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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 4, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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connected tv. i'm matt pieper, cbs nenew york. it's wednesday, may 4th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." abortion rights showdown. demonstrations after a leaked document shows the supreme court may be ready to overturn roe v. wade. what happens next and the investigation underway. escape from mariupol. civilians reach safety after hiding at a steel plant. but there are new concerns for those trapped at the bombed out facility. special relationship. now details emerge about a missing murder suspect and the jail official accused of helping him. good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. reaction across the country has been swift over the bombshell leak of a drafted supreme court
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opinion that would overturn the 1973 roe v. wade decision which made abortion legal. last night in los angeles, an abortion rights protest briefly turned ugly as skirmishes broke out with police. one officer was injured. it was the only violence reported as demonstrations took place throughout the country. chief justice john roberts ordered an investigation into how "politico" was able to obtain the draft opinion. he called it an egregious breach of trust. elise preston is in washington with the very latest on all of this. good morning. >> reporter: anne-marie, good morning to you. that supreme court draft opinion was issued in result regarding a mississippi state law banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. [ chants ] protesters across the country are voicing their opinions following a report that the supreme court may be just weeks away from gutting roe v. wade. >> as the sign says, abortion is murder. i feel that way period. >> it's a war on women.
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[ cheers ] >> reporter: some women's health clinics are reassuring patients that nothing has been made official yet. >> abortion is still legal in all 50 states. your appointment is safe. providers are there. go to your appointment. >> reporter: 26 states are poised to outlaw abortion or weaken access. 16 are going in the other direction with laws designed to protect abortion rights. >> if you live in a state where new york. rightsu o g to strip this is your safe harbor. >> reporter: chief justice john roberts confirmed the draft opinion is authentic but stresses it is not the final decision. he ordered an investigation into how the document leaked out. >> what's unique about today is this is the first time we've had somebody on the inside try to attack the institution. >> reporter: republican lawmakers focused on the leak more than the contents, something democrats say is on purpose. >> they spent a decade, two decades trying to repeal roe,
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and now they won't own up to it. they're like the dog that caught the bus. >> reporter: senate majority leader chuck schumer says he'll bring a bill protecting abortion rights up for vote, though it's likely to fail due to a republican filibuster. now the supreme court is expected to release its official final opinion in june or july. anne-marie? >> elise preston in washington. thank you so much. on the heels of the leaked draft opinion, oklahoma's governor signed a bill that bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. as michael george reports, some patients have already been driving across several states to see a doctor. >> reporter: if the u.s. supreme court acts to overturn roe versus wade, the issue of abortion rights would be kicked back to the states to decide. >> as long as i'm governor of illinois and as long as we have a pro-choice legislature, abortion will be legal in this state. >> we want fewer abortions in virginia. not more. >> the outcome will not be that abortion is suddenly illegal everywhere. the outcome will be that each state will decide.
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>> i think it's going to be chaos, there's no question. >> reporter: jodi hicks is president and ceo of planned parenthood affiliates of california, a declared reproductive freedom state. >> in california, for instance, we're already seeing patients from texas. we're already seeing patients from arizona, and their ban hasn't gone into effect. in many states patients are going to have to travel outside of the state that they live. >> reporter: for some who have worked to overturn roe, change is a long time coming. >> we're excited that people are realizing the importance of life from conception to natural death. >> reporter: hicks says some 36 million women across the country could be affected, but the greatest impact will be on low-income individuals and people of color. michael george, cbs news. breaking overnight, north korea launched what appears to be a ballistic missile toward the sea off the east coast. that's according to south korea and japan. this is the 14th round of north korean weapons tests this year.
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it comes days after its leader, kim jong-un, vowed to develop his nuclear arsenal at the fastest possible pace. he also threatened to use nukes if the country's national interests are threatened. cbs news is projecting that bestselling author j.d. vance has won ohio's republican senate primary after he received the endorsement of former president trump. vance, a former trump critic who said later that he was wrong, was behind in the polls until the former president backed him less than three weeks ago. most of the other six republicans vying for the nomination also sought trump's endorsement. vance will face ten-term democratic congressman tim ryan in the november election to replace retiring republican senator rob portman. and now to the latest in the war in ukraine. russian forces began storming a steel plant in mariupol just as dozens of civilians evacuated from the bombed out facility reached safety more than 100 miles away.
