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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 25, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. thousands of nurses and ildren hostal aron strike. i'm devin fehely. >> i'm amanda starrantino. ann makovec will have more on that story in a moment. breaking news, elon musk has completed his purchase of san francisco based twitter. the deal is on the terms musk laid out last month. the offer was r $54.20 a share, twitter fowill now be an entity and entirely owned by elon musk.
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he said free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy. more on that story as we get it. >> i'm ann makovec. back to the nurses strike, thousands of stanford health care nurses are striking today, striking was the last resort but at this point many are rethinking their career s that's how bad this has gotten and the scene today outside of stanford hospital. 93% of eligible nurses voted to authorize the strike because of burnout and exhaustion. under staffing is leading to requests for overtime and want more money and better health care in the next deal. >> they are not keeping up with inflation and the cost of living. we are unable to stock icu's and other departments, people look forward to work and live here because the cost of living
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is so high and the wages are so low. >> we are trying to make things better for patients. >> the news labor contract expired march 31st. the hospitals are open with replacement nurses but some elective surgeries had to be canceled and a bargaining session planned for tomorrow. >> we want our nurses back and respect them. we have every desire to get back to the negotiating table in a collaborative way to resolve differences that maybe outstanding. >> no timeline on how long the strike will last but the nurses on the picket line are not getting paid for the days they are on strike and if the strike goes on past may 1st, they are if danger of losing their sponsored health care. oakland teachers are planning to strike as well. teachers protesting planned closures and labor practices scheduled for friday only. teachers are planning to picket
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at the start of the school day followed by a rally. oakland unified condemned the strike saying it's an unlawful and up fair labor practice. oakland students will be allowed in class without their masks. justin andrews talked to a teacher in the district. >> a 5th grader teacher says her opinions are all over the placings she says reflect if of the parents and student in the school destruct. some are ready for masks to be off, others are uneasy about it. no matter where you stand the district says you have the option of ditching your mask in the classroom but it is recommended you keep them on. meagan is the 5th grade teacher. i talked to her and she says if march, teachers did a survey revealing 61% felt masks should be required the rest of the school year. that's not the case beginning
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today. as a teacher, she is excited to see kids faces but lifting the mandate makes her a little nervous. >> the question i have, i teach 5th grade, what happens if a parent says, you got to keep your mask on. me, am i supposed to enforce that or is it the rule is you don't have to wear a mask and i can't push it. i think that there are questions around protocols. >> she is keeping her mask on and going to make sure her sons do the same. the district says there is a chap they would revet to requiring masks if public health officials change the guidance. justin andrews, kpix 5. this is a live look at san francisco city hall, masks are no longer required in public
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board hearing room s they dropped the requirements in march. they are monitoring case numbers and may adjusts needed. police in an jose searching for one accused of sexual assault in broad daylight. after noon on wednesday, the sun approached an dull woman on summerside drive and started talking to he. the woman said he was not interested. police say the man assaulted her. the victim fought off the suspect. he was seen running. he is between 5'5" and 5 6' with brown eye s brown hair and a buzz cut. pushing for funding to prevent homelessness. there a cliff approaching if the state does not address state funding programs, the pub
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for flexible funding assistance and prevention grant, the mayor says, san jose used $17 million to build housing. >> we are in the middle of a pandemic and had emergency orders. we could move quickly, with a lot of red tape, without months of hearings and debates and get housing built. >> mar than 25,000 homeless people have been served with the funds. learning about the first high level in-person meeting between american officials and ukraine's president, this happening in the capitol city of kyiv. debra alfarone has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: antony blinken and lloyd austin praised ukraine in the battle for freedom. >> we don't know how the rest of the war will unfold but a sovereign independent ukraine will be around a lot longer than vladimir putin is on the
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scene. >> reporter: during the meeting with zelensky and has staff, the americans said they are pledging $700 million in new military and financial support. >> they can win if they have the right equipment and support. >> reporter: they will make day trips in order to re-establish a diplomatic presence in the capitol and announced president biden is nominating bridget brink, the current u.s. ambassador to slovakia to be the next ambassador to ukraine. they traveled from poland to kyiv by train. russian forces targeted ukrainian railways with missile strikes. russia launched missile strikes against rail lines in five towns. the u.s. and allies, used railways to supply ukraine with weapons to fight against russia. >> we want to see russia weakenedded to the degree it can't do the kinds of things
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that it has done in invading ukraine. >> reporter: large fires broke out monday at oil depos in the town. russian officials say they are investigating the cause. debra alfarone, cbs news, the white house. russia state tv reported two explosions at the oil facilities, one a civilian storage facility. it helps to ship oil to europe and the other is a oil depo. up next on kpix 5 and streaming, growing covid cases in china sent a ripple effect across the world. the concerns. still to come, how a group of sisters paving the way for others to pay for college. with the warm up we got today, near 80 for our inland spots, we will look at the sierra in this forecast. how different does the snow back look from space right now than when we did the
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more now on the breaking news, elon musk speaking out after completing his purchase of twitter. >> the deal is on the terms musk laid out this month, offer just unanimously approved by the board. the offers with more $54.20 a share. twitter will be an entity entirely owned by elon musk.
