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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 1, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> america stands with ukraine. nancy pelosi makes a secret trip to visit ukraine tonight. we're hearing from some of her ukrainian constituents in san francisco, some who think america may be hurting ukraine. and another homicide in an oakland cul-de-sac leaving neighbors on edge and some considering a move. now city leaders are weighing in on the call for more police patrols. and dog owners beware. where dogs have been snatched by coyotes in the bay area. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. nancy pelosi met with ukrainian president zelenskyy to show support. kenny choi talked to san francisco residents and the
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ukrainian-russian community about the latest developments in this ongoing conflict. >> reporter: talking about the russian-ukrainian war and personal for this woman. she grew up in russia and has to explain the conflict to her seven-year-old daughter. >> we try to make it for a child to understand. maybe with a little less emotions. >> reporter: traditional russian desserts get churned at cinderella bakery in san francisco. the push for congress to act swiftly getting stronger as president biden is asking for 33 billion, most of it for military aid. >> our commitment is to be there for you until the fight is done. >> reporter: in a surprise visit, pelosi met with ukrainian president zelenskyy in kyiv and is now the highest ranking u.s. official to travel to ukraine since the
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start of the conflict. >> if they're making threats, you cannot back down. that's my view of it. you were there for the fight, and you cannot, you cannot told to a bully. >> i think every country needs to think what else they can do. >> the u.s. involvement and allyship with ukraine is sort of escalating the situation. >> reporter: some like alice are wary of the latest developments like 20 billion in military aid. $3 billion would go to humanitarian relief. >> they could do a lot better job of helping the refugees, those impacted by the war. >> anything to help stop the war and help the people there or who had to leave the country because we couldn't stay, that's what we're trying to do. >> reporter: in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5.
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>> back in march east bay congressman eric swalwell also made a trip to ukraine. a cul-de-sac in oakland is the scene of four homicides since november. the latest, this morning, when a man was stabbed to death on lake shore avenue. investigators are looking for surveillance footage of the incident. one witness said it was a group of five attackers. two women and three men. the witness wants to remain anonymous. >> they just was really beating him up. all the sudden the women said oh, let's go, let's go. so they all jumped in the car, and the guy got up, then stumbled, then he fell. >> nearby residents are frustrated with crime in the area. one neighbor said he's moving out, tired of living in fear. one council member responded with a statement saying in part i'm calling for immediate action. the parking restrictions when the park is closed must be enforced, including ticketing and towing.
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that will help prevent violence from occurring. about an hour ago, san jose police arrived on the scene of a fatal accident involving a vehicle and cyclist. it happened near capital expressway. the cyclist was pronounced dead. this is the second person to be fatally struck by a car this weekend in san jose. the investigation is ongoing. and a person is under arrest after a multicar crash at a busy san jose intersection this afternoon. police say the driver was involved in a hit and run crash just minutes before causing another one. the driver was taken to the hospital for injuries. it's unclear how many others are injured. the search for a carjacking suspect led police to 70-pounds of marijuana. these are pictures of inside the car. they arrested a carjacking suspect from oakland. the car was tracked down using automatic license plate
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readers. the suspect had warrants out of alameda and solano counties. the union representing thousands of stanford and lucille packard medical workers have reached an agreement. they'll get a raise, boosted health benefits, and an additional week of vacation time in 2024. labor union members across the bay area and country came together to celebrate may day today. also known as international labor day around the world. crowds of police, excuse me, crowds of people marched to san francisco city hall in support of worker rights.
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>> reporter: workers representing a variety of industries came here to san francisco to celebrate may day. they had one major theme, calling out the largest corporations in this country. they argue those businesses have made so much money during the pandemic that they have a responsibility to make sure their workers are fairly compensated. >> reporter: marching down market street in downtown and rallying in the civic center, union leaders and their members call on the rich and powerful to do more for workers struggling in today's economy. >> it's important to highlight workers are at the core of everything we do in our society. >> reporter: large employers like amazon and starbucks mentioned by name. >> i think one of the reasons why the labor movement is growing is because work in the united states and around the world is becoming more difficult, actually. >> reporter: workers say it's
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a promising sign that employees at those companies have created their own unions. >> we know that unions are a way for us to be able to have those basic rights and have a basic livable wage. >> reporter: amazon has said it thinks working directly with its employees is better than them creates a union, and starbucks said it will continue to work on the best experiences for its employees even after they form a union. >> we really have to fight with forces that just want to profit off of labor. >> well, we live in a captainist society, so it's kind of hard to depatch from that. >> reporter: they food together today, empowered to keep making more progress toward higher wages and more benefits. reporting in kpix 5. the san francisco chronicle is reporting cathy boudin has died. she was a former member of the radical group weather underground.
