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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 26, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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news app. i'm tom hansen, cbs news, new york. it's tuesday, april 26, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." nuclear war threat. russia's top diplomat warns ukraine against starting world war three. why he accuses nato of prolonging the war. january 6th text messages. what lawmakers and president trump's son told mark meadows as rioters stormed the capitol. movie set shooting. body camera video is released moments after alec baldwin fatally shoots a cinematographer during the filming of "rust." good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. troubling words.
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in an interview with russian tv sergey lavrov warned ukraine risks provoking world war iii, and the threat of a nuclear conflict should not be underestimated. and he also said by providing weapons to ukraine, nato is pouring oil on the fire. it comes as secretary-general antonio guterres meets with vladimir putin in moscow today for the first time since the war began. rylee carlson is in london with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. it hit 87 military targets in ukraine overnight including two arms depotet near kharkiv. it's taken the donbas region, but it's still using firepower far beyond the area. ukraine said five train stations were hit in the space of an hour on monday not long after secretary of state antony binken and secretary of defense lloyd austin left the country.
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>> we want to see russia weakened to the degree it can't do the kinds of things it has done in invading ukraine. >> reporter: during an interview with state-run media, russia's top diplomat warned ukraine against provoking world war iii and said the threat of a nuclear conflict should not be underestimated. >> the offensive that was supposed to take a maximum of a week has now taken weeks. >> reporter: britain's defense secretary says the forces have suffered considerable losses. >> it is our assessment that approximately 15,000 russian personnel have been killed during their offensive. over 2,000 armored vehicles have been destroyed or captured. >> reporter: today united nations secretary-general antonio guterres is meeting with russian president vladimir putin for the first time since the war began in the hopes of securing a cease-fire. ukraine's foreign minister said the u.n. leader should instead try to secure an evacuation of mariupol, where the left of the city's defenders are holed up in this steel plant.
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>> we're not afraid of the russians and, second, we know how to fight and prevail. >> reporter: meanwhile a team is examined the chernobyl nuclear plant site today. it's the first inspection since the russians gave it back to ukrainians nearly a month ago. all these developments come as fighting on the ground continues to intense five, and civilians caught in the worst affected regions like mariupol and donbas are fighting to cope with getting basic necessities like water and lelectricity. anne-marie? >> rylee carlson in london. thank you so much. the supreme court will hear arguments today in a case about whether the biden administration can end the trump era. it requires migrants arriving at the southern border and seeking asylum in the u.s. to wait in mexico until their cases are reviewed. on its first day in office, the biden administration halted the policy, but then a federal judge ordered it reinstated in december. and in a different case, a federal judge temporarily
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blocked the biden administration from ending a trump-era pandemic border rule that allowed u.s. migration officials to quickly expel migrants seeking asylum. the policy known as title 42 was supposed to end may 23rd. 21 republican-led states filed suit to block the policy from being terminated. the cdc said the rule is no longer needed to protect public health during the pandemic. newly released text messages are shedding more light on the january 6th capitol riot. among them the possible use of martial law and military to keep then president trump in office. here's robert costa. >> reporter: on january 6th as rioters stormed the capitol, white house chief of staff mark meadows was bombarded with messages from republicans, even the president's son, urging the president to intervene. donald trump jr. warned they will try to expletive his entire
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legacy on this if it gets worse. it was warned the president needs to stop this asap. and from georgia's representative marjorie taylor greene said please tell the president to stop this. they also reveal how republicans were discussing martial law, using the military to keep trump in power just days before president biden's inauguration. on january 17th greene texted meadows. in our private chat with only members, several are saying the only way to save our republic is for trump to call for martial law. i don't know on those things. i just wanted you to tell him. that text raises new questions about her testimony last week. under oath during a court challenge to keep her off the ballot. >> ms. greene did youadvocate t president trump martial law as a
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way to keep in power? >> i don't recall. >> you're not denying it. you just don't remember. >> i don't remember. >> reporter: sources tell cbs newss the committee will continue to probe the house republicans in the coming days as the committee moves closer to its public hearings and a final report. robert costa, cbs news, washington. an appeals court has delayed the execution of a texas woman who was scheduled to be put to death tomorrow. it comes amid growing doubt that melissa lucio fatally beat her daughter. they want to review her claims. new evidence shows her child died after accidentally falling down the staircase. lucio's son described her mother's action. >> she loves everybody. >> she sends her love to everybody. she says she's going to be up all night writing to a lot of people. she's not going to do no sleeping. >> the prosecutors say the girl
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had bruises all over her body and was a victim of child abuse. and we are getting a look at never-before-seen videos and photos taken the day a cinematographer was shot and killed on the set of alec baldwin's western "rust." the images released by the santa fe sheriff's department includes rehearsal clips of baldwin holding the clip of a gun last october that killed halyna hutchins and wounded the camera director. the police body camera shows the frantic scene around the church where the shooting set took place. baldwin was also seen talking to investigators and he said he did not pull the trigger and didn't know who put a live round in the weapon. >> i take the gun out, and as i take -- it's clear -- the barrel clears it. i turn to cock the gun and the gun goes off. >> the sheriff's department says the investigation into the shooting continues as it awaits the results of ballistics and other analysis. baldwin who is also a producer
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on the film has not been charged. coming up now, taking over twitter, how elon musk plans to unlock the potential of a social media platform after striking a deal to buy it. and a midair stunt gone wrong. what happened when two pilots tried to swap planes at 14,000 feet. this is the "cbs morning news." who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. plenity is not a drug - it's made from naturally derived building blocks and helps you feel fuller and eat less. it is a prescription only treatment and is not for pregnant women or people allergic to its ingredients. talk to your doctor or visit to learn more. ♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2. with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials.
