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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 26, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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i am elizabeth cook. >> and i am ryan yamamoto. this morning about six miles from where he was taken yesterday afternoon. police say a person working nearby called in a tip after spotting the vehicle investigators were looking for. there is still no word on the motive for the kidnapping, but police say it was definitely planned because the man seen on camera walking away with the infant brought his own baby carrier. they also tell us there is some kind of connection between the baby's family and the three people in custody. >> this is still a very active investigation. even though we found the child, which of course is the most important thing, and we believe we have people in custody who are responsible. there is so much more for the detectives to do. >> pretty hectic. i never imagined it happening on this block. >> the 24 hour air deal can people awake all night. police canvassed the neighborhood. neighbors say they were happy
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to help in any way that they could. >> reporter: the college park neighborhood of san jose is quiet again today. the police cruisers have left along with the helicopters overhead. for the past 24 hours, this neighborhood was ground zero of a man hunt for a missing infant that neighbors say was crazy and surreal. this was the scene yesterday. fanned all over elm street and beyond. knocking on doors, hunting for three-month-old brandon alexis cuellar. >> the fbi came a little after midnight. woke us up and answered questions. try to help out as much as i could. >> reporter: neighbor after neighbor has the same story. they tell kpix 5 they were happy to contribute to efforts to find brandon alexis cuellar. >> we were about to go to sleep, but the fbi came knocking on our door. they wanted to search our aptmsoar
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t,ke lewhat happened. did you anything suspicious? >> reporter: neighbors described this area not far from the san jose international airport as very quiet. they were happy to see such a large law enforcement response to find the missing child. >> you know it is serious, but there is also a little relief knowing that there is additional help. >> reporter: moerinnt ha 10-year-old daughter shaken and nervous. >> wherever you go, i want to go. it gave her a little bit of a scare. yeah. we are going to be supersafe. you never what is going to happen. >> reporter: neighbors say they are thrilled and relieved that baby brandon alexis is once again safe. in san jose, andria borba, kpix 5. >> we first brought you the updates live on cbs news bay area.
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you can get breaking news 47 streaming on or on the kpix app customers in the east bay water restrictions facing possible penalties tonight. people who use too much will soon be getting an earful about it. back at the heart of the last drought is tied customers face, mandatory cutback of 25%. we're not there yet, but the restrictions are here, and the surcharge is probably not far behind. >> there were things we started doing in 2015 that we actually still do now. we have a bucket in our shower. >> reporter: terry marvin will acknowledge right away that his lawn is looking very lush after the april rains. >> it will turn brown. >> reporter: but he and his wife have been taking plenty of steps to cut back, and they have been for years. make we try to use less water as much as we can. >> reporter: the district will begin asking for more conservation starting with a
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10% mandatory reduction districtwide. >> our goal right now is to implement our plans for conservation, for civil mental supplies. >> reporter: today's vote also moved toward excessive water use penalties for residential customers. excessive is considered 1646 gallons per day. more than eight times the average home usage. >> 2022, i'm using 105 gallons per day. >> reporter: mark uses about half the average amount. the board is now debating a drought surcharge that could be as high as 80%. >> that should be about $.10 per day for an average user. >> that money would be used to buy more water from around the state. but even with more water, more cutbacks are possible in the months ahead. >> i told my wife the other day we can take showers every other
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day. but, no. we're not going to do that. >> reporter: the warnings will start immediately but if you are one of the excessive users, you will be hearing from the district in the coming weeks. if the excess of numbers don't change, the district can take action. anything from additional cost to turning off your meter. >> reporter: if teachers don't show up on friday, students should not either. the teachers union is planning a one-day strike that day to protest upcoming school closures. the district has called the looming strike illegal. it says it does not have enough subs to staff its clsrooms if the regular teachers don't show. and men in the hospital after an out-of-control suv sheared off the side of a house and into and against the building. it all happened near bluegrass lane. no word on the man's condition at this hour. it is also unclear why the driver lost control in the
