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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  May 2, 2022 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. streaming on cbs news bay area, an officer struck by a car in a deadly stabbing two miles away, the violence in oakland leaving neighbors on edge. house speaker nancy pelosi heads overseas, her meeting with the polish president after a surprise visit in ukraine. supporting workers rights in san francisco, the message behind this may day rally. the festival will go on. the announcement just made and who is expected to host. >> i'm excited about that one. glad it's coming back.
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it's monday, may 2nd. >> gianna franco here and darren peck is here to give us a look outside. we went to half-moon bay this weekend. it's a little bit cloudy. weather wasn't too bad. >> today a 5 to 9-degree cool down from where we were yesterday. where we are going to be today compared to yesterday, concord 9 degrees cooler, santa rosa 6 degrees cooler. oakland you will drop as well. in the low 70s for the warm erinlands spots. it was 80 yesterday in concord. today going to 71. starting to feel that change already to begin the day. the main reason is because it's breezier out there to start monday morning than we were on sunday. down into the low 40s for santa rosa. it's cold in the north bay but around 50 everywhere else. for daytime highs, 66, redwood
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and san mateo, 70 santa rosa. 66 for hayward. the wind speeds, windy along the coast, that's to be expected. if you look on the other side of the map, that bright purple bullseye, that's the altamonte pass. the winds are rushing over that and you have been watching that for minor issues. what do you have? >> things are breezy this morning. especially the san mateo bridge, altamonte pass, the two spots where caltran issued a winds advisory overnight. pack your patience. things are getting crowded westbound working your way towards the peninsula side and e sign is illuminated. metering rights were turned on 15 minutes ago and back up building a little bit as you work towards the pay gates there. crowded across the upper deck
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off the sky way into the city. a violent sunday in oak land as we look from there, one incident left an opd officer in the hospital and near lake merit, a man was kill after he was stabbed several times. justin andrews is in the newsroom. some people are saying they are moving out and tired of this. >> they are disturbed by the violence, creeping into their neighborhoods. they are sick and tired of feeling unsafe outside of their own homes and understandably so. they are packing up and getting out. >> we had three neighbors in this building move out within the last eight months. it's discouraging sometimes. i love the neighborhood but i don't think i would be comfortable sitting on beanch after dark. >> -- on the bench after dark. >> police responded to this area when officers found a guy pulling a trigger and running
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into a home. a car drove away from the scene and crashed into a police patrol car injuring an officer. we know he is in stable condition before that incident, there was a deadly stabbing near lake merit. a group of five attackers, three men and two women were beating up a man and stabbed him to death. the man was in his 30s. council member saying she is done with the violence, calling for the city to enforce parking restrictions around the lake to prevent violence. what neighbors are asking oakland's mayor and police to do coming up in 30 minutes. justin andrews, kpix 5. a live look at san jose, police are investigating after a bicyclist was hit and killed. this happened near capital expressway last night. the driver is cooperating, this was the second person in san jose to be hit and killed bay car over the weekend. a person is under arrest after
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a multicar crash at a busy intersection. this happened near capital expressway yesterday. the drive was involved in a hit and run crash minutes before causing this one. the driver was taken to a hospital for injuries, it's unclear how many others were injured. i'm ann makovec at the live news desk, the new video of house speaker nancy pelosi in poland, she and a delegation of six members met with the polish president. this comes two days after she was meeting with the ukrainian president in kyiv. she is the second in line to the presidency after the vice president and the most senior american lawmaker to visit ukraine since the war began and sent out this statement saying further informed and deeply moved by our experiences throughout our engagements in poland, our delegation will return to washington ready to continue our work until victory
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is won. once congress is back in session, they will be debating another aid package for ukraine. we will keep our eye on that. back to you. we are expecting an update from stanford nurse on whether they voted to pass a new contract for thousands of hospital workers, the union that represents workers were vote on the contract last night. nurses took to the picket lines last week. the contract would raise salaries by 17% over three years. boost benefits and add additional week of vacation time starting in 2024. if ratified, they will be back on the job as soon as tomorrow. labor union members and the country came together to celebrate may day, also known as international labor day around the world. crowds of people marched
