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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  April 29, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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parents in oakland unified, keep your kids home from school. that's the message from the district as thousands of teachers plan to strike. why? deadline day at the vta, requirement for most employees and contractors in south bay. with moderna asking for emergency use authorization on the vaccine for young kids. there is mixed reaction from local parents. we'll have that plus hear from health experts. pay bump coming soon to thousands of san francisco childcare workers. good morning. it is finally friday, april 29, i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. happy friday. it sounds like it will be a
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feel good friday when it comes to the weather. mid 70s. it's friday. let's focus on that friday and the weekend. a pretty view from the treasure island camera we've got with the ferry bidding dwarfed by the beautiful skyline. the sun is coming up in about 16 minutes. it will be cold today. livermore is 42. oakland is 44. grab the jacket. it's about five, seven degrees colder than yesterday at this time. daytime highs for afternoon will be warmer, so we'll climb to the mid 70s for inland locations with plenty sunshine and far less wind. we've put that system behind us
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that made it so windy yesterday. what we do today is more of the typical on shore breeze. it will be breezy near the water but it shouldn't be terribly bad. 71 fremont, vallejo, concord 74, san rafael 70. we'll look at the warm up for the weekend and next week coming up. how is the friday commute? a little busy in some spots. if you are ready to make the ride towards dublin interchange, we have reports of an accident involving a big rig. there is less volume because it is a friday so that is helping traffic flow through at least in the left lanes. give yourself extra time. it is busy out of the tracy area on to 580 but not to mount house, only the connector there. travel time is still in the yellow, so it is bearable. tracking brake lights on the east shore freeway. don't forget there are wind advisories in effect for bay
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area bridges. that includes antioch bridge. that time from the bridge along highway 4 is 28 minutes towards 80. in oakland, school superintendent is telling students to stay home. she let parents know in a letter. oakland unified likely won't be able to cover the high staff absences because of today's planned teacher strike. >> justin andrews joins us in studio. where are we now? parents, teachers, students have been relentless and riled up. i know a dad who plans to be out there today as the strike will begin in a little bit. he is frustrated over the may than to reduce spending by closing and merging several schools. >> just straight up lies. >> protest after protest, teachers, parents, students have been riled up. max is one of them, a parent of two in the oakland unified school district and he says he
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will be back protesting with teachers again. >> why was the district saying it was the teachers' fault for them not going to school when in fact it was us parents and students asking for strike and asking for the teachers' help to put pressure. >> he says school closures would disproportionately impact black and brown students in low income neighborhoods and shatter community for kids. >> my daughter, her reaction was so dad amount i going to start being bullied again at the new school that i go to? kids that knew my son, they were the ones defending my daughter. >> the district in a letter called today's protest illegal and told parents to keep kids at home out of fear there won't be enough teachers in the
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classroom. >> no school closures! >> district leaders say they tried to prevent oakland education association from having this strike and hoped it would change course. parents and teachers won't change a thing it will the district changes things. >> the minute the district says we are not going to close any schools, all these strikes will stop. >> the dad will be there this morning at 6:30 with signs and chants likely with several other parents standing with the teachers as we have seen. >> this has been going on for sometime. any indication that this is making an impact? >> it doesn't seem like so. they've been talking about this for a while. at one point they reduced the closures and mergers but clearly the parents, teachers, students are still not happy. >> what's hard too is even the strikes today, it's affecting the kids' education as well. it's really a double edged
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sword. >> it really is. it is unfortunate. we'll see what happens. >> hopefully their voices are heard. >> thank you. a live look at the port of oakland where port workers are staging a one day strike. they are teaming up with oakland educators to form a new coalition. both groups say the same issue is at the heart of their struggles. a city that caters to the wealthy. all the flames you see there are sparked at an encampment under a bridge. fire crews found propane cylinders among debris but fortunately they did not explode and no one was hurt. engineers were called to inspect the bridge before it reopened. i am anne makovec taking a live look at san jose where we will have our eye on another court appearance for two suspects accused in the kidnapping of a 3-month-old baby boy earlier this week. here is a look at their mug
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shots. jose p on. portillo is accused of snatching the baby. the baby's mother told investigators ramirez had been a regular visitor in her home since she met her late her pregnancy. they found the baby unharmed on tuesday. investigators say they found diapers, baby formula, other supplies in ramirez's home. ramirez and her husband have no children. this speaks to what they've been talking about, that this was a long premeditated kidnapping. ramirez's husband was originally charged. he has been cleared. but the two other suspects will be in court today. they are facing possibility of up to 11 years in prison. on the covid front, san francisco health officials say ruby princess cruise ship that docked in the city's port over
