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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 26, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00, three people in custody after the kidnapping of a baby was caught on camera. tonight san jose police say another piece of video helped them crack the case. >> we're facing a very contagious virus and not using the same level of precaution. troubling new data on covid cases in the bay area. experts explain what else might be driving the search. a bay area museum finally reopens for the first time since the start of the pandemic. providing a unique look at the life of bruce lee. and within the last two hours, a vote on whether to ban cars from the stretch of golden gate park. that decision after 12 hours of debate. good evening, i'm ryan yamamoto. liz is off tonight.
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now tonight at 11:00, three month old baby brandon was reunited with his mother after being found unharmed six miles from his own home. tonight three people in custody, including the man spotted on surveillance video just casually walking away with the infant yesterday afternoon. but as katie nielsen reports, that wasn't the video that cracked the case. >> reporter: just a few hours ago, san jose police told me the silver van seen in surveillance video driving through this neighborhood was in fact the fan used by the kidnappers, and police say that was the key to breaking the case. >> this is a parent's worst nightmare. we're fortunate that this resulted in a positive outcome. >> reporter: tonight, three month old brandon cuellar is with his mother after a 20 hour ordeal that started monday around 1:00 in the afternoon when the baby was taken from his home as his grandmother was unloading groceries from the car.
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according to san jose police, surveillance video of this silver van is what helped them crack the case. they say the van was used in the kidnapping and is also connected to the woman with the grandmother when the baby was taken. >> we looked for video evidence, we looked for witnesses that saw different things, so it was a variety of factors that helped us solve this case. >> reporter: three people have been arrested. the woman who was with the grandmother at the time of the kidnapping, the man seen on another clip of surveillance video carrying baby away from the scene, and a third man, police say is also connected to the case. >> it's very, very important that the fbi gets involved very fast in these cases. >> reporter: security analyst jeff harp is a retired fbi agent and says the agency often comes in to help with kidnapping cases like it did in this situation. he says it's especially critical in the first few hours after a child disappears, mostly because of the additional manpower to canvass the neighborhood for leads in the case. >> the fbi is able to come in
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and assist and bring in all the resources to bare. these agents drop everything and this becomes number one priority. >> reporter: while police haven't released a motive in the case, they do believe it was a kidnapping planned well in advance. they say the man seen carrying the baby away from the scene brought the carrier with him. in san jose, katie nielsen, kpix 5. >> and after yesterday's abduction, neighbors say they were badly shaken and are thankful that boy has been found. >> when they said the baby was taken, it was hard for me because i have a lot of grand children and great grand children. >> our morning team will have the latest out of san jose tomorrow starting at 4:30. let's give you a live look from oakland where tomorrow a federal judge could decide to end oversight of the police department. opd has been under federal scrutiny since 2003 after a lawsuit accused officers of
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beating, kidnapping, and planting evidence against merous scandovopd from meeting the goals. now the department is in compliance with all the bay area's covid rate has jumped 110% from a month ago. the region is logging 21 new cases a day per every 100,000 people. that's 50% higher than the statewide average of 14 cases per 100,000. and san francisco now reporting double that. one expert says blame new variants and bad timing. >> this ba2.1 is much more contagious even more so than the one we had in december and january, so we're facing a contagious virus and not using the same precautions as before. >> this comes as the cdc estimates three out of every
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five people in the u.s. have been infected with covid. the agency says three out of four children have contracted the virus. and tonight pfizer wants to make boosters available to children ages 5 through 11. pfizer says their trials have shown a strong immune response with no safety problems. in the past couple of hours, san francisco supervisors voted 7 to 4 to keep a closure along jfk drive permanent. it's been closed to cars and bikes for two years how to allow for socially distanced recreation. at the time 12 hour hearing on the item included nine nonstop hours of public comment. >> it's clear to me that car-free jfk has become a well loved amenity by many and it's also clear to me that much more needs to be done to
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ensure that all concerns are accommodated and addressed. >> the new ordinance also calls for new parking, pick up, and drop off areas to make it easier to reach park attractions. a museum in san francisco's chinatown finally reopening, and they're doing it with a unique exhibit on a chinatown native, bruce lee. tonight kpix 5's betty yu enters the dragon and gives us an inside look. >> reporter: after being entirely closed for more than two years during the pandemic, chinatown's museum is renovated and back open. >> and our newest exhibit is we are bruce lee, under the sky, one family. >> reporter: it's a homecoming for icon bruce lee. the global superstar was born at chinese hospital in chinatown in 1940. his influence went well beyond martial arts and movies. >> these were his workout tools.
