for judge jackson and vice president harris to make the confirmation. judge ketanji brown jackson will now be the 4th person of color in the 6th woman in the ladoris cordell who became the first black female judge in northern california in the early 80s. the significance of jackson's confirmation.
6:35 am
>> there will be people who will say, she only got appointed as she is a black woman. that same thing was said to me. and my response is, i would rather be appointed because i am a black woman than not be appointed because i am a black woman. >> jackson will be sworn in sometime this summer and will start hearing cases in october. x:35. now to the latest developments in ukraine. a russian rocket strike on the train station in eastern ukraine killed at least 39 people and injured almost 100. this comes hours after the u.s., united nations and european union took steps to further punish russia. laura podesta joining us now live from outside u.n. hit orders. in new york. and this train station attack, especially heinous. >> absolutely. and tragic news this morning. that train station was being
6:36 am
used to evacuate ukrainian civilians. it is just the latest news of the photos and videos we can see pouring out of ukraine. much of which is being alleged as war crimes. that is by the west is trying to increase pressure on moscow and in the war. yesterday congress voted to suspend normal trade relations with russia and bay and energy imports. the european union has now approved a plan to phase out russian coal and as you mentioned, a historic step at the united nations yesterday when the general assembly voted to suspend russia from its human rights council. >> russia is not only committing human rights violations. is shaking the underpinnings of international peace and security. >> that u.s. led resolution passed 93 to 24. it makes russia the first permanent member of the u.n. security council to have its membership revoked from any u.n. body.
6:37 am
ukraine's president ketanji brown jackson -- volodymyr zelenskyy said he welcomes the move that he reiterated that it is not enough. he is calling for more weapons transfers from the west. >> the ukrainian president said after he found out what happened to it will be hard for him to consider negotiations with russia after that. now there is a train station attack again on civilians and at this point, what hope is there for a cease-fire. >> you know, we are hearing about the repositioning of russian troops from the northern part of ukraine. the kyiv region and they will potentially be ramping up a defense of their it does not look like a cease-fire is in the cards. anytime soon. the un's humanitarian chief also said he is not optimistic after meetings in moscow and with officials in kyiv.
6:38 am
he said it looks like the two sides are not coming to an agreement in part because they do not trust one another . >> this morning, we are waiting on results for the fate of the daily california. the future of the student run newspaper. it is still up in the air. justin andrews is live in the newsroom and what is the issue with this? >> the initiative is wanting to raise student fees from the current two dollars and 75 sent to six dollars per semester. the group says it has to happen in order to keep the paper printing. students voted on this earlier this week and the results should be coming in and announced at some point today. the daily california has been around for about 150 years and has been a vital source of information. the editor in chief says the paper was established in 1871 and was financially supported by the university. that became independent after some controversy about 50 years
6:39 am
ago. that didn't sit well with university leaders. we got student reactions. >> i am all about supporting student journalism for sure. i wouldn't mind paying six dollars. >> i think students report. they were never paid six dollars for the newspaper when they can read anything for free online. >> about a third of the papers budgets comes from students advertising dollars in donations make up the respite the voting results we get today and ultimately close the door for the student run paper. we will be watching to get those results. we will let you know when they come in. looking for a job? how would you like to make six figures driving trucks? the generous salary from walmart ahead in our live money watch report. imagine a work week free of fridays? the proposal on the table to make working four days mandatory. today is the date we start bringing these temperatures down for some of us in a big
6:40 am
way. for most of us, it may be five or 6 degrees but it is a start. i will show you only get back to average and how likely that rain on monday is. let's take a quick check on the big board. the dow is down in the red. just nine points right now. we will be right back. judge ketanji brown jackson will now be the first black woman to serve on the supreme court. here about the unexpected connection she had with the famous civil rights figure. also,
6:41 am
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looking live across the bay area. now this morning a new report shows deadly car accidents have been on the rise and more pedestrians are being killed than ever before. pedestrian deaths have been on the rise for a decade. new report shows more than 3400 people were killed in the first six months of 2021 a 17% jump from 2020. the governors highway safety association published this report. the rising pedestrian deaths coincides with the surging dangerous driving including speeding. >> you have that mix of speeding vehicle with people on foot, the higher the speed, the more likely they will be killed and injured. >> the department of transportation is dedicating aliens of dollars to make changes for safer road design including more cross while, bike lanes and better lighting. >> a man was paralyzed in a scooter crash suing the city of los angeles.
