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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  April 13, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area 2 studios, this is kpix 5 news. my fellow new yorkers, we got him. we got him.
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>> police arrest a suspect in the new york city subway mass shooting. breaking details on how they tracked him down. don't let the masks away yet. how much longer you have to wear them on planes and public transit. tracking the next chance of bay area showers in first alert weather. good afternoon, everyone. i read colin. >> i am sara donchey. the suspect in the new york city subway shooting is under arrest. new video of him, we just learned he called police himself and told them where to find him. >> bradley blackburn reports he will face federal terrorism charges. new york city police department said arrested frank james in connection with tuesday's subway shooting in brooklyn. >> we hope this arrest brings solace to the victims and the people of the city of new york. investigators coming through his social media post as they look for motive the suspect
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that nato's smoke bomb inside the subway car and started firing into the crowd the cbs station in new york obtained exclusive video that appears to show james walking down a brooklyn street hours before the attack wearing a helmet and reflective vest, rolling a cart and carrying a bag. >> he has the same black cloth recovered from the crime scene. mcjames has a long list of arrest in new york and new jersey. >> arrest history in new york is nine prior arrests dating from 1992 to 1998. those include possession of burglary tools four times, criminal sex act, theft of service two times. subway service returnable for the wednesday morning commute that with increased police presence. the new york city mayor promise to double the number of police officers patrolling the subways in effort to help new yorkers
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feel safer. the nypd commissioner posted a quick video riding the subway offiwi in daadley blackburn wi >> thebig apple cbs reviewshowere were vueril th new york ciscarneooks ours. >> reporter: when they were needed most, the cameras failed. >> there were three stations that the video was not working. when it was not without warning, a. inspection from 2018 and 2019 reviewed by cbs news, state officials warned metropolitan transportation authority that transportation security cameras at risk of malfunction, finding the transit agency failed to provide maintenance and timely repairs on thousand cameras.
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the transit system responded it was taking aggressive steps. does it surprise you to hear this camera in this spot may not have been working right? >> it does not surprise me. very easy after an event that is horrifying and scary to the public. for policy makers to reach for that solution, put cameras in all the subway stations. that initial expense does not necessarily provide or explain all of the resources that have to go into that kind of surveillance. >> reporter: former fbi agent mike german says it is a challenge for transit systems because they require regular and sophisticated maintenance. congressional sources tell cbs news a group of dozens of u.s. house members getting ready to request millions of dollars later this month to pay for cameras and other types of security equipment, harder infrastructure, and surveillance training to help prevent attacks at u.s. rail stations. democrat abigail spanberger,
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formerly with the cia, says equipment alone won't stop the threat. >> maintenance is important, if there's camera, where's the video uploaded, where's that story, who is reviewing it, when you look at secured investment, the required maintenance and continued investment. >> reporter: last year, the new york transit agency announced a milestone, it installed cameras in all 470 plus subway stations now police are investigating how on this day, these cameras failed whether it was mechanical or electrical problem. scott macfarlane with cbs news, washington. stay with us for the latest on the mass shooting in brooklyn. find updates on and streaming on cbs news bay area. i hope you got to spend time outside today, beautiful day and mix of sun and clouds this afternoon, gorgeous shot of the transamerica building. changes are coming, paul has told us rain. >> we have seen some of it for parts of the north bay, a
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couple 0.02 inches around santa rosa, other than the little shower to the northeast of santa rosa, looking clean sweep on the radar at the moment. the moisture system is to the north and that will push into the north bay this evening making its way farther south as we head through tonight and tomorrow. rain chances for the north bay escalate as we head to the late evening and overnight hours, good chance of rain tonight continuing into the first half of the day tomorrow. san francisco starts the clock later because it will take longer for the rain to arrive, it looks like it will be a wet commute thursday morning. san jose, rain chances or lower but 50/50 chance of measurable rain, talking 0.1 inches at the santa clara valley with higher amounts further north. add that up for this rain chance and the next ones farther down the line with the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. let's talk covid. marin county public health confirmed eighth-graders coming back from a trip to d.c. came back positive for coronavirus.
