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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  April 8, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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with more local news and always streaming on cbs news bay area. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, train massacre. the russian rocket attack on a ukrainian train station, killing dozens at a place where thousands of women and children were trying to flee the war. the images, horrifying and disturbing. the moment of impact. tonight, the haunting stories of survivors as bodies lay among suitcases. the chill message painted on the side of a russian ballistic missile. and the evidence of war crimes. plus we'll preview the "60 minutes" interview you won't want to miss. scott pelley speaks with president zelenskyy. what we're learning about intercepted communications between russian soldiers and their parents. a moment in history: president biden's victory lap, and the moving speech from soon-to-be justice ketanji brown jackson. >> in my family, it took just
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one generation to go from segregation to the supreme court of the united states. ( applause ) >> o'donnell: secret service scandal: the unbelievable new details in the fake federal agent scheme. -- the weapons, the tactical gear, and the counterfeit i.d.s. oscar slap punishment. the academy bans will smith. but what happens to his best actor trophy? and this just in: smith responds. tiger's comeback. round two of the masters. how the golf star is feeling. and "on the road" with a story of inspiration and never giving up on your dreams. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you for joining us on this friday night. tonight, we start with breaking news out of ukraine, and what we're learning about the most recent russian atrocity, a missile attack on a train
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station. just tonight, president zelenskyy says everyone involved will be held responsible. at least 52 people were killed and more than 100 others injured in the attack on a train station. graphic video of the scene shows bodies lying among luggage, strollers, and stuffed animals. ukrainian officials believe the two missiles were fired from russian-occupied territory in the donbas region. six weeks into the war, russian forces have shifted their focus to eastern ukraine, as more suspected war crimes are revealed. in chernihiv, north capital, the mayor says nearly 700 people were killed. survivors described the horrors during the russian siege. dozens of people were held captive in a tiny basement for weeks, along dead bodies. it was so cramped, one man described tying himself to a wall to sleep standing up. we have a lot of news to get to tonight, and cbs' debora patta will start us off from kyiv. good evening, debora. >> reporter: good evening. about 4,000 people had gathered
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at that rail station at the time of the attack to get on to trains to escape the violence. ukrainian officials have repeatedly advised residents to leave donbas as the war escalates. and we should warn you that this video is disturbing. the strike at kramatorsk railway station was not only deadly. it was personal. the russian missile inscriekd with the words, "for the children." it's an essential hub for civilians fleeing the war in the donbas region. among those killed, women, the elderly, and the very young. another entry on the growing list of russian atrocities. in liberated bucha, the street was littered with graphic evidence of war crimes, but lawmaker kira rudik wants the world to know about the hidden crimes, a weapon wielded in secret, rape. >> it's a matter of power.
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it's a matter of terror. it's a matter of control they are taking using it as a humiliation. >>orudick is collecting evidence to take to the international court in the hague. in bucha, least five women came forward to share their stories with her, including a mother in her 20s with a six-year-old son. >> they raped her multiple times in front of her son. and she said, "i begged them to find... to find a place to hide my son so he would not be witnessing that." it was going on and on and on. >> reporter: for days. >> for days. >> reporter: i mean, that is just unbearable trauma. >> reporter: on communications intercepted by ukrainian intelligence, you can hear a russian soldier phoning back home, revealing those rapes are often very young. "i'm shocked at what's going on here," he said. "a woman and a 16-year-old girl were raped by guys in the neighboring village." rudick heard a similar story
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when soldiers tried to rape a woman's teenaged sister. she stepped forward saying, "take me instead." >> i want to know their names and last names, because i want them to be accountable. >> reporter: the targeting of civilians has become so frequeta nvg evidence of crimes almost as they happen. and prosecutors say they are building a detailed case against russia. norah. >> o'donnell: debora patta, thank you. ukraine's president volodymyr zelenskyy detailed where his investigators got some of the evidence of russia's war crimes. in an interview with cbs' scott pelley for this sunday's "60 minutes," and they met at an undisclosed government building in kyiv. >> reporter: what evidence is there of war crimes across ukraine?
