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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  April 11, 2022 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>> good morning to you. hope you had a great weekend. we want to get to traffic and forecast first. people will notice a change in the air when they wake up this morning. >> cooler and windy and rain. the rain is probably going to be the least impactful thing. not getting out of the 50s today. enough to slow the drive down, you are not going to get poured on but see first alert doppler, rain up in the north bay and the future cast shows the light showers will spread across the bay as we go through the morning. that's 6:30. you could be getting rain at any location. by the 8:00 hour, a little more of a focus down in the peninsula, east bay, the south bay and watch how fast this come to an end. a clear back edge to the
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clouds. by 1:00, barely a cloud in the sky. it will be cooler, daytime highs with clear blue sky are going up into the 50ss that's it. if we look at the rainfall totals, couple of hundredeths of an inch of rain. the speeds pick up as the showers come through and the weak cold front across the bay, gives us gusts to 25 miles per hour. now feels okay. if you look at where we are going for highs, one or two spots managed to get to the low 60s. how is the drive so far? >> a couple of crashes, a traffic alerting highway 37, if you are getting ready to make that ride from 80 towards 101, we got this trouble spot, it happened involving a big rig and a car, the car caught fire, the mop up and clean up is underway.
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they shutdown all lanes westbound 37 between 121, arnold drive and harbor drive. the traffic alert is issued. diverting traffic off to lakeville highway. you can use the richmond san rafael bridge instead. golden gate bridge, southbound, 101, doing okay for the most part, no major delays into the city. checking the pass in the next report. new images show russian troops making their way to donbas region. >> zelensky says he needs more support from the u.s. ann joins us live from the news desk. >> he said a lot of things during the interview, it is worth a watch in its entirety. the new satellite images
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showing an eight-mile convoy of military vehicles headed to the -- [no audio] -- repairing for a pro bust russian offensive. moving east from the north. short on weapons, fixing abandoned russian equipment. zelensky talked about the difficulty with russian negotiations. >> are you willing to give up any part of ukraine for peace? >> overall we are not ready to give away our country. i think we have given up a lot of lives. we need to stand firm for as long as we can. this is life, different things happen. >> zelensky has been in the thick of it and told 60 minutes he wants the west to implement the no-fly zone but understands
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why they are afraid it could cause world war ii. a new poll from cbs news found 72% of americans do support the giving of weapons and cash to help ukraine's fight. we are going to continue to follow it. president biden expected to pro pose gun regulations today, people say he is focusing on ghost guns, puts together at home using kits, they are hard to trace or regulate. classifying some parts as firearms would change that. the president is pushing for congress to mandate background checks for gun sales and to ban high capacity magazines. >> the bad people who want to get guns for bad purposes realize this is the easiest way to get a gun and easier than going on a street corner and paying someone some money for a gun. >> president biden says he
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wants gun makers to be found liable if the products are used in a crime. investigators in the east bay say two people are at an oakland hospital after a gunman opened fire on westbound 580. officers shutdown part of the freeway yesterday afternoon near mc arthur boulevard. lanes are back open after closed for several hours. investigators examined a silver crossover, five bullet holes punctured the front passenger side window. no word on any suspects or a suspect vehicle description. chp has not confirmed whether the shooting was targeted or not. investigators will be back on the scene of the home depo that went up in flames. this shows smoke and flames shooting out of the building and took two dozen crews hours to get the fire under control. the investigation into what caused it will take time.
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>> we see this black thick smog rising, it's all in flames. there is sirens everywhere. it was crazy. >> tremendous potential for people to get burned and things to fall on people and that wasn't the case. no serious injuries in that fire. the aftermath of a large fire at the port of venetia that broke out saturday afternoon and took crews 24 hours to take this one down. it left the pier destroyed. the economic impact of the fire maybe heavily felt. >> if the is port the out of commissions it will have an impact. valero supplies a lot of the gasoline. >> they import toyotas from japan.
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they have to decide if it's structurally safe to off load the cars. police arsua safety advisory, alarming shift in carjackings. according to data from opd, carjackings in oak land has gone up 9% in the past year. armed suspects will approach victims as they enter or exit cars or homes. it's closely tracking the trend including the description of suspects and vehicles. apple workers are returning to the office. >> some claim the policy is less flexible than other big tech companies. justin andrews is here. some threatenedded to quit. >> the policy is getting backlash from the workers. the company is ordering corporate employees back into the office beginning today and it goes up to two days per week on may 2nd and three days per week may 23rd.