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through san francisco city hall in support of works rights. sean has that story. >> reporter: workers from unions across the bay area representing a variety of industries came here to san francisco to celebrate may day, they had one major theme calling out the largest corporations in this country. they argue those businesses have made so much money during the pandemic, they have a responsibility to make sure their workers are fairly compensated. marching down market street in downtown and then rallying in the civic center, union leaders and members called on the rich and powerful to do more for workers struggling in today's economy. >> it's important to highlight that workers are at the core of everything we do in our society. >> reporter: not just organizations in the bay area with current labor disputes with these unions but large employers like amazon and starbucks mentioned by name. >> one of the reasons why the
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labor movement is growing is because work in the united states and around the world is becoming more difficult. >> workers say it's a promising sign that employees at those companies have created their own unions. >> unions are a way for us to be able to have those basic rights and to have a basic livable wage. >> amazon said it thinks working directly with employees is better than them creating a union and starbucks will continue to work on the best experiences for its employees even after they formed a union. >> we do have to fight with force as this want to profit off of labor. >> we live in a capitalist society and hard to detach from that. >> they stood together empowered to keep making more progress towards higher wages and more benefits. reporting in san francisco, kpix 5. good news for your monday
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morning the gilroy garlic festival has been revived one week after organizers announced the cancellation and thanks ceo of the asparagus festival. more info is expected to be announced soon. good news. coyotes becoming bold and brazen. some are paying a big price. caltran slashing services, how it may affect your commute. it's just tough to get beat this view from the top of the sales force tower. sun coming up here just about in the next four to five minutes. it's going to be breezy today. breezier than yesterday and we got a cool down for today. for some of us 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday but a one-day drop, the real story in this forecast is how warm it's going to be for the middle of this week. we will look at that coming up
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the search for a cash jacking suspect led to 67 pounds of marijuana. picture of what they found inside a car. they arrested a suspect from oakland. the car was tracked down using automatic license plate readers. people in san francisco are being told to be on alert after several recent coyote attacks. several hiking trails are closed out of precaution. small dogs were snatched in front of their owners. one man says they are not
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afraid of humans. >> it noticed us and crossed the street and started getting closer. >> it came closer to you. >> it saw us and came to us. >> that's a little unnerving isn't it? >> very. it's not the first time. >> signs around the city have been going up warning pet owners to keep them on a leash. advising dogs be picked up and removed from the area. call train is scaling back service, fewer trains will run as crews step up the work this san mateo and burlingame. service dropping from the 104 trains to 88. baby bullet express trains are suspended. this continues until friday may 20th with trains using a single track, the electrification work was supposed to be finished in march but pushed back after cra train slammed into a work vehicle and injured 13 people.
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darren has a treat for us this morning as we toss to your first alert forecast. >> nice when we start weather at the exact moment sunrise is happening. that's the view we got from the camera on top of sales force towards the east. the diablo range is in between us and the sun. it has risen above the horizon. we will see it crest over sidly hill in a minute, which is coming up behind that landmark in the east bay hills. i can't sit on this camera until it happens. i only get so much time and there are things to discuss. sunrise happening at 6:12. temperatures out there now, 41 degrees in santa rosa. kind of cold in the north bay valleys and a big difference between there and everywhere else. 50 degrees everywhere else. the north bay valleys, colder than everywhere this morning. warm up to a higher number in
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the afternoon. 70 santa rosa. mid-60s here in the heart of the bay. i showed you this when we started this half hour block, numbers are 10 degrees colder in the inland valleys today. in the heart of the bay, 5 to 6- degree cool down. the wind, no wind advisories not on a broad general scale for the bay area. gianna franco will have some on the bridges but breezy enough that you notice it. see the colors lighting up the screen through the late morning and early afternoon. a on shore wind, cooler and breezy and feel it marton water and bay shoreline and through the altamonte pass. that's red bullseye and 30 miles an hour gust going over the pass. breezy and 10 degrees cooler. one day like that. the real headline is how much warmer things are going to get after today. 75 an average high this time of
