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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 2, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: gilroy takes pride in calling it the garlic capital in the world so when the stockton area growers stepped up to say he would be reviving it in that area, a lot of folks were offended, hurt, and angry. >> it feels like it will be a stolen event. >> reporter: she is a local who has volunteered and attended the festival for years, so she was disappointed when organizers announced future festivals would be canceled and then that stockton would take it over. >> we donate our time to this event that has been here in our city for so long and to find out it will go to a new city is a little disturbing. >> reporter: it began when this ray track over tony miss eddie's and on social media that he would bring back the garlic festival after the cancellation but it would be in
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stockton. >> that is what i am looking at is continuing the legacy of keeping it healthy and going. >> you can't take it away from gilroy. >> reporter: can christopher, whose grandfather was one of the founders said his plan feels like an unfriendly takeover. >> they haven't reached out to anyone from the gilroy association or my family or company and it is irresponsible to use our legacy. >> reporter: organizers say it was canceled because of rising cost and insurance insecurity after the 2019 mass shooting and they said he stepped up because he walked away from it. >> i don't mean to be rude but that group made the announcement that there wouldn't be a festival anymore. >> reporter: the city did revive the festival and he said he will have an announcement on the garlic festival sometime later this week. >> when we set our mind to it we don't back down. a tripping incident has
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overshadowed the race for the district attorney and jeff rosen is being accused of tripping one of his rivals after a debate on friday. kenny choi has a video that shows what happened and reaction from both sides. >> reporter: moments after wrapping up a debate, he reached over to shake jeff rosen's hand and what happens next is unclear, whether he intentionally or not stuck out his leg to trip him. >> respect and civility and basic professionalism and courtesy was not extended. i think the live recorded audience and everybody is now seeing it. >> reporter: he is a county defender who saw it all unfold. >> it was startling to see and it shows he is not fit to be the district attorney in this county. >> he is the boss and he has
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been there for 12 years and the public expects him to be a professional. >> this is part of a pattern of mr. rosen engaging in abusive and retaliatory tactics. >> reporter: 30 seconds after being confronted, he was heard apologizing. the district attorney's campaign advisor sent us a statement that says "unfortunately, rosen's opponents are attempting to sensationalize a simple human interaction for political gain." >> it was in an accident and i could see it clearly and it was bigger than that. it was somebody was her current sitting district attorney come porting himself in such an inappropriate childish way that is beneath our democracy. >> reporter: the candidates will face off for the first time tonight at stanford university in another form. in san jose, kenny choi, kpix 5.
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the three candidates will appear on the ballot and the top two candidates will advance to the general election in november. the police chief is speaking out against potential drug use among officers after a promising rookie officer was found to have died from an overdose of fentanyl. they released the cause of death ruling as an overdose of fentanyl. he was found dead in his home in march and he graduated from the police academy at the top of his class in 2021 and had been with the department for barely a year. >> i would like to look and remember this gentle man who was trying to live a righteous life and trying to live right in life but some person along the line somewhere got crossed. >> he said he doesn't condone drug use or other misconduct but at the same time he wants officers to know that there are
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resources available if they are struggling with a substance abuse issue. police officers injured while trying to break up an unruly pool party. they say they had alcohol and glass and management called officers. when they arrived two people got upset and began to throw bottles and and officer chased after another person and both hit their head on the doorframe and the police were able to arrest both attackers. the search is on for two women as part of a fight at lake cunningham park about 5:00 yesterday evening and one suspect accused of stabbing two people and the other using pepper spray and at least five people were injured. a power pole in redwood city caught fire and forced a school to be evacuated. it happened at the community
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prep school and according to the redwood city fire department, when they arrived, there were multiple downed power lines and a power pole up in flames. the school was evacuated due to smoke but students were eventually able to go back to class. about 200 people lost power due to that fire and pg&e said it could take until 11:00 tonight for that to be turned back on. it was a windy day in parts of the bay area and the strong gusts grew and blue sand across the highway and the buildup closed both directions of the road this morning. the crews were able to clear northbound lanes between slope boulevard and lincoln way and meanwhile the southbound lanes remained open. we will have the latest now when the weather. it is breezy now and for the next few hours. we are taking a look right now where the wind is still roughly in the trees and it's one of the sites of our peak gust and otherwise mostly in the 20 or 30 mile-per-hour range and the
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current wind is strong but strong enough for a wind advisory and elsewhere it is a breezy spring evening but then the wind advisory is were 20 or 30 mile-per-hour sustained winds can be strong enough to knock down tree branches so be prepared for that this evening but after sunset, the wind will diminish and we will take a look at the warm-up tomorrow coming up in the forecast. coming up, a state program to help more people build a home by forgiving their loan and what parts give them a best chance of becoming homeowners? cleaning up a mess left behind after a water main break washes out a popular concert venue. bicurious a bear seen a strolling around a neighborhood and even taking a nap in somebody's backyard.
