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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  May 2, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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>> hopefully we'll be for good now. >> let's hope. >> yes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> while at a campaign rally in nebraska former president donald trump bump erred the name of the republican senate candidate he endorsed in ohio. >> we need within donald trump officially endorsed jd vangs. >> we have en-- endorsed jp, right, jd mandel, i'm donald trump and, it's my honor tone dors a really great guy, howie mandel. >> he is the man for the great state of-- okla tz tucky. >> we have other endorsed. mad irson popcorn, marjorie taye leer screams, lauren bathroom, fat cakes and then of
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course-- i'm mentally unstable and i approve this message. >> it's the late show with >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert!" tonight: plus, stephen welcomes: featuring jon batiste and "stay human." and now, l-i-i-ive on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ♪ ♪ ♪ (cheers and applause) stz hey, hey, wow, i missed you. >> stephen: now this is good enough but i can't imagine what
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it is going to be. i can't wait to see the pictures. hey, everybody. hey, everybody. welcome, please have a seat, thank you very much, you're very kind, hello mark, good to sigh, welcome one and all, down here, up there, high and away. welcome ladies and gentlemen, my dear friends, my countrymen. welcome to the late show, i'm your host stephen colbert. and i-- that's it. (applause) . >> jon: alive and well. >> stephen: that's it. >> jon: alive and well. >> stephen: and i am back, baby. now you may have read in the you new england journal of hot goss," last week i had covid. i'm very grateful that i am fully vaxxed and boosted. feeling fine. &-p. >> stephen: but still, thank you science, thank you science.
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but still, covid is no fun. the first three days sucked. but by day 6, i was testing negative, and now on day twelve, i'm back with a serious head cold. so go figure. unfortunately, not all is well in the kingdom of late night. my friend jimmy kimmel just announced that he has covid. he says he's feeling fine, he's fully vaxxed and boosted, but still, this is a broadcast emergency tv is down a jimmy, right now as the host of the late show i'm calling on president biden to open america's strategic jimmy ies bucket, jj walker, newton,. >> jon: sim jimmy submit. >> stephen: of course i'm on the east coast, coast, kimmel's in l.a., there's no way i could have given it to him. and yes, just last week, i did lick a lot of things and fedex them to his office. but i only paid for 2-day. just gotta be sterile by the time he opened it.
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feel better my dear friend jimmy. anyway. a lot happened last week. (applause) sure, why not. a lot happened last week that i want to catch up on, starting with te text messages the january 6th committee has gotten from former white house chief of staff and hamlet who forgot yorick's skull, mark meadows. last december, meadows turned over evidence to the january 6 committee about his communications between election day and joe biden's inauguration. well, last week, some of that evidence was leaked and cnn obtained 2,319 text messages. that's a lot of messages. luckily meadows has t-mobile's unlimited talk and treason plan. (applause) srs there you go, eventually. >> jon: do it forever, go on forever. >> stephen: unlimited. the texts demonstrate how meadows played a key role in the
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attempts to stop biden's certification on january 6. there are damning texts from a variety of political and media figures, including fox news host and man waiting for you to look away so he can eat your hamster, sean hannity. on election day, sean asked meadows where the campaign needed him to encourage voters to head to the polls, meadows replied, "stress every vote matters. get out and vote." to which hannity replied, "yes sir, on it." that is a shocking level of toadyism even for a guy who looks like a bullfrog. but he's just living up to fox news' slogan: we report, you decide what we should say and by the way, your boot tastes delicious today, mr. president. boot,. >> jon: the boot this kind of loyalty is not unprecedented. we all remember walter cronkite's famous sign off: "and that's the way it is. all hail supreme leader gerald ford! obey! we must obey!"
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on friday, hannity tried to claim he wasn't caught, he meant to have no ethics: >> i don't claim to be a journalist, i claim to be a talk show host. i am a registered conservative, yes, i voted for donald trump, i make no apologies, i give my opinions straight forward. we even do culture, we do sports, i'm like the whole newspaper. >> stephen: yes, sean hannity is just like a newspaper, out of date, bad for the planet, only relevant to people over seventy, and i'd love to see a puppy poop on him. (applause). >> stephen: i would love to see a puppy poop, puppy poop, puppy depoop. it wasn't just hannity. meadows also texted with g.o.p. lawmakers who were collaborating to overturn a free and fair election, like arizona representative and kid dressed by his mom for picture day, andy biggs. the day before biden's victory was called, biggs texted meadows
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a plan to, "encourage the state legislatures to appoint 'a-look-doors' in the various states where there's been shenanigans." >> stephen: a-look-doors. ifyou think that a-look dumb, you're right. but some very charitable people have speculated that that is possibly a typo for electors. he is either a 'more-run' or a 'trait-door.' (applause) , you have to say it slowly,slowly nuf. >> jon: really connect. another text came from former energy secretary rick perry who said: we have the data driven program that can clearly show where the fraud was committed. this is the silver bullet. perry denied he sent this text, but last week, we learned he had signed this text, "rick perry," including his number.
