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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 22, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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daughter shea, knowing she would eventually lose her. >> she was pretty exceptional. a big heart. funny. very funny. >> reporter: on january 8th, 2011, a driver hit shea at the intersection of camden and baskem and took off. she was 15 years old at the time. >> and that changed everything in one second. >> reporter: shea suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and lived for 11 more years until she died earlier this week. >> you know, show just was a young girl and taken out of the game of life at a very young age. >> reporter: kerry took her everywhere. san francisco, santa cruz, hawaii. >> everywhere. i wanted her to see and hear and feel everything that was of life and my focus was to be in shea's life, present, not run after someone that hit her and the cops can not get. >> reporter: now, curry and san jose police detectives hope they can find the person responsible for shea's death.
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>> she is done now because of this human being. >> this new has, because of the death, extended to a vehicular manslaughter charge. in addition to the hit-and-run. so that expands the powers of the investigation and that is why we're reopening the case. >> reporter: the initial police investigation revealed the driver was in a silver or gray early 2000 sedan and shay was in the crosswalk. >> although it was 11 years age'meo,onopknreow ws thin hg what this individual did and they hopefully, will do the right thing and report them and come forward. >> she's my girl. she's my friend. i lost my friend. not is only was show my daughter, but i lost my friend. >> reporter: she doesn't take a single moment she had with shea for granted. she feels lucky she got to spend as much time with her as she did. >> i got to live with her for 11 years after heavy, heavy accident. so i was lucky to have loved her this long. >> reporter: if you have any information that could help out with the investigating, you're urged to contact the san jose police department.
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in san jose, max dero, kpix 5. san jose hopes a new license plate reader can help them solve hit-and-run cases. the city installed some of them along a busy intersection at mont ray road and kirkner avenue. according to the mercury news, the four cameras are part of a yearlong pilot program. the city approved the cameras in september. there have been 29 traffic deaths this year alone in san jose. now at 6:00, california is seeing a boom in homeschooling. state numbers show that it's more than doubled since the pandemic was declared. only on 5, sharon chen on one of the controversial factors driving the increase. >> they're struggling because of it this year. >> reporter: nicole nolan plans to pull her four children out of the fairfield unified school district if california enforces a covid vaccine mandate for children. >> when you have the government essentially coming in and telling you, you know, we're going to tell you what to do and what is best. >> yes. >> that is a hard pill to swallow and doesn't make sense
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to a lot of parents. >> reporter: she and her husband got the shot, they didn't want it for their kids all under age 12. >> no. we can say we know. we studied for five, 10 years that this in the long run is completely safe. >> reporter: nolan would join an increasing number of parents who homeschool, although the state doesn't count the number of home schooled children, it does keep track of the number of private school affidavits that must be filed to independently educate five or fewer students and more than 34,000 affidavits were filed last year. that is a 55% increase over the year before and more than double prepandemic years. >> here's ideas. >> reporter: consultant jamie sees the homeschool explosion in her free work high shop, homeschool 101. >> you're capable of teaching. >> she was teaching up to 30 people everyone quarter and then the pandemic hit. >> was overwhelmed. i started doing them weekly and had, you know, 50 to 100 people every time. >> interest spiked again when
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governor newsom announced plans to add the covid vaccine to the list of required school immunizations, the same day as the homeschool filing deadline. >> that day every facebook group they am aware of blew up with people joining it. we had have a lot of panicked people who were upset and not sure where they were going to go. >> reporter: besides the state vaccine mandate, many parents are monitoring state legislative proposals. one would allow kids age 12 and older to get the vaccine without their parent's permission or knowledge. another bill eliminates the personal belief exemption in mandates the vaccine for kindergartennen through 12ing graders. >> that planted the seed. >> reporter: the pressure to vaccinate is one reason why jessica ortiz walked out of her speech therapy job and pulled her second grader out of his private school. >> i should have the choice, what goes zoo my son. >> reporter: she's been homeschooling for several months. >> i wanted to focus on