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the weekend had 37 coronavirus cases. the cases come more than a week after health officials recorded 143 cases on the same ship. ruby princess is under investigation by the cdc. in the south bay, today is the vaccination deadline at the valley transportation authority. vta says most employees and contractors must show proof they have been fully vaccinated. this covers about 2,000 people who work for the transit agency. anyone receiving exemption for medical or religious reasons must be tested weekly. parents may be moving closer to the day they can get their youngest children vaccinated against covid-19, all this after moderna asked to authorize for kids under six months. >> the question is how are they feeling? we spoke to parents on and
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off camera. some say they're going to wait a little. others say they've been waiting for a long time. gina says she and her husband got covid earlier this year. she was vaccinated. >> my husband and i were fairly sick. but just knowing that we could have been much sicker than we were and we weren't at a level where we needed to be hospitalized was a reassuring feeling. just having the kids with that kind of protection would be really life saving. >> life saving, that's what she says having a vaccine for her 3- year-old and 7-month-old would mean. gina says they continue to be careful with the children, avoiding indoor dining and spending a lot of time outdoors. moderna says results showed robust neutralizing antibody response. in an analysis of lab tests mostly during omicron wave,
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efficacy was 15% among children younger than two and 35% in two to five-year-olds. a professor of infectious diseases at stanford says this is an important population that's been vulnerable. >> when people see most kids are just catching colds from covid, it is a good thing obviously. but then they think well my child is not really at risk. every child can be at risk. the risk is lower but there is a risk and it is a preventable risk. >> moderna says they have setting boosters for pediatric cohorts. >> we'll see what happens. 6:10. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> air bnb giving employees freedom. their message to workers still home. we have reports of a crash as you head out of the alta
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welcome back. 6:14 on this friday morning. you have to check out this video of a police chase. police say it started with an armed carjacking. you see the stolen porche swerving, narrowly missing before spinning out and coming to a crashing stop. the suspect tried to run but didn't get far. police recovered a gun. thankfully in all this, no one was hurt. starting next thursday, property owners in hayward will be held responsible for illegal fireworks activity on their land. earlier this month the city council approved fines that will start at $1,200. air bnb can soon have plenty space for rent in the
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san francisco headquarters. it may not need space after telling staffers yesterday most of them can work remotely forever if they want. their salaries will stay the same even if they move to a less expensive city. a small number of roles will remain office based. it's time for a check of your friday weather and traffic. >> we will start with darren peck because you have a gorgeous sunrise behind you, a great way to start the weekend. a lot of drama on this screen. this is our camera on the mark hopkins hotel. we are looking through trans america pyramid, old bank of america building, 555 california. sunrise by 6:16 or in other words now. a beautiful scene out there, a couple other vantage points. that's what it looks like from the top of the salesforce tower on the port of oakland. grab the jacket. it's colder out there this morning. santa rosa, it is 40 for north
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bay valleys. in the tri valley we are noticeably colder today. to start the numbers are in the low 40s, 42 in livermore. everybody is five or six degrees colder to start the day. there are benefits to the way today will play out compared to yesterday. no more significant wind. it will be breezy in the afternoon but we will not have the strong on shore wind that came through yesterday. we get a warm up today. we'll go back to the low to mid 70s for daytime highs for inland valleys. 73 in livermore, mountain view 69, san rafael 70. you see how the breeze does turn on a bit, that classic onshore flow. saturday will be more noticeable. as we skip ahead to saturday, late afternoon and evening, more red on the screen here, a stronger on shore wind in the afternoon but it doesn't have a significant impact on the way this forecast will play out. the headline is we get warmer
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each day. going into the weekend, that places south bay in the mid 70s. san jose 73, 75. oakland will be around 70. the city stays in the mid 60s. next week tuesday and wednesday will be the two warmest days. we're getting to 80 in san jose but we are climbing in the mid 80s in warmer inland valleys. how is the drive? we are starting to see more cars now that we are well into the 6:00 hour. a live look from mobile 5, just passed university avenue exit off east shore freeway. you see for the most part we are moving pretty well. but there are a few more cars as more folks get to work. safe to say it is friday light for the most part. west bound through here all the way towards the bay bridge. when you get to the bay bridge, a live look. they did turn the metering lights on about three minutes ago. sounds like things are crowded across the upper deck into san francisco. no delays at the toll plaza.