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why are these guys are so bad at committing crimes? it's like if the zodiac killer released a note that said: this is the zodiac speaking. "to unearth my identity, solve the enclosed cypher. and return to john evans, 1414 hawthorne lane. good luck." meadows also received some pretty dumb texts from georgia representative marjorie taylor greene, seen here guessing how many three is. (laughter) almost two weeks after the capitol riot, greene texted meadows: in our private chat with only members, several are saying the only way to save our republic is for the former president to call for marshall law. first of all... that's a coup. second of all, that is not how you spell martial. martial law is spelled like
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this, and means normal law is suspended in favor of military government. whereas, 'marshall law' states that if tj maxx doesn't have it, marshall's definitely will at our yellow tag clearance event. remember our motto: the loose underwear bin is next to the cutting boards. (applause) (laughter). >> stephen: tharyts, that's my marshal's. greene is up for re-election this year, but a group of voters is suing to knock her off the ballot, citing the 14th amendment, which is designed to block anyone who has, engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the united states. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: yeah. that's simple. that's not complicated. yeah, turns out people who try to destroy the government shouldn't be in government. it's the same reason the physician treating your diabetes shouldn't be dr pepper.
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over in ukraine, as russia's attacks continue, more world leaders are showing support by visiting kyiv. like this weekend, when a delegation led by house speaker nancy pelosi traveled to ukraine, and the trip was completely unannounced. just what everyone wants: an unexpected visit from grandma. (as grandmother) "i was in the neighborhood, and you never call anymore. i don't know what you're up to. you're clearly not busy dusting." some a listers aren't going ukraine some a-listers aren't going to ukraine, but are still finding ways to help from afar. like actor benedict cumberbatch, who is opening his u.k. home to ukrainian refugees. good for him, good man. you can see it all unfold in the new marvel movie: "dr strange and the multiverse of guest bedrooms." he has to cook breakfast in every dimension. even ukrainians who aren't on the front lines are finding ways
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to stick it to russia. because a volunteer army of tech experts are hacking russia at an unprecedented scale. good for them although it's that's great, pretty impressive. all thoi its he's easier to hack russia than you'd think. every one of their captchas ( depressed ) potato. these hacks are a big deal, because they've upended the myth of russian cyber-superiority, with the attacks being seen as the symbolic 'pantsing' of putin. oh no the pants are all he has left! you have to put it out there. overseas is a bit of a sticky wicket across the ponld of a sticky wicket across the pond concerning house of commons
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member and people magazine's sexiest vicar alive, neil parish. parish was forced to resign this weekend after he admitted to watching porn in the house of commons. could have been any of the top british porn sites: mashin' bangers, spotted dick, or beefeaters. here's what happened: parish claims it all started as an accident, saying he was mistakenly directed to porn while looking at tractors. makes sense. anyone who's seen "thomas the tank engine" knows that tractors are ready to plow. specifically, the m.p. says he accidentally landed on porn after he searched for a type of tractor called a dominator combine harvester. that's weird, because this afternoon, when i typed in dominator combine harvester, all i got was news about a british m.p. looking at porn.
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ok, so, just your average horny farm equipment whoopsie. except that mr. parish apparently bookmarked the site to revisit. he bookmarked it? is this his first porn rodeo? (as parish) "better make a record of this site. not sure if there's anywhere else to see sex on the internet." anyway, we wish him well. it's a mistake anyone could make. especially if they're searching for tractors on corn hub. we've got a great show for you tonight, my guests are jon bernthal and alton brown. but when we come back, i answer your kids' questions. (applause)
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when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile. (applause).
