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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 21, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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jubilee, download our news app. cbs news, new york. it's it's thursday, april 21st, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." up in the air, the debate over masks on planes and mass transit isn't over yet. who's caught in the middle as the justice department fights to keep the federal mandate in place. security scare. how a baseball stunt forced a brief evacuation at the u.s. capitol. russia's warning. the kremlin shows off a new weapon while the u.s. races to arm ukraine with even more artillery. good morning. i'm diane king hall in for anne-marie green. the showdown over the federal mask mandate on planes and mass transit is now up to the courts. the justice department is
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fighting a judge's ruling that lets passengers go mask free. as erroll barnett reports, the decision is likely to fuel even more mask confusion. >> reporter: for travelers who are immunocompromised or with young, unvaccinated children, the maskless reality is a new and frightening challenge. brian vastag traveled to alaska for treatment for his autoimmune disorders. the mandate was lifted. now he feels stranded. >> it's been extremely fraus frustrating, anger provoking. we travel for medical care all the time. especially people with rare diseases or hard-to-treat diseases, it's going to be riskier for us. >> reporter: was this policy ended too soon? >> no question about it. >> reporter: cbs medical consultant dr. david agus says even though aircraft have exceptional air circulation filtered every two to three minutes, travelers with suppressed immune systems are still especially vulnerable. >> those people will have more
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of a difficulty going out in public with a potential of being exposed. they can get very ill. >> reporter: polling shows more than half of americans support mask requirements for travel. bus transport poses the highest risks for covid exposure -- >> i don't think we should have an option. i think while it's still on, you know, it's still not safe. >> reporter: followed by train travel. >> i would feel more comfortable if there was a mandate. >> reporter: the decision by the department of justice to appeal the ruling that struck down the mandate came after the cdc concluded that mask extension remains necessary. >> to be clear, we are recommending everyone wear masks on planes. >> reporter: that's now the decision many parents traveling with young children must make as covid cases continue to rise even though hospitalizations and deaths are down. >> you can minimize it, put the child on the inside window seat and you sit and try to buffer them from people around them. it's certainly not perfect. >> reporter: erroll barnett, cbs news, at reagan national airport. several buildings including the u.s. capitol were briefly
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evacuated last night after police identified an aircraft they called, quote, a probable threat. turned out the plane was carrying members of the u.s. army golden knights who parachuted into the nearby washington nationals baseball stadium. the plane was circling close to the capitol complex when there was an alert sending staffers running. house speaker nancy pelosi called the failure of the faa to notify capitol police of the flyover, quote, outrageous and inexcusable. the faa said it will conduct a thorough review. this morning, president biden is expected to announce a new package of military aid to help ukraine defend itself from the ongoing russian invasion. the new assistance is likely to include heavy artillery and ammunition for the escalating battle in ukraine's east. it comes as the new "associated press" poll shows 54% of americans believe mr. biden has not been tough enough on russia. 36% say his approach has been about right, while 8% say he's
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been too tough. bradley blackburn is in new york the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that poll also shows just 32% of americans believe the u.s. should have a major role in the conflict, a number that's dropped since last month. so that's the situation the president is dealing with when he speaks to the nation this morning -- trying to support ukraine without getting dragged into a war with russia. president biden is expected to announce today another round of military funding for the ukrainians as they try to fight off the russian invasion. >> weapons and ammunition are flowing in daily. and we're seeing just how vital our alliances and partnerships are around the world. >> reporter: the u.s. has already given more than $2.5 billion in military assistance. a senior u.s. defense official tells cbs news the first of 18 howitzers are en route to ukraine. moscow showed off its own might testing a new type of nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile, and though
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it's not yet ready for use, vladimir putin warned adversaries must now think twice before threatening russia. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says he's willing to talk with putin even though he believes russia doesn't want a peace settlement. this commander defending mariupol says they have just days or hours left. troops and civilians are holed up in this steel plant where black smoke could be seen rising above it. a few residents were able to evacuate on tuesday before an established humanitarian corridor broke down. "we need a break after the shelling," this woman said, "we've been hiding in basements for 30 days." the united nations reports more than five million people have fled ukraine since the fighting began. ukrainian officials are trying again today to evacuate civilians from mariupol. they say they are willing to negotiate to help people who are still trapped there potentially
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by handing over russian prisoners of war. diane? >> bradley blackburn in new york. thank you. a wildfire burning near flagstaff, arizona, has tripled in size, forcing hundreds of people from their homes. strong winds have fanned the tunnel fire which has burned more than 19,000 acres. more than two dozen structures have been destroyed. the cause of the fire which started on sunday is under investigation. forecasters say strong winds that are expected to ramp up today could lead to explosive growth in wildfires burning across the southwest. the production company overseeing the movie set where alec baldwin shot and killed and cinematographer was hit with the maximum possible fine by new mexico workplace safety regulators. "rust" movie productions must pay nearly $137,000 for multiple safety failures and violating standard movie industry protocols. >> it's a lack of "rust" production's adhering to the national standard, but the