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year. 71 today with the cool down today. pretty much cool down below average. we take right off again, 91 for the daytime high by the time we get to wednesday, that will be short lived because after we do that 91 on wednesday, the next system comes in from the pacific, it makes it breezy, cools us back down again and we keep doing that spring sea saw. san francisco, oak land and san jose, san jose often shows us more than anywhere else from 69 to 87 on wednesday, back down to 69 by next sunday and see it in the inland valleys of the east bay, 20-degree difference from today, 71, to wednesday at 91. how is the drive looking? >> crowded this morning for the monday ride if you are getting readied to head out the door, grab the jacket, taking 880, mobile 5 here, not driving too
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fast, it's slowing down southbound 880, past that exit and getting crowded. give yourself a few extra minutes, especially towards the 92 connector to the san mateo bridge. another perspective of 880, nimitz freeway, looking better, that is north of there head near the colosseum, not a ton of brake lights. approaching the maize might slowdown a little bit. so far so good for the most part. a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge and getting busy westbound, tail lights towards foster city, that's the commute direction and they have the cms sign illuminated. it's windy and they are asking you to reduce speeds while you work across the span. you will feel it if you are in a larger more high profile vehicle. bay bridge backing up beyond the 880 overpass. we are seeing things getting
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crowded across the upper deck. coming into san francisco, it is slowing down a bit there. wind advisory for the altamonte. a slow ride out of tracy on to 580 and sluggish through north flin and brake lights building on highway 4 and trouble spot, 242 connecting from highway 4 clear but is slow down to 680. back to you. coming up next on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area, northern california teen counting his bless,s, how he is giving back this morning. let's take a live look outside from our photographer, shannon, in emeryville, looking at the bay bridge. foggy skies out there. another look at your
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ready for lunch today. noon to 2:00, a little cooler than yesterday. not bad. not as nice as yesterday was. some of us like 10 degrees cooler. in the mid-60s there. well into the mid-70s for lunchtime yesterday. it will be breezy in the bay with temperatures in the mid- 60s. plan on a breezier day today and a little bit cooler by the way, sunrise, we captured it in a time lapse and that happened a few minutes ago, the 6:14 sunrise on instant replay, showing the highlights of the morning from our window on the bay. back over to you. a teen is counting blessings after uc davis saved his life twice. >> what he is doing to give
6:24 am
back to the doctors who changed his life. >> reporter: you won't hear 16 year old bassen gripe getting out of his wheelchair, he is proud to show his progress, he has come a long way. >> i remember waking up in the er, not being able to feel or move anything below my chest. >> reporter: in october of 2020, bassen was riding his bike when a pickup truck sideswiped him and dragged him 50 feet. >> i was kind of laying there, basically lifeless with just my head working. >> reporter: it would take nine surgeries at uc davis medical center multiple skin graphs, extensive rehab to get him to where he is today. a year and a half later. >> watching every piece of it was very painful. >> you want to almost stop breathing because every breath you take, takes you further in time and you don't know what it will be.
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>> they did save my life and they also saved my body. i wouldn't be able to be here if it wasn't for them. >> reporter: it's not the first time the doctors saved his life, the first time bassen was 6 months old, fighting stage four cancer. right beside him, the same nurse who would help him through his accident 15 years later. >> jen, now retired, got to see him for the first time since the hospital. >> they are like family. they are so appreciative. their words were way too kind. it is, it makes your job worthwhile and something you never forget. >> reporter: he didn't forget either. he and his parents started a pediatric trauma therapy fundraising money for the same uc davis health program that helped him recover, now not only back on his bike, even skiing.
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>> i look at him and his determination to do so, i can only be, i tend to be more proud. >> i still feel it's a gift. >> the money he raises will help pediatric patients with music and around therapy. house speaker nancy pelosi meeting with other top officials to help ukraine. what she says she is committing to this morning. more crime and people in oaklands moving
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iyou are just waking up with us, your morning headlines, police are investigating after a violent sunday in oakland. an unaccident left an officer in the hospital and expected to be okay. a man was killed after he was stabbed several times. investigation on the way in san jose after a bicyclist was hit and killed near capital expressway and mc loughlin avenue. the driver is cooperating. this was the second person to be hit and killed by a car over the weekend. we are expecting often update from stanford nurses on whether they voted to pass a new contract for hospital workers.
