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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 28, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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we saw the last mask free riders after transit agency dropped rules. but now they are back. sort of. >> why this time around you could call it mask mandate light. >> reporter: for starters, no one is getting thrown off the train for not wearing a mask. the board of directors acknowledges that there are some mixed mask signals right now. but they want this to be b.a.r.t. policy. masking is now in the passenger code of conduct. >> i think it is a great idea. when you're sitting in an incubation tube for an hour -- at least while covid is rampant. people are already getting infected. >> like most passengers, bill was masked during his trip. th at evyone for at least the next several months. >> thank you. motion carries. >> reporter: 10 days after a federal judge from florida through national mask out the window, b.a.r.t.
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directors said they wanted to send their own message. >> the intention of this measure is to protect those vulnerable communities. people who have underlying health conditions. >> reporter: they know there is some mask confusion and fatigue, so there will be no enforcement, per se, just masks offered to those without them. >> not even thconf cte . ci rionght now, the country is in conflict over this, and we don't need more. >> they do have -- handing you a mask, which is fantastic. >> i'm all right with it but i would rather not have to think about it. but i'm all right with it. >> reporter: masks again are expected in the paid areas at least into the summertime. board of directors is going to revisit this issue in july. we are here at rockridge station. wilson walker, kpix 5. this evening, a new
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development in the case of a missing woman from oakley. police are releasing a missing video and trying to identify the person in the disappearance of alexis gabe. a look at the surveillance video. it is a short clip. it shows a man in a hoodie walking along the street in oakley. this is the person who abandoned alexis gabe's vehicle and left the keys inside. he is the man police want to identify. >> numerous search warrants have been written and executed during this investigation. the oakland police department can officially state we do not believe moses appearance was by accident or choice. we strongly suspect foul play. >> gave's family says it was never like her to leave without saying where she was going. they have organized many searches for the 24-year-old. >> it has been three long history getting months since alexis' disappearance. since the day our daughter went
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missing, we have questioned our faith, have been completely overwhelmed and filled with doubt and despair. with the love and support of those around us, we continue to fight with renewed strength and hope every day. >> the city of oakley has created a reward fund helps mark some answers. we're putting the video of the person of interest on two suspects accused of kidnapping a three-month-old baby boy from a san jose home did not just face a judge. they also faced the infant's mother. >> reporter: the mother, who we are not naming because the names of the victims in this case are being protected by the court, wanted to see this for herself. 23-year-old yesenia ramirez and jose roman portillo. both were arraigned on charges of kidnapping a child under 14. conspiracy and burglary.
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she said in spanish that it is hard. there are no words to describe the words of a mother to look in the faces of the people who took your child. she also thanked police for returning her baby. meantime, charging documents show how portillo and ramirez planned it. portillo is accused of snatching the baby away from his home in his car seat while his babysitting grandmother was unloading groceries outside. in a surge of ramirez's home found she had stuck diapers, baby formula and a rocker. at this point, authorities cannot explain the motive for the kidnapping. they can only say the suspects knew the victim's family from church. >> what we know definitively is what happened. and we know wire at heaven. as to why it happened, that is not something we can completely explain or may ever be able to explain. >> reporter: after reviewing the police reports, a district attorney decided to chop the charges against the third person being arrested person that person is not being named
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because he was released from jail last night. >> reporter: as for the mother, she says she is watching over her baby mark leslie. at least for now does not want to leave him with a babysitter anymore. in san jose, len ramirez. kpix 5. you cannot blame her without for that. the new suspects could face up to 11 years in prison. another hearing set for tomorrow. in truckee oakley is asking parents to keep students home tomorrow. most of the teachers will not be there. the teacher posting union approved a one-day strike to protest upcoming school stactices. d dial l e cte riyse sateilachoh missing. in a letter to parents, the superintendent said, quote, we know this presents challenges for many of our families, particularly given the short notice. please know that we did everything we could to find a way to provide adult supervision on friday, but we
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could not find a way to do the district is calling the strike illegal, saying labor stoppages are only permitted after a contract impasse or an emergency health and safety issue. all student absences tomorrow, they say, will be excused. new at 6:00, cleaned out. san francisco jewelry store for the second time in six months. the owner of the store, margaret elizabeth, is telling us that all she could do was watch on her security cameras. she is one of many small business owners facing the same frustration. new at 6:00, there is now another tool san francisco business owners can call upon. shoppers are going to see it too. midafternoon in march, a chinatown camera store was targeted by three teenagers who attacked leona. with help from neighbors, the shop owners fought off the would-be robbers. over and over, other businesses have been hit as well.
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now, with the blessing of san francisco's board of supervisors and the mayor, businesses for the first time in city history can hire off- duty san francisco sheriff deputies for production. >> that allows for more police presence. that allows us to intervene and mitigate and suppress the crime that is happening. >> reporter: police chief bill scott says he simply does not have the staff to cover the city the way it should be patrolled. >> we have roughly about 1640 hours officers. we are up somewhere around 500 officers below where we need to be. >> reporter: no uniformed officers will make a difference. >> police presence is very important around here. i'm walking around, which is a piece of mind, actually. >> reporter: and the supervisors stressed this is not just about arresting people and locking them up. >> if they have an underlying drug or alcohol abuse addiction, we are expanding the services here in san francisco as well.
