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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 8, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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suspect in a hit-and-run that killed a mother and her daughter . >> it happened in san jose. we learned the clue police hope will lead to an arrest. >> reporter: we are here at the scene of the crash and spend some time with the victims family which is right around the corner. the family is not ready to talk but they did confirm the victims were mother and daughter. police are releasing a key piece of evidence. >> four pictures showing the truck involved in the fatal crash. a red gmc with a bed cover and likely front end damage. >> we really want to find this person, arrest them, and see justice done. >> reporter: they were headed toward the school when the pickup truck came barreling down . the driver hit them and kept on going and was last seen headed north on capital
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expressway. >> it is impossible this drivers truck struck them and did not know? >> it was daylight and he hit two people. it will be hard to believe he didn't know he had some people. >> what kind of person does that? >> irresponsible and insensitive. we want to find an arrest this person. they are responsible for two counts of vehicular homicide. >> he says the people blow to the area it twice the speed limit. >> 40 or 50, just like that. >> mcgill says the one thing that makes people slow down is a police officer. >> we have to just slow down.
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>> police say they are working to staff up there traffic unit. at last count they had 18 officers but 12 vacancies. >> please come and talk to us. you are responsible for two deaths. you need to turn yourself in and we need to take your statement. hopefully this person will come forward. straight we first brought you the update from san jose police and we are streaming 24/7 on https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.c and on the kpix5 app. highway 92 just west of 280 is shut down because of a deadly head on crash. it happened around 4:30 when a honda slammed into a bmw. drivers are being urged to avoid that area and take alternative routes. we will keep you updated.
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we are taking a life look at oracle park with the giants just won their home opener against the marlins. the final score was 6-5. giants fans are glad to be back at the ballpark. >> we caught up with the super fan in the stands. >> reporter: giants baseball is back. among the sea of ocean the block was kurt kelly who has been to every giants opener since 1997. >> i have been coming since 1962 . >> reporter: when we compared this day to last year's day, this fan felt back at home. >> it is the most incredible feeling in the world. it is nice to be amongst people again and feel safe about it. it is opening day number 20 or 31st some. for others, it is the very
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first giants game. >> reporter: jackson was ready with a sign and ready for autographs. >> reporter: 31 to get an autograph from? >> everyone. >> reporter: opening day 2022 will be one that jackson remembers. >> this is his first opening day. >> it is really cool to be here on opening day. it has been a long time since i've gone to a baseball game. >> reporter: after two years of curveballs, they are all grateful the baseball is back. >> i think that people are really glad that baseball is back. >> let's go, giants. >> reporter: kpix5. and the oakland a's have opened in philadelphia. we will have highlights coming up in sports.
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the bay areas heat wave is winding down a little bit. temperatures hit low 80s and down about 10 degrees from yesterday. >> they definitely felt the breeze. brian is in for paul this evening. the winds of changed . >> they will be picking up overnight and that will be the story for the first half of the weekend. and then we will be talking about mondays rain. gusty winds along the shoreline. low-pressure will dive out of the golf. it will usher in showers for the bay area. amounts will not be spectacular but we will take anything. wet weather for one day on monday. it will be mild tonight and winds will be picking up . tomorrow along the shoreline it will be windy enough to fly an iron kite. fair skies tomorrow and then
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late sunday and monday, here comes that rainy day feeling again. we will be fortunate if we get it. straight santa clara county supervisors approved the big land deal that will greatly expand two popular county parks. a trouble connects santa teresa and calero park in south san jose. the deal will improve activities for all. >> this is part of the big plan for almaden valley. morland is being protected and there's connections between the parks. >> we get a nice safe trail and we don't have to worry about being hit by a car. >> santa clara county will spent $8 million to purchase 47 acres of private property and joining them into one open
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space. and over our underpass will be billed to allow users a way to safely cross the road. the city is celebrating the city of its new caltrain station . there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony and it is a $97 million project that has been in the works since 2017. it will make it cleaner, more efficient and quieter. >> we were able to put the money together and have made this station at 21st century station. we have made it safe and accessible. >> reporter: it includes a pedestrian and passenger underpass. and you fight over a polarizing plan to remap san francisco. why some key players could be kicked out. a new twist on a you go player starting a destructive wild fire. a sierra ski resort damaged by a devastating wildfire makes a comeback.
