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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 1, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. i don't think i would be comfortable sitting on that bench. >> residents calling for an increased police control after violence at their neighborhood. workers march through the streets as part of the may day rallies and we will have details on their demands and how the labor movement is growing. we will break down the highlights of the warriors game including the final score and
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we will bring you the excitement from chase center. thank you for joining us. police are investigating a deadly stabbing this morning, the 4th homicide since november. da lin has more. >> reporter: lakeshore avenue has been very busy during the day with joggers and people out for a walk and neighbor say at night his cul-de-sac becomes dangerous. >> reporter: oakland police walk to look for surveillance cameras and want to know who stabbed amanda death and it happened just before 3:00 sunday morning in the middle of lakeshore avenue right in front of this condominium complex. >> i heard a big commotion and i came outside on the balcony and i saw about five people beating up this guy. >> reporter: she declined to show her face. she said the attackers were two men and three women. and they all beat them up and they all jumped in the car and the guy got up and he stumbled and then he fell. >> reporter: the witness said
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the victim had blood on his chest and she said there were other people standing nearby including a security guard for their building and those witnesses tried to help the victim after the attackers left and police say it is the 4th homicide on this long dead end street since november and it is unclear what motivated this stabbing. police say the previous homicides were related to robberies. >> unfortunately not surprise because there has been so much of it. >> it is discouraging and i still of the neighborhood, but i think it would be comfortable sitting on a bench there after dark, honestly. >> reporter: in addition to those four homicide, there have been reports there have been several non-fatal shooting s >> a greater police presence and if they drive through with their lights flashing it makes the cars move in get out. >> reporter: a lot of people park and hang out and they say it makes them easy targets for robbers and some of those have led to fights.
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police have not released the victim's name and we understand he was in his 30s and police are still looking for the suspects. police are asking the public's help in solving a homicide. they say he was shot and killed near foothill boulevard on march 28 of 2020. police said a nissan with no plates pulled up while he was walking down the street. multiple people got out of the car and shot him. the police are working with limited leads and investigators recovered the suspects car saying it was rented in reno. police said to contact them with any information. the sheriff's department has taken at least seven guns off the street last week and here are the guns they confiscated last night. deputies say a suspect that own one of the guns was wanted and aiming for civilians. a person is under arrest after a multicar crash at a
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busy intersection in the area of capital expressway and this afternoon. police say the driver was involved in a hit and run crash minutes before causing one and the driver was taken to the hospital for injuries and unknown how many others are injured. labor union members across the bay area and the country came together to celebrate mayday also known as international labor day and crowds of people marched to san francisco city hall fighting for workers right. we asked some in the crowd where the labor movement was going out of the pandemic. >> reporter: workers from unions across the bay area representing a variety of industries came here to san francisco to celebrate mayday and they had one major theme, calling out the largest corporations in this country.
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they argue that those businesses have made so much money during the pandemic that they do have a responsibility to make sure their workers are fairly compensated. marching down market street in downtown and rallying at the civic center, union leaders and their members called on the rich and powerful to do more for workers struggling in today's economy. >> it is important to highlight that workers are at the core of everything we do in our society. >> reporter: not just organizations in the bay area with current labor disputes with these unions, but large employers like amazon and starbucks mentioned by name. >> i think one of the reasons the labor movement is growing is that work in the united states and around the world is becoming more difficult. >> reporter: workers say it is a promising sign that employees at those companies have created their own unions. >> we know that unions are a way for us to have those basic rights and have a basic livable wage. >> reporter: amazon said things
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working directly with its employees is better than creating a union, and starbucks says it will continue to work on the best experiences for its employees even after they formed a union. >> we really do have to fight with forces that just want to profit off of labor. >> we live in a capitalist society, so it is hard to detach from that. >> reporter: they stood together today empowered to keep making more progress toward higher wages and more benefits. >> speakers at the event weighed in on the upcoming elections in the bay area saying they are against the current recall effort in the san francisco district attorney. teachers unions have joined in on the fight last week we saw a one-day teachers strike among the unified school district in earlier this year the mount diablo teachers union called for a 12.5 percent salary increase over the next three years. from the north bay to the
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south, earthquakes all over the bay area this weekend and two hit in northern sonoma county happening yesterday near big sulfur creek near windsor and the first was 3.3 and the second was a 3.4 and another one struck down on the san andreas at 2.5 and it hit before four clock in the morning. we will look live at the east bay and cal fire is warning of dry vegetation as the weather gets warmer. they are encouraging everybody to be aware of weather conditions before doing certain outdoor activities that might spark a fire. a fire in new mexico has scorched more than 100,000 acres it is the calf canyon and hermit peaks fire and only 30% contained and there is concern the fire could double in size before it is under control. and now new mexico officials are starting to plan for evacuations in the las vegas area. oakland is working on a program that would use mental health experts to respond to
