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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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dark gray clouds over san jose. let's send it over to paul heggen with where the heaviest rain is currently falling. than the other erthseachey ea. press further to the east. there's not a lot in the valley right now but you have picked up measurable rainfall in san jose. let's zoom in for another look. parts of maroon and napa cab napa valley's here but this is a weak pattern compared to what we've seen throughout most of the day. it will continue to diminish of the north bay working its way for the south. light rain with pockets in the heavy oakland hills. not as much coming through this activity continues to surge
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from the west but it will gradually diminish this evening. gradually the focus goes further and further to the south. the last sprinkles of be on the radar and it should fade out before the sun comes up tomorrow morning. a mix of sun and clouds but the next rain chances could be lining up for tomorrow night into the first half of saturday. we will track that with the longer-range at future cast in just a few minutes. uc berkeley center lab reported six inches fell this morning. more is expected over the next few days. there will be continued weather patterns. it is however causing traffic troubles. a big rig was inching by this morning interstate 80 and donner link. that has cleared but it is wet and icy. clearing driveways and parking
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lots. there was the sugar bowl early this morning. they were excited to hit the slopes. >> we are looking forward to the last days of the season. better late than never. i've had some of my best patter days in april of the year so it's not totally unexpected. best since december though. >> that person in the background sounded miserable. they plan on staying open throughout the weekend. a little rain here or there may not seem like much. but experts say it could delay the fire season. the difference that it is making for parched soil. new video at what happened a few days before christmas. police say the 18-year-old was a mall shooter who fired off more than a dozen shots. they say he was aiming for these two men who had just tried to rob him.
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we are at the oakridge mall in san jose with more on the weapon that was used during that shooting. >> shoppers are relieved the suspects have been arrested in this case. it was a scary thing for the those who were here. for a lot of people there was concern that continues on. mall surveillance video shows a man walking with his girlfriend when two male suspects came up and robbed them of their jewelry. as the suspects walk away the man who was just robbed produces a specially modified handgun and despite attempts to stop him he opens fire as many duck and run. this happen five days before christmas. >> we are very lucky that no innocent citizens were hit as a result of this. >> the mall was placed on lockdown. it took hours for them to sweep the area. all three elected involved have been arrested. ubc oh gimenez was arrested for strong arm robbery and nail in
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hobson plattner was booked for multiple counts of attempted murder and firearms charges. his handgun was modified to shoot automatically. he fired all 15 bullets in just a few seconds. >> those rounds can go anywhere. >> the weapon has not been recovered but please find many modified or so-called ghost guns on the street every day in the possession of people who cannot legally own firearms. >> the number of personally manufactured firearms that we have recovered has gone up astronomically within the last four years. >> jeff rosen says that the president has banned an serialized gun kits as part of a larger law enforcement crackdown to get the guest in ghost guns off the streets. >> it has become a weapon of choice for criminals. >> one said the rise is concerning but not to the point where he is afraid when he goes
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out to public places. >> it is getting close to that point but i don't actually think of it every time i go out. >> in san jose, kpix five. so watch us 24 seven streaming on or the kpix app book laguna honda hospital is in dire financial straits right now. state and federal regulators cut off the main source of funding. the hospital lost medicare and medicaid funding. that move comes after inspectors raise concerns about hygiene, documentation and infection prevention. the mayor and public health leaders say they are committed to fixing the problems at the skilled nursing facility. it currently serves more than 700 patients. >> our plan is to do what we can in light of recent events. all to ensure that it remains open and a place of refuge for those who cannot care for themselves.
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>> i know that given more time the team could have shown compliance. none of the infractions this week would have led to termination had it not been for the organization running out of time to show compliance. >> moving forward they will be staying on-site. the hospital will stay open we are told. officials vowed to deal with compliance issues and reapply for medicare and medicaid funding. a massive fire at a farm production facility is now out. but the building is considered a total loss. it was at the taylor farms facility. escalating into a four alarm fire. forcing hundreds of people to evacuate elk investigators believe it started in an area were maintenance crews have been welding and making repairs. at one point thousands of residents were ordered to shelter in place. that is because of fears of the 40,000 gallons of ammonia within the building that make night.