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janssen can help you explore cost support options. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit the faa is investigating an unsuccessful red bull stunt where two daredevil pilot ace tempted to swap planes in midair over the arizona desert. now, the two men jumped out of their planes sunday but only one made it safely into the other plane. the other pilot parachuted to safety. the plane he tried to reich also had a parachute attached. the faa had turned down the pilots' request to do the stunt. security cameras are under investigation in the new york city subway shooting, and elon musk reveals how he wants to change twitter. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand.
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"the wall street journal" reports twitter accepted elon musk's offer to buy the company in a $44 billion deal. the world's richest man said he wanted to take the company private because he said he its potential for free speech. after the deal was announced, musk said he wants to make twitter a better user experienc% to add new features to increase trust and fight spam. >> this makes elon musk at the top of mind of everyone in the world. twitter isn't the bigges social network in the world, but it's certainly the buzziest and maybe the most influential. >> former president trump says he has no plans to return to twitter after his account was suspended last year in the wake of the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. the "associated press" says an investigation is underway into why security cameras failed during a new york city subway shooting attack. the mta alkting inspector
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general says that she wants to know why cameras in the brooklyn subway station were not working when a gunman shot ten people on board a train two weeks ago. police acknowledge that security cameras in three stations were not working that day. working cameras in other nearby stations did help the police track the suspect. and people says the world's oldest person died at the age of 119. kane tanaka died last week in a hospital. the oldest was a french woman who lived to the ainge of 122. now, the oldest person now is believed to be a 118-year-old french nun. and still to come, a power lunch with warren buffett. the iconic invester is auctioning off a final chance to dine with him, though, one catch for the lucky bidder. the one catch for the lucky
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ i had a bad week spt spent the evening pretending it wasn't that deep i guess i was blind caught up in the moment ♪ >> that's ed sheeran's new music video called "2step." it was shot in kyiv, ukraine, before russia invaded the country. sheeran said he's donating all money to ukraine for humanitarian efforts which he calls a proud country. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, a covid treatment has been approved for young children, and an annual auction for lunch with
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warren buffett is having a grand finale. naomi ruchim is in new york with those stories and more. hey, naomi, good morning. >> good morning. stock futures are pointing to a flat open. investors get key data when they release the consumer confidence. alphabet, microsoft, and general motors are among the companies reporting first quarter earnings results today. yesterday the dow rose 238 points, the nasdaq gained 165 points, and the s&p 500 was up 24 points. the fda has approved the first covid-19 treatment for children younger than 12. infants as young as 28 days old weighing at least 7 pounds who get the virus can now be treated with the drug remdesivir. there's still no vaccine for children younger than 5, making them more vulnerable to covid. car buffs have been asking for it and general motors has
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been listening. they announced it will roll out a new gas and electrified chevrolet corvette. they also confirmed a fully electric corvette is in the pipeline. the reason why, gas prices has fueled the need for more electric vehicles. >> and billionaire warren buffett will be picking up the tab one last time. called the world's most expensive lunch, buffett will continue his 20-year tradition of auctioning off a private lunch with himself. over the years the auction has raised more than $34 millio for a homeless charity. the berkshire hathaway ceo is known for his remarkable track record of picking winning stocks. the bidding starts june 12th. one catch, though, anne-marie. you are not allowed to ask buffet about what he plans to buy next. so that being said, though, past winners have gone on to be multimillionaires, so you probably learn something from him.