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first place. in san francisco, the public has been sounding off for seven hours now on a plan to keep a stretch of jfk drive through golden gate park permanently closed to cars. the board is expected to take a vote and a time now on two competing proposals. one, to limit the stretch to bikes and possessions only. another, to allow one-way traffic. opponents worry about access for the elderly and disabled. problems getting to attractions like the garden. >> any plans need to ensure that they can tend close enough to the garden to transport their tools, plants, and to continue to plant their award- winning flowers and maintain the garden. >> this morning, supporters rallied in front of city hall. >> it is much safer. you don't have to watch over your shoulder. >> reporter: the stretch of road has been car free since the start of the pandemic to allow for socially distanced
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recreation. happening now in san jose, considering a similar band for san pedro square. it is one of the busiest streets in the downtown area. surrounding roads were cut off and closed off to allow for outdoor dining. many restaurant owners want to keep it that way. >> to be able to have a downtown community that can sit outside dining in the street is going to drive a lot more traffic down here. >> opponents are concerned the lack of parking is hurting other businesses and reducing for traffic. a live look now at oracle park where the battle of the bay is under way. the visiting a's are facing the giants in the first of a three- game series. fans from both sides of the bay are here for. >> giants, baby. >> good baseball, good weather, good people, good vibes. >> this will be the first of four bay area matchups this season. still to come, details of a mysterious disappearance in the county. alexis gave --
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plus, the discrimination case against a major san francisco bay. details in the high-profile case that district attorney to the state capital. later, i look at the four patrols mowing down the fire danger in the east bay tonight. cooler temperatures across the bay area today. upper 60s and low to mid 70s. inland? not so much. warmer weather returns in time for the weekend. first alert forecast. ♪ ♪
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three months after she vanished without trays, police are about to announce a $10,000 award for
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information leading to alexis gave. the oakland woman last seen in antioch. her car was found in oakley with the keys still inside. and turning to the state capital where san francisco d.a. jason bodine backing a bill to incriminate victims down the road for something unrelated. thiem saying the process is already difficult without having that in the back of the victim in mind. >> to call the police. to submit their body to give invasive evidentiary process, only to have their trust in the system the trade when law enforcement preserves their profile in the database and uses it for years to come for reasons totally unrelated. >> some officers keeping dna from kits in a database. supporters say misusing that
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dna prevents victims from coming forward. once it was publicly uncovered, the bill would ban that use statewide. lawyers in a class action lawsuit against san francisco wells fargo say the company is killing black opportunity. civil rights attorney ben crump is calling for an equity audit. he claims the bank gave higher loan rates to black customers. wells fargo says its underwriting practices are consistently applied regardless of a customer's race and ethnicity. taking a look at the top lens, the cdc says three in four kids have been infected with the virus that causes covid-19. researchers say there was a spike in infections during the winter omicron surge. the same study found close to 60% of adults showed signs of the prior infection. previous infections can offer some protection against hospitalization.
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cdc still recommends getting that vexing. vice vice president kamala harris is the latest high- profile figure to test positive to covid. it comes after her trip to covid california which included a stop here in the bay area. she doesn't have any symptoms. she is following cdc guidelines. harris has not been with president joe biden since the easter egg roll event at the white house on april 18. and russian forces continue to pound railway facilities in ukraine in an attempt to disrupt the flow of weapons into the country. u.s. diplomats returned to ukraine this week. he also asked congress to approve more funding for more weapons to ukraine. >> fully funding it is critical in my judgment to ensuring that russia's war in ukraine is a strategic failure for the kremlin and served as a powerful lesson for those considering following its path. nikki becky immigration policy returned to the supreme court today.
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the button administration is arguing they have a right to and what is being called to remain in mexico policy, requiring migrants at the southern border to wait in mexico while their asylum claims are heard. >> this is not an immigration policy. this is a health authority that is determined by the cdc. and we need to have a conversation about immigration reform. that is vital. maybe this is a reminder of that. >> and ryan, there is also a fight over title 42 which allows officers to turn away most migrants seeking asylum because of the covid-19 pandemic. thanks, elizabeth. and we're now hearing alec baldwin's version of what happened last year during the new mexico movie set of rust. after the shooting, he sat down with investigators and here is a part of that interview. >> it clears. the barrel clears. i turn adcock the gun. the gun goes off.