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>> reporter: visitors at the chinese historical society of america will get the chance to see rarely displayed artifacts, including exercise equipment, and personal items from the series the green hornet. >> he was a visionary. he saw the power of chinese-american business and cinema before anyone thought it was possible. he was an athlete, so he was more than just a martial artist. he studied boxing, fencing, dancing. >> reporter: the museum's executive director said lee was about inclusion and equity. he experienced racism in hollywood where he was paid the least on set. he also confronted rejection within his own community. >> some african-american leaders will see they actually loved bruce lee before the chinese-american community did because bruce lee was often rejected by the chinese as not being as traditional as they wanted him to be. >> reporter: still, he insisted on teaching kung fu to all races and both men and
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women. the exhibit incorporates new technology, and it's the only museum where you can also break things. >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: hoover hopes the updated museum will attract a new and younger generation to chinatown, which has been struggling to recover since the pandemic. >> chinatown is still facing existential threat. coming to this museum, shopping in our gift shop, and going to a local restaurant is one way to combat anti-asian hate. it's being in the community. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> yeah, don't mess with betty. new details tonight on elon musk's $44 billion acquisition of twitter. he'll have to pay twitter $1 billion if he fails to secure funding for the purchase. if he does fulfill his obligations, twitter has to pay him $1 billion to back out of the deal. meanwhile, shares of tesla fell more than 4% today.
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the company lost $114 billion in value in a single day. shares of menlo-park based robin hood also plummeted today after announcing they'd lay off 9% of their work force. still ahead tonight, a barrage of gunfire caught on camera in a san mateo county neighborhood. what we've learned about this frightening scene. and tonight, money from wildfire settlements, and a new twist in the california market.
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my goodness. just terrifying video from south carolina where dozens of gunshots were fired near a children's baseball game. that gunfire still going off. the video shot by player parents. thankfully no one was hurt. police are still looking for whoever is responsible. back here in the bay area, a home security camera captured a terrifying shoot out in menlo park. this all happened yesterday in the belle haven neighborhood. in the video, you can hear dozens of rounds going off on
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windemere avenue. two groups were shooting at each other. police made two arrests and recovered a ghost gun. with no more rain expected to fall any time soon, sonoma county is getting ready for the fire season. kpix's andrea nakano on how homeowners are protecting their property with money from pg&e. >> reporter: this is where the tubbs fire came through, and many have rebuilt their homes, but there's always a concern that something like that will happen again. >> we had less than 15 minutes to get out of the his family lost almost everything in the tubbs fire. they try not to think about the what ifs and whether another fire will rip through this neighborhood again. >> you have to live with it and just move on and not allow it to take over. >> reporter: while many fire victims are still waiting for their financial settlement, pg&e did reach an agreement with the county for $149 million. that money is being used to
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fund programs to hopefully prevent devastating fires. >> these forests did not happen like this overnight. this is many, many years of management in some degrees, but lack of management as well. >> reporter: kim is the vegetation management coordinator for the county of sonoma. he says $25 million is being spent to reduce fuel for a potential fire. residents received money to create defensive space, carve out evacuation routes, and build fire breaks. >> have a natural system, have adequate space in between trees so the fire doesn't jump into the canopy. but instead behaves in a way that the firefighters have a better chance to reduce their impact on human infrastructure and our lives. >> reporter: kim says they've used data from past fires to come up with a strategic plan to carry out the projects. in santa rosa, andrea nakano, kpix 5.
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tonight a million east bay water customers being warned to cut back or face fines. east bay mud just declared a stage 2 drought and they're asking for a 10% cut. there will also be penalties for overuse. they're debating surcharges of 10 cents a day for the average user as well. new water restrictions could have a major impact for the state. outdoor watering is limited to one day a week for 6 million people. >> now they have to enforce the restrictions. >> and not getting help any time soon. >> no, the only moisture in the forecast is patchy fog in the overnights. we're looking at a pretty dry pattern the rest of the week, but we had some rain chances the last couple of weeks. just patchy fog tonight. not widespread to start the day on wednesday.