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the union that represents stanford and workers were voting last night, if ratified the nurses will be back on the job as soon as tomorrow. good morning, it's monday, may 2nd. >> good morning. we begin with first alert meteorologist -- >> it's not like we got a bay area wide wind advisory. no national weather service issued advisories. gianna franco will talk about a few from caltran. altamonte pass, breezy through the passes. it is cooler, santa rosa 41. 10 degrees cooler in the north bay valleys. the theme for today is breezy, yes. also for some of us, 10 degrees cooler for the afternoon highs. concord and livermore, dropping 9 degrees from yesterday. feeling that in the heart of the bay but not as much. san francisco doesn't change at
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all. 71 today this concord. it was almost 80 there yesterday. that covers the change, here is what it looks like on the traditional map. you can pick out your part of the bay. this terms of the breeze, it's windy along the coast, on shore breeze, that makes sense. the other side of the bay, that bright color, that's the altamonte pass, the winds are rushing through the gap. that's a minor issue. how is the drive doing? >> the wind advisory for the altamonte as well as the san mateo bridge. it's quiet as far as that goes at the bay bridge toll plaza. delays building headed towards san francisco. metering lights turned on 5:45 and back up in full swing to just about the foot of the maize. tracking brake lights off the east shore freeway. westbound 80 busy for the morning ride. san mateo bridge, sluggish
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westbound, definitely seeing volume there, heading towards the peninsula side and the wind advisory issued for the san mateo bridge, they have the warning sign illuminated off to the side and a busy ride for super commuters and breezy conditions as well. live look at oakland, it was a busy weekend, police investigating multiple crimes. one left an opd officer in the hospital. detectives are working to solve a deadly stabbing near lake merit. justin andrews is in the newsroom. some people say they can't take it anymore. >> our crews were gathering this story, we saw people gathering their things moving out telling us crime is out of hand, people are demanding leaders to do something about it. crime is just creeping a little too close to home. the map here, 8:30 last night, opd responded to a shooting call and saw someone running into a home. a car took off from the scene,
6:33 am
but not before slamming into a police squad car injuring an officer. he was taken to the hospital. he is listed in stable condition and expected to be okay. witnesses say five people beat up a man and stabbed him to death right near lake merit. the deadly attack happened in a cul-de-sac near lake shore avenue. crimes like the ones that unfolded over the weekend are forcing people out and some are leaving a message for city leaders. >> a greater police presence on this cul-de-sac. >> if they drive through, that makes a lot of the cars move. >> our message to our mayor, please step up, pull her leaders together and come up with a viable way where we can be safe. >> council member is trying to curb crime but calling for parking enforcement around lake merit. neighbors want more boots on the ground so leaders can get a
6:34 am
better grip on the violence. new video shows house speaker nancy pelosi and house colleagues meeting with the president of poland in warsaw. efforts to help ukraine were at the top oh of the agenda. they thanked the polish government for taking in ukrainian refugees, she says they talked about strengthening the nato alliance as work against russian aggression. the same delegation was in ukraine to meet with that country's president, the trip to kyiv was not announced ahead of time for security reasons. president zelensky shook hands with pelosi, adam schiff and lawmakers, they told him financial support will not waiver. >> our commitment is to be there for you until the fight is done. >> back in the u.s., president
6:35 am
biden wants congress to authorize a $33 billion aid package for ukraine, but it may face obstacles if lawmakers try to link it with covid spending. the group of lawmakers has negotiated a $10 billion package for covid relief. >> we need covid aid, we need ukraine aid and should do them together or separately. we shouldn't wait around. >> democrats are looking at memorial day weekend as the target date to get the ukraine deal passed. the mother -- kathy bowdean was a former member of the radical group weather underground, she and her husband were involved in a brings truck robbery in 1981. it left a guard and two police officers dead. she was released from prison in 2003 and she became a professor at columbia university.
6:36 am
she was 78 years old. i'm ann makovec, a live look at san jose this morning, we are expecting an announcement from a santa clara county supervisor that wants the county to spend $3 million to help planned parenthood pay for abortions for people that come from out of state. people coming from states who have had their access to abortions restricted like texas. that measure for the $3 million is going to come before the board tomorrow and this comes a month after the governor signed the abortion assessability act. today doctors and patients hope to raise awareness about the most serious form of skin cancer on melanoma monday. >> it's one of the most common cancers found in young adults. dina has one woman's story and her message to others. >> reporter: leah says her life
6:37 am
forever changed after being diagnosed with melanoma two and a half years ago, she was 26. >> i felt like i gave myself cancer. i thought about the times i should have worn sunscreen. >> reporter: as her dad was battling melanoma, she got a suspicious mole checked. >> it was starting to become black in the middle, uneven, borders and edges and a red ring. >> reporter: tanning beds are high risk behavior for melanoma and skin cancers. one trip increases the risk. >> reporter: a cleveland clinic dermatologist, the american academy of dermatology urges everyone to do regular skin checks follow the abc de rule, asim industry, irregular border, varying color, diameter, melanomas are usually
6:38 am
more than six millimeters. leah had surgery to remove her melanoma and lymph nodes, it was caught early. >> i realize i can keep living a life of my pity party or i can take what happened to me and share it with others and see if it resonates with someone else that may have had skin cancer or maybe putting off a skin check. >> reporter: her message for young women. >> if you want to look tanks there are great options with stray tans or self tanners and it's safer than going out in the sun. >> reporter: she needs skin checks every three months and make sure to protect herself outdoors. catching covid will no longer be an excuse to cancel your airbnb reservation. the policy about to change next. dub nation out of full force to support the chase. how it appeared to pay off.