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more than 1000 people worked at that facility. the cause of the fire currently remains under investigation. to new york now where a judge has denied bail for the subway shooting suspect is facing a federal terrorism charge. 10 passengers and nearly 2 dozen others were wounded in tuesday's rush-hour attack. kate smith is outside the brooklyn courthouse with more for us. >> reporter: good evening. thursday's arraignment is the latest chapter in what has been the bloodiest attack on the new york city subway system nearly 4 decades. interstates charges they add to an already lengthy arrest record for the suspect. the federal prosecutors today say it paints a portrait of a man who is unable or unwilling to conform his conduct to law. a federal judge in brooklyn ordered frank james held without bail following his arraignment on thursday. in a court filing prosecutors claimed that there is severe and ongoing danger to the
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community. and a serious risk of flight if released on bond. but the lawyer cautioned against a rush to judgment. initial press and police reports in cases like this one are often inaccurate. the suspect was arrested on wednesday without any incident in manhattan after tipping police off to his own location. >> yesterday he saw his photograph on the news. he called crime stoppers to help. >> reporter: he is accused of detonating a smoke bomb and firing more than 30 shots into a subway car in brooklyn striking at least 10 people and injuring many others before getting away. police released an image of the suspect leaving a subway station after the attack. he is currently facing a terror charge of violently attacking a mass transit system. >> we will be using every tool at our disposal to bring this individual justice and bring justice to new yorkers. >> reporter: he's been asking for psychiatric attention.
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they've been combing through social media posts as they look for a motive. he faces a maximum penalty of life in prison. in the court papers they suggest that he had the ability to carry out further attacks. noting a storage facility in philadelphia that had more ammunition and unrelated items. kpix, five. to the ukraine and what could be a major military loss for russia. they claim that missiles seeking a russian warship. but they say the russian warship was damaged by a fire. all the way political experts say that the attack on the black sea fleet marks a blow to president vladimir putin. the defense minister did not acknowledge the tech but they did say it caught fire and sank while it was being towed to a port during the storm. blaming the fire on exploding ammunition. >> whether it has an impact on the naval capabilities we are unclear right now. >> u.s. and allies are under
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the impression that they will be increasing attacks on ukraine. there wondering if the high- level officials will be sent to the ukraine. >> are you sending the senior officials to the ukraine? >> we are making that decision now. >> the president said he would like to visit the ukraine but the white house is not revealing whether not that will actually happen. still ahead, a unique way to tackle violence. how one bay area city hopes that taking guns off the streets will literally help their community grow. a coffee shop is not a drive-through but it is cleaning up a major mess after a wild crash. all eyes on stephan curry and his foot. he hit the court for practice. how things are looking for game one of the playoffs coming up.
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a special look at a group that has a unique way of dealing with guns taken off of city streets. weapons turn to something that could help build better neighborhoods. the program is called guns to gardens. >> oakland has dealt with tremendous violence. firearms has been the true driver of that violence. oftentimes firearms are taken in burglaries and theft. we want to those firearms. we want to be able to do something positive with that metal. we also want to reduce the likelihood that those firearms will get into the hands of people who should not have them. we got a behind the look seen of this type. >> you see an assault rifle that has the capability of really just terrorizing and harming a community. usually it shoots like a 5.56.
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we are going to split this down this way. now we have a couple of rifle barrels here. we cut the end of it off. now we are going to forge these into a fork on the other side. >> these are typical on the cases that we see with some of the violent crime. are homicides and aggravated assaults. these are weapons that are in our community. we want to pull them out and get rid of them. destroy them and turn them into something positive. >> different cities across the country are organizing buybacks.