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passing clouds overhead. no moisture being squeezed out. the coolest day will be thursday, and we warm up for friday and saturday with the warming trend likely to continue into sunday. now, a hint of rain heads our way early next week. it's only a 20 to 30% chance, but that's the best chance we have in the forecast over the next seven days. more optimism in the long range data. the 8 to 14 day outlook through the end of the first full week of may and into the beginning of following week shows a chance of above average rainfall, at least near the bay area. but above average rainfall in early may basically means any rainfall. anything more than a trace, of course we'd definitely take that, but this is really long range data. no rain in the short term. nothing to wash the pollen out of the atmosphere, so we stay locked in the medium to high
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category. oak, mulberry. 20 miles per hour sustained winds at half moon bay. those winds will die down later tonight into the first aft of the day tomorrow, but then the winds pick right back up tomorrow afternoon. it's still that on shore wind keeping the temperatures cool. right now temperatures dropping into the lower half of the 50s. everybody between 50 in livermore and 53 in concord, oakland, and in san jose. not a lot of variation, and everybody ends up in the 40s by early tomorrow morning. pretty close to normal for this time of year. temperatures end up around 2 to 4 degrees below normal for the highs wednesday afternoon. upper 50s along the coast. mostly low to mid-60s around the bay with 60s and low 70s inland. knock a degree or two off the temperatures for thursday's days before we start to warm up heading into the end of the work week and the weekend. if you're heading out for the second game of part one of the battle of the bay, the first pitch at 6:45 tomorrow. that's going to be the
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temperature in the mid to upper 50s, and steadily cooling off. it will be breezy. sustained winds around 20 miles per hour until after the sun goes down and the winds relax a little bit, but another evening to layer up. temperatures again a degree or two cooler on thursday, and then several degrees of a warm up for friday to finish off the the work week and that continues saturday and sunday. temperatures dropping back closer to normal monday and tuesday of next week with an outside chance of showers and hopefully more beyond the scope of the seven-day forecast. tonight bargain hunters are flocking to a new santa rosa discount store that operates like inflation in reverse. falling prices opens with fresh stock every tuesday. every item starts at $6 and gets cheaper by the day. by saturday it's all worth 25 cents. >> we like to think of it as
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christmas because everything is completely random. you never know what you'll come into. >> it's somewhat addicting i'd say because you want to come back every other day to see if there's better deals. >> the items are all brand new and comes from overstock from amazon and target warehouses. sports is on deck. >> straight ahead in sports, they're going to see each other in august, but why wait? good one for giants and a's fans tonight. 32,898 in the house as the bay bridge series 2022 opened up. and tonight's guests on the late sh
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anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile. base all up top, and say hello to the nl west leading giants. they had to go through their rivals from the east bay to get there. could not layer up enough at 3rd and king street. cold and windy. who had the hot bat? wilmer flores. a third inning three-run blast. he drove in four tonight.
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no signs of fatigue in the 11-game road trip. and carlos, nine more strike outs in six innings of free hit ball. boy, he's tough. now the a's did not go without a fight. 7th inning seth brown to the gap in right center. it's 5-2. still time for a comeback. until slater pinch hit in the giants' 7th, just hit the top of the wall. a three-run homer. giants won it 8-2. dodgers lost, so san francisco at 13 and 5 lead the west by a half game. a's an even 9 and 9. same two tomorrow. over to the nhl, sharks, he's a tough guy. san jose's final game against anaheim at home. down a goal in the third, no answers for muhura. ducks win it 4-2, and the
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sharks will now face edmonton thursday in their second to last game of the season. nba playoffs and the warriors have a game win hosting the nuggets. a win, they move on to the next round. look, it's usher court side watching them drive and make plays. just like that against minnesota. memphis clawed back from 13 down. going to take more than this to scare the timber wolves. anthony edwards ties it with three seconds left. that's when the stars rose. memphis won 111-109 and take a 3-2 series lead. game six is on thursday. phoenix devon booker still in street clothes against new orleans in white. how do they get it done?
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cam johnson. under two minutes left. suns, the top seed held 112-97. thursday in new orleans for game six. miami was going to have to get it done against atlanta without jimmy butler. final minute, time running out and the hawks couldn't even get off a shot. miami won the series four games to one and will await the winner of the sixers and raptors series in round two. quick story, i've always wanted to dunk. i'm height challenged, so i go to stanford and get the collins twins to help me. i take a running start, they pick me up, and then i jammed it and they just left me hanging on the rim! >> they just left you hanging? >> yes! i was like fellas! still to come, a brand new
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new at 11:00, the metaverse hits the market. the california property that also comes with a digital version for a fee. the beverl hills meta house. we went live on the market last night. >> reporter: the latest offer, this 1928 spanish style home, the selling price? $9.4 million. >> so the person that buys this house can actually buy a house that's already built in the metaverse for $100,000. >> reporter: that's right, $100,000 extra for a home in the virtual world, also known as the metaverse. >> there's a lot of interest in it. there's actually about $4 billion spent in the last
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year. >> right now we're live at 607 hills meta house. >> reporter: that's the cofounder of a meta verse developer. still confused? his partner helps break it down. >> people would be able to have their friends over from all over the world for a virtual gathering. >> reporter: they compare the meta verse in the internet in 1994 had, and says it will only continue to grow. >> we're looking at gen z and millennials taking over. the virtual world is very familiar space to them. >> the listing agent says the virtual home is just an option. the rest of the
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thanks for watching. the late show with stephen colbert is next. have a great n ht. captioning sponsored by cbs >> on a recent episode of the "tim ferriss" podcast, facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg revealed that his employees refer to him as "the eye of sauron." but he insists it's a compliment. >> i mean, some of the-- the folks who i work with at the company-- they say this lovingly-- but i think that they sometimes refer to my attention as "the eye of sauron." ( applause ) >> hey, everyone. welcome. i heard some of you-- and i know you say this lovingly-- refer to me as "the eye of sauron," a disembodied flaming eye, wholly evil, whose gaze is a window into nothingness. ( applause ) i get it. thanks. i've also hearso


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