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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 3, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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see you both. let's call this the after work crowd. thousands of people have made their way on both sides of this issue. reactions we have seen from not only them but lawmakers. president biden, even chief justice john roberts as well. all giving their opinion about not only this week but what it could mean in the weeks ahead as we wait for the final opinion. democrats say they are concerned about that. meanwhile, republicans are concerned about the leak in and of itself. how did it happen? demonstrators stood outside of the u.s. supreme court for hours after political published a bombshell draft that could reverse the 1973 roe versus wade decision legalizing abortion. in it, samuel alito wrote it is mereturn the issue of abortion back to the people's representatives. >> it certainly is a decision that should be headed back to the states. >> i think women should have
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the autonomy over their own body. >> reporter: if the draft stands, it would be a radical decision. >> the rationale of the decision were to be sustained, a whole range of rights are in question. remake chief justice roberts called the february released document authentic. but he adds it does not represent a final decision from the court. that is expected in late june or early july. it is unclear how justice roberts would decide, but it appears the high court's other conservative justices are poised with alito. or they could also change their minds. >> it goes the direction this economy has indicated, it rocks my confidence in the court right now. >> we know history is on our side. we are determined to preserve these precious rights that are the bedrock of this great nation. remake congressional democrats have vowed to take a vote on abortion rights legislation. they say overturning roe versus wade could have major implications for the upcoming
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midterm elections. >> it will be interesting to see how democrats decide to move forward. we know that the last time similar legislation has been brought forth, not all senate democrats were aligned. west virginia voted alongside his republican colleagues, so we have to wait and see if democrats even have the 50 votes they need to move forward with some sort of legislation in addition to that. it will be interesting to see how the supreme court decides to move forward with not only this case, but others as well. we are outside the supreme court. i'm skyler henry pain. kpix five. a crowd of demonstrators are outside of the courthouse. max? >> reporter: yeah. over the past couple of minutes, we have seen the crowd here at the federal building here in san francisco start to grow. check this out. they are filling up the plaza here at the philip burton federal building for a rally for reproductive justice. this is a response to that leaked draft of that supreme
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court decision. we spoke with two people today from different generations who both say they hope this leaked decision draft does not become reality. messages like this one that reads, my body, my choice, are written on the chalk campus. the u.s. supreme court opinion revealed the nation's highest court lands to overturn roe versus wade. >> mostly sad right now and frustrated. i just don't really understand how this could happen. >> reporter: sarah pinto has lived her entire life with productions established by roe v wade in 1973. the landmark decision struck down many federal and state abortion laws and protected a woman's right to choose to have an abortion. >> giving the government the ability to tell individuals what choices they can and cannot make. >> reporter: carolyn peterson was a little bit older than pinto is when supreme court
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made the roe v wade decision in 1973. >> at this indeed goes the way it is looking, it will be a terrible step backward for women. to me, it is some kind of patriarchal extension of trying to keep control of women. >> reporter: if the draft opinion ends up becoming reality and overturns roe v wade, abortions would likely be illegal in some states and legal in others. >> nobody dances on their way to their abortion. very, very few people do this casually. if abortion is illegal, it is not that there will be no abortions, but they will be grizzly as they were. >> remake pinto is trying to stay optimistic. >> i think there has got to be help. you see all the stuff everywhere. you have to have hope that people are going to fix it. people are going to come together. good people. >> women deserve to make decisions for their life. i have a hard time thinking that is known to be the final
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word. >> reporter: as you can see right here at the rally, there are people of all ages and all backgrounds. men women and children. speakers have just started to kick off the events here. we will bring you more live coverage coming up at 6:00. kpix 5. >> thank you very much, matt. some other cities across the bay area holding demonstrations following the leaks draft. here's a live look at city hall this evening where the rally for reproductive rights is set to soon begin. lawmakers from both sides are reacting to this this evening. >> the courts should to not the bad-faith noise and feel completely free to do their jobs. >> i'm not going to sit quietly, and neither should any of you. i know for so many women across the country, this is deeply personal. and it is deeply personal to me too. >> san mateo jackie appears shared a tweet. she said having an abortion
