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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 20, 2022 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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i might of, you know, had a second thought about flying if i knew it was optional. >> now at 11:00.
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mixed emotions as face coverings fly off of travelers. we ask an expert, is it too soon? >> hotly contested race. why the party may not be lasting long. >> pulling off an entirely different crime. >> we are just kids, felt like really frustrating. >> tonight, they are. meet the siblings for much- needed relief for ukraine. bay area travelers are rethinking our spring break plans as case counts kline and mask mandates fail. the bay area health expert backing up those concerns. >> here at the airport, we notice people with masks and many without them. according to uc berkeley doctor this is a bad time to be lifting
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restrictions. >> it was very liberating and it was just so nice to be on the plane. it was very long two flights to get home and, it was just nice not to have to wear a mask. >> 90-95% of the passengers were not wearing masks but we kept them on the whole time. we just aren't certain about the ba.2 variant. >> mixed reaction to the mask mandate lifted this mother of a 14-year- old was especially concerned as she flew back from a family vacation. >> i might of had a second thought about flying if i knew it was optional with the crowds and over spring break just because of her and not being able to protect her. >> reporter: this as the doctor from uc berkeley public health says the bay area is in the middle of a different new covid-19 wave. >> going up at such a pace that people i don't think are really seeing it and feeling it. and that is good in some
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respects. it is dangerous because it lulls you into a false sense of security. >> with more at home covid-19 tests and lack of testing overall we may not be seeing the whole picture when it comes to a rise in cases. hospitalizations remained steady. the numbers tend to lag a week or two behind. they just feel it is not the time to get rid of mandates. >> in the midst of another rise in cases which we are experiencing now, we out to be doing more things to protect us as opposed to taking things away that are for our protection. >> we are keeping a list of where each bay area airport and transit stands right now when it comes to masks. you can find it on our website. a hotly contested assembly race might be finalized tonight.
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there was a tie forcing the runoff, the two democrats are representing the eastern half of the city at the state capitol. right now, the numbers, giving haney a 2-1 lead. more ballots are likely in the mail. but now, haney is declaring victory. [music] >> his victory party was packed tonight f. he is officially certified the winner he will not have too long to safer it. to savor it. there will now be a new primary race for that seat in june ahead of november election. a live look at the state capitol where lawmakers have a bill to make it easier victims of gun violence to sue gunmakers and dealers. the bill will make it easier to skirt a federal law that currently blocks those types of
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liability lawsuits. opponents say that would drive gunmakers out of business. lawmakers also rejected a bill to repeal california's sanctuary status. limes local law enforcement with immigration and custom enforcement, the republican-backed effort died in the assembly public safety committee 5-2 vote. arson fire that gutted a san jose home depot was a smoke screen for a different crime. 27-year-old man is charged with three counts of arson and grand and petty theft. he was wheeling a shopping cart full of tools after setting fire to the lumber department. >> it is likely a person could have been seriously injured or killed from this fire being set. this fire was not set at midnight, in an empty store. >> investigators say he
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burglarized a nearby macy's store and he is accused in a number of retail thefts dating back to october. new at 11:00 a 26-year-old oakland man died after three police officers pinned him to the ground during an arrest at a park. a year ago, he died from methamphetamine in his system along with other contributing factors like alcoholism, obesity and stress. although the death was ruled a homicide the da decided last week not to prosecute the officers. saying the evidence did not support criminal charges. >> we hope when there is video and it is so explicit and he was murdered in the same manner as george floyd and we still can't get accountability here in alameda county in california in the birthplace of the black
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panther. tonight, cbs news learned the u.s. is rushing a major shipment to ukraine to help in a new phase of that war. russian forces launched a full- scale attack in the donbas region. stretching across a 300 line of the southern tip towards kharkiv in the north. tonight, russian forces bombarding that region as ukrainian forces dig in. but, struggle to make a last stand. meanwhile, humanitarian corridors closed and civilians continue to be targeted. new drone footage shows dozens of new graves in. all of them are marked with the dates of death following february 24th, when russia invaded. closer to home, a pair of siblings in the east bay are doing what they can to help. kpix5 katie neilson reports they started a donation drive. they are not even old enough to
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drive a car. >> we can not just look at these people suffering and not do anything about it. it is horrible to watch. >> reporter: a junior in high school. he and his sister, who is in 7th grade, say they knew they had to do something when they saw video of the conflict. >> we are just kids it was frustrating to think oh my god, we can not donate anything, can't do anything until we came up with this idea. >> reporter: a donation drive. asking members of the community to donate items. >> i felt like i had to do something because i can not let it continue to go on and not do anything. >> reporter: he convinced the principal to put in donation bins at the school and partnered with hearts for ukraine to get items shipped over seas. >> someone has to step up and take action first. >> reporter: they want people to be aware of what is happening in ukraine and try to help. >> you doubt yourself, like, how am i going to do something like about this whole country, right? we want people to take a first
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step and take initiative. >> reporter: the family will be collecting donations here at the school and also at their home and then every two weeks will drive them down to san jose where they will be packed up and shipped out to out to ukraine. still ahead, a major flop for netflix, the bay area streaming service says if you think today's earnings report was bad, just wait. plus, how an investigation at a san francisco hotel ended with a pair of police officers under arrest. and as a wall of flames forces people from their homes in arizona tonight, pg&e is on patrol for the danger right here at home. fortunately we have rain on the way, showers moving in tomorrow, more rain on thursday with the possibility of a couple of thunderstorms on thursday. i am tracking it all in the first alert forecast.
