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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 5, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, live from our exclusive mark hopkins camera, a live look east. good morning. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with a check on our weather and traffic. gianna franco is here and darren peck. yesterday it was foggy. it is a little bit different. we are looking at the deck of the golden gate. it's better in terms of fog but it's going to be a cloudier day in general. if you look from treasure island back towards the bay bridge, it's cloudy. thankfully you see the span of the bridge. it's not like clouds are obscuring towers. that's good. temperatures are identical to yesterday. 48 santa rosa, low 50s most locations inland. in terms of locations where we might encounter fog, at this point, it would be north bay.
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even if they were okay, visibility goes three miles. we'll watch the clouds which are widespread stay throughout much of today in fact. if you are inland you will get breaks of sunshine. sunny and relatively warm at 72. it is five or six degrees cooler than yesterday. for the coast we will probably not get out of the mid 50s all day. fremont 69, 71 pleasanton. san rafael 66. let's see how the drive is doing. it's good. we are off to a very quiet start. talking about the golden gate bridge, keeping a close eye on that in case we get those foggy spots. the drive out of marin is a quiet one. if you are headed to the bay bridge, no metering lights, no
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crashes. into san francisco right now, under ten minutes for your ride into the city. san mateo bridge is quiet, not seeing brake lights or delays west bound towards 101. that's the commute direction. a live look at the dub little bit interchange, so far so good. we are tracking brake lights into the altamont. a series of under ground events known as pop up markets are attracting attention of law enforcement. unpermitted events often have illegal sales of food, alcohol, drugs, and in one case, violence. we are taking a closer look at an easter weekend pop up that ended with one person shot and killed less than a block away. >> more on where it was held and who was involved. >> reporter: we are at the caltrain park and ride on monterey avenue, a three acre lot with more than 300 parking spaces. most of the time it is quiet and peaceful but you should have seen it the day before
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easter. this is social media video of what appears to be the pop up. >> this event had alcohol sales, marijuana sales, music, et cetera. as far as we know there were no permits or anything like that. >> reporter: the parking lot is owned by vta. according to this flyer circulated on social media, the unpermitted event was planned weeks in advance. one of the companies advertised as involved, gorilla security. public records show it is owned by barbosa, a vta employee. >> we are investigating to see exactly what happened. >> reporter: the signs in the parking lot are very clear. the parking lot is only to be used for parking while riding transit and other use is not allowed. >> our employees are not allowed to override regulations or laws that either vta has or
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that are laws in the community. barbosa is a long time bus driver. in the since deleted photos you can see him in his vta uniform and also in a guerilla uniform. we tried to ask mr. barbosa about his security company and the event but the man inside would not open a door, a door that had a guerilla security sticker on it. >> we would like to talk with you about your company. >> he is not here. >> you look like the person responsible. the picture is on facebook. >> that's not me. >> that's not you? >> no. >> so far he has been reluctant. >> reporter: around 6:00 p.m. that day there was a shooting less than a block away. >> the victim that was shot and killed on that particular day was at this unpermitted pop up
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event. >> reporter: so far police do not have suspects in the murder case from that night and they're hoping if they can figure out what happened at the event, they might be able to figure out how and why one man ended up dead. as far as mr. barbosa's role, vta says they're still conducting an internal investigation. >> vta says it was made aware of another unpermitted event planned at the same parking lot. the sheriffs department has stepped up security patrols to be sure it doesn't happen. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. new video from overnight, a bunch of tall fencing in place around the supreme court building in washington, dc. this is of course to protect the building from protests that have gone on and are expected to continue as the court continues to decide if it is going to repeal roe v wade, stripping abortion rights from
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people around the country that would affect people directly in about two dozen states right now. one of those is michigan where a law from 1931 would go back into effect making it a felony to perform an abortion. republican state legislators blocked democrats from repealing the law. the governor is asking the michigan supreme court to step in. congressional democrats don't have the numbers to put abortion rights into law now but they plan on holding a vote anyway. in part, that is because mid- terms are coming up and they want to show they're trying to do something about this. the court's final decision is expected in june or july and that investigation into how that document leaked is ongoing. we'll keep an eye on it. president biden says implications of overturning roe v wade could stretch beyond abortion.