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google requiring employees to come back to three days a week. unlike apple, google is getting some of its -- [no audio] -- facebook is allowing permanent remote work for those not in engineering. apple admits this will be an adjustment and promises to give employees support and flexibility. i interviewed a business analyst and founder of a business ma'am firm who says this. >> if you are an employee, mark d poords, if you of bl reple yowian someelse in the world that cost less. >> he pointed to a survey
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revealing 2 million people over 18 months, have picked up a side hustle or freelance work. many people who say they don't want to go back into the office, that will interfere with them getting money from the side hustle. voters will choose a new assembly member to represent half of san francisco residents. a toll to enter treasure island is turning friends into political foes. the plan is for 8000 new housing units and 20,000 new residents to prevent gridlock, proposing a $5 toll. mat haney used to oppose the toll. they invited david campos, his opponent to weigh in. >> they feel betrayed by their current supervisor. >> the state, by laws requires us to have a toll. >> have you always been in
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favor of it. >> i have always supported some form of congestion management of a toll that had no impact on continue residents. >> the toll was set to take effect in 2024, long before the housing is built. . a vote saved uc berkeley student run newspaper from closing down in a campus wide elections the save the daily cal passed with 7000 votes. students will pay a $6 fee every semester to keep the newspaper in business. the fee will raise $400,000 per year for five years. the newspaper has been in circulation since 18716789 1871. it traditionally came out four days a week. the staff hopes to return to two or three print editions weekly. streaming for you on cbs news, bay area, concerns about a spring covid surge. the rise in infections across
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the country. the benefits of starting school later in the morning, the new research showing it could help the whole family. as we look at the roadways, breezy on the bay area bridges and
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concerns about a spring covid surge. 27 states reporting a rise in infections over eight days. spring break crowds and eased
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masking restrictions may have driven up the risk. the closing of many testing sites could lead to under reporting. >> we are undercounting cases. that's a good indication there is more infection than what we are measuring. new york city mayor is now in isolation after testing positive for covid. on broadway the stars of plaza suite tested positive shutting down because of new infections. a covid testing kiosk opening in palo alto on meadow drive. stop by monday through thursday between 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. testing is also available sunday. services start at 8:30. the site is on meadow drive. stop by for testing at those times. state officials set to
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release the latest school enrollment figures. during the 2020-21 school year, five of the 58 counties experienced declines as schools turned to remote learning. the enrollment figures will give an out look on whether it's continued as cases drop, kids are back to the classroom. new research suggests benefits to starting school later. >> it may help the whole family including parents. experts say early school start times can negatively affect teen s ability to learn. research found that moving start times later can be good for the whole family. >> the parent were reporting later wake times similar to students. increase in the amount of sleep they were obtaining. >> the study found fewer parents reported feeling tired
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during the day. they partnered with a large district adjusting times, 50 to 70 minutes later. i don't have kids but i know speaking from my perspectiving i would have loved a later start time. >> me, too. >> for sure. >> i'm like duh. if you are up early with us this morning. it is 5:15 in the morning. you are still on the early rise schedule. there is light rain out there. more importantly how this playing out over the rest of the morning. a look at first alert doppler. showers confined way up, talking about -- by the time we got intone the middle of the next year, lite showers anywhere, bay area wide from
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the golden gate southward. not a lot. it stays with us bay area wide through the heart of the commute. plan on light showers, if you are in the city, south, you are not going to be getting light rain for the next 45 minutes. plan on light rain with us through the late morning. by the time we get to 1:00 in the afternoon today. barely a cloud left. any rain falling from the sky is done by noon. by 1:00 to 2:00, it's clear blue sky. when you look at the totals, we picked up a couple of hundredeths of an inch of rain. see the screen light, by the time we get into the late morning, gusts up to 25 to 30 miles an hour gusts, pretty much bay area wide. airport, that's one of the windier locations. it will be breezy to windy everywhere as we go through the late morning and early afternoon. temperatures in the low 50s.
