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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 26, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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afternoon on civilians video taking a child away in a car seat. >> that began on elm street. police found the baby across san jose at north jackson avenue and made their drive near the regional medical center. we have team coverage on all of this. ondrea borba has coverage. we begin with details on how police found baby brandon. kenny? >> reporter: so there is no official motive at this point according to police, but san jose police saying that there is some type of connection among the three people who are in custody tonight and the baby's family. the exact relationship is unknown, but there is a cause for celebration for this community as the mom and baby are reunited tonight and >> our community is probably overwhelmed with joy that a child gets returned to their family.
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>> reporter: baby brandon is safe in the arms of his mother after being snatched and carried away by an unknown man caught on surveillance video monday afternoon. >> it is apparent's worst nightmare. we're fortunate that this resulted in a positive outcome. >> reporter: san jose police approached a small apartment complex on the 23 block of mathur drive this morning. person working out of the skilled nursing facility across the street says one of his employees were recognized the vehicle authorities had notified the public about. they called in a tip >> it was a variety of factors that helped us solve this case. >> reporter: authorities took away one man from the apartment . they also confirmed that one of those arrested is the man seen in this disturbing video. the man who allegedly entered the family's home on elm street and took baby brandon. the woman who was with the grandmother yesterday just for the abduction. authorities say the grandmother was taken care of yesterday while the mother was at work.
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the grandmother left the baby inside the apartment and was getting groceries from the car and when she came back, the baby was gone. >> some type of incident -- it sometimes it turns out for the worst. but today it is a good day. >> reporter: officials say baby brandon was found inside the -- unharmed. neighbors say they saw the baby being carried out by authorities. the owner of the baby did not want to speak to reporters. again, this community is celebrating and breathing a sigh of relief. >> and one of the questions right now is the why. why this family, why this baby, and do they believe it was targeted? >> reporter: at the press conference earlier today, we were asking san jose police department about the connection between the family and the three suspects who are in custody. police sources telling me that
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this is likely gang-related. again, no official motive released by the san jose police department. >> thank you very much. kenny choi reporting live in san jose. neighbors did their part in the search efforts to find baby brandon. they are relieved he has been found. >> reporter: the college park neighborhood of san jose is quiet again today. the police cruisers have left along with the helicopters overhead. the past 24 hours of this neighborhood was ground zero of a manhunt for a missing infant. neighbors say it was crazy and surreal. this was the scene yesterday night. agents from the federal bureau of investigations child abduction rapid deployment team knocking on doors, hunting for three month old brandon alexis cuellar. >> the fbi came a little after midnight and woke us up and answered questions. i tried to help out as much as i could. >> reporter: neighbor after neighbor has the same story.
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they tell kpix 5 they were happy to contribute to efforts to find baby brandon alexis. >> we were about to go to sleep , but the fbi came knocking on our door. they wanted to search our apartment, so we let them in. they just asked us questions like, what happened? did you see anything suspicious ? >> reporter: neighbors described this area not far from the international airport as very quiet. they were happy to see such a large law enforcement response to find the missing child. >> it is like the fbi is here, so you know it is serious. but there is also a little relief knowing that there is additional help. >> reporter: mother alicia says that she has left her 10-year- old daughter shaken and nervous. >> she is telling me, wherever you go, i want to go. it gave her a little bit of a scare. yeah. we are going to be supersafe. you never know what is going to happen.