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nonviolent emergency calls. >> it's not just an emergency response but part of a bigger vision of how we care for our people. >> oakland is on the forefront of a smarter way of delivering services and safety for community members in crisis. >> $730,000 has already been secured to get it up and running. house speaker nancy pelosi and her delegation of lawmakers met the ukrainian president this weekend and kyiv with efforts underway in mariupol to evacuate civilians stranded at a steel plant. elise preston reports now from new york. >> reporter: how speaker pelosi led a half-dozen other congressional democrats and highly secret visit to the capital of ukraine and they met with president zelenskyy and his aides for about three hours. >> our commitment is to be there for you until the fight is done. >> reporter: in poland sunday,
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she also stressed america's commitment to ukraine during the russian onslaught. >> do not be bullied by bullies. we are there for the fight. and you cannot fold to a bully. >> reporter: the national guard of ukraine released video footage it says shows a strike on russian military equipment in the region and in the port city of mariupol, the un is helping to coordinate a so- called safe passage operation to evacuate ukrainians from a massive steel plant and ukrainian fighters and civilians are stranded and it is in the fortified basement as russian forces occupy the rest of the city. meanwhile the senate majority leader wants to seized russian assets to be sold for the money can be used to aid ukraine. >> these oligarchs with the aid of putin have become extremely wealthy and bought these types of assets which are here in the united states.
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>> reporter: across ukraine sunday, people are honoring the dead in an annual tradition a week after orthodox easter. this year, a cemetery on the outskirts of kyiv has dozens of new graves. coming up, fans who couldn't make it to memphis together that thrives city to watch the warriors take on the grizzlies. >> the gilroy garlic festival just may be making a comeback. the weather, a few changes ahead and we will have that forecast when we come back.
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you remember the big news about the garlic festival saying we are not going to do it anymore? well, nevermind. it has been revived a week after organizers announced its cancellation thanks to the ceo of the san joaquin asparagus festival. who know? he took the social media to announce they will host the annual event. and more information is expected to be announced soon. all birds eventually have to leave the nest, but not like this on catalina island. and eagle accidentally knocked and eagle it from its nest while taking flight and the baby chick tumbled down the cliff side and became stranded and the whole thing was caught on the nest camera setting off and elaborate rescue operation and they scaled the bluff around catalina island and
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rappelled down to the eaglet and the baby was then carefully placed in a bag and safely returned to its nest. the rescuers then went a step further reinforcing the nest and used twigs as guardrails and they hope that the next time this baby bird flies the coop that it will be by choice. let's go to live look at the chase center with the warriors watch party fans happy after the team beat the grizzlies. did you see it? are photojournalist shows us the sights and sounds from fans at thrives city. took that dunking contest was amazing and we adopted charlotte a year and half ago. >> worriers fans.
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>> we had twins, two identical girls. and they are two months old. >> i knew right away they were going to be worriers fans and sometimes i wake them up cheering and i said i have newborns and i have to chill. >> my dogs and i love them and i couldn't be in memphis so i am here representing. >> this is the next generation of warriors fans and they are both ready and they were born into it and we have to watch them get a win so i'd rather be here than anywhere. >> the final of the game will be 115-98. >> it will be 105-104.
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>> they will host another watch party for game 2 on tuesday. and thank you brian and are photojournalist for that story. we will check in and whether for more fun. >> yes. as we look toward alcatraz and a reminder to be on your best behavior on this sunday afternoon. a beautiful day with the wind picking up and that will be a sign of things to come as we do get a breezy night overnight and even windier tomorrow. it will be windy and cooler and warm-up on tuesday as we look toward oakland and the camera was shaken around a bit by some of those winds and 77 at concord and livermore 74. san jose it is 72. it is a pleasant sunday but it will be windy and cooler as we get into monday and it will power south into the pacific northwest and seattle gets a downpour. the rain will just slide over the border down to about the
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north coast with rain but for us we will be on the bottom end of that low and we will get some clouds and as i said the wind will pick up. temperatures do come down, but by tuesday, we are looking for the pressure to build. it will be significantly warmer in some spots in the bay area with some 80s by tuesday. the future cast shows things getting cloudier and we will freeze this at eight a clock in the morning and you can see that tomorrow morning clouds around much of the south bay and as the day goes on and this comes into the state it will increase the clouds in the north bay. we do begin the day with fairly cloudy skies and especially in the south bay, but by tomorrow evening, it blows out of here by monday at 5:30. clouds in the morning and we will get sunshine the rest of the day and tuesday hardly a cloud in sight except about midday tomorrow the sun comes
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out and it stays that way. what about rain in the next six days? which day in the next six has the highest probability of any chance of rain? >> i am looking here right now and it looks like and can you move for a second, friday, 22%. >> yes. a little bit of a chance of probably nothing. >> what i win? rain? sure. windy and cooler tomorrow and the wind will be gusty around the bay area and sunny and warmer tuesday and wednesday with a good beach day actually. no rain for the rest of the week and a tiny chance that she was talking about here. tonight temperatures will be in the 40s for the most part so a chilly night, but not as chilly as it could be. tomorrow, the numbers are mostly in the 70s, but not nearly as warm as it was today. the numbers do come back about 3 to 5 degrees and oakland at 66, fairfield, 76. san jose, 70. the extended forecast shows things that will be windy tomorrow in san francisco and along the coast and then in
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between the number is warm. the warmest day of the week will be in the 80s tuesday and wednesday before we cool it down for the later half of the week. so do expect things to be cooler tomorrow and warming up on tuesday and wednesday. but in terms of rain, probably not unless she is right. no rain over here. straight ahead in sports, the giants in days forced to call 800 dial a come back. the warriors did what? the western conference playoffs round 2 open for business.
