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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  May 4, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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studios, this is kpix 5 news. strike out 3:00, fog rolling through the golden gate, keeping the city and around
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the bay cool, while inland, a big warm-up today. track the temperature roller coaster in the first alert forecast. fallout from the leaked document from the supreme court. preparing for the final decision on roe versus wade. and the federal reserve raising interest rates to fight inflation. what that means for your wallet. good afternoon and thank you for joining us at 3:00, i am reed cowan. >> i am sara donchey. warm weather, but not warm for everyone. >> it depends on where you are. chief meteorologist paul heggen is here. you often tell us it is all about location. >> and you are sing it36eetempe from lf moon 88 ees r the warm concord. that is not a huge distance as
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the crow flies or any heal. temperatures will be significantly cooler inland beginning tomorrow. the reason for the cooler temperatures around the bay, the stubborn onshore breeze. it is possible temperatures, how much we warmed up would depend on if the onshore braze was weak enough long enough. temperatures are cooler there. further inland temperatures are close to where they were 24 hours ago or 5 to 10 degrees warmer. tomorrow, back to near average temperatures. 60s around the bay. 70s further inland. that is a big drop and we will see the cooler weather making itself at home. i'll take a look at the seven- day outlook in a few minutes. the political fallout is growing over a draft opinion suggesting roe versus wade should be overturned. natalie brand reports the issue has reignited passions on both sides with just six months before the midterms. >> reporter: as demonstrators remained outside the u.s. supreme court for a second
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straight day, president joe biden took aim at republicans and supporters of his political organization that has existed in recent american history. >> reporter: on capitol hill, democratic lawmakers vowed to hold a vote on legislation to make roe versus wade federal law. >> every single american is going to see where every single senator stands. >> reporter: but with the filibuster and a 50/50 senate, there is little chance of passage, because democrats need 60 votes. the issue is that the galvanized voters on both sides heading into the elections. >> the decisions should be made by the elected representatives of the people in various states. >> reporter: the opinion was circulated among justices in february. the final decision is not expected until late june or early july, but already states
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and healthcare providers are preparing. at the heart of the supreme court case is a mississippi law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. volunteers who escort patients to what is known as the pink house say they are not shocked. it is the states only remaining abortion clinic. >> what we wanted to be as the protesters went away and this should be normal healthcare, like it should be. unfortunately that is not the reason we need it anymore. >> abortion access will remain >> reporte gos arwing to protech morehagop lestates lawthat wou- year-old president be struck down. natalie brand, cbs news, washington. >> meanwhile, governor newsom says california is committed to safeguarding reproductive freedom and is moving to amend the state constitution to add protections. he spoke at a planned parenthood event in los angeles. >> at a time when countries
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around the world are expanding liberties, expanding freedom, expanding rights and here we are in the united states of america, about to rollback rights. don't think for a second this is where they stop. if the right to privacy is not foundational, they are coming after you. they are. fill in the blank. who is you? it is us, it is all of us. across a spectrum of issues. do you think for a second that same-sex marriage is safe in the united states of america? give me a break. >> we will continue to bring you developments on air, online at and streaming on cbs news bay area. a man police call a prolific thief is in jail in the south bay. kpix 5's anne makovec has more on the allegations and search for victims. >> reporter: this guy was taken down by a tip from crime stoppers. he was selling stolen merchandise online and when
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they tracked them down they found a treasure trove of stolen goods. everything from medical equipment to guns. here is his mug shot. take a look because police are still searching out more victims in this case. he is only 24 years old. he is on probation for auto theft and credit card fraud. an investigation led to two different storage facilities where police say he was warehousing stolen goods. among the items, high-end medical equipment worth over $1.5 million. to go carts valued at nearly $50,000. a bunch of high-end electronics and eight firearms, seven of them described as ghost guns, without serial numbers. police say all of this was stolen and burglaries of properties and vehicles in the south bay and peninsula. bail is set at $1 million and police say they are working to return some of this stuff to its rightful owners, as well as identifying other cases. anne makovec, kpix 5.
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new at 3:00, a warning from the fbi about the sextortion of young kids. in the past year the san francisco branch received dozens of complaints involving boys who were victims. >> with the extortion, we are seeing that a lot of the perpetrators of the crime are not necessarily interested in collecting images. they are really looking for quick access to money. once that image is passed, that is when the extortion peace begins and they will request additional images were, again, what we are seeing right now is they will request money to be transferred over through some other money transfer system. whether that is an internet app or traditional means. or they will ask for a gift card or something of that effect. >> the fbi says if you or someone you know is a victim of something like this, you should
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contact the agency by phone or online and don't delete anything before law enforcement is able to review it. dozens of positive cases were reported at los gatos high school. the principal says at least 60 of his students tested positive. positive cases increased from students who came back from spring break. the school sent out more than 2000 exposure notices. we've got kpix 5's max darrow on this case, digging into it. he will have more tonight at 5:00. san mateo county is taking a big step addressing the problem of homelessness. representative jackie speier presented a half-million dollars check to the county for redwood city. it is a 250 bed permanent housing center and the funding is made available through federal grants. >> with this facility and a number of hotels that have been purchased, some five of them now in san mateo county, people are going to be housed who want to have a roof over their heads.