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>> stephen: hey, everybody, give it up for jon batiste. and stay human. (applause). >> stephen: hello. jon, you got two great guests toptd, jon bernthal from the own this city on hbo and alton brown is goings to be out here tonight to talk to us about-- . >> jon: some individualels. >> stephen: cooking and stuff so the people out there don't know, because they are watching us at 11:235 or on their dvr tomorrow or something like that. they don't know we did the show a little bit early today. we moved the shoap you show up. we are doing the show at dawn, dawn, all these people are farmers. >> jon: that's right, yeah. >> stephen: now we are doing this a little bit early so you can get over to the met ball. i just got off-- i'm curious.
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>> jon: i'm going over there, have a good time tonight. >> stephen: it's fancy. >> jon: it seems very fancy. >> stephen: i just want to say, has anybody in the band had the covid? who has had the covid. no hipa violation here but i just, i got to say, even vacs and boosted, not fun. really, please g get vacs and boosted out there if you haven't. everybody watching please go get it because it is a not a pleasant experience, it's different for everybody. and i'm so sorry my friend jimmy has it too. >> and here is the thing. we didn't tell anybody that evie had it too. we were both just at home t bas kind of sweet, actually, we were forced nesting. >> gota lot of stuff off the kitchen counter. i was on paxlovid and the honey do list the its entire week. anyway good to see you all again. (applause) you know folks, have fun tonight, have fun.
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>> jon: oh yeah,. >> stephen: say i had to anna for me. >> stephen: kids. they're everywhere. and it's our job as grown-ups to teach them, or they will be feral animals and no one will want them around. but any parent will tell you, it's not easy spending all your time answering questions from kids. that's why i started a segment on the show where i do it for you. we've had a little trouble with the name. first it was called, "stephen takes your kids." then we tried "stephen's re-education camp." and then, "stephen colbert is watching your children." obviously those were not good -- so i asked my graphics team to come up with a new title, and i was very clear that it should not imply i'm taking anyone's kids. or watching your kids. nothing like that. so it's now time for another edition of: >> stephen gunt s stephen doesn't care about your kids. >> stephen, no that that is exactly the opsz of what i am trying to convey. hi kid, i'm
11:57 pm
stephen, have i all the answers you are looking for, how? i went to some play called college, that is where people go to get very smart. and when i was in college i majored in theater so i could always act like i knew what i was talking about. who has its first question. >> why are you funny. >> stephen: i guess because of my jokes, observation and witticism but to peement your age i'm funny because i can do this. that was a wet one. next question. >> hi, stephen. i'm era how do you. >> i'm stephen. >> most people grow vertically until they reach their late 30s then they grow horizontally. for more let's consults an expert in growing. >> in my experience growth requires accepting yourself for who you are and acknowledging even the worst parts of imrur self. so you can progress toward its person you want to be.
11:58 pm
but that is emotional growths. i don't know anything about physical growth. one day i woke up and i was just seven foot 2. hope that helps. >> stephen: thank you professor abdul jabar, enlighterning as always. next question. >>-- . >> jon: you don't make them, you catch them. you know how in the real world when we use borms to catch fish, in the gummi world you do the opposite. look, you can just need a homemade trap with the swedish fish and then wait a few minutes. and now you eat it. har ha. who's next.
11:59 pm
>>-- . >> stephen: that's a greats two part question. i think the best person to answer both of those is sony the cartoon sun, sunny? >> hey there aiden, great questions. i was created 4.6 billion years ago when a cloud of gas and dust began to collapse resulting in nuclear fusion. and now i'm burning alive until the day i vent allly run out of fuel and expand so wide that i engulf the earth and destroy everything you have he ever known. but as a cartoon, i'm actually just a series of still images shown in rapid succession to create the illusion of movement. so on one hand i'm being consumed by endless burning hot pain. on the other, none of this is real and my entire existence is a lie. either way, please help me! >> stephen: thanks, sunny. hang in there. next. >> can you do this? >> stephen: no, but can you do
12:00 am
this? okay, i hope that answers all your questions, and parents, if your kids have questions at home please post a video to social mediaia with a hashtag colbert's kid questions and we just might feature it in our next installment of. >> stephen doesn't care about your kids. >> stephen: we'll be right back with jon bernthal. (applause)
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and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her....
