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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  May 5, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a tall fence surrounding supreme court. the latest on the growing controversy over abortion rights from the live news desk. family of a missing bay area woman turning in a new direction for answers. >> we want our daughter back. >> someone knows something. >> someone definitely knows something. an east bay animal shelter overwhelmed with dogs. what the shelter is doing to make it easier to help find their forever homes. look at that face. you can't compete with that. >> take him home right now. >> good morning. i am len kiese.
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>> i am amanda starrantino. let's get a check on our weather and traffic. it is cinco de mayo. people want to get out this evening. it's noticeably cooler today. i want to start with that. if you are inland it's like 16 degrees cooler than yesterday. here is the challenge with that. that doesn't mean it will be cold. we were really warm yesterday. a 16-degree cool down in tri valley and concord says so much moreabout how warm yesterday was than about today being cool. today is average. for cinco de mayo you are a go without major weather concerns. it will be a bit cloudy, bit breezy but nothing too dramatic. oakland will be eight degrees cooler than yesterday. that's view over walnut creek up and down 680. this is from the top of mount diablo. we have mid level clouds but it doesn't have the entire inland
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east bay covered. everyone else is waking up to that gray blanket overhead. the clouds are higher. we are not battling fog on the road. temperatures are in the low to mid 50s. we'll warm up to the low 70s for inland locations. mid 60s through the bay shoreline. let's see how the drive is looking. no wind advisories and no foggy spots on the freeways as darren mentioned. you have a smooth ride on most bay area bridges. we have usual stuff towards the dublin interchange, brake lights building west bound 580 towards 680. we have speeds po about eight miles per hour as well out of tracy into the altamont. super commuters, a typical day for your commute. there is a trouble spot involving a big rig accident. this is east bound highway 4 near marsh creek. there are delays in both directions. live to capitol hill where fencing is being built outside the supreme court in response
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to abortion rights demonstrations. let's get right to anne makovec at the live news desk. you have that new video of the fencing going up overnight. this is because we have seen protests outside of the supreme court building since that draft report came out earlier this week. here is the new video. they had lower fencing but they're making it taller preparing for more protests to come with the supreme court stripping abortion rights. if draft report stands that will overturn roe v wade and americans in about two dozen states would have to travel in order to get an abortion. there are a lot of concerns that this will especially hurt women who can't afford to do so because of costs or responsibilities at home like other children. a live look at capitol hill, congressional democrats do not have numbers to put abortion rights into law but plan on holding on vote anyway, calls ranging from abolishing the
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filibuster and passing federal abortion protections to expanding supreme court to allow democrats to appoint new justices and shift balance of power again. the court's final decision is expected in june or july. meantime the investigation into who leaked the draft report is ongoing. we'll keep an eye on all of it. >> stay with kpix5 for latest developments on abortion rights fight. we'll have coverage on air, and streaming on cbs news bay area. the family of an oakley woman who vanished without a trace more than three months ago is turning to psychics as investigators admit they've run out of leads. alexis gabe disappeared after visiting her ex boyfriend. gabes have been consulting with six psychics from around the world all telling them their
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daughter alive. police released this surveillance video. >> we are pleading to the public. if you have any information, please, please call the tip line. we want our daughter back. >> someone knows something. >> oakley police department is offering a $10,000 reward for any information on this case. turning to coronavirus, cdc expects the number of people who die from covid will rise in the next four weeks. this is first increase since february. u.s. could surpass 1 million deaths in the next days. >> we are now into our sixth wave so we came out of the devastating omicron wave, had a brief respite. for the last month our cases and levels of community transmission have been slowly rising. >> this morning santa clara county's health officer says usually there is a lull after each surge but that has not
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been the case after the omicron surge. a live look at oakland, city council voting to drop proof of vaccination requirement at restaurants, gyms, and other businesses. council approved indoor mask mandate on gatherings of more than 2500 people. new, santa rosa police are searching for a bank robbery suspect. police say the man targeted wells fargo on cleveland avenue yesterday afternoon shortly before 5:00. here is a live look at the suspect. he is a white man in his 30s and last seen wearing this multi colored facial covering. $2,500 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. we are learning more about the man who tackled comedian dave chappel on stage at the hollywood bowl. >> make some noise for hip hop history. >> the suspect is an aspiring rapper who posted a song to