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maybe you just soak it in sitting in his billionaire presence. >> maybe that's what it is. it's part of the aura. though i can suspect if you can afford to buy the auction, win the auction, you're probably already doing good to begin with. >> you're probably already doing well. >> exactly. naomi ruchim in new york. thanks, naomi. >> thanks, anne-marie. up next, the nhl champs visit the white house. members of the tampa bay lightning are welcomed by president biden after winning the stanley cup. everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so, you can feel lighter and more energetic. metamucil. support your daily digestive health. feel less sluggish & weighed down after just 14 days. complete the 2-week challenge and receive a $5 reward.
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the number one cardiologist-prescribed here's a look
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. tatum guarded by mills. now kicks it. williams for three. williams hits it. >> the boston celtics have advanced to the next round in the nba playoffs. they completed a four-game sweep of the brooklyn nets last night with a 116-112 victory. they were led by jayson tatum to score 29 points. the celtics will now plain the winner of the bucks/bulls series. from the hardwood to the ice, president biden welcomed the tampa bay lightning to the white house for winning the stanley cup two years in a row. >> with your victory last season, this team joined rare company. one of only eight teams over the last century to win two stanley cups in a row.
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>> mr. biden honored the team, made a few jokes, and was even invited to the team's championship boat parade. they presented him with the number 46 hockey jersey and a silver hockey stick. the lightning have won three stanley cup titles since 2004. but this is the first time visiting a sitting president in the white house. and the first fully private crew to spend time at the international space station has made it back home. three businessmen accompanied by a former nasa astronaut splashed down off the coast of jacksonville, florida, yesterday, on the spacex crew capsule. the crew was supposed to spend a total of ten days in orbit, but their mission ended up taking 17 days due to bad weather. the businessmen each paid $55 million for te adventure. coming up first on "cbs mornings," actor terry crews tells us about his new memoir "tough by journey to true power." i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." "tough by journey to true power." i'm anne-marie green.
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our top stories this morning. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov is warning that ukraine risks provoking world war iii. in an interview with russian tv, he also said that the threat of a nuclear conflict should not be underestimated. it comes as secretary antonio guterres meets with russian president vladimir putin for the first time today. and the supreme court will hear a case on whether the biden administration can end the trump-era remain in mexico policy. it requires migrants arriving at te southern border and seek
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asylum in new mexico to wait until their cases are reviewed. the biden administration halted it, but the judge ordered it reinstated in december. the push for a four-day workweek is growing. there's a pilot program underway right now where dozens of companies are giving their employees a three-day weekend. elise preston explains. >> reporter: patton hindle works from home. it's kick start e a crowd funding business that raises new money. it's starting its own new work project, changing its workweek from five days to four days. >> across the board we're seeing within the company people are very happy. >> reporter: hindle says working 32 hours a week four days a week gives her quality time with her stepson. >> instead of sitting down and working i was able to come back, watch a movie, give him the attention and love he really wanted. >> reporter: kickstarter is part of a pilot program as well as other companyies testing this nw
4:27 am
model for six months. joe o'connor is ceo of 4-day global. they're showing 78% of employees are happier and less stressed and 63% of businesses find it easier to attract and retain talent. >> it's having enormous transformative impact on people's living in terms of well being, reduced stress and reduced burnout. >> reporter: a denver company that adopted a four-day workweek saw productivity stay the same, and that's what leaders at kickstarter are expecting. >> people are thinking that productivity is a function of just hours' work and it really isn't. it matters how focused people are, how engaged they are at work. >> what are you hoping happens after this six-month pilot? do you want it to stick around? do you want it to go back to a five-day workweek? >> that's a great question. i think you know the answer. >> i've got to ask. >> we definitely want it to stay around. >> reporter: patton is far from alone. in a survey, 92% of workers support the idea of moving to a four-day workweek. elise preston, cbs news, new york.
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so coming up on "cbs mornings," former "saturday night live" cast member vanessa bayer tells us about her new comedy series, "i love that for you." plus first on "cbs mornings," actor terry crews shares his me memoir, "tough, my journey to true power." and elisabeth moss joins us to tell us about her new movie "shining girls." that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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