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something that, something that allows us to have a choice and that is where homeschool just like works perfect for us. >> reporter: for him? >> i definitely would be in a position of having to homeschool four children, including a son that is autistic who has if special services that he is supposed to have access to. >> reporter: homeschooling would not be easy, but at least knowing said it gives her and her husband a chase to do what they think is best for their kids. sharon chen, kpix 5. of course, parents cite other factors in choosing to home school, including more individualized instruction keeping kids safe and dissatisfaction with distance learning. last week, thesta, nounsed it would delay the vaccine requirement for school children until at least next summer. looking live at san francisco this evening. new numbers show the city's covid positivity rate is rising. the seven-day average stands at
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5%. by comparison, california's statewide test positivity rate is at 3.1%. up 1% from a week ago. the last time san francisco reached 5% test positivity was days before the winter omicron surge in december. now, amid a rise in cases, next week's b.a.r.t.'s board of directors is expected to consider re-enstating its mask mandate. earlier this week, the agency announced that masks were optional for riders after the feds dropped the mask requirement on public transit. first alert weather, a live look outside across the bay area this evening. clear blue skies after the morning rain. >> ryan hackney is in for paul this evening. looks like we're staying dry for awhile, brian. not what we want to hear. but it is what it is. >> it is what it is. might as well spy it. >> right. >> and the rain is gone. it's heading south and is out of the bay area. the dry weather replaced it. for proof, this is the doppler. and this is the rainfall average. we're town 80% average in santa
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rosa and better than that in san francisco. in terms of when why is it going to rain again, can't tell you. the probabilities are pretty much zero between now and next saturday. it's interesting on saturday night, there is a bump in the probability coming in. that is it. as far as the eye can see, it's a dry week lady. clouds from time to time. and i don't want to tell you this now. what would i say, in the forecast, which we're going to cover in a few moments. >> thank you, brian. in the sierra, the sun is out. there is plenty of fresh snow on the ground. this is a look at highway 50 and twin bridges in eldorado county and interstate 80 at castle peak. the chain controls were lifted over the donor in summit after the storm and caused troubles on the roads. this morning, two bug rigs got stuck and blocking highway 89, south of emerald bay. the crews eventually cleared the roadway. if you live in the east bay, you may need to pay up if
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you don't start conserving water. the contra costa water strict moved to stage twomanitory restrictions. -- two mandatory restrictions and telling customers to cut water use by 15%. the water board may impose a 15% surcharge. east bay mud is considering moving into stage two drought measures. >> all of this rain the last couple of days. >> i know. >> and i am sure a lot of people are thinking, okay, didn't that help? maybe help me out. how bad is it? >> the reservoirs now are 71% full. so it's not awful, and we do expect to get, you know, the snow melt starting. but, you know, june january, february, march, we're historically dry and we just don't want to take and chances. >> the east bay mud meets next week to consider the drought measures. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area, on this earth day, how a south bay professor is teaching students across the country how they can
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beautiful shot of our bay
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on this earth day. it's always a chance each year to educate the public about saving the planet. >> yes. students and teachers at san jose state are working to have the same impact all year long. kpix 5 shape chitniss shows us how they're -- shawn chitniss shows us how they usingcommics to inform the next generation. >> reporter: he's protecting the planet and taking on climate change. a cartoon superhero to help children understand what is happening on earth. >> use humor and fun and tell kids about things they can do in their own community. >> reporter: san jose state professor eugene cordero started the green ninja as a research program almost a decade ago. it continues as a chance to help educate students across the country about the environment. >> the kids, you, they can't put solar panels on their roof every day, but they get a choice of what they seat. >> reporter: he became a star himself as dr. burrito to help the audience think about their food. >> our patients, one beef and
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one veggie. seem similar. are they? >> reporter: dr. burrito performs surgery on two burritos to help kids realize the difference. >> to grow a chicken is less energy required than to grow a cow. >> reporter: dr. burrito said the everyday decision like what we want to eat can actually have a huge impact on the planet. >> our research found that the choice of food you eat is just as impactful as the car you drive. >> i learned a lot from just working on it. >> reporter: animation student kianu luong is helping to take the green ninja to new audiences as a graphic novel. >> this is their future and they're the ones who will hopefully, make a change about it. >> reporter: she was part of the class at 15 students who created the first issue that will be ready for teachers in a couple of weeks. >> i think that art is timeless whether it's classical or a silly cartoon made for kids. >> reporter: telling stories and teaching lessons with comics and cartoons from one campus to another.