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national standard is there and is something that they said they were following to prevent workplace injuries. >> baldwin claims he did not pull the trigger and did not know the prop gun contained a live round when it went off in his hand during a rehearsal last october. the production company says it plans to appeal the fine. the florida state senate has approved a bill that takes aim at disney. it passed a bill to dissolve a special tax district that allows disney to operate a private government for its properties in the state including disney world. it's part of an ongoing feud between governor ron desantis and disney. they have been at odds since the company announced its opposition to the state's so-called "don't say gay" law. the florida house is expected to take up the bill today. coming up, police backlash. oofrsz are -- officers are caught on video putting a crying boy in a police car after he was accused of stealing a bag of chips. and tennis ban. wimbledon is barring some players from competition over
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to heart-healthy support every day. get more with nature's bounty. new york governor kathy hochul is calling video of a sobbing 8-year-old black child being led into a syracuse police car heart-wrenching. the video from sunday shows a white officer holding the boy by his elbows and walking him to the car after he was accused of stealing a bag of chips. police say the child was not handcuffed, and they took him home. no charges were filed after officers met with the boy's father. syracuse police say the officers' actions are being reviewed. wimbledon announced a ban on some players, and there was a deadly encounter at an ambassador's home. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the washington post" reports secret service officers shot and killed an intruder at the washington, d.c., home of peru's ambassador to the u.s. authorities say the ambassador and his family were inside the
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residence yesterday morning when they heard several windows being smashed. officers encountered the man in the back yard holding a metal stake. after a taser failed to stop him, the man was shot and killed. the ambassador and his family were not hurt. an initial investigation showed no known connection between the man and the embassy. "the san francisco chronicle" says a man walked out of prison three decades after his wrongful murder conviction. [ cheers ] >> 61-year-old joaquin ciria was greeted with applause and hugs as he emerged from the san francisco county jail. waiting there was his son who was six weeks old when his father was arrested and later convicted of killing a man. >> this is the first time you're breathing in this air as a free man. >> yes. yes. it is the first time. [ cheers ] >> i'm glad that i'm about to start a life with him after 32 years.
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we got a lot of catching up to do. the world's not the name when -- the not the same as when he went in. >> prosecutors said he was found guilty after false testimony and police misconduct. and "usa today" says tennis players from russia and belarus have been banned from competing in wimbledon. the all-england tennis club made the announcement yesterday because of russia's invasion of ukraine and belarus' support of the ongoing war. the ban impacts some top players including the number two-ranked man, danil medvedev. wimbledon starts in late june. still ahead, base brawl. a college pitcher faces possible expulsion for attacking an opponent rounding the bases. (music) who said you have to starve yourself to lose weight? who said you can't do dinner? who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40
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the space needle in seattle is getting a facelift. the roof of the iconic attraction will be painted galaxy gold today. it's part of the space needle's 60th anniversary celebration. five people previously selected from a contest will help paint. the original color was galaxy gold when it debuted at seattle world's fair in 1962. the first apple store in the country has taken an official step toward unionization, and queen elizabeth gets her own barbie doll. naomi ruchim is in new york with that and more. good morning, naomi. >> reporter: good morning. stock futures are pointing to a higher open this morning. american airlines, at&t, and xerox are some of the companies reporting first-quarter earning results today. netflix shares plummeted 35% yesterday. it's the largest single-day selloff in nearly 18 years.
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the company said it lost 200,000 subscribers last quarter. it predicted a loss of another two million subscribers this quarter. the dow gained 249 points. the nasdaq fell 166, and the s&p workers at an apple store in atlanta filed paperwork to hold a union election. they become the first group of apple store workers in the country to try to unionize. the labor union said that the apple would represent employees, more than 70% of the 100 eligible workers have signed on. this week an apple store in new york city also announced plans to try to unionize. airbnb says it's working with some international and regional nonprofits to house refugees from ukraine. the company says it has housed about 11,000 people in germany, italy, spain, and other european countries for free since the russian invasion of ukraine
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began. airbnb says it also dedicated its help to marginalized communities including african students, people with rare diseases, and those who identify as lgbtqia-plus. and britain's queen elizabeth turns 96 today. what better way to celebrate than with a barbie doll? mattel announced a tribute collection barbie doll to honor the queen. she's dressed in an ivory gown with a blue sash and, of course, a tiara. the doll is available starting today. it will also be sold in exclusive stores in england leading up to the official platinum jubilee celebrations in early june. diane, when you look at the doll, my favorite part is that she really looks like the queen. >> yes. yes. i mean, it's a really good replica. and also happy birthday, queen. >> happy birthday. >> right? then i love when she has the hand up like she's waving like -- you have to have a royal wave, of course.