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>> reporter: neighbors say they are thrilled and relieved that baby brandon alexis is once again safe. in san jose, andria borba, kpix 5. we brought you continuous updates. you can stream us 24 seven on one person is injured after an suv's ashes into a home in san jose. this happened on bluegrass lane near blossom hill road this afternoon. police say the car drove through the fence pending a man against his home. fire crews were able to rescue that man and take him to a hospital. law enforcement has tapered off that area as they continue to investigate. no word as to the condition of the driver. teachers don't come to school on friday. kids shouldn't either. keep their kids home on friday. that is when oakland teachers are planning a one-to strike. 75% of the teachers in the
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oakland education association backing that move. they are calling attention to district labor practices and upcoming closures. oakland schools say they don't have enough replacement staff. san francisco supervisors are during testimony right now on whether to keep part of san francisco's jfk drive in golden gate park closed permanently. it will be open, just not for cars. two competing proposals. one would limit the stretch to bikes and pedestrians only. the other would allow for one- way traffic. users expressed concerns about volunteers maintaining access near the conservatory of flowers. >> any plans need to ensure that the volunteers can be close enough to the garden to transport their tools, plants, and to continue to plant their award-winning flowers and maintain the garden. this morning, a group of protesters in keep favor of keeping jfk drive car free rallied in front of city hall.
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people say it is safer to keep it that way. >> it feels much safer. you don't have to watch over your shoulder. >> at the start of the pandemic two years ago, the city made jfk drive car free so people could practice social distancing safely outdoor. but it is not just golden gate park. there is a movement across san francisco to create so-called slow streets . these are areas with limited vehicle traffic. we spent -- we sent kpix 5's max darrow. >> reporter: there are these slow streets all throughout san francisco. some people hope they become permanent pictures of the city. others want to see them go. you will find people walking, biking and working out near the street. lake street between 20th and arguello is a slow street. it is meant to look at traffic only. >> it has been great. a lot more usage. you see a lot more people out
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enjoying the street. i have met a lot of people. >> reporter: but at 34th, kirk and, longtime local alisa smith tells us it is a different story. >> it is almost never used by anybody other than cars whizzing around the signage. >> reporter:'s slow streets were introduced during the pandemic and weren't originally to be in place for more than a few weeks. that has since changed. so far, the board has green lit four for permits. >> getting signage up would do a lot to make it safer for everyone. >> i think it would be a really good idea to get rid of the ones that are used so little, which is a lot of them. >> reporter: smith feels the public should have more of a say in what the future of slow streets looks like. >> i think it is the important to get the majority of san francisco to vote close down the street before they close it because it is not just the citizens on that street that use the street, it is all of us. we are all playing taxes.
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>> reporter: meyer believes the slow streets will make the street safer, benefit the environment, and are good for neighborhoods. >> we have tons of kids and tons of families mixing with commuters trying to use the street as a freeway on ramp >> reporter: he thinks with proper signage, more people will get on board. >> the cities all over the country have implemented the programs but if they can do it, we can do it. >> a lot of these are just causing more problems than they are a source of enjoyment for people. >> reporter: in san francisco, max darrow, kpix 5. kamala harris testing positive for covid. the highest ranking official in the current administration to be infected. harris is not showing symptoms and has not been in close contact with the president or first lady. the new coordinator of the white house covid response team says this is a sign we are safe facing a contagious variant of the virus. >> it is going to be hard to ensure that no one gets covid
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in america. that is not even a policy goal. the goal of our policies should be to minimize infections whenever possible, but to make sure people don't get seriously ill. >> it comes as the white house is working to make a covered treatment pill more widely available to americans. coming about 5:30, we will talk to uc berkeley expert. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, it is a refreshing change with all of the talk of inflation. prices keep getting lower. and how one airline likes to make major changes the way flight attendants get paid. >> at the ballpark, it is giants, it's baseball, it's bragging rights. we've got more after this.
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it is also cool and it is also breezy. temperatures running seven degrees cooler at this point on tuesday than they were at this point on monday. more cool weather in the forecast as well. details coming up in the first with the forecast. ♪ ♪ under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings.
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but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. (music throughout)
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a selloff on wall street from fears of an economic slowdown. the dow plunged 809 points. almost percent. the s&p was down by 120 points today. alphabets stocks slid about 5% today after its earnings missed the mark. $24.62 per share. revenues of $68 billion -- both below expectations. youtube? revenue also fell short. tiktok is capturing a growing share of the social media media market. elon musk clarifying his position on free speech.