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talking out of 77 students from two schools that came back monday, 22 were positive, all with mild or no symptoms. 90% of eighth graders in marin county are fully vaccinated against covid. keep masking up on public trains and transit and planes in the sky, the cdc extending the federal mask mandate on planes and trains and buses. it was supposed to expire monday but it will go for two weeks. health officials want to monitor uptick in covid cases during that two-week period. in the bay area, a lot of travelers we talked to our mixed about it. >> areas of the country where covid is increasing, they should continue the mask mandate . in areas where it is low, we don't need to wear masks. that is my opinion. >> we did everything the right way, we don't mind wearing a mask. >> washing hands at this point
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seems silly. >> circle your calendar with the new extension, the order runs until may three check. new poll out about the oakland a's proposal for new ballpark anne makovec on who wants the chance to weigh in. >> reporter: it looks like a lot of voters want a say in this, taking a look at the oakland waterfront where talking about large-scale papayas development at how are terminal. there is. the issue will go to voters in the november ballot. the group east oakland stadium alliance surveyed 800 voters in oakland and found three- quarters of voters want to vote on any deal the city strikes with the a's. 85% of voters also want to require full independent public analysis before any deal is agreed to. the oakland mayor does not think the issue belongs on the ballot. she says it is the job of the city council to decide. >> this is the job of the councilmembers, they are paid full-time salaries, that have professional staff, access to experts. this is a very complicated project. >> reporter: thin air cites
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unification of public land and job creation in construction and long-term as reasons the deal with the a's now on the table is right for the city. this councilmember says he will push for full and complete cost- benefit analysis of the plan at the next city council meeting. anne makovec with kpix5. today, california's reparations task force meeting face-to-face in san francisco for the first time in nearly a year. a few weeks ago, members decided to limit reparations to descendents of enslaved or freed people in the west before the 20th century. >> censoring the descendents of slavery in california lineage, you not only today, our ancestors and offer healing not just to the that this nation in your leadership on how this nation has to make repairs. >> wilson walker following the story and will have much more
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coming up at 6:00. san mateo county ground on a new navigation center. it will offer housing options and support services to help people about shelter transition into permanent housing. redwood city includes 240 units, the project cost 507 million bucks. it is slated to be finished by the end of the year. now the war in ukraine. the white house announced a new package of military weapons will quickly be heading there, talking about just shy of $1 billion worth of aid. natalie brand has details from washington. >> reporter: president biden spoke to ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy as the administration details of latest defense assistance package to the war-torn country the u.s. is sending new weapons including artillery and armored personnel carriers ahead of the
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anticipated russian offensive on eastern ukraine. >> we tailored the list specifically to meet the needs they have asked for with respect to what is going on in eastern ukraine. >> reporter: russians focusing airstrikes on mariupol and donbas region as they stage ground forces for a renewed push. >> they are in belarus and/or russia resetting or resupplying. >> reporter: the pentagon's other indications russian forces continue to have significant morale issues. president biden, for the first time this week, called russia's actions in ukraine genocide. he also alluded to the international legal process that would make the formal determination. >> we are engaged in a process at this very moment to work with partners around the world but in the first instance, our ukrainian partners, to help them collect, preserve, to document and to share evidence of atrocities, potential war crimes, and yes, if that legal threshold is reached, genocide.
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>> reporter: the organization for security and cooperation in europe released a report finding evidence russia committed war crimes in ukraine including directly targeting civilians and medical facilities as well as rape, executions, looting, forced deportations of civilians to russia. natalie brand with cbs news, the white house. rescuers digging in some cases by hand through the rubble in war-torn ukraine took today, they found this little guy, a puppy buried alive. they heard it crying but managed to get it out. >> life and humanity. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, conference is making a comeback. we ta
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looking live a chase center, the lawyers hitting the court for practice the second, round one, game one of the playoffs this saturday can the nuggets. more with vern glenn live coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. hundred the start of entrepreneurs hitting the peninsula right now. in redwood city with our small conference is making a big impact. today is the final day for the start of grind global conference at the fox theater in redwood city. the two day event brought around 1500 people to redwood city and all of the people here for the event are visiting the
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local businesses in downtown area. pre-pandemic world, the conference would've drawn a bigger crowd, however, for all the small shops and restaurants around here, any event that draws a crowd like this means good business for them. >> honestly, we had our best tuesday lunch in two or three years. >> despite the scaled-back version of this event, there are people from all over the country and the world here in redwood city. in downtown redwood city, max darrow with kpix5 . money news, watching your wallet, stocks dropped today with mostly positive results on corporate earnings that the dow had 3 to 44 point, the nafta of 272, that's not the losing streak, the s&p was up 49esmotap healthcare rkgone through the roof, the past two years through the pandemic. >> michael george reports
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research shows virtual reality could help. >> reporter: chris miller is er nurse at ohio north medical center, he said the pandemic created extremely tough obstacles, surge after surge. >> it is really difficult because historically you would come to work and you need he signed up for a stressful job but you can leave that at work. now with the pandemic, it is everywhere. to try to combat the stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout healthcare workers have been facing, researchers at ohio university created and tested tranquil virtual reality experience, immersing employees in nature. the three minute, 360 degrees experience takes them into a lush green forest. birds chirping, leaves rustling in the wind. >> it is a moment of respite in very chaotic and overwhelming situation. it gives you the opportunity to get away, escaping the nature