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youtube referencing chappel. a fellow median suspects tuesday's attack may have been a publicity stunt. >> this was cloud chasing pretty much, people looking for ways to get famous. >> the replica gun and hidden knife the suspect was allegedly carrying were no laughing matter. hollywood bowl is facing questions about how lee was able to get into the venue as other comedians and club owners worry about what's next. >> we pray to god it stops. right now we have to hire extra security. >> this morning comedian howie mandel said he is afraid to go on stage adding the love of what we do is fading. joking now has no safety net. an animal shelter trying to make it easier for people to adopt pets as it experiences over crowding. it's at capacity for dogs and this week it is extending hours
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and reducing fees to encourage more adoptions. the shelter put out a desperate employee on social media for people to come adopt. >> every single dog kennel we have is full. we have over 100 great dogs that are available for adoption. they're just not getting adopted quickly enough. so we have more dogs coming in every day than are going out. >> the shelter will be open from 12:00 to 7:00 through saturday and adoption fees will be cut from $150 to just 20. why wouldn't you want to add one of those to your home? >> that's a big discount too. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> california researchers out with an unusual new wildfire strategy. let them burn. why they say the new approach will help. north bay county cracking down on water restrictions. the new rules in place. let's take a look at the roadways. we've got back up building in the altamont pass
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under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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welcome back. 6:12. new video shows spacex's dragon crew undocking from the international space station. this caps a six month mission for four astronauts. they'll spend the day free flying through orbit as the spacecraft maneuvers closer to the edge of earth's atmosphere. the capsule will come to a splash down landing off the coast of florida early tomorrow. this morning researchers with uc davis are suggesting a major shift in california's wildfire strategy, letting them burn. they show the long time focus has allowed huge amounts to build up. they argue it should be on protecting people and property and letting over grown land grow to supplement existing
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burn control efforts. >> the last five years have made a clear that all efforts in reducing burned area aren't doing a lot of good. we have to get to the point where we are burning hundreds of thousands of acres. >> when, where, how long to let forest fires burn depends on the climate, ecology of burn areas, how close they are to populated areas. a new drought monitor just dropped in the last half hour. there has been no change since last week. much of the middle of the state is in extreme drought category. the rest is in severe. water restrictions imposed on marin residents during drought last year are set to become permanent. the marin municipal wear district board of directors voted to continue limiting sprinkler use to two days per week down from three days. drip irrigation will be allowed three days a week and pool owners must have a pool cover. 6:13. time for a check of our
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forecast and also traffic on this thursday. >> we will start with darren peck. that sun set -- i always say that in the morning. >> you are thinking about going to sleep. >> sunrise is so pretty. i was distracted. i have to share it with you for a moment. the camera above south bay over san jose gives a beautiful vantage point. if you look at the time lapse, look at the clouds, you see the wavy motion as they slosh back and forth throughout the valley. we'll see the sunrise in a bit. the take away from a view like that is it is cloudy today. these have streamed in and filled much pretty much the entire bay. you can see higher clouds above it. it will not be a perfectly clear blue sky day. but it is low clouds which will burn off by late morning. we will get more sunshine as
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those clear out. sunrise is at 6:09. it is warmer as a result. here is what it looks like from under the clouds. that's from the mark hopkins looking up. basically the entire bay looks like that. inland, concord, walnut creek, you don't have as much as that. you will get blue sky sooner for inland contra costa, same with inland alameda. it's in the low to mid 50s now. temperatures today if inland will be about 15 degrees cooler. same pattern has pulled the clouds in and is pulling in cooler on shore breeze and it's going to bring about a pretty significant drop in temperatures today. we'll go to mid 70s for san jose but it will be low 70s for contra costa inland like concord and low 70s in liver more. numbers yesterday were in the mid to upper 80s.