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a couple of other opportunities come ing our way for rain. by the way, as far as today's impact from this system, not out of the 50s. as much as we were talking about the warm up last week, we are starting with temperatures -- [no audio] -- time if not more than that. here comes the next system, looking at wednesday, the view back on the wide look at northern california, that's when the next chance of rain gets here, wednesday evening, see the showers showing up. the seven day forecast, there is a chance of rain from wednesday all the way through saturday. not going to rain that whole time period. there are a couple of systems going to come in with opportunities for rain. a chance of rain, none are rainouts but looks like a busy seven day forecast with a chance of rain showing up all
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on those days. we might get a quarter of an inch for the whole period. it's not a lot. the drive is getting busy. we have a trouble spot we are keeping an eye on. a traffic alert along westbound 37. a heads up, ne cl are in eect. chp dsindrop area in the bay here. slick surfaces, once the rain gets into the bay area. road closed westbound 37. 121 arnold to harbor drive. a detour in place all westbound traffic is diverted to lakeville highway. the crash happened at 2:30 this morning. involving a big rig and another vehicle. the second car did catch on fire. the clean up and the mop up is taking long. another area tracking brake lights, northbound 880. a crash blocking the two lanes.
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we got the usual out of tracy into the altamonte pass, busy as folks head towards the 580 area. looking better approaching the dublin interchange. 44 minutes 205 towards 680. east shore looking good. highway 4 all clear as well as 101. wind advisories in effect for our bay area bridges. travel times about 10 minutes as you head from ea y to sncisco travime san mateo 14 minutes between 880 and indowns rafael who get railroad crossing gates could see wait times drop drastically. it plans to test changes to train departure schedules to reduce wait times at the second
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street and third street crossings. drivers are waiting about a minute on average for a single train to pass. you are looking at one of the many unusual but creative entries in san francisco's silk box derbies. this race is put on by the museum of modern art. cars are engineering, coming in all sorts of colors and shapes and sizes, entries competed for most decadent and best of the worst. >> to keep san francisco weird. this is an amazing event, people like my old next door neighbors and high school friends, artists i have worked with for years. >> the trophies are art commissioned to showcase local artists. these are really neat to look at. how fun. >> fun time. san francisco's tinder loin
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celebrating re-opening sunday streets san francisco is known for transforming miles of streets into car-free spaces. a day for kids to play, seniors to stroll and local businesses to connect. it's been on a two-year hiatus but back and celebrating in six historic neighborhoods between april and september. time to celebrate. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, ♪♪ ♪♪
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focus in the forecast is the rain for the morning commute. we are going to look ahead to lunchtime to get you ready for the middle of the day, that will be a different aspect. it will be breezy, it will be cool, you are not going to be getting rained on at lunch. noon to 2:00, the rain is done. plan on a breeze near the water. inland, sunny. temperatures in the upper 50s. there is rain to be seen for the morning commute. that's what we are going to look at in a bit. back over to you. this morning, another golfer in possession of the highly sought after master's green jacket. >> belongs to the top ranked golfer, scotty sheffler. he took home the green jacket
5:26 am
with a three-stroke victory. won four of the last six golf tournaments. the master's win was his first championship. >> i have head all the things that everybody says it doesn't start until the back nine, anything can happen. don't hit it in the water on 12. all the stuff. >> rory mc ilroy finished in second place, three strokes behind sheffler. tiger woods walked off of the with a smile on his face. the first in 14 months after nearly losing his right leg in a bad crash. to the top five movies at the weekend box office. >> the batman, fell to 5th place but made a 6.5 million dollars. ambulance opened in fourth place. lost city number three.
5:27 am
$9.2million. sonic hedgehog two stormed out with a $71 million debut. >> sonic was a big draw. streaming on cbs news. >> heading to the office after two years, apple's plan for a safe return for employees starting today. home depo up in flames in san jose. what's bargain bliss? you know that feeling you get when you find the name brands you love, but for way, way less? that's bargain bliss. find bliss on every aisle at your neighborhood grocery outlet. it's grocery outlet's 20 percent off wine sale going on now till april 12. we have hundreds of wine, sure to please any wine enthusiast. so act now, 'cause these deals won't last long. stop in and save today. -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪
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want more restful sleep? nature's bounty gives you more with sleep3. the first ever triple action sleep supplement with 3 unique nighttime benefits to help you get a great night's sleep and wake feeling refreshed. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. streaming on cbs news bay area, a shooting in broad day lite on a bay area freeway. what we are learning from police. home depot left in ruins in the
5:30 am
south bay. the aftermath of a massive fire over the weekend. why people in a daily city neighborhood are thanking firefighters for their quick action. >> plus apple workers are heading back into the office. insight from a business analyst. good morning, it's monday, april 11th. your forecast is first on this monday. notice changes out there. >> north bay, we are going to tell -- there is not much. the rain that is coming,ist enough to slicken the road to the commute. not enough to add to the rainfall deficit we have got. it's going to lythtwo things maybe notice more about. gusts 30 miles per hour through the late morning. light rain in the north bay.