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12:06 am
i'm not here to talk to you about the fight that you have to have, i'm here to talk to you about the one that you want to have. and ones you think you're entitled to just because you're wearing the badge. that is the real brutality. the thing is you don't need that kind of brutality. and not because it's not fun. right, i get it. get a few licksin on some [bleen of brutanly gets ithe way of doing the job. >> stephen: please welcome to "the late show," jon bernthal! (applause)
12:07 am
>> mr. kol bert-- colbert, have i to kwon fes, these are not my clothe, man, and i would say there is about a 48 percent chance these pants will bust wide open. they are so damn tight, which will make for maybe an unmemorable night. >> stephen: no, that is a ratings boost right there feel free to bust loose, i hope are you going commando. nice to you have on. >> st a real honor. >> stephen: not only the first time you and i have spoken but are you the first guest i have talked to since i got covid, very lucky, went that bad. still worse than a expected. >> uh-huh. >> stephen: have you had it. >> oh yeah, i have, . got covida premier right here in the great city of new york for-- . >> stephen: how long ago. >> about maybe four or five months ago, while i was shooting we own this stivment and i camed to the premier for many saints of newark.
12:08 am
and its next day i was in the middle of shooting and i really, really wanted to get to my son he's baseball game on the west coast and the way i got out there was there was the opening for the academy award museum. so i got to go to a big fancy events with a lot of stars of the screen and music and sports. i sat there the whole night but the next day i got to the promise land which was my son's baseball game. as i was sitting there, my wife showed up and i was literally wrapped in blankets and sweatshirts from various team moms like shivering my butt off. >> stephen: in southern california. >> in southern california. she is like that didn't look right, and i was like this does not feel right. and i did end up camping the covid. but then i had to sort of go back and investigates and reveal to all those great stars that, so it was like yes there was the conversation with lady gaga, when i did a high five with dwayne wade, the
12:09 am
conversation with michael keaton and i just t just dawned on me that i just didn't really belong at that event, man. yeah, yeah, i was that guy, yeah. >> stephen: well, you were on walking dead for years. what was it like, how does it feel to actually have the flaying after having fighting people who have the flaying for so long. were you a zombie. >> yes, i was, yes, i was. i think that there is, look, we're in it. i think that, as you know, man, i think we got to the only thing we know about this thing is we don't know anything about this thing. we have to be respectful of the various different ways that people approach it and the different fears and just try to-- . >> stephen: yeah, and be nice to each other. okay. i just found out, you studied acting at the moscow art theater, moscow theater of arts, and a seumed that you have to read an actor prepares and stuff like that.
12:10 am
>> i did. >> stephen: what was that like to study theater in a country, well, in moscow what is it like to study theater in moscow. >> i'm enormously grateful for my time there. moscow especially when i was in, it was a beautiful city, a brutal city. >> stephen: when was this. >> late 90s, easterly's 2000. >> stephen: wild west over there. >> it was the wild west. i think this is a real pal paibility for the history. most of the folks i was with came up in communist times so there was this real respect and sth real fear of what it is like to be controlled by your government. and i see it playing out right now. a lot of the really, really close friends that i made over there, i have very close ties to folks who have been jailed for expressing themselves. so they made pieces of art who are now again forced to leave their families and are locked up because of the way that they expressed themselves and the art they are putting out there. and speaking gengs the government. i think historically theater in that country is vital.
12:11 am
there was, during communist time there was no public gathering but still state spoarnsed theater. and if the state or the sort of decided that the theaters you wereake prg antistate f they perceived it that way, famous actors and directors were assassinated and that is real. and look, only when you understand and can be around folks who don't really have freedoms you can appreciate the freedom that you have. i think we-- . >> stephen: do you stay in touch? >> oh yeah, absolutely. i have really, really, really close friends over there. and you know i'm doing a podcast now here and-- . >> stephen: real one. >> a real one and one of the folks that we talk to is one of my dear friends from russia. we had to sort of protect his identity because he really took a huge risk telling the truth and talking about the state of nrvetion in that country and what he is fearing and how the media is completely controlled by the government. we had to change his name and block out his face and change
12:12 am
his voice. >> what. >> stephen: what is the training like there, i remember on page one, of an actor prepares it says the actor no less than the soldier must be subject to iron discipline. >> that's right. >> stephen: was there iron discipline. >> iron discipline, i came up playing sports, boxing, played baseball in college. the hardest thing i ever went through in my life was the training at that school. you know, how to fight, acrobatics, balance et, it was unbelievably rigorous, unbelievably brutal and honest but they told you if it wasn't for you they let you know. and they would continuously sort of cut the class in half and stick half the kids out. and you know, look, i think ultimately there is something humane about that there is something about staying look, this is something that is not for everyone. and you have to work hard and then you have to give everything you can and for me you know, for my teachers this was vital an i think it really served me. >> stephen: we have to take a quick break, when we come back >> stephen: we have to take a quick break, when we come back i'll jon about his new show on
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hbo "we own this city." fruit... rally foe it's energy that's good.