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>> it must be love and respect for the worth and dignity of all persons. >> now, the sheriff says all 700 of hisleparticipate in this- duty program. it is going to be available to all businesses big and small across the city. still had on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area, california attorney general opening a new battle against big oil. this time, it is not about greenhouse gases, but the environmental effects of plastics. and it is a good sign for the bay area tourism industry. however cruise line run all kyle san francisco home. i am max darrow in san francisco. after 60 years of cutting hair, a longtime san francisco barber is closing up shop. his story.
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plenty of wind to mess up your hair. the winds are going to relax tonight. colmer conditions friday
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300 million years ago, there was no africa, asia, americas or europe. just one, big supercontinent: pangea. and today there is still a force connecting those divided by distance, reversing millions of years of rifting. making far feel close.
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bringing there to here. there is a saying, all good things must come to an end. >> for a long time, that will ring true this weekend as he closes up his shop are good. the story from san francisco's sunset district. >> reporter: since 1961 -- >> 60 years in this place. >> reporter: -- ralph has made a living one haircut at a time. >> i was making $100 a week when i first started. it was a big deal. you cannot put a number on it. it is like how many hairs do
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you have on your head? i don't know. it is just so many people. >> reporter: at this chapter of his life will come to an end this weekend after a decision that was out of his hands. >> they told me at the beginning of the year, we're going to sell the building. so you got to skedaddle. >> reporter: though difficult. >> i have gotten so used to working. >> reporter: catalano does feel at peace with the decision. i do. it is still on my mind. closing up. this week is not so good. it is bittersweet. you don't want to go, but you should go. i am 84, so it is time to hang it up. >> reporter: on thursday, some longtime clients came in for one last haircut at catalano praying's others recall closes up shop. >> okay. i will put you in here. 12:30 on saturday. >> i have some old people.
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they are really devastated. what am i supposed to do? i don't even knto look. >> reporter: he is grateful for their loyalty. take ray, for example. he's trusted catalano to cut his hair for about half of the century. >> favorite thing about being a barber? that's a hard question. it is conversation with the people. it keeps you young. >> reporter: though he will miss those conversations, catalano will get to comb through good memories for the rest of his life. >> like i say, i bought a house with this place. i raised three kids with this place. it has been a good life. >> reporter: catalano will give his final haircut on saturday. that does not mean he is done cutting hair for good. he tells me point two continue doing housecalls for the foreseeable future. in san francisco, max darrow, kpix 5. >> just a little off the sides.
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hosting its first luncheon in more than 800 days. california's tourism industry bounces back from the pandemic. >> we are still about 31% down overall. and you can see here, this does not look like a good news chart. we did not expect full recovery until 2025. we might just get there. hospitality workers for persevering through the pandemic. also, another tourism boost just sailed into sentence does go literally. the carnival miracle is the first ship in that fleet. the home port here. it will be sailing out of pure 27 on voyages to baja, california, and alaska. a new investigation into
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big oil companies. he is targeting the petroleum industry for its alleged role in causing a global power elastic pollution crisis. exxon mobil in connection with the focus is on plastic products that linger for years in the environment. >> reporter: the public has been aggressively deceived by some of the largest and most influential corporations in the world. >> can't assess the industry engaged in campaigns to mislead the public that recycling can solve the plastics crisis. more companies are being targeted but did not give specific names. a live look now. the county just ranked as the healthiest county in california. the rankings looked at things like quality of life, health behaviors, and clinical care availability. san mateo came in as the state? second healthiest with santa clara in third. it is important to note that those three counties also rank us wealthiest in the state.