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>> county officials say the center will bring them closer to reaching what they hope is functional zero in homelessness. also new at 3:00, the federal reserve taking an aggressive step to fight inflation. skyler henry on what it means for your cash flow. >> reporter: consumer prices continue to rise at the fastest rate in decades. that has the federal reserve once again increasing interest rates in an attempt to slow inflation. >> we are acutely aware that high inflation poses a hardship on those least able to meet the cost of essentials like food, housing, and transportation. >> reporter: fed chairman jerome powell announced a half percent increase, the biggest boost in 22 years. >> i think what jerome powell is telling us is the fed is in full on inflation fighting mode. >> reporter: business analyst jill schlesinger says the fed could continue to raise rates in the coming months, but faces a delicate balancing act.
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>> the fed is trying not to go so fast to increase interest rates by so much so quickly that it would cause the economy to stop in its tracks. >> reporter: the white house has supported the fed's effort to lower inflation and while the strategy is designed to bring prices down, it also makes borrowing money more expensive. homeowners with an adjustable rate mortgage could see their rate go up. auto loans, student loans, and interest on credit cards will also rise slightly. >> on the flipside, savers should see a tiny bit more interest credited in savings accounts and money market accounts. >> reporter: she says it will take time for the latest tyke to have an effect on the economy and ease the pace of inflation. skyler henry, cbs news, the white house. investors seemed to like the move by the fed. the dow was up 932 points. the nasdaq up 401 and the s&p
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gained 124. do you invest in lyft? stocks plummeted after the company reported a big loss in the first quarter. here is how bad it was. lyft stock fell almost 30% this day alone. the company lost almost $197 million in its first quarter. the owner of turbotax will have to pay up after it steered customers away from free tax filing services. intuit agreed to pay customers $141 million in restitution. that is a nationwide settlement, but let's talk about california. that includes $11.4 million. for your home, for about 370,000 of you who used the free edition for tax years 2016 through 2018, you will get about $30 for each year you were charged when you should have been able to use those free services. intuit admitted no wrongdoing in their settlement.
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still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, it is not what the warriors need right now. >> yes, ouch. we look at the play that cost them a key defender and for how long. distract plus what police are saying after another on stage attack, this time on comedian
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listen up. traffic alert in walnut creek. eastbound highway 24 is shut down at 680. there is some sort of police activity in the area. this is a look at the backup at this very hour. pretty slow and go. it is unclear how long it will take to clear things up, but we are watching it. a live look at chase center, where come saturday they're hoping for redemption. the western conference semi finals now tied at one game apiece. the warriors are coming off a
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tough loss in game two, but the biggest blow is probably the injury in the opening minutes. >> sports anchor vern glenn is here. an intense, physical game last night and some consequences. >> you said it. gary payton certainly got it, but one minute later, draymond green took an elbow to the faced and that required stitches. no foul was called, but the spotlight was on peyton. he was the defense of spark of the team, started the game. then about three minutes in, this. dillon brooks delivered a blow to his head while airborne and on the fall, payton fractured his elbow. brooks was ejected for this. payton's night was done. as was the rest of the series and maybe the entire playoff run. steve kerr was upset about the play. >> there is a code that players follow. where you never put a guys
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season/career in jeopardy by taking somebody out in mid air and clubbing them across the head and ultimately fractionating his elbow. he broke the code. dillon brooks bark broke the code. >> and mri will reveal the severity of the break. devastating news for payton. here is a guy who stuck with the team after being cut from four clubs in six years and eight months ago was about to apply for a desk job in the warriors video department. game three saturday, let's see how they respond. >> thank you so much. new at 3:00, we are hearing from lapd about the latest public attack on a big named comic. this time dave chappelle salted on stage at the hollywood bowl last night. watch. >> we are not only holding this individual accountable who did this attack and pursuing full prosecution for his assault
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with a deadly weapon, but we are also looking and tasking the hollywood bowl to look into how did the suspect get into the venue? there are numerous checkpoints that surround the venue and check for any type of weapons. how he slipped through is a mystery to all of us. >> now they want to find out how. cbs reporter jericka duncan shows what happened on stage and how they responded. >> reporter: this video captures the moment a spectator rushed the stage and tackled comedian dave chappelle. he was performing at the netflix is a joke live comedy festival in hollywood. the encounter took place as chappelle was wrapping up his set. he appeared uninjured and security apprehended the attacker. the man was then kicked and punched repeatedly by security guards. afterwards, chappelle brushed off the incident. >> now everybody comes out. >> reporter: and thanked comedian and actor jamie foxx for checking on his well-being
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as the chaos unfolded. >> whenever you are in trouble, jamie foxx will show up -- >> reporter: the suspect, seen here on a stretcher, has been identified as 23-year-old isaiah lee. he was carrying a knife blade and replica handgun and has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. the scary moment later took a comedic turn as chris rock, who was slapped by actor will smith at the oscars, took the stage. >> was that will smith? >> reporter: jericka duncan, cbs news. >> yeah, no, that's not good. >> no, i think we can agree. >> where are their moms? it's almost mother's day. >> just grab them by the ear. come here young man. >> jamie foxx probably did just that. taking a look at the weather, nothing that dramatic but it is breezy and will be windy tomorrow.