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genesys, we're behind every customer smile. a live look at san francisco city hall where the redistricting fight created the
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crowd today. the fight over what mass will look like and how they are drawn up will be intensifying. we spoke with one of the task force members at the center of this debate. >> reporter: carlier ordinary day at city hall. the crowds are a result of a bitter battle over redistricting and the task force charged with three district being but let's step back a little bit and talk about how we got here. >> we have a lot of growth that is mostly on the east side. that means the westside districts for them to be the same size, they will have to move to the east. the result for districts in the middle, like district 5, they are being stretched like taffy. >> the proposed new maps of generator pushback from many corners of the city more than we can begin to name.
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>> keep all of us together. the tenderloin like they are asking and not get trying to separate the western addition from japan town. >> we are here to try to remove these commissioners. >> the election commission met to consider calls for polling three appointed members from the redistricting task force. those members were called in to defend their work today. >> i don't think we have to defend ourselves. >> reporter: we caught up with one of those task force members . >> i think for doing a good job but we can please most people and we have so many special interests. it makes our job hard. >> reporter: the move to change the board just ahead of the
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deadline has sparked a backlash of its own. those who feel disruption of the process itself would by a anti-democratic. >> we need to let them finish their work. when that process is complete, if there is a feeling that the final map generated has some element in it that is not consistent or compliant with the law, let that be handled to ordinary legal remedies like the court system. >> we are going to be here and we have our sleeping bags here and we will be here all night if we have to be. >> the election commission is hearing public comment on whether or not to break up the task force. as you heard, this will go on into the night and the weekend with that april 15 deadline looming all of it. former teacher is accused of crimes involving children. the 35-year-old was a biology
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teacher at making waves academy enrichment . she is under arrest accused of molesting seven miners. they released a statement saying that the teacher is no longer employed by the academy and we have reached out to the parents, students and faculty to provide support where it might be needed. a bay area yoga teacher is accused of sparking a devastating fire. she was found to be initially incompetent but she has been reevaluated and deemed fit to face trial. she is accused of starting a fire in redding that destroyed nearly 200 structures. an early-morning fire displaced people in castro. >> it took over 100
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firefighters to take down the lace. sierra tahoe will be open to celebrate its 75th anniversary. the resort has been closed since the cal door fire cause major damage. the celebration is not only a commemoration of the resorts anniversary but a firsthand look into recovery efforts following one of the regions worst natural disasters. >> it was very different from when i was here last. we have had a lot of trials and tribulations. >> sierra tahoe is looking forward to a full reopening next season. this weekend, presale tickets are sold out, but some will be sold on site. there are a lot of brown patches out there that. >> remember when it was
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overwhelming? thought that this would be the gear and we would make up all that ground. >> somebody turned the tap off. we will get a few drops on monday. in the meantime, the weekend looks like it will be on the windy side. clear skies and hazy as we look over the boatyard where the giants beat the mariners. 76, livermore and concord at 81. santa rosa, 82. livermore tied a record setback in 1989. numbers will be coming down tomorrow. a 24 hour change and it is 25 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time. it
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will be windy, sunny and rainy on saturday . we've got more wet weather for one day coming in on monday. it is kind of windy on the coast right now. san francisco is getting a good onshore flow with 25 mile per hour winds. as we run the clock ahead, tomorrow afternoon 44 mile-per- hour wind gusts epidemic obey. it is windy along the coast and states that way through sunday when things avenue and then they come back again epidemic of aid. the rain chances will peak on monday. pretty good for widespread rain. another chance on thursday. on monday and thursday some showers. warm inland for tomorrow. numbers in the mid-70s. gusty winds tonight and saturday. and then we get a chance of showers coming in on monday. overnight lows tonight with