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you see things are slow. this is near the fremont street exit as you head into san francisco. it gets busier as you head across the span. san mateo bridge is not bad as far as travel times but a wind advisory is in effect. there is a crash west bound 580 near dublin interchange not far from this live shot. traffic is crowded as you head toward 680. you will have brake lights into the altamont pass with a 32 minute travel time. not bad from 205 to 680. there was an earlier crash cleared out of lanes but it did cause a back up. it's almost to 84 at this point. bart weekend tracks work this weekend. trains will not be available through the area but bus bridges will be in place. give yourself extra time and expect 20 to 25 minute delays.
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thousands of san francisco childcare workers will get a big bump in pay checks. the plan will give 2,000 workers in taxpayer funded preschool and childcare programs a raise up to $30,000. typical starting level position now pays about $18 an hour. the new initiative would bump that to at least $28. the goal is to address worker shortage that's made it nearly impossible for families to find care. the bump takes place in july. coming up, a fun weekend for movie goers and foodies in if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network.
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a look to lunch, get you
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ready for the noon to 2:00 time frame. before we do that, it will be up staged by sunrise. that's the view from the top of the salesforce tower. what a gorgeous start on the day and an incredible view to watch from. planning for that window, mid 70s for daytime highs in general inland locations and that does maintain by lunch you are in the mid 70s. far less wind and plenty sun, a good day for outdoor lunch. it will be warmer over the weekend. >> thank you. it is friday and that means film and foody fun in the bay area. >> where better to get that than liam's list. good morning. it's obviously friday. >> obviously friday. jolly good friday morning awesome amanda, lequashus len.
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we have the san francisco food festival. oh international movie star, there she is in the film. michelle is dazzling and dizzying. she is being honored tonight for her impressive body of work. she'll be interviewed on stage tonight by sandra oh. sf movie fest continues through sunday. what are we eating? >> welcome. >> oh he is just one of the guys we are celebrating. makers behind magic of food. get tickets for the soon to come and very first hills burg wine and food festival. it is not million may 20 to 22 for various menus around hills
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burg. partial proceeds will benefit the local high school future farmers of america. what about that? can you believe it? another one for the foodies. take a bite into the future with immersive 360-degree virtual dining experience at san jose's new modern kid on the block eye china. new american chinese cuisine by chef eddie is worthy i have to say. that private dining room is where you can sit among the stars or eat under the sea in a virtual setting that best pairs with your dining experience. you can also enjoy weekend afternoon tea at pinkies out and a special spring tasting menu. you will not be disappointed. the full list is at there is so much to do this weekend. amanda and len i see a field
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trip. your virtual dining experience, what would yours look like? >> i didn't see food on the table. is the food virtual too? >> great for the diet. no food. you just sit there and immerse yourself. >> i don't like it. >> no. if you want no food, it's a great way to lose weight. >> i would choose under the sea i think. >> amanda? >> i am thinking europe or something like that. >> i will see you in the clouds. >> thank you, liam. see you next week. 6:26. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> marin schools facing up tick
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good morning. if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. oakland teachers will be going on strike. union is protesting upcoming school closures and district labor practices. in a letter to parents the superintendent said they did everything they could to keep classes in session but simply do not have enough subs.