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♪♪ ♪ let's go out of town for the summer ♪ ♪ i wanna go across the trees ♪ ♪ just take my hand ♪ ♪ we will have fun till the sun goes down ♪ ♪ and we'll start over again ♪ ♪♪ california is giving first-time homebuyers a chance to break into the competitive housing market. we have more on a new program that offers loan forgiveness if
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you state in a home long enough. >> i think it is an amazing opportunity. >> reporter: he is a realtor helping families trying to find your next home. >> the suburbs have become competitive and as a result major downtown centers like san francisco and oakland which have plenty of condos don't have the same amount of attraction. truck this condo may be the right fit for somebody trying to use the forgivable equity builder loan. >> homeownership is one of the best ways to build intergenerational wealth because there is a big wealth gap between different groups especially in california. >> reporter: it is targeted at people who have the income to pay the monthly payments required to buy a house but haven't had a chance to save up the money for a down payment. >> in a lot of cases the rent
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they are paying is higher than the mortgage payment would be. >> reporter: buyers can get 10% of the purchase price for their first home and they have to live there for five years if they don't want to pay it back and qualify you need to make 80% of the area median income where the property is located. >> there is no silver bullet but there will be something here or there or there. >> reporter: across the bay area, that is $107,000 in most counties and almost 120,000 and santa clara county. >> it is possible that you can buy a home even with all of the bad news, it is still possible to get a home. >> reporter: properties like this one have a fraction of the showings compared to homes in the suburbs so buyers using this loan forgiveness prograssc >> you can't suddenly add 300,000 above listing but only how much you are preapproved for. >> reporter: patients and sacrifice are required in almost all cases in such a hot market.
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>> when they compete in an area with less competition like san francisco or oakland, they may have a chance. >> if you would like more information on the home loan forgiveness program, you can look for our story. the former home of scott and lacy peterson just sold and went for 50,000 over asking price. they report that the house and modesto sold for $510,000 after less than a month in the market. the couple who lived there when scott was accused of killing her and the unborn child in 2002 and not clear whether the new owners know the history. numbers show that the population continues to drop in data from the department of finance signs that more than 117,000 people left the state between january 2021 and january of this year.
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officials say it is the second consecutive year that california's population has dropped. several counties helped play a role in that decrease. they were all among the top 10 with the largest percentage drop in their populations each reporting losing nearly 1%. officials blame it on the declining birthrate coupled with an increase in deaths from the pandemic. they say fewer people are moving to california from other states and countries. the cost to repair the flood damage to san francisco's stern grove is that $20 million and five times higher than the original estimate. it washed out after a water main break last august and the public utilities commission first estimated it at about 4 million and at least 700,000 gallons of fresh drinking water cascaded in right before the final concert of the season. an unusual sight today. >> a black bear was roaming
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around the streets and it started this morning when police posted this video of the bear in a tree and the bear is believed to be a 2 or 3-year- old male and police advise people to lock windows and doors and as a precaution they were put on lockdown, a nearby school, and the bear was seen strolling through some yards and took a nap in the backyard and neighbors could not believe their eyes. >> this has been going on all day and i went to fairfield this morning and i saw the police and i heard about the bear but i did not think it was on my block and now it is across the street. >> police closed down orchard to allow the bear to roam around before wildlife officials were called and the plan is to see if the bear would go back to his natural habitat and police are warning residents to keep their distance if they spot or run into the bear.
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>> the bear looked pretty calm. >> it must be nice to be an apex predator. maybe he can qualify for one of the loans. it is breezy this evening and you may wish you had that extra layer. we will track lighter wind as we head through tonight and tomorrow and we will start with high pressure changes overhead meaning there will be literally more atmosphere on top of us which means a lighter wind overhead a bit warmer temperatures as these peak midweek and the next storm system will come in and the rain will largely mrs. to the north but close enough to squeeze it in getting the wind to appear thursday and friday and that is what we have right now some gusty onshore wind and most of those around 15 or 20 mph in only 10 miles sustained and 24 for the strongest at sfo but a 33 mile-per-hour gust and
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also 33 mile-per-hour gust in santa rosa with a wind advisory continuing until 9:00 but it will calm down tonight and off shore tomorrow. the wind dispersed a lot of pollen but now that we are past april we will be in the medium category tomorrow and wednesday and thursday and may be down on the lower end to that pollen spectrum thanks to some showers and it is just a chance and nothing significant over the next seven days and the best we can do is a 20% chance thursday and friday which will mainly be from the golden gate northward but basically we are looking at trace amounts of moisture and no significant rainmakers in store which is not a shock in the month of may. plenty of sunshine right now filtered through clouds.
