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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 3, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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leading to powerful reactions across the country. why and shots fired at a santa clara county jewelry store. what we have learned about the smash and grab leading to gun fire. and the a's score a big win. the major hurdle passed to build a new ballpark at howard terminal. the and another showdown in memphis. the next test for the warriors game two of their playoff series. good morning. it's tuesday, may 3rd. >> good morning to you. glad to have you with us. you may feel the chill depending where you live. >> back in to the midand upper 40s. a lot of the coldest spots. it's better than yes, sir. temperatures warmer but you still want that jacket. we will be 10 degrees warmer. numbers will climb back up in to the midand upper 70s in the south bay. we will be in the low 80s for
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most of the inland east bay locations. tomorrow is the warmest day in the seven day. we will be near 90 tomorrow. expect a different feel to today. we have turned off the on shore wind from yesterday. right now there is an off shore. that's normally when we warm up. it's windy in the maintains but you won't notice a lot of wind where we live. what those wind winds do do is they clear out the humidity in the air. not like we would be battling fog. there's few clouds and relatively warm. temperatures today to the low 80s in general for the warm erin land spots. mid to upper 70s in the bay but more specific than that and pick out your spot. livermore, 81 today. pleasanton 80. vallejo 79. we will go to 80 in santa rosa. redwood city and mountain view, bayshore line in the mid-70s. mid-70s today. more like upper 70s tomorrow. i will show you how much warmer the numbers get look ahead to wednesday in the complete forecast.
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for now let's go over to gianna. the let's start off with a look at traffic. we have a trouble spot there. a traffic alert issued, this was due to roadway flooding. it's not raining out there. there is some flooding issues happening on suggestion 280 right at that 87 connector. if are you trying to make that drive from there onto guadalupe parkway, tough right now. no word when lanes will reopen or mop up this mess. you can always use 280 connecting onto 101 as the alternate. knob 87 is clear. again the mainlines of 280 are moving at the limit. that southbound 280 to guadalupe parkway to 87. heads up the rest of the south bay pretty quiet. not seeing any major issues along 101 and it's the usual stuff at the dublin f are you a super commuter and up early getting ready to make that trek out of the pass, little breezy but a typical ride there. developing this morning a live look at the supreme court where barricades have gone up
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following a pomp shell report that could change the landscape in america. >> demonstrators on both sides of the abortion debate gathered outside court after a report that a draft opinion has been obtained suggesting a majority of justices support overturning rroe verses wade f that happens states would be able to set their own laws. >> are you not going to change and roll back the time 50 years to where women have to ask for permission to make decisions regarding our own bodies. we aren't doing that. >> we haven't verified the draft but it's a stunning breach of court privacy. in fact our legal expert said it's unprecedented. a retired judge believes the opinion is real and sets a
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frightening precedent. >> people will see that the supreme court as a political institution. there will be changes. my guess is though that what we are reading in this draft opinion is likely. >> the report has been met with cheers from some republican lawmakers while democrats are already calling on senators to break the filibuster rule and pass legislation. the speaker said if this report is accurate every republican senator who voted for trump justices will have to explain themselves to the american people. and the governor also tweeted we are proposing an amendment to enshrine the right to choose in the california constitution. we can't trust scotus to protect the right to abortion so we will do it ourselves.