6:30 am
today is the vaccination deadline at the vta. most employees and contractors must show proof that they are fully vaxed. two suspects accused of kidnapping a 3-month-old baby from his san jose home will be in court again today. portillo is accused of of snatching the baby monday after ramirez brought the infant and his grandmother home from a shopping trip. good morning. it is friday, friday. >> say it one more time. >> friday. april 29. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. good morning. gianna franco is here with traffic, hopefully friday light. we want to know the important friday forecast. you will like it. we will keep this theme going. it will be sunny and warm today. look at how nice we are starting. view from the top of the salesforce tower never
6:31 am
disappoints. that's the scene looking east. the sun has been up about 14 minutes. that's what it is doing from the skyline and that's the view from sutro. it is colder. you will want to grab the jacket, down to 40 in inland valleys. it is 40 for santa rosa, 42 livermore, five to seven degrees colder than yesterday. a nice thing about turning offer the wind is you don't have to bottle the wind on the road. when you get calm conditions like this, that allows the cold air which is relatively heavy to sink and settle in the areas where we live. we make up for it in the afternoon. this is a theme for the weekend, sunny and relatively warm. the locations to pick this morning, fremont 71 for the daytime high. santa rosa 73.
6:32 am
we'll hit 68 in oakland, mid 80s for inland valleys next week. the drive is friday light. the bay bridge is a bit deceiving. the metering lights are on. typically this back up would be well into the maze but it's not. your travel time is about 12 minutes from here into san francisco. it gets crowded off the upper deck of the bay bridge into the city but not bad. it is no crashes, no incidents. friday light on the san mateo bridge but still a bit breezy. on some bridges. there is a wind advisory. >> not bad. thank you. today senator padillo will be in palo alto to meet with striking nurses. nearly 5,000 nurses have been on strike since monday demanding better pay, benefits, staffing as well as stronger
6:33 am
mental health support. the union says hospitals are planning to cut off health coverage as soon as this weekend. he will meet with nurses on the picket line at 2:30. on the covid front, youngest among us can soon have a vaccine available. this is after moderna asked fda to authorize for kids under six. >> joycelyn moran is live with reaction from parents in the bay area. we spoke with parents in the bay like you mentioned. some didn't want to be on camera. they say if it's authorized they want to wait a little bit. however others say this is something we have been waiting on for a long time. gina got vaccinated pretty early, is the mother of a 7- month-old baby and a 3-year- old. they try to stick with outdoor places avoiding indoor dining. her 3-year-old is starting to interact with more people. >> they kind of got gypped out of the experience of having a childhood i know and grew up with. i would like to get back to
6:34 am
that point. >> a vaccine would help that? >> absolutely. >> moderna says results showed robust neutralizing antibody response. a professor of global health and infectious diseases says this is an important population that's been vulnerable. the risk of severe disease is lower in kids than adults but kids are still at risk. >> this is severe illness in some children. we can't predict which child will get severe illness. we also don't know who is going to have long covid or longterm complications. >> moderna says it is working to expand booster shot studies in children as young as six months old. we'll keep an eye on all of this. >> thanks. public health officials in marin are issuing new guidelines for schools after several recent covid out breaks. they're urging administrators to require proof of vaccination
6:35 am
and negative test results for any gathering of 50 or more. masks should be required for large indoor gatherings. earlier this month 54 students at red wood high school tested positive for covid after a senior prom in san francisco. no masks or test results were required. to san francisco where redistricting task force has approved the final map of new districts. task force members voted 5-4 in favor of adopting the map. it puts in place boundaries that break up tenderloin and soma despite backlash. the vote came two weeks after a crucial deadline set by the city prompting a lawsuit. today in oakland as we take a live look from there, the attorney general will join the chp to announce multi agency enforcement action. this is to combat organized retail theft in california. the news conference is set to start at 9:00. california attorney general is also launching a new