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>> free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy and twitter is the digital town square. he said i also wants to make twitter better by enhancing the product with new features making the algorithms to increase trust, defeating the spam box and authenticating all humans. chai nose officials say covid-19 has a urgent and grim grip on parts of the country. >> cases in shanghai going up, even with extended lock downs. covid crack downs could spread to beijing. john lawrence has this. >> reporter: china is attempting to tamp down a coronavirus outbreak. this week, one of the largest districts in beijing is set to launch three rounds of mass testing for about 3.5 million people. >> what the the regime cares about is cashing out promises,
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in this case, maintaining a low case count. >> reporter: in lockdown shanghai, people who test positive government quarantine facilities. >> there is nowhere for them to send me. i'm not allowed to go in the hospital and have to stay here. >> reporter: josh, an american living in china was taken to a pop up tent near a hospital this month. >> this is where i'm sleeping tonight. >> reporter: the lock downs and quarantines sparked anger among many, some vented in chat rooms, one saying china used to have it all, it's not the friendly place it used to be. >> most of us never experienced this draconian lockdown, it's easy to support if you haven't experienced it. with rolling lockdowns, i expect the currently high support for zero covid to drop. >> reporter: i'm john lawrence
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reporting. china handles the outbreak, a white house official says the biden administration is renewing call for idfunding. > s gea our weather forecast with meteorologist darren peck. >> a little feel good imagery, the snow pack in the sierra. several feet of new snow have fallen. when the snow pack came in at 39% of average, let's advance to today. see the snow pack grow. it's wider across the sierra. if you missed it, let's advance ertod day. what we basically did over the last three weeks with the beautiful snow that fell two feet. we kept pace with average, we were 39% of average to start the month. today 35% of average.
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it would have been a steeper decline. we kept pace. pretty view off towards the west, that's the scene from the top of mount suetro. we made to it 72 concord. 71 san jose. temperatures climb 7 to 8 degrees to get us today time highs, near 80 today for the warmer inland spots. low to mid-70s through the har of the bay. next three days back down to average. that starts a partern shift. breezy near the water and that system passing by to our north, tomorrow morning is the reason why. when we go to near average temperatures and gets breezy we know why, there is a weather system coming in to the north. it gives us the possibility for rain. we feel it as it goes by. the difference this daytime
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highs. 78 san jose. 68 tomorrow. staying there, see the temperatures staying on the average side. inland valleys and north bay valleys. we are warming up, by the time we get to friday, saturday and sunday, we reverse and back up to near 80 just in time for the weekend. i will take a warm weekend. i love it. coming up next, streaming on cbs news bay area, building a future by honoring families past, how a group of
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many students getting into college is the first step. >> the next step sometimes the biggest hurdle is figuring out how to pay for it. >> very few immigrant kids. very few hispanics were receiving money. >> reporter: meet the sisters, together with sisters, they founded the scholarship. >> we started in 2019 in honor of our father.
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he passed in 97. in 2019 it was the 20th year of his passing and so we were sitting around at dinner and thinking about what we could do to honor him. >> reporter: helping first generation and immigrant students get an ant parents. >> just that journey of trying to take each step my parents didn't understand that process. >> reporter: difficult for any family, let alone a family just building roots in this country. >> they were struggling with immigration status and the nuances of being in a new country and it was always a thing. that was always bigger than fasa. >> reporter: an application students fill out to see if they call fie for federal aid. it can be a daunting task for
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kids and parents. the sister eswere determined. >> i remember walking on stage. sorry. >> take your time. >> reporter: nancy got her diploma. >> it was tough but i was done. >> reporter: they came from mexico. >> their father and his father would come to california to work the farm lands for part of the year. >> the journey, they had permission to come to the country and make money and go back and get ranches and build home there is. >> reporter: they epin uch through letters until one day. >> my dad came back one time and they walked th would
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raise their six girls and knew it wasn't going to be easy. >> to think there were six of us. i did not get it, i would have to give to it the following daughter. that is a true story. >> reporter: instead they gave them opportunities. >> can i appreciate and have empathy for families that want their kids to have higher education or more than they had when they were growing up like our parents. they did the best they could with the resources available to them. >> the scholarship is available to high school students from the central coast. at the core of the organization. >> whatever they decide to do, i'm going to be there to support whatever it is that they decide. >> what do you think your dad would say to you? >> he would be really proud. >> yeah.
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as he should be. >> he would say -- [speaking nglish] uld say -- [speaking -- >> without fear. in spite of fear. yeah. trying to get to that $32,000. >> i think you are going to get there. >> i'm gianna franco, kpix 5. the goal is to double the 16,000 they raised last year. they have done fundraising online because of the pandemic but plng thfirst in- person event on mo u want learn more, go to the website at rs coming up next, streaming on cbs news, bay area,
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work from home changed the game for employees but there is something brewing that could make you happier. that story and more at 3:00. let's get a check of our forecast with first alert meteorologist darren peck. >> sunny skies and cooler over the next few days, warm today. temperatures that climb into the upper 70s today for our inlands locations. low to mid-70s in the bay. if you look at the middle of the week, those are all typical numbers for this time of e we s whnice weekend. no complaints. sunny and upper 70s into next saturday.
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talk about a young genius, a 13 year old in minnesota is getting ready to graduate college. >> elliot tanner is getting his bachelors of science and physics from the university of minnesota, he started reading with no lessons and doing math at age 3. he wants to be a re c professor. >> how does he know what that is? >> going to do great things, i'm sure. that's it for us, we are on 24/7 on cbs news.
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[ dramatic music ] >> baker: so steffy, are you sure you're up for this? you' reacko dy upip >> steffy: i can try. >> baker: i know it's a lot, but we're hoping that today you can remember a little more about what happened that night you were shot. >> ridge: there's no pressure. you can do this. >> baker: now, you said that you've been having some memories. do you remember who shot you? >> steffy: i'm starting to remember. ♪♪


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