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we are disabling it or destroying the firearms that are being turned in. making them into garden tools and arts and things that can help to bring positive spaces to communities. the hand trowel will cut off their. then put a wooden handle into it. >> there is mental health care happening while this is going on. it's really just a mass national effort to try to heal communities. >> police in several local churches will be hosting one of those gun purchase back events. those who turn them in will get a gardening tool in exchange. a deadly police shooting. looking into a traffic stop that led to the death of 26- year-old patrick leola. he resisted arrest and was shot during a struggle with the police officer. the family attorney is now demanding answers.
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>> a fatal encounter by the unidentified officer began as a traffic stop over a license plate that didn't match the vehicle registration. he appears to walk away from the officer and then resist before running away. multiple videos including from the officer body camera his own dash camera, a bystander cell phone and a security camera capture what happened next. the officer chases him before the two appear to wrestle over control of the officers taser. it deploys twice into the ground. then as the video shot by the car passenger shows while on top of his back the officer fires a single shot striking him in the head. grandpa rapids police chief released a video saying the community needed to see what happened. >> a taser is not per se a deadly weapon. it is what would be known as an
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intermediate weapon. >> under michigan law they can use deadly force to prevent death or bodily harm. they're not identifying the officer but the seven year veteran is on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. at a press conference, her parents cried as been crop demanded the officers be fired and face criminal charges. >> the officer failed to follow basic training. what was so wrong about him calling for backup? >> michigan state police are leading the investigation. when it is finished it will be up to the kept county prosecutor to decide if charges are warranted. >> the chief medical examiner says they have completed the autopsy and they are waiting for the toxicology test results. a coffee shop has been busy cleaning up all day after a car crushed through it overnight. a 21-year-old driver lost control of the vehicle crashing into the front of the store on
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stony point road. the driver is facing dui charges. the shop owner said they had to close down today but it is only a temporary setback. >> we have another one on the other side of town. the same people come in the kids know what they drink. they make it for them as they walk up. so we have a very loyal community. of patrons or whatever you may want to call them. we will be all right. we will make it through this. >> the store owner says he hopes to be open as soon as tomorrow. we continue to track a chance of showers. over the next few hours it is a wet and chilly day for a ferry ride. a captured light rain picture here. hopefully they had some levels here. maybe a poncho or raincoat to stay dry as you are out there. it's that constant missed words like aggressive.
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>> it's not quite full-fledged rain it's just a heavy mist. and if we didn't so desperately need the rain you would say it's kind of bad outside. but we really need this rain. it is the nice end of the gross spectrum if you want to stretch that a bit. let's look at how much rain we have picked up. the amounts have not been substantial but this is the second in a series of rainmakers that will visit the bay area. rarely more than a trace for san jose. that you are not done yet. barely more than that for half moon bay. 5/100 of an inch of rain and not the highest amount for a change. 2/10 of an inch but almost a half inch for mill valley. santa rosa has been in similar territory with the total rainfall amounts to this point. it is all being squeezed out by storm system that is aiming its energy toward the pacific northwest. but it is close enough to us to squeeze the atmosphere produce showers. not only around the bay area but further up the coast turning to snow in the high sierra's. often on rain for all of us at the moment. especially around semper cisco. the rain is beginning to taper off for parts of the north bay and the clearing line in terms
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of cloud cover. the end of the rainfall is going to be dropping north to south across the bay area as we go through the rest of the evening. looking at futurecast we track this hour by hour. by the time the newscast begins were going to see your best chance of showers in the east bay. the santa cruz mallon mountains and maybe even a little bit in the santa clara valley. you are not done yet. the last the sprinkle should fade off the radar after midnight and we will start off dry tomorrow with a mix of clouds and sunshine. the only chance of showers is going to be on the north bay. that will be hit or miss activity at about a 20% chance. sickening clouds tomorrow evening in the next round of rain will move in for tomorrow night. scattered showers moving in north of the golden gate after midnight on friday night. an area of heavy rain will sweep and by early saturday morning. this is a more substantial rainmaker than what we are in the midst of right now. this will squeeze out a quick quarter inch to a half inch of rain across much of the bay area. the rain shadow spots will get lighter amounts. moving to quickly by the time