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>> what are the next things that are going to be attacked? this is the most extreme political organization that's existed in recent american history. >> experts say the basis for roe v wade decision is right to privacy, rule that legalized gay marriage and right to use contraception are based on the same right. >> this is going to knock that out and say there is no role for that kind of interpretation in the constitution. >> we will bring the latest developments on the abortion rights fights on air, online, and streaming on cbs news bay area. months after a woman vanished without a trace, they've run out of leads. the family tells andrea nakano they're turning in a new direction for answers. >> reporter: they just haven't been able to answer questions about their daughter's
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disappearance until tonight. they feel they are one solid lead away from reuniting with their daughter. >> i just want my baby back. >> reporter: it's been an excruciatingly difficult three months. oakly police say they've exhausted every lead and recently released surveillance video of a man they believe abandoned gabe's car, hoping for more clues. a $10,000 reward has been offered for any information on the case. >> we strongly believe our daughter is still alive. >> reporter: they've not given up hope that they will be reunited with their daughter soon. >> we are parents. every parent, especially the mother, they have a connection to your child. you would know if something is wrong with your child, if something bad has happened. you would feel that. we are not having that feeling that something bad happened to
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her. >> reporter: another reason, gabes been ulting with six psychics from around the world all telling them their daughter is alive and providing similar details to where the 24- year-old is being held. >> they're the ones giving us hope. all of them said she's alive. she's being held captive satisfy where. >> reporter: count less searches around oakly and even pioneer, california, have not turned up clues. leads are pouring in again as oakly police announced a $10,000 reward and the family is praying for that one lead to bring alexis home. >> we are just pleading to the public if you have any information, please, please call the tip line. we want our daughter back. >> someone knows something. >> someone definitely knows something. >> reporter: police warned the family not to rely heavily on
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information provided by the psychics. investigators plan on combing through pioneer area again this weekend looking for clues. andrea nakano, kpix5. this morning, cdc expects the number of people who die from covid will rise in the next four weeks, first increase since february. u.s. can surpass 1 million deaths in the next few days. >> we are now into our sixth wave. so we came out of the omicron wave, had a brief respite. for the last month our cases and levels of community transmission have been slowly rising. >> santa clara county's health officer says usually there is a lull after each surge but that's not been the case after the omicron surge. a live look at oakland where city council voted to
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drop proof of vaccination requirement at restaurants, gyms, other businesses. they approved indoor mask mandate on gatherings of more than 2500 people. russia claims it will open humanitarian corridors today to allow to evacuate mariupol. >> even in recent days, the tendency on the part of the russian federation to embrace so called humanitarian pause, to cloak itself in the of an actor that has humanitarian concerns only to quickly and promptly resume shelling and violence. >> massive explosions were seen yesterday at a steel plant and 30 children are among hundreds still trapped. european union plans to end imports by the end of the year. it will not be an easy task
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with some like hungary heavily dependent on russia for energy. coming up, why an investigation could be on the table into san jose's downtown bart extension. >> why some are saying the attack on comedian dave chappel may have been a publicity stunt.
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a look from san jose where vta board will decide whether to launch independent review into downtown bart extension. this is as san jose's mayor acknowledges he tried to keep ballooning cost estimates under wraps. a federal report projected total cost at over $9 billion, 2 billion more than the vta projection. mercury news obtained texts from the mayor to an official asking if feds could be
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convinced to remove the estimate. the secrecy was aimed at saving city money during negotiations with contractors on the project. we are learning more about the man who tackled dave chappel on stage at the hollywood bowl. >> make some noise for hip hop history. >> lee is an aspiring actor who posted a song to youtube referencing chappel. it is suspected last night's attack may have been a publicity stunt. >> people are looking for ways to get famous. >> the replica gun and hidden knife were no laughing matter, hollywood bowl asking questions about how lee was able to get in as other comedians and club owners worry about what's next. >> we pray to god it stops. right now we have to hire extra
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security. >> comedian howy man dell said he is afraid to go on stage adding the love of what we do is fading. joking now has no safety net. in your money watch report, what central bank is saying as it prepares to hike more interest rates. why millions of taxpayers are due some money back. a report from new york city. >> reporter: stocks skyrocketed after federal reserve announced it is hiking interest rates. dow gained 932 points. nasdaq added 401, s&p 500 jumped 124. fed raised rates by half a percentage point to fight inflation, largest hike in more than two decades. powell said it is not planning hikes larger than that though more increases are planned.