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"the ukrainian security service has intercepted communications," he told us. "there are russian soldiers talking to their parents about what they stole and who they abducted. there are recordings of russian prisoners of war who admitted to killing people. there are pilots in prison who had maps with civilian targets to bomb. there are also investigations being conducted based on the remains of the dead." should vladimir putin, prosecuted for war crimes? "look, i think everyone who made a decision, who issued an order, who fulfilled an order, everyone who is relevant to this, i believe they are guilty." do you hold putin responsible? "i do believe he's one of them." >> o'donnell: you can watch scott pelley's full interview with president zelenskyy sunday on "60 minutes." let's turn now to the white
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house, where newly confirmed and soon-to-be supreme court justices can jack quoted maya angelou's poem "still i rise," during a ceremony on the south lawn. the first black woman confirmed to the supreme court said, "i am the dream and the hope of the slave." cbs' weijia jiang was there. >> reporter: as president biden celebrated judge ketanji brown jackson, he noted the magnitude of the moment. >> we're going to look back and see this as a moment of real change in american historydge jn also recognized she was making history. >> it has taken 232 years and 115 prior appointments for a black woman to be sclected to serve on the supreme court of the united states. ( applause ) but we've made it. >> reporter: she said this about her personal journey: >> in my family, it took just
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one generation to go from segregation to the supreme court of the united states. ( applause ) >> reporter: vice president harris talked about this slert she wrote while presiding over the vote to her teenaged goddaughter helena. >> i told her they felt such a deep sense of pride and joy, and about what this moment means for our nation and for her future. >> reporter: president biden commended the three republicans who voted for jackson, but he had harsh words for some in the party who took part in her hearing. >> it was vecialg abuse, the anger, the constant interruptions, the most vile assertions and accusations. >> reporter: the outdoor location for the event was chosen in part because of the covid spike here in washington recently seeped into the west wing. today, president biden tested
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negative, but the white house said it is certainly possible he will test positive at this point. norah. >> o'donnell: that's the state we're in. weijia jiang, thank you. well, tonight, we're learning more about the two men accused of pretending to be federal agents and giving financial favors to secret service officials. in court filings today, prosecutors said the defendants were not merely playing dress-up. they were engaged in conduct that created a potential risk to national security. here's cbs' catherine herridge. >> reporter: appearing in federal court, the bizarre case of arian taherzadeh and haider ali took a serious national security turn with confirmation from court records they compromised u.s. secret service personnel with access to the white house. now suspended, secret service personnel assigned to the first lady, the white house, and the vice president's residence, arguing the suspects are flight risks, the government filed evidence photos of multiple weapons, tactical gear, surveillance equipment, and tools for fake i.d.s, all
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seized from their penthouse and four luxury d.c. apartments in a building popular with federal lawmaker. an expired passport for ali showed recently travel to iran and visas for egypt and pakistan, and he told at least one witness that he has ties to the intelligence agency ofkistan ile thcl isnder investigation,he government said it must be taken literally and seriously. prosecutors say it was all part of a schty, giving officers gifts, including rent-free apartments and electronics. >> there were a lot of red flags. >> reporter: tom o'connor is a former f.b.i. special agent. is this a secret service failure? >> any time any federal law enforcement, local law enforcement, state law enforcement gets probed for intelligence value, that's a bad day. >> reporter: after his arrest, taherzadeh volunteered to investigators that ali funded most of their day-to-day operation, and he didn't know the source of the funds.