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a pair of san francisco police officers and a retired police officer facing charges tonight in a pair of internal affairs investigations. the first stem from a case at the marriott marquise. the officers are accused of destroying illegal drugs and stolen ids and credit cards found in a guest luggage instead of cataloging it as
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evidence. they were cited and released on charges. retired officer mark williams faces felony larges, accused of taking a submachine gun from a gun destruction unit while working part time for the city. the police union said in a statement we are familiar with the alleged incidents and believe that once all of the evidence is disclosed the facing will show that the charges. >> johnny depp testifying for the first time in defamation case. he is suing over her 2018 washington opinion piece describing her experience with domestic abuse. depp was not named in the peace he argues the accusations damaged his reputation and ghost him movie roles. >> it is very strange when one day you are cinderella, so to speak and in
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0.6 seconds you are quasi moto. heard filed her own seat against depp for $100 million. moderna says their booster combining the current vaccine with updates on the beta variant. they say it is more effective against omicron and other versions than the original booster. moderna says a specific vaccine could be out later on this year. tonight, netflix is predicting it could lose another two million subscribers in the second quarter. 10 times more than 200,000 that sent the stock tumbling by 25% today. the first time in more than a decade that the streaming service lost users. analysts expected them to add about 2-1/2 million in the first quarter. to arizona now where a fast- moving fire is forcing evacuations near flagstaff. across more than 6,000 acres since it erupted on sunday.
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fanned by high winds, it destroyed two dozen buildings and now threatening many more. at least 700 homes evacuated tonight. back here in the bay area, pg&e crews. we spotted crews covering areas looking for signs of disease like sudden oak death. >> with sudden oak death you have trees that die. we want to be pro active. >> a tree that came into contact with the line sparked the dixie fire. >> so early to be taking about fires. we have to. the rainy pattern that we are currently in, lasting a couple days before it will contract the fire season a little bit.
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we will take whatever help we can get and we have more rain chances in the forecast. the big picture pattern. the storm system, making its way towards the coast. while the storm system will be moving slowly. there will be ripples in the atmosphere, rotating around it. and every one of those will spark a round of rain. the first of which arrives tomorrow, another stronger wave of rain arriving on thursday. let's take a look at future cast. we look at the rest of tonight. the rain will stay in the northwest. clouds in the atmosphere. high clouds, farther up over the ground, we will see clouds forming at ground level. locally dense fog likely to start the day on thursday. might have to navigate your way through that on the way to work slowing down the commute and slowing down the evening commute. showers hitting the north bay
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already. these will be light showers, it continues to push farther and farther to the east. the sun is do going down, there is yet a's moved up the start of the game to 3:00, trying to beat the wave of rain before it moves into the east bay. it will move farther inland with this batch of rain moving through the east heading through tomorrow night. off and on showers tomorrow night. few and far between. and then the next wave of rain, it will move in on thursday. this will be heavier, some locally heavy rainfall and the potential for a couple rumbles of thunder. small hail out of the strongest cells, we will be watching that. that continues to move off to the east and then we will be back into the off and on pattern heading through the end of the workweek on friday. i think the last showers will be winding down by midday on friday and the forecast dries out completely over the weekend and through the first half of next week. the system will be the snow maker for the high sierra. winter storm warnings in effect. that is at 5:00 tomorrow.