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california was already working to position itself as a sanctuary state for abortion rights. more than a dozen bills aimed to protect or expand access are throh the ste capitol. the live news desk. there is one locally as well. taking a look at san jose because the south bay could soon be an abortion sanctu ary for women. who supervisors are introducing a proposal today for santa clara county to spend up to $3 million in funds for two planned parenthood clinics in san jose. it would help pregnant women needing abortion services but could not get them in their rinst. inupr ste bee ca usvoofte at tonight's board meeting. if approved it would pay for improvements in buying medical equipment at planned parenthood and the expansion of the blossom hill health center. this all gaining new urgency because of the reports out of
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the supreme court. continuing coverage that have potentially historic decision by the court on air, online and streaming on cbs news. a jewelry store mash and grab ends in gun fire in east san jose t happened just before 6:00. police say the suspects smashed the front window display cases and grabbed what he they could. that's when a shop employee grabbed a gun and opened fire adding at least two bullet holes to the already shattered glass. the suspects took off in a get away car. it is not clear if any of them were hut. san jose firefighters dealt with a smash brush fire. flames broke out just before 5:00. no reports of injuries or any damage. and investigators trying to figure out what sparked a huge fire at a historic building at uc berkeley that you can see here on this video. four people had to be rescued
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from the next floor. the structure was built of redwood and is considered the first brown shingled building in berkeley and helped launch the arts and crafts movement in the bay area. while it's an old building was modern technology that helped save it. channing hall is owned by the university. it currently houses the institute for the study of society issues. happening today a san jose woman will be sentenced after pleading guilty to faking a cancer diagnosis to solicit donations. the 36-year-old amanda riley claimed she had cancer and solicited donations. she raised more than $100,000. she is facing up to 20 years in prison. nurses at stanford will be back on the job today after their union inked a new contract deal to end their week
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long strike. 5,000 nurses hit the picket lines last week complaining they are overworked and underpaid. in a new deal they will get a 17% salary increase over 3 years, a boost in retirement and another week of vacation starting in 2024. today the mask mandate expires at the tsa after the cdc recommended they extend it for two more weeks t was set to expire on april 13th, now they are not required on public transportation or transportation hubs. contra costa is a don'ting a path to zero plan to eliminate preventable covid deaths. contra costa health has opened its advice nurse line to any county resident who tests positive. in san jose dozens of vta workers facing possible discipline after missing the
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deadline to prove they have gotten the covid vaccine. 90% of its worker was in compliance. of those that weren't those with valid exceptions will have to take weekly tests. the rest could face termination. they said employees out of compliance can still work with masks and weekly testing until a final decision is made on their employment. in oakland fewer than 25 fans showed up to watch the a's loose to the rays but they did get a win in their bid for a new water park. staff are now recommending approval of the $12 billion project at howard terminal saying the loss of the 56-acre site won't negatively impact port operations. the full commission will hold a public hearing on june 2nd ahead of a june 30th vote. it needs two thirds approval to move forward. the team is scouting locations in las vegas in case that
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doesn't happen. a live look out at chase center. the dovs may be in memphis but that's not stopping fans flocking to thrive city. they will gather for another watch party. it's game 2 of the western conference semi-finals. the warriors took home a win on sunday night after a nail biting game. you remember that one. they are 5-1 and have won at least one rogue game in each of the last 25 playoff series. that's an nba record streak. the teams will head back to the bay area for game 3 this saturday. all right. that home court action coming up. >> looking forward. still ahead and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> why the effort to change california's workweek is dead for now in the state capitol. and the push back in the south bay this morning against a plan to save the garlic festival. the and we have a bit of a
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amazon driver. this morning andrew's wife is hoping her husband's death will prompt new safety measures for app based workers. >> that's why i'm here today, packing out did lets more people know to be more careful and to let the companies know they need to do something about it. they want legislation requiring compensation for family who lost loved ones on deliveries. the effort to move california to a four day workweek is dead for now. the bill would have required large employers to pay overtime to employees working more than 32 hours a week. according to the sacramento bee the labor and employment committee missed a deadline. push back in the south bay over a plan to save the gilroy garlic festival. a popular grower has said he
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will host it in stockton. that's not going over well in gilroy. >> and it feels like it'll be a stolen event. >> they haven't reached out to anyone from the gilroy festival association. the city, my family or my company. it's a little irresponsible for them to use our legacy to promote themselves. >> gilroy organizers say they were forced to cancel because of rising insurance. the grower said he stepped up because gilroy walked away. >> i'm trying to keep it going for the agricultural and the nonprofits and for the people. >> he said that he will announce late their week about a garlic festival time and place. drama with the asparagus and garlic. > in san francisco we are learning the cost to prepare the stern grove has ballooned to $20 million. that's five times higher than