6:45 am
daniel peña was on his way to a job interview three years ago riding a bird scooter when a broken sidewalk caused him to lose control and hit his head on a tree. the lawsuit and the claim by the scooter company says the city failed to maintain the tree and the sidewall. the case is expected to go to trial this month. nearly 1 dozen people have been safely removed from rides at universal studios after mechanical issues. they got stuck on the harry potter and transformer rides yesterday at universal city. universal has not said exactly what the issue was but a power outage was reported in the area. hopefully no reports of any injuries. time for your money watch report. a look at the stock market this morning plus, walmart with a pay bump. diane king hall is joining us live from new york. good morning and happy friday. format good morning. happy friday. let's start with the check on the stock market.
6:46 am
after starting off mix, stocks are under pressure on the final trading day of the week. let's get to it. the dow is down 83 points. 81 points. the was initially green on the board and we will see if that holds. the nasdaq firmly in the red and the nasdaq is down 119 points. walmart is trying to add more truck drivers to its ranks amid a nationwide shortage. offering starting salaries to approach them break into six figures. the company will pay $95,000 $211,000 up from a current average of about $88,000 and is starting a 12 week program to allow current employees to earn their commercial drivers license. not bad. >> thank you so much. taking a look at state capital. they could change california's work week to for days. that bill would change the traditional 40 hour workweek to 32 hours per week.
6:47 am
companies will be required to pay overtime if their employees work longer than four full days per week. it would apply to companies with more than 500 employees. employers would not be allowed to cut pay to make up for one less workday. i'm into it. let's go full on europe and do that 1 million weeks vacation was six weeks vacation. it is just so she'll. >> let's do it. >> it sounds great. things need to get done. >> spoken like a true american. >> amanda grew up in a house where you guys had your own business and it was different. for the rest of us working for the man, i will a three day weekend. >> and i want to days thrown >> i like that too. >> i think a lot of people take that without getting it officially. >> right. that is the unspoken day. >> let's talk about the cooldown. concord will cooldown today. a live look from mt. diablo looking at concord.
6:48 am
you can see the bridge going across the strait. and you get a 5 degrees cooled them. maybe even a little more. low 90s yesterday and we will go to mid 80s here today. we don't all cooldown the same so let's take a look at a comparison. if you watch the line inland from low 90s yesterday to 85 today and all the way down to below average by monday. more on that in a second. we will get light rain on monday and look how drastically different the changes in the city. 86 yesterday in san francisco. 69 today. we talked about that when we did the forecast for the home opener. it will be cool and breezy today in the city. we all cooldown but were not doing it equally. it will be very classic summer today. were there is a drastic drop in temperature near the water and it is cooler and still 15 degrees above average. mid 80s today for places like concord and livermore goes 85. in and around the shoreline mid to upper 70s today. that will be noticeably cooler. we start the cooldown today. one other item that is new and
6:49 am
that is a wind advisory that the national weather service has just issued for the weekend. it is in the mountains and it will be an offshore wind event. we will see that 40 mile-per- hour dust in the east bay hills. it will get breezy at the lower elevations were we are live in there is the onshore flow today. very different right there. saturday evening, 40 mile per gust in the mountains. and that could be fire weather concerns later in the season. thankfully for now not looking at fire weather concerns but just a heads up, it will be windy in the mountains this weekend. here is that chance of rain on monday. only about 1/10 of an inch of rain in it is still in the forecast. is persistently hung on. the timing of it brings in through the middle of the day. it can show up for the later hours of the morning. it could still be around for the early evening hours of the afternoon commute. 1/10 of an inch of rain is enough to click in the roads a little. it certainly doesn't do
6:50 am
anything for the drought. seven-day beyond that shows we are staying cool going into next week. let's go to gianna and see how the drive let's. >> it is a busy ride for folks heading into san francisco. we are tracking the brake lights. metering lights were turned off in the 5:00 hour and you can see things are definitely slowing down and oplemaki thri y for moofearly inand ibbereno people head into the city to take in the giants game for opening-day peer a sold-out crowd and it will be busy. conditions on the other side in the is the san francisco side of the bridge. into the city and things are a little stop and go. if you're coming into san francisco later for the game. embarcadero will likely be busy and expect delays on 280 extension. it takes you back to oracle park. bay bridge and golden gate bridge with the more volume.