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big changes on the way for inland parts of the bay area. around the bay and on the coast, stuck in this pattern. you missed out because the onshore breeze refused to give way, so the marine layer had other ideas and the fog has been locked in place along the coast and is trying to make its way through the golden gate already. that will have an impact on temperatures later tonight and the morning commute tomorrow as the fog spreads out. futurecast also shows clouds farther in the atmosphere, streaming in from the northwest. the bulk of the moisture will be close enough to squeeze the atmosphere and produce onshore wind. the moisture will miss us to the north, accept the possibility of passing showers north of the golden gate as early as tomorrow evening. were likely tomorrow night into friday. blink and you'll miss it on the radar simulation. we are talking about passing sprinkles for the north bay and along the coast. otherwise we will see a mix of clouds and sunshine thursday and friday and then we should break through with more sunshine for the entire bay area for the first half of the weekend.
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another storm system producing cooler temperatures and passing showers for the second half of the weekend. the onshore breeze, definitely noticeable. turning onshore farther inland, but not in time to produce cooler readings. the wind does not tie down much tonight, so the marine layer will make its way farther and farther inland and that is going to remain noticeable throughout the day tomorrow. the onshore breeze, not that strong. 15 to 20 mile-per-hour sustained wind, enough to lock in the cooler area. you can see the fog hanging out, surrounding the tower already. 59 degrees downtown. well short of the forecast high of 70. we knew this 24 hours ago, saying if the breeze kicked in earlier we would fall short of the high and that is what happened. oakland, 70s earlier, now 60s. 85, san jose. upper 80s for livermore and concord. a big contrast in temperatures. that will not be the case
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tomorrow. this is the bay area after all. mid to upper 40s to 50 degrees by tomorrow morning. highs reaching 50s along the coast. 60s around the bay. low to mid 70s for inland parts of the east bay and santa clara valley, but mostly mid to upper 60s for the north bay. because you will have the thicker cloud cover and the potential for sprinkles or light showers tomorrow evening into tomorrow night and friday. most of us to see increasing clouds. temperatures, a miniature roller coaster ride. minor ups and downs through mother's day weekend and the first half of next week. the best chance of showers, it's going to be in every other day thing. thursday night into friday, again on sunday and monday night into tuesday for spots north of the golden gate. a cool baseball story now. watch aaron judge knock a homerun into the stands. a blue jay fan caught it, but hands it to a young yankees fan
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wearing an aaron judge jersey to keep it. >> you can see his emotion, super grateful. here is what judge had to say after he found out. >> that is what is special about this game. everybody is fans. everyone appreciates this game. that's pretty cool. have to check out that video. that special. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, the big names making it into this year's class of the rock and roll hall of fame. and how you could see some big musical acts live and on the cheap. coming up on our streaming service, how the air quality here is affected by wildfires in siberia.
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dolly parton, eminem, and duran duran? what do they have in common? >> they are all going to lunch and disneyland after. they are all being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. here is the back story. after nominees were announced, dolly said she wanted to back out because she didn't feel she earned a rock 'n roll on her, but later she said she would accept it and do it graciously. other inductees include pat benatar, the eurythmics, and
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carly simon. it happens in november. a lot of concerts on the calendar right now. live nation is offering $25 tickets to shows at different venues from coast to coast. the live nation tickets are on sale today through tuesday or while supplies last. the host of this year's tony awards won an oscar for best supporting actress in west side story and made history. why? she is the first lgbtq woman of color to win an academy award for acting. she has also won a tony award in the past. the 75th annual tony awards errors june 12 right here on channel 5 and streaming on paramount plus. if you are a star wars fan, today is your day. coming up, how may the 4th is lighting up social media. there is no cover to hear this band, just a commitment to
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a busy newsday. we are up for it, though. coming up 5:00, a bay area caviar company says they have gotten threats from those who think they are a russian owned business. >> that story and more with ryan yamamoto and me coming up on the news at 5:00. finally, it is a big day for star wars fans. >> it is made the 4th, which sounds like may the force be with you. it is a famous phrase from the movie. are you sick of it? i'm sick of it, people posting memes of storm troopers and yoda, some in customs. thousands of you think it is fun. even some stars of the movie
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are joining in on the fun. this is really free publicity for the film. >> as if it needed that. >> have you heard of this little ind captioning sponsored by cbs >> tonight the biggest interest rate hike in more than two decades what it means for your wallet and credit cards. criticized for sitting on the sidelines, the fed battles inflation hard and stocks rebound. we'll break down the impact on home and car loans and the job market. >> america reacts, protests at the supreme court and across the country. republican governors cheer the leaked draft majority opinion as democratic governors rush to protect abortion rights. plus president biden's new tone tonight. >> what are the next things that are going to be attacked. >> seige in mariupol, russian forces breach's steel plant as putin homes to declare some kind of victory with a z


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