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musk tweeted, by free speech, i simply mean that which matches the law. i am against censorship that goes far beyond the law. musk, the world's richest man, but for $48 billion. he has not given plans, but has spoken out against the company regarding posts and barring users. tesla closed down more than 12%. the potential sign that investors have concerns about the twitter acquisition. live at oracle park right now, it is a's versus giants. tonight, in a battle of the bay series. >> game one of the bay bridge series. how does it look out there? >> reporter: this is what you want, right? this is what you want. you want the a's, you want the giants. two winning ball clubs colliding tonight. first of two games this week.
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this will be 1 of 4 bay bridge series matchups this season. when these teams face off, it is always exciting. but it might take time for gabe kapler and the giants to get up for this as they just returned last night from an 11-game road trip. >> we just got off a really, really long road trip. and that entailed a lot of cities andwe have fully made the a lotrant sition yet. i know it is exciting for a lot of fans in the city and the bay area. we share that excitement. we just have not made the transition fully to be fully invested at the moment. >> reporter: when we come back in the next hour, how close is gabe kapler and a's skipper mark closer than you think. that will be next hour in sports. >> that's a tease.
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all right, paul, i went outside today. i looked outside. blue skies. gorgeous. thought, it's going to be a fabulous spring day. it was cold. >> like you said. a spring day in the bay area. >> well, the bay area. two. i was in san francisco. it was chillier than it looks. >> even and went from where i live, it has been noticeably breezy throughout the day. it's going to be a factor for the giants/tran08 game this evening. so make sure you are layered appropriately. let's check the gametime forecast. breezy and cool. first pitch temperature is going to be in the upper 50s. by the end of the game, teachers are going to be down to the low 50s. i think your microphone is still on, just to warn you. or somebody's is. anyway, make sure you layer up appropriately. these passing storm systems are
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going to squeeze the atmosphere over the bay area and that is going to result in the occasional burst of stronger onshore winds. high pressure takes over by friday and saturday. that pushes the storm track even farther north. but it also warms temperatures up. a couple more days of cool weather, and then we warm up friday and saturday. >> any hint of rain in the bay area is going to hold off for a while. by monday, there is a chance for some showers. in the 20 to 30% range. nothing to get too excited about. but there is a chance. best opportunity for a little bit of free lawn watering would be for the golden gate. but in a really long range data, the 8 to 14-day outlook shows at least a slight chance of above average rainfall for the northern half of the bay area. some hopeful signs as we head toward the end of the first full week of may. some more
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light rain chances would pay us a visit. that is way down the line. in the short-term, nothing to wash the pollen out of the atmosphere. still in the medium-high category. that is going to remain the case into the first half of the weekend. it is breezy out there. 23 mile an hour sustained winds . further inland, the sustained winds are around 15 miles an hour. it is merciful, but it is not quite strong enough. the wind should calm down after the sun goes down this evening. temperatures -- upper 50s in san francisco. it is a cool evening out there. temperatures in the low 60s for oakland. stronger onshore wind has pushed the cooler air into some of the valleys. still 70 degrees in concord and 73 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures tonight dropping onto the 40s. around 40 degrees along the bay and the coast. and the temperatures are going to have a hard time warming up because the onshore wind is going to pick up in the
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afternoon. by tomorrow afternoon, but still not bad for late april. upper 50s along the coast. mostly in the middle portion of the 60s done in the peninsula and in the south end of the bay with high temperatures near 70 degrees in the santa clara valley. just a bullet for san jose. i mix for upper 60s. low 70s for inland parts of east bay. same thing for parts of north bay with temperatures around the bay significantly cooler. mid-60s for oakland and the east bay. further north, slightly warmer. for northern sonoma and napa county. temperatures will back off a little. that is the coolest of the seven-day forecast. a big jump in temperatures from linda friday. up into the mid-70s for san jose on sunday. there is that chance for a couple of passing rain showers from the golden gate, northward, cooler temperatures back to about what is normal for this time of year.