5:31 am
future cast stays that way. golden gate by the next hour. 7:00 or 8:00, peninsula and east bay. by noon the rain is done. by 2:00 not a cloud left. you got blue sky for the afternoon. the rainfall totals, here comes the wind, watch the screen, 30 miles an hour gusts through today. it's going to feel cooler temperatures are not going to go a lot higher. low 50s now and top out in the 50s, concord, lucky to get into the low 60s. other opportunities for rain coming our way towards the end of the week. more in a bit. a little bit busy, we have this trouble spot along 37. that was the crash that happened before we had wet weather. not enough just yet to impact your drive. we will keep an eye on the north bay.
5:32 am
we are keeping our eye on 37 westbound, around 121 arnold drive. a crash involving a big rig and a vehicle, the vehicle caught fire and taking time to mop up and clean up the mess, westbound traffic is diverted off to lakeville highway. the westbound lanes are shutdown until further notice. use the richmond san rafael bridge. traveling from 80 to the marin side, that's your best bet to avoid brake lights, things are getting busier, more volume as we are well past 530. nimitz blocking lanes. more coming up in the next report. the investigation continues into a five alarm fire at a home depot over the weekend. >> reporter: this is as close as we can get to the site. see the area remains blocked off. you can see that smoke still in the air, the smell is also present. we are expecting teams to be on site at some point today to continue to try to get answers,
5:33 am
san jose fire received calls around 5:30 saturday afternoon, you can see this video here showing the thick black smoke shooting up and filling the air, you can imagine these were scary moments for employees and people in the area. you can hear some of the chaos people urging others to get out of the building, thankfully, no one was seriously injured. >> with the amount of material in the building and the variety, there is tremendous potential for people to get burned and things to fall on people. >> the fire was reported in the lumber section, but unclear if that's where it started. flammable material that made this fire challenging. that's on top of the windy conditions that were present, the response of 23 crews and more than 100 people on site. they gained control of the fire around 11:45 p.m. on saturday. the fire was contained to home
5:34 am
depot with neither of the businesses damaged. santa clara sheriff helicopter observed two fires and reported them. a lot of questions remain as to how the fire started. the investigation will take time, any updates we get, we will bring that to you. crews prevented fast moving claims from reaching homes near bell crest and long view drive. you can see winds fueling the fire that burned a few acres of dry brush. one neighbor jumped into help in the fire fight. i'm ann makovec, a couple of updates on the freeway shooting in the east bay last night on 580. the chp confirming it was a
5:35 am
shooting, questions about that last night and also know two people are injured, they were taken to the hospital. it happened late afternoon, there on the westbound lanes at mc arthur boulevard near the route 13 interchange. it caused a commute nightmare. it was sunday. not a horrible commute but people were stuck on the part of the freeway for several hours as investigators gathered around this silver cross over suv. a lot of questions if the vehicle in this case was targeted, if we have description of the suspect vehicle. this year, there have been seven freeway shootings in the bay area. last year they reported 140. most of them in the east bay. back to you. on the container ship that lost power off of the coast of point rays near marin county has been towed into the san francisco bay.
