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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 29, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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north. we have been hit from the south. we have been hit from the east. they said the most dangerous place to live in napa county because of fire now these days. >> reporter: for dale, recent years brought a series of evacuations and a number of close calls. while she has not lost her home, it has been increasingly expensive to stay. >> it has been going up often. and i have been canceled once by one company. aaa took me a few years ago. my insurance now is $3000 a year. >> reporter: for many of her neighbors, it is four, five, or $6000. that is a cost many cannot afford to pay. >> so, a lot of people are just selling and moving. >> we have had an insurance crisis for a number of years. certainly after the 2017 north bay fires. >> reporter: mark levine is making it the centerpiece of his campaign for state insurance commissioner. he is traveling around the state talking with people who have
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been affected by wildfire and the insurance problem. for one, he would like to see policies and prices that reflect the work homeowners have put into fire safety. >> people are trying to get insurance again. they are doing everything right. they are for their business. they are doing defensible space. yet, there has not been a solution to make sure everyone who is doing the right thing is recognized and rewarded for that. >> reporter: and dale cleared off of her property off of her own cost. she came here because it was a place she thought she could afford to live. now, she's not so sure. >> it is a beautiful place to live, but it is a struggle. >> reporter: the last year for which we have numbers is 2020. that year, more than 200,000 californians had their policies dropped. here in napa county, wilson walker. kpix 5. >> one more number for you, insurance company losses were between $7 billion and $13 billion. that is a course to risk rms.
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two suspects suspected of kidnapping a baby will remind remain behind bars for now. there will be no bail for jose portillo and yesenia ramirez. portillo was accused of snatching the baby after returning from a shopping trip with his grandmother. attorney says the client is used to working three jobs and is now scared as she faces charges. he also says he is frustrated the d.a.'s office has not provided him with details on the case. >> idyllic over to the district attorney's office providing the evidence they are basing these charges on. thus far, i have not seen hardly any evidence put forward by the district to attorney's office. >> both suspects face up to 11 years in prison on kidnapping and burglary charges. a major smash and grab crime rate bust. this evening, we are learning more about the retail crime the
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ringleaders. investigators say that the suspenders are anton salaam and matt willis. they say the thefts took place between 2020 and february 2021. investigators say the two store more than $1 million worth of jewelry. nine california counties. >> reporter: it is important to know that this crime often doesn't stop after the initial theft. >> criminals often resell their stolen goods and in many cases use the money to fund additional illicit activity. including organized crime. those who break the law and pedal stolen goods must be held accountable. >> since the state? task force was established, it has made more than 400 arrests so far and recovered more than $21 million worth of merchandise. oakland students were told to stay home today. it was not a school holiday.
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instead, teachers were on a one- to strike. they are protesting planned school closures. kpix 5's andria borba on their efforts to stave save neighborhood schools and why the budget numbers just don't add up. >> reporter: with a round of school closures living in oakland, teachers, parents and students hit the picket lines today baking the district to rethink them. across u.s. od going past classrooms were silent as teachers and staff at the line protesting an upcoming round of closures. >> we don't want the schools to close. we don't want parker to close but i definitely don't want carl to close. i don't want any of our schools to close. community day. none of them. >> reporter: parent say the closures will not only disrupt their education but put students in harms way. parents of two elementary school students -- one of the schools on the closure list. >> just like every other parent who sends their child here, we all live in this area. most of our children walk to school. and with the closure being
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listed so immediately, trying to find another school where there are not many schools in this area has been very difficult. >> she says it is not just the loss of community but literal danger kids face every morning. >> expecting children to walk from this small and safe streets down a huge street 25 blocks away. it's absolutely absurd. >> reporter: these oakland and students say they are targeting schools of minority neighborhoods. >> schools with a lot of latino and people of color students. we need our community. >> oh usd sent this letter to parents. there likely would not be enough subs. ousd has had in the past the closures would save about $1 million and the district. ousd has 30,000 students and 80 campuses. fremont has 34,000 students and
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to disclose. stockton, 48 schools serve 35,000 students. the aclu has called on bob bonta to investigate the closures saying they disproportionately burden students of color. in oakland, i and andria borba. kpix 5. two in the south bay, hundreds of employees -- it is the last day for workers to submit proof of vaccination. an agency spokesperson says more than 85% of the staff has already reported their vaccination status. however, the remaining 15% -- roughly 200 people -- are still in limbo despite the certainty they expect service will continue as normal. starting next week, caltrain will scale back service. san mateo. the service will drop from 104 trends a day to radiate. that will last from may 20th.