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the initial estimate. the hillside was washed out after water valve break last august. at least 700,000-gallons of fresh drinking water came in to the grove canceling the final concert. this morning fish and wildlife officers still waiting for a young black bear who has been in a vacaville neighborhood to make his next move. >> police shared this video of the bear in a tree on north orchard. the bear is believed to be a two to 3-year-old male. he was seen -- there he is, going through some yards. even took a nap in a backyard. neighbors say he made his presence known in other ways as well. >> i have seen actually a lot of wildlife evidence in the backyard. i was wondering what it was. i feel like it may have been the bear. >> probably so. the bear doesn't move onto its natural habitat the plan is to hit him with a dart and relocate him this morning. >> i wonder how far is he from
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his natural home. >> who knows. the stories he has. >> nice weather to go around town. >> he does. i don't blame him. he has made himself so at home. like what do you mean how far? this is where i'm from. >> all that have is mine. >> taking over. >> all the land the light touches. >> left plenty of evidence this is my home. let's get into the forecast. >> marked had us territory. >> i hope he ends up okay. let's get into the forecast. warmer today. by about 10 degrees in fact. that's the main thing. by the afternoon. it's quite different from yesterday. yesterday stood out. we had a strong on shore breeze. that's gone today. it's more of the off shore wind which dries us out but warms us up many if we look at the current number the it's warmer to start the day. it's mid-40s on the coldest. upper 40s. santa rosa 48.
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livermore 47. oakland is the coldest number. that is good. those numbers could be 10 degrees colder. here is why today is so much warmer. watch the winds. that, that's our off shore wind. yesterday that wind was rushing an shore. the temperatures start to jump and that means in the south bay we are going to the midand upper 70s. if will be 76 for the daytime high in fremont. we check out the numbers for the inland valleys of the east bay. it's mid-80ss. were you in the low 70s over here yesterday. we are already about 10 degrees warmer over here. back in the bay the temperatures are more in line with low to mid-70s. 75 in kent field and nevado. 82 in sonoma. you will be othveof 80 and windsor going to 83. there is ukia. mid to upper 70s up north. tomorrow is warmer than this. tomorrow is the warm effort day in the seven day forecast.
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we will be near 90 for some of the warm effort inland spots. then starting thursday, friday, and saturday the systems in the pacific start coming and this next one we can bring ahead to right here. that southern edge. those systems start to fall apart as they come on shore. by friday and saturday you can see how close we are. we don't get rain from this but we are going to get breezy and cooler. you see that right way in the seven day forecast. shows up to best in san jose. 85 tomorrow on wednesday after today's 79. by saturday and sunday we are all the way back down to 70. same for the micro climate. near 90 tomorrow and then it's mid740s by the weekend and breezy. i have got some good news to report. i just checked in with chp and that trouble spot we had along 280 southbound at 87. all lanes about too open up which is good news. this connector utare trying to
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87 from 280 due to roadway flooding. everything is now been mopped up. lanes opening up. hopefully if you are just getting ready to head out the door we are back in business with no major issues or delays. i have to say over all zooming out, everything looks good this morning. we aren't seeing a lot of brake lights or issues on 101. if are you going toward the dublin a little busy here. westbound as you work toward that 580, 680 connector. sluggish there. the bulk of the brake lights out of the pass. typical for that ride as you work for the super commuters heading over toward 680-6789 let's get a live look from mobile5. is he out and about. brian kiley, good morning to him f are you headed elsewhere for highway 4. i should say near 242 we have nice conditions through concord. we aren't seeing any brake likes or issues getting onto --
5:21 am
from highway 4. traffic moving at the limit. things have been moving nicely. great start to your drive through concord, no delays. in fact so far so good with the exception of that trouble spot clearing in the south bay. we should be good to go with in the next couple of minutes. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> rehigh lying educators in the bay if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination
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let's get you ready for lunch tome this is where we spotlight noon to 2:00. here is the headline on this day. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. not hot. it is going to be different and by the time which get into that noon to 2:00 window it's already 80 at lunchtime for many of our warmer spots t was more like 70 yesterday with a cooler on shore breeze. read that bottom line. that's a north northwest wind at 9 miles an hour if are you inland which means off shore, dryer, it'll feel warmer. tomorrow is warmer than this. we will look ahead at that in the complete forecast. for now back to you. happening today it's national teacher appreciation day. here at kpix45 we are highlighting teachness the bay area making a difference in student's lives. >> relieve in the studio and we all have our stories of our favorite teacherless. have you met a coach that's really made a big impact.