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the u.n. says 101 people were evacuated from bunkers under the plant. they were trapped there for weeks as russia's bombs rained down. several hundred civilians and an estimated 2,000 ukrainian fighters are still holed up in the plant. yesterday, president biden visited an alabama factory producing the javelin anti-tank missiles that are helping ukraine's battle against russia. >> making it possible for the ukrainian people to defend themselves without us having to risk getting in a third world war by sending in american soldiers fighting russian soldiers. >> the biden administration now says wnba star brittney griner is being wrongfully detained in russia, and that means the u.s. will ramp up efforts to secure her release. she was arrested at a moscow airport in february after russian authorities said that they found cannabis vape cartridges in her luggage. there is new information about the inmate who escaped from an alabama jail and the corrections officer who
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authorities believe helped him. newly released surveillance video shows -- rather appears to show assistant director of corrections vicky white loading capital murder suspect casey white into a patrol car on friday. authorities say the two, who are not related, had a, quote, special relationship. the u.s. marshal service says they may be traveling in a 2007 orange or copper colored ford edge with minor damage to the rear left bumper. coming up, wildfire help. new mexico's governor is asking for assistance from the federal government to fight the largest wildfire in the u.s. and san francisco stunt. why a man said he climbed to the top of a skyscraper without ropes or safety precautions. this is the "cbs morning news." is the "cbs morning news."
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commerce secretary norman mineta has died. he died yesterday at his home in maryland from a heart ailment. he served briefly as commerce secretary at the end of the clinton administration. he was also transportation secretary for president george w. bush during the 9/11 terror attacks. he was the first asian american to ever serve on the cabinet. norman mineta was 90 years old. new mexico's governor is asking for federal help for wildfires, and the cdc has a mask reminder. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the washington post" reports the cdc is reiterating the importance of wearing masks on planes and public transportation. it comes after a federal judge in florida last month struck down the federal transportation mask mandate. the cdc said masks continue to be an important tool for stopping the spread of the virus. it also said everyone aged 2 and older should wear masks in airports and train stations. the justice department is appealing the decision. the "associated press" says the new mexico governor is asking president biden to declare a disaster as firefighters battle the largest
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wildfire burning in the u.s. the fire near the city of las vegas, new mexico, has charred more than 147,000 acres. it has destroyed around 170 homes and forced the evacuation of thousands of people. the governor said that the state needs immediate financial assistance from the federal government. >> i have 6,000 people evacuated, i have families who don't know what the next day look like, families trying to navigate their children, their health care resources, figure and they're in every single little community. >> the concern is that strong winds forecast for today and this weekend could push the flames closer to populated areas. and the "san francisco chronicle" says an anti-abortion rights activist was arrested after climbing the 60-story sales force tower. the 22-year-old was taken into
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custody yesterday when he reached the top of the 1,000-foot building. he climbed without ropes or nets. in a social media video, he called himself pro-life spider-man and said he climbed the building to support anti-abortion rights groups. still to come, an iconic space and wild moves. the famous sydney opera house is turned into a playground for an acrobatic free runner who defies gravity. unner who defies gravity. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. our friend sold their policy to help pay their medical bills, and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help with our retirement. i'm skeptical, so i did some research and called coventry direct. they explained life insurance is a valuable asset that can be sold. we learned we could sell all of our policy, or
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ starbucks is adding new incentives for its workers. yesterday the coffee chain unveiled $200 million in investments for better pay and training. it's also bringing back a coffee mastery program for employees.
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the benefits will not be available for workers who have voted to unionize. instead they'll have to negotiate their own contracts at starbucks. labor organizers say employees at more than 250 stores in the u.s. have already filed petitions to hold union elections. the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates to help fight inflation, and someone paid big bucks for an iconic baseball bat. matt pieper has those stories and more in today's cbs "money watch" report. >> reporter: stocks moved higher on tuesday. the dow gained 67 points, the nasdaq was up 27. of the s&p 500 added 20. all eyes turn to the federal reserve today as it wraps up its two-day policy meeting. the central bank is expected to raise interest rates by a half a percentage point, the largest increase in two decades, as it looks to slow inflation. chairman jerome powell will also hold a news conference offering his thoughts on the global and u.s. economies. earnings season rolls on, but it
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was not a smooth ride for lyft. shares plunged 25% in after-hours trading. while the company saw higher ridership, lyft says it needs to increase investments and driver incentives. uber hopes to see better results when it reports its quarterly report card today. a bat used by jackie robinson sold for more than $1 million over the weekend. the iconic player used the bat during the 1949 all-star game two years after breaking baseball's color barrier with the brooklyn dodgers. he hit a double and scored three runs, but his national league team lost the game. that is your bs "money watch" report. for more head to at the cbs broadcast center, i'm matt pieper. live nation is kicking off concert week with rock bottom prices. they're offering $25 tickets to more than 3,700 summer concerts across the u.s. the venues range from small clubs to giant stadiums, shows like keith urban, alicia keys,