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saved her life and allowed her to pursue her career and have another child. she went on to say it was her decision and others should make choices for themselves. we are also hearing from people who support overturning roe versus wade. >> the court looks like it is finally going to recognize it ever in roe versus wade where they just manufactured the suppose it right to commit abortion violence. they said that was in the constitution when it never was. so that is very, very encouraging that they might finally correct that error. >> meantime, california catholic congress says this is a moment for the church to engage with communities actively and publicly oppose this amendment and fill our baptismal responsibility to fill at every stage and every opportunity. >> many states are already prepared to take action in both directions. 13 have so-called trigger laws that would ban or greatly
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respect abortion automatically if roe is overturned. on the other side, 16 states, including the state of california and district of columbia already have laws protecting those rights. a live look where governor newsom is proposing an amendment to protect abortion access in our state. the measure would go on the november ballot if it gets the necessary two thirds vote in the legislature before june this summer. if approved, it would make it harder for future lawmakers to appeal abortion protections. >> while this is happening, unanimously approved $3 million in funding for planned parenthood clinic. this comes as the nation is bracing for major restrictions in many states. the funding will go toward staffing, lab equipment and the expansion of the lab center. it is the largest planned parenthood in the state and is expecting hundreds of women from out of state each week seeking abortions if and when roe is overturned.
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>> it is critical that all policymakers and those in legislative power positions bring significant pressure and action to ensure those who are forced to seek care here are impacted as minimally as possible when accessing essential and timely services, such as birth control and abortion. >> be sure to be sticking with kpix 5 for coverage on this potentially historic decision by the supreme court. we will also have the latest online and streaming on bses bay area. one of the most high profiled and accomplished asian american leaders. norman mineta died today at the age of 90. he was surrounded by family when he peacefully passed away. mineta broke racial barriers, becoming san jose's first asian american mayor. he also served in congress for 20 years and later became federal transportation
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secretary. san jose's airport is also named after him as well. coming up at 5:30, we will have much more on norman mineta's legacy. a live look at dublin this evening. warmer in some places than others. still pretty warm. i know you said not as warm in the city. i was walking around today. >> it was nice outside. temperatures above average in san francisco. it is starting to cool off with the onshore breeze taking control. tomorrow is going to be even warmer. it is one of those bay area evenings. we have 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s all on the map simultaneously. 85 degrees in fairfield. for the most part, we're talking about 60s around the bay with upper 70s and 80s further inland. tomorrow, even warmer. especially for the inland parts of the area. around the bay, low to mid 70s for san francisco to oakland. mid to upper 80s or inland parts of the bay area. it is not record-setting but warmer than normal for early mayor.
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the roller coaster beginning already on thursday. we will take a closer look at tomorrow's highs and have a close look at the week and in just a few minutes. streaming on cbs news bay area, an arrest on top of san francisco's tallest building. why a man climbed the salesforce tower only to end up in handcuffs. plus, the mayor of san jose is calling for san jose police officers to be subject to random drug and alcohol tests. coming up, we will hear the response from the police officers association. plus, remember they were spotted in a bay area neighborhood. we will tell you what he is up to now. ♪ ♪ (music throughout)
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they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. ♪ in san jose, the mayor and police chief are calling for a major reform of the police department but drug and alcohol testing system. the proposed change comes after
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authorities say one officer overdosed on fentanyl. another showed up to a crime scene drunkard kpix 5 devin fehely has -- remake drug and alcohol abuse as well as allegations of sexual misconduct while on duty. the problem is, when you wear a badge and a uniform, the actions of one tarnished the reputation of the entire team. the city and police department are trying to figure out how best to respond. >> when an officer is found guilty of criminal conduct, i will personally walk him out. >> reporter: san jose police chief anthony martin, who have used this >> i will not tolerate inappropriate behavior or criminal conduct. >> reporter: the recent revelation that an officer showed up drunk to last week's
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napping investigation is yet another black eye for an apartment that is still reeling from the news that a promising young rookie officer died from a fentanyl overdose. there is so much concern from city hall that the mayor was calling for major reforms to the department and alcohol testing program. >> it is my desire to ensure we have a provision that enables broad, random drug and alcohol testing throughout the department. as the city put the current contract allows for confessing specialized units like the squad team, the bomb squad or the vice squad. the president has said he is cautiously open to the idea of expanded testing. >> i think it is a question that is probably best suited at the negotiation table, but we are absolutely open to finding ways to strengthen it would >> reporter: the police chief says the department offers mental health and substance abuse programs and offering that all of branch to officers even as the trust that was a sense of accountability in his ranks.
