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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30 . right now, more local news. a historic building up in flames and how it inspired berkeley's architecture for more than a century. an emotional tribute to naomi judd and how her death is shedding the spotlight on mental illness. two bay area oil refineries want to convert their facilities into biofuel and it is facing opposition. they want to make that switch to renewable biofuels and one is the martin is marathon refinery and the others is the phillips 66. we have more on what is behind
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the changes and why environmental groups are against them. >> reporter: just over my shoulder is the refinery and it is tucked away out there. marathon would like to convert this into a renewable fuel manufacturing facility and it is environmental groups that have filed this. >> 56 years i have lived here right across the street from me and i have never had any problems with them. >> reporter: some longtime neighbors, this is just another neighbor and the several we spoke with today said they weren't very familiar with the plans to convert this facility to biofuels. >> i don't understand totally what the difference will be. but i feel like as if at this point there is nothing i can do about it. >> these biofuel projects our
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boondoggle and it is greenwashing plain and simple and so far the county has bought into it. >> reporter: he is with the center of biological diversity, one of a dozen groups that appealed for changes and they reject the claims by marathon for example that the conversion will significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions and water use. >> he stocks the things that will see these facilities. >> reporter: the planning commission has approved the conversions but opponents say that process was faulty and the board of supervisors will hear that appeal tomorrow. >> we shouldn't be making decisions on what types of stuff to burn but we should be moving away from this and decommissioning these 30 facilities. >> if there was a boat, i would
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educate myself on what the differences might be, but i don't think there will be a vote. so what happens happens. >> reporter: we reached out to the supervisor of this district and have not heard back in the board will take this up in the morning. the race to be california's next to governor is wrapping up and today we got the first glimpse of governor newsom's campaign strategy. >> i have been inspired by the courage and resilience of californians. >> he compared the strength of this people in the state to the redwoods and he faces 13 candidates vying for the republican nomination in the california republican party has endorsed brian valley and has been in the state legislature for the past 10 years representing the most eastern part of the state. primary is set for june 7 in early voting sites will open on monday. google says they are working to help businesses online and business owners and trade association leaders gather today for a small
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business roundtable and it focused on ways to better help businesses thrive through the use of digital tools. >> doing the pandemic, it really had to pivot and adapt to the marketplace and leveraging technology is the way that many of them survived. >> google is helping businesses adapt for more people working from home. the world of country music is remembering naomi judd. she was inducted into the country music hall of fame last night and she died today but for the ceremony. she became a huge store and starting the 80s and inducted along with her daughter wynona judd and they sold more than 20 million records winning 5 grammies in the process. her daughters came together to pay an emotional tribute. >> this is the first time i
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have talked since saying goodbye and i feel blessed and it is a strange dynamic to be this broken and blessed. >> my mama loved you so much and she appreciated your love for her and i am sorry she couldn't hang on until today. >> the family said she died from the disease of mental illness. she was candid about her health problems and started not performing and 91 and later returned to the stage after she was told she was free of the virus of hepatitis c and she also revealed her struggle with severe depression and her trauma with sexual abuse. her death is putting the spotlight on mental health. >> an organization playing a vital role providing people with emotional support is the california peer run line and joining the slide is peter murphy the outreach manager and
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thank you so much for joining us. the pandemic has certainly added to the mental health crisis. can you tell us about what this is and how it is helping people through the last few years. >> certainly. thank you for having me. this provides preventative emotional support and service to help support those who call in before a crisis. the pandemic has highlighted the mental health issues that we are all going through. right now, i would say, there is still a lot of fear and confusion around what lies in store for us and a lot of us are grieving for lost loved ones. and we can be there to provide 24/7 support for those who need it in this time of crisis.
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>> we are still learning about the long-term impact that the pandemic has on mental health and of course of these problems existed long before the pandemic. but as we start emerging toward a more normal life and day-to- day activities, what you see is some of the aftereffects of people who struggle with this? >> there is still an ongoing -- folks are really feeling the pressure of financial insecurity and around housing and job loss. this is something we do encounter all the time and just the confusion about what the future will hold for us. we do have a lot of seniors that call in and folks who are the same age range as naomi judd and her passing is a real tragedy. but i think it is not that unusual. and even though she was outspoken about her own struggles, i feel like all of us need all of the support we can get right now given the challenges we have.