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temperatures are mostly in the 60s and 62 in livermore but 67 in concord and the temperatures will drop down mostly to the 40s by the morning at some of the warmer spots staying around 50 to begin the day on tuesday and a bigger warm-up and a faster warm-up in store with offshore wind for the first time and temperatures around the bay well up into the 60s by lunch and inland in the 70s and getting close to 60 along the coast and temperatures will peak around 2:00 in the afternoon and back down as the onshore wind returns but low to mid 80s for most inland parts of the area here and upper 70s and low 80s for the north bay and upper 70s around san jose with warm temperatures but it will be even warmer on wednesday with some of the inland spots up to 90 on wednesday. comfortable temperatures here and not having to worry about taking flights and it won't be nearly as windy and even a few degrees above average on the east side of the bay and the
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temperature will continue to warm up wednesday into the 70s and 80 degrees for oakland and upper 80s for san jose and then we ride down the other side to below-average readings by saturday and sunday with the slight chance for showers for the golden eight golden gate. it is the only rain chance we have and we will keep you updated in case becomes more substantial. that would be awesome. what a gift in may. the evening news is coming up and here is nora o'donnell with a preview. >> coming up, we will begin the series, modern mom and after a frightening brush with covid a joyful new addition for one mom and her family and we want you to share your stories all week using the hashtag cbs modern mom. that is tonight on the evening news. the 49ers sign 14 undrafted guys and brought back a vet and
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more dreamland green -- draymond green. that
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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the nba playoff up top and the warriors. a day off, sort of. game 2 in memphis tomorrow, today was the dream on green show. >> my reputation is a badge of honor. not everybody can earn that. so life goes on. >> life goes on. >> he embraced steph curry and didn't lose much sleep over a second quarter ejection for this on sunday and a game the warriors came back and won in the second round. he faces a one-game suspension if he earns two more flagrant fouls will that affect his game? >> i will never change the way i played basketball. it is got me this far and championships and all-star and defensive player of the year and i won't change anything. >> so here's the grizzlies campaign. we are here and back to this
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foul on brandon clark and you may be rolling your eyes on this and about an hour but is even giving it a thought to give the green the benefit of the doubt? >> he has been known for several fouls in his career and i have watched him my whole life it feels like and am not shocked but he did rush on me pretty hard twice one night shaw -- some again. the 49ers re-signed quarterback jason barrette and he was injured the last few seasons and the last opener he really got hurt and he missed a lot of the season and started third team games and 2020. san francisco's olympic club open both courses for its memorial golf gala and what a player. look at this towering 100 yard drive and the event raises money for the athletics program and had not been held since
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2019. >> it is been awesome and two years and with covid we were able to have the event and to get everybody back here and to see these smiling faces and have fellowship it is really a special day. >> the dunk of the weekend is off the backboard to himself for a jam and the milwaukee big man registered a triple-double as they beat the boston celtics in game 1. rap star jack harlow was sitting courtside and they were baffled. >> that is this guy over here right here. he is in the white shirt behind you. i don't know. alaskan. >> who are you. >> just topped in. >> i can't keep up with you, vern. >> google it. >> excuse me, everybody keeps
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a woman who was adopted as a child spent all her life searching for her biological mother. after 50 years of searching, her wish came true. at 14 months old sarah was adopted from korea and brought to new hampshire with her brother and each had a locket with a picture of her mother and in her whole life she wanted to reconnect with her birth mom. she used one of those 23 and me test kits and received a match with a half-sister she didn't know she had an and emotional reunion for the two women. >> i am so happy and so grateful for you. >> how selfless do you have to be to know your child will have a better life. >> from those results they found what she believes is a picture of her biological father. sarah's mother also got to eat -- meet her grandson. what a moment.
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>> a pretty special mother's day coming up. >> that has to be such a wild ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, the escape from mariupol after two months without sunlight, the elderly women, mothers and small children making the journey to safety. but what about those still trapped, in a bombed out steel plant? civilians crawling through the rubble, but constant shelling stopped the evacuation. the tears of joy for those able to get out. plus what this village near the ukrainian capitol is doing to stop russians from advancing. >> they effectively saved their village and saved the capitol kyiv just further on in that direction. >> o'donnell: paths of destruction: look at this from the devastating ef-3 tornado. tonight the threat isn't over. we're tracking the severe weather. higher covid risk level, tonight the news from new york city as the rate of cases picks up.


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