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>> stephen: hey, everybody, we're back with jon bern thal, you are on a limited series on hbo called we own this city, which is seen the kraiter of the wire, you play a real person sergeant wayne jenkins, i understand this is a important story for you, you got into it in an interesting way, explain
12:18 am
to people how you first got involved with it. >> for me the wire is just, you know, seminole piece of television as i think it is for so many. i grew up in d.c. and i was just so taken with that sort of storytelling. journalistic integrity. and you know, i really felt like what the show afforded me was just unbelievable kind of just front row seats, to these issues i'm fascinated by, i think baltimore is the tip of the sphere of so much of that. i can say without a doubt this show is made with real reference to the victims with real respect to the people of baltimore that made that show with the city of baltimore and for the city of baltimore and by the city of baltimore. look, i got to do three months of ride a longs i went on drug raids twice a week. >> stephen: what is that going into a drug raid, mr. actor. i'm sure are you wearing the same sort of protective gear that the police are. but still, going into a room you
12:19 am
don't know what is going to happen. >> look, i think my biggest take away from all of this, there are no words for the victims of police corruption and police brutality. there are no words for the folks' fourth amendment rights are violated and folks in prison falsely or people's lives who have been taken. but there say whole other group of victims. and that is good police. and so many members of the law enforcement community in this country are policing for the right reasons, respect the communities that they police from the communities that they police, and do it and they have taken this oath to being a peace keeper and that is not told enough. and i walked away with this unbelievable love and appreciation of the good folk in the baltimore police department whose lives have been upended. >> you know, thaifer lives are unended by the bad and evil of a few, i don't think that story is told enough that was my big takeaway. so honestly the raids and ride alongs i got to go on, it was an
12:20 am
honor. and it was an honor to roll with them and i made friends for life. >> stephen: it was really lovely to meet you, thank you so much for being here. >> stephen: new episodes of, "we own this city," air mondays on hbo. jon bernthal, everybody when we come back i'll be cooking with alton brown. hamburger. you're sleep saucing again. mmmmmm! restaurant inspired hidden valley ranch secret sauces. you either love it or you really love it.
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♪ >> stephen: hey >> stephen: hey, everybody. >> stephen: welcome back. my next guest is a peabody award winning chef, tv host, and author. his new cookbook is "good eats: the final years." please welcome back to "the late show," alton brown! (cheers and applause). >> stephen: alton, lovely to have you here. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> stephen: so alton what are we doing today, please explain to me what this is. >> well, what i have here is my answer to the air freyer, anybody here have an air freyer. i hate air freyers. i hate them because they lie to us. and they don't cook enough foot and i really really like hot chicken wings, somebody dared me to come up with a device that would beat the air flyer, this is the jet fry sunnier, there is a senior version but it is too big to fit in the doors here so we brought the junior version. >> stephen: what is going on down here. >> what we have got is a two 160 quart potted rivetted together
12:26 am
thrrkts is an internalotin a piece. so this is going, now i can fry up ten pounds actually 15 pounds of chicken wings in about ten minutes. we don't have that kind of time but we are just going to do a single portion for you of three pounds. >> stephen: they told me you had an appetite. >> but one person can't operate the device so i need to you help me. >> stephen: what do i do. >> i want you to stand at the ship's wheel in the position of power. this drives the roto basket inside. all right. so i just need to you hold it. >> stephen: right here. >> hold that. >> stephen: okay. >> i have got my three pounced of chicken here which i have tossed liberally with some seasoning powder of my own design. >> you do that, put baking soda or baking powder on your chicken wings. >> i do, i am going to fry them because it literally carbon ates the i will quind-- liquid under the scween.
12:27 am
>> we could be making all that stuff, i wouldn't care. okay, all right. how do i ssh ssh dn. >> just hold, hold everything. >> hold up. >> all right, now did we have to start rotating before we turn on the heat gun. >> start the rotation, not so fast. whoa, very good, skipper. >> stephen: hard to star board. >> okay there you go. that is good. a good pace and i will gets this thing sealed up. this will actually-- a little faster. turn on all these guns and very quickly i've got a thermometer here, several thermometers, we will get up to about 500 degrees very rapidly. and because of the interior rotation we're actually going to be able to do something a regular air freyer can't do which is we're actually going to have some con duction heat being brought to the party. so i will get this going, a few more to go those are going. >> so we're in good shape. >> i'm setting sea sick. >> reverse direction, hard port, i'm glad you recognize that. >> there you go.