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>> thanks, green ninja. >> the education can be just as impactful and that is high quality education if done well. >> reporter: reporting in san jose, shawn chitniss, kpix 5. >> and it's fun. earth day, well-chosen as the day to celebrate san francisco's newest open space, which happens to sit over one of the busiest roadways in the bay area. the presidio parkway. city and federal agencies officially open battery bluff. one of the three parks built on top of the road that connects the city to the golden gate bridge. construction on the replacement for the old doyle drive began in 2009. the three parks built on the tunnels are meant to create beautiful open space as well as a functional walking path from the presidio to chrissy field. we asked the resident about the project. >> so, you're a neighbor. you lived here and seen it all. what do you think? >> i think it's fantastic. i think it's beautiful. to look at and opens up the views. i think it will make a nice walking path.
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i just noticed the picnic tables back there. >> and battery bluff's park is now open to the public. the third and final park, they call that, presidio tunnel tops. that is scheduled to open in july. >> the boys can't waited for that one. san francisco residents can get into some attractions at golden gate park for free. the conservatory of flowers and the japanese tea garden are free for military veterans as well. no matter where they're from. >> i love it. i know. no, i love it. even i live in the neighborhood and i like to take a walk in the park. sometimes even walking home back threw the botanical gardens is beautiful. and it's a gorgeous, what can a yeah. >> i absolutely love the opportunity to access this more often. >> uh-huh. >> i definitely find myself coming more frequently because it's open to residents and free. >> million dollar views and attractions. >> yeah. >> and it's free. >> perfect day for it today. >> it is. >> today was nice and clean and
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clear. i love it after the rain smelled nice and fresh. >> glad you approved. >> you will not have that sensation for a long time. >> thank you very much. >> maybe next week. >> go -- the fresh air. >> and talk to me next autumn. >> right. and getting to the time of the year. when it stops raining. it's going to stop this week at least. there is a chance coming in by saturday. between now and then, looks high and dry. the numbers get into the upper 70s in the warmest spots. we'll go and give liz another sample of how nice it looks outside with the suit cam in the distance. sutro used to be the tall of the structure in san francisco. not anymore. because the sales force has take know that distinction. nevertheless, a nice view out there. high surf advise or. the surf is up between now and tomorrow morning. good breakers along the shore line because of the system that caused the rain yesterday. it's causing the waves to build and have a care by the beach. the high pressure is building as well. meaning a warmer weekend. the numbers into the upper 70s and some spots in the low 80s by sunday. and then as we get into monday
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afternoon, low pressure approaches. the clouds come in and no rain comes down. it will be cooler as we get into the early part of the week. it doesn't look like we're going to get wet from any of that. we will have allergens up, however. saturday to sunday, monday and tuesday with the sun coming out. the things are popping. as a result, it's going to be a little bit worse for the allergy sufferers the next three, four days. right now, the numbers as we look hazeiley toward the golden gate bridge, the numbers are mostly in the 60s and cooler in the san francisco. and a nice friday underway. the evening is nice and dry. gets down to 39 in santa rosa. san jose is down to 46 degrees. 43 at livermore and 48 degrees at antioch. 43 at fairfield. south bay tomorrow looks nice. a great weekend to get out and do stuff. need to catch up after the rain. 70, redwood city. sunnyvale, 70. same thing for los gatos, morgan hill and in the east bay, plenty of sun, patchy valley fog to start with and that will go and we'll get
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sunshine. 72 at beniciaia. 73, walnut croak and san ramon. you go over stenson beach, the panoramic highway and end up there. great dog beach. 58 degrees. bundle up. it's cool at the coast line all weekend long. 71 up for ukiah and 74 at windsor. in the extended forecast, we're going to look for things to remain high and dry around the bay area with san francisco staying in the 60s all week for the most part. and baywide, pretty much the same. the warmest days of the week. the next seven are going to be on sunday and monday. it's no big heat wave. warmer than it has been. drier than it has been, too, for the foreseeable future. >> am i going to start thesing again? >> you will -- start sneezing again? >> you will. >> doesn't last long. >> nothing but bad news. >> sorry. >> all right. good to see you. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here's nora o'donell with a preview.