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and we know the health benefits of being in nature. wins dr. elizabeth beverly led the study. >> brief accessible intervention, very low-cost, it works for anyone on the unit and we were able to reduce stress. we also found the difference with a big difference. >> reporter: dvr experience very impactful for chris. >> you really get that opportunity to quiet your mind and your thoughts to really focus on something beautiful. >> reporter: he says he also tries to manage his stress at home and be as present as he can with his family. >> when i go home, i try to leave work at work even though it is difficult. getting his mind to focus on other things help them cope. michael george with cbs news. >> researchers are also looking at possible long-lasting stress benefits of the virtual reality experience and are coming up with new scenes like beaches and snow falling which both sound very nice right now. >> just no snow on the beaches. time to look at the forecast with first alert chief
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meteorologist paul heggen. >> lightning in the mountains, snowhe omewelsenot . >> we get rain showers over the next 24 hours. keep the umbrella handy, it will not rain everywhere all the time but we will see a lot of showers begin to move in later this evening. this is the first of a few chances of rain in the forecast. another wave of rain moves in friday night into saturday. focus on the first one still in the process of getting his act together. if you like showers made their way through sonoma county earlier, 0.1 inches around santa rosa around noon. the bulk of the moisture further north, it will come diving down toward us through the rest of the evening and tonight. switch over to futurecast and it shows showers try to make their way into the north bay before the sun goes down with the first batch of moisture. the way it usually works out, the first batch of moisture tends to evaporate in the driest air in place over the bay area. be prepared for passengers this evening north of the golden
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gate. more likely showers make their way further south heading under early tomorrow morning. be ready for wet commute from the central bay northward, allow extra time and extra stopping distance to the with slick roads. the heavier steady rain makes its way farther inland into the santa clara valley further into the daylights. showers are few and far between between central business and oakland and especially the north day, showers on the radar by drive time tomorrow evening so hi to allow for extra time. showers taper off thursday night. chance of showers north of the golden gate once again on friday, better chance of rain moving in friday night into saturday. we hope it washes paul out of the year, it should temporarily. as soon as the rain stops, medium category on friday and medium/high category on sunday. sunday look like a nice day for easter sunday. we should seek near-normal temperatures and dry half of the weekend. temperatures are cool, 55 degrees in san francisco and san jose otherwise around 60
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degrees. the wind not a strong, sustained winds, the strongest in the 15 to 20 mile an hour range, far cry from the last couple days. the wind should not be a major factor tomorrow, it is the rain slowing you down on the roads. temperatures with the blanket of clouds moving in, dropping into the 40s by early tomorrow morning. the problem is we don't warm up far with clouds and rain showers and southerly wind becoming westerly, onshore breeze kicking back in. temperatures reach mid to upper 50s around the bay and mid-50s along the coast with 60s in inland and santa clara valley because you have more breaks between showers. almost every other day for the rain chances, tonight into tomorrow, friday night into saturday, a break on easter sunday and monday night into tuesday with yet another chance of rain wednesday night into thursday, the very tail end of the seven-day forecast and looking a little beyond, nice to see all of the rain chances lining up one after another even the one rain chances not look significant, eventually they add up and we will add
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that up coming up at 5:00. coming up on kpix5 streaming on cbs news bay area, a piece of music history could be yours for the right price. >> how much this iconic guitar could go for if you are the high bidder. on this busy newsday, let's together so tonight after kpix5 news at 6:00, with the grammys days away, meet the mother and son nominees honoring the husband and father that they lost. that and all of today's headlines here on the "cbs evening news".
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a couple of headlines for music lovers. first, how about owning an iconic guitar used by kurt cobain? >> so cool computer in the nevada smells like teen spirit video. it is going up for auction. the guitar stayed with the family ever since he passed away. you can expect to pay $800,000. the three-day music icon event takes place next month. elvis presley catalog of hits added to universal music. the deal comes ahead of the
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release of elvis, some about the singer start austin butler and tom hanks. elvis sold more than 500 million records and is seen by many as one of the best-selling solo artist of all time. >> he is the reason why the floor director shimmied off- camera. so head on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area , a battle of sweets. >> my favorite. which holiday candy came out on top as you get the easter baskets ready. coming up on the streaming service cbs news bay area, the san francisco redistricting fight is complicated. we get insight as a deadline to finalize maps is days away. watch our stream whenever and wherever. find us on pluto tv, channel 1021, and any platform using the free cbs news app.
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sea at 5:00, capturing and safeguarding ukraine's history. >> we meet a berkeley woman part of that effort. that and more with ryan yamamoto and me. it is easter versus halloween when it comes to candy. >> according to recent survey, 65% of americans say easter has the best holiday candy lineup, more than half prefer it over halloween. we blame cadbury easter eggs topping that easter basket followed by reese's peanut butter eggs and starburst jellybeans. controversial peeps among the
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least favorite. >> those are my favorite. buy me these and i will yofover >> ney e y cb inrordtured charges. what we're learning about the trail of evidence that led police to 62-year-old frank james. >> we got him. >> o'donnell: new video tonight shows the man arb kuzzed of shooting 10 people entering the subway, wearing a construction jacket, wheeling a bag. tonight, all the new details, the call to crimestoppers that may have cracked the case. and the answers to some of the big questions: how james was on the run for nearly 30 hours, where he got the gun, and his long criminal history. protecting america's largest transit system. after issues with subway cameras, our look at what's being done to keep millions safe. the powerful spring storm.


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