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>> if they choose not to seek that help and then they acted in a way that is contrary to the policy or the law or the trust that the public puts in us, there will be consequences for that. >> reporter: the current union contract will be up in june of this year. we will have to wait to have the mayor's proposal survives or doesn't the negotiation process. in san jose, devin fehely. kpix 5. we brought you the news conference live on cbs news bay area. you can watch 2411 steaming on or the kpix app a live look right now at the salesforce tower in san francisco where a man actually scale the top of the building and landed in handcuffs. now, the salesforce tower is the tallest in the city. 60 stories of the guy did not seem to have any safety equipment attached to him. hard to watch that knowing that. workers inside the building and down below watched anxiously. it was just before 11:00 where
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he made it to the top where police were waiting for him. firefighters advised people to avoid the area during the stent, which they condemned. the men put the lives of firefighters and the public at risk. we have not heard from him exactly about why he did this. but he does have a social media presence dedicated to antiabortion rights. >> i'm over here worried about him. but i don't know. there are other ways to protest abortion or whatever you want, but this is america and this is san francisco. what do you expect? >> a lot of people nervous to watch that video. 22-year-old man from las vegas. he has been cited and released. a black bear cut running around the neighborhood has returned back home. the department of fish and game set the bear left on its own sometime between last night and 9:00 this morning. the animals spotted up in a tree. neighbors who saw the bear that they could not believe their eyes.
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>> at lunch, i went over and i thought i thought. everyone started coming over after that. i couldn't believe what i saw. >> i was a little scared because what if it came onto school grounds? we would have to have a lockdown and we wouldn't be able to leave. >> as a precaution, the school had to be placed on lockdown. police advised people to lock their doors and windows. >> he did not look like he was in a hurry. >> no. i would have tried the i can't finish my math homework. there is a bear. >> work that angle as hard as you can. >> i didn't like math. >> the question would be, what did the bear have to do with just putting a pencil on paper? >> i don't know, he was just in the way. >> falling down already. warm weather. speaking of numbers, they're going to be rising in terms of the pictures tomorrow. already significantly warmer today. high pressure is an the upper atmosphere taking over. as the air gets pushed down toward the ground level, it warms up. temperatures warmed up today. they're going to warm up even more tomorrow before and that
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system, but it is going to sweep toward the pacific northwest and squeeze the atmosphere of the bay area and produce gustier onshore winds. lots of sunshine at the. temperature downtown is only six. it is only 67 degrees in oakland. those numbers were warmer earlier this afternoon before that onshore breeze to control again. parlor and lynn, it is a mix of upper 70s and low 80s. the temperatures well above normal for this time of year. but the warmest day of the week is going to be tomorrow. we will start up pretty close to average low temperatures. 50 degrees in most locations. mid-50s in antioch and brentwood. but most of us within two or three degrees of either side of 50. temperatures are going to be starting off near-normal and really taking off through the first half of the day with light winds. even offer winds for parts of the bay area. but even an onshore wind is going to be very light for the first half of the day. even around the coast and along the bay. that warm-up is going to sell out. first along the coast, then
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around the bay because the onshore wind is going to get stronger as we head into the afternoon and into tomorrow, it might even push them cooler air into the inland valleys. that is going to determine our temperature pattern throughout the day. san francisco as an example. starting off in the low 50s. warming up into the lower 60s by noon. by early afternoon, the westerly wind and onshore direction is going to get stronger. temperatures drop significantly by this time on wednesday. temperatures parlor and live without that strong onshore wind are going to continue warming up into the mid-80s. for santa rosa. likely up into the upper 80s. the temperatures are going to cut back significantly on thursday with stronger onshore winds pushing that there farther inland. san jose by the late 80s midafternoon. after stopping by several degrees with that westerly wind taking some cooler air over the bay and pushing it down into the santa clara valley. we will fill in the rest of the map. wide variation temperatures. 62 in pacifica. 90 for fairfield, antioch, and