6:51 am
at least in that direction. volume eastbound for people heading out of town and embarcadero or montgomery taking b.a.r.t. is a great way to get into the city. caltrain along the peninsula or south bay will take you to for thinking and it is a quick easy walk to the bar . ballpark. easy way to get to the city. spot hero for parking is a good tip. if you're going to driving to san francisco for the game, try to book your parking in advance. it makes things easier and you will save time there. traffic elsewhere where we have the busy ride through the altamont pass would travel time around 34 minutes. 205 to 206 and 880, just getting more of a vehicle fire along 880 at marina boulevard. be careful as you head out the door. the first all private mission to the international space station will be launching from kennedy space center. >> it is a mission that has never been done. for private citizens will be
6:52 am
blasting into space aboard the first nasa sanctioned commercial flight to the iss. is known as axiom one the four crew members completed months of training and they will be carrying equipment and supplies for 26 science and technology experiments to be conducted while aboard the iss for six days. >> they are trying to show they will have a commercial flight to the station and it not be a joyride. is serious research. they hope to get that done while they are up there. >> the historic mission could lay the groundwork to make spacex accessible for all, they are scheduled to blast off this morning. next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> it is an extra special opening-day for the san francisco giants. but it is not just the fans county down the baseballs be returned. it is a celebration at sfo. how the airport is taking part in a japanese tradition today. join us right after this newscast on our
6:53 am
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it is a beautiful morning and it is opening-day officially, a lot of excitement building up for this. fans are excited. we are at the dugout right now and we want to show you some of the gear that we have laid out. this is actually some of the giveaways that will be happening this season. you can see that totebag. it is for mother's day. i am most excited about this brandon belt captain kapp. is coming pretty close. tomorrow is the giveaway for that for the first 20,000 fans. a lot of fans we have spoken to are excited that so are businesses. take a listen. >> i am excited to see the pitching rotation. >> it is overwhelming.
6:57 am
everyone is excited. >> you can really hear in his voice. a lot of businesses have been waiting for this day after going through a tough two years of the pandemic. a lot of business that they are hoping for, we no fans, i can't wait to see this place being filled with orange and black. we have our gear ready but again just a few more hours before we get to see fans. live in oracle park, jocelyn moran. plan ahead if you are headed out to the ballgame. we have a backup at the bay bridge for the morning commute but that will likely stick around as people head into the city to enjoy that ballgame. if you're headed toward san francisco, give yourself about 70 minutes for the east bay into the city and if you're headed to the ballgame, embarcadero will likely be extra busy before and after the game. they bridge and golden gate bridge with more volume.a lot
6:58 am
of options. b.a.r.t., caltrain and the ferry. all good ways to get to the city. spot hero for parking if you want to book parking in advance and we are keeping a close eye on 880 northbound. both directions very slow near marina boulevard due to a car fire off the shore. let's see how that day will shape up. they are going to sell a lot of switchers in oracle park. it was 86 in the city yesterday. today it will be 69 the 20 mile- per-hour breeze at first pitch. it will be the day that separates the newbies from the veterans. people will get caught offguard by people in the know will not. other than the cooldown for the city, everybody else does get a cooldown today but if you are inland, it will be mid 80s. rather than low 90s. you are still about 15 degrees above average. san jose was 94. got you 82 today. it is cooler but you really get this over the weekend for the inland valleys. back to average by sunday. and there is a small chance of rain still in the forecast on
6:59 am
monday. about 1/10 of an inch of rain still there. nice to see it. taking a live look from sfo, the airport is celebrating a favorite japan town favorite. >> were talking about the cherry blossom festival. >> terminal to all decked out today to celebrate the festival including that drum performance you see there. this will be going on thursdays and fridays through the 22nd. is all part is set up sfo celebrates. a new series that brings the culture and neighborhoods of the city directly to travelers. >> it is a beautiful. cherry blossoms are always a nice sign of spring as well. >> baseball is what we are talking about today. you even thought this would happen after all that craziness? >> here we are. >> we are ready to go. >> you have a jersey too. >> the a's are in philly today. >> he has the finger over
7:00 am
there. >> ♪ welcome to mor"cbs mornings and hello to you, our viewers on the west coast. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> we're all here. let's go to today's "eye opener," it's your world in 90 seconds. >> this nomination is confirmed. >> judge ketanji brown jackson becomes the first black woman ever confirmed to be a justice on the supreme court. >> the moment like this reminds us that there is still so much yet to accomplish and that we can accomplish.
7:01 am
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