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>> funding is always a challenge for people seeking help. tell us about your funding campaign and how you hope to expand services. >> yes. we have had state funding since 2019. that has allowed us to be available to support folks as the pandemic hit in march 2020. and now the funding is coming to an end near this fiscal year. we do have a budget passed with a legislator in sacramento right now that we are hoping to see through that we hope will allow us to continue this crucial service and hopefully expand it so we can add more call centers and other parts of the state. the kind of recover we have is pure recovery and identify secure for myself and means i have had my own struggles and would be offered support based
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on experience and we're hoping the funding will continue to allow us to keep this really vital and crucial service intact. >> it is nice to hear that you are not alone in your struggles and i am sure your services reinforce that. thank you for everything you do and thank you for joining us and we appreciate that. there minty many resources and you can call this number 24/7 and the number is eight 55 and the numbers on your screen it is also available live chat and there is the national suicide lifeline at 800 273- 8255 or text 838255. the crisis text line you can text 27417 for one for 24/7 report and we will share these again in about five minutes. who among us couldn't use a little more shuteye?
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scientists say they have nailed down the optimal amount of sleep. we will take you live and give you a live look for the met gala. coming up, a strange ending to a debate in the santa clara county das race and what happened as a things were wrapping up? and why is there a history between two of the candidates? the garlic festival was announced canceled this year and for the foreseeable future and a prominent central valley grower stepped up and said he is reviving it. the war of words that erupted on social media and why stockton is not backing down. the
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vice president harris will return to the white house tomorrow after testing negative for covid. she first tested positive
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nearly a week ago following a trip to the bay area and a spokesperson said she will wear a well fitting mask well around others for the next five days and the vice president never showed symptoms while she isolated at home. a unanimous ruling by the supreme court came out against the city of boston when it refused to request to fly a flag out of city hall. they ruled the city violated the first amount and the rights of a group seeking to fly at any city-owned poll part of a program celebrating the community and the court determined the display of those publicly is a form and they said other groups were allowed in celebration of boston so the city could discriminate on the basis of the groups viewpoint. spirit airlines has turned down an offer to merge with jetblue but may still join forces with frontier. in february date agreed to a stock and cash deal valued at $25 for each share and in march
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jetblue made a more lucrative all-cash offer which was $33 but now the board said such a deal could run afoul of antitrust investigators the spirit is concentrating on the offer from frontier. it is fashion's biggest night and it is in full swing as we speak. this is a live look at the met gala and we will take you there
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a court victory for the kardashians and the family had been sued by black china and
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she had accuse members of the family making false statements against her that led to the cancellation of her show and the jury found in the kardashians favor and denied her claim for $100 million in damages. fashion's biggest night is in new york city. the met gala returns back to its original date and here is a live look. this is the grand staircase outside of the metropolitan museum of art. this year's theme is called in america, and anthology of fashion and focuses on the gilded age and you can see that camera is moving. and i actually recognize some of these people. >> it is okay and i am here to assist but it is always nice to see people coming in and it raises money toward the custom institute and it coincides with the opening of an exhibit and this is a look at some of the
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celebrities as they made their way up. this is a beautiful dress striking a pose on the staircase and here walking on the carpet wearing this puffy burgundy number and a leather corset and top. >> it looks like a sleeping bag. looks comfortable. the word mom means more than the woman who gave birth to you and the person who fills that role may not be related by blood but by love. this week we honor the modern mom and we hear about that series coming up. >> a mom doesn't have to be the person who gave birth to you but a caretaker and personal cheerleader but somebody who gives unconditional love so all of this week we are telling stories of incredible people and tonight adriana diaz is going to visit her mother home and she met during the pandemic who had covid and in the icu and gave birth to twins.