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oakland will hit 67. santa rosa at 68 is a noticeable drop from where we were yesterday. the pattern cooling us and keeping clouds will continue from now to the weekend. pacific shows a whole series of systems that will continue to come in too far north to bring us actual rain. but they'll keep the cooling trend going. they'll keep making it breezy like this particularly as we get to the weekend. look at the daytime highs by mother's day. san francisco, oakland, san jose, we are not getting out of the low to mid 60s everywhere. inland east bay, same story. north bay valleys, same story. that's the way it will stay likely through the weekend and into early next week. how is the drive? it's looking a little bit busy. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. mobile 5 is out and about cruising right along. this is west bound 24 as you are closer to the 580 connector
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through oakland. it is starting to get busy as folks head towards san francisco making the ride across the bay bridge. give yourself a few extra minutes. no crashes on 24. that's good news. we'll see brake lights building closer to the 580 connector. let's head to our maps. all east bound lanes are closed on highway 4. this is due to a big rig crash. according to chp, it will be out there about an hour. plan on taking an alternate as you commute in and out of brentwood, getting word of some brake lights in and around the area because of the incident. west bound 580 is busy for super commuters, 9 miles per hour as you connect into the altamont pass. closer to the dublin interchange, you will see brake lights as you approach 680 and make that connector. the rest of the lanes are good. getting crowded at the bay bridge, this is skyway into the city. metering lights are on and back up is building at the toll
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plaza. it is 6:17. meantime, smart announced it will be expanding weekday service next month by ten trips. the move brings service to prepandemic levels. the addition of trips will help meet increasing demand the transit agency has been seeing. actually i will be chatting with smart to talk about its other plans to boost ridership. i will have more on that next week. >> thank you. a live look from san jose where today vta board will decide whether to launch an independent review into the downtown bart extension. it comes when san jose's mayor acknowledges he tried to keep ballooning cost estimates for the project under wraps. last year a federal report projected the total cost at more than $9 billion, 2 billion more than the vta projection. mercury news obtained texts from the mayor to an official asking if feds can be convinced to remove that from the public
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announcement. they told the bay area news group that the secrecy was aimed at saving the city money during negotiations with contractors to the project. if you haven't eaten breakfast yet, this will certainly make you hungry.
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regular viewers of kpix news this morning know this is when we do the lunchtime forecast. we're going to do that. but first comes the sunrise. that's the view from the hills above the south bay. just gorgeous, officially happening at 6:09. noon to 2:00 today, by that window, we will have a lot of clouds left over. clouds stuck in the south bay will be stubborn to melt away. many will. you will get breaks of blue
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sky. it will be noticeably cooler today not just in the noon to 2:00 time frame. for daytime highs we will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler with a bit of a breeze. today, many americans will celebrate mexican american heritage and pride. united states congress issued proclamation in 2005 calling on americans to observe cinco de mayo. >> it can bring a big boom for businesses so desperately needed. >> for small business week we spoke voila! teen obey area food truck of the the owner is doing what she can to keep her family business alive. you got to check out this food truck in person. i am sure it was tough to be there without munching on everything. she's incorporating her culture into what she does. >> reporter: her family is from el salvador. she and her sister make and sell tacos because they know it's something a lot of people
6:24 am
love. there is another dish. let me tell you, you may get hungry watching this. >> grilling steak. >> reporter: martinez is getting ready for oakland first fridays. this month, a latin pride event. she and her sisters manage the business started by her family. of course they sell tacos but also make a popular dish from el salvador. >> corn hand made cheese filled tortilla. sometimes we have pork and cheese. >> it's a labor of love because it's not easy to make. the cabbage and salsa that go with it. there is a technique to making it. e lked with certain recipes wer lot of pride out her peoplo liy with small businesses, the pandemic has hit her hard. >> what we are doing is trying
6:25 am
to figure out how we can stay afloat. right now the only thing that's been working for the most part is booking events. >> reporter: they used to be in san pablo but people stopped coming when the pandemic started. it's been up and down since then. with one very important thing, she says she'll keep fighting. >> i say as long as i am healthy, my family is healthy, i am going to keep going. >> reporter: she's doing it all while keeping an uplifting beat. >> we have steak, grilled chicken, spicy pork, slow cooked pork. it's very delicious. that's actually my favorite. >> the words are some we can all use, as long as we have health and her family is healthy, she is going to keep going. it is not even 6:30 but i am