5:25 am
>> right. he said he grew up with students who didn't always ght right decisions. he wanted to be a difference maker as a coach. the the watts of the gym at hogan middle school have make images of sports. one leaving an impact on students beyond these halls. >> one thing is all about readjustment. nothing always perfect and it's always about a -- how you adjust yourself. >> anthony learned that from the coach. a lesson he said he uses now as a 20-year-old. >> the analogy is life will put put you on your back and you have to try to fight off that and get back to your feet. >> he has been teaching here since 1996. that message couldn't be more relevant than now. students still going through a pandemic and more recently their mat room caught on fire. they had to find another place to practice right before the
5:26 am
girl's wrestling state championship. if almost looked like fuel for them t was something almost personal to them. >> we have second and i feel like we worked really hard for that. >> they have won countless city titles and state chapter championships. >> it's really helped me like gain confidence in a lot of things. >> even years after middle school. >> i do plan to become a fighter and wrestling is hundred one of my main bases. that's where i learned it from. >> my goal is really to build character with these kids, kind of teach them to try to do the right thing. >> and we know that middle school is a time where we are all trying to figurous out. the coach said that he can't tell students to do the right thing but he can inspire them to try to do so. >> and sounds like its working. >> think about the middle school. we all had that one teacher or coach who inspired us.
5:27 am
>> especially at that age. those types of people can be influential. i can't believe he has been there since 1996. >> 1996. a lot of state championships and city titles and still inspiring students. that's great. >> a lot of stories. thank you. we appreciate that. and for teacher appreciation week you can nominate an amazing teacher on social media.. in our next half hour, and streaming on cbs news a unprecedented supreme court leak when we know about a draft opinion on roe verses wade. and why russia is want more restful sleep? nature's bounty gives you more with sleep3. the first ever triple action sleep supplement with 3 unique nighttime benefits to help you get a great night's sleep and wake feeling refreshed. live bountifully. nature's bounty.
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right now, a stunning breach of court privacy. why roe verses wade may becoming to an end very soon. and united states officials believe that russia may be shifting strategies. why the country could be changing its goals for the war in ukraine. and california's next governor race is already heating up. a look at the campaign strategy for the governor. good morning to you. welcome in. it's tuesday, may 3rd. >> good morning to you as well. we have a bit of a cooldown out there this morning. >> few degrees. yeah. the real story today is actually we will be about 10 degrees warmer. >> cooldown. >> and that's the way it goes. little bit now. warmer by the afternoon. we turn a corner.