12:28 am
>> so there is another part of this puzzle. i'm going to need to replace you. >> okay. >> hey todd, come help me out. my quleg todd will who will help out. >> he's going to take over. >> thank you. >> now on the other end of this, stephen colbert s what we call the wheel of heat. >> the wheel of heat. >> stephen: what are these numbers. >> the wheel of heat, i will explain because we need-- i have hot sauces all around here. the yellow are hot, orange are hotter, the red are very hot and the purple are oh my dear good i hope we don't get that. >> why is this clear. >> because it is water and capsacin. >> the sub tans that tells our brains that our heads are on fire, no flavor just pain. >> stephen: are we going fix. >> i have here our serving bowl and what we are going to do is
12:29 am
spin this wheel three times. each one of these numbers is the scoville rating, if you familiar with the famed pharmaceutical person wh came up with the scale, it is a representation-- . >> stephen: of course we are. >> of course we are, represents the amount of capsayacin. we have everything from 450. >> stephen: what is to be as koa. >> about 5,000. but we've got all the way up to 676,000 over here. >> stephen: okay. >> so what you will do is spin the wheel and whatever comes off we'll put in this bowl. >> stephen: let's do it. >> do t give it a spin. around it goes, wheel of heat is in motion. and the first-- oh, look what you landed on. you landed on-- 600,000 is scoville. >> stephen: all right, all right. >> there we go, put some of that in there. >> stephen: all right. >> don't spin, have i to put this back. >> stephen: while i'm spinning this, tell us your big knows about the new show. >> oh, anybody here an iron chef
12:30 am
fan? (applause) >> new iron chef series dropping mid june on netflix. did you move that? >> stephen: nope. >> you got a low one, this is only 3750, this is like we could be shot for this but we're not going to. >> okay. there we g i think that is enough of that. >> stephen: all right. >> grab that whisk right there just whisk that together. no you also have a new cook book. >> i do, good eats, the final years, is right over there. now i'm just go fog give that-- sphwhr it is. >> yeah there it is. >> stephen: now wait a second. >> what. >> stephen: we have milk here. >> the protein in milk can literally reach in and grab cap
12:31 am
sayahcin, remove it from our tongue, these organic compounds go into your-- kind of slosh it around in there a little bit. >> oh i am. slosh it. >> stephen: is this available as a su pos tore? because have i a feeling. >> rest assured, if you were to put that sauce where the supository goes, would you need that because we have those sensors all over our body. >> stephen: it is this supposed to be smoking twngs is supposed to be smoking, we're going to rotate this back, i will take this and slide it so that we are positioned under the bay. >> so this is all automated. >> and now we are going to turn off all the gun, hit pot we are button, they will go into cooldown mode and that is perfectly fine. i am going to open the hatch. >> stephen: this seems really ill-advised. >> no, it's perfectly safe. so you can let children do this, right. >> you could let-- in you didn't like them very much.
12:32 am
>> stephen: okay. >> that would be fine. are you ready to spin. >> stephen: let's dump. >> all right, dump. excellent. >> stephen: i. >> i missed two, that's perfectly fine. >> stephen: what do we do. >> i have got to do one other thing here there is the tossing in the hot sauce. >> stephen: do you have that bad boy? >> i'm a professional. >> stephen: oh my god. >> all right, it's all up to you now sir. >> stephen: ladies and gentlemen, it's that simple. (applause) here we go, do you want to help me out here? do you want me to show you how you do it down south? >> sure. >> stephen: that is actually
12:33 am
cooked all the way through. >> yes, it is, stephen colbert t is cooked all the way through. >> stephen: good eats, the final year is available now in iron chef and "iron chef: quest for an iron legend," premieres june 15th on netflix. alton brown, everybody, we'll be right back. right back.
12:34 am
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>> stephen: goodnight that's it for the late show. tune in tomorrow when my guests will be joseé andreés and ron howard. james corden is next. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh a access group at wgbhng sor ♪ are you ready, y'all to have some fun ♪ and feel the love tonight don't you worry where it is ♪ you come from it will be all right ♪ it's the "late, late show!"


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