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>> what an icon. >> indeed. naomi ruchim in new york. thank you. >> thank you. up next, adding up those dog years. we'll show you the record holder for the world's oldest living dog and share his secret to longevity. o longevity. if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose... with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. feel unstoppable. ask your doctor how lasting remission can start with stelara®. janssen can help you explore cost support options.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ here's a look at the forecast in some cities around
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the country. ♪ up side hit. oh, my -- he's going to top the bucket! >> a thrilling finish last night in the nba playoffs. joel embiid made a three-pointer with less than one second left in overtime to give the philadelphia 76ers a victory over the toronto raptors. the 76ers now have a 3-0 lead. a$ap rocky is in legal trouble.thear-old was arrested yesterday at l.a.x. on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. it stems from a shooting last november. authorities say the performer, whose real name is rakim mayers, fired a gun at someone who suffered a minor injury. he allegedly fled the scene. he's expecting his first child with singer rihanna later this year. a home run during a college baseball game in texas took an
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unexpected turn. >> north central has taken the lead here in game one. whoa! oh, my! oh, no! oh, no! >> that pitcher surprised everyone by leaving the mound to tackle the batter as he rounded the bases. the umpires called the game. that pitcher is now facing school discipline including possible expulsion. it's unclear what sparked the attack. and toby keith has broken a record for longevity. no, not the singer. a florida chihuahua of his namesake turned 21 years and 66 days old on march 16th. that's when the guinness book of world records confirmed him as the oldest dog alive. the average chihuahua lives about 12 to 18 years. his secret, his owner says a healthy diet and a loving home. coming up only on "cbs mornings," oprah winfrey announces her next book club selection, and we'll hear from the author. i'm diane king hall. this is the "cbs morning news."
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our top stories this morning -- the justice department is filing an appeal over masking on planes and public transportation. the doj wants to overturn a do mask ndate.e ys maskin indoo transportation settings remains. bideis expected to announce a new package of military aid to help ukraine defend itself from the invasion. the new assistance is likely to include heavy artillery and ammunition for the escalating battle in ukraine's east. it comes as a new "associated press" poll shows 54% of americans believe mr. biden has
4:26 am
not been tough enough on russia. more than 40 million americans owe roughly $1 trillion in student loan debt. but relief could be on the way. natalie brand explains. the system is -- was rigged for people like me. >> reporter: adjunct professor justine hope blau who graduated film school in 1991 borrowed $39,000 but faces around $260,000 of debt. >> i'm 66, and it keeps growing. >> reporter: she's among the millions of americans still struggling to pay off student loans. this week the department of education says it's now taking action to help address what it calls historical failures in the administration of federal student loan programs. >> the history of this program is that it has been rife with abuses and problems both on the servicing side and on the department of education side. >> reporter: the student borrower protection center calls the acknowledgment step one. the department of education says
4:27 am
it will review payment timelines and history for borrowers enrolled in public service loan forgiveness plans and income-driven repayment plans. the changes are expected to give 40,000 borrowers immediate forgiveness and at least 3.6 million borrowers will receive three years of additional credit toward income-driven repayment forgiveness. >> unfortunately the department has not given a timeline on when borrowers will find out what happens. for right now the answer is to be patient and wait. >> reporter: blau still feels misled by her servicers who she says never told her about income-based repayment options. >> don't leave us behind. we shouldn't be saddled with huge debt for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: she urges caution to anyone thinking about taking out a student loan. natalie brand, cbs news, washington. coming up only on "cbs mornings," oprah winfrey and her book selection. and we'll hear from the author.
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plus, a program launched by the u.s. intelligence community that taps into the unique skills of people with autism. catherine herridge has details. and actors jon bernthal and jamie hector stop by the times square studio to tell us about their new hbo series "we own this city." that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. i'm diane king hall. have a great day. this thursday. "cbs morning news" for this thursday. i'm diane king hall. have a great day.
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