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>> i think we are all pretty healthy around here. >> we are able to get out side. enjoy the weather. >> you don't have to worry about things in the upper midwest like blizzards and snowstorms. or in the deep south -- hurricanes. around here, we just have to worry about wind. and occasionally air pollution. a little ways away from that. it is still going to be breezy as we had to the rest of this evening. those winds are going to be backing down. if you are a little bit worn down by that persistent onshore wind warmer conditions kicking in tomorrow. that is going to kick into early next week. and, the forecast remains dry. we are going to be seeing chances remaining very low as we head into next week. but most of next week. let's take ofa lookst at the p wind gusts. the highest wind gusts of the day. 53 miles an hour. the winds really picked up at
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sfo. gusting to 55 miles an hour. altima overnight 55+ miles an hour. really falls short of that wind advisory criteria. kpix speech still 20 miles an hour at sfo. that is the highest by almost 10 miles per hour. getting accelerated before it hits the airport. these winds are going to back down as we head to the rest of tonight. the pollen count depends on how the winds behave. it is going to remain on the higher end of the scale for the next couple days. saturday will be another breezy day. not as breezy as yesterday and today. monday is going to be another breezy day. at the top of the scale. in terms of those rain chances, there really aren't any. the rain chance we had in the forecast for the northern half of the bay area on monday has pretty much gone away. another one to take its place later in the seven-day forecast. the last day of the seven-day forecast a 20 to 30% chance of
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passing showers on thursday. once again, the northern half of the bay area will have the best chance there. still windy, but not quite as stiff as it was earlier today. 67 degrees still in santa rosa. generally on the cool side for late april. temperatures tonight are going to be chilly for the inland valleys. most at about the upper 40s. we should warm up to almost exactly normal temperatures. by midday, temperatures approaching 60 around the bay. well into the 60s further inland. into the low to mid 60s around the bay. 50s around the coast. mostly low to mid 70s further inland. the wind will be noticeable in the afternoon, but not overly breezy. good weather for to get out of the hike. brush the fur out of his eyes. i temperatures in the city reaching up into the low 60s. almost exactly normal for late
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april. similar temperatures on saturday. we warm up a couple degrees on sunday. we go back down on monday, but only about four or five degrees from sunday to monday. again, especially away from the water on tuesday and wednesday. 80 five degree temperatures. should be above 80 degrees for parts of the east bay and northport tuesday with that chance of showers. the northern -- on thursday. we will keep an eye on that. don't hold your breath. it is early may. >> there is a chance. thank you, paul. we have the cbs evening news coming up >> and here is norah o'donnell with the review. it is a breezy newsday. tonight after kpix 5 news at 6:00, the incredible program helping military families find the perfect formal weather for special events. that in all of the day's headlines as the evening news is just minutes away. >> straight ahead in sports, the nfl draft makes noise. warriors aftermath. and who are the guys on this bus? where is it headed? what is the game plan for which
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team? i've got the answer in two minutes. and 30 seconds. >> that is a good tease. coming up on our streaming service, we will talk about the plan in the proposed four-day workweek. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever. find us on pluto tv, channel 1021, and
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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nfl up top. it is the day the top players start their brand. and eventually earning instant generational wealth. only one player can be the top pick. jacksonville for the second year in a row made it happen. >> with the first pick in the 2022 nfl draft, the jacksonville jaguars select trey vaughn walker. >> a subdued reaction from walker and his family. somewhat of a surprise pick it walker was originally projected to be a late round first pick it but shot up the draft boards after the scouting combine. michigan defensive end hutchinson went number two to detroit as the first five pics
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were all defensive players. oregon's was selected fifth by the giants. as of now, the 49ers and the raiders do not have a first round pick. nba playoffs. three games scheduled. none of them involve the warriors. why? well, they close it out against the nuggets in five games last night. and jewels here is your man. needed a hug after that. celebrating overcame a 10-point second half deficit to put the nuggets to bed. spring the come back, gary payton the second. he had two late 30s and made his hall of fame dad proud. his instant offense at that time to the delight of his dad. gary payton, senior. >> i have guys like klay thompson, andrew wiggins, steph curry on my team. so, i just tried to give up a
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good shot for a great shot. gary has been mad at me since high school. passing up shots. he will be all right. >> all right. maybe under the radar. this weekend, a bay area team is zeroing in on a collegiate national title. men's rugby power. st. mary's. this was the scene as captain joe flanked by the team. addressed supporters who saw the gaels off. he sets his sights on saturday's rugby national title game against three-time winners of the natty. they are trying to bring it home in moraga. that has not happened since 2017. >> reporter: do you replay in your mind may be at night and visualize what it would be like to walk up that field saturday? >> yeah. absolutely. i have been dreaming about it for the past four years. so, i can only imagine.
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>> i'll tell you, these are some big dudes. the kid from sacramento. how do i know they are so big? i shot it this morning. i had to get on a stepstool just to interview him. >> that was a mysterious. good luck to them. >> kind of looked like darth vader.
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keeping time with the music on my desk here. there is something new in san francisco's chinatown. >> this one had a twist. assembly numbers were invited to grab a paint brush and add some finishing touches. >> kind of unusual. the new mural on grand avenue was commissioned to help kick off a api month. it also celebrates the first- ever contemporary art festival in san francisco's chinatown. that is coming up on saturday. a good event to attend. we had a mural unveiled yesterday and another one today. >> i would be a little nervous with the paintbrush. >> i am nervous around you if you have a paint brush. >> thank you so much for watching the news pretty
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continues streaming on cbs news bay area. the cbs news is coming up next. we've got more ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, we're following several major headlines as we come on the air. vaccine news for parents with young kids, the larming signals about the u.s. economy, and the president's massive request for more money for ukraine. as explosions rock the capital of kyiv, president biden reveals a $33 billion aid package. >> the cost of this fight is not cheap. but caving to aggression is going to be more costly. >> o'donnell: plus, what president biden wants to do with the money from the seized superyachts belonging to russia's richest. trevor reed returns home. the new video as the marine veteran steps foot on u.s. soil. covid vaccines for millions of young kids. the news parents have been waiting for as moderna seeks f.d.a. authorization for its vaccine for kids younger than six.


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