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we go back and we see how she did it dealing with all of this. >> be sure to catch that series all this week on the evening news. right here. if you are older than 38 you can get seven hours of sleep a night and that is according to a study of natural aging and researchers say those who get that amount of shuteye are likely to have stronger memories and a better ability to learn new things. >> i am averaging three these days and i don't even know who is doing the weather right now. is that you, paul? >> it is still me and i am is trying to catch up from 12 years on the morning shift. i think maybe 12 years will put me back right started. a storm system moving in is squeezing the atmosphere over the bay area and producing gusty onshore wind and the temperatures are cooler and it
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will warm up tomorrow and the wind will remain noticeable but gradually calming down and still 20 mile the 30 mile-per- hour winds but once the sun sets it will relax and already a noticeable decrease. the wind should not be a problem but it will pivot and the offshore direction will kick in becoming gusty inland by midday tuesday but it will allow temperatures to warm up and long enough along the coast for temperatures to go above normal before this kicks in again later in the afternoon. this storm system missed us and we have clear skies overhead and throughout the day tomorrow and most of it and wednesday and a little bit of coastal fog developing and that will disappear quickly. temperatures will top out above average for the middle of the week before another storm system moves in and more cloud cover wednesday and thursday and it will mrs. to the north
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but primarily toward oregon and washington and there is a chance that the tail end may swing down toward the northern half of the bay area by thursday night into friday and in the month of may we will take whatever comes our way and we will focus on that at 6:00. right now temperatures are in the 50s and 60s and 70s but it is still 71 in fairfield and the most inland temperatures are in the 60s with temperatures near 60 around the bay. those will drop back down into the 40s tonight and the warmest spot in the 50s and the coolest in the north bay valley dropping to 40 tomorrow. but we will warm up. san francisco has mid-60s around 2:00 before that becomes stronger and pushes temperatures down to 60. and this has more of a chance to warm up to 80 degrees and almost a 10b0 jump from today's high and even more of a jump for concord reaching mid-80s by late tuesday and then back down
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into the 70s by 6:00. san jose tops out in the upper 70s but you can reach well into the 80s for high temperatures on wednesday before everybody goes down the side. and still tomorrow around 60 along the coast and mid-60s and the city and 70s here and upper 70s and low 80s inland and even into the upper half of the 80s around fairfield. the temperatures will be warmer across wednesday and the big drop wednesday through thursday with clouds overhead and the outside chance thursday to friday into the santa clara valley and you will see some clouds lingering and near or slightly below-average temperatures for saturday and sunday so we go way above normal and even 90 and slightly below normal by saturday and sunday but it is a full-fledged ride on the temperature roller coaster. but the temperatures look
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meager. we will take more of a look at it later. coming up, the fight over the garlic festival. a california city wants to take over the celebrations after the popular event was canceled and why organizers say not so fast. the race for santa clara county da takes a strange turn. the tripping incident that overshadowed the first in person debate. some relief for families buying their first home and how they can have some of their debt forgiven. that is coming up in about five minutes. a unique building goes up in flames and how firefighters may have been able to save a
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star.
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and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music]
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>> you said it appeared on the outside and quickly spread into the rafters. >> it is a combustible material were it is truly would and everything is wood so it burned readily for sure. >> reporter: all of this is what makes this building unique and in fact historic. this is channing hall built in 1892 as part of a groundbreaking school for girls and later moved to oakland and merged with another to become the prestigious had royce school, but the old building has a legacy of its own built entirely of redwood it is considered the first brown shingled building in berkeley and helped launched that movement in the bay area and it was the style popular with a
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nature conscious people of the day many of whom owned rustic cabins in the mountains and now the city is filled with those buildings mimicking that style. this hall is owned by the university and currently houses its institute for the study of societal issues. there have been concerns that the complex of buildings are falling into disrepair and this doesn't help matters but the chief said that the combination of a quick response and a retrofit of a modern sprinkler system probably saved this piece of berkeley's past. >> there is extensive damage but not nearly as much had it not activated and obviously if we had not had forces here in record time. that is it for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 begins right now. right now, a fight over the
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garlic festival and a war of words between gilroy and a city that wants to take it over. >> it is irresponsible for them to use our legacy. it feels like it will be a stolen event. >> the politician accused of trying to trip up his opponent and we will show you what happened after a recent debate. it could be that bay area families could get some of their debt forgiven. >> i heard about the bear but i didn't think it was on my block and now it is across the street. >> a bear causing a ruckus in a neighborhood. that evening. we start with a fight to take over the garlic festival after gilroy organizers announced it was canceled. a prominent growers stepped up to say he is reviving the festival but it is in stockton. we report that it is not going over so well were the place that the festival was born.
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>> reporter: gilroy takes pride in calling it the garlic capital in the world so when the stockton area growers stepped up to say he would be reviving it in that area, a lot of folks were offended, hurt, and angry. >> it feels like it will be a stolen event. >> reporter: she is a local who has volunteered and attended the festival for years, so she was disappointed when organizers announced future festivals would be canceled and then that stockton would take it over. >> we donate our time to this event that has been here in our city for so long and to find out it will go to a new city is a little disturbing. >> reporter: it began when this ray track over tony miss eddie's and on social media that he would bring back the garlic festival after the cancellation but it would be in
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