6:26 am
starving. >> i think with a family business too, there somuch heart in it and such a lineage with it that it is really special. >> her family started it and now she and her sister are trying to keep it going. we all can do a little by supporting l ss. >>r >> whercan tfoyou br. >> shel be at first this friday in oakland. i will have to pay her a visit. >> that tells us you didn't bring anything. thanks joycelyn. >> field trip. covid spike threatening to sideline end of year events at one school. what a principal is now planning to do. a san francisco store losi
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if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. fencing is going up around the supreme court in response to abortion rights demonstrations outside. it's in reaction to the leaked court majority draft opinion from february suggesting roe v wade should be overturned. police searching for this man wearing a multi colored face covering. he is suspected of robbing wells fargo. a $2,500 reward is offered now
6:30 am
for information leading to an arrest. the oakland animal services shelter trying to make it easier for people to adopt dogs as it experiences over crowding. starting today it's extending hours and adoption fees will be cut from $150 to just 20. good morning. it is friday may 5. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. glad to have you with us. we begin with first alert meteorologist darren peck and the cool down. inland valleys, some of them, we will be 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. look at the scene from the top of the hills of the west side of the south bay. that's santa clara. san jose is under the clouds. everybody else is too. it's pretty to watch from above. here is reality of what it will look like from outside your door. the dsare not as low today. it's not like they're impacting the drive. yesterday it was fog on the golden gate bridge. it is not that way this morning.
6:31 am
but the clouds are more widespread. even showing up here over concord and working through the strait, that's martinez out there. it's low 50s to start, relatively warm. clouds will hang out for much of the day but there will be breaks of blue skies. low 70s today inland. it was mid to upper 80s yesterday. that's where we will feel the change today. pick your part of the bay for daytime highs. we will keep cooling down. the golden gate bridge, it is easier to drive across. what a differs a day makes. yesterday was tougher with the fog making it difficult especially 101. that is not the case today. traffic is moving nicely with no delays. there is a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on and it is busy into the city. we have a trouble spot, advisory in brentwood that the
6:32 am
road way is closed east highway 4 marsh creek road both directions. that is due to a big rig crash. use an alternate in the meantime. to coronavirus, world health organization announced its estimates and it is seeing that nearly 15 million people have been killed by covid or by its impact on overwhelmed health systems. this is as u.s. is averaging nearly 58,000 new cases per day according to johns hopkins. that's roughly a 10% hike from the week before. in the bay area we are getting word of a spring surge at a school. their plan to keep end of year events from being sidelined. >> reporter: around 60 students have tested positive. with about a month left of the year, the principal is urging families to step up safety precautions as they are at school now to ensure they can
6:33 am
finish the school year without covid getting in the way of academic testing or planned social activities. >> we don't want to blow it at this point. we don't want to have to say we can't do program or can't do graduation or any of the activities we've got planned. >> reporter: in a notice sent to los gatos high school families he informed the community of major increase in covid cases since spring break. the school notified around 2,000 students they may have been exposed. that's nearly the entire school. >> we pivoted junior prom from indoors to outdoors. >> they're strongly recommending but not requiring students wear masks and ask that students and staff get tested more frequently. >> seemed some had fallen off a little bit. we are reemphasizing the need for everybody to be tested at least once a week and sometimes more if possible. >> what los gatos high is experiencing isn't really an anomaly. >> it's not like it is serious
6:34 am
like the previous times. the reason why it is decoupling between what we see in the community and we are still seeing in hospitals, that is the bay area. nationally hospitalizations are ticking up a little bit. whether or not that will come to the bay area remains to be seen. >> reporter: in the south bay that is beginning to be the case according to a presentation to the board of supervisors tuesday. >> they have remained fairly level for a few weeks. however over the last several days we are beginning to e year testing, senior prom, and more. >> we are cautiously optimistic we'll be able to get through the rest of the semester without major outbreak or situations where we might have to cancel events. to the war in ukraine where attacks inside the country have intensified.