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brentwood. near 80 degrees down the peninsula with mid-80s in the santa clara valley and most of the north bay at mid-to-upper 80s in the upper east bay. once the onshore breeze returns, temperatures drop significantly. the onshore breeze combined with more cloud cover rolling in from the west on thursday as temperatures will be a good seven or eight degrees cooler. there is even an up to chance that a couple of showers are going to try to make a run into parts of the north bay on friday. it is a very outside chance. 20% north of the golden gate. not much to get excited about that. notice the big temperature got. especially for san jose. nearly a 10-degree drop wednesday to thursday. below average temperatures in the forecast for mother's day. hovering in place into early next week. his passing storms and temps are going to intermittent cloud cover. friday and tuesday is the 10th of a couple of showers north of the golden gate on those days, but they are going to be very low chances into tuesday of next week. we will take a closer look at
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those minimal rain chances coming up 5:30. >> not forget about mother's day on sunday. coming up, why grizzlies fans might be playing right into the warriors fans to game two. educate coming up on our evening service, cbs news bay area, our interview with san jose state about roe versus wade and the potential implications if it is overturned. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever. find -- find us on pluto tv, channel 1021, and any platform using the free cbs news app. . under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating
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with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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the warriors play game two against the grizzlies in just over an hour. and again. they all restore home court on sunday. looking to control the series. game two tonight. >> after all this team has been
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through, a chance to go to my in the. they know where the grizzlies jugular is. dobbs have seen this movie before. steve kerr. >> we have been in this situation 1 million times. this will be the most physical game we play all you. just under the circumstances -- who we are playing on the road. they are coming after us. >> grizzly fans will be ready. you can bet they will have a little extra for dream on green after his ejection in game one. but poking the bear, a.k.a., green, can be dangerous. >> i have been through the biggest battles. he embraces those moments. he embraces being the billing. we need that. he really makes us go. without him, we are not the warriors. i have said that before. i'm just excited for him because he is the best in games like this. >> western conference semi game
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two. got set 6:30. and as always, moving pictures will be on the late show. >> you think they are going to do fremont? maybe a little bit? >> of course. they will be all over him. anything that can to get over there. >> he will embrace the villain. that is our new life motto. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, friends are remembering silicon loud valley leader norm panetta prepared an a+, major developments in the second bathroom. charges just file. oysters, clams and
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, more local news animal five 130. a bay area oyster farm looking to commercially harvest a different product. seaweed. how they plan to do it. plus, the suspect accused in a deadly mass shooting in san francisco facing new charges this evening. first, the death of former transportation secretary and silicon valley leader norman mineta. one of the most high profile asian american men errs in the country. mineta passed away today at the age of 90 in his home in maryland. his legacy and the people he
5:29 pm
inspired and the impact he had on the m.a. asian american community. >> reporter: norman mineta served as congressman and transportation secretary. he always told his friends his favorite title of his distinguished local career was mr. mayor. former mayor died today at his home in maryland at the age of 90. norman mineta became the first asian-american city councilmember ever in the city of san jose. -- knew him years before when they were both interned at heart not in wyoming after the attack on pearl harbor. and later in law school. she is his work to get redress money and an apology for all japanese americans interned has elevated him to special status in the community. >> we have always thought that the redress was an important part of the same that our country -- and we live by the
5:30 pm
constitution. that is what we believed in. but they had said, we apologize. and that meant more than anything else. and norman helped us do that. >> reporter: his work in congress on behalf of japanese americans came after he spent years selling the aerospace industry and what we now know as silicon valley. bringing jobs to a region where there used to be only orchards. this is mineta at his last bay area public appearance at the airport that bears his name. >> a center of high-tech worldwide. and the work that people here at the city of san jose and san jose international air have done has contributed greatly. >> he served 20 years in congress representing san jose. current mayor sam liccardo was one of his interns. >> i learned enormously from him. his deadpan humor.


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