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higher mortgage rates paired with high home prices and it is no surprise a record low number of of americans think it's a good time to buy a house. 30% of adults say it is the right time to settle down. it's the first time the number has been below 50% since the survey began in 1978. 4.4million taxpayers due money after finding out that free, free, free does not mean free. intuit will pay $141 million to customers who were deceived by the misleading advertisements for free tax filing services. as part of a settlement customers will receive $30 for each year they paid for turbo tax services. for more go to 4:48. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> we will start with first alert meteorologist darren peck
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and a look outside. good morning. we've got a cloudy start today. it's going to be part of a trend for the rest of today. cloudier, breezy, cooler. that's means we've got to settle for low 70s for daytime highs for inland locations. mid to upper 60s today through the bay. it is not that cloudy for inland east bay. that's concord from our camera on top of mount diablo, taking a look off the distance. it's cloudy in the bay. that's the scene from treasure island. you barely see the top of the salesforce. it's important to see that because it tells us the clouds are not terribly low. but they're widespread. downtown san jose is the bright patch of light. it's a cloudy start for most of the interior of the bay and even into the valleys of sonoma, temperatures in low to mid 50s now. it's not like it is a visibility problem on the road
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though. fog is not a major issue. even on the golden gate bridge it is an easier drive this morning than it was yesterday. we'll watch santa rosa censor because it says visibility is three miles. that's okay but if it gets closer to a mile, we'll talk about patchy fog in the north bay. for now it's a cloudy day. daytime highs are cooler as a result. we'll only be in the mid 70s for the south bay. 74 santa clara, palo alto 72, low 70s and upper 60s for east bay communities. numbers along east bay shoreline, mid to upper 60s and upper 60s into the colder north bay valleys though 68 is not that much colder. the seven-day forecast, we are pretty much staying like this for the next several days. we'll keep clouds on and off. it will be breezy at times but it is a cooling trend. inland east bay numbers go from
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mid to upper 80s to the low and mid 60s by the weekend. let's check with gianna. it's a good start over all. we really don't have major crashes or incidents on the freeways, just a few brake lights building for super commuters coming into the altamont pass. dublin interchange, traffic is at the limit. you might have brake lights as you approach 680 in the right lanes. you are just under the speed limit out of tracy on to 580 into the altamont pass. no accidents or incidents to slow you down. good news for super commuters if you are headed through that area. 280, 101, 880 are all in the green. it's a good time to be on the roads if you are up early and have to be out the door early, you should be good for the most part. metering lights are still off and it's a seam less ride into
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san francisco. if you are on the other end into the city off the skyway at the fremont street exit, traffic is moving nicely. no fog at the golden gate, good news for commuters. south bound 101 is quiet as you head into san francisco. san mateo bridge is off to a good start. the west bound ride is 12 minutes between 880 and 101. that's a look at traffic. baseball and the giants. oh man, when giants and dodgers get together, let me say this, the series didn't start or end wi and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez!
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baseball up top. giants, all of a sudden, this is a team that can't score. two runs and two straight losses to the foes to the south. the vacaville native gave dodgers five solid innings and gave up one run. a second inning mistake to
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crawford. that was it for the giants' scoring. the seventh inning, 2-1 for freddie freeman and he cleared them all. san francisco bats could not answer. l.a. won 9-1. the giants have now lost five of the last six and dropped a record of 14-10, two and a half behind front running dodgers tied for third with st. louis in san francisco starting later tonight for four games. hours ago, way, way in the beginning of the game, a matinee game. they didn't score until the eighth when margo brought home two runs and tampa won 3-0, swept a's when finished with a six game win less home stamp for first time since 1956. they were in kansas city then.
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a's friday, nba playoffs and warriors. now we know severity of gary peyton ii's fractured left elbow suffered when he landed after this blow to the head tuesday. an mri yesterday showed slight damage in the ligaments addition to the fracture. he reportedly will miss at least three weeks. he has not ruled out a return in the nba finals. to devon booker, suns in the valley of the sun, hosted dallas last night, game two. he did not disappoint. a 21 point lead. phoenix won and booker scored 30. can anybody beat these guys? suns are up 2-0. game three friday in dallas. in the east, there is pat riley, miami heat president. top seed in white, fourth quarter hosting philadelphia, look at the lob pass.
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heat won 119-103, have a 2-0 series lead. game three in philadelphia is also on friday. this restores my faith in humanity. this grabbed by a blue jays fan who handed the ball to a kid wearing a judge t-shirt. look at the emotion for 9-year- old derek rodriguez. he and the fan were invited by the yankees to meet judge. aaron judge is from linden california about an hour from sacramento. have a great day. i will see you later. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> tall fencing around the supreme court. a look at how controversy continues to grow over high court's pending decision over abortion rights. an oakly family searching for answers. their turn
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, growing conflict over abortion rights. >> time is of the essence. >> continued controversy over supreme court's pending decision. >> an oakley family searching for answers this morning after disappearance of alexis gabe. >> we strongly believe our daughter is still alive. >> their turn to a new direction after a difficult three months. a south bay high school dealing with effects of rising covid cases. the message from the principal this morning. urgent plea from an oakland animal shelter struggling with adoptions. good morning. it's thur


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