6:36 am
investigation into the petroleum industry. rob banta is blaming big oil for the plastic pollution crisis. he claims the industry has tried to minimize impact of plastic products on the aignto ead the public he inthinking recycling can solve the problem. >> in the 1980s, plastics industry comprised of major fossil fuel and petro chemical companies began aggressive and deceptive marketing and advertising campaign to convince the approximate uber that we could recycle our way out of the plastic waste problem. it was all a big ruse. >> exxonmobil was issued subpoena in connection with the probe. banta says more companies are targeted but did not name names. to the latest on the war in ukraine, russian missiles struck kyiv hitting several buildings and injuring at least ten. the attack came an hour after
6:37 am
un secretary general met with ukraine's president in the same city. he also traveled to uber shalls to get a first hand look at the destruction the invasion has caused. >> ukraine is an epicenter of unbearable pain. >> we are helping ukraine defend itself against russian aggression. >> president biden is asking for $33 billion to continue supporting ukraine and that request is likely to be approved. in a few weeks president biden will make his first trip to asia since taking office. he is set to visit south korea and japan and hold bilateral meetings with counterparts. he will attend a gathering with leaders of australia and india. the trip kicks off may 20. 6:38. coming up, latest advancement in a years' long effort to
6:38 am
build a bullet train. 90 miles of california high speed rail just approved. how fast food chain jack in the box is going high tech. checking in on walnut creek, that's the view of east bay communities from top of mount diablo. this is going to be a nice day if you like sunny and mid 70s. we have a lot of that coming in this seven-day forecast. it's going to be warmer next week. we'll talk about that in the forecast. the market just opened. the dow is down about 158 points. we'll be right back.
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to help you manage payroll, benefits, and hr today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ welcome back. looking live at chase center, hourom now you can get tickets for two of the nba
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playoffs. ticket sales open to general public at 2:00. warriors will play memphis grizzlies or minnesota timberwolves. first pick in the 2022 nfl draft, jacksonville jaguars select trayvon walker, linebacker, georgia. >> nfl draft getting off to a hot start last night, teams betting big on defense, trayvon walker of georgia was first of five defensive players taken in the top five. 49ers fans were watching but for different reasons. >> round one came and went without a trade involving samuel. he recently asked the niners to trade him. san francisco declined a trade offer from the new york jets for samuel. jets were one of six teams that selected a wide receiver in first round. 49ers did not have a first round pick. apple reporting impressive earnings but bay area based
6:43 am
tech giant is forecasting a tough year ahead. naomi ruchim joins us from new york. good morning to you. good morning. trading has been underway for about 15 minutes. things seem to be falling to kick things off. the dow is down about 115. s&p 500 is down 36. checking the tech sector, down about 108 points. this is the last trading day of april. despite a strong earnings report, apple is setting the stage for audiogramy year ahead. the company says new covid-19 lock downs in china are hurting production and demand. war in ukraine is having an impact on sales. iphone sales are up 5.5% compared to a year ago. the company says supply chain issues could hurt upcoming
6:44 am
sales by 4 to $8 billion. >> naomi ruchim, thank you so much. time for a look at what's coming up on cbs mornings. tony dokoupil joins us from new york. good morning. what's on the agenda? good morning. it's that time already. on cbs mornings, imagining the unimaginable. we will see how russia's vision of ukraine is reminding a the locations of people of threat of nuclear war. anthony as in mason talks with a four time grammy winner p.j. morton about his new solo album working with maroon 5. comedian and late night talk show host, variety show, hard to describe, she's amazing, she joins us to talk about how she tackles controversial and uncomfortable issues with humor.