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and late today, a federal judge agreed to hold the two suspects until court reconvenes on monday, saying he's never seen a case quite like this. separately, the secret service has launched its own investigation into whether employees accepted bribes. norah. >> o'donnell: what a story. catherine herridge, thank you. well, nearly two weeks after will smith's slach comedian chris rock, the motion picture academy handed out its punishment. tonight we get reaction to his 10-year oscar ban. here is cbs' jamie yuccas in los angeles. >> i hope the academy invites me back. >> reporter: that won't be happening, with the academy banning will smith from the oscars and all other academy events for a decade. media critic eric deggans. pwhat do you think about this decision? >> it was a tougher punishment than i expected. >> reporter: the ban comes after smith slapped comedian chris rock. >> oh, wow! >> reporter: in a statement, the academy says, "the 94th oscars were meant to be a
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celebration of the many individuals in our community who did incredible work this past year. however, those moments were overshadowed by the unacceptable and harmful behavior we saw mr. smith exhibit on stage. during our telecast, we did not adequately address the situation in the room. for this, we are sorry." smith says he's sorry, too. after taking heat from hollywood, as well as fans. he resigned from the academy one week ago. >> i wonder if that didn't backfire a little bit. they couldn't suspend him. he already resigned. so they had to do something that was more impactful, short of taking away his oscar. >> reporer: he still faces the judgment of- goers. his films have grossed more than $4 billion in the u.s. and canada alone. >> his favorability ratings have dropped. i think what will smith has to do is to prove that he's not secretly a toxic person. >> reporter: will smith gets to keep his oscar for now. but what we don't know is whether he can be nominated for
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future roles and whether he can appeal the ban. late today, the actor released a statement saying he accepts and respects the academy's decision. norah. >> o'donnell: jamie yuccas, thank you. and day two of tiger woods' comeback got off to a rocky start with bogeys on four of the first five holes at the masters. still, we all want to know, will the golf superstar be around for the weekend? cbs' jim axelrod is at augusta national with the latest. >> now driving, tiger woods! ( applause ) >> reporter: strong winds added another degree of difficulty today to the physical challenges tiger woods is facing. >> four bogeys. and the first five holes for tiger woods. >> reporter: his superman turned underdog story that's captivated the patrons at augusta national. >> the sport of golf is better when tiger woods is good. >> reporter: has also hiked demand on secondary ticket sellers like stubhub by 20%. he's been mess merrizing us for
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years, showing ed bradley his skills in 2006. but it just may be nothing tiger woods has done has generated more electricity than what's going on this week at augusta. >> wow! what a shot from tiger woods! >> reporter: michael bamberger is a senior writer for >> well i think the intensity that we're all feeling about tiger woods playing well in this tournament, it actually has very little to do with golf. it has to do with the fact that we don't want to let go of an iconic hero in our lives. >> reporter: tiring struggled more today than yesterday, but he rallied on his second nine and will now make the cut and play this weekend. and that is going to add to what's already been a magical week here at augusta. norah. >> o'donnell: great news! i will be watching! jim axelrod, thank you. and still ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," the jury's verdict in the trial of four men accused of plotting to kidnap
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>> o'donnell: a federal jury in michigan today found two men not guilty of conspiring to kidnap governor gretchen whitmer in 2020 in an alleged plot to force the state to drop its covid restrictions. the jury was deadlocked on the same conspiracy charges for two other men, and the judge declared their cases a mistrial. the defense teams had argued that the government used f.b.i.
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informants and undercover agente alleged plot. the dangerous heat wave that's been gripping the west is finally easing up. more than two dozen record highs were hit today in california. it will be much cooler tomorrow. meanwhile, it will feel like winter across the central plains on saturday with frost and freeze alerts in more than a dozen states. a half a foot of snow could fall in the mountains of west virginia and north carolina. ll right, it was a giant leap for space tourism today. spacex launched three businessmen and their retired nasa astronaut guide to the international space station. the civilian crew from the u.s., canada, and israel, reportedly paid $55 million each for a seat, and they will spend eight days in space. that's expensive. all right, "on the road" is next with a world record holder who never let his blindness slow him down.