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>> so far, no one has admitted to bringing the live rounds onto the movie set. a director from fremont was also injured in that shooting. in the meantime, let's give you a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. not a lot of traffic on the road right now. >> a beautiful day. just windy and cold. it looked a lot warmer than it actually was. >> much par for the course for late april in san francisco. inland temperatures are a lot closer than yesterday though. we're going to see the same pattern for the next couple of days. the rain chances are going to remain to our north. we're going to see passing clouds overhead with a parade of some systems aimed at the northwest. continuation of the drive pattern through the first half of the weekend. it also means warmer temperatures by the end of the work week continuing. we're not going to see any rain. we're going to see passing
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clouds off and on throughout the day tomorrow and into tomorrow night. a lot of sunshine overhead for most of the day on thursday. friday, another ripple in the atmosphere is going to push another cloud into the area. this is not going to produce any precipitation. healthy amount of moisture. it is going to be going straight east toward the pacific northwest. we are going to experience the effect of these systems here as the produce those gusty onshore winds. right now in the 25 mile an hour range in the coast. stronger gusts near the shores of the north bay. the winds are going to come down tonight. it is not going to be as breezy out there tomorrow morning. no noticeable, but the winds are going to wait until the afternoon to really pick up as the next storm really makes its way through. in the 15 to 20 mile an hour range. noticeable, but not that strong. around bodega bay, point race, some of those gusts approaching 40 miles an hour. another degree or two worth. right now, looking at san jose, temperatures near the upper
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60s. now in the low 60s. still upper 60s in santa rosa and low to mid 60s. livermore. definitely made its way into the tri-valley. only 56 degrees for downtown san francisco. temperatures tonight dropping down into the 40s for everybody. pretty close to normal for this time of year. a battle between that sunshine interspersed with clouds and the onshore breeze. trying to keep things cool. the onshore breeze is going to win. upper 50s along the coast. mid to upper 60s down the peninsula and around the south end of the bay. right around 70 degrees for most of the santa clara valley. just above 70 degrees in morgan hill. a mix of upper 60s and lower 70s in east bay. cooler temperatures around the bay. low 60s in the city. mid-60s for oakland and the east bay. temperatures further north.
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some of the warmer readings at napa county reaching into the low to mid 70s. a degree or two cooler. and then we jump several degrees from thursday to friday. back to slightly above average temperatures as we head into the weekend. it looks like the warmest day will be sunday with highs reaching the mid 70s in san jose and even close to 80 degrees for parts of east bay and the north bay. your eyes do not deceive you. that is an actual chance for a couple of showers in the forecast on monday. at least there is a chance of some moisture as we start off the first full week of may. >> we will take that chance. >> you are saying there is a chance. >> thanks, paul. coming up next, it is like inflation in reverse. i bay area store where prices get lower every day. coming up on our streaming service, a local family making the difference in the lives of first-generation college students. how six sisters are paying it forward through their scholarship foundation. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever.
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find us on pluto tv, channel 1021, and on any platform using the free cbs news app. (music throughout)
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economic slowdown fueled another sharp selloff on wall street. the dow plunged more than 800 points. the nasdaq last 514. nearly 4%. that is the biggest drop for the tech stocks in more than 18 months. the fed attempts to bring inflation back to earth could backfire in a big way. their economists predict aggressive interest rates! better the economy into a major recession. a frenzy for bargain hunters. >> some are calling it a cross between shopping and searching for buried treasure. >> store is called falling prices. opened on tuesday. those prices drop by the day. by saturday, everything left in the store is only $.25. >> we like to think of it as christmas. everything is completely random. you never know what you're going to come into. >> all of the merchandise from overstock and amazon and target
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warehouses. the goods are randomly stuffed in large wooden bins. i want those eyes. coming up next, the goats are back where you can watch them as they helped mow down the bay area fire danger.
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step
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well, the oakland fire department is calling g.o.a.t. watch 2022. 500 goats our grooming the open
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space. >> they are brought in every year to high-risk fire zones. last year, they ate their way through 700 acres. >> they will eat anything. >> they use them in the presidio. it works wonders. and they are so cute. >> probably better than letting your friend do a controlled burn in your backyard. >> i would think this would be better. a little smelly her. and they are cute. thanks for watching. i'm sorry about my voice. i got laryngitis. the news continues streaming on cbs news bay area. >> will see you back later tonight at 11:00. ♪ ♪ and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds.
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