6:45 am
you have to watch. i really can't describe it. it's worth it. all of that is coming up at 7:00. >> we will see you then at 7:00 on the dot. thank you so much. let's go to g and darren to talk about traffic on the roads. >> what's it look like? a few hours ago it felt chilly. maybe a degree or two cooler which means low 40s. look at this beautiful view. we are trained on the dumbarton bridge. you see it crossing the south bay. that's palo alto in the foreground. across to the other side if we follow that in a straight line, you are looking towards union city. itself hazy and the camera is bouncing back a little bit. it always does that on black mountain. it is not terribly windy today. it's not as bad as yesterday by any means. the numbers, about five to
6:46 am
seven degrees below yesterday at this time. 40 degrees in santa rosa, low 40s in the tri valley. it is cooler to start the day, yes. but it will be warmer in the afternoon on the trade off. so we go to the mid 70s for south bay today. 72 campbell, 75 morgan hill, 73 los gatos. inland valley. in the heart of the bay we'll go to the upper 60s. then low to mid 70s for the north bay through sonoma and then once you get into mendocino and lake, the story remains the same. it will be breezy today, not like yesterday. this will be the classic on shore breeze that turns on in the afternoon. you will in it more so tomorrow. here is saturday afternoon. not bad enough for a wind advisory. satu the on shore winds get strong enough, starts through
6:47 am
the delta, a 30-mile gust in the city. that's a weak weather system to the north that doesn't have hope of bringing rain. you can see that storm. we are close enough and just know on saturday when we are breezy, that's what it was. we're going to warm up, mid 70s in south bay for daytime highs, 80 tuesday and wednesday. oakland you will be in the mid 70s when we hit our warmer temperatures in the middle of next week. when we look at the micro climates mid 80s by tuesday and wednesday. watching the drive. i am watching the drive. mobile 5, our photo journalist is heading into the maze, towards the bay bridge out of berkeley. things are moving nicely. we are not seeing a lot of brake lights or issues. he was on the east shore freeway earlier and again it is looking pretty good overall. that commute through oakland is not bad. if you are headed to the
6:48 am
bridge, to the bay bridge, the back up is pretty minimal. metering lights are on but you are only to the 880 over pass. it is still safe to say it is friday light. it does get crowded across the upper deck into the city. a live look at another camera, 101 at 17th street. this is not far from the central freeway. on the right traffic counter commute getting to the lower bra wind things are nice also. advisory in effect issued over night by cal tran. a little gust' across the span but no delays. look at the travel times in the green. happy friday. 580, 680, dublin interchange moving at the limit. we had a trouble spot in fremont 880, that's clear. traffic is moving nicely. this weekend there will be track maintenance. no train service for bart
6:49 am
between south hayward and union city. that's only saturday and sunday. they will have bus service available. expect at least a 20 to 25 minute delay and give yourself extra time if you are using bart this weekend. len. >> thank you. a key hurdle has been cleared to connect silicon valley and central valley with high speed rail. the board unanimously approved construction after clearing environmental impact report. this will link up with the existing line still built in central valley. when finally done the high speed rail system is designed to slash travel times. the system hopes to turn the journey into a one hour trip. that is compared to a three hour drive by car. the board plans to certify the final environmental report for san francisco to san jose section this summer. jack in the box says it is testing robots at one of the san diego locations. it is deploying flippy 2 which
6:50 am
helps augment line cook roles by flipping burgers and sippy is a drink man. jack in the box officials say this can help with service, increase safety, and reduce costs. 6:50. next, oakland teachers taking to the picket lines. why they are upset with the school district. join us after this on our streaming service cbs news bay area. we are live at 7:00 a.m. with the latest local news, headlines, realtime traffic, and your first alert weather forecast. >> watch our stream wherever, whenever. find us on pluto
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chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. i am justin andrews live in the studio.