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>> o'donnell: we end this week as we always do, "on the road." and this one is special. cbs' steve hartman found a story of dedication and perseverance that hits close to home. >> reporter: you're welcome to listen in, but i chose this week's story mainly for an audience of one-- this 12-year-old named ted. ted is my nephew. and he says sometimes his blindness feels insurmountable. >> i thought, like, i was doomed. that does sound a little immature. >> reporter: a woe of me kind of feeling?" >> yes, i really want to be like everybody else sometimes,un? >> reporter: and that's why when i heard about this drag race attempting to set a new world speed record, i thought ted and others like him had to meet the driver. in 2012, dan parker of columbus, georgia, got in a crash.
3:53 pm
he suffered a traumatic brain injury so severe, it blinded him. >> i never imagined i'd be back in the seat of a race car. but i've been a racer my whole life. i just had to figure out another way to do it. >> reporter: a machinist by trade, dan got adaptive equipment so he could make parts, and then designed this entire race car. car. everything in this car? >> yeah, pretty much, yeah. >> that just amazes me. what does he look like? >> reporter: a mustache and a beard. >> i have a mustache. >> reporter: you have a mustache? >> see, whiskers. i hope nobody sees them. >> reporter: don't worry about that. that won't be an issue. anyway, back to our story. last week, dan and his crew came here to spaceport america, in southern new mexico, to attempt a guinness record-- fastest car driven blindfolded. of course, no blindfold was needed. but he did have a special audio guidance system and, for safety purposes, a sighted driver next to him, hands hovering over the steering wheel just in case.
3:54 pm
it wasn't neary. dan went 211 miles an hour, set a record, and more importantly, an example. >> ted, i want you to know that blindness is not what is stopping you. surround yourself with believers, and go for your happen. >> a new againes world record title. >> reporter: dan says inspiring the teds of the world is the main reason he did this. >> you did it! >> reporter: and if nigh nephew is any indication, it was well worth the drive. >> if he can do that, well, then, i think i could easily pursue my dream. >> reporter: steve hartman... >> what about flying a plane? >> reporter: news, "on the road." that's exactly what i wanted to come from this. ( laughter ). >> o'donnell: go for it, ted! we believe in you. we'll be right back.
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>> judge judy: something happened in june. >> he told me i had 24 hours to get out of the house. >> announcer: did his tenant corrupt his daughter? >> jackie solicited my child to adults for sex. she asked her for drugs. >> announcer: but why did this teen keep it a secret for so long? >> she asked us if we wanted some alcohol. >> judge judy: she offered you drugs before? >> yes. she pulled out a bag of ecstasy out of her bra. >> judge judy: she offered you drugs. and you didn't tell your father about it? >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution nineteen-year-old jacqueline adams is suing her former landlord, richard nordquist, for the return of rent and security deposit, stolen money and an unlawful eviction. >> byrd: order. all rise. this is case number 153
4:00 pm
on the calendar in the matter of adams vs. nordquist. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. ladies, have a seat, please. >> judge judy: ms. adams, you rented a room from mr. nordquist in his home? >> yes. >> judge judy: when did you rent the room? >> march. >> judge judy: march what? >> eighth, i believe. >> judge judy: when did you move in? >> march 10th. >> judge judy: and what was your rent? >> $550. >> judge judy: and how much money did you give him? >> i gave him $950. >> judge judy: $950? >> mm-hmm. $400 deposit. >> judge judy: so far, is that correct? >> correct. >> judge judy: is the 550 for march? >> yes. >> judge judy: did you live there in april? >> yes. >> judge judy: and did you pay him his rent? >> yes. >> judge judy: 550? >> yes. >> judge judy: so far, correct? >> correct. >> judge judy: and in may? >> yes. >> judge judy: paid him his rent? >> yes. >> judge judy: something happened in june. >> mm-hmm. >> judge judy: wanna tell me what happened? >> i was going to move out because he was selling the house to a family or whatever. so i was gonna move out. but -- >> judge judy: when were you selling the house? >> i decided i wanted to try to sell my house early june. >> judge judy: and when did you tell ms. adams? >> i told her that, about the time she put her notice in, that i t


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