5:31 am
cobb cord and oakland are the coolest spots in the mid-40s. the low 80s inland today. those numbers low to mid-70s yesterday. fremont 76. concorresponded going to 84. it was like 71 yesterday. some of these numbers in the inland east bay valleys from yesterday to today it's already 12 to 13 degrees above. big jump. we have turned off the on shore wind. that's why we are able to do this. a quick look at what is going on on the big picture. watch the winds increase. not going to be windy but the winds move through, they dry things out and warm us up. tomorrow is warmer. let's get over to the drive. >> i feel like i should have
5:32 am
you here because the winds may impact your drive. gustiard coulding to cal trans. look like that was issued overnight f you plan to take the san mateo bridge they have that sign lit up. the sign warning people it may be breezy as you work across the span. just a heads up. be careful through there. especially if are you going in a larger, more high profile vehicle. we aren't seeing a lot of brake lights or issues. it's not that bad. it is probably under 5. maybe closer to 3 if you are going across the bridge. we are starting to see that crowded -- those crowded conditions as you work into san francisco. especially as we take a look here at one of our cal trans cameras. it the getting busy in to the city. developing morning a spokesperson for the supreme court said they have no comment about a bombshell political report claiming that a draft opinion shows the court
5:33 am
majority plans to end roe verses wade. opening the door for states to make abortion illegal. natalie is outside the court for us this morning. >> and what are the latest developments out there? >> this is an unprecedented type of leak from the nation's high court. it is also important to note that this is not the final decision. this morning barricades remain up outside of the court, demonstrators are returning to the scene this morning to gather and overnight after this report broke, hundreds gathered and at times there were some tense moments. an explosive new report suggests the court's conservative majority appears poised to strike down roe verses wade. the 1973 case that legalized abortion. they said it obtained a 978
5:34 am
page draft opinion that was circulated among the justices earlier this year. the court's opinion is not official until published and it's unclear if this is the final version. the draft is in response to a case about mississippi's law which bans most abortions after 15 weeks. thrt says, inexpected by july.t wa d the decision has had damaging consequences. >> i think this was expected. i still think it's stunning. >> a law professor notes about half the states want to ban or severely restrict abortion. >> if the draft opinion stands what is means is that women will live in two very different americas. >> while the court said it's not commenting on the report, sources say that the chief justice is likely to order an investigation that includes the fbi to determine the source of
5:35 am
the leak. >> do you view roe was having super precedent? >> former picks were pressed during on how they would rule if the issue came up. >> its been reaffirmed many times. my position is that there is 45 years of precedent. >> the house speaker and senate majority leader said in a joint statement that if the report is true the justices have lied to the united states senate and ripped up the constitution. republicans meanwhile praised the possibility that roe will be overturned, texas senator ted cruz calling a massive victory for life. hundreds of supporters and opponents clashed outside the court overnight, a preview of the state by state fight that may lie ahead for both sides. now according to the reporting, five of the republican appointed justices agreed with
5:36 am
this draft opinion. it's you clear how chief justice roberts will vote on this and it's important to note that justices can change their votes, can change their minds on a decision like this in the final days and weeks leading up to that final decision. >> and a lot of reaction this morning both sides of the aisle. walk us through some of that of what you are seeing there. >> yeah. you saw some of it in the piece. just to kind of give you a taste of the different ends of the political spectrum. you saw the first part of that tweet from senator cruz. the second part though said he continues to wait for the ultimate opinion he is a pauled by the shocking breach of trust poised by this leak. he called it a blatant attempt to intimidate the court through public pressure. that's what we are hearing a number of republican lawmakers
5:37 am
saying they worried this will damage the institution of the supreme court. on the other hand we are seeing outrage from democratic lawmakers. a tweet from bernie sander who said that congress must codify roe into law and he goes onto say that if there aren't 60 votes, a bipartisan majority he is calling to end the filibuster, renewing calls to end the filibuster. this is certainly going to spark a new level of political dialogue here on capitol hill and i can also expect this -- we can expect it to become a major issue in the upcoming midterm elections, especially as different states take different approaches with respect to abortion rights. >> thank you for that reporting. even here in california the governor is saying that california will continue to fight this. we will see what happens.