6:35 am
russian strikes are growing more focused on ukrainian infrastructure and supply lines bringing weapons from the west. this is as the ukrainian president reports nearly 350 more people have been evacuated from mariupol and surrounding areas. in the western city of lviv, air strikes to a power plant cut off some of the city's electricity. >> we think this is an effort to disrupt ukrainians' ability to replenish and reinforce themselves. >> head of the european union a round of sanctions that would target major russian banks and ban oil imports from russia. 27 nation block that makes up e.u. gets 25% of isle from russia. a store in san francisco's ferry building has been losing business since the war in ukraine began. the owner says he is getting threats from people who think it's a russian company. the caviar comes from a
6:36 am
sturgeon farm less than two hours from san francisco. he is adding cameras and security after receiving verbal threats and letters saying go back to russia. >> some of the letters have been intimidating. i know from my staff that it's a lie. we have neighbors that are of ukrainian descent and they're mistaken for russian often. >> he says online sales have plummeted by about 50% in recent months. it is now 6:36 on this thursday morning, going live to wall street, stocks just opening. dow is in the red 289. california is looking to embrace crypto currency. the governor is directing state agencies to come up with plans to promote the growth of the emerging technology. crypto is known as a form of virtual currency like bit coin that can be used to purchase items. it's block chain which is poised for future growth.
6:37 am
>> decentralized entity you can notarize anything on it with assurance. it can be exchange of money, can be a title for a house, can be for your dmv registration, personal information. it's a notary everyone can trust. >> experts say the built in transparency can help agencies prevent fraud. it is game time. from the warriors to giants we get a check on how the seasons are expected to pan out. maverick makes a come back 30 years later. a look at the highly anticipated sequel to top gun. it is a grayer start. the scene from the top of the mark hopkins hotel shows you sunrise has been up about 20 minutes trying to break through the clouds. doesn't look like from treasure island. it will be gray for most of us but not the whole day. i will show you when the clouds start melting back. good morning. ahead, a rare look at how the federal government is searching
6:38 am
for the deadly drug fentanyl. we'll show you new technology to try to stop drug smuggling. they call her the soul queen of new orleans. anthony mason sits down with legendary irma thomas to talk about her 60 years in the industry and earning a community college degree at 61 years young. also queen latifa joins us live to talk about her hit show the equalizer on cbs
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welcome back. warriors are home for game three saturday in the playoff series against the grizzlies. >> it is all tied up at one. dan is joining us from 95.7 the game.
6:42 am
>> good morning. >> good to see you. they won't have gary peyton ii on the court. what does this mean? >> it means a lot because gary peyton ii was the number one defender of morant. so unguard able, you see the video of the terrible cheap shot, dirty play to knocked gary peyton ii out of the series. there is a thought that maybe with the elbow getting better three weeks would be earliest time line which could bring him back potentially to the finals. a long way to go between now and getting there. we have seen that memphis has become a number one rival of golden state. without gary peyton ii it will take a real team approach to try to slow down john morant, a player that's proven to be so difficult to guard not only through this series but the playoffs already. the giants wrapped up a quick two game series against
6:43 am
dodgers. nl west remains incredibly tight. is it too early or do you see this division being more difficult for the giants this year especially after the run we had last year? >> it's probably too early. then again you look at the teams on paper. thankfully we don't play these on paper. they'll play 19 times throughout the course of the season. they're in fourth place. that isn't really the concerning part. giants are in a rough patch and also coming off a two losses to l.a., hated los angeles dodgers. on paper dodgers should be far better but as we learned last year, paper doesn't matter. giants and dodgers played toe to toe all year with l.a. getting over the hump in game five of the playoffs. giants were the better team through regular season. right now giants have some injuries. they haven't yet quite fully hit their stride so no count
6:44 am
for alarm just yet. it's never very ten able when you lose to your rival. >> to football, the 49ers gm expects samuel to be on the team but another question mark is quarterback jimmy g. many expected him to be traded. how do you see this? >> he is damaged goods right now unfortunately with the bad shoulder. he is coming off of shoulder surgery. you can't get maximum value for jimmy garoppolo at this point. you will have to wait until june or maybe early july until he is able to throw and they can showcase what he is post operation. at that point if there is a team in need of a quarterback or maybe a quarterback situation not completely settled jimmy garoppolo is what we like to call a place holder plus. he is not your future quarterback but he is certainly better than some of the mediocre quarterbacks. niners will have an opportunity to trade him but if they can't keepinjimmy. e, they're open to