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both she and her husband were involved in a deadly brink's truck robbery in 1991. she was released from prison in 2003. she went on to become a professor at columbia university. in other news, recent coyote attacks in san francisco have a lot of residents on edge. a lot of hiking trails are closed this time of year just to be careful, but twice in one recent week, small dogs were snatched in front of their owners. one resident said coyotes aren't afraid of humans either. >> it noticed us and then crossed the street no problem and started getting closer, so we ran back inside. >> reporter: so it actually came closer? >> yes, it saw us and came to us. >> reporter: that's a little unnerving, isn't it? >> very. it's not the first time. >> reporter: in the castro
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district, signs across the city are warning pet owners always keep them on a leash. sun down marked the end of ramadan for muslims world wide. it's a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection. >> reporter: of all the comforts of home, there's nothing like a meal to feed nostalgia. for these refugees, ramadan's meals eaten after sunset to breakfast can bring reminders of joyous days past. it's also a reminder of what is left behind. do you and your family feel lonely during ramardan? >> of course, we do. we always have friends and family with us, but we just
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like watching each other. >> reporter: he says he can't forget the escape from afghanistan last fall in the taliban takeover. >> i was stuck in the airport for five or six days. i was just sleeping and waiting for my family. >> reporter: he and his family found refuge in san francisco. so did yamin's family. >> a lot of them have seen a lot of trauma, and we want to be a helping hand. >> reporter: this is the refugee aid group, african americans helping new rios from the transition. >> we've heard stories of parents and how they felt when they first got here and the sense of loneliness. >> reporter: since this is
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their first ramadan away from home, they're trying to bring in that holiday spirit and housing refugees to help them with their community and each other. >> reporter: is it nice to be around other people besides your family? >> yes. >> reporter: and a little taste of home. cbs news, san diego. still ahead on kpix 5 news at 11:00, a nurse at uc davis intervenes and saves the life of the same boy twice. we'll have that story.
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it.
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chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. tonight a teen is counting his blessings after uc davis saved his life twice. here's what he's doing to give back to the doctors that changed his life. >> reporter: you won't hear this 16-year-old gripe getting out of his wheelchair. he's proud to show his progress. he's come a long way. >> i remember waking up in the er not being able to feel or move anything below my chest. >> reporter: in october of 2020 he was riding his bike when a pickup truck sideswiped him and dragged him 50 feet.
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>> i was just kind of laying there basically lifeless with just my head working. >> reporter: it would take nine surgeries at uc davis medical center, multiapproximate million skin grafts, and extensive rehab to get him to where he is today a year and a half later. >> watching every piece of it was very painful. >> you want to almost stop breathing because every breath you take takes you further in time and you don't know what it will be. >> they saved my life and also my body. i wouldn't be able to be here if it wasn't for them. >> reporter: and it's not the first time uc davis health doctors saved his life. the first time he was just six months old, fighting stage 4 cancer. right beside him, the same nurse that would help him through his accident 15 years later. >> guess who came to see my
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favorite guy? >> reporter: jenna, now retired, not to see him for the first time since the hospital. >> they are like family, and they're so appreciative. their words were way too kind. it was like oh my gosh. but it is, it makes your job so worth while and it's something you never forget. >> reporter: he and his parents just started a pediatric trauma therapy fund to raise money for the same uc davis health program that helped him recover. now not only back on his bike, even skiing. >> i look at him and his determination to do so. i can't be more proud. >> even though i'm in a wheelchair and don't have most of my mobility, it's still a gift. the garlic festival has been revived a week after organizers announced it's canceled. that's all thanks to the ceo
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of the san joaquin asparagus festival who announced they'd host the upcoming event. more information is expected to be announced soon. and some doctors in canada are prescribing patients park passes. the passes grant them free admission to 80 sites including national parks and historic places throughout canada. let's see what's happening outside in the bay area right now. live look now at, i believe this is san jose. brian has the forecast. black mountain right now. it's made its way over there. >> yeah, i don't think it's san jose. >> yeah, it's not, i changed it! >> we have a look right now at -- >> not san jose. i think it's san francisco.