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the nba playoffs up top and the worriers up against it to open round 2 on the road and that is an understatement. what a monster of a game for the hometown of justin timberlake. steph curry in memphis and the home standing john moran and the young grizzlies and in the first half memphis up a point and green hit clark in the head and grabbed his jersey. this play was ruled a flagrant foul and green was ejected. he made an exit. >> after the injection the layup was blocked and it was a
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throwdown of and alley-oop and the strong run a him a 61-55 lead. and you figure it is over but no problem. curry was filed from the corner and it when in. the warriors scored nine straight and they jump to the 4th and a one point worriers lead and off the bench she scored eight playoff career- high and in 90 seconds later it was clay thompson's turn and just made it at 99-93 and they extend the lead to 10 and then they made it a one point game and they knocked down the score and with a few minutes left he sliced through for an acrobatic layup and gave memphis of the lead and they scored with 40 seconds to go and the doves down 1 and in the right place at the right time and they lead
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117-116 a last-minute and the same score but three seconds later and disrupted another on the drive and the warriors without green had a huge one 117-116 and look who greeted the team off of the floor. >> i have a list of everybody who made huge contributions and we will need that every game because that is what it takes at this stage of a playoff run. >> he grabbed me at the end of the game and said keep your composure and i realized i needed to settle down and it is one game and you come in and get 1 so i am thankful for his leadership because it came to him call me me down. >> both bay area big-league 9s hosted finales and we will start you off with the giants. why not? they are the nls coleader. he was back from injury and
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fresh and ready to go but so were the washington nationals and 11 batters in the first mac inning and fernandez knocked it to a single and washington to a 5-0 lead quickly and then he only got 2 out and then jason waited 11 years for his first big-league hit in front of his family and got called up from the minus on friday and played over 1100 games in the minors and ford picked up in a trade yesterday and with the bases loaded he delivered 2 runs in five runs in the inning and made it an 8-5 game. but they would not get any closer. hernandez again ripped a three run double off of mcgee and the nationals got 11-5 with the giants dropping 2 of 3 games and a record now of 14 and 8 with the rockies in town tomorrow. >> the a's starter knocked out
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by the third mac inning and he walked with bases loaded and then he ripped one into right and it ended in over 26 and 2 runs made it 3-0. and then tristan mckenzie kept the a's that's off-balance and seven strikes out and the guardians got it 7-3 sweeping the series and oakland's record drop to 10- 12. the houston astros are in for 3 starting monday. a shout out. because of this game, it means game 2 on tuesday you have to wear the same thing any the same thing for breakfast and lunch and it is superstitions now and you can't let anything change. >> all right. okay. your highlights were spot on by the way. we will bebe
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san bruno fire department celebrating children's day and a lot of families gathering at the park for the festivities. >> it was an annual celebration motivating kids to read and the firefighters gave away red helmets to kids at the event. i know one book or several books. >> read a book and get a red
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helmet. that is perfect. >> are you can also order one of my coanchors a books on amazon >> that is captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> duncan: tonight a show of support. speaker nancy pelosi meets ukraine's president zelenskyy in the streets of kyiv. >> our commitment is to be there for you until the fight is done. >> duncan: her surprise visit a secret until today. >> battered mariupol, new evacuations at a beseiged steel plant. >> i'm charlie dagata in eastern ukraine where intense fighting continues but the evacuation of mariupol is under way. >> duncan: also tonight the political fight on capitol hill over billions in you funding for over billions in newdi


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