5:36 am
the ship was carrying 39,000 gallons of fuel. strong winds and rough seas made it difficult for tug boats and vessels to secure it. no injuries reported. apple workers returning to the office but some are not happy. >> they claim apple's return to work is less flexible than other big tech companies. you talked to a business analyst, what is his take on this? >> he is giving an interesting take, he told me that a lot of times the businesses adjusted they schedule. the analyst understands this will be unsettling for the workers, apple admits that but promises to give employees support and flexibility. >> they told the employees go home. it's been two years. we have let them stay at home and trained them to stay at home and paid them to stay at
5:37 am
home. they got used to it. >> apple's policy orders corporate employees back into the office today and goes up to two days per week on may 2nd d days google requiring employees to come in three days per week. google giving employees the option of switching offices or working fully remotely forever. metta or facebook is allowing remote work for those not in end nearing. that business analyst you head from at the beginning here told me workers who do not go back into the office, showing how dispensable you are, and the companies will replace you by outsourcing your position. prediction for inflation plus how americans plan on spending their easter this year. diane king hall joins us from the broadcast center in new york. >> reporter: top official with
5:38 am
the federal reserve told cbs's face the nations she expects inflation to stay above 2%. the president of the federal reserve bank of cleveland says the trajectory will be moving downward due to the plans to fight inflation. big banks in focus with enings set to kickoff wednesday. the biggest bank, jp morgan chase and followed by citigroup wells fargo and golden sacks on thursday. consumers are looking for easter deals with plans to shop at discounts stores or ava of retailers. families plan to spend -- [no audio] -- >> we have chores we hate but there is a new study that is showing what is on top of the list here. >> reporter: cog to a recent
5:39 am
survey, 68% of americans dread doing the laundry. 45% said forgetting laundry was the biggest fail. leaving items in the pocket. laundry is my least favorite chore. >> it's the folding that gets me. it takes so long. >> exactly. that part. you are like, oh. >> the pocket thing. that's not a problem for me. >> you have to dry it again to get the wrinkles out. >> my man leaves so much in his pocket. i'm like, come on. extra change. >> i go through it. >> get dollars. time is 5:39. surprise announcement from twitter's ceo, elon musk over
5:40 am
the weekend. amazon pushing back on plans for a union, new move to overturn a historic victory for workers. looking at first alert doppler, there is rain on it, light showers, but it will move in mmre g tock that coming up next.
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elon musk will not be joining the board of twitter he was offered a spot after buying a 9% stake to the company. he was scheduled to join the board saturday but the ceo announced he turned down the invitation. he told twitter on saturday. ceo says he believes musk declining the invitation is for the best. the tesla's ceo remains the company's largest shareholder. amazon calling for a do over election at a new york city warehouse a week after employees voted to form a union. in the filing to the board amazon said there were numerous
5:44 am
actions that improperly suppressed and influenced the vote. the first time a group of in th three decade history. labor group has not responded to the allegations. 5:44. caught up on the forecast and traffic. >> first alert meteorologist darren peck, and a lot of changes in our forecast for this monday. >> we don't get out of the 50s for daytime highs today. the top item is the light rain. straight to first alert doppler, the light showers moving across the north bay. we will track the showers as they move south across the bay. in the 6:00 hour, at that point, more noticeable rain for the majority of us. by that i mean it's gotten down to the heart of the bay, it's hung up in the north bay. not a lot of widespread rain at all. the late and morning hours of
5:45 am
the commute, it's not going to thi once we get past noon ng today, the rain turns off and by 1:00 in the afternoon, there won't be a cloud left, you are going to have blue sky for the entire second half of today. 1:00 to 2:00, in the morning. we got the rain, if we look at the totals, a couple of hundredeths of an inch of rain. the rain will be important. that might slow you down. gianna franco will track it all morning. in terms of noticeable impacts, windy, not bad enough for wind advisory but 30 miles an hour gusts. daytime highs don't get out of the 50s, in the low 50s now. not going to warm up a lot. daytime highs struggle to get to the upper 50s. 25 to 30 miles an hour breeze, feels cooler. that's the main impact from this. think time it rains, that's a big item.