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>> it is! a look at sutro tower. there is sutro right there. been broadcasting from that tower since 1974. concord 58, oakland 53, livermore 52, and 52 in san francisco, 55 san jose. tomorrow windy and cooler. temperatures will drop, winds will pick up. we'll have pretty gusty winds along the shoreline. monday afternoon, 47 miles per hour gusts, and all through the bay we have pretty good westerly winds. as a result, well, if you take the air conditioner out here and just blow it through the bay area, the numbers come down, and they will. just 60s around the bay. few low 70s inland, but not as warm as today. there's the culprit. low pressure sinking into the pacific northwest. pressure goes down, temperatures follow suit. expect the numbers to be
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cooler. but then high pressure builds up, significantly warmer by the time we get to tuesday when numbers around the bay area will be in the upper 80s by wednesday. so couple of warm days tuesday and wednesday. not tomorrow. on the futurecast, monday at 8:00 in the morning, here's tomorrow corning. a lot of cloudiness around the south bay and east bay. if you're well inland, you'll be fine. but things clear out as the day goes on, so by 5:30 tomorrow afternoon and evening, perfectly clear skies and they stay that way. we'll roll it on through tuesday. skies becoming severely clear much of the day thursday. in terms of rain, any chance at all? maybe friday slightly in santa rosa, but just slight. here's what we expect. it will be windy, cloudy in the morning, and cooler tomorrow for sure. sun in the afternoon. and then sunny and much warmer tuesday and wednesday. the numbers bump up inland by 5 to 10 degrees. for the rest of the week, it
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looks like there's no rain on the ray at all. for tonight, numbers in the 40s. a mild night because of the winds. tomorrow cloudy in the morning with the east bay mostly sunny, and 71 at plant hill and up in the north bay the numbers mostly in the upper 60s, low 70s. chilly along the shoreline. around ukiah and clear lake, in the 60s for the most part. numbers warm tuesday and wednesday. breezy and mild with clouds. and for the inland areas, the warmest spots wednesday when inland east bay gets up to the upper 80s. we cool it off the second half of the week. so warming trend after a cool day tomorrow. speaking of super cool, here's
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jules. proposed changes for two refineries in the east bay. and airbnb is ending a covid cancellation policy. how it could impact your summer plans. hostile territory. nba playoffs and one of the best players gets ejected? how did the warriors get out of this. >> i don't think he deserved that. >> a's and giants make a little noise, but is it enough? and who are the new guys as part of the 49ers? we'll let you in on that more coming up on gam
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now we take a live look at the martinez refinery. on tuesday, the contra costa county board of supervisors will hear two plans to convert two refineries into bio fuel facilities. plans have been approved by the planning commission, but more than a dozen environmental groups and individuals are appealing those decisions. california is helping first time home buyers with a new program that will offer forgivable loans. it's called the forgivable equity builder loan. first time buyers can borrow up to 10% of a home's purchase price. for the debt to be forgiven, they have to live in the home for five years.
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qualifiers are middle income family making less than 80% of their county's median income which is under$120,000. airbnb ending their covid refund policy at the end of the month. after may ll have to cover short term rental costs, even if the cancellation was due to coronavirus. as you might know, for much of the pandemic, guests that had to cancel an airbnb reservation could do so without penalty, but starting in june, the cancellation policy is now up to individual hosts. the boom in pet adoptions during the pandemic is creating the demand for dog friendly offices. the aspca reports 23 million households adopted a pet in the covid lockdowns. as people are returning to work, people say pet friendly environments are an office friendly perk. a recent survey shows 57% of workers wanted to return to
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pet friendly work places and half of 500 top executives surveyed agree with ea saying they're planning to allow pets at the office. we like that. >> we do like that. up next the winners and losers of the weekend box office, including one movie's disappointing debut. and a reminder to download the kpix 5 app. it's easy to do. point your camera at that thing, and away you go. you can sign up for breaking news alerts, and we'll be right back.
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there was only one major new movie opening this weekend. >> really, which was it? >> i don't know, you tell me. >> which movie won the weekend box office? here's the countdown. >> reporter: everything everywhere all at once climbed from sixth place into the top five this weekend on ticket sales of $5.5 million. the northman repeated at fourth place while fantastic beasts held on to number three with 8.3 million. >> i make this look good! >> reporter: the spineny spineny blue hedge hog has a four weekend
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total of $161 million. dreamworks animated adventure the bad guys continued at number one for the second weekend in a row with $16.1 million. this weekend's only new wide release, the action flick memory, debuted in eighth place. dr. strange and the multiverse of madness is also coming this week, the twin, and happening. >> stay with us, next we'll introduce you to some of the newest
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well, there are new wart hogs at safari west in santa rosa, and they were actually born in early april, but safari west is just now releasing pictures of them. there are three boys and a girl, and they're already venturing out of their nest and exploring the park. >> nice. baseball legend jackie robinson's all star game bat sold for $1 million in an auction yesterday. a bat from 1949 that came directly from jackie's widow rachel. the second most expensive piece of his memorabilia is a
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game worn brooklyn dodgers jersey that sold for $4.2 million. thanks
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this is the casino matrix game day on kpix 5. just what the man said, first game day of me. what do we have for you? a lot we will hit you with the
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warriors. what a second-round opener. they racked up 31 assists! pulled down 51 rebounds, good heavens! the one player who makes the defensive and offensive calls, ejected. that's right, gone. for half the game. it came down to the last shot. steph curry in memphis. of course he got top billing. ja morant , and then five minutes into the game, six foot three, ja morant off to a hot start . split the defenders. scored 13 in the first quarter. a key first tough moment. draymond green , this was ruled a flagrant two foul. he made an exit is only he can.
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after the ejection,


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