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baby bullet service will also be temporarily suspended. trains will be singletrack through hayward park and hillside stations. we are scheduled to be completed last month, but it was pushed back after this fiery crash on march 10. the train slammed into a work vehicle. injuring 13 people. is still on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area, oakland welcomes its newest police officers to the force. we will meet the young man whose hard work is finally paying off >> it is one of those things where you wake up every morning and see that there is a lot of help that can be provided to people. it is just an honor to think you can be the person to do that for something. plus, a big win for an east bay community facing rising rent prices. how the city stepped in to help. >> it was terrifying. this is the first day anyone has been smiling around here. and the scribble to rescue
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thousands of california bees left on an airport tarmac. temperatures reach up to two or three degrees above average. on shore breeze is going to push those numbers down a little bit for the first half of the weekend. you look at the up and down pattern in the next week
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looking towards the east
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bay, you can see oakland. the city in the background. in the foreground, all of the cargo ships and cranes doing all of the hard heavy lifting there. a beautiful friday evening. people who live in barnhill marina -- that is a community of floating homes in the east bay -- they are going to get to relax a little bit after the city put an end to a month's long battle over rising rents. the alameda city council voted to include floating homes in the rent stabilization ordinance. that would give those who live on their houseboats the same legal protections as other renters in the city. residents say when a new owner took over, they wanted to significantly raise the rent. they feared they would not be able to stay. >> it was terrifying. this is the first day anyone has been smiling around here. >> beyond happy. beyond proud of the people in this community. everybody
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chipped in and one way or another, whether it was a letter, a call. >> they protected us big time. >> kpix 5 did reach out to the marina owner, but we have not heard back yet. heads up. if your plans included trips to the ocean this weekend, port beach is closed all because elephant seals have taken over the area. closure starts half a mile south of the kenneth patrick visitor center. and cruise scrambled to rescue thousands of california bees left on airport tarmac. about 200 packages with about 10,000 bees in each crate were supposed to be flown from sacramento to alaska over the weekend, but for some reason, they ended up in atlanta. so after four days, the bees started to escape, and workers to the cargo containers outside in the heat. the person who was supposed to get the bees reached out to a local beekeeper for help.
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certainly thanks to a quick response of the georgia be community, many of those bees were saved. >> i also read that the containers the bees were in were actually loaded in upside down, which meant the bees could not get to their food, which is sugar water. so that did not help. >> sometimes your luggage gets lost. i have not heard about is getting lost. >> same rules. exactly. around here, anything that is flying on this more wind tomorrow. there is a forced transition. but it is going to be breezy tomorrow. a bunch of wind is going to kick in. we are not talking about a return to the blustery conditions that we had wednesday and thursday. the storm path is going to stay to our north, which means generally warmer conditions are going to be sticking into the weekend. ups and downs depending on the strength of the onshore wind. every time one of these storm systems moved into the pacific northwest with its rain it is going to squeeze over the atmosphere in the bay area. let's track it. right now the strongest gusts are along the coast. it is a gentle breeze and
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linda. it will become even gentler as we head into the rest of tonight. already by noon, the winds are going to be picking up. stronger onshore push is going to be more noticeable inland as we head into the afternoon and evening. some 20 to 30 mile an hour gusts there with 30 to 40 miles an hour gusts. if you're going to be out and about running some errands on saturday, that wind may try to push you around the road a little bit. the moisture is going to miss us with the next couple of storm systems again. just a few showers for northern california. we should see plenty of sunshine for most of the weekend. just a little bit of fog to start the mornings. the next system moves in on monday with another burst of slightly stronger winds in the bay area. northern california. the bulk of the more substantial rain falling in oregon and washington. looking outside at the tower, some high clouds filtering the sunshine. not blocking it. it even mixture of 60s and 70s. 61 degrees in the city. 74
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degrees in santa rosa. the dog walking forecast. rocky here ready for the san francisco 49ers to be on the clock in which they happen to be right now. charlie walter will give us who they selected given up and got just a few minutes. that is not bad. a bit of a breeze. used to a bit of a breeze and some cooler temperatures. tomorrow? high temperatures are going to warm up into the low to mid 70s into parts of the bay area. mostly low 70s with a few east of the diablo range. 60s around the bay with upper 60s around the coast. our temperatures will warm up a little bit with lighter onshore winds on sunday. just the up and down pattern further up. brief offshore winds allows san jose's temperature to reach 80. oakland low to mid 80s for inland parts of the bay area. before a chance -- just a chance -- of a couple of showers on thursday for the golden gate northward.
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i don't anticipate much more than a trace of rainfall as we head into early may. a lot of promise six or seven days a. very little follow-up on that. >> promises, promises. did you get your still looking for some weekend plans? the world? largest bounce house -- certified by guinness world records. >> the big bounce america to her also comes with a customized sports arena. how fun is that? an obstacle course. a space themed wonderland. what goes on in the world? largest bounce house in >> it is not just a big square bounce bad. we have climbing towers, obstacle courses, slides, ball pits. and it is a stage where we have -- speakers, lights. snow machines. bubble machines. there is so much going on. it really is a lot. >> wow. is this just for kids, or can everyone do it? the big bounce america tour
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runs through sunday. >> that is a reality show right there. >> for sure. sponsored by a beer company. >> look at. not for the kids. cbs evening news is coming up. >> good to see you. coming up on kpix 5 news after 6:00, we go on the road with a very special snowman who melted children's hearts. all of today's headlines coming up on the cbs evening news. the pick is in for the san francisco 49ers. which position did they draft with the 61st pick. plus, a multi-year suspension for daughters pitcher trevor bauer. how much time did he miss and how did he was bit -- both of those answers coming up next. >> coming up on our streaming service, cbs news bay area, new back to back episodes of nci sla this weekend. gianna franco talked about what we can expect. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever. find us on pluto tv, channel 1021, and any platform using
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the free cb
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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will come in. let's run it back. nationals and giants. they played last weekend in our nation's capital. san francisco combined over the three games. they will not have el capitan. brandon belt. they were placed on the cover list.