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goes through 11:00 a.m. on friday. we are talking one to two feet of snow. the higher peaks picking up three feet of snow. tricky travel on u.s. 50 and i- 80 beginning already tomorrow evening. right now, just starting to see the fog rolling in. we will see more of it heading through the rest of tonight. the temperatures in the lower to middle 50s. cool spots, north bay, we have some of that fog. all end up in the 40s early tomorrow morning. how much we warm up depends on the rain. when it moves in first you can reach the upper 50s and lower 60s for the north bay. lower to middle 60s around the bay with the warmest temperatures where you wait longer for the rain to get to you. upper 60s and 70 degrees. inland parts of the east bay. the unsettled pattern continues through the first half of friday and dry out. a nice weekend. much-needed rainfall. and, nice weekend forecast. warming up, especially away from the
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water, middle to upper 70s for san jose. 80 degrees for inland parts of the east bay and the north bay on sunday. back down to near normal temperatures by tuesday of next week. vern? >> straight ahead in sports. have you seen who has a share of the american west lead? it is not a typo. and giants in new york. trying the mets twice. not the result they were looking for. >> and, here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert
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baseball up top. giants, two games today, drop them from the share of the national west league to, well, have a look. game one of two. a groin injury. giants saw a 4-1 lead fade to extra innings. in the 10th. bell broke for home it looked like he would be safe at first. called safe. until he wasn't. guy agents go-ahead run was waived off. bottom of the 10th. mets had runners at the corners and they delivered to the gap in right center. that is game.
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mets walked off game one, 5-4. now, mets, home debut in game 2 against logan web. bottom third, web lost the battle. a double brought home two runs, webb, not his a-game. lasting a third and two innings. the giants bats could not catch up. he struck out 10. held the giants hit list into the sáeubsth inning, he allowed one run and seven innings and the mets took game 2. final, 3-1. giants dropped behind the rockies. record, 7-4. they have the best record in all of baseball. i love the veteran a's fan. comfortable. top of the 2nd. got to see this catch. christian, stay with it and gloved it.
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you bet you can flex. trail bottom 2nd. clutch, with base runners, brought home two, a's won the game 2-1. grabbed the share of the al west lead. record 7-5. and reportedly the smallest noncovid-19 home crowd since 1980. 3748. a wednesday practice before a flight to denver. ahead, 2-0 in the best of 7 series game three is on thursday. now, tonight, booker and his west top suns try today out. best of booker in the half. how about a buzzer beater shot. and he gave a baby knuckles, i love that. scored 31. while booker was out with a hamstring issues, pelican scored. they got a nice road win, 125- 114, they even the series at a game a
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piece. game three friday in new orleans. memphis in miami, also, victorious tonight. the shrarbgs won a game. the sharks won a game. 10 game, 9 winning streak. late, first period, off of the rebound. batted the puck for the second goal of the game. making it 3 life 0 san jose. sharks hung on, won it, 3-2. the nonwinning streak is over. just six more regular season games left. and it is over for san jose. they have a winning record at home, though. so, they got that going for him. they host st. louis coming up on thursday night. >> all right. >> maybe they will get a winning streak going. >> absolutely. >> ththank you, vern.n. soundsds like someththing y wowould buy y at costco. . the e tesla megapapack is now online along the california coast. we will tell you what it does.
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tonight, tesla and pg&e turned up to turn monterey bay into california's back up battttery the tesla memegapack isis now w onlinene. ththe storage e syststem is on the lalargest in the woword that stores energ from renewable sources for use during peak demand like those hot summer months. >> this allows us to capture that solarenergy at those lower prices when demand is not
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high and then discharge that on to the grid duriring that period of peak dedemand in the evevenings. >> thehey say it cacan store e hours ofof powewer when fufully charged a can add jujust 180 0 megawatts to the grid each hour. >> for perspective. one is enough to power up to 900 homes for one year. >> a a lot of power there, amazing. >> we'll be right back.
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take a deep breath, the stage is set for san francisco's golden gate park. the high holiday. for the annual 4/20 festivities. >> san francisco is allowing onsite cannabis sales, you had to be 21 years old to get
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in. showing your id you will have to slow your covid-19 card to get into the fenced area. >> the official event runs from noon until 5:00 and expected to draw a crowd of about 20,000 people. >> it is always interesting when we take the chopper up and it flies over the golden gate park. you know where it is, you see a brown haze, it is not fog. >> yes. it is, it is an event. maybe the rain will keep it from -- >> that is true. >> from disbursing too much throughout the city. a fun event for the people that go. th ks for (male narrator) up next, how would you like to get the celebrity secret for ageless skin? (female narrator) find out how in this paid presentation for meaningful beauty. (male narrator) as cindy crawford unveils her newest youth activating breakthrough. (female narrator) plus, you'll get exclusive access to a brand-new free gift offer


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