6:45 am
we love jimmy that's not ght frano. thano mu r joinin. > itwas citi san diego for global premiere of top gun maverick. >> tom cruise returns to flying the skies on the big screen. this is the sequel to the original top gun from 1986. cruise reprizes his role as maverick, test pilot who trains other pilots. cruise arrived by helicopter. global premiere took place on board the uss mid way docked in san diego. after more than 30 years he was ready to take the film on again. of course there has been a lot of buzz on social media about much anticipated sequel. >> gianna franco joins us with a look at some of the reaction. a lot of people are excited. >> it was such an iconic movie from the '80s. what an entrance to come in on
6:46 am
a helicopter landing on the mid way. that was cool to see. of course all the fans and stars on the red carpet were having a great time. sharing it on social, one of the tweets, one of the iconic lines is i feel the need, the need for speed. that was a trending thing. tom cruise arriving on the tarmac, mid way, for the premiere. everyone got really excited about that. oh my god, the guy does premiere of the movie on mid way and also arrives by helicopter. everyone was going a little crazy. kind of exciting. most tom cruise thing ever i think we all can agree. no one was surprised. all the stars are super excited to be part of this. glen powell tweeting out how excited he is. that's the new crew, the new crew i should say of pilots in the movie and everyone meeting tom cruise and reliving those fun moments. i can't believe you haven't seen this movie. i will call all three of you
6:47 am
out and throw down a challenge. >> i didn't say anything. i said nothing. >> you didn't. >> that's a lot. >> yeah. >> there will be a quiz next week. i am just saying. your homework is watch the movie. you will not be disappointed. the new movie is getting rave reviews. it's a blockbuster that checks all the boxes. >> momma g putting the smack down on us this morning. we'll see if we fulfill that assignment. it in1986. i wasn't born yet. >> she may can say that. i don't know about you. >> i am like tom cruise was in movies before mission impossible. we will be airing it here. a live look outside, first i want to talk about how much cooler we will be today than yesterday. noticeably cooler if you are inland. 16 degrees cooler for inland valleys. livermore, concord, daytime high today will come in 16
6:48 am
degrees below where you were yesterday. let me put the actual numbers up to show you what that means. we'll have temperatures in the low and mid 70s for daytime highs. 16 degrees cooler today, that says so much more about how warm yesterday was than it does about how cool today is going to be. so that's the main take away. we're getting back down to average today. but it is cloudy to start. that's a live view from the camera that sits on the west side of the south bay, san jose, mountain view, cupertino, milpitas, you are all under that. look how pretty it is. this is what it looks like for the majority of us. we are in 50s start. to 49 in santa rosa even vely warm now in comparison to yesterday the pattern that's pulled the clouds in for us is part of the reason why we are cooling down. daytime highs in south bay, low
6:49 am
to mid 70s. that's on the mark of average where you should be. it is noticeably different from yesterday but we are pretty much coming back to average for this time of year. low to mid 70s inland. we'll see temperatures that climb a little higher for mendocino and lake as they often do. the pattern shows us why we are starting the cool down and why we are only at the beginning of the cool down. the pattern now through saturday is to get cooler and breezy. there are several systems in the pacific. none come far enough south to bring us rain. they take aim to our north and keep us in an active pattern in terms of cooler temperatures and at times a bit breezy. as a result the seven-day forecast has that trend. look at san jose from the mid 70s today to the low and mid 60s for mother's day. no rain in the forecast though those systems will threaten
6:50 am
possibility for a sprinkle or drop of rain like the north bay friday and again perhaps into monday but not enough to put rain in the seven-day forecast. it's mainly cooler and breezy. how is the drive? looking busy especially at the bay bridge. a live look from mobile 5, he just got on the western span of the bay bridge into san francisco. a great perspective. you see how crowded things are getting. you are moving at an okay pace overall, just under the speed limit. lots of cars are making the drive into san francisco. a beautiful view heading into the city. taking a look at traffic at the toll plaza, a live shot of one of our cameras as you head where that back up is. you are beyond the 880 over pass at this point almost to the foot of the maze. a slow and go ride at least through the metering lights. then you move better across the upper deck of the rest of the way. there is a traffic advisory in effect in brentwood. highway 4 marsh creek road, both directions still blocked
6:51 am