6:39 am
the market opened 10 minutes ago. a quick check on the big board, dow is down 150 points. a quick preview of what is next on cbs mornings. ahead on cbs mornings, may is mental health awareness month and an effort to stop the stigma. celebrities wants to share their experiences and tips on how to talk to children. snapchat is one of the most popular platforms, especially amongst kids only on cbs mornings. safety concerns from parents and why he thinks his competitors are wrong about the meta verse. steve heartman takes us to high school where one teenager made
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the federal reserve expected to raise interest rates this week. plus, where moderna's vaccine for younger children is standing. matt piper reports from the cbs broadcast center. >> reporter: stocks fell on friday to end a brutal month, dow lost 139 point, nasdaq slid 536. s&p 500 down 155. the worst month for the dow and s&p since march 2020 when coronavirus restrictions took hold of the country. for the tech heavy nasdaq, steep declines from major companies like amazon and facebook parent meta platforms caused the worst sell-off since 2008. the federal reserve expected to raise rates by half a percent following the two day policy meeting, the first hike greater than a quarter since 2000. as the fed ramps up the fight against inflation.
6:44 am
increases to interest rates make borrowing for homes and cars more expensive. moderna's chief medical officer says he is confident data for the vaccine for young children will be ready for the nda to review in june. moderna asked fda for emergency use authorization for kids under 6 years old. pfizer expects data to be ready by the time they hold the june meeting. that's your money watch report. head to matt piper. oakland, a pop up small businesses resources fair will get underway today at the oakland chamber of commerce on broadway, advice on how to finance a business, begins at 2:00 this afternoon. california is helping first time home buyers with a new program that will offer forgivable loans, the forgivable equity builder loan, borrow up to 10% of the
6:45 am
purchase price, for the debt to be forgiven, the buyer has to live in the home for five years, middle income families, making less than 80% of their county's median income, which is below $120,000. air b and b will have to cover costs even if the cancellation was due to coronavirus. guests who had to cancel an airbnb reservation. live look at chase center, fans held a rowdy celebration yesterday after the warriors took game once against the grizzlies. people gathered outside as the doves took the court in memphis. the warriors had to play the game without green who was ejected for a flagrant foul in the second quarter. >> the home fans were state put
6:46 am
courageous performance. >> it's dub nation out here today. i love them. i love them. i'm a senior ticketholder. i couldn't be in memphis so i'm here representing my doves. >> the next generational warriors fans. they were born into it. we got to watch them get a win. >> the game had a razor close finish, warriors winning 11 7- 116. you have another chance, they will host a watch party for game two tomorrow night. tip off at 6:30 our time. go doves. a fun one to watch. flagrant foul situation. >> i like what the sunrise is looking like. >> we are going to look back at that again. sun is up. that happened at 6:15. this is on top of the sales
6:47 am
force tower. a gorgeous sunrise. look at the water in the foreground. that's all in the wind. the water is getting pulled out of the bay. the wind was showing a bit of on shore breeze. it's going to be 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday and it's going to be breezy. see it on first alert doppler. there is one of our looks. it helps us to come away with the context of why the weather over the next six days is going to be up and down. several weak weather systems, clipping the northern third of the state. we don't get rain out of them here. breezy and cooler. that is happening today. by thursday and friday, going to do it again, breezy and cooler. there is a warm up, tuesday and wednesday, like low 90s for
6:48 am
daytime highs. today, not so. 41 degrees for santa rosa. low 50s for most of us. here is the breeze on today. see the bright colors along the coast and in the bay, on shore wind, stays with us through the afternoon and gusting over the altamonte pass. it totally reverses tomorrow. the wind turn off for tuesday and the offshore winds turn on up there, that gives us the warmer scenario. after today's numbers, which are down, 10 degrees in some places from yesterday. a nice day at low 70s inland. it's not going to be as nice as sunday. it was sunny, calm and warm. monday is cooler and breezy. the trend is going back the other way, if average for this time of year inlands would be 75 we are at 71 today. tuesday and wednesday, yep, there is another drop on thursday and friday as that next system comes in, brings rain to the northern third of the state. we get a few clouds on thursday
6:49 am
and friday from it. we will stay cool into next weekend. daytime highs in the mid to upper 60s into next weekend. the inland valleys of the east bay, 71 today. 91 on wednesday and back down into the low 70s by next weekend. gianna franco, you have been tracking the wind. how is that impacting the drive? >> breezy conditions on the altamonte and san mateo bridge. mobile 5 is out and about, getting you a great perspective of conditions along 880. heading into union city, south of here, running into a few brake lights into the freemont area. nimitz, slowing in spots, union city, cruising along with no major issues or delays. let's look at the dublin interchange, a few brake lights westbound working towards 680 and it's windy, that wind advisory is in effect for the
6:50 am
altamonte pass. if you are traveling in a larger more high profile vehicle, watch for brake lights out of tracy and be careful. you might see reduced speeds, especially through the livermore valley. highway 4 busy, seeing slow speeds through pittsburgh and bay point. a trouble spot, 680 into pleasant hill. a back up into the concord area. checking travel times, getting ready to hit the freeways, 51 minutes, altamonte pass, east shore freeway, 25 minutes from highway 4 to the maize and highway 4 about 38 minutes from the antioch bridge over 280. san jose, not a bad drive, stop and go conditions near the 286 connector. metering lights are on. this back up headed into the city. live to sfo, passengers traveling on united flights to honolulu will be treated to festivities before they depart.