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warm temperatures inland this sunday. tomorrow, the onshore breeze still a factor. we will track that coming up at 5:30. >> so beautiful. just bring a jacket. >> exactly. be prepared. coming up, a critical test for president biden's push to overturn a trump immigration policy. the battle before the supreme court. with inflation, prices go up over time. but coming up, we will show you a crazy new store in santa rosa where the exact opposite is happening. coming up on our streaming service, cbs news bay area local family making a difference in the lives of first-generation college students. we will learn how six sisters are paying it forward through their scholarship foundation. you can watch it wherever or whenever. find a son fl
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russia is suspending natural gas deliveries to bulgaria. it is assigned they are estimating conflict in ukraine. meanwhile, russia is hounding railway facilities in ukraine and trying to disrupt the flow of weapons to ukrainian fighters . forces struck a strategic railway bridge to the south. in moscow, the secretary- general met with russia's foreign minister who is a possibility that russia could use nuclear weapons in the future. back in washington, secretary of state anthony brinkman asked congress to approve more funding for weapons to increase. >> for funding is critical in ensuring that russia's war in ukraine is a strategic failure for the kremlin and serve as a power lesson for those considering following his path. we met coordinating with more
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than 40 allies on how to keep weapons going to ukraine. germany has avoided sending in heavy weapons, but will now and in honored antiaircraft vehicles. an in the u.s. supreme court today heard arguments on the biden administration's pushed and former president trump's so- called remain in mexico policy. it requires migrant to wait outside of the u.s. while their asylum claims are decided. we met dhs contains tens of thousands of individuals on any given day. any discretion would mean that dhs cannot take account of that limited capacity making priorities and decisions. >> ending it would violate federal immigration law passed by congress. >> the biden administration just like the rest of us have to follow federal law. they either have to detain them or send them back to their countries of origin. >> dickey a separate battle is underway over title 42.
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allows most migrants seeking asylum because of the pandemic. resident biden wants to wind down title 42 next month, but a louisiana federal judge says that he will temporarily block it, siding with republicans. >> we have a temporary restraining order that gets us until may 13th or may 13th will be the preliminary hearing on the order that we hope to as well. in a memo released today, the department of homeland security says it expects an increase in migration levels once title 42 is lifted. coming up new at 5:30. the first treatment for young kids. we will break it down with the uc, berkeley infectious disease experts. and some of the suspects arrested in the san francisco math shootings. why have no murder tiles been filed in? >> the success of one daria
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. cbs news bay area and more local news at 5:30. a bay area store where the prices keep getting lower. a unique business model. a live look at sfo. how one area line is changing the way flight attendants get
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paid. top story 5:30. two new big developments in the treatment of covid-19. experts weigh in on the first drug approved for use. we say good evening to you. i am ryan yamamoto. vice president kamala harris has become the latest high-profile vertical figure to test positive for the virus. and there is big news for parents today. the fda just go full approval for children as young as 28 days old. it is the first treatment for anyone younger than 12, and it is made by foster city-based gilead sciences. abiding administration taking steps to ensure more americans get easy access to pfizer is the treatment pill. in a new study out today by the cdc -- three out of every five people in the u.s. have been infected with covid and 3 in
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four children have contracted the virus. so, dr. -- thanks for joining us. let's start with the news about -- the fda they saying it is safe for babies just a few weeks old. how important is the sense the vaccine has not been approved for kids or younger kids? >> that is the point, you know? there is no vaccine for these kids, so they have no protection. we saw from the study today how many kids are getting infected. so it is great to have this for these kids who get really sick and need to be treated. fortunately, kids don't get really sick often. but they do. and up until now, we have not had a tool in our toolkit to really help. so, a child who is moderately ill -- may be a candidate for this. certainly may very well and likely will prevent it


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