5:38 am
we have continuing coverage of this potentially historic decision on air, online and as always streaming on cbs news bay area. united states officials believe russia may be shifting strategies and shifting goals for its war in ukraine. it comes as russia's top indict map faces backlash over controversial comments he made. russian fire power and thick black smoke fill the air after renew add tack tuesday. nearly 100,000 people remain in the port city under attack. they are without power, water, and food. this amid concerns by united states official that russia could be planning to annex much of eastern ukraine in the coming weeks. >> the russians will be focusing a lot of their almost all of their remaining combat power in the south and because ukrainians have shown no interest in giving in and not fighting for every inch of
5:39 am
their territory. there is a possibility that this could go on for quite some time. >> meanwhile senate majority leader, the highest ranking jewis, had elected fish is responding to comments by the foreign affairs minister who claimed the russian invasion is trying to get rid of nazis and suggested that hitler had jewish blood. >> the war crimes committed by russia are as plain as day for the world to see. to justify the violence with appeals to anti semitism is sickening, it is dangerous. i condemn the comments in the strongest possible terms. >> in his nightly addresses the president of ukraine said russia forgot lessons from world war ii. >> israel demanded an apology calling the statements outrageous and a terrible historic mistake.
5:40 am
the president has requested another $33 billion in military, economic and humanitarian aid for ukraine and it's allie seconds. there are also talks of a new effort to help rebuild ukraine after the war. the vice president will return to the white house today after testing negative for covid. she first tested positive nearly a week ago following a trip to the bay area. her spokesperson said that she will wear a well fitting mask while around others for another five days. the vice president never showed any symptoms while she was isolating at home. new covid data shows rising cases among children in the american academy of pediatri cs said more than 53,000 kids tested positive. that's up 44% from the previous week t marks a third straight week of increases but the totals still well below last january's peak. in a single week saw more than a million new cases in kids. the race to be the next
5:41 am
california governor is ramming up. we are getting our first look at the governor's campaign strategy. >> i have been inspired by the courage of california. >> he compared the strength e the republican party has endorsed brian doley. the primary is set for june 7thst early voting will open on monday. coming up,. >> a big blow to the amazon labor union. the rejection for a bid to form a union. and there is a new way to show your love for breakfast. and today is going to be ten to 14 degrees warmer than yesterday. and tomorrow is actually
5:42 am
the warmest day of the whole week. i will show you what that looks like in terms of today's numbers and we will look ahead to the seven day forecast in just a bit. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite.
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today contra costa lead every also hear appeals over plans to convert two east bay oil refineries. >> and some environmental groups oppose that idea. they are the marathon facility in martinez and the phillip 66 refinery. some say they want to know more and some are rejecting marathon's claims that the conversions will significantly lower green house gas. et stockhave to come from somewhere. we shouldn't be, you know, making decisions on what types of stuff to burn into the air. we move away from this whole sale. demission commissioning these dirty facilities. this very approved the conversions. amazon warehouse workers
5:46 am
rejected a bid to form a union. it made history last month as the first of it's kind at a warehouse. workers at a smaller amazon facility opted not to form a union. space x has competition in the rocket recycling business. california based rocket labs managed to catch a falling rocket out of the air with a helicopter. the booster sent 34 satellites in space before falling back to earth. a parachute was deployed before a cable grabbed it. it was a partial success. the chopper dropped the rocket into the ocean shortly after catching it. do you like cerea, l and shoes? i don't -- >> yeah. yeocs has jushfor
5:47 am
you. they have inspired by cereal. >> this is so dumb. >> i can't take it seriously. >> it's a collaboration between crocs; general mills and foot lockern. they are calling it the crocs rise in style collection. right now only the. >> style? >> the rest are slated to hit by july. >> what the heck is style about this? >> i want one. >> watch them sell out. watch them sell out. >> you are the target audience. >> i want one. >> you don't want one of those. >> they look so fun. >> if you wear them and say what are those? as soon as you walk in to the newsroom. now. you want a pair too. >> okay. >> i won't join in on this. i won't participate. >> no. i can see darren wearing them. >> i would pay to see him in those. i'm a late adopter that would be one of them. it'll we be warmer today by about 10 degrees. that's the headline in the