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thousands of teachers in oakland unified on the picket lines for a strike still demanding to rethink closures. the decision prompted piles of protests in oakland. a teacher who has been with the district about five years teaching middle school math, she went through a school closure personally and says it was the hardest thing ever. parents, teachers, students have told us the closures are happening in under served communities that need more resources, not fewer. things were pretty feisty ahead of today's one day strike because district leaders went to state leaders asking for order to stop teachers from striking. the request was denied. i am anne makovec at the live news desk taking a live look at san jose where there will be another court appearance for two suspects accused in kidnapping of a 3- month-old baby in san jose
6:55 am
earlier this week. here is a look at the mug shots. portillo is accused of snatching the baby monday after ramirez brought the baby and his grandmother home from a shopping trip. the mother told investigators ramirez had been a regular visitor in her home since she met her late in her pregnancy. after finding the baby unharmed tuesday, investigators say they found diapers, baby formula, and other supplies stock piled in ramirez's home and ramirez and her husband have no children. that speaks to the point that police have been saying this was a premeditated kidnapping. ramirez's husband has been cleared of charges but the other two suspects will be appearing in court. they're facing the possibility of 11 years in prison. we will have our eye on that court appearance. we're live in the newsroom with moderna asking for emergency use authorization of the vaccine for kids as young
6:56 am
as six months old. we talked to parents about how they're feeling. some say if it is authorized they're going to wait. others say they've been waiting a long time. >> just having the kids with that kind of protection would be really life saving. >> life saving. gina is a pleasant hill mother of a 3-year-old and 7-month-old baby. she says they've been careful spending time outdoors and avoiding indoor dining. moderna says results showed robust neutralizing antibody response and in a analysis of lab tests mostly taken during the wave efficacy was the company says this is similar to in adults against omicron after two doses. the submission will be complete next week. they say they are studying
6:57 am
boosters for all pediatric cohorts. i am gianna franco in the traffic center as we look at the roadways. bay bridge metering lights are on but the back up is minimal into san francisco. unfortunately we lost our live shot there but it looks pretty good. we are not seeing a lot of brake lights both directions on 101. into the city to the lower deck of the bay bridge, quiet there. it is still windy on some bridges, san mateo bridge being one. your commute is clear both directions, no delay west bound over to 101. if you have an early flight to catch 101 north to sfo, traffic is moving at the limit. >> thanks for that. we are going to have wonderful weather. the cruise ship is in. the view from the top of the salesforce tower looking to the north, you see the next ship. it is cooler with temperatures down in the low 40s for many locations. it's about five to seven degrees cooler than yesterday. you might want the heavy jacket
6:58 am
but that's not the theme on this day. we will be in the low to mid 70s for many locations that are inland. as we look at the seven-day forecast, we will see temperatures continue to trend warmer this weekend, a little warmer next week. keep doing that and by middle and early part of next week, temperatures for warmer inland spots will be like in the mid 80s. it will be a nice week. we are done with the wind and there is really not a lot of hope for outlook on rain coming back. >> all right. we will go live to santa rosa. it's time to bounce on this friday. the largest bounce house certified by guinness world records will inflate. the tour also has a sports arena, obstacle course, space themed wonder land. so what goes on in the world's largest bounce house? >> it's not just a square
6:59 am
bounce pad. we have climbing towers, slides, ball pits. there is a stage with performers, djs, speakers, lights, snow machines, bubble machines. there is so much going on. it really is a lot. >> the big bounce america tour is today through sunday. our photographer is there and i don't know why she's not bouncing for us to give us a live look at what it's like. i hope she's going in. >> she has to. it's a necessity. >> i know you can hear us. >> i want to check it out. >> it looks like fun. >> that slide looks amazing. i want to go right on down that thing. >> i want to take my kids. it looks really fun. >> and you. justin you too. >> who needs kids to go? i am just going to go.
7:00 am
>> let's do it. the news continues all day. >> cbs mornings is next. have a great day and a great friday. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to our viehs on the west coast on this friday. i'm gayle king. >> and i'm tony dokoupil and i'm vladimir duthiers. >> let's go to your world in 90 seconds. president biden seeks billions in aid for ukraine while the u.n. secretary general is there. >> the message is destruction. a violation of hugean rights and the laws of war. >> after a year and a half of growth, the u.s. economy shrinks
7:01 am
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