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>> hi, allen and liz. on this friday night after kpix 5 news at 6:00, we go on the road with a story of an unlikely friendship between a young cancer patient and a major league baseball player. that and all of the day's headlines here on the cbs evening news. and coming up in sports, bad news for the giants. another pitcher lands on the injured list. and the warriors, one game away from moving into the next round. the best thing about the road win coming up next. . join us at 7:30 on ar for a special, eye on earth climate impact. we're exploring the effects of a warming world on national disasters from wildfires to floods and tornadoes. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever. find us on pluto tv, chapel 1021 and any platform using the free cbs news app.
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. before game three as the series shifted to denver, the nuggets head coach said the team was going to go down swinging against the warriors. they did exactly that. the trio curry, thompson and poole combined to score 80 points and golden state took
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may be the best punch denver had last night. they won on the road, 118-113 to take a 3-0 series lead to move one win away from advancing to the second round and sell the nuggets crowd. >> that is what it's about, man. you go into an opposing team's building. and you can shut that crowd up. there is no better feeling in eir crowd into ig into a yelling. screaming. ultimately you come out like the wind. >> he delivered one of the biggest prays in last night's game, even though martin thleinks thin s was a alreach-i special counsel. it was a steal from possible back-to-back mvp and in the final minute of the game. >> for dremond to battle them all night and to make the play at the end was just a huge part of the win. >> i was not surprised. i have seen him do that
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numerous types. at the end of the games. to me it's the best offender in the world. >> first, it was luke walton and new mike brown will reportedly interview for the kings head coaching job. brown has been on golden state's staff since 2016. before that, he was a head coach of the los angeles lakers and the cleveland cavaliers. the giants will have to test out their pitching depth early this season. anthony discofani has been placed on the ten-day i.l. with an ankle injury and joins cobb. the as will retire dave stewart's number on september 11th. the sermon was originally for 2020, but was postponed the last two years because of the pandemic. stewart, the 1989 world series mvp that played against the giants recently tweeted he had not heard from the team regarding the jersey retirement. pga in new orleans players having to deal with gators lurking in the water.
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this is some pressure here. mark from the edge of the water on 18. his shot was safe and thankfully he was as well. but you thought that was daring? how about brandon haguey actually putting his foot into the lake nearby. that gator is staring him down right there. his shot flies over the green. most importantly, hagey got out of the water with maybe a little assistance. >> that is too close. >> and he was safe. that is not the goal. kind of golf that you would want to say. >> no, the gator is saying stay out of my pond. >> maybe the gator ate in the other neighborhood, you know. >> maybe they fed the gators beforehand? they were calm. i don't know. i would not want to take that chance. >> no. >> you would not want the guy feeding the gators to call in is pick that day. >> yes. that would not be good. up next, we're meeting california triplets who become tech took
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. here's a world record fit for earth day. a bright drop driver set the guiness world record for the greatest distance traveled by an electric van on a single charge. the driver completed the 260- mile trip from new york to d.c. the trip not just setting a world record, but dropping off sustainable cleaning products to an organic market. >> that is amazing. i wonder how he did it? you think he went not fast?
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>> maybe saved the charge? >> yeah. >> can't recharge. feign eel this evening, instead of triplets born to the social media stars quite literally. >> their birth story has a massed nearly two million likes on tech took. on aprilen -- tickic to. on april 13th, triplet girls were welcome via c-section after 32 weeks. they documented the whole journey on tiktok where more than 130,000 followers have awaited updates. >> it's a blessing. you never expect to have triplets and i feel superlucky j. i feel blessed. very excited to be a girl dad. >> oh, girl dads are the best. we made triplets has gained 1.8 million likes and they shared everything. >> wow, girl dad ties three? >> yeah. >> they're going to have their
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hands full. >> start saving for the weddings now. >> yes and college and all of the other things. thank you for watching at 6:00. the news continues strolling on cbs news bay area. you can find s ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> h >> o'donnell: tonight, chaos here in the nation's capital with a gunman on the loose after firing dozens of shots. the f.b.i., secret service, and a.t.f. all on the scene. we'll have the latest details on the breaking news. washington on alert: the heavy police presence, guns drawn, officers in tactical gear running as a shooter fires indiscriminately, wounding two men and a girl. republicans in disarray. tonight, the stunning news that the man who wants to be speaker of the house was disparaging then-president trump, saying he'd ask him to resign. >> o'donnell: masking whiplash: los angeles county reinstates a


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