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and the backstreet boys are among those being offered. the live nation all-in tickets are on sale through tuesday or while supplies last. people in argentina cooked up what they claim to be the world's largest breaded beefsteak dish based on the italian dish. it measured 13 feet long by ten-feet high and was to mark the annual celebration just outside of buenos aires. hundreds were on hand to share the dish which has yet to be certified by the guinness book of world records. what did it taste like? just going to say it looks like okay. not like mama used to make. next, homemade fun. we'll meet the colorado dad who built a thrill ride in his back yard. made fun. from prom dres we'll meet the colorado dad who built a thrill ride in his back yard.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ he got him. astros win 4-0. and there it is. dusty baker, career win number 2,000 as a manager. >> it was a historic night for dusty baker of the houston
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astros. he became the 12th manager and first black manager in major league baseball history to win 2,000 games. the astros defeated the seattle mariners last night 4-0. the milestone comes 29 years after baker collected his first win back in 1993. monday night's met gala brought in more than just extreme fashion. officials say the fundraising event earned a record $17.4 million. the gala raised money for the costume institute of the metropolitan museum of art, and the money helps fund exhibits like "in america: an anthology of fashion" which just opened and explores the roots of american fashion. an australian parkour athlete transformed an iconic landmark into his playground, and the cameras were there for it. dominic di tommaso spent three days free running through the sydney opera house. it was all part of a video project for redbull.
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the 29-year-old was given the keys to the opera house with no area off limits for filming. >> exhausted but also elated from an amazing experience and opportunity to get to come here and really progress my art and put it on such a global scale. >> he says that the keys to nailing the stunts are persistence and passion. maybe a lot of luck, too. and it was a labor of love for a father and son in colorado who built a roller coaster in their back yard.coot scott brazn and his 3-year-old son west put together the airplane-themed coaster that's 200-feet long and more than nine-feet high. dad said wes can't get enough of the ride. >> when they like it and the light bulb goes on for them, they have this in their yard, it's a really rewarding feeling. my motto is if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. no regrets. >> he says that the roller coaster was a neat way for him to bond with his son.
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our top stories this morning -- an abortion rights protest in los angeles briefly turned into a skirmish with police. one officer was hurt. it follows the leak of a draft supreme court opinion that would overturn roe v. wade. chief justice john roberts confirmed the document is authentic. he ordered an investigation into how "politico" was able to obtain the draft opinion. and russian forces began storming the steel plant in mariupol. this as civilians who evacuated from the bombed out facility reached safety more than 100 miles away. the u.n. says 101 people were evacuated from bunkers under the plant. they were trapped there for weeks as russian bombs rained down. several hundred civilians and an
4:26 am
estimated 2,000 ukrainian fighters are still holed up in the plant. the labor department will release the latest jobs report on friday. it's expected to show another 400,000 new jobs for the month of april. as naomi ruchim reports, millions of americans are looking for a new career. >> reporter: lucas lind worked full time in architectural for seven years but his passion was elsewhere. >> i always enjoyed photography. >> reporter: it started as a side hustle, and then he became a worker with fiber which connects businesses around the world. >> the variety of clients is huge. the work started rolling in, and before i knew it i was able to kind of quit my full-time job. >> reporter: a new report shows 4.5 million americans quit or changed jobs in march, a new record. why are so many people quitting? >> a record number of people quitting their jobs is indicative of the high level of confidence that people have about the strength of the job market. >> reporter: mark hamrick from says the strength
4:27 am
of employment can be seen in the latest data showing there are 11.5 million job openings, the highest number ever recorded. couple that with low unemployment, and there are almost two job openings for every person who is unemployed. >> firms are having to pay up, whether it's to keep existing workers, provide more generous benefits, or to pay more to lure new job candidates into those positions. >> reporter: but quitting doesn't work out for everyone. in a recent survey, about one in five people who resigned during the pandemic regretted it. many say they didn't properly weigh the pros and cons. but lind has no regrets. >> it feels like i'm building my own business which is a much different feeling than when you're working for somebody else. >> reporter: experts believe americans will continue to look for better jobs as long as employment stays strong. naomi ruchim, cbs news, new york. coming up on "cbs mornings," we'll speak with brian moynihan,
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the ceo of bank of america, about today's federal reserve actions to counter inflation and fears of a possible recession. plus, david begnaud introduces us to a louisiana woman who's using the second chance she was given to help other women impacted by incarceration. and actress jenifer lewis stops by to tell us about her series "i love that for you." that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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