5:46 am
i wish it was bigger rainfall totals. a couple of opportunities for rain. wednesday here, take that forward into wednesday evening. next chance shows up right there. that's going to come in far north. if we look at the totals wednesday night into thursday, maybe we pick up another 10th to 2/10th of an inch of rain. another system friday and saturday. complete totals from wednesday through saturday, maybe a quarter to a half of an inch of rain. it looks busy with a chance of rain wednesday through saturday. few isolated chances of showers wednesday night and friday and this system today, is going to be a more impressive snow maker in the sierra. close to a foot of snow. sunrise at 6:40 this morning. let's get into the seven day
5:47 am
forecast. busy wednesday on. that will be on again, off again showers. a chance of showers through saturday. no big warm ups. how does the drive look so far? a couple of things in the north bay, some rain drops. be careful as you hit the roadways. things are windy also. wind advisories for the bay area bridges. starting off with this trouble spot, chp on the screen of a crash. this is on westbound 37. near 121, arnold drive. lanes are shutdown at harbor. a traffic alert. the detour is in place. westbound traffic is diverted off to lakeville highway. this was due to a crash involving a big rig and another vehicle, the second vehicle did catch fire. a mess to clean up. a lot of activity there on scene. use the richmond san rafael bridge if you need to get to the 101 side. if you are headed through the
5:48 am
altamonte pass, a slow ride this morning for super commuters, there is no crashes on 580. westbound, brake lights on 205, it looks okay the rest of the way and slows down approaching the dublin interchange. travel time 49 minutes, in the red zone. pretty slow westbound 205 towards 680. westbound highway 4 travel times busier, 33 minutes from antioch towards 80. repots of a crash westbound 4 near railroad. wind advisories in effect for the bay bridge. heading into san francisco, wind advisory for the san mateo and the dunbartop bridge. commuting over across the bay to 101 except to feel things gusty especially traveling this a high-profile vehicle. today is the perfect day to
5:49 am
give your pets extra love. >> a national pet day, national pet day everyday here for us. started back in 2005 it's meant to encourage love for your furry friends and encourages animal adoption and pets in the bay area might be extra lucky according to a new study. oakland ranked the best city in the u.s. for travelers with dogs thanks to things like trails, dog parks and pet stores and hospitals. we love our pets. >> next on kpix 5, streaming on cbs news, bay area. >> decades in the making. reunion from country music's favorite mother-daughter duo. coming up on drew berrymore today at 2. ahead on cbs mornings, the new music from
5:50 am
van, -- >> it makes you up your game.
5:51 am
5:52 am
: happy monday morning. light rain coming. first alert doppler up and
5:53 am
running. showers in the north bay. that rain is coming south. we will watch light showers march across the bay area through the morning commute. breezy and cooler today as well. not getting out of the 50s all day. plenty of sunshine for the second half of this day. this rain is done by noon today and the clouds clear out in a hurry. if we look at the rainfall totals, they add up to a couple of hundredeths. tracking through the morning commute. we will watch the doppler all morning. back to you. country music's only fan nominated award show is hours away. cmt music awards show features country music's biggest stars presenting and performing. >> for the first time, the mother duoing the judds will take the stage together in
5:54 am
front of a televised audience. >> reporter: anticipation is building for tonight's shower to be up forgettable performance by the judds on the cmt music awards. >> broadcast on cbs network for the first time ever. >> a big deal. >> big honking deal. flash and flair. >> the five-time grammy award winning mother-daughter duo will sing their hit, love can build a bridge from nashville's country music hall of fame ahead of their induction in may. they share a magical connection when they sing. >> she watches my eyebrows if i go up, she knows the pitch. we kind of got it down.
5:55 am
you never know. this performance is so, i guess the word is radical. you will see. >> reporter: a performance that is solely devoted to the fans. >> i love them so much. that's better than winning a grammy or anything. >> is there a chance the judds will ever go on tour again? >> wow. >> pretty please say the fans. >> i would love nothing more. >> the judds are one highlight in a night that promises many. expect high in performances from several of biggest stars. including jason aldean and brian adams, thomas rhett and riley green and little big town, monica and jimmy allen. >> meghan alexander, cbs news,
5:56 am
nashville. country music car kelsey ballerini will host tonight at 8:00 p.m. stream live or on demand on paramount plus. a look at the other entertainment headlines, red hot chili peppers are on stop. unlimited love debut atop the 200 album chart. it is 5:56. next half hour on kpix 5, also streaming on cbs news bay area, a san jose home depot reduced to rubble. what crews are telling us. shots fired on a bay area freeway. two people are in the hospital. the question this morning, was it targeted. a spring covid surge. what health officials are wanting. a live look outside before we head to break. we'll be right back, it's 5:56.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. what caused the home depot in san jose to go up in flames. what questions remain. a fire destroyed a bay area pier might hit your wallet. leading to higher gas prices. back to the office for apple employees but the question this morning, will they actually show up. we break down their threats. >> kicking off a new workweek with a new round of rain but don't expect much of it. how long it is expected to last. >> we have a look at the roads and darren we have a lot


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