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temperatures in the mid 40s and tomorrow, warmer in the south bay still 78 and 75 for san jose. in the east bay, sunshine and not quite as windy as the coastline. pleasant hill, 76. 78, santa rosa. in your extended forecast, a white the week and on. it turns what by monday. temperatures on thursday will be down into the 60s. on monday they get cool and no better than 50s on monday. of rainy day on the way. and lyalac a and we can on tap for the rest of us. we will batten down the hatches . >> that is good news, and we will take it. it's better for your
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allergies. cbs evening news is coming up. nora? >> coming up after kpix5 news, the secret service scandal a new details about the two men the post as fake federal agents . how close did they get to the presidents protective detail. straight ahead in sports, a first career homer, a first career walk off and a lot of drama in between. it is all part of the giants opening day. coming up on our streaming service, elon musk in the nude data privacy deal. we will talk all things bu
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stick baseball up top and the giants. for season openers, they sure know how to put on a show. let's lead it off with the captain, brandon belt. what an entrance to oracle park before the game with the marlins. the giants jumped on top 2-0 in
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the fifth. and the new man behind the plate hit his first career home run. 3-0. the captain lines went just over the bricks and made it a two run game. he tried to close it out but chisholm had other ideas. a two run home run give the marlins elite, but it didn't last long. second pitch in the bottom of the ninth, estrada tied the game with the solo shot and they go to extras. in the bottom of the tent, he rep went down the left line. a, and he beat the throw. his first career walk off it and the giants won a wild opener with the final at 6-5. >> you have a feeling in your head that you're going to come back. there is a chance for going to loses game.
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a good feeling that we won the game. >> it was pretty fun. extra innings and the win. the participation and the full team effort. i wanted to feel superior to everyone else. i felt exactly that we. >> the balls in the strikes don't stop there. 3000 miles away from here the oakland a's open for business. oakland and philadelphia. the new manager did not like the way that they started. in the seventh, 6-1. downtown brown. 6-5. they rep went down the left field line. bryce harper came of the way. the phillies won their opener, 9-5. >> switching over to golf, the
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wind was whipping . a rough start to the round for tiger woods. he bogeyed four of his first five holes. eve covered. he landed a couple of feet from the cup and finished two over and he is tied for 19. he will be chasing scott. it led to a birdie as the world's number one player shot a five under 67. he leads by five shots tying the largest 36- 0 lead in masters history. we had a whole lot going and one day. opening day, the masters, and over the weekend, the action does not stop and certainly not here at oracle park. >> it doesn't get much better than that. seeing tiger woods making the cut is mind blowing.
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that is the story today i feel like. >> it is going to resonate throughout the golf world and the sports world. >> making the cut and playing the weekend after what he has been through. >> it is pretty inspiring. three baby birds found living inside a helmet. want more restful sleep? nature's bounty gives you more with sleep3. the first ever triple action sleep supplement with 3 unique nighttime benefits to help you get a great night's sleep and wake feeling refreshed. live bountifully. nature's bounty.
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sake in burlingame, a handful of house spinach using an equestrian helmet as a home have found a new one. >> of resident discovered three little baby birds using the writers helmet as a ness. they brought the baby birds along with their nest to the wildlife care center will day was safe for the next month before being returned to the wild. the birds are just three weeks old and they believe they would not have survive much longer on their own. >> that pom-pom hair or the feathers that they have is so cute. they are so tiny. >> look at that face. thank you for watching it 6:00.
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the news continues streaming. we will be back here at 7 a ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, train massacre. the russian rocket attack on a ukrainian train station, killing dozens at a place where thousands of women and children were trying to flee the war. the images, horrifying and disturbing. the moment of impact. tonight, the haunting stories of survivors as bodies lay among suitcases. the chilling message painted on the side of a russian ballistic missile. and the evidence of war crimes. plus we'll preview the "60 minutes" interview you won't want to miss. scott pelley speaks with president zelenskyy. what we're learning about intercepted communications between russian soldiers and their parents. a moment in history: president biden's victory lap, and the moving speech from soon-to-be justice ketanji brown jackson. >


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