6:51 am
it's to mark the airlines 75th anniversary of flying to the hawaiian islands. the flight was on may 1st, 1947. today during the flight customers are set to learn about the hawaii culture and a toast to 75 minutes into the flight, the airline says they will also raffle off two round trip first class tickets. i'm jealous they are going to hawaii in the first place. thy >> anthe chance for a round trip first class ticket. it is 6:51, next on kpix 5, and streaming on cbs news bay area, oakland hit with back to back violence. live with the investigations underway now. . indy basketball coach turned hero, how he jumped into action to save a student's life. invitation, join us after this news cast on our streaming service, cbs news bay area, the
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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6:55 am
i'm justin andrews life as detectives are pretty busy working two investigations from over the weekend, one inthe effort incident left an officer to the hospital. >> we had three neighbors move out within the last eight months. >> we saw people gathering their things moving out, telling us crime is out of hand. five people beat up a man and stabbed him to death, right near lake merit. the deadly attack happened on lake shore avenue, police
6:56 am
digging into a scene around 8:30 last night, the map shows you where this went down. opd responded to a shooting call and saw someone running into a home. a car took off but not before slamming into a squad car. he was taken to the hospital. we are told hestable pe a monce calling foe yor etcideogethecomo fe. ve ithe newsroi'm in andws, tifor a look at the other top stories. a man is dead after a crash involving a vehicle and a bicyclist in san jose. this is the second person in san jose to be hit and killed by a car. nancy pelosi met with the polish president in warsaw. a delegation thanked poland for taking in refugees.
6:57 am
just yesterday, the same group of lawmakers met with zelensky in kyiv. nurses at stanford could reach new work agreement with the hospitals any minute now. if ratified the nurses will be back on the job as soon as tomorrow. people in san francisco are told to be on alert after several recent coyote attacks. many hiking trails are closed. small dogs have been snatched in front of their owners. the gilroy garlic festival has been saved one week after organizers announced its cancellation, after the ceo of the asparagus festival took to social media to say they will host the event. getting ready to make the trek across the bay bridge, the metering lights are on and a struggle for the ride into san francisco, 17 minutes from the maize over to the city, east shore backing up, san mateo
6:58 am
bridge, winds advisories in effect and westbound heading towards 101, winds advisory in effect for commuters into the altamonte pass and a slow ride through there. cooler this morning and breezy, see the water on the bay from our camera on top of the sales force tower, a little bit of choppiness to it. low to mid 40s now. i'm going to sneeze. that's never happened to me on air before. i stopped out of sheer fear. i never sneezed on air before. low 50s for most of uses breezyer in the water breeze breezier near the pass. noticeably warmer by tuesday and wednesday with daytime highs that are going to climb 10 degrees from here. low 90s for the inland spots. getting new video of a basketball coach who is being
6:59 am
credited with saving a student's life. >> according to the principal he jumped jumped into action without hesitation. one of the students was starting to check. he is a teacher at the school and was on monitored duty. see how quickly he reacted and helped the student out using abdominal thrusts. the principal calling him a true hero. this is teacher appreciation week. we want to recognize the best educators. nominate an amazing teacher on social media, message us at kpix tv. we have teachers that we love and appreciate and help to get us where we are today. we are thankful for all the teachers. get the submissions in. we would love to highlight them. the news continues all day on cbs news bay area. cbs mornings is up next on this


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