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8:00 saturday morning rolls around. the heavy rain his will through but there is lingering showers as we go through midday on saturday. it does look like we will start to dry out in the second half of your easter weekend. it does not look like we will be extremely dry. gusty winds will be affecting that rain. 10 to 15 miles per hour tomorrow for the strongest. but as the heavy rain moves in for saturday morning, there will be gusts up to 20 to 30 miles per hour with 30 to 40 mile per hour gusts along the coast. it will also be breezy throughout the day on saturday. once the rain comes to an end be flexible with any outdoor plans for saturday afternoon as we do start to dry out. the wind gusts are back slightly but it will be breezy throughout the day on saturday. this is the second in a series of rain chances. more rain on the way for monday night and into tuesday. more rain for wednesday night into thursday as well. this is your estimate with the lowest amounts coming in lynn
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in the east bay in the santa clara valley. a quarter inch toefl half inch of rain once you add up all of the systems. higher amounts in the santa cruz area and the north bay. most was looking at half an inch to a full inch of total rain over the course of the next seven days. looking outside right now you have no idea which camera this is. i know it is treasure island because i hit the button. this is what it looks like out there right now. this is what you will see out there tonight. they are going to drop to the 40s for most of us tonight the clearing in the north babel allowed temperatures drop into the upper 30s. your high tomorrow closer to average as we enjoy a dry break for at least a few hours. still slightly below normal for most of us. the warm spots will be in the valley around 70 degrees in san jose. mid to upper 60s around the coast mostly in the mid to upper 60s for inland parts of east bay. upper 50s in san francisco with low 60s for oakland in the east bay. temperatures in the low to mid 60s with a chance of a few passing showers. but they will be few and far between. cooler areas with lots of rain
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chances. the one dry day for everyone will be easter sunday so that lines up nicely. your temperatures returning to near average should stay there even with the additional rain chances on the way again monday night into tuesday. let's take a look at the impact of this system on the high sierra and how much snow they will get with the subsequent systems coming up at 5:30. >> whatever falls from the sky at the point we will take. >> even if it is an aggressive missed. still ahead, steph curry scrimmages with the warriors. what are his chances of
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the warriors are about 48 hours way for making the 2022 playoff they view.
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>> i never heard so many people talk about a left foot. but everyone is talking about steph curry right now. we have more on how he was doing after today's practice. how is it looking? >> i've been talking about my left foot. we are both nurturing and left foot injury. from a first-hand perspective taking off the boot in the last few days, when you take the weight of the foot from month and then you try to jump and cuts, it doesn't look good. and i thought there was no way that he would be ready to go. it is hard to believe that he would be opening-round. but signs are pointing that way. he did take part in the team scrimmage today. and that was needed in order to potentially return for game one saturday against denver. the final decision on his playing status will be made tomorrow. but the thought has been if he felt good after the scrimmage than he would play on saturday. it sounds like the running, jumping and cutting all felt pretty good.
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>> that moment and getting ready for playoffs and me being out for four weeks it it was big. every step has been in the right direction in terms of trying to get back out there. i have never enjoyed practice so much. >> denver is dealing with injuries of their own. we talked michael spencer cbs denver last night and he said that jamaal murray nor michael porter junior will be suiting up for the nuggets in this series. we hope your foot is better to charlie. april showers may have been too late to help with the major drought. but there is a payoff when it comes to our soil. how it could make a difference for fire season. justice delayed. a bay area family finally gets closure seven years after brutal murder.
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right now streaming on cbs news bay area, there is more local news at 5:30. a verdict announced in a brutal semper cisco murder. the closure for a family that's waited more than seven years for justice. a real payoff to april showers. a few days of rain to make a big difference for fire season. high definition doppler. the rain is not over yet. we can track your showers for the evening commute and looking ahead to the next round


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