5:48 am
whole first alert forecast today. it's a big swing. yesterday we cooled down a lot because of the on shore wind. today that wind turns off. tomorrow is warmer than this. first we are waiting on sunrise. sunrise at 6:11. it'll set at 8:02. it's only 48 in santa rosa right now. mid-40s's for the inland valleyless a head start on the daytime highs. the number one factor driving all of this. it is dramatic to go through a ten to 14 degrees warmer from one day to the next. the reason that's happening the wind will shift direction. there it was yesterday. we had the cool on shore. watch what happens. those are the dry off shore winds by the time we get into late morning today. they are already in charge which meansas we get in to the afternoon that is what dominates the way today feels. ly get more specific than
5:49 am
showing you the brief overview. let's get everybody's daytime highs women will start out in the south bay and remember the theme on these numbers, ten degrees above yesterday. that means mid to upper 70s for the south bay. it's already low to mid-80s for the inland east bay. when we talk about tomorrow being warmer, tomorrow the numbers get close to 90. the strong on shore wind will turn become on by thursday, friday. and we will get cooler. windy and the temperatures will go back down. the next two days we are going into early sumern. that is the view for the heart of the bay. as we look at the numbers in the north bay, that same story. watch the swings in the numbers. really shows up best on this first page. when we look at san francisco, oakland and san jose, it's always the one that will have the most character it. see the bigger swings there. 85 wednesday. 68 by sunday. micro climates do that same
5:50 am
thing. the inland valleys, upper 80s by wednesday. low 70s by sunday. gianna still wind on the bridges. >> yeah. san mateo bridge. a wind advisory in effect for that bridge. not the bay bridge. that's good news and the pass, little gusty there as well. ly start off with the live look at conditions. this is courtesy of m obile5. he is crewing. through walnut creek. we are seeing more cars on the capacity roadway. photograph sick moving at the limit. its been a nice ride from highway 4 down to 242 through concord into walnut creek. traffic not bad. we are getting closer to that 6:00 hour. so far so good. if are you getting ready to % good to go for the most part. let's jump over and get a live look at the dublin. you may see some slightly
5:51 am
slower speeds. they fill that wind traveling through there and there is reports of a crash here. westbound 580 at north flynn. minor fender bender. it is just a typical slow and go conditions as you head through there. bay bridge metering lights turned on. starting to see that volume getting crowded across per the ci. relik a cal tran cam a this is off the skyway into san francisco. travel times not bad. still moving at a good pace. at the san mateo bridge wind advisory in effect as well. that could affect your drive this morning. there may feel a little gusty. so, no wind advisory for the golden gate bridge or the dunbarton. it is 5:51. next,. >> cheryl crow on her new
5:52 am
film. and the national women's soccer league going on its 10th season by welcoming two new teams to the field. one of them is the los angeles angel city football club founded by natalie portman. ahead we show you how the team is elevating women's sports. >> are you getting to see it happen. >> makes me really happy. we are at a tipping point. women's sports is just getting to a tipping point. these are a lot of the dreams coming true that i used to dream as a younger person. that. story and more
5:53 am
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5:56 am
entertain helicopter headlines. cheryl crow holds nothing back in her new documentary. >> people assume every up beat song is a picture of my life but there's a real person behind t it. >> she gets candid about depression and breast cancer. it streams on show time friday. it's 5:56. in the next half hour. >> right now barricades surround the supreme court after a bombshell report that could change the landscape. how the public is responding. and the effort to build a new ballpark at howard terminal is gaining new momentum this morning. what officials are now recommending. and later a heart warming reunion in southern california. the moment a woman meets hadder mother for the very first time. let take a live look outside at that sunrise.
5:57 am
that yellow glow coming up over the bay. looking beautiful out there. we will have the live look at the forecast after the break.
5:58 am
for you i wish many things... to see all the world can be. but most of all... i wish you'll never stop wishing.
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6:00 am
right now, reaction through the night after a laked draft opinion indicated the possible end of roe verses wade. this morning what california is already pledging to do. and live now outside. the bay area bracing for a warm um up. where we will see some of the hottest temperatures. and. >> it's a little bit irresponsible for them to use our legacy to promote themselves. >> the plan to revive the gilroy garlic festival not


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