for an earlier big rig crash. dublin interchange is busy as well as you work west bound towards the 680 connector. there are service changes to caltrain for morning and afternoon. tiking caltrain before you head out the door. >> thank you. still ahead, why police in north bay want you to take a good look at this guy. the reward you can get if you know who he is. wake up and smell the hustle. we'll introduce you to the shop owner making big business moves at just 19 years old. join us after this on our streaming service. we are live at 7:00 a.m. with the latest local news headlines, realtime traffic, and your first alert weather forecast. taking a live look outside before break, some special
6:52 am
shout outs for teacher appreciation week. first from st. francis of assisi in concord, she's the vice president, fourth grade teacher and leads the fund raising for the heart challenge program. >> on the peninsula we are recognizing lisa booth, principal of hoover elementary in burling game. she's credited for helping receive california distinguished schools award in 2020. we are told mrs. booth knows the name of every single one of her 250 students. you can nominate an amazing teacher on
6:53 am
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i am anne makovec at the live news desk taking a live look at the supreme court building in washington, dc where they've installed new taller fencing over night. this is as supreme court is likely just two months away from stripping abortion rights. they're expecting more protests there. if the draft report that was released earlier this week stands, it will overturn roe v wade. americans in about two dozen states would have to travel in order to get an abortion. there are concerns this is going to especially hurt those who can't afford to do so because of the cost or because of responsibilities at home like other children. a live look at the capitol hill, congressional democrats do not have numbers to put abortion rights into law but are planning on holding a vote anyway. calls range from abolishing filibuster and passing federal abortion protections to expanding the supreme court. so the court's final decision is expected in june or july. there is also that ongoing investigation into who leaked
6:57 am
the draft report. we'll follow all of it. back to you. the family of an oakley woman who vanished without a trace more than three months ago is turning to psychics after investigators admitted they've run out of leads. >> gabe disappeared after visiting her ex boyfriend. oakley police released surveillance of a woman they believe abandoned gabe's car. a $10,000 reward is offered for information on the case. there is the video. a robbery suspect targeted wells fargo on cleveland avenue yesterday afternoon. a $2,500 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. water restrictions from last year set to be permanent. sprinkler use limited to three days and drip irrigation to three days. pool owners must have a pool cover. extending hours and
6:58 am
reducing fees to encourage adoptions, they'll be open 12:00 to 7:00 through saturday. fees will be cut from $150 to just 20. let's take a look at the roadways. if you are ready to take highway 4, marsh creek road, there is a traffic alert. it is in the clearing stages. lanes should open in the next couple minutes. it's busy. perspective is everything. it looks so gloomy from that camera. look how sunny above the clouds. those are hills above the south bay. san jose, campbell, santa clara, you are waking up under that. here is what it looks like south bay to golden gate. it is a gray start. we are in the low to mid 50s. we will warm up to average. low 70s inland. it is warmer than now. it is average for this time of year. it's 14 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. that trend continues into the weekend. if you are in the east bay and haven't picked up your morning cup of joe yet, we know
6:59 am
the place. >> it's joe's coffee stop. >> how are you? >> pretty good. i read about you guys. are you the guy? >> i am the guy. >> he is just 19 years old. he opened just last month and business is already doing well. he started his career at a coffee shop in alameda where he learned the basics. diego learned to roast beans, who you pricing worked and how the coffee business operated. >> if you find something that you love, stick with it. eventually it will pay off. >> i appreciate that a lot. i really do. >> that's what i have done here. i fell in love with it and it paid off. >> nice. 19 years old. >> 19 and starting a business. i wasn't doing anything like that when i was 19. i was having fun in college. good for him. >> we can learn from him. >> stop by. small businesses make up a huge portion of our community. so stop by the small businesses
7:00 am
if you can. it's small business week. the news continues all day on cbs news ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" an hello to our viewers on the west coast on this cinco de mayo. i'm gayle king. >> and i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. we're ail here. let's go to today's "eye opener" in 90 seconds. market surge as the fed announces the largest interest rate hike e in decades , why it could be good news in the fight against inflation. >> it is a series of inflationary shockeys that did r different from anything people have seen in 40 years. >> protestersers demand action


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