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an update on jock peterson. the outfielder is out of the lineup but will hopefully avoid the il. eaters and left wednesday's game with a groin injury. he must not have been feeling too bad. took the half-mile trek over to the warriors practice. massive news out of the west today. former cy young winner, trevor bauer, has been suspended two years without pay for violating major-league is pop? sexual assault policy. no criminal charges were filed against. he has been away from the daughters since last july. he responded in a tweet saying in the strongest possible terms, i deny committing any violation of the leak's domestic violence and sexual assault policy. i am appealing this action and expect to prevail. moments ago, the 49ers defensive lineman drake jackson with their pick number 61 overall. jackson. he is from usc. 12 sacks. 27 games with the trojans.
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the 49ers have two more pics in the third round tonight. as for deebo samuel -- yes, we are. the nfl network reported that both the jets and lions prior to the first round. not enough to make the 49ers lean forward. basketball now. the warriors were back at practice today as they enjoy a few days off waiting to see who they will play in the second round of the playoffs. >> warriors. oplay. if ies wicon zzl tonight, the warriors will play sunday in memphis. if it is the timberwolves who force a game seven, the warriors will not play until tuesday. golden state would have home court if minnesota advances. steph curry looked healthy and looked like he usually does in the first round with one notable exception. that would be free throws. steph is usually automatic from the line. he only missed 23 the entire
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season. missed and alone in the five- game series. that was comforting for at least one of his teammates. >> in this past series, you have missed two free throws. >> when i miss free throws, i blame everything else but me. and then when he misses, it confirms that for me. so, i think there was something wrong with the ball or the rim that serious. i've never seen him miss that much. >> good excuse. the ball is always lopsided. >> the rim is not around. >> okay, excuses. all right, charlie, thank you. up next, a life-changing story for a california woman diagnosed with a chronic disease. how social media connected her with someone who coul
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inspirational shot to another little bit of inspiration this friday evening. we give you the graduating class of the oakland police academy. >> they are going to a job they know will be difficult. a time when the profession is under intense scrutiny. >> kpix 5's sean on the women and men who say they are ready to serve red >> you wake up every morning
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and see that there is a lot of help that can be provided to people. >> reporter: he wanted to be a police officer. a dream ever since he was a child. the concorde native is the valedictorian of the latest graduating class from the oakland police academy. >> it is mentally and physically challenging. it definitely tests your soul. >> reporter: men and women ready to serve both in oakland and the city of alameda. the oakland academy paul heggen officers who will join the alameda police department. oakland's mayor acknowledged the difficulty of the job, especially right now with negative images of police departments across the country. >> who are we? >> reporter: some graduates are originally from outside california, but after living here once, they knew they wanted to come back. >> being a police officer is something i always wanted to do. oakland is very similar to
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detroit. i felt like it would be a good fit for me. >> reporter: and these graduates have a positive outlook about the future. >> we are going to blue print of what is expected and be that change. >> reporter: city leaders say they are hopeful to turn the page on policing. these new officers are eager to write the next chapter. make you want your toughest and strongest people to take that challenge. >> reporter: but it is an uphill challenge is the oakland police department will still be done more than 100 officers after these join the force. the oakland police department tells us it's 26 graduates will spend the next four weeks preparing for the transition on duty in the city. reporting in alameda county, shawn mendes primm, kpix 5. >> choosing how they do their job.
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>> absolutely. it starts with one officer at a time. how about this? a story about the powerful connections you can make through social media. >> you really can bid for a san diego woman, it was actually life-changing. ruby durand was 23 when she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. stage five. her doctors said it would take almost a decade to find a match to replace one of her kidneys. she went through dialysis and posted her journey on tiktok. that is when a woman of the same blood type and close in age offered to help >> i saw a lot of people commenting. and i remember when i reached out to her, she did tell me that she had not found anybody, so i let her know i was already in the process and that i would talk to my coordinator. >> i don't know how to explain. she is my soulmate. >> ruby is now hoping to change careers and advocate for organ donors. >> lifelong friends for sure. >> bffs forever. you better believe it. thanks so much for watching us at 6:00. news continues streaming on cbs news bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5
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news app. >> more local news for you at 7:00. have a great week. >> see you at 7:00. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, we have a number of big stories as we come on the air. an american, killed fighting alongside the ukrainians. russia's relentless assault. first responders rush to help civilians as president zelenskyy says they found 900 ukrainians in mass graves around kyiv. tonight, what we're learning about the 22-year-old american marine veteran killed, leaving behind a seven-month-old son. we speak to his widow. >> he was very selfless and brave man. >> o'donnell: severe weather threat. millions of americans in the path of possible tornadoes. we're tracking the storm. wall